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Dave: Alright, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to another episode of Wake Up Legendary. And guess what, all you moms out there, we've got yet another one of you. All right, another one of you. We had a wonderful time. As you can see, stay at home moms build a successful affiliate business in less than three months. Let's see what Ashlee has to say.

Ashlee: Thank you so much for having me, it’s truly an honor.

Dave: Oh, that's very sweet. Thank you, it's an honor. It's an honor for me to have you. Why is it such an honor?

Ashlee: Well, when I first started affiliate marketing and I started watching this show, I was like, any year from now, that is going to be me on that show. And I did in less than three months, so I was even recognized to be able to come on this show.

Dave: Wow, that's Well, I mean, like, go you congrats. 

Ashlee: Thank you.

Dave: You're the rock star hair. I mean, I'm just the one who gets to, you know, it gets to be, Your Honor. I mean, really, it should be our honor to have you on and it is so you know, congratulations. And let's learn about you know, what the last three months have been like for you. So, kind of how did you find us in order to take us back and let us know kind of a little bit about you actually, before, you know you found us. So, um, and how you felt and what happened when you did? 

Ashlee: So you know, I had my youngest daughter at a very young age. I had her when I was 18. And ever since then, I've just been struggling to find a way to be able to stay home and just be there for her and you know, be able to provide for her and I literally signed up for it. Everything I mean, I sold everything under the sun, jewelry, bags, makeup, I mean just anything I could get my hands on and then I couldn't afford. I put my email into several different sites online, just getting spam after spam, like to the point where my dad had to go fix my laptop because there was so much stuff on my laptop. So, you know, just everyone when TikTok first started coming out, everyone kind of started making fun of TikTok like, Oh, it's just, you know, just one of those joking apps kind of, like funny and stuff. And, when I discovered TikTok, and I was scrolling through, I found a girl who was just like me, another mother, and she quit her job. She was, you know, starting this business, bla bla bla, and I would just watch her video one day, she said it cost $7 to sign up and I said, you know, what, is $7? What do I have to lose? And I signed up and I immediately jumped into it. And I did not think I would be here where I am now, if I did not do that three months ago. So I mean, just like everybody else, I've found legendary through tic toc. And I signed up, I took the leap of faith, and I'm truly blessed to have done it, because it's been a roller coaster. 

Dave: Yeah, well, congrats. And it is amazing how quickly things can move, how you can get excited, but also begin to get results and be like, holy crap. Like, this is not just another thing that I'm excited about, like all the past 50 bazillion things that I've done in the past, but I'm actually getting results here. And I think it's a combination of a lot of things. I think our training is spectacular.

Ashlee: It really is. Yes.

Dave: I also think, you know, that I think the timing is great. I think a lot of people are realizing Okay, the internet's like it's actually real, it's here to stay. The internet is not a scam you know, people thought that the entire internet scam, you know, you got to be belly to belly with people shaking hands kissing babies. And, and, you know, the business model makes sense. It sounds like you did like lots of different things before this. smelled a little bit like some MLM thrown in there. Maybe a little drop shipping and stuff little, you know, pills, all that kind of stuff, right? Making a list of your friends and family.

Ashlee: I did it. I did it. Oh, I mean, I sold it to friends and family. Eventually, they just blocked my number so many times because I was like, there's a new bag out.

Dave: Right? You became a pro bowler in the NFL. Right? They know friends. Right? know, I know, I've been, you know, I've been there. I would come to places and people would like, you know, avoid making eye contact with me. You know what I mean? Because they knew that I was going to check my body, buddy. Keep your business options open. I got a hot new deal. Yep. This guy is like, weird and just persistent. But now I'm ready. They wish they would listen. I'm still friends with most of them. They're just kind of like, what do you do man? And a lot of them were like, I have business. Hey, man, can I ask you a question about business? I'm like, No, you can actually. So what were some aha moments you took this training? What was different about this than other things that you've done in the past? I mean, as you're going through the training, what, what light bulbs went off for you? And how is this different from other things?

Ashlee: So the lightbulb definitely went off for me on day one. I mean, I probably wasn't even 15 minutes into day one. And I was like, Holy crap. This is how businesses actually work. You know, as far as you know, when you go on to a website and immediately the email pops up. And you type in your email and you get like a code or something like that. And I was like, Oh my gosh, this is how so immediately on day one. The light bulb clicked. I was like, Okay, this I know is for real because he's telling me how these businesses work and he's giving you that information for me to use same and I mean, it just day one for me was just like,

I wasn't like, All right, everybody, here's the secrets of business. First, get a pen. Second, get a piece of paper. Third, write down all your friends and family to go down on their court texts. And do you keep your business options: grab a pad of sticky notes, six, get a wall, go to the gas station, right? Do you know, you know, make 10k a month and put it on every gas pump.

Dave: These are a good way to advertise, I guess, marketing. Now I know that you do, you're one of those people to keep your business open. That's like a lightbulb for you like oh shit, I might try that. I'm the guy who drove around with a magnet on the side of my truck, you know, the free magnet from Vistaprint that had, you know, just every time we left I you know, I would run back into the house and my wife would go magnet I'd come back out with a magnet and slap it across the side of my truck. You know, so I could drive around and hopefully generate leads never generated a single lead magnet on the side of my truck. Yeah, I thought it was gonna be this before I learned anything about online marketing, I was doing the same thing I was making lists and chasing friends and family. And so I was like, Oh my God, I've got a yard on a main street, I could put a sign in the yard. And I've got all this traffic, these people are going to call me night and day and I'd get up in some homeless person had kicked this the street, you know, the sign down the street, five blocks, and it was laying in the middle of the road, or I never generated any income from any of those strategies. So when I came online, I had a lot of the same aha moments because I was like, Oh my gosh, not only is this other, the same thing, as you said, this is what companies are doing. I was like this is so highly leveraged. Like, I don't even have to speak to anybody. I can speak to people through video. And I can have all these machines and systems doing all the work for me. And nowadays, we have platforms like tick tock and so forth that we can go viral on, you know, how, how much more advanced Do you feel? How much more powerful Do you feel as a business owner and as a marketer, knowing the techniques that you've learned versus what you knew before, when you were doing some of these sort of old school ish, outdated and really frustrating tactics? Like a lot of the offline stuff, how much more empowered do you feel, you know, now using these strategies, and looking into the future, thinking about what you can build with them? 

Ashlee: I mean, for sure, I know, I know a ton of lot more. And it's just like, every single day, like I have a light bulb that goes off my head is like, you know, trying to take a new strategy or, you know, figure something out kind of experiment a little bit. I've done a lot of experimenting in the past couple of weeks that, you know, tried to put myself out there more, you know, as far as making TikToks, or, you know, whatever it may be Instagram reels is another big one that's coming up. So, I definitely feel like I have more information now than I ever did in my entire life. And like I said, you know, I've tried everything. And those companies, they don't tell you what to do, or how do you put yourself out there, you know how to sell a $20 piece of jewelry, or you know, whatever it may be, but legendary does, and they, they give you the information, and it's up to you to take that information and run with it. So I definitely feel like I ran with it. I'm still a beginner, of course, but every day I'm learning something new. For sure.

Dave: Yeah. I mean, it's amazing that you're running with it in the way that you are and of course you're getting results. I mean, you obviously know about people who don't run with things, you know what I mean? I brought it every day unfortunately, what do you think the difference is? Well, I mean, what are you from just your you being so close to you know, the daily, just people everyday and talking to him, like you said, like, what do you think the difference is because there's a lot of people who I'm sure are even active in our community who are not quite, you know, into action into execution mode. What do you think it is because you're rocking and rolling, taking action, seeing results, taking action? That's such an overused word. Anyways, I'm sure people are sick of hearing it. But like, what do you think's holding people back like who just Don't store who we talk to all the time. Most people take forever to start. I mean, what do you think it is? What do you think it is about people like yourself who just get in and start executing? And what do you think's holding so many people from getting started?

Ashlee: So I'm, like I said, I hear this every single day, you know, I'll have comments or I'll get emails, it says, Well, I've tried this, and I've done this. And, you know, for instance, I had a girl message me, she said, Hey, I signed up for Legendary a couple months ago, and I'm not getting the same results. And I said, Okay, I said, Do you mind me looking at your TikTok? She says, yeah, she had, you know, she didn't, she didn't have very many videos, she did have a link in her bio, you know, she wasn't really, you know, doing all the necessary tools that Legendary has given you as far you know, as doing these things. So like, I guess, people take too long to do it, they dwell on the fact like, this isn't gonna work. I'm too scared to get in front of the camera. I'm too scared, put myself out there. I don't want to start. I don't know how to start my email list. Like they just don't put themselves out there enough. And I think that holds a lot of people back. You necessarily don't have to like when you're doing you know, your ads and stuff. You don't have to put your face out there. But when you're talking about something that you're truly passionate about, like meeting with Legendary, I truly stand behind today's program and the information that it's taught me. So I think when people start to do that, they just, they don't, they just don't do it. I guess I don't. I don't know how to explain it. And my kind of words, but you know, I get it every day. Like I've tried this, and I've tried that. And then I tried to give them tips like Well, why don't you do this? Or, you know, do that and stuff like that? 

Dave: Yeah, I think no, you're right. I mean, you're right. It's almost a phenomenon that's hard to explain. I think that San Sondra also has, you know, a point that people let go of their fear of being perfect. stop them from going forward. 

Ashlee: One thing I noticed, I can't remember who said this, but it was a tic toc. And it was an affiliate, they said, people don't care if your videos are perfect. They just want the information. And that is something that I've truly liked. implemented, you know, I use it every day. It's like, oh my god, I got my hair done, my makeup done, I gotta have the perfect lighting. People don't care, they just want the information and that's something a lot of people also dwell on too. It's like well, I don't have this or you know, I don't have that. I just bought a ring light on Wednesday and I've been doing this for three months and like you just gotta get out there and do it you know?

Dave: Well it's great to hear that from a woman because it's easy for me to say I guess you know I can roll out of bed and you don't know whether I got up five minutes ago or five hours ago I had on I'm not clean shaven you're like this guy kind of looks like he hasn't had a shower in a couple of days but I'm not even he looks like that every day so maybe that's just how he looked but you know a woman I know you ladies like to put on you know like to have your hair you have hair in most cases and you like to have it brushed didn't look nice and in done up you like put makeup on I mean all these kind of things and I think women have been so you know, I guess socially conditioned to feel like you need to do that. I've heard some women call it putting their face on you know which I think I think yeah, I think sucks I'm I'm really sorry for that because I think women are beautiful naturally without I think they're beautiful with makeup. I think they're beautiful without makeup. I tell my wife that all the time. But it must be much more difficult as a woman. I would think to have those additional things and then think I don't want to. I don't know whether I don't want to do that right now or I don't want to do that today or maybe you say hey I'll get made up later. And then later comes and it's like you got pulled in a different direction. So like what is your kind of do you get up and kind of get camera ready whatever you whatever came already is do do do that be like What is your kind of structure so you can create content and create your marketing and feel good about yourself? 

Ashlee: Well, I guess when I say this a lot of people are going to call me crazy but I get up for my kids. I take a shower, I have a cup of coffee. I get my you know, I get ready for the day and you know my daughter goes to school I put her on the bus. You know I get things, get things situated. I put makeup on like today, but not every day I put makeup on, you know, it's like I, I guess I want to say is don't let your insecurities hold you back from achieving your goals. And I think women women alone and you know some men as well they, they, they they struggle with that they struggle with their their body, they you know how they look and it's like, don't let that hold you back from reaching your full potential, you know, because this works, it works 100% You just have to go for it. And don't don't hold yourself back, you know, just start your day, have that cup of coffee and go for it.

Dave: Yeah, no, I love that. I mean, we have so many different stories. And I mean, we tell ourselves about ourselves. And if we talk to ourselves, if somebody else talks to us, the way we talk to ourselves, sometimes I think we'd kick their ass, you know, with whether it be you know, I'm to this round to that. I also think the way that we criticize our own creation in the way we criticize our own content and marketing, if somebody was to if like a boss or somebody was to say the things about our content that we cut out, we criticize it, we turn around and say, oh, you know, like, I quit this, you know, like, you're a critical asshole, you know, yet we are can be so critical of our own stuff, you know, with that, perfectionism. Have you ever liked it? This is a big one for me. But have you ever dealt with that at all, as perfectionism has always been an enemy? Within your universe? Or has has, have you always been able to kind of just overcome the small stuff and just execute and move forward?

Ashlee: No, not at all. I will say I struggle with anxiety. And it's like, if something's not in a certain place, or something's done a certain way, it's like, the kids are running back to the house, like, you know, it's like, I struggle with that every day. And that's something that I have to deal with, you know, but it's something that I'm working on every day, you know, it's but I'm not letting it hold me back. You know, so, I'd really don't have much advice to say about that, you know, cuz I'm still working on it. 

Dave: What you're saying is beautiful and powerful. I mean, this is just, yeah. I appreciate the humility that you have about that, but just what you just described, I mean, especially being a mom, and I know what that's like, because I have small children. And, and yeah, I mean, I relate this I have, especially because we're on I don't even know how many children we have, we have three total two amounts, and we're just, I mean, we're at that point towards just kind of like, the, let the kid eat off the floor. Like, you just it's just, we're just like, keep them alive. That's all.

Our priority is keeping them alive.  And we do extracurricular activities, but still, I'm a lot more lacking, like about things. But man, I'm telling you, I've struggled with perfectionism in so many areas, it's almost interesting because for me, I've become less perfectionist about work. And more about like other areas, it's weird how sometimes it's a game of Whack a Mole, we can overcome certain things in an area and then it kind of shows up in another area. But I do still like to like my stuff to be on point with, with, with my content, or my sales videos, or thing, my emails, the way things look and stuff like that. And, you know, what I've realized, honestly, is that, you know, and I think for me, I continue to learn this. I think for somebody who's brand new, realizing that the pretty website, not only doesn't make a difference, but it doesn't even convert the ugly website with lots of whitespace but an awesome copy and an awesome message. It's all about the message. And are you hitting the right pain points? And do you have an irresistible offer? Like that's what Converse the same thing that we're discovering on sites like TikTok and Instagram and stuff to where at one time we thought we needed the highly produced stuff and now we're realizing just the you know, straight up just, you know, flip on your camera and just take it and that you know, almost the more kind of homemade remember how we used to call these homemade videos. You know what I mean? Like, America's Funniest videos and it was considered a homemade video. Well nowadays, the more homemade it looks like, the better it is, the more people can relate to it, the more the video goes crazy, you know. And, you know, it's hard sometimes even though intellectually like, we know, turning it on, and then even watching it in like, rewatching, something we just made hearing ourselves fumble or something. It's, it's like, oh my god, you know, like, we criticize the hell out of that. Whereas for people who are watching, they're just kind of like, oh, this person's totally real. Like, it just makes them feel like you're more real, because you're not perfect with every single thing that you said. Have you shifted over that belief that made my stuff is and just the more real it sounds? 

Ashlee: I mean, I posted a TikTok yesterday, and it was my fate crying. And I was like, you know, the message itself was really good. And I was excited to post it. But that video ended up going extremely viral. I was not ready for that. But I had a lot of people on there, like, just, they just make comments alone. Like, this is a real person. Yeah, she's giving real stories and just connecting with people, like, you know, for myself, um, I haven't really connected with a lot of men. Um, but I've connected with a lot of young mothers, and a lot of, you know, women. And just having those real videos out there and being blunt and being real, I mean, that's what really sends your message, you know, instead of just dancing around, everything just gets the point, and be real. And that's that I've definitely 100% taken that route. And I would rather be open and honest than be lying. And in scammy, I guess you want to say.

Dave: Well, first of all, you only have so long to make the content on some of these platforms. So you've got to get to the point. But second of all, I think you make a big point. And it's not just about being transparent. It's also just about making potent content, if you are like dancing around something, and not being direct and not using language that gets somebody's attention. In one thing that gets people's attention is when you're saying shit that other people are uncomfortable to say, right? If you're admitting things about yourself that are uncomfortable to say that other people can relate to, or they might be thinking, but they've never said out loud, right? Like when I started telling my story 10 years ago about being a recovering drug addict, like a heroin addict, somebody who stuck needles in my arms, and I use that language. It was polarizing a shit to people, like people had never heard anybody on the internet, especially in our industry, talking that transparently, in using that potent of language, like it was powerful. And it got people's attention. And it allowed people to relate their biggest skeletons in their closet that they thought were the things that were going to hold them back. I just would obliterate them because I was revealing something about myself that was so shameful, right? That so many people would think, Oh my god, isn't he ashamed to share that and I was. And I turned that as I was sharing into a positive, right. That's why I always say turn your mess into your message, turn your struggles into your strengths. So not only was it attention catchy, and it was polarizing, and it was to the point, like you say, belong, I got to the point I didn't dance around it. And then I turned that shameful embarrassing situation into depressing and sad all those feelings that someone would usually feel about that into a message. It was like how powerful it still is even to this day. So you make a great point about that. I mean, powerful and I wouldn't even expect you to say that today, but it's do we got intruders?

Ashlee: Yeah but they shut the door so it’s all good.

Dave: Good it's good. Yeah, no, I totally get it. If you know, one day you may have to, you know, get another house like I did to go and work out because you gotta lock the door.

Ashlee: I lock the door but it won’t stay locked. 

Dave: Well, they're smart. They learn how to break the lock, you know, they've, they get the little pin out and they're a real hack. And the last one I learned to do and I always love locking doors. That's nothing. You know, I would just figure out how to bust through the lock. Right? Yeah. My mom would be sitting there like just trying to get a moment on the bed and I'd be like, hey, you know, kind of like you're trying to get a moment right now. But anyways, I look, this is you, I'm going to put your tick tock handle up so people can go and follow you, Ashley_H.brandLLC.

Ashlee: My first one got deleted. 

Dave: Yeah, your first one got deleted at 18,000 followers.

Ashlee: It was so bad. But I started this one up like less than a month ago. And this week I was on Monday I was at like, 5000 followers. And then this morning I woke up and I was over 11,000 And I'm like, holy crap.

Dave: Do you believe that a marketer nowadays is really just one video away from blowing their whole business up.

Ashlee: Yes

Dave: Right? Yeah, that's, that's what I told Matt earlier. It's like that video. I did not expect to go viral on this. But it did. It did. And I button a lot of people and I've connected with a lot of different people. And you know, I like to hear people's stories. I like to connect with them a little bit. And it's, it's amazing, like when a video like that does happen to do that. And I'm not saying you have to have video go viral to be able to find the right people. But sometimes you just connect farther, you know, and it was some of the stories I've heard, were just like, I'm crying. You know? I just want to give you all my money because I feel so bad.

Right? Yeah, but of course that's yeah, no, but you know what you're doing you're giving people when you're creating content that they can relate to with sci fi with and that that's worth more than money. So listen, thank you so much for your time. Ashley, it is our honor. It is my honor. Tell your children I said hello as well. Because I am very sensitive to little ones that I am Because I have them at my home as well. And sometimes they just need Mommy, you know so so thank you for your time, keep up the great work let us know if there's anything you can that we can offer you and stay legendary my friend All right, thank you so much. All right, actually, we'll talk to you I heard little ones in the background you know this is about owning our time right you know this is this is not a business and I am not a person and we are not a company that that wants to in any way shape or form take people away from their families even the people that work here at legendary we want them to be with their families more we want people to be happier we want people to have more freedom we want people to have more control over their time and so so know that and and know that you too can control your destiny and have more options with your time and and I think this week's wake up shows have been a brilliant testimony for just that I mean the last it just this is a week that you could go back and re listen and I hope that those of you who missed an episode do go back and relisten.

We have all of the episodes on every major platform. I invite you to as you’re walking or working out to listen to them because a lot of times when you're just listening to those internal struggles in those kinds of perfectionism and whatever your thing is and just getting out there and kicking some ass and taking what you've learned and actually applying it. Right. Also please teach so we can send you a little reminder. On your telephone, I get one every morning, okay, WUL to the number on your screen 813-296-8553 test that number and we'll send you a little reminder every morning, Monday through Friday when we go live. Last but not least we have a mastermind coming up December third through the fifth you can actually get details at forward slash mastermind. If you own a ticket you can register, we only have a few slots left. This is if you've already purchased a ticket, all you're doing is going and registering again, there's only a few spots left, those will probably fill up over the next few days. With that being said, it's been a powerful week here at legendary lots of awesome students and guest here clients on our show that have proven that this is possible proven that no matter where you are, where you come from what you do right now that you can do this, you can build a business and a light at the same time that you've always dreamed of. Right? And it's going to take work in some time to get there but you can do it if you see it. Sometimes you need the evidence. Well, this week, just like every week, but this week, you've got so much evidence so please, please do whatever you got to do over the weekend to come in and start next weekend and finish this year strong moving into 2022 with momentum you can do this. I believe in you. Alright, stay Legendary, my friends. We'll see you back here on Monday. Get out of here. Have a great weekend.