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Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary episode today with a guy from down under. As they say, at least here in America. They say that over in Australia but this, this guy is somebody who is a blue collar guy, just like myself. I'm just a few years ahead of him in this online space. And he is quickly working towards a better life for he and his family just like most all of us are so with that being said, let me welcome to the show Simon Clark what's up brother? 

Simon: What's going on man, oh man I'm excellent thanks for having me

Dave: The pleasure is all mine, my brother. The pleasure is all mine. So, what time is it there in Sydney? Is it 10:10pm?

Simon: No, a few minutes past midnight is looking to be like.

Dave: Thanks for staying up for us bro I know you get up early.

Simon: I wouldn't have missed this man, this is a long journey, long, like I started in April, and learning everything up until now, I remember from like, I think it was April 18 And then I knew I said I was going to be on the show, like many other people have come on the show and I watched the show every single day without fail, might put me in the best state of mind frame of mind to be where I need to be do what I need to do. And yeah. 

Dave: Wow, man. That's awesome bro. That's awesome. I love to hear that. So you started in April of this year. Yeah, yeah. All right, I'll talk to us about just that beginning journey I mean, what led you there and how, how did it kind of all happen, how did you get started?

Simon: 2020 I was baggage handler for from 2011 to 2020 so for years I was doing baggage at the airport, and obviously the pandemic, big effect with us, and we got the snip, and it was the best thing that ever happened, like at the time I was freaking out right but in hindsight, it was the best thing that could it happen. So I sat at home for six months for those six months and I ended up searching for jobs, freaking out, you know that as the story goes, and I finally found work in a warehouse, doing just forklift driving. My hands are like callous to the death robot permanent like, just me and I cannot get this grease out of my hands me and so it's just, it's, you know like, and working in high views, especially outside of Western Sydney, and it's like the blue collar area, you know, it's like the rougher area of Sydney. And in saying that the workplace is the workplace, but it can be toxic. And this warehouse was, I've been there for over 10 months now, and I'm still full time just pumping it, but it gave me that push that I needed to search for No, because I always say, Man, I hate, I hate my nine to five, I hate it but I hate it. And I never in my life. I never read a book, bro. My mother was always telling me, pick up a book, don't don't get involved in the bullshit that's going on, you know, don't run with your friends and be crazy, you know, and get into mischief and whatnot tonight yeah yeah. And so a lot of things happened, I lost my mom, I lost my dad quite, quite young, and from financial situations like financial struggles and stuff kind of couldn't figure out why so many people have been shit together when it comes to their finances, and some people don't. So I finally thought about my mom and I picked up my first book, and it was all the book called Barefoot Investor. That book led me to Rich Dad Poor Dad, that led me to thinking Grow Rich, then. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It's just like my mind started exploding also like people actually have done this, and people like to document this, so other people can learn from it, it was just, I never read a book with my wife and my mind just opened a whole new world. And it shifted my entire mindset on how I look at money especially after my rich dad, poor dad, and being in a container on unpacking shipping containers for a living at this warehouse, so it's 1000’s of boxes, we're just talking about the pallets monotonous work that is boring as hell. But with the boys, the conversations mostly consist of you playing on the pokies, you go into the pub you're having to be, you're going into a fight on the weekend, you lost all your money, Iraq back up at work. Can you do the same shit over and over and over. And, um, they're like hey man if you live like you stepped on our book like, and they're like, you know. 

Dave: So, and, wow, that's, that's really stumped and man, I mean, information really expands right it's like, it's almost like us humans are like a sponge, and we get so dried out, You know, and then knowledge is like water, and when we finally, when we finally get some. It's like we, you know, if, if we're open, if we're ready for it. We just soak it up right.

Simon: A lot of it is timing at the right time, you know, a lot of things in my life started coming together and this information. They're just, it was mind blowing. So, in short, up, went to Google, how to make money online, started seeing drop shipping Amazon FBA, all these things popping up. And I finally found a review of a drop shipping course that I was going to be looking at getting into, but they were asking for so much money up front and I was like, this is not rock rocking with it. And at the end of the video. And it was a fellow called Jason Foster, he's been on the show before, and that guy's a legend, shout out to Jason for racing from Jamaica. Yeah man, Yeah. This year, champion, so I linked with Jason and sort of asked him like a marketing you talking about, and he guided me through it step by step.

Dave: How did you find it? How did you find his stuff? Did you find a video on YouTube?

Simon: I was never on TikTok. TikTok like, I'm not gonna download what is the purpose of that, like for years. I was DJing, like often, I don't really talk about it online as much, because it's like an alias. But I created a solid foundation in DJing in Sydney, and a big following where I was like, hustling mixtapes through Facebook, through Instagram, always creating content for my DJing, but it was never making enough, and especially when the pandemic hit. It was never, you know like, I was like, what, what else can I do I know I can create content. But how, how else can I, you know, one of the MSI multiple streams of income, the income generating activities and whatnot you know want to say like Rob, have been harassing me for way so a few marketing is like, it was just mind blowing to me, it was mind blowing. And it's yeah it's very powerful, very powerful, very nice. Anyway, so, so, from Jason did you go through our 15 day challenge is that what happened and then. Okay, tell us about the next chapter. Okay,

I found the 15 day, and that was the whole thing, it was like seven bucks and I'm also kidding and expensive to sleep so jumped in, in several bucks come through the 15 days, shout out to Bonnie she was the business environment. And when I got to the end of the 15 days I was like, okay, backseat, my car but now it starts, and all of a sudden, from April to June. So for two months I was like, getting ready to get ready, putting it off like seating me like too scared to jump in a fight. Okay and then I finally was done, and then one day I just once I hit post I racked up all these videos with TikTok already had 60 videos really bang, he posts. That's just started. He posted again posting and posting and I was like, once I was in it and running in the, in the marathon I'm like y'all want to come doing this, and then I started seeing things happen, And over code, and then a commission control. I'm telling y'all like. So, that's my honest man like this is me like my Mrs. is gonna be like, I know you're on Wake Up legendary but she took a while to come around. And then once she started saying commissions, you see. Okay, keep going, keep going. 

Dave: Yeah now that it's almost like my story to a tee. I think people for, I don't know how people view me like I really don't. I feel like some, you know people on some pedestal or something, but it's like what you just described is exactly what happened to me. That's exactly how it happened. It was just some time ago, and not too long ago like 10 years ago, something like that. 11 years ago, whatever. And, yeah, same exact thing man I was just I was, I got a couple of leads first and I was like what, and then, because I mean I'm chasing people around, doing network marketing, you know what I mean and I was 25 years old and I was offline chasing people then when I came online and I started generating traffic and getting getting leads and then I made my first commission I did the same thing with my wife. She was super skeptical and then, you know I got like a commission of $2 and I was like, you know, could have thought it was, you know, millions of dollars but yeah it's great, it builds that initial confidence and so what, so that, April, May, June, but basically you You screwed around for and got ready to get ready as you said for two months, so that would be, April, May, June, so July, I mean, are you talking about basically the last 30 to 45 days you've really started kind of.

Simon: Yeah, so from June 13 I've just been tracking and writing down like everything. Like, I found out about Power of Publish. Calvin Hill started seeing the, you know, people that are really, you know Brian Brewer and whatnot. I mean, Darryl Grey Jr, a young fella. Yeah, it was just it's amazing to me but what's even more crazy is like people doubt, like that imposter syndrome that you guys talk about, and I had that, but at the same time I'm like wow man like I've done great things I can do great things and I can achieve great things like, I truly believe in myself like I tell my children and they’re young, like a four and an eight year old and I instill that in them you can do you can do amazing things with your life, you can do anything, You know it's, it all comes down to that.

Dave: That’s really important man. I mean, you know, it's, it really does. The, the, the most successful people in the world are oftentimes, those who simply just have the confidence and the self esteem, to be able to go after something and try and really just get in the game, you know, I've watched so many people from my life who are so wildly talented skilled I mean masters at their craft, but they just lacked the confidence they lack of belief within themselves. And so, although people don't want to read the book don't want to work on the mindset, don't want to, you know, we have so many people who come through our, our training and are just like, I'm waiting to see if this is BS, you know, I mean, they're they're looking there, they see that we're selling other advanced training for hundreds of 1000’s of dollars and they're offended, like, I can't believe this. You know, and it's like, if you would educate yourself by reading the books by learning marketing by expanding your mindset. And, you know, developing a mindset of abundance versus just such a mindset of lack, then you would see it, in being learning from other people who are marketing now as I learned marketing, instead of looking at the world in this confused way like how are they making money, how are they so successful. Is this a scam? I started to look at things and say, Wow, that's really interesting how he just how he just use that angle at that car dealership or I would look at restaurants and say, Wow, what's really interesting, the less options they have versus these restaurants that have huge menus like Taco Bell or like a Five Guys Burgers or a Chipotle where they only one type of food, they tend to do better, that must mean, because people have less options they get less overwhelmed, and probably also in the back of the kitchen, there's less things to go bad, right, I just started looking at the world differently from a mindset of business in marketing, and I realized that it wasn't that I was getting cheated, it wasn't that people had an advantage that I didn't have, it's just literally that they do things that I didn't know and as I began to learn them. And as they began to build my belief that bigger things were possible, even for me, that this little $1,000 I had in my bank account wasn't the last money I was ever going to have in my life and I needed to protect it and, you know, nobody got it from me right nobody can get this $1,000 Thieves and scammers right instead. Right. It's like money to invest in me because this meant that I can make, whether it's $7 or $7,000 the best investment that I know is, In my education, and it's not particularly in college, you know, I just, I made this joke to my wife because a friend of ours just graduated who is literally the worst communicator in the world, and in, in, graduated with, like, you know, a master's degree in Communication I'm going. College is a scam, this, this is, this is bullshit. You know this is incorrect, but the education from one person who's succeeding like yourself to me, or me to you, is the real world. That's the, I think that's the way that people, That's where we need to seek our information now and 2021 and so you're doing that right now and you describe your work environment, what is that like for you now to be around people talking about the same old shit all the time. Are you like, Is that becoming intolerable?

Simon: It's hard to make it. It gets harder and harder to rock up and be there and be around it every day, but I use it as fuel, like, regardless, I just use it as a fuel bike. For instance, let's say that like this is slightly off but it's still on the day that I posted my first, like TikTok you know, in doing whatever. The day I posted it. I'm like no one's going to see this, it's not going to happen. And I walk into work on the Monday, I posted it on a Sunday 13th of June, I walked in on a Monday, and one of the boys ran off and he's like, so you will take four bro so you clear off occurring on anybody knowing about any of these, and I was like super, you know, so, what gets what I'm saying is like to use it as fuel is like. I'll come into work and the boys are talking about the same old same old like it is bickering in between or the boss isn't paying me he's not doing this for me, that's what I wish. It's bullshit like this is our wives like like she like where I'm like, bro, like, you know you can do you can hustle another way like I worked with one fella, and God loving men, one of the, one of the, one of my best my stays is a good dude. Yeah, one like I've tried to tell him I'm like, bro, check some invest $27 or 20 bucks into your brain and pick up a book, or go check out this book my rich dad poor dad man it's switched everything on how I'm looking at things, and he's like gay but I need more hours bro, I need more, I need more hours this is bullshit and I'm like, bro, like, come on man. It's not the analysis bro it's not about, I'm like the Cashflow Quadrant. I'm like, his employees they're self employed, and they like the cash flow what I like on my bro, you want to be a business owner, and an investor. I'm telling you man, I'm like, I'm there, I have a pen. I get the copper box. We're chucking it onto the pallet and I'm writing the Cash Flow Quadrant on the box and I'm like, boys, I'm like boys, have a look. Have a look problem, and then like, what is this you're like you're crazy dude. 

Dave: Like you're worshipping the devil or something. 

Simon: Yeah, and I'm like, bro, it's Robert Kiyosaki and Robert Kiyosaki isn't his weapon. Anyway, it's hard. It's hard to, it's hard to rock up every day and do that but at the same time, when the negative comments come from the boys that know what I'm doing. It never comes to my face but I know when I leave, and then come back. You know sometimes it's you know, there's talk or it'll get back to me and I'm like bro like whatever man like, Bro, I can show you how to do this stuff like this, right, right, I'm helping me, and a song you know. 

Dave: Yeah, I think we have a hard time. It's sort of like growing up when somebody is like I used to tease the girls that I was into, right, yeah. So So in a sense, but that was still hard for probably those girls to deal with me right, I mean it's not it's not easy. When somebody is teasing you, we, as human beings, have a weird way of going about being jealous or being actually interested. A lot of times, what I find is people just have a hard time, you know, humbling themselves and saying, I actually look up to you for having a set, and having some guts and doing something different instead, you know, but instead so they come across and we'll we'll make fun of poke fun of, you know, give. I think that's a real common thing I think that was spot on that, that we feel embarrassed like we don't want anybody to see us and I think the reason why is, is because we know how people are going to react to us trying to do better our lives, we know they're going to say, oh look at Dave he thinks he's better than he thinks he's smarter than you know, I think, I think, you know, I think. I know that in order to be successful, you have to be willing to walk through that uncomfortability of what people are going to say, the jealousy, the hate you have to be willing, what's coming up.

Simon: So, getting uncomfortable, getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Yeah, and it's like, Man, I love that. I love that because it's like, I pick my uncomfortable. I have to, like, you always say my beauty in the shows, you know, you got to pick your heart. Both paths are hard and painful. It's hard being rich is hard working the nine to five or doing all this is, is, is hard both is hard, and a formula like this. Get screamed at Brian my supervisor that belittles me on a daily is always an article, but a lot of the time you'll play the power card and he'll, he'll ensure deal with the boys talking shit or break my son's heart because I'm coming home late, I say, I think for like two minutes, and he's like, why are you always working, why you're like why are you always working on working for you man, but at the same time I'm like I'm doing things for to not have to do this for the rest of my life. So it's like, what else is hard on the other flip side is like the TickTock comments people that are coming in the comments and like you're a girl. You don't know what you're talking about, you're Derrick. Oh, these these I'm throwing some Aussie slang at you man like you. 

Dave: Right right right. Yeah. And he's like, looking up like the words like what is pokey mean what is on the on the right,

Simon: You know, but it's, that's hard but at the same time, I'd rather not have to scrub the grease out of my hands. For the, you know,

Dave: And kids don't understand man you know like when you have worked for you they you know they don't understand and quite frankly they don't really care, they just want to spend time with you.

Simon: Just play Nintendo with me man, like, yeah, that's yeah.

Dave: I, you know, I, I'll say it just in case anybody hasn't heard it, You've got to pick your heart, you know, being being being broke is hard and be in a work in a job for a boss that you hate is hard being poor is hard, it's hard. It's really hard, and being successful being wealthy is hard too, it's hard in a completely different way. Both, but there are similarities. Both require a lot of work. It's different work though. For me, the work is very different today than it was 10 years ago, 1112 years ago when I was so broke I couldn't afford to pay attention, you know I worked a lot harder back then. So you got to pick your heart, you know, I think for being broke in poverty. The hard thing is, it's both mental and emotional, it's also physical but I can promise you being successful. The heart is mental, it's mental, you know what I mean. So, so, you know, for me being poor means physical hard Ness, I got to be out there digging ditches, I got to be working in the sun 10 hours a day, I get to be eating shittier foods, you know what I mean, I gotta be sleeping in a shittier bed. Right, I gotta be sleeping in a bed that's uncomfortable that has springs poking through it, that's how you sleep springs broken through it. I remember sleeping on my mattress that was just laying on the floor. When I was starting, when I started this internet marketing journey my mattress was on the floor.

I’ve got like, 30 new crates with zip ties in the mattress, and I'm like, it'll do for now, but it doesn't have to be forever you know I can change.

Dave: Now, one of the things I value most is my Sleep Number bed. You know, it's a $10,000 bed where I can adjust the frickin firmness and my wife can adjust her. It's, those are the things right. A lot of times we don't understand. We don't really realize what it means to have money, how does the quality of my life improve? The reason why we don't know that is because we've never experienced it before. Right, so we can't even imagine. Wow, what it's like to sleep on a bed that has the ability to adjust its firmness by a, you know, just, just, you know what I mean I mean, just a couple of of whatever you would call it I don't even know, know what the fuck, I mean, but, you know, or to eat a better food just uh but not have to eat McDonald's every day or, you know, I mean just to feel better, you know, to be able to pick up we have Uber Eats I don't know if you guys have that over there but I have a clean, eat this this food, it's $10 a meal but it's it's they deliver it right to the door. I never have to worry about whether I'm going to, you know, the delivery fee, you know what I mean. So I can just keep working, you know, The food just comes to the door and then I just eat a clean meal, and if I was to me that shitty greasy ass meal which I do sometimes. I got to ship for 24 hours, you know,  I'm, you know, I'm blowing up, you know. Yeah. So, but so I think that, that, you know, the quality of life that we I was talking about the hardness how the heart it's hard to be poor, but it's also hard to be successful and wealthy, that we have to choose our heart, which, what, what have what hard do we want. And and and I, you know what I, what I suggest everybody do is get real, get real loose with your money when it the beginning, right, because I think for me, the more successful I've got the more I've had to be smarter with my investments in my money and I don't want to get too flippant with just blowing money because then I end up like an athlete who played, you know, sports, and now is broke, and that's a lot of like professional football players and stuff. There's a big one, people who win the lotto they win the lotto but then they don't know how to manage their money so they end up broke, but most of us are, are tight with our money in the wrong place or the wrong time. You can't be tight with your money. When you're not successful, and I know that sounds, What the hell are you talking about Dave, but, but you can't be on a on a on a budget, all the time when your show broke because then you're afraid to invest in things that can expand your mind. Now here's what I mean, go and stay at the nicest hotel in your town for one night. In the next 30 days, that should be a goal that everybody has. So you can only experience, what is it like to be in a room, to be in a building, to be in a bed. That's the best money can buy. Right? to eat the food. That's the best money can buy. Because if we never experience what that's like, then you only always know what you have. And so you don't have anything that you're, you're actually striving for, what actually you know sometimes we just want to get rich, but what can getting rich get us? Right. And so, there's one thing which you mentioned which was the reading of the books and expanding our mind and beginning to see the world and ourselves differently, but then there's also another thing of, of going to a car lot and sitting in a Mercedes Benz, or sitting in a Rolls Royce, don't just look at it on the internet. Go touch it, feel it, smell it, experience what it's like. And now you get to see the difference between what your life can be like, and the quality of your life. Go into a Sleep Number store, lay on the bed, order one, a bed that has a 90 day beyond 30 Day roof. You know how some of these things are like the mattress sending it back. Order the goddamn thing, and send it back just sleep on it to know what it's like to experience better quality, and definitely think is a life changing thing it's one of the reasons why we do our masterminds in 20,000 square foot mansions, because when you walk into a home light, you never know what you, what you have until you know what somebody else has, right when you walk into a, what you don't have into your experience or somebody else has. When you walk into a 12 thousand square foot mansion, and you look around and you experience the kitchen and you experience game rooms and you experience just what it's like to just live, or just hang out in that house for a day. It changes everything. Right, it changes because you know what you don't know, it's just, it's an exercise of expanding the mind, and having, you know, something that you're actually striving for, versus just this arbitrary, I want to make more money, or I want to just, I want to just stop working for this boss a lot of times we're running from things I'm and we're just trying to get away from pain, but we never give our Tan's self a chance to actually dream for something pleasurable. 

Simon: That said, this makes sense to me. I think it's like, you know, in the cycle, I'd say like my upbringing and experiencing what I know. Yeah, my mom was always, she was horrible with money she wasn't she wasn't the best with money, My dad, not so much, and the book, like ask yourself who taught you about money.? Yeah, right. I take a look at my parents and I'm like, yeah, they taught me and they're like how good they were with the money. I'm not very good. I'm like, Okay, so maybe I need to have financial work. I started learning, developing my financial IQ.

Dave: So I'm going to talk to you about money. One of the powerful questions. What a powerful question. It's true. If you look back at our history, if we look back at our childhood, all the answers are there. They really are. I mean, I mean, a lot of times you know like when you're fixing a car or fixing something at the warehouse of formula, or something, you know you backtrack okay what's, what's happening and then you go back and you kind of reverse engineer and you say, Okay, well the, it's not going it must be something with the hydraulics and then it's like, you backtrack it, and you work kind of backwards to try to find the problem, right, in the same thing, I believe we can do with ourselves, right, it's like okay, I have this, you know, I have this kind of tightwad budget, you know coupon cutting hoarding money, you know, thinking that everybody's trying to get it from me or I got to, like I said before I've got $1,000 I need to protect it like it's the only money I'm ever going to get. It's like, Who did I learn that taught me that, who taught me that. Think about money like that who taught me to think about abundance and lack right who taught me to have such a lack mentality. When, When, when the government is printing money, when there's people that are making 1000s of dollars an hour, when there're people who are making, I mean imagine making 5, 10, 15, 20 thousand a day, forget a month. Imagine making it a day. There's so many millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of people who're just there every day, just existence, every day whether or not $20,000- $50,000 just drops in their bank account. What because they have a business, a system you talk about the Cashflow Quadrant, they're on that business they have people and systems in investments that are working for them. Right. And then it takes time to get there right but I mean, that reality that's April's reality. So imagine growing up around somebody like that which your kids can as you continue to grow and you know you can give them a different experience. But imagine how much more abundant thinking they'll be.

Simon: I didn't understand assets and liabilities, but can be understood, and that's even, you know that goes further into it but it's so simple, the way it's explained in that book, were, like, the general outline is just understanding the difference between an asset and a liability and investing more in assets than you would liabilities, and I'll just say like I was one for years spending, getting the latest Jordans or the latest Nike TNT. You know all the, all the shoes and collect and then I was like, how am I doing this, and this is like four years ago. And then, my own personal, you know I lost money here and lost money there are lost parents, you know, big things big life changing things happen in my life and I was like, Holy shit, like, I've got two males two females I gotta figure me why am I wasting money on shoes for. And then, you know, the financial education started coming into it and then obviously, I'm like, oh, what's the acid, gonna put money in my pocket, or liabilities. Let's take it out, and it's like it comes down to it CSL is powerful. They say knowledge is no longer. They say like, they say knowledge is power, but I read this the other day thinking I would grow rich, but when I read it like two months ago. And in saying no, knowledge is only potential power. When you have a direct plan of action and like it just, you should see me in a way of me and I do, I do the voice. Constant every single conversation I can get into the we're talking about like, yeah, to better themselves, I'm like yo man you can either bury yourself in a 15 day challenge when you can do this.

Dave: Well keep up the great work, bro. We'll definitely have you back and keep us updated on your journey. 

Simon: Okay, and, like, yeah, just just just keep the fire blazing bro. All right.

Dave: Appreciate your time. Alright my friends go follow this guy okay he needs the support. This guy's fired up and ready to support you as well. This is what it's all about. All right, I look forward to having those of you who also want to put this knowledge into action because knowledge is really only power when you put it into action. And have you guys on the show as well to, to share your story in your experience, once again, massive shout out to Simon go follow him there's his tick tock right there Simon side hustles. Give him a follow, support his stuff, lift him up like his stuff is common and stuff. As I say, every day, that's the best way that you can support others but also support yourself by putting out that positive energy and lifting these people up. Got the comments blowing up for love for Simon. Appreciate all his work, and what he shared, Especially being up at midnight, staying up at midnight, to be able to come on with us so we'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here, peace be legendary. Talk to you soon bye.