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Matt: Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's March 19. We're here for Wake Up Legendary and I thought, you know, let's see what's the temperature outside today, it is. Bear with me, bear with me. I'm here in Phoenix, it's 78 degrees here in Phoenix, so you know I was like, I need as much outdoor time as I can, because in Phoenix. Once you hit about, let's say, 10am-11am, it's just super freaking hot and it just stinks to be outside. It's no fun at all. So, here we are, we might have a little background noise. Just chilling kind of by the pool you can see it there. And it's just a nice day. And this is just, you know, I was on a Thursday business blueprint and somebody was asking for it, for an MTV Cribs tour. And so this is your cribs tour. That's all you get is this cute little backyard and wanted to hang out outside today so that's what we're doing. We've got an awesome guest lined up today and by the way if you don't know me or if you're unfamiliar with my face or whatever. Sorry about that. I, my name is Matt and I typically host these Thursday, or I'm sorry Wednesday Witkop legendary shows. Dave post monday tuesday thursday friday and I host these Wednesday ones so I'm the CMO, the chief marketing or marketing officer here at legendary. And so I do kind of a lot of different stuff. I help with affiliates management i i coach, teach on various webinars the decade they things like that. And just overall, kind of, you know, jack of all trades marketer I guess so. For those of you who were involved or saw a little bit about our move, the movement was great. We were only moving five, five minutes down the road, thanks for asking now. It was great, Doug, I'm not moving to Vail, the whole reason I moved to Phoenix was to get the hell away from all the snow, so I have no interest in going, I actually moved from Colorado to here. I like snow. I like snowboarding. I just don't like living in it. The first time I moved here, somebody said, you don't have to scoop sunshine. So, and I was like, You know what, that's right you don't have to scoop sunshine, so. Alright, enough about me. We've got an awesome guest Priyanshu coming on. He's a beast, and I think we've got a lot to learn from him this morning so I want to maximize our time for that. So, Priyanshu, how are you? 

Priyanshu: Yeah, I’m great. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. So yeah, everything is going well. It's 23 degree celsius in Scarborough, Ontario as well. And it's summertime as well but there is no space to sit outside. 

Matt: So I was just reading through your bio a little bit, and I thought it'd be cool if you kind of told people, you know, a little bit about your story. Being, you're still working right. Okay. I just, I want everybody to know here. These making a good amount of money online, I'm not going to make any income claims I'm just gonna say, you know, I'm just going to tell people, you know, for the most part, if you're trying to make any money online and you're buying courses or even if you're buying our courses, you shouldn't expect to make a lot of money because most people just don't. And we'd like to give clear expectations about that but with Priyanshu making a good amount of money I know that just because I can. We've talked and I know I just know. But here's my question to you. Tell everybody a little bit about what you're currently doing for work, how you're finding time outside of your job because I know you work really long hours to get everything done that you're doing.

Priyanshu: Yeah. So first of all let me tell you about myself. I am, so I was an international student. I came to Canada in 2019. So it has been only two years. So currently I'm doing security shifts of 11 hours, and I do night shifts. Okay, so many people will think how am I making a huge amount of money. First of all, I have been on social media platforms for the last five years. So it means like, I built my audience I worked hard for you. 

Matt: So, you’ve been doing social media for five years?

Priyanshu: Yeah, yeah, I'm going. I'm on YouTube, I have, I have three YouTube channels. So firstly, I earned my first $100 in 2017, from a team. I paid my Ambassador fees for that $100 So it was a really good thing because at that time there was not any monetization of YouTube like 4000 hours and 1000s of scribing conditions, But, after one year I got the payment of $100 that I bought to know who we can earn money online. So when I came to Canada in 2090. I started working out on myself and helping international students. For the immigration purposes like to apply for a work permit, and many, many queries, I always solve people's queries regarding the investment crypto stocks, and people follow us. So, if everything takes time people do what people do, they focus on the results. They focus on the results like when I will get the commission. When I will get the high ticket blueprint, a commission so first of all, I want to ask them Are you worthy enough to get the commission to get the Commission, we should become the converti why people will follow me, if we have knowledge, then people will follow me, so people don't work on that content, and they focus on the results. That's why they get disappointed. So my first tip is like, first of all, you need to make 100 reviews on TikTok, then you can compete like, I'm not getting any results. People don't create content, and even people don't even make content. If you don't have anything to give, then why will people come to you? So my point is this platform is amazing and I'm feeling very grateful because this platform gave me this amazing opportunity to make a lot of money, there is no limit to.

yeah. So how it started. So first of all, I joined Legendary like last month in the month of happiness, first app rate 2021 And what strategies I followed the first strategy was, first of all to help people. We should always think about helping someone, adding value since almost like if we will add values in someone's life, that person will automatically follow you back. And with time, there will be a pressed build up with you and your audience. Everything takes time in this world. We should understand this simple thing. And we should have patience. I have seen so many statuses on Facebook and I have followed so many people as well on Facebook and they followed me back. We don't give personal time to someone else, We just send me, yeah. You can do plate marketing from here, and that's it. We don't reply. If somebody will send me a link, and he will not talk to me or she will not talk to me definitely I'm not gonna click on that link and I will not buy the course. So my first strategy is to create content, and build trust between me and my audience. Second, the second strategy. Strategy is firstly we need to learn. Then we will be able to earn. Okay. What will people do if they want to earn but they don't want to? I have spent a lot of time in earning, I have learned crypto stars, investment from well simple application regarding immigration How to Apply work permit, how to Apply like USA Visa, how to apply these kinds of things and I had people, a lot at free of cost that I gave my all time to my audience. And now, it's payback time. Yeah, I gave my like three to four years to my


Matt: Yep.

Priyanshu: And now I'm getting the results

Matt: It reminds me of like, what's the tree that you planted it takes like five years before ever even think it's a bamboo maybe, or something like that reminds me of that investment mentality, because it's funny you said, I learned investments I learned crypto I learned those things, but all throughout that time you were also making an investment, right, you were also actually putting into practice, that type of investment, maybe it wasn't with crypto because maybe you didn't know a lot of money, maybe it wasn't with stocks or because you didn't know a lot of money at the time but you were making little miniature investments based on what you were learning and you were teaching it to people, and you were sharing your journey throughout that with people, and investing in people. And now suddenly people, you know, it's, it's the Gary Vee Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook kind of thing. You give you give you give you give you give a little more. And then finally, something comes back and you make an ask and so and sort of the the piggy bank has sort of built up some and then the the bottom comes out of the piggy bank and, whoa, there's money or it maybe it's even a payback in money, maybe it's something else but typically in business, it's money. Yeah. Wow, so I didn't actually know that you had been doing, you know, sort of the YouTube game and this kind of community building for that wrong, that's really cool, it makes sense though because, you know, we do these affiliate audits and we run through people's profiles and through all their stuff and I, I took one look at you and I thought to myself, you know, I'd be surprised if he's brand new, I wasn't sure about three or four years, but I just I kind of saw the writing on the wall I there was a, there's a feel to somebody when they're a little more seasoned in our industry or in, even in just in content creation, and I definitely felt that, and I definitely got that. So I think it's also important for everybody who's watching them to really understand that like, hey, this didn't happen overnight, right, like, but I will also say in the world of business, the type of money that you are making in the world of business like a two to three year investments actually a pretty short investment, considering you have zero overhead considering the fact that you're still working a job, considering and all of this other stuff. You know, I just think you're, I think that your return on investment is, is huge and well deserved. I think that's probably the truth. So what, you know, you talked a little bit about, and I titled this, I took out, I took your title and ran with it a little bit but you know how to sprinkle, how to sprinkle in marketing magic to, to build and really nurture your audience, I think one thing that I'm pulling out of you or you're sort of giving us right now is that you've really cultivated and nurtured your people, your audience, your, your group or whatever you want to call it. How have you done that, what's been your secret, aside from just giving your time and energy; What's that look like on a day to day basis you create content and then what?

Priyanshu: First of all, I did good content. The second thing is the second strategy that I follow. I check other profiles who are making a good amount of money, and what they are doing. Can I do like them like getting knowledge from them, and transforming like converting it into my own way and share as content because there are so many people who even don't know what to upload what to provide even, like, if I don't know about English, so I can't teach English, right, yeah. So whatever, like 15 Days Challenge, whenever we did the15 day challenge. 

Matt: Yep. 

Priyanshu: According to me, 80% People haven't read Rich Dad Poor. Okay. I have like five to 10 books as well. Regarding like business as well as how to influence, friends, like these kind of books I have read like every like 10 to 15 books. So I just want to tell each and every person just focus on yourself, self development is the best thing, even, even our iPhone, our Android. It also gets updated after four months like you need to update your software. While we are not working on ourselves. We should update ourselves every day, how we can do that. We should have a list but I will. I have a list in my jacket. So I have a list of goals, like, whatever I want like to make like $100,000. In December, like to get like 1 million followers on Tiktok, to get 100,000 followers on YouTube, and I just break down each and everything how I can achieve that, like, five steps, or five things I have to do daily in order to achieve that and put a date, put a date set a goal and put a date like till this time I will achieve my goal. And seriously, it works. Okay, so last month. Last month, I had like, my goal was to get 30,000 subscribers, till till 30th April, 2021, and right now I have 30,300 subscribers. Okay, so, it totally depends on what is your goal. Like, people even don't know what to do whenever they wake up in the morning. They don't know what to do. They only focus on the results. They don't focus on what they have to do in order to get the results. So my suggestion will be. Write down everything you want in life, in one one paper. Okay. And after writing down each and everything, read it every day. Okay, read it every day, and definitely you will get to know, like, Yeah, but I have to, you will prioritize your time. There are so many people who don't prioritize their time that's why they get confused if they will get confused, they will get become frustrated I have seen so many people like no I'm not getting any commission man, this system, don't work system works very well. We don't work, we blame the system, we blame other people, we don't blame ourselves. It's human nature. So I will suggest to you first of all, write down everything like what you want in your life. Okay, after getting to know, if you will, if you have the best aeroplane in the world. If you don't know where to go. It's useless man. If you, if you will have anything like if you have a supercar and if you don't know where to go. It's a waste. So write down your goal, you should have a visit like okay from legendary how much I have to make, and how much my followers should be followers also matter at some extent, I have seen like, there are some people who have 100,000 followers, even they haven't got any commission, because their content was not relevant. They were not. They were not connecting with the audience, like their content was not up to that mark, so that they can connect with their audience. So their content was like lip singing or dancing, and suddenly they joined Legendary Marketer, and they started sharing the ideas how to make money online, then their audience got confused, like what this guy's doing. I followed this guy, because this guy's dancing and dancing and lip sync that's it. I don't want to make money, man. Then, this guy will get depressed. So first of all, everything will take time, so don't expect, like, I will get the Commission as soon as possible. Let me finish this 15 Days Challenge in seven days. Not even 15 days. Let me finish this talent in seven days and execute. Have you seen any doctor performing surgery while watching a tutorial? No. Don't be like that doctor. So I would suggest you give your time, give you time to this 15 Days Challenge and understand each and every concert, would they be speaking, because it's his experience, like, it's like 20 years like I guess right 20 year experience we are getting in 15 days. We should have patience to understand each and everything like a sherry is like 20 year experience of affiliate marketing, and we are just focusing on let's end this 15 Days Challenge and let's execute. So guys, which, which, which do I have to use Clickfunnels other big broad, like they, they discuss these kinds of things, but they don't know, like, how to use it.

Matt: You are dropping so freaking much gold but I have to latch on to this last piece because, because, you know, this has been such a big thing for for Dave and I, and our team trying to explain to people he's a carpenter right so he explains this in terms of, you know, if you've got a Makita drill or a Milwaukee drill, and these are just different brands of hardware tools right or Ryobi or a DeWalt drill right carpenters don't spend all day, You know, sitting at tables saying, Oh man, my branded drills better than your drill It's like no, dude can you use the drill or not, like, it doesn't matter what drill you use, just freaking get the drywall up. Like it's, you know, and it's just this silly thing that we do. It's not to say that maybe one brand doesn't have an advantage over the other one brand maybe isn't built with more quality parts right maybe, maybe ClickFunnels has better support, maybe it's easier to use, maybe builderall's got better, you know people like their Facebook or better I don't know, whatever. But it doesn't matter, like I've seen people use a landing page that was made in Builderall, that's one of the ugliest pages I've ever seen in my entire life and it converts like crazy, and it's the ugliest nastiest like I like good design. And I looked at it was just like, this is horrendous, and this person is getting great opt in rates. So, I just, oh, man, this is so good, I hate to cut you off but they keep going because this whole piece is about like sitting and sort of how fast can I get my commission and how fast can I make this is, is it's always in the world and the universe. It's always, you reap what you sow. And if you, if you put in the ground and you go out in the ground, you plant a quick turnaround mentality and can guess what this sprout comes up quick, and it dies very quick, very, very quick. That sprout perks up real quick, gets excited, and then poof it dies, real quick, and in the garden for many people who try to make money online in their garden. There's a million sprouts right there's crypto there's affiliate marketing there's drop shipping there's Ebay there's Amazon there's all of these different things, they sprouted up quick, and they all look like little twigs that are all dead. They're all brown, they're all little twigs. And they’re all dead. In the garden of, let's say, Priyanshu, there's full lush, tall plants. You can see I've got some plants back here. Oh, that way there's lush plants that leave, and they're flowering right why is that because in the garden? You dug deep, as far as you need and then, you know, for years, he sat and watered that frickin thing and nothing was happening. Maybe get that first $100 Commission. Not happening. And, you know, instead of saying wow that was a scam all this doesn't work, you put more fertilizer on it, right, you put more water on it, you gave it even more sunlight, so okay, we need more sunlight, what do we need here. I gotta figure this out, and then when the sprout comes up, it's solid, right, and the wind comes and blows and it stays there and the sun beats down on it and it soaks it it doesn't fry up, you know, it's a big, it's just, that's a big law of the universe, that people, they want to Facebook hack, they want a TikTok hack. They want to opt in page hack. They want to do something out of the ordinary that is this magical formula, but this reaping and sowing principle of life, it applies to relationships, spirituality, all this stuff. And it's, there's no way around it. There's no special way around it, and if you find the way around it. It's always going to dry up, it's always eventually going to come to light, it's always going to get exposed and it's always gonna die. That's how it always works. 99.999% of the time. Okay, keep going, I'm, I'm just in love with everything that you're saying I love your energy, I love the way that you attack this. I don't even know where we were just keep going.

Priyanshu: Just want to say to each and every person who is watching my real life. So I just want to say Believe in yourself but there is so much negativity in this world. Whenever he will start something. When I had 10 subscribers. I used to tell every person please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have started my YouTube channel. And they were making fun of me, like what are you doing man, you can't do anything. Because, if you will do something different. If you want to become different. People will grab you, man. Like, what are you doing, you can't do anything. Because if you. I remember one thing, right. If you put a fish in an aquarium. Shark, sorry shark in the aquarium, it will grow according to the aquarium, if you will put a shark in the ocean, it will grow according to those. Okay, so show me, like, I have seen one amazing video, like, show me your friends, I will show your future. Show me your brand, and I will show you. I have like I have just broken all my connection from those people who were dragging it out, like, who were making fun of me. Okay. And, who, who didn't have any goals. When I came to legendary. I met so many people who are making a good amount of money, and they have a positive attitude towards Word and Word. Okay, and I haven't thought like, I will. This kind of amount because I did like hard work for four to five years, online that's where I'm getting the word like it's so whenever someone asked like, do we need followers per shoe to get the Commission, we need a lot of followers like if I can do while you can't. I also have two arms, I'm also human. That difference is mindset. Okay, we should change our mindset, how we can change our mindset, by developing ourselves, learning new skills every day, then you will be like a leader. Okay, you will become a leader, not a label, okay. So, if you become a leader people will definitely gonna follow you because you have knowledge, you will share knowledge, you will help people, and people will admire you. And there are a lot of people, I just said there's some songs like it will grow. And that stopped nude up, and every month. Everyone made a good amount of money from that, and everyone was very happy to Tango like, Like they follow me. They were very thankful, and loyal to your audience. Don't expect don't treat them like they are my customers, and just send them a link. That's it. Don't reply to their questions, don't ask them what I do, like for high ticket affiliate marketing, I gave my 15 to 20 minutes to every person on phone call after that person complete his challenge for fourth or fifth the day that question definitely gonna come to me and I will give him my personal WhatsApp number. Okay, personal WhatsApp number, which I don't use, which I don't use which I only use for demos. Okay, so I use the like broadcast, and I have to add it to so many people. So I send them motivational videos. I send them my experience, I send them you can also do this. Yeah, and there are so many people who are getting results. Okay, so we can't force anyone. Like, because that person will definitely get frustrated and that and that and that person will spread negative one negative comment is equal to 50 positive comments, always, like, a be on it. So, we should, if someone is making negative comments, we should solve his or her query. I just DM that person. I asked, Yeah, can you tell me what's your problem? Then that person tells his brother, why I'm commenting like this. So I saw that person quickly. So I converted 180 equal to my father, and that follower will increase my like that call, we will spread positivity from next time, instead of blocking that person talk to that person. What's that person's problem? Change that person's perception towards you. Don't run away. I know there are so many people they just ignore these kinds of comments. Like, it is only their work but we should change those people's minds and maybe that person can make a good amount of money from affiliate marketing. We don't know anyone's capabilities. Maybe there are some people in the chat who are more capable enough to make more than $100,000 but due to surroundings, and their mindset, they are not doing it because if, if it is easy to become a millionaire you, you can, you will see everyone. Becoming a millionaire in every house. It is difficult. Yeah, it is difficult, but when you will focus on when you will focus on self development, instead of getting the results, definitely you will get results automatically results are the reward. Okay, results are the reward. Yeah, I did bodybuilding like I used to work out. So, my weight was something like 45 kg something, and I was skinny and people were making all this fun of me like how you look, how do you see your belly, what I have done. I started my workout, and I have got, I haven't got any results from three months, and I was focusing like everyone is getting results why I'm not getting any results in our life, there is always a plan to come, for example, your growth will be like this and there will be plenty. When there will be no growth. But you don't have to focus on that, like you are not getting dessert, if you will work hard, definitely you will get amazing in bodybuilding . Whenever we workout, if we lift too heavy weights, our muscles tear. Okay, if our muscles are two years old, definitely it will grow. So, if you want to, if you, if you want something in your life you need to sacrifice. Okay, you have two things, either money and time. It's better to spend money, as compared to time because time is replaced and like we can't buy time again, but we can make money again. Okay, so it's better to pay someone who has 20 years experience as compared to spending your own five to 10 years, like, wondering what to do. So, it's your choice. And I just want every person, like it's your decision, and your life, no will gonna change. No one's gonna come and say, I will make you a millionaire, why would a person spend time with you. Yeah, so this word is like salvage I know, but we have to understand, like no one gonna help us. We have to help ourselves by ourselves. So people who are watching. I just want to say, you are amazing, and definitely you will get set, you will get success, just focus on goals, not on the outcomes. Outcomes, if you focus on the outcome, definitely you will get disappointed, because if you will get results, I know you will become happy I got the commission but the next day, when you will not get the commission, you will become disappointed. Definitely. So don't focus on the results, don't say I'm not getting the result. Okay. I just want to say, create 100 videos, then haven’t 100 videos picked up? Okay, how many books you read, have you read three books in one to two months. No, if you haven't learned what you have read. Just focus on development and give values to your customers. It's not your customer, give you values to your followers, because your followers will definitely tell other people to follow you because I just guided that person wise, I just converted that into my follower, and I haven't abused anyone on social media platform, and I'm very calm. I just asked them what happened, just let me know, just DM me your concern, and that person, tell me what that person thinks about me, and I changed that person's perception by talking to him by going full on. That's it. So I just converted my haters, into my followers, and I'm getting the results like this. 

Matt: I don't know what else to say, I just, for me, this is so powerful and RJ just said, You're on fire, bro, and you are on fire doing this. Yeah, I saw that, I just wanted to just look that we can close on that, I don't know what else to say I just wanted to emphasize the fact of just, if you focus on that end result, you'll always feel disappointed. And that's so right and it's so true. And I, you know, I feel like, you know, I don't know if people are super religious here I'm not trying to be religious but I did, I went to a small Bible College for college, and there's a lot of, there's a lot of things you know that I disagree with about sort of my, you know, whatever organized religion or whatever but there's a lot of great parables. And one of the parables, from the Bible from Jesus. He starts out by saying, for those who have ears to hear, and, you know, regardless of where you fall on the whole religious spectrum doesn't even matter right. He said he starts the parable by saying, for those who have ears to hear, because when you say when you say Priyanshu, don't focus on the end result. Not everyone here is going to be able to hear that. Right. And, I was one of those people. I was one of those people when I was first getting started, I couldn't hear that, because I had screaming debt, and I had screaming, anxiety, and I had all of these different things kind of piling up right. And I just think for for everybody who's here, I just write have ears to hear what Priyanshu is saying, please have ears, because if you, if you have the ability to hear his message about not focusing on the end result, but focusing on, as you said goals and I would also add the process of what's happening to you during your chase of those goals, man. The year reward is so massive, you don't even know I mean, even forget about the money which that will, that could change your life too. I won't make any guarantees but that outpouring of money and income could change your life too, but also the person that you are will be totally different. I don't know what else to say, This is awesome. Hey, thanks for coming on. I think we'll close with that, man, keep rockin ‘we are blessed to have you in our community. Seriously, I mean that, and please continue to take care of your people in the way that you do, it's amazing, and your energy is infectious, there's no wonder people follow you. I mean, there's no one I haven't really spent much time with you. Took me about 20 minutes here today and I was like, Oh, okay I get it. I'm all bought into this guy. I get it, his energy is infectious, his mindset is impeccable. And that's something that's been honed in and crafted for years I can tell. And that's something that, that's, that's, for me, more than somebody earning money more than somebody, you know, being a social media guru. That for me is something that I envy a lot, and I took a lot away from today so thank you for that. And if you need anything, we're here to help.

Priyanshu: Yeah, definitely. I believe in you.

Matt: All right, awesome. Well there you have it guys. We did a little, we did a little backyard pool action today Dave we'll be back tomorrow. Same time, same place 10am Eastern I look forward to seeing all you guys here. We'll be live. We're live every Monday through Friday. I was gonna say seven days a week, five days a week, Monday through Friday 10am Eastern. See you guys.

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