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Matt: Hello hello welcome in. It is Wednesday, August 4th. We're here to live. I'm here live 10am Eastern is Eastern on my side of the world but I'm a morning person so it's fine. Other people have had some interesting funny issues with the timezone thing but if you're here and you live with us. Let me know here in the chat, let me know that you're here, you're live and also just like let us know where you're tuning in from we've got people all over the world watch these things, and let us know where you're tuning in from, it's fun to see where all the different people are from. We've got an awesome guest, and for those of you who are newer to our community or maybe this is your first time ever, tuning into one of these things you're like What the heck's going on here. We do these live Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern every single day. We've been doing them live for years but Dave and I are together. I've been doing them live now for about, I would say, I don't know a year and a half or so. And we just, we go live every day with a new story from somebody else who started their business. But you know found legendary or found how to market online are starting to TikTok, in this case, and, and started crushing it so I'm going to bring on our guests, and if you all can give me some clapping emojis or something, or some like, you know, celebration or pumped up emojis or something in the chat, that'd be awesome and help me welcome to the digital stage Jennifer. What's happening?

Jennifer: Hello, good morning everyone. 

Matt: Good morning. Where are you, where are you, I was gonna say calling in from but more like, where are you tuning in from or where are you, streaming from? 

Jennifer: Upstate New York. 

Matt: Okay cool. Nice. So I read through kind of, we do a little questionnaire and there's not a lot of detail that typically comes through the questionnaire, but I did a little reading so what I'd like for you to do is bring us into your world a little bit. No one here has ever met you but just bring us into your world, about how you found the online space you've tried different MLMs, maybe talk to us a little bit about that and tell us where you're at today.

Jennifer: Well, it started back in the 90s Basically I wanted to try and find something at home, and a lot of things it was either ads or newspapers or things like that the download pre, if you know, that was way back when the power model that's another MLM. You know, we try to sell the other people and, you know, get that line going. So, a lot of that stuff did not work out, and 2017, we became an affiliate through those stuff because of the paranormal investigator, didn't know how to implement that, you know, I mean we put the link out there and constantly, you know, every once in a blue moon you get some money but it wasn't like it is today where, when I was scrolling on TikTok and I just had a personal page I was like well you know, kind of see what this is about because my daughter, you know, kind of introduced me to it, did a couple personal videos but it was more kind of a watch or and next thing I know I see a 15 day challenge constantly and I was like, you know, I've already tried, you know another marketer and they kind of sideswiped me and pushed me aside and that didn't work out so I'm like to $7 bucks, you know, I could go to McDonald's and pay for a whole meal for about $10 and also a lot cheaper. So yeah, I click on it and it's a game changer for me, it, you know, everything that was implemented, worked, and within, not even a month I got my first commission from because I had my surgery in February, and a couple days after I got out, I decided, well, what am I going to do besides, you know, go out and investigate. So I decided to take my time and while I was out of work, put this into play and it just remembered. 

Matt: Wow, that's cool, so you're. Wow, that's, that's really cool, because I feel like a lot of people are, are trying to start some sort of online side hustle or I know people for instance who, who do like even weird stuff like jewelry businesses or something and I'm like, Would you please just like take the, take the 15 Day Challenge idea, especially people who are in MLM or stuff like that, or any sort of affiliate marketing. So you're like, tell us about I'm just, this is more just for my curiosity about sort of your interest in paranormal activity like affiliate marketing and how you work that stuff in.

Jennifer: Well basically I do the same as what I do with the digital products, you know, a lot of paranormal investigators they're out there looking for new equipment to use, you know, each year they want to upgrade. So, I have an affiliate program through go stop, and I send it their way and they're like oh you know, the new stuff, what's on sale. It's basically like doing an Amazon or Walmart or Target, you're doing the same thing, and implementing that by getting their emails, they get, you know newsletters from me and all sorts of emails, and I just put it into play as I would with a digital.

Matt: That's awesome. That's super cool. And I bring that up. The reason I bring that up is because I think a lot of times, one thing that I have. One thing that I see people have issues with is finding a way to connect their passion or things they're interested in, into sort of a monetized like business or side hustle of some sort, right so it's like they come online and they just do what they see everyone else doing but then they're confused, maybe not. How do I tie these things?

Jennifer: They are afraid to just split off and try something new, and that's the thing, go out there do it, try it if it fails, it fails, try something else. I mean, remember the whim of things I just you know like my TikTok I don't overlook it, You know when I don't oversee anything I'm just like, okay, yep, I'll post this. I'm just on the fly. You see me on my bike all the time I post videos on my bike, I'm in my truck. I could be with the kids. I mean anything.

Matt: What, what's the name of that one that you were talking about Go Stop? 

Matt: Yes, Go stop. Yep. How did you find, like, how did you go about finding that was just through research and stuff.

Yep I researched it, because we were looking for equipment. And then I just happened we happen one day just to kind of see, you know, we went to the bottom of the page and it says affiliate program I like it. That's perfect, you know, nice, so I've kept that. And it's worked. It's you know, sending more of the paranormal group, you know out that way but you know I do help people and that's that's our passion we help people understand what's on the other side, what's going on, same as I do with my digital. I help people. I help people learn, you know, it's about learning, instead of selling you don't want to sell, push, push, push, you always want to teach them that there's other ways than you know, pushing a sales product. So it's, I've already done all the work before I was always helping people. Nice. And that's what I'm out here to do is, I'm on my TikToks I'll tell people send me a personal message, give me, You know, give me your number. We'll call each other. And I've talked to plenty of people over the phone. And next day, they have signed up, it's just much easier than, you know, typing all the time.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. So I think the interesting part to me is that I get a lot of people come to me and ask me, you know, how can I make my content on TikTok better. And the thing that you've said probably five times now is I help people. And I think that that's so underrated. But here's the tricky piece, the tricky piece is that there's this game that happens inside of people's minds where it's like, well, I'm kind of newer here, right, so like, I'm not, you know, for instance, I'm not a dog training expert, I don't do dog training for, you know, my full time job so how the heck am I supposed to help people with dog training I don't even really know much about it right. And then I tell people, so that problem comes up a lot. How have you combated that or how do you sort of deal, I call that imposter syndrome. And really what it is, I think, here's what I think it is, I think it's people misunderstanding the goal of marketing, right, the goal of marketing isn't that you are the world's foremost expert in fact most marketers aren't people who do the digital courses are the people who are, let's say an affiliate marketer or referral Digital Marketer, they're usually not the expert, they're usually. Yeah. How do you deal with, like, break through to create content Howdy, was there any was that an issue with you or not really?

Jennifer: No because I'm used to doing research all the time before, You know an investigation so you do the research. Right, right, keywords down and make sure you know, that's the information that you've got to correct, check another site and check that site to make sure, okay that is correct. And then just go for it because nobody's an expert in any field you do it doesn't matter. So you just do your best, do your research, write keywords down and put it out there, that's all you need to do. That's the biggest thing.

Matt: It is the biggest thing, and getting past that is really huge. I just, you're so right there. I mean, there's definitely no more than you, but nobody perfect knowledge but I like I like how you frame that with research, and typically without because that's exactly what I tell people to do is I say, Okay, if you're struggling making content you've got this little weird throw I feel like I don't really I don't know enough to start making people content and helping people. Right. And so what ends up happening. Long story short, they do nothing. They just do nothing. And after they do nothing and they are you know maybe try to create content they start just unpacking their story and I'm like hey that's good, but people who watch content are sort of wondering what's in it for me, right, like, well, what's, you know, great cool you're sharing your journey that's great, you should share that. But also, You should be helping people, you shouldn't be teaching people, you should be instructing people. And the best way to do that, that I know, is to go on Instagram or TikTok or YouTube and see what other people are creating right so check this out. If I was, if I was, I'm going to share my screen here. Excuse me real quick. And I'm going to show you if it's cool, I'm going to show you your TikTok, is that okay?

Jennifer: That's fine. 

Matt: So, I just downloaded this tool you're going to love this if you don't know about it yet, but, Um, I just downloaded this little tool, excuse me, on Google. Google Chrome, and it's called sort for tick tock, check this out. So everybody who's on here if you haven't seen this already, I talked about this a few weeks ago but if I were, like, looking to see what's working for other people. I downloaded this sort of TikTok extension on Chrome and I hit start and it sorts channels videos by most watched. And so, it's gonna put the most watched videos up at the very top. And sometimes it takes a second, but let's just see here we go. So, now I've got all of Jennifer's videos sorted by top to bottom. And I can now come and look and see what kind of content gets washed right so if I wanted to come into the dog training niche, I could come in and search dog training. And I could say, Oh wow, 1.4 million followers, CEO of dog behavior follow Okay, so, this guy's got a lot south and dog trainees got 1 million so let's do this one. So, if my niche is in dog training, check this out. I'm going to sort this out. I'm going to get a sore. Now on a bigger channel like this it might just take a second and might take a few minutes. But, Here you go. So, right here. And for everybody who's in the comments let me know if this is making sense just type a yes or a y. Let me know if this makes sense, and, and what's happening is now I'm going to get flooded with ideas of content, and I'm going to get shown exactly what type of content in this niche gets watched the most, right. So, this plugin is called sort.

Let's see sort for tick tock. Yes, sort for TikTok,, so yeah it channels massive numbers of people posting on their channel for a long time and it seems. Hang on.

Jennifer: It is pretty neat. Of course when mine comes up it's in my pajamas.

Matt: Well, hey, if that's right. It's what works. Exactly. So check this out. Now watch this, if there, if somebody is out there and they're like well I want to start selling dog training, I want to sell dog training courses Well, check this out. If I have a dog or maybe I don't. I could do it. I could do a duet with this or I could do a stitch with this video, but look at this style video everybody watch this I'm gonna see if I can. I don't know if this is gonna allow me to share audio. Share, share, Chrome tab, oh we can share audio. Okay, so I'm going to share my tab audio here

have to teach any dog, stop polling. Step one, you want them to learn that polling gets unknown. So as soon as tension is on your day, you stop and wait but at least go slack. You can do this on any call center dog polls, and you feel tension, stop, wipe it out later, go relaxed then in case you can see the dogs slowly starting to slow down posts are stopped late overlaps. During this part until the dog found longer pulling. So you hold the link early on by your side show, and relax. If a dog potion or Flink backs up your brace. If the dogs really put in those sometimes, in short, throw your leg across the dog. This makes the dog more spatially aware and more in tune with you, left and right fencing help massively. And then you get to the finish also walking nicely that when you saw the dog stops you know

how to teach. Alright so there's even probably things this person could have done better to make that video even better, but you get the point. 10 million views on that, and instantly that took us two minutes I think two or three minutes. Now, I've got 10 million video views. I've got an 8.1, I got a 5.9, I've got a 5.6 5.5, like all kinds of videos and some of them, here's the crazy part. Like here, I've tried not to just freaking take over this right now but I have to share this. So, if you look at them, they're, they're like clips from the internet, right, like they're not even like they're just like viral internet clips, they're not all like He's instructing everything right so like, there's, there's some strategy behind growing a channel where you can, you can take things that are already working or things that are you know whatever and put a little comment on it, or put a little over a little over. Voiceover Thank you, right there. And immediately, you've got a new piece of content, so people, you this this is, this is something I'm passionate about.

Jennifer: You don't even have to show your face, you can show short videos of something else that's going on whatever your niche is. Yeah, and you can just do the voiceover with your voice and you know you can do those videos very simply, and, you know, 60 seconds. It's 60 seconds of your life.

Matt: Yes, put it out there. Yeah, especially for somebody to go, especially, especially if you can actually do and basically do that same video, like I would go on, if I was growing a dog training channel or something and I had, because we teach one of our things in our Blueprints. Is it done for your campaign for a dog training course equipment, and on that. We've had many people, many, many people make sales with that campaign. And one of the ways that you can easily do that is just to grow a TikTok channel, utilizing other people's videos, so I would model. Is there anything the question people ask is, well, that's just copying. And so I said, Well, you can put a little, a new headline on it, and if the content is just to you, like, you're creating the video and you try to create it as simple as possible, and basically keep things like second by second, see, here's the thing, the actual content and who's delivering it and all of that needs to be unique, but you can go second by second, and model after other successful videos, and I'm talking like some people think this is just kind of like a game where you throw a little content here and sprinkle out old content here with the people who are really successful people like Stacy law or Calvin Hill or something like that. Hundreds of 1000s of followers, they get they get so they get obsessive it's like almost weird, like because of how consistent they are and how, second by second their content is just a punches, every single second, and then you're suddenly like, Whoa, that video goes viral, is it by luck. No, it's because they have a set formula, and they follow the formula. If you don't know what the formula is you go short by tick duck, and you find that for, anyway, I'm ranting, what comes up or what's, what's there for you.

Jennifer: No, you're absolutely right. I mean, there's so much out there you can learn, and if you're not familiar with it, research it. It's the big thing, you do a little bit of B research, you can accomplish anything. No matter what it is, you know, whether you're doing your videos or you know if, like for me I just kind of make a video on, I could just be filming myself riding the bike or filming myself in my truck, and I'll be like, looking back at it, next day and be like, post a little short version of that, put that out there. If it fails, it fails, you just go on to the next stop trying to rehearse and do it 5 million times because no matter what. It's never going to be perfect for you, because you're going to constantly look at it and review it. You got to just do it. Get it out there, and that's it. You know, it's it's the biggest thing I've learned, and you know doing lives on, on our parent home page, it's like, yeah, we can sit there we have tons of overs, God forbid I mean, you know, all of a sudden somebody you know, falls down a couple steps and we all start laughing while we're doing our live you know it happens you know you're in the dark, where you're going. Yep, they're okay, they're fine. But let's keep going, you know, With this you just, it's kind of like, you just create a video you watch other people's videos and say like, yeah, I could do that but give it a twist. If it's your own flavor. You've got to do it for you, and not do it for them, you know, so you want to just kind of give that a little twist and put your own little words in there, you know, either do words or voices, whatever you want to do and just give it your own kind of style and put it out there. When I started doing the print on demand, which, as I always say, stops the cycle, I can't stop that nine to five cycle. We got it, you know, this is another way of doing it you know I do the print on demand. I bought the shirt, say hey you know, this is my advertisement just like our shirts for our groundcare Normal. We went around, that's an advertisement. People don't hand out a card that's my business card, you know, so it's the same thing as what I was doing, but now I'm able to implement it. Do the funnels, get the emails and get results.

Matt: I love it. I love it. I love it. Well I can also tell that you just, you love it, like, I think you would enjoy it, you're passionate about it. You're on fire about it I imagine you like. 

Jennifer: Yeah, I just summed that up with like a group of people and just like going after it just about ready to quit my job. Getting there I'm getting there. 

Matt: Yeah, well it's, it's a process I feel like it makes sense.

Jennifer: It was hard in the beginning, yes it's a lot of work and there were times where I was struggling with it in my head and I just was like you know what I got to walk away and I walked away for a little while took a breather. Got back at it, and was learning again. And there's some, some things in the course that you know you're like, Okay, I'm second guessing it, go do the research, because you can find it someplace else. And the terms that you understand, you know, that's all it's, it's all about doing the research and the more research you do, the more you learn, the more you can be an expert, even though we're not all experts at it. But still you have that knowledge of what you need to put out on your tic TOCs Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, whatever you want to post. And there's plenty of platform platforms to post that. And Tik Tok is the main one, we all know it, we've all seen them we've all scrolled by and said geez I know that one that one that one that, you know, but everybody's learning, you learn as you go, especially when you become a new affiliate to renew program, you're learning everything about that program, so it's no different.

Matt: I love it, I friggin love it. So, you're, you're doing a lot of different stuff you're selling digital products you're selling, you know you've got red bubble you've also got paranormal stuff, where, where do you see this all going or what do you have sort of an angle or end game are you just really trying to keep pushing all mediums and see what kind of works?

Jennifer: Yeah, basically I'm pushing everything out and seeing what works and what doesn't. You know, it's all about testing. You want to put something out, you've got to test it out. If you don't put it out there, you'll never know. And that's the thing, not knowing if you don't put the work into it and get it out there for people to see, you know, it's not going to work for you then. Also, get it out there, push it out. That's that you know, either way, you got a 5050 chance either it's gonna work or life is all about 50/50 chances, we'll just put it out there.

Matt: Just put it out, and also like, and also, not just that but like, you know, I feel like if it does come up to a 5050 chance at least stack the deck in your favor by putting out a lot for me to put stuff out, I might as well put out a lot.

Jennifer: Exactly. I mean I've pushed you know quite a bit out and just to see what works. You know I was on vacation this past weekend on a camping trip and I still, you know, was working on my phone. I have my cute computer and everything at home. So even on my phone I was doing a little bit with emails and things like that so it doesn't matter if you have a phone, tablet, computer, you can do as you're on vacation. That's right. Did although on my way home. That was a different story. Getting caught in a hailstorm.

Matt: So are you taking content from TikTok? I'm looking at your Instagram here. Are you taking content from TikTok, those videos and doing reels? I see a few of them are you doing, are you gonna do that more often, because what I'm seeing is I'm seeing their algorithm really trying to compete with TikTok.

Jennifer: Yeah, and that's what I saw, too. That's why I started posting on some reels to see how that would go, and how far that would go. So yeah, I've been posting a little bit on my Facebook page, you know, just to kind of see what happens on that. But yeah, the reels, the, the algorithm on it is insane right now. So if you're just starting, definitely you know get some hands on those reels that might push it out more and help out.

Matt: Yeah, I think, we typically do what I instruct people to do and we're doing a training tomorrow for our Blueprints community on Instagram rails, because we've got multiple people now who are. We've got one guy and I don't want to make any big income claims but we've got one guy in particular who mostly is low through Tik Tok, but mostly through Instagram that I know is, is almost too, he's, he's, let's say he's over 50 grand in 30 days. And that's as a disclaimer to everybody here, that's not what any typical person who buys anything online will ever see or ever make. Most people don't do anything and make $0 So, you shouldn't expect those same results, but what I'm seeing is that that particular training is for a business blueprints community, we sent out an email yesterday about that. It's at 3pm Eastern, it's our Thursday business blueprints webinars we do every week. This week we're bringing on somebody, super special to talk about Instagram reels, and we're going to be launching a challenge. Next week as well for Instagram reels, and we're going to be doing that in our Facebook group. And we typically don't do those unless we really believe in a medium. And so we're going to be teaching people how to go on Instagram rails, how to take your content from tick tock, and you can use this tool called Snap tick app where you can strip the watermark off posted straight onto rails, boom, you've got double the content out in the world, it's kind of a no brainer, but also Instagram Rails is very seriously realizing that that their loot they have lost. Instagram has lost so much traffic and so much attention to TikTok, that they're basically willing to do whatever it takes, right to get any further. So they're throwing so much traffic at reels, it's crazy and the same thing might happen eventually to YouTube short so I would also recommend people go and post those on YouTube shorts too, because there's going to be a day where YouTube figures it out a little bit, maybe, I don't know that for sure but probably there's pretty smart over there, and they'll probably hit that algorithm just like, just like Tic tock did just like Instagram is starting to do, and so we always want to keep people, you know one step in front of the in front of everybody else who's marketing online. 

Jennifer: So, I have a few of the shorts on, on YouTube on my YouTube page so nice. I've already started that and of course the reels and the Instagram. It's amazing. It really is an I'm out there to help more people and just lead him on to a future that can change, that's for sure.

Matt: Yeah, so what, for everybody who's here, what, what advice, or I'll give you the final word what advice or what thoughts do you have for people who are here who are maybe they're hesitant to make some first content, or maybe they're just getting started and they're a little overwhelmed, what do you have any advice for people who are getting going.

Jennifer: Yeah. Stop overthinking and just do it. You've got to get it out there, you'll never know when it's going to work but hey, if you put it out there you know what's out there. And yeah, some things you can't take back but hey, it's a work in progress, and it's learning and progress. Just do it. Just get out there and do it because you'll never know if it's gonna work for you or not, if you don't put it out there.

Matt: So good. Well, Jennifer thanks for coming on and sorry about your hailstorm fiasco.

It's pretty sore. It was brutal, I don't wear full face coveribg and I don't have a windshield I

I have a panda saber 1300 And there's no windshield, no nothing permanent, I can handle rain, but not hail, I cannot so yes I'm very well worth the trip. I would always do it again with my girls. And we've got another trip coming up in two weeks. We go to Gettysburg for our group, for a paranormal group. So there's a big bash going down in Pennsylvania so back down to Pennsylvania two weeks so I love both of these and both of these have been paid for through legendary.

Matt: I love it. Very cool. Awesome, thank you so much for coming on. Thanks for taking the time. And if you need anything from us, just let us know. Okay, thank you. I appreciate it. Awesome. All right guys, give Jennifer some love and also go follow her on TikTok. All right, follow her journey she's got cool stuff on there, but she's just overall a cool person she's killing it she's crushing it, she's a biker. I think she put it all the way through her videos but it did look like she posts some stuff as she's going on her trips and stuff too, so it's just fun to watch and fun to tune in, so make sure to give her a follow. We'll be back here live, Thursday and Friday of this week with new people and new stories for you to listen to tomorrow if you're a business blueprints member, and you've purchased our business blueprints, we have a massive, massive training happening tomorrow at 3pm Eastern, it's the same time as our typical live webinar that we do you can go in the back office, and you can register for that under business blueprints. All right, and then next week. Stay tuned. Okay, stay tuned to your email. Be watching if you see any emails from legendary David Sharpe, we got something cool happening next week. And that's all we got for today. We'll be back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern.