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Dave: Hey, what's going on everybody? This is Dave: Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary. I am having issues with my coffee pot so I'm probably gonna go run and try to fix that. Well, our guest is telling his story here real quick as we get started because being without coffee in the morning is a scary thing. So, uh, let's go ahead and let's get this show started. As you guys can see or if you're listening to the replay or the podcast or something. Blue collar worker builds Instagram page to 169,000 followers Sean: , welcome to the show brother. How are you doing? Good man. Good, where are you calling from?

Sean: Southern California.

Dave: Nice man. Nice. So are you a natural born internet marketer? Is that what you did and have been doing for a long time or is this your Is this your first go at it?

Sean: No, no, I've done it in the past. I've done a lot of different things in my life. But after I got out of the military I kind of went down a fitness route and was able to grab a handful of sponsors. And at the time, back in the day, there wasn't really too much of a social media presence. I think Facebook had just allowed like pages or something like that. So per the contract we had to have a social media presence. And that's where I kind of got started in the crash course of it. And I did that for about seven years. And I really got burnt out on it and went on like a three year hiatus. I decided to go back to my roots by working with my hands. And I've been doing that the last three years and then when I come across, legendary, that's when I went ahead and decided alright, I'll go back into social media presence. And I went completely against my niche. And a lot of people noticed that but it's worked out well as long as you have something to talk about. I mean honestly talk about people who are a little bit more, a little bit more forgiving for whatever it is that you decide to do.

Dave: So you mean when you started this people, people notice that you're not doing fitness or something

Sean: So my niche was fitness and dogs. I did both of those in training, right? I had a business for fitness for seven years. Dog Training for three years. And that was completely and utterly The only thing I ever posted. So three years later, I came out of nowhere and I'm talking about you know, hey you know, affiliate marketing and this and that. But then again three years ago, I didn't I didn't have a kid. You know, I didn't have I didn't have a big family to support and my priorities back then weren't the same as they are now. So going into this niche. It was more about like, hey, you know, I need to talk to people that are in the same boat as me, you know, working long hours, have a family or just simply trying to make some side income. But yeah, all the comments were like, What is this versus dogs, you know, Why is his shirt on that sort of deal. So

Dave: Thank you for your service before I forget what is going on in the world right now. You know, I appreciate that more than ever. So, okay, so I can relate to you knowing the coming out of the construction site online. What was that like for you to know, have a little internet marketing experience and then go offline. And now come back online now with Tik Tok in real life on Instagram. And with all these, I would say it's a viral internet that we're living in and anybody can play.

Sean: Yeah, it's definitely a new experience when I got off altogether, it was still just posting pictures and then talking about that picture. And nowadays, it's like, oh, no, you can do everything when it comes to social media. So that was extremely new to me. But with that being said, luckily, with the training that I got from Legendary and how to go about setting up certain things, like for instance, Tik Tok, I only started my Tik Tok maybe four weeks ago, right? But with the tips that I got from the training, I was able to get it to grow to over 4000 so unlike us, my Instagrams say 169,000. Right, but because that was a completely different niche. I get so much more traffic for my Tik Tok. Like, way more for my Tik Tok. I simply because it's so hard for people on my Instagram to be like, Alright, I'm gonna slowly start to trust you on this thing, right? But when it comes to my Tik Tok, that's all I'm talking about, is trying to find a side hustle and trying to get a little bit more money to be with family and friends and stuff like that. So it's a lot easier for me to do that on Tik Tok than it is for me to do it on Instagram, but it was definitely a crash course and understanding Tik Tok, I really don't understand it at all. To be honest, I do live and I am completely lost. Because it any different than

Dave: Why is it different from anything else that you've done?

Sean: Oh, well, because I look at the lives on Tik Tok and I don't know if you ever go on them, but the majority of them are a person standing in front of a camera with a picture in the background. And I don't know, I guess there are like just gifts that you can give on Tik Tok like roses and like other things that are like tiny, tiny little pieces of money basically. And the first time I ever saw it live it was just a girl with something like this thing in the background saying one rose equals a meow and another thing and it was just people just sitting there like. So I'm like okay, so this is what I was 2000 followers for was the meow for you guys and then talk about oh, it's just not working out for me. But that's what I had. To come in to write. I was just posting a picture talking about that in the caption and then now it's like is this is this the route? You know, but it is what it is and you learn as you go. And it's just yes with anything in life.

Dave: Right, so Okay, it looks like you're not afraid to be animated in your content. I was talking to a friend about this the other day, because I have an offline business and you know, besides setting up funnels and auto responders and things of that nature, you know, besides setting up the, the, I guess the the technology that you need in order to in order to you know, do online marketing if you're selling information or something it's it's it's you know, if you're if you're selling consulting or of course, if you're selling anything higher ticket coaching consulting event course it's it's maybe even better to get somebody in a webinar or or phone call on the back end of your sales funnel button, before any of this even starts which is kind of my point to everybody who's sitting around them setting up their funnels, you know, I mean, they're, you know, they're in the back of ClickFunnels and Aweber for six hours a day and it's like, don't do that. Just don't do that's that's, that's that's kind of like you have a McDonald's and you're in the freezer all day just just hanging out just organizing the frozen patties or something you need to get out there on the street, wave in the sun and let everybody know that you're in town. Yeah. And so I was early talking to my friend the other day who's not an internet marketer about the power of short form content, He does landscaping in, you know, our friends, my wife and his friends, they do landscaping, edible landscaping and stuff like that. And I said look, there's an opportunity nowadays on a platform like Tik Tok for you really to become the hunted rather than the hunter. I mean for you to be damn near a celebrity, whatever you do in your local town. Because you're it's weird because the guy who for you know, decades who put in 20 years of landscaping years, you know, that was usually the guy who has a good reputation. But now that doesn't matter because the people who have 100,000 or 169000 followers like you do on Instagram or whatever have more credibility. Because it's a number and it's social media. And it's all it is from creating interesting content. That's all it is. It doesn't mean that you're more experienced or knowledgeable doesn't mean that you're going to do a better landscaping job than the guy but it's just because you created better content. And that really requires you just sort of let down your inhibitions I guess if you will, and get comfortable and I was just looking at your Tik Tok and I saw you spitting out bananas and getting pretty getting pretty. So talk to us. You come about union but in some areas as I get older, I get more uninhibited in other areas I get more conservative, you know, so how are you able to quote let it all hang out and really create entertaining content to get momentum now in this new niche of make money online versus your your fitness stuff that you used to do? Talk to us about creating that short form content and what that's been like for you and what's worked for you.

Sean: Yeah. For me, it was more of I'm a believer, right that you have to get out of your comfort zone, right, even if it's a little bit, but what I tried to do is I tried to get so far out of my comfort zone, right? When I start backing off, I'm still out of it. I’m then in the Comfort Zone that I started off with, right and I find that middle ground. So if you do that enough, if you go above and beyond and way past your comfort zone, you're gonna find that middle ground that you're that you that your new comfort zone is going to be right. So a lot of people that I talked to their saying like well do I have to be in front of the camera? Do I have to do social media? Do I have to talk? I have to do this. You don't have to do any of that. I don't have to. But it's a great tool. It's a great tool to have, right? And if you went to college or even in high school and stuff like that you did public speaking, right and you had a piece of paper and you show it and you're like that and you're you're saying um a lot man like so it's just a matter of like stepping I just said like, but it's just a matter of stepping out of that comfort zone, right? You just have to force yourself to be so far out of it, that you're going to go ahead and start getting comfortable just talking regularly. And it has to be consistent and has to be repetitive to be over the top sometimes. And it might seem stupid, but but at the end of the day, you're always going to feel stupid, right? That's what you're telling yourself. You already have enough self doubt in your mind. Right? You don't need other people to add on to it. You already have enough on your own. So So for myself, it's really tough to be like well, you know, someone's gonna say some stupid that one comment out of 100 Good jobs. Is that one oh shit that you're gonna focus on. Right? You just You just can't do that. You just gotta gotta keep going. Because it'll pay off in the end. Because I'm not talking about a condition. It'll pay off in the end. Because someone's gonna want to actually have a conversation with you. And it's just going to go so smoothly, and you're not going to be shaky, right? You're not going to say I'm a lot. You're going to be able to talk about it. You're gonna be able to believe it because you're trying to be honest, you're trying to be transparent, right? You're not trying to sell anything, right? And that's what people always try to do. They try to sell themselves. You shouldn't have to try to sell yourself. You should just be able to talk about something and just feel comfortable with it. So if I go way outside my comfort zone and do something completely stupid. I'm just simply trying to gain traffic. I'm trying to get your attention. I'm not always spitting out bananas. You know what I mean? But if a banana can get you interested in whatever it is, I'm talking about in the caption, great. We can have a conversation just like this.

Dave: Yeah. And I think that man you know, it's only us who it hurts. So I think about it. I'm talking to a military man, you know, so, hey, if our country was getting invaded, I would like to think I'd be standing up. Okay. fighting for my life, fighting for my country. Okay. But I started this internet marketing business, right? And it really is my life on the line and or any business you know, if I start a business, I don't care what kind of a business it is. It's got the opportunity and ability to completely change my life, sort of like my freedom getting removed or getting killed, right? I mean, it's got in my opinion. Unfortunately, money in this world has the ability to move mountains. You know, it does its resources. And so it can change my life dramatically. Why do you think that I don't get as serious about that or people in general Sean about that as maybe you would if if your life was, you know, on the line, you know, physically and you felt threat why don't why do we not get absolute like because, you know, if I was going to lose my life or my family, if I didn't go do the crate, you know, really Get out of my comfort zone, or something was going to happen to my family sitting right there. I'd be here, I'd be getting crazy, bro. Yeah, I mean, I'd be but it's like because they're not sitting there on the couch with a gun to their head or whatever. Yeah, it's like, I'm just like, you know, I don't want anybody to really. I don't want anybody to really want to stand out too much. So how can we get that I mean, I'm just I seem like I'm talking to a guy who is able to reach down to grab something from him that is a little bit deeper. You have to go a level or two deeper in how you are getting through to be able to feel comfortable getting so outside of your comfort zone, and you're even going from the fitness niche to a different niche so you've actually got a lot of people who are going WTF What are you doing? Like you had an Instagram talking about fitness and dogs now you're talking about something else. So you're not only overcoming skepticism, you're also overcoming a change of direction. So how were you reaching down deep inside for that not to give up, you know, in really letting it go?

Sean: It's more because I already have the experience or at least I don't say I have the experience on how to get through it right? Because I do but experience comes with failures. And I talked about this in a previous post that I just recently did where it's like, I have failed. So much. So many times, right? That I have so many things that I can take and dig and dig deep from right. And I've always known at least it only takes one time to be at the brink of failure or at it and then having that little bit of light right having that little bit of success. That's all it takes for me to be like you know what? I've been in worse situations. I really have like, Why? Why can't I succeed? Whatever it is, I'm doing it right? Like, it's fitness. Why can't I succeed in other areas? I don't want to just be known as you know about health and fitness. Why can't I be knowledgeable in other areas? Why can I help out people in other areas and I have lost so many followers, right? Because of this. If it was all about the followers, then I would just go right back into fitness. And that's that, right? But this path that I see, I see the testimonials of people just like me, right? And the fitness world, and I keep on talking about that. But it's such a toxic industry and that's the biggest reason why I got burnt out was because health was being shown at a level that's unattainable. unhealthy. And I didn't want to work in an industry where I'm trying to do my best to show you a healthy way and you're still going to look at it and compare me to the guy on steroids and say well that looks more healthy, just because it's more aesthetic, right? But with this with what we're doing right now, the testimonials are like, I can show you a guy that's working 16 hours a day. 24 hours a day has two kids and he's able to make some life changing income. You cannot argue with me on that. Like it’s done. I'm showing it to you, right. No one's gonna argue with you on that. So, for me, it's just being able to see the testimonials and see the proof in the pudding. As long as I know that it's there. As long as I know that it actually does what it says it does and the possibility is there. I can go through any sort of toxic negative comments because those people are simply not putting any effort in or those people have failed, and they have gotten comfortable with failure. Right? And I refuse to do that. refuse it. Right? Not not only because it's me, but now I have a family to take care of. Right? If it was just me. I can sit back and other listeners get fat right? But now I have a wife now I have a kid now I have another kid. So at the end of the day if I ever feel sorry for myself, I have to look at what they're gonna think of me in the future. And if I can't look back and say, Hey, did I try everything? Did I absolutely try my absolute best to try to build a future right that plants the tree so your kids can sit in the shade sort of deal, right? Yeah. Like, am I actually doing that? And if I can look at myself another day, and I said, Hey, I tried everything. Well, what is it that you tried? Did you try getting out of your comfort zone? Did you try everything like or did you hold yourself back more like oh man, I hate talking on camera. No one wants to, no one cares. No one cares. No one cares if you're good looking or not. Right? Like no one cares if you can speak very well or not. What they care about is are you giving value to what it is that you're trying to promote? That you're trying to talk about? And if it has value, they're going to listen. It doesn't matter if it's coming from your face, or if it's coming from words that you type out. If it has value they're going to listen. So if you truly believe what you're talking about, what you're trying to promote has value. That's all that matters. At the end of the day, it's up to you just to say did I do everything to try to get that message out? And if you didn't, then you have the next day to try again. But you have no one to blame but yourself. Right? And that's the way I look at it. At the end of the day. I have no one to blame but myself and if I'm failing, it's something that I'm doing now to someone else's.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, that's a mandatory mindset. You know, if you're going to succeed it's hard to tell somebody that you have to have that because well, you know, that it looks like I'm trying to not, you know, deliver on the training that I sold. But the truth is, I'm past that place in my career where I'm really given two shits about what everybody says about me. And the fact is, if you're right, you do have to take responsibility. And me or any of us here at legendary anybody else anywhere in the world who craves training that you don't have success from or anybody doesn't have success from the training was shipped the training was shipped but if the training was good and you didn't implement it, well, it's just that simple. You know, it's pretty black and white. It's not like a gray area and winners win in everything that they do. You know, that's kind of what I noticed, how you do one thing is how you do everything. And the patterns that have sort of, you know, followed us from other things we've done in the past tend to continue to follow us until we become aware of them and say, no longer you know, I'm not going to let that idea or limiting belief run my life anymore. What limiting belief did you have to deal with? I mean, what silently were you battling that everybody didn't know about when they were watching you on camera?

Sean: Um, I mean, self doubt is always a killer of dreams. You know? I think everyone does it, but I get anxiety to this day with anything that I do. I mean, I could, I can feel like I have the best training for it right. But at the end of the day anxiety I have the worst battle with it with internal demons. But that's the thing about social media, right? They always talk about it and they can always put their best foot forward and no one will know what's going on in the background. It's not something that I've overcome. It's not something that you know, that's in the back seat anymore. It's something that I deal with on a daily basis. Right. But it's one of those, it'll never go away. And I don't think anyone truly believes that it will. So my limiting belief is simply I just don't want to be a failure. In my kids eyes. My wife sighs. You know what I mean? I know at the end of the day that I'm doing everything that I can. But my biggest fear is that no matter how hard I work, I could possibly be a failure emeritus. And that kind of puts me a little bit past that kind of puts me a little bit past what I'm trying to do because I'm really I'm really just trying to not be a disappointment.

Dave: I can relate to that, you know, I can relate to that. I really can't and I am in as your children grow up and you look at them and in you, you know how old are your kids?

Sean: I Am 18 months old, and my wife is pregnant with our second son.

Dave: You're fresh in it. So yeah, there's, it's great. It's great. You should be feeling all the feelings that you're feeling. You know, I mean, that's just a man who wants to not let his family down, you know, and that's all that is. And, and I can relate to that and, you know, find a y that's big enough, my friends that makes you cry, you know, find a why that makes you cry. That's what they say. Right? But you know, man, it's a great thing. This business has built a lot of financial stability in my life. It's brought my family closer together. It's given you a high school dropout and a teenage father and a former construction worker like yourself a shot in life, a shot to be somebody, a shot to do something useful. A shot to you know, be more than a, you know, what I what I probably would have been I mean, I'm not saying I wouldn't have been able to find people to give me a chance. But I had a record when I came into this industry from my early 20s being arrested for drugs and different shit that I that I was doing in this industry gave me Thank God it's unregulated because there was nobody there to say you know, Dave: , you can you can play here, you know, because I realized that I really wanted to help people. I wanted to do right by people. I want it to be valuable. I wanted to be valuable, and I wanted to be valuable like you to my family. I also wanted to be a productive member of society. And I wanted to contribute to other people's lives as well. And that's what I like so much about this. You know, I like this business, unlike other things, because there is no there is there is there is you know, I can't imagine what it'd be to be a trainer you know, get in getting somebody to that chisel you know, like product is a lot of hard work. But here I get to see somebody every day making their first commission. I get to talk to people every day who are quitting their jobs. I mean, it's it's it's really actually exciting and it's been exciting for over 10 years to see person after person have these you know, breakthroughs and have these these these life changing transformations not just financially but but also in a place that I feels just as important or more than the physical physique is internally that our mental game because I need that to accomplish anything. So thanks for sharing your heart today brother and we've got a you know a lot of people here who are getting a lot of value from this and what would you say to somebody who who's sitting on that based on your experience going through the challenge and so forth in the education what would you say to somebody who's sitting on the fence?

Sean: So what I try to tell people is because when they see the challenge, right? At least what I'm seeing a lot of people talk about, is they kind of just put it on one path, which is affiliate marketing only. Right? What I saw from the challenge, right, because I came across it on an account that I didn't follow. Right and it was a cheesy video. Right and I looked at it and it was just, I work one two hours a day. I make six figures and this much time. You could do it too, right? And I was like I saw I was alright, some dollars, whatever. I can waste some dollars. Right? I do it every day. Yeah, I told myself if I learned something from $7 $7 well spent. If I lose the seminars, man, learn a damn thing. $7 All right. Thank God I did. Because when I went into it, I didn't care about affiliate marketing. I didn't know too much about it. I just simply wanted to see if I could learn something that I do in my free time. What I walked away with from the challenge was so much more. I think because I had a business for so long and I got burnt out and I sold it and went to other things. I saw every single thing that I failed on during that challenge in a good way. Right? It didn't disappoint me during the challenge. It simply told me man, if I had this challenge, this training back when I had my business I wouldn't have gotten burnt out I mean, like it would have saved me so many headaches and so much time away from my family. And then that and that's what I got from the challenge. People are looking at the challenge and they're trying to see how it can make them money. Right. You need to see the skills and education, right. Don't focus on money, focus on where it can help you with other things. For instance, since during the challenge, yes, I've made good side income, right but just being able to talk about what I've learned has already given me opportunities where people have reached out to me about being like, hey, you know, have you thought about digital marketing? Hey, we have an opening at our company. You think about this, you know, you can learn skills in the challenge that don't play a part, right? In affiliate marketing, only that you can learn skills from the challenge that can get you a job with another company, right, that can get you a position doing something in the corporate world if that's what you choose to do. It's not about trying to be your own business all the time. It can simply be getting skills that can get you into something else that has stability that you like, right? So that's what I try to tell people that end up doing the challenge and of wanting to be a part of what I do is I try to tell them truly understand what the challenge is trying to teach you. If you truly understand what the challenges trying to teach you, you will understand the endless avenues that you can talk about and not focus so much on just one right because that's just going to make you when they start asking you questions, you're just going to want to just zero back into this other into this one specific thing that you want to focus on. It's not about what you want to focus on. It's about them. It's about the person that's asking the questions. You have to be good and understand exactly where it is in order to talk about it. And that's what I got from the challenge. I dove headfirst into the deep end and I want you to understand all of it, even if it doesn't pertain to me. Even if I'm not going to sell a digital product. I'm not going to have one-on -one coaching. I'm not going to do certain things. I wanted to understand it all right, because if I understand it all, to the best of my abilities, it just gives me that much more confidence and being able to talk about it and finding something that might work for the person next to me, you know, cuz there might not do what I want to do it all right, exactly. People, you know,

Dave: great advice. I think  Sean's saying to start the challenge people.

Sean: I mean that's basically what that's like, okay, communication is key for me, right? By doing the goofy videos or anything like that. That is just just to get you interested. In the caption. I always tell people, this is just me. I always tell people in the caption, all jokes aside, if you absolutely want to know more, and you have serious questions, I can't get them all out and the lights out video right now. Communicate them. And the thing that I've been doing with Instagram a lot because what I was doing was I was writing these long messages. And I was replying the same way to everybody. Right because everyone has the same question wire and I want to know more. So I will copy and paste and I send it and I'm like, You know what? No, not gonna do that. So what I do with Instagram is I do audio messages. Right? And it opens it up on such a personal level. And I'm going to make a post right after this showing a message that I got this morning, right? Or it's just nothing but audio messages. And then the girl goes, You know what, you genuinely sound like you want to help other people and I really liked that and that's why I signed up for the challenge. She just signed up last night. Right? Nice. And that's what I do. I need you. When I talk to the person I say I need you to understand that I'm not trying to get you to buy something. I'm trying to share something that I already went through. And I know it has value. And if you seem like you're in the same boat as I am, try it. All you have to do is try it. You don't I mean? Are you listening to people ? Are you listening to people? And that's and that's what usually gets them to go. You know what you don't like at the end of it. Yeah, that does sound like it could be an opportunity. And I always tell people by the end of it. If you don't like it, you don't like it, but at least you know a little bit more about it, rather than just guessing. You know and be like hey, that was an opportunity. I might have asked you because I didn't even didn't even give it a thought. At least you gave it a thought this time and that thought just cost you $7 And you're much smarter on the way out.

Dave: So I'm going to give some absolutely ridiculous advice right now and it's completely piggybacking on what you're doing right now and saying but I want to point something out is that a lot of this is acting like you know what you're talking about? Oh hold on a second. Dave: Wait, what did you just say? Are you the CEO of a legendary marketer? Did you really just say some crazy off the wall shit like that? I did. And the reason why I said it is because nobody is going to believe somebody that doesn't seem like they're confident about what they're talking about. And so there's ways to be humble, yet clear and direct. And there's ways to be honest and still be confident. There's ways to know absolutely nothing about marketing or nothing about your niche and still be confident on video. And you have to remember that the number one thing that's going to get people to listen to you is your confidence. Now let me give you an example of a crazy ass. Anybody ever heard of Jim Jones? Anybody ever heard of Adolf Hitler? Anybody ever heard of Vladimir Putin? Anybody ever heard of a lot of these? But no, unfortunately, a lot of people were born in two countries and that's what you know that sort of was all they knew from childhood. But you don't think that the power of confidence is so powerful that it can get people to do some of the most extraordinary things that we can't even wrap our heads around. So imagine what confidence can do if you use your powers for good, you know, yeah, imagine what it can do if you use your powers for good. And we see that every day we see that with people like yourself. I mean, you are an example of somebody who doesn't know everything about marketing. You don't know. I mean, as a matter of fact, you've admitted several times up the last 39 minutes that you're new in this you're you're in some respects, you parroting what you've heard in reteaching and repurposing before maybe you've even used it for long periods of time and I realized that was one of my gifts too. Is that, you know, I could take something in that I could re explain it or reteach it to people over here, even if I just learned it. And if you have that same ability, in your listening, you have that gift to take some of them then we explain it or you don't it doesn't matter. Here's my point. Confidence is everything. Speaking with confidence in the camera, even if you don't believe it yourself, even if you don't believe in yourself, even if it's a little you know, you're insecure and shy in real life. What I'm telling you in the reason why I'm telling you guys this is because nobody's going to follow somebody that they feel the person is unsure of where they're going, because we all it's our lives, and we are not going to be shepherded by somebody who does not know where they're going. But if you seem like you know where you're going, it's always a test. We don't know until we get there. But if you seem like you know where we're going, we're going to be a lot more apt to listen. And, you know, that's just human nature. And so, you know,  Sean, I don't know. You seem like a confident guy. But have you found that to be true? I mean, I only say that because maybe you haven't struggled with that. But, but, but can you speak to that? I mean, I want to make this point. I've always wanted to make this point to people, but I've felt like oh is that you? Now, that sounds like I should even be saying that I'm calling myself an educator, but truthfully, now at this point in my career, I don't really give a shit. I just want to tell people what works and what's true. And what's true is if you're confident talking about what you're what you're in, of course, we hope you have good intentions and you're going to but it makes a massive difference. And can you speak a little bit more to the acting as if you have done any of that and how can we help people today? Get more confidence? Well,

Sean: The first thing that helps me with speaking to people like that is, yeah, confidence is key. Right? But I have confidence in what I'm saying. Because I know that I'm not gonna lie about it. I know I'm not gonna bullshit you about it, right? Like I said, I'm new to this. I make that very clear. I don't make crazy claims. I don't promise you the world, right? When I talk to a person, I give them the I end, I end that first audio usually with ask me anything. I will be as honest and transparent as I possibly can. Right. And the thing with the military was early on, you know, I'm an airman I am stupid, I don't know anything. And you're going to get grilled by people, your superiors all the time. And the worst thing you can do is try to pull an answer out of your ass that they know that you're in you're full of shit, right? When you need to say it, I don't know that but I will get you the answer by the end of the day. Right. That's all you need to do it. Right. Oh, just so when people ask me a question that I don't know. Right, and this is a great thing about the 15 day challenge that people tend to just not want to talk about for some reason. I have no clue. Why not? You have zoom calls with an advisor three times. I let that be known. Hey, you know what? I can only talk to you as somebody that went through what you're going to possibly go through. I can be that mentor, you know, and tell you what I thought, what worked and everything like that. But at the end of the day, if I don't have the answer, there is an advisor during that challenge that is there to answer those questions. And what I found out personally, when I went through the challenge was every question that I had, every question that I had, was answered in the next lesson. Right? And I just didn't have the patience to shut up and just keep walking. Right, right. And that and that is typically what happens. People start a question that arises and they just hope rather than going forward, keep listening. Right? Right. So yes, and that's why I keep telling people, every single question that I had was answered in the future lessons, or they were answered by the organizer. So yes, I always tell them you can ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer it. But if I know that that answer is going to come up, I just tell them, hey, it's going to come up, stay there, right? You need Oh, it's gonna come up. I promise you. Right. So I don't finish. And if you still haven't gotten the answer to certain questions, then hit me up. But I'm always here in case you need it. I'm always here. So I take a very personal route with everyone that signs up for the challenge. Make a list. I know who's on it. I follow their progress. Right? And depending on what days are on or if they're having done that I always reach out and ask your mistakes. You should be around to hear what's going on. Hit me with questions. If you got them. Have you set up an appointment with your advisor, isn't that now? It's not to shit on anyone else. That's an affiliate right? But talking from personal experience, the person that I got, right, the girl that I found, she has never reached out to me. 

Dave:  And that in some ways is the benefit of affiliate marketing, but you're offering additional and that's great. And that's a great example of offering bonuses in ongoing coaching in offering additional things that will make people want to sign up through your affiliate link versus another affiliate. I mean, talk about entitlement or that you're not you know, we were talking about something similar to entitlement like I don't I don't I'm not owed anything. You know what I mean? Like, oh, the truth is, the truth is, that we have a thriving community but other affiliates. You want to get the credit for the sale. Not that I don't know how else to say it. So, you know, you have to, you don't have to, but I mean, what you're talking about right now is simply making it clear to people additional support and training that they get if they sign up through your affiliate link. Another thing that I want to point out just before we gloss over it, I don't say anything about it. What the other thing that you're doing is a masterful thing that I want to point out. It's about referring people to training and tools versus trying to insure everything yourself. This is a big thing. that I use every day, in the reason why I use tools and I use videos and I use blog post or I use the challenge instead of having all of our advisors explained and try to teach everything as somebody goes is because those tools, I've done it and recorded it once and now I can refer people back and know that they're going to get the exact same quality answer every single time. So another thing is if you find people who have the same question over and over again, find a quality resource that you can direct them to find a quality resource. Find a third party as an affiliate. This is a frickin masterclass. Find a tool to find a third party somebody something that somebody else wrote. So it doesn't look like the bias you created. Find a third party that you can use to overcome or to answer a common question that you get, because the more you put pressure on yourself to know all the answers quite frankly, even if you didn't know all the answers, answer all the questions each and every day. You have to be a good affiliate, realize you don't have to be an expert. You don't have to really know much at all like you're talking about shots but you have to be great at directing traffic. Does that feel like it fits? Yes, I did. That is 100% I just have to get my foot in the door. Right? So yes, you don't have a marketing audit or a sales system. That was huge. But yes, the affiliate has to engage the person. You got to get them interested. You have to sell them anything, but you have to get them interested with valuable bait.

Sean: I think that's the biggest thing. People have to get that out of their mindset. You don't have to sell them anything that is not your job. Right. And I think that a majority of people just put that on themselves. I think they forget that. And that just adds more stress because well a lot of times people just bring it up before they even get started and they say I'm gonna sell some they use it as a reason not to even get started. I believe. Patience is key on so many levels with this. And you can put it in so many different aspects, right. Patience is also key in the sense of not trying to take a leap, take steps right or I tell people they want to know about the advanced stuff. Right? Like Oh, tell me about this knot. And I'm over there like, you know, you're trying to ride the motorcycle before you even get on the bike. You just slow down like, I have no problem talking about that stuff. But let's at least go through the same things first. Before we hit we hit on that. And that's what I always try to get with people. But that's that, that's very rare, because you know, like, by the time that they're asking that stuff, they're on board, they understand it. They've gone through what I've gone through and they see the bigger picture. But the thing is, not everyone is going to go down the route that I go down as we just talked about right I'm spoken with the person that I got the training from, I use my previous experience with

Dave: And you may not I mean you know not every person is an affiliate for legendary to you know exactly frankly, I just want to say that you guys as affiliates, it's very common in affiliate marketing for the referring affiliate not to get in touch with the customer. Now I just want to say that this is the one distinct difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. What we're doing is that we're not paying you know, affiliate one level competition doesn't pay down level so you don't have to focus on team building, recruiting or worry about earning off of your team. So all the focus just gets put on recruiting and not selling products like we want to make sure that we keep the product the number one focus and not recruiting people and earning off of them. So I just want to clarify for everybody who's listening that you know that for you,  Sean , it actually is more common than not to never hear from your referring affiliate when you've bought a training or something on a form just a typical affiliate program. You know, like if you got into an MLM though you can better believe that our sponsors, let's make that list of friends and family. Let's get that first home and hotel meeting but you know, but you're really wanting to be on it. You're going above and beyond. And I'll tell you that that's why you're getting a good start. I mean, you're offering bonuses you're offering you know you're offering support. This is the type of thing that gives people a great head start is to over deliver, make yourself more available, give more bonuses at the beginning to get things off the ground.

Sean: And I'll say this, okay. I think this is just me because you know, the audio messages are something that I just started to do but I'm having really great success with it. I'm really enjoying it too. The conversations I will say this, if you are not in typing, oh, hands down. If you're not good, or you think that you're not very good at talking, right? And you don't want to get in front of the camera or whatever. This is a perfect little thing to try and get into instead of typing. Just try speaking what you're in a tie. Obviously, you can delete it around like that. But if you can start doing audio messages, and you're going to get more comfortable talking and talking and talking. Do you not think that this is going to roll over into a different aspect of what you're trying to do? 

Dave: Ans everything's practice, everything's practice for the next thing right?

Sean: At the beginning, all my Tik Tok videos were falling off the charts following what was working with other people, right, not talking, putting up captions or lip syncing and putting up captions. But at the end of the day, I feel like the person's level is my strength. Right? So by practicing what is your strength, the personal level, actually talking with my Oh, right, right, right. Right. Sure. And actually showing emotion. I want to go sharp. Yeah, you got to look at everything as an opportunity to get better, that's it. Don't look at it as an opportunity too close. Don't look at it as an opportunity to get a sale. Just look at it as an opportunity to sharpen that knife, right. Yeah, sharpening your skills. You're sharpening your skills. That's the best way for me to get through the discomfort. I don't look at it as Okay, what am I going to do today to hopefully get a sale? I'd look at how many videos am I going to do today? Because X amount of videos is going to be X amount of times that I'm getting better at right skill swings, So if you started listening like that, right, if you start looking at it like that, I think you're going to be able to start putting that discomfort away and that self doubt away because now you're just focusing it for your own benefit in the sense of getting better at your weaknesses. Don't look at it as trying to talk to people looking at as What are my weaknesses, what am I going to do in this video to strengthen those weaknesses? I'm telling you, you start on day one by day 30. Those videos are not going to be mirror images. You're going to be so much more comfortable, so much better at what you're trying to do, right?

Dave: It's hard for me to see growth like now because I'm getting to know you a little bit better. But back when I first got started you compare my first month to my 12 Month video. Wow. I mean it was like fucking dumb and dumber, you know, compared to Sean Connery over here. I mean, I was. It was dramatic, you know, time I mean, Even a couple of months. It was dramatic.

Sean: I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what, and here's something I just thought of right now. I challenge anyone to go back to their first, like a 30 day challenge, do a video and then 30 days from now try to recreate that exact video but with your new skill, like a new comfort zone. We always talk about like oh man that video when I'm that very first video ever did look at that. recreate that exact same video talk about the exact same right? And I bet you're going to be much more comfortable talking about it. But yeah, it's going to be nine days you're not. It's not going to be the same video. It might be the same subject matter, but the way that you present it is going to be so much different. So I would tell people to use that as a challenge right now. Make a video today. And then in 30 days, do that exact same video with the exact same subject matter and then

Dave: Wow, that's a good, that's a really really good way to test your baseline and kind of see, like whereas what's the shittiest I can do you know what I mean? Like let me find videos. Let me just see how shitty the shittiest one is. And then let me compare that to my best 130 days ago you know and yeah, and wow, what a way to see yourself grow because I think one of the biggest challenges human beings have is that especially in short periods of time, it's difficult to sense growth. It's difficult to see growth. And one of the reasons why of course we put a lot of emphasis on how many followers and how many commissions I have, because that's a scoreboard that we can all follow. So how do I stay motivated if my scoreboard is still saying zero, but I do feel like things are changing inside. I don't want to give up.

Sean: But you get reinvigorated right. When the next commission comes in. And I'm not talking about $1,000 commission or any like that I'm talking about any commission to commission one.

Dave: A sign of life. Oh shit. The link is working.

Sean: One day, so that'll pop up. I'm thinking I made like a $2.80 cent commission and I'll see as a one day special you get like 40 cents for now. I'm like, fuck it. Commission's commission. Something's going

Dave: Right at least the link is still working right it's the links not broke. Oh, I haven't had anything come through today. My Link must be broken. Let me go check it.

Sean: Look, it doesn't have to be a commission. Right. It just has to be somebody wanting to show interest. I will try to do it. I don't try to win the war or try to win little battles. Right. So the goal is always to at least put something out that's showing interest. That is a win, right? What is it people there's the saying like start your day off with winning something like make your bed you started your day off with with wind. So whatever happens to the rest of the day, right? No matter what losses you have, whatever, you started your day off with the wind. So let's just keep it rolling. Right? Don't mean for the fucking moon. Start your day off with just putting something out and hoping that someone shows interest Oh, DME wanting to know more. You know, if you get to DM you're doing something. Somebody walked into the store. You know Yeah, you didn't tell them shoes are like that, but they walked into the store. So now you got to go back and say all right, well I'm getting better at getting them in the store. Right? How do I get them to get to the counter? You know, it's like once you start getting its little battles, you start getting more people to be interested in more people interested. You know, you're starting to master this one aspect of it. Now you have to start going ahead and mastering the next one. All right, you know, like, people just want like I said, people just want to jump straight into the big stuff. 

Dave: And it's like you don't have to be really a master of everything ever. I really think that that's a big, you know, misconception is that you really have to grow into this Tony Robbins or this you know this this I don't know this Brad Pitt on camera or something and, you know, you're in order to be making great money with this business or this model. You really are going to be a transformed person you know, in it. I do believe in personal growth. But I also know that you really don't have to change a lot. To be successful with this. You really just have to. You really just have to find what's working at any given moment at any given time in your business. If you do more that you can find the ship it's not working to stop doing right. Testing changes if your videos are not getting views, the first 30 seconds of your video probably sucks, right? So work on your hooks. Go back through fun, listen to these wakeup legendaries watch other people's Tik Toks see how right it's like. We had an episode a couple of months ago where the guy was like look I started doing these opening hooks and we talked about a bunch of my you guys going back for Wake Up legendary it was in the last two or three months. I think it was one of the most valuable, you know, episodes because he was just like, look, I'm not a transformed guy. I'm not different. I just started using hooks that got people to listen to what I had to say and I got better at delivering information in short little bite sized pieces, and then giving clear calls to action without being salesy and pushy and, you know, it's like you don't have to become a totally different person you will in order to keep the success that you that you that you generate. Versus throw it all away. Yes, you will have to eventually grow and become a steward of money and you'll have to probably address a lot of demons or addictions. I don't know where to go, but to get there. You actually don't have to change much. I mean, look at the Wolf of Wall Street. You know how many people have gotten rich in this world? They weren't Masters of the Universe. They just were really good at one thing and they kept doing it. So the big thing is, if you know if you don't have to become a you know, you don't have to become a superpower a Superman a Batman, you don't have to become a totally different person to start earning money in making money. Check to make a few small tweaks and then do more of what's working and cut out what's not  Sean. I unfortunately have to cut this call long. It's not short because I've got 11 o'clock. Let's do a round two. I would love that. Absolutely. Well, and I'm telling you something that people like to value. So go show, go show Sean: some love over on Instagram. And I'll leave this up as I close the call  Sean, thanks for your time, brother. Thanks for your service. Take care of your beautiful family. I know you will, brother.

Sean: Thank you so much for having me.

Dave: Alright, man, I'll talk to you soon. Bye bye. All right, my friends, valuable conversation like, man, we could just go we could just go for hours about this stuff you know it's just talking shop. It's just rapid about it. It's, I don't know, just you become passionate about it and become interested. I'm just as interested over 10 years later because, you know, this is just I don't know it's the most when you have the power to be able to sort of it's almost like you're no longer wondering who the puppet master is because you can become the puppet master of your own life. It's an exciting thing, you know, so keep down the path. Keep up the good work. All of you keep rockin Have a fantastic day. Get out of here. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Peace