Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What is going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe Welcome to another episode of Wake Up Legendary. We've got Well, we've got another grandfather today we had a, we had Papa Don yesterday 78 year old grandfather doing his thing. I don't think Joe's quite 78. He's a grandfather, and he's doing his thing. Welcome to the show, buddy. 

Joe: Hey, good morning. Good morning, everybody. Thanks for having me.

Dave: Hey, man, it's a pleasure. It's a pleasure you were saying before we went live. You've been watching, it's been a goal to get here. And here you are. How's it feeling, man? It's, it's , it's surreal to think about it, you know, to go from the beginning stages of where you're at to, you know, right here in front of David Sharpe and in front of millions of people hopefully. Go on with your story, and I'm just happy to be here.

Joe: Yeah, man, well, hopefully we reach millions if not 1000s. You know, I like to reach big. Dave: Well, yeah, I mean, every marketer has got to tell a little bit of a fish story, you know, and I mean, that's one that's 10 inches. You got to say a cottage caught on one foot or you know what I mean? Got to think big, got to speak big. And then, you know, you manifest big things.

So, you're right. You're right. So where are you calling in from? 

Joe: I am from Las Vegas. Okay, for the past 15 years. Yeah.

Dave: Wow. Okay. I like Vegas, man. Actually, that was the last place that I went for my birthday. Before all the lockdowns and so forth. And I'm looking forward to coming back. We'll

have to hook up. 

Joe: Yeah, for sure. I'm right here. So you got to you got you got a place to kick back in. If you want to get out of the crazy strip. 

So you're actually, I felt that this was cool. A minor league baseball player 25 years ago. And that feels like a lifetime ago?

Joe: It was a lifetime ago. You know, I don't even remember even getting in. But yeah, I played up in Washington State right in the tip of Washington up in Bellingham, right there on the Canadian border. And, you know, baseball has changed so much in 25 years. It's unrecognizable. When I was home, I started from where it is now. Yeah.

Dave: Then what happened? And eventually I'd like to hear how you got and found us.

Joe: Well, you know, after the baseball career is over, and maybe call it that, you know, it just went to the regular workforce. You know, Dad said, okay, you're done playing ball. So let's, let's see what we're going to do. Now. Let's, let's jump on this jump on with me and, and go from there. I started volunteering at Xerox Central, where my dad worked. And that's where I got my feet into the warehousing and distribution world. And, you know, I don't want to bore everybody with all the details of how I got where I'm at. But, you know, fast forward to 30 years. Yep. And, you know, I'm, I'm sitting at my desk, and my buddy over there is about to retire. And, you know, just a terrible story. You know, I'd say about two months in workforce retirement, he gets, he gets laid off, he gets fired. The bad lead, or they have a good reason why somebody shouldn't get fired. So he got fired. And that was it, you know, and I was like, Man, you know, pension was waiting for him and all that rug pulled out from under him and I thought to myself, man, that's that could be me at any time. You know, I'm up there in age and I'm sure there's a young hungry cat and kid out there whether we can take my spot. So I got to figure out something real quick. Yeah, I was only doing that one stream of income was, you know, my eco myself was, you know, taking cows, the breadwinner, taking care of family and from what I read before you know, you you're you're one you're one step away from poverty. And once you can become so I speak it out. I gotta find something. I jumped on and found your course on tik tok. I saw people doing promos and all that stuff. And you know, I jumped on. I was pretty much interested in joining the course. And here we are. Wow. Yeah.

Dave: Now that was it. That was in December. Have 2020 Is that right? Correct? Correct? 

Joe: Yeah. 

Dave: You said something that I that was moved, I hope you don't mind if I share it, but you wrote to us, Dave, if I hadn't stumbled on your course back in December, I think future would have been filled with I can't afford, we'll have to wait till we have more money. Now it's filled with Yes. for, you know, everything you can say yes to and, and, and it's a great feeling, say more about that.

Joe: So, you know, of course, one of the books that they recommend you read was rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I jumped right into it. And man, just blew everything, blew everything out of the water as far as my relationship with money and showed me how to, you know, really think, you know, change your mindset and how that one phrase I can't afford should even be in your head. And, you know, instead of that, put it in your head, what can I do to afford it? And that's exactly what I did. That's my mantra. And, and so from day one, after I read that, I was like, man, God, I gotta, I gotta figure something out, I got to do more, I'm going to do more, I got to do more. And then I just jumped, like I said, your course, and your, your support system, but I just wanted to say something about the support system, I'm the course you know, you ask questions, and you're going to get an answer square there straight away 1000s of people and that support system, and, you know, you can't, you can't have a better, better. You know, this can't get better than that to seven people, you know, the people within a click away, enter any question that you may have when you get stuck. And that's, that's gold right there. And, again, that's what got me, you know, to the road to work to where I am right now. Yeah, that's, that's basically how it is.

Dave: All that's awesome, bro. That's, I'm glad you feel supported. You know, I think being supported is a two way street. You know, I think, I think, and this is sort of my philosophy, I guess it's a bit of a, I don't give a shit to try to coddle people. Because, you know, people don't want to buy shit from me, I don't really care at this point. So I'd rather tell you the truth. And even if you don't like it, I do think support, being supportive is a two way street, you know, there's an element of, if somebody's selling something like we are, have some education, it's our responsibility to follow through with, with what we promise, if we say we're going to support you that we better be there to support you, you know, and disappear and in go dark, you know, but there's, there's also an element of raising your hand and ask him, you know, and I try, I try, you know, I do think that a lot of people don't know how to be coached, you know, so sometimes they come into a community like this, and it's kind of like, well, I don't really know what to ask whatever. We try to help people with that, you know, there's a thing that I go over with blueprint members. And it's called the how to get whatever you want, through asking, you know, better questions. And, you know, it really, it really just, it's a pretty simple process of getting clear on what your question actually is. Because sometimes we ask very ambiguous questions, i.e. shiny questions, and we get shitty answers, you know, but if we ask more clear and specific questions, we can get clearance specific matches, to also explain what we've already tried. You know, this is a, this is a great way to be an awesome client or student is to, is to say, here's what I've already tried. So, the coach or the person who's trying to help tell you some shit you've already done, you know, and then outline, you know, if I'm asking a question, outline what I think the answer might be. So I can show the support system that I'm actually willing to do some of the thinking too, and I just don't want everybody to do all the thinking, for me, those simple little pieces help me to be more supported in a community like this. And I think when, when the community or the company or whoever is there to help, is willing to help and then you have a student or a client, who asked, you know, who gets specific with their questions and and really puts effort into asking, and then takes it of course, and uses it and puts it into action and then takes responsibility for the outcome no matter what, right? doesn't just say, well, you told me to do it. You know, it's your fault. You sat on a bench, you know, when maybe, who knows nobody's the all knowing son of a gun. We don't. I mean, we're just all throwing out our opinions and they're like assholes. We all know that. Yeah, man, that's the magical combination. I think we've I think, you know, we've got some we've got, I think we've got a great team, we've got a great community, we've got some damn great students and clients like yourself, and then you turn around and become that help. And that support system too, which is what you've done, you're now creating content, you're now helping others. How did you go from a, basically a warehouse distribution worker to somebody who's now offering value as a marketer, and as an entrepreneur to other people? How did? How do you know so many people have a challenge with actually thinking that they have value to offer? Walk us through how you made that transition?

Joe: Well, see, what I did is I came in, and I said straightaway, I'm a novice. In this industry, I'm not even a novice, I don't even know what the hell what the hell I'm doing. And with that, I want that strategy to say, You know what? I've been there from even before square one, I'm, I'm doing the prerequisites to square one. So I've been there. I've been on that fence and saying, should I do this? Should I do that? And all the questions and all these new new people that are deciding to come in have, you know, those, that's what that's what I'm trying to target. I'm trying to get that and get that psychology putting into them that it's okay. To be scared, it's okay to be uneasy. It's okay to ask questions, whether you think they're stupid or not, you're going to get value out of it no matter what you're going to be learning something. While you know, even though you think the question might be stupid, in general, there's going to be an answer for you. And you're going to have that and I give that to my, my followers. Were off the bat. Don't be afraid to ask any type of question, get yourself out of your comfort zone, you get yourself out of your comfort zone, then you're going to say, Okay, I got that weight off my shoulder. Now. Now I can ask or now I can do or now I can see what they're doing and mirror. Again, within with the content. That's exactly what I did. I went and I looked at every single big wig in the digital food marketing world on tik tok. And I said, you know, Chris, Chris G, Stacy LA, Michelle welcher, Jonathan, Jonathan metallic, I can name pack go on and on. But I'm seeing like, what the hell these guys doing. And I can see there, see, the tiktoks are making this man, I gotta mirror this stuff. So that's what I did. I started mirroring mirroring the viral stuff. And I caught fire on a couple of them, you know, a couple of us a couple of us at mine couple my Tiktok out are upwards of 70,000 70,000 views. So right there is where you get your, that's where you get your audience caught. And that's where you go in. And next thing, you know, you can get 1000 followers, you start going live, and then you get more followers. Because there's a there's a face behind those messages, you know, it's actually a live person, gentleman, and people start to connect and see, you know, that's where that's where the magic happens with, with you know, going into the program and enjoying it. 

Dave: Yeah, well, you're really laid back. You know, your real straight shooter you're not doesn't doesn't die, don't get the, the, you know, the feeling that you try to put on show or try to, you know, you're just what you see is what you get this, there's no games here of just Can you talk a little bit about feeling comfortable in your skin, and just in just finding the value. You know, yesterday, we had Papa Don, a 78 year old guy who said, you know, the first time I looked in the camera, I saw this old bag of bones and I thought what am I going to do with this? You know, and I think we can all relate to that. Because I think we all look at ourselves after we look at everybody else and say, Well, what am I gonna do with this? Right? Well, how, you know, I can remember my first year was a struggle, man, I combed my hair, like the guy that I thought I needed to sound like and look like I was an old street cat. I was just young, in, you know, I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground. I mean, I've shaved a little bit, got a few gray hairs, which I think, you know, make people think I'm a little bit wiser than I am now. But, uh, you know, we can all relate to that, how have you just embraced self said, Look, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna worry about all the all the critiques I could give on myself. I'm just gonna deliver value and stay external instead of in your head?

Joe: I think that that comes with age is being comfortable in your own skin and saying, Hey, this is who I am. I'm an old man. I'm a grandfather too. And, you know, looking if I'm here in front of a camera, you can do it. I watched. I watched the puffs interview yesterday and that related to me, I was like, man, he's exactly right. You know? Look at this bag of bones in front of this camera, this is just delivering this message. But you know, it seems to connect with people just to show that this, you know, the person that they're watching is an actual person and really good in that he really doesn't give a shit, if you like what they're saying or not. But you know what the people who follow me decided that this guy knows what he's talking about. This guy's saying something that I'd like to hear. And he's delivered it the way that I like to hear it. You know, there's some people that do want that, you know, want that all flashy, good stuff in it. And that's great. That's great. I know, but I guess my style just happens to connect with, you know, with a certain set of people and, you know, they let me know this. And finally, somebody who just, you know, tells it how it is, you know, again, I don't think he said you're exactly right. I don't beat around the bush. I don't mince words, I say what I say. And if you like it, great. If you don't take it's all good. But you know, this is where I'm at. This is how I'm doing it. It seems to be working. So yeah, I’m gonna keep on.

Dave: Well, here's one of the things that I think is the most important thing, whether those of you who are listening, are kind of considering do I know what I'm talking about? Do I know enough to do this, here's the most important element that will add credibility that will gain you credibility and gain your trust from people listening? It's very simple. Let me put this in very professional and technical terms for you. Are you a bullshitter? Or not? Straight up? Straight up? Are you? Are you an asshole bullshitter? Or are you straight up? That is the deciding factor. I don't even think that people give a shit that you know exactly what you're talking about. And then you got it all figured out. As a matter of fact, if you don't, and you say you don't, or you're just learning in a specific area, and you you acknowledge that I know I know a lot about this, but this over here, I'm learning and I promise I'm going to share the test with you about what I get right and what I screw up. Hey, let me share something with you that I got right, this works. Let me also share stuff on this video. That doesn't work. When you shoot straight and you don't bullshit. That, to me, my 10 years of experience whenever I got whenever I started bullshitting and trying to, you know, either embellish or overcompensate or to or try to act like I knew more about something or even was more successful than I really was, whatever, just whatever, I think it was people's built in bullshit detectors. My sales went down, my leads went down, my traffic went down. Does that resonate with you?

Joe: Oh, totally, totally. And that's one thing that I say on my lives, you know, everybody out there, they're smart. They know. And they smell bullshit. Yeah, they see it. And they say you want this person. This is on the open up, I'm not even going to get this person in a second of my time. And, and I tried to, I try to educate my followers to try to educate the people that I go live with to say, Hey, you know, you guys are smart, do your research. Don't go off on what I'm saying, you know, hey, I can speak saying all kinds of stuff that isn't true. But I'm encouraging you to educate yourself. Invest in your education, invest in your future. But by doing this, and doing that, if you do your research and do it correctly, you know, you're going to be on the right path. But, you know, if you don't, if you just take people's word for it, next thing, you know, you're going to be out of money, you're going to be here, you're going to be square one going What the hell am I doing right here, based on B street in a strange neighborhood? Looking around just like this and saying, Where the hell am I? Who the hell am I going to talk to? And how the hell am I going to get out of here? That's basically what it is. That's what I try to convey them to

them that go in like that goes. I mean, really, I mean, these kinds of things happen in life, too. If I, you know, you know, if I'm, if I'm traveling around, and I'm asking somebody for directions, and I'm just counting on every person to just tell me exactly what they think and feel, you know, and I'm not I'm not cross checking that with a map, you know what I mean? Then I'm probably gonna end up in a strange neighborhood. But you know, if I'm, if I'm saying, Hey, I'm looking at the map here, and I'm sitting in this is where that common sense is, like where we encourage people to think for themselves. Look, I, I want to validate what you're seeing and feeling already. A lot of you are seeing and feeling things and you are smart. Like Joe said, you have an idea of the path that you need to be on, you're smart. And then what we do is we validate that for you, you know, we say keep going or we say focus or we say don't quit, you need more consistency. You're probably already feeling that. But then you probably know that but when you hear somebody else validate that for you, that in which you already kind of know. That helps and you feel supported. And I think versus saying, you know, when we hear somebody out there that says I've got a magical money machine that if for just three easy payments in 1995. You know, on the other side of this paywall, I'm going to show you a secret button you can push, and you'll never have to work again. You know, sure a part of us wants that. But the common sense gut instinct says, That's bullshit. There's nothing in life that I'm going to push a button and magically become rich. So that's, I think, a simple example of the power, you know, of just validating people authentically having real conversations. And that's another thing that you do. 

Dave: And you said, going live is also helping, and it really exploded your results. And I think you put that, that that well, you take those little 15 second or whatever videos, and then you put a face behind it, you put a story behind it, you get a personality behind it. I think a lot of people, you know, have a challenge with what do I say for 15? Or 20? Or 30 minutes or an hour? How did you get comfortable doing that? And what did those lives look like at the beginning? And now what do they look like now?

Joe: Well, yeah, but in the beginning, it was, you know, I was scared. I was out. I was a mess. And you know, you go into, yeah, you go in there, and you're just looking at the camera, just Yeah, what are we talking about? You know, you're painting, you know, you write another little synopsis, you know, this is about affiliate marketing, you wouldn't be here to talk about, you know, you're trying to make it like a like a, like a social chat room, you know, but like an actual, like an actual, like an actual college course, you know, your professor basically, right, right in the bottom. And you're looking at a row of people virtually, and you're just, you're just, you know, sending your message out. But in the beginning, it was like, Hey, Hey, how you doing, you know, a lot of homes and a lot of you know, and then after 10 minutes, you're going, ah, screw this, I gotta get out here, you pop that. Look at how you do and then you know, you learn and you know that you go up and you do it again, let's do it again. And again, oh, man, and build yourself up, do it again. Because, again, the next thing you know, you're going to jump on live, who knows how you are doing? This is what we're talking about. Again, you're that virtual Professor looking at a virtual, virtual classroom, people and, you know, again, you get your message across, open the floor for questions or comments or whatnot. And that's how you get that, you know, that's where you get that. You know, everybody's been involved in being cool with it, you know, and then you get all that again, you can just get all those you get you get everybody from all walks of life, asking questions about, you know, digital affiliate marketing, and you're there to answer. Again, it's building that bridge built bridge, that bridge of trust and a sense of community and next thing, you know, they follow you and and you got, you know, you fall back you got you got a virtual friend there. And, you know, they ask questions along the way, you know, throw you dm How do I do this? How to do that is the answer and you know, everybody's happy.

Dave: I love how you describe this stuff. No wonder people are jealous of you, you just keep it simple. And I think that's really important. You know, when I first started, and I was that virtual professor, you know, of course, I felt real insecure, you know, you describe some of those some of your own insecurities. I think yours were different from mine. You know, you were Yeah, a different time, time, also different place in your life. But, you know, I would overcompensate by overcomplicating and try to sound smarter than I was, you know, and, and I understood some stuff. But, but, but what I, what I didn't realize was, I think it was a Mark Twain quote, either a Mark Twain Albert Einstein, or one of those really smart old guys who are dead now. He said, you know, as a genius, or I'm paraphrasing a genius, or a brilliant person is not somebody who can make something complicated, sound complicated, it's somebody who can make something complicated, sound simple. You know, and over over the, my career I've I've learned, no matter how much I understand something, or no matter how much I complex or confusing in my head, and, you know, turn it into this real complex equation, the simpler I can make it sound to the people who are listening, the more belief they have that they can do it, and also, the less instruction, it's just look, here's what you need to do. I don't need to tell you steps one through 12. Let's just talk about step one right now. And then you can get into the other steps. Once you do step one, once you show yourself You can do step one, and you understand step one, well, step two will make a lot more sense if you do step one. So let's just talk about step one. That's what we need. Because you know what, step one is the hardest step for anybody to take anyways, you know, it's once you get momentum, the other steps are easier. It's always that first step. So let's just talk about step one. And that's, of course, an analogy that I'm using. But it really, really helped. And, and what I hear you describing is kind of the same thing, you're, you're focused on helping new people, which is the largest audience by the way, everybody, the new person, the person who's in contemplation mode, which means I know about this, I'm thinking about this, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. That's the largest group in the hottest who's, who's likely to buy because if somebody has already pulled the trigger they've already bought, right. So what I want to do is I want to target that group of people who are in contemplation mode who haven't bought yet. And they're thinking about it, and they're doing a lot of watching and listening. And those are the people that I want to talk to. So I don't need to talk about steps 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 because they're there, they don't even understand what I'm talking about. Anyways, exactly. Focus on step one, here's the first step, maybe give you a taste of step two, that's what I hear you doing am I right?

Joe: Spot on spot on. Again, you know, and you're exactly right, you know, the new crop comes in, it comes in waves, you know, you see it after you've been in here for a while, you know, I'm not saying I've been here for a long time, and I'm just I'm just all knowing whatever, but I'm just saying, from what I've seen from Tick tock, it goes waves, you know, you got people coming in.

And they do their thing. Next thing, you know, another crop comes in, and they're looking for the same thing, they're looking for the same thing, you're not gonna, you know, you're not going to be spitting out the same, the same spiel, but you're going to, you know, you're going to mix it up. But the basic message is going to be the same for those who are newer crop, you know, if you're on the fence, or if you're looking at it, and you're thinking about it, Look, listen to what I got to say, if you like what I'm saying, great. If you don't, it's all good, but you know, it's going to be implanted in their head saying maybe, right? Yeah, maybe I got it. Maybe I gotta take that first step. Like you said, You're exactly right. That first step is so damn scary. It is so damn scary. When I didn't want to move back into December 2020. I was like, I was thinking for quite some time before I pulled the trigger. And I was like, man, should I do it? Should I do it? I was scared to take that step. But I said, we're going to take it. So I took it, again, look where I'm at. And it could be this anybody off the street, you know, anybody walks in from any walk of life, saying, you know, what, should I do it? Okay, let's do it, boom. And then next thing, you know, you're going to be just going to improve your situation, you know, straight off the bat.

Dave: And of course, we're talking about the make money online niche right now, folks. And that's where a lot of our students end up marketing because well, they themselves are people who are looking to make money online to create a second or third stream of income or build an online business. But here's the really interesting thing that what I just went through with that step one, focus and focus it on the simplified, really, if you added to it sort of that push and inspiration to take that first step that applies to any niche. And that's why you could take this business or that business away from me and drop me in an entirely different niche and say, okay, Dave, now here's a computer and a Wi-Fi connection, to build an offer and either as an affiliate or sell your own course. And I would be able to do that because those same principles apply in that different niche. It's, it's that there's that large, same group of people who's in contemplation mode, who were all nervous and bent out of shape about taking that first step. And that's where your primary buyer pool is. That's where if you're, if you want to build a business, those are the people now, in intent, there's an entirely different business model of focusing on people who have already taken that step. That first step in helping them take it to the next level, helping them figure out how to have more success with steps three, four or 5, 6, 7, 8. And, but the easiest like the low hanging fruit, if you will, in any niche in any industry is going to be those people who are on step zero, you know, for lack of better terms. And helping them to take that first step and see that's what's interesting. And where I see so many folks over complicating it is that helping somebody go from step zero to step one does not it does not require any technical knowledge. Quite frankly, if you give them technical knowledge, you might scare them away. Okay? It simply requires and this is why we talk so much about story selling and in learning how to tell your story, and tie that into what it is that you're marketing. Because the best thing that's going to help somebody take the step from step zero to step two, step one is simply a powerful story. We're already in it's what people are most likely to listen to as well. You go to church, what do you listen to the pastor tell stories? You go to school? What do you listen to the teacher tell stories? stories about history, stories about current events, you sit down as a child in your grandfather read a book, what what is it? It's a story, we're pre programmed to listen to these stories. And that's the easiest way to reach somebody on step zero. Go from step one to inspire them to go from step zero to step one. And I can imagine that your story is inspiring when somebody hears it, oh, Las Vegas warehouse worker, you know, take that first step in December of 2020. And it was scary as hell and you just hammer that and you hammer that, hammer that and then people go, That's right where I'm at. I'm not a warehouse worker, I'm a secretary, or I'm a plumber, or I'm a construction worker, or I'm an IT guy, and I'm in that same place. I've got those same ailing rugs that might get pulled out from under me. And I'm listening to you, brother. And what you're saying is hitting home. That's the marketing game.

Yeah, you got that? You know, you got that relatability you know, you said, you know, from all walks of life, you know, and, you know, I've had people good, you said, secretaries, policemen, firemen, you know, FBI workers. I've had one, I've had one now, and I was tripping out I know, I was like, No, write me up for it. But come on.

Dave: Industry man, we're somebody who's a lot more successful than the person that they're listening to who's hanging on every word of the person that they're listening to. I've been to events where doctors are holding up microphones to guys who just rolled out of a trailer, you know, because that guy just made $5,000 in the business of the doctors, like hanging out everywhere, you know, it's just, there's a magic man to be in to have in the power to make money on demand to make money on your own without trading time for money, you know, without doing something in exchange and having somebody pay you that there's, there's a magic to it, that people, they understand it. And if they haven't had that yet, it's something that once you sort of get that taste it, you can never get it out of your mouth, you can never, you can never forget about it, essentially, you you end up Yeah, you end up thinking about it and pursuing it until you finally pull the trigger. And then you chase it up the different steps of the different levels.

Joe: That's how it was when I first got my first position at $2.80 I'll never forget the $2.80 cent commission, I was like, Look, there it is. black and white. $2.80. I got my commission. This shit is real this year. So if you're hungry for more, you wouldn't want it, you just want to feed it and feed it and feed and keep on going and going and going. And next thing you know, you'll get that coveted $1,000.20 $500 commission and in need. It's like wow, wow. And when I got that I jumped out of my mind. I jumped off my chair and I hooked my sister and assistant and, instead of what happened, look what happened. She's jumping for joy. She's the number of hours. But again, what I'm saying is, you know, you guys just put it into work and you're going to get some methods. Land Simple, Simple. Well,

Dave: I'll tell you what, I will never forget that moment that you just described. I'll never, it'll always stay with me. It'll always stay with me. And I would encourage that before any gray hairs I would encourage each and every one of you to print out and get a picture of it. Just it doesn't have to be you know, I've got a whole folder of photos, you know, from all throughout my career. You know, it's not the ones where I'm speaking on stage and being a, you know, a cool guy. It's, it's, it's these old ones. You know, where I've got the commission check standing in front of my old Ford truck, those are the ones that are important to me, you know what I mean? Those are the ones that mean something to me, you know, the photos of me back before, you know, I came online, those are the, those are the ones that are important to me. And I just encourage everybody to understand and, and really, really, you know, take, don't take it for granted that first phase that you're in. Because it's, it's, it's not only necessary, but it also is an important part of your story, you know, that those pictures of you, your job, if you guys are still working your job, dammit, make sure you get pictures of you working your job, because if one day you're not working your job anymore, and you're telling that story of where you what you were doing, and you don't have a picture to go along with that story, then then it's not going to be as powerful. So as you're still working that job, be grateful. Embrace that time and get some pictures of it. And use that time at that job today. dream a little bit, think a little bit, hit the bathrooms, check your email, you know, use your lunch break, record some content. I mean, though, that part of my journey was, I would say, the most exciting. I mean, at the beginning you know when I was getting those first checks, I often reminisce about those feelings of excitement because then you find yourself trying to reignite that passion later on. So congrats. On that man and you know I'm just so happy for you what in your What are your kids and grandkids think I'm just curious Are any of them you know you heard Papa Don yesterday talking about a little bit about his situation.

Joe: Yeah. Well I'm Pa that's who I am. Okay. My oldest granddaughter Sophie couldn't say Grandpa, someone that she was learning to speak so she saw she said that was an easy thing for her. So I've never known this. But yeah, they're my kids. You know, my kids are from, you know, in their 20s now they can't believe That dad has more followers than they do on tik tok. Live How the hell How the hell are you At 14,000 thousand followers? What are you doing? You know, I've shown what I'm doing and they're, they're like okay, I guess I can see that the method the method in your madness, sir Because, you know, we're seeing your you know, we're seeing your videos on my 40 page and you know, and there's like, Is this my dad? Is this my dad? And they were funny stories. My daughter, my daughter and my granddaughter were flipping through and then Boom, I jumped on therefore you paid. My granddaughter goes better Wow, that's that's what he's doing? What is he doing? She explained to her what I was doing and then you know, next thing you know they're coming. Going over and asking, asking what's going on and you know, I might include them in one video here or here or there. I think that'd be great. But yeah, they're really supportive. There. I still need to keep on going and then and keep on  making that content and good things will come after that, you know Yes, you've been on, but yeah.

Dave: Well, listen, yo, keep The great work brother, love have any on we'll have you back if you're willing and and keep up the great work brother

Joe: Appreciate you very much.

Dave:You're welcome. Awesome Show. We'll talk to you later, buddy. Take it easy. All right guys go and guys and gals go fly Hello, Joe, they're on Tick Tock and yeah, learn, lift him up, like his stuff, comment on his stuff, support him. Learn from them. I'm sure he'll be willing to learn from you too. That's how this thing works. So get out of here. We'll see you guys tomorrow for another episode. Have a fantastic day be Legendary, peace.