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Dave: Hello my friends. This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. We are going to be talking to Joe, full time marketing agency owner who has built a side hustle with affiliate marketing and I was joking with him a little bit. We started because he has his name on his jacket there and in and I recognize that as a total dead move so he and I are kindred spirits and I believe you are going to be kindred spirits with him as well. Joe, welcome to the show, buddy.

Joe: Thank you Dave. Thanks for having me.

Dave: So tell us the story about the hoodie and get the you know what you can tell us a little bit about your business that you have there. And of course, we need to know why you're the only one in the office who wears a hoodie with your name on it, but nobody else does because they don't think it's cool.

Joe: Yeah, so I got a marketing agency. I got five employees. I thought it'd be cool to get everybody you know, personalized hoodies with their logo and the name. I thought that was cool. I'm probably 10 years older than everybody in the office as well.

Dave: What kind of shoes do you run on? Do you gotta wait to balance by any chance?

Joe: I'm not at that stage yet. Costco the other day and I was I was I was pondering whether or not I should actually buy those or not

Dave: Like they started to look attractive, right? I actually am not in total dad mode this morning. I actually have Gucci sandals on but of course Joe with socks.

Joe: I wear socks my crocs

Dave: I don't know when that point was to where I just stopped worrying all the time about looking cool, but it has officially happened. 

Joe: I’m looking forward to being a grandpa so I can start getting back to Velcro. 

Dave: I mean, totally to totally like the pain that we put ourselves through to look good in the prime of our life is just ridiculous. So cool, man. So you have a marketing agency. So you, you start in Montana, right?

Joe: Missoula, Montana. Wow. So there's actually Internet businesses up there versus just farming and building stuff. That's pretty cool to know

We actually have a shopping mall and a couple movie theaters and people don't ride for us. Not everybody rides a horse. 

Dave: Restaurants and stuff?

Joe: Yep we even have an Applebee's. 

Dave: Cool, cool. Cool. I like Applebee's. So what, how did you get into starting a marketing agency and who have you been serving? Because I think it's a unique perspective. We haven't had a whole lot of people on the show who run marketing agencies. And so I don't think a lot of people maybe are aware of what some of the challenges there's obviously certainly payoffs and there's benefits and you clearly have that as a business. There's also challenges to starting it up and there's a lot of moving parts in it. But we'll get to that. How did you get started with your marketing agency and kind of who are the customers that you serve in it?

Joe: Okay, cool. Yeah, it's actually kind of an interesting story because I had a new wife and a new baby back in 2009. And I moved back to Montana. I'm originally from here, but I had been living away, moved back to Montana. Just wanted to raise my kids in, you know, where I grew up. And so the 2009 job market was horrible. And my dad's buddy from 20 years ago. I kind of talked to him hooked up with him and he was like, You know what, I have always wanted to get into the carpet cleaning business. I've done all the research and the footwork and I know what it takes. He goes, I don't really want to do it. He was getting ready to retire you guys but he goes, I'll help you do it. Free of charge. Just let's sit down and figure this game out so perfectly. Like, you know. So we did that. And I started making some money and supporting my family and just that exciting feeling, you know, and so, so I said, I wonder if I could, you know, take it online as well like start getting clients online that's doing like Valpak ads and newspaper ads and stuff like that. So I taught myself how to build a little website, a little WordPress website. We figured out the SEO thing which was not that hard back in the day and my website got raked up the top after like three or four months and my phone just blew up. I'm talking five to 10 calls a day of people buying carpet cleaning, and I got so busy that I was booked out for two weeks. And then I also had like a guy, another guy in town that I became friends with the head of the carpet cleaning business. I'm giving him all the overflow work. And I'm just like and then but I get on like the internet forums and I with carpet cleaners and they're all the biggest complaint is how do they get more jobs? How do I know, and I'm just like, I'm just drowning in work here. Like telling people you got to get a website, you got to figure out SEO, you got to rank it and they're like most of them like no. Like, I'll do it for you. I did it for myself like you know, throw me a few $100 and I'll do it for you and just had people like left and right one. This service was such a new thing back then. And so that was kind of like my side hustle side hustle was cleaning carpets and then in 2014 I had a couple employees doing carpet cleaning and I'm making more money with the marketing side of it. And I'm just like, my employer at the time for carpet cleaning is like I'd love to buy this from me at some point. And I said like, a week later it was his like I just gotten rid of I was tired of it.

Dave: The carpet cleaning business itself. 

Joe: It wasn't that fun to me anymore. And so I

Dave: I can't. I can't imagine I can't understand that at all. I can't imagine you know I mean just carpet cleaning I mean I don't know, I'm just I think about that. And it's like, my initial reaction was the same reaction that you had when the guy pitched you, the older guy on corporate.

And it's a simple business that like every time you're coming in, you're doing the same thing. And that's the challenge that we ran into my dad and I doing construction, like building and remodeling as you come into a job and there's like, there's like, there's like 20 Different things trades, you know, so you're going to Home Depot back and forth. You know, you rip a wall out there's some new thing that you need. And it's almost impossible to get through a job and still have money at the end of the job for profit because you go into it, you bend it a certain way and then all kinds of things pop up and unexpectedly pop up. And that's kind of like a restaurant. Who has 100 things on the menu versus a restaurant who just like five guys serves hamburgers and hot dogs like it's just a simple business and I see carpet cleaning as a simple business. And I think I had not touched it. I think there's a unique lesson in this I was working construction remodeling back in 2007 and eight with my dad for a guy who, who who was doing flips and stuff and I said well why don't you get into mansions and why don't you get into bigger money things and he says I just do cheese pizzas Dave. Like I don't get into calzones I don't get into meatballs I don't get into b you know I just do cheese pizzas man and that's my wheelhouse because I know I get it simple. I don't there's not all this high end shit like I understand the material list. I understand that and we put a lot of the same materials in each house. And it's just a system. So I think there's a lot of wisdom just in that in any business. And the more that I think us internet marketers try to complicate our business. We try to be everywhere. We try to do everything we jump in and we try to get we start with another shiny business and then instead of just staying the course and just letting the business build and grow even if it's building a TikTok channel, even if it's building a YouTube channel, even if you're focused on that and building your email list like you do that cheese pizza for long enough. You will eventually be successful and I think too many of us jump over and want to get a Calzone and we want to start selling meatball subs and we want to add all these additional toppings instead of just sticking with that cheese pizza model. And it tends to get overwhelming and then we try to know we just got 10% Because we're putting 10% here 10% There 10% They're 10% There, we get 10% back instead of 100% getting 100% back from one thing.

Joe: That falls right into kind of how I journey when I got this marketing agency and I got clients and demand and I'm kind of a unique you know niche personally, I'm just working with carpet painters at the beginning. Now I'm working with a handful of different service companies, but I am still pretty niche. But I tried you know, instead of doing just websites and SEO, I tried adding Google ads and I had like this review program and I wanted to do to create a CRM for them and I had all this stuff going on and I had 12 employees at one point and it was a massive headache for not a big profit, honestly, not for profit. So I'm in that mode of simplifying, slimming everything down and getting back to kind of like the roots of just offering SEO, just web design being the best in my verticals. It is handy then. But I had at one point, right around January. I had somebody who was interested in buying my agency. And I was kind of excited because I was like okay, I could do something else. I've always wanted to get into this affiliate thing. So he wouldn't, so the guy was managing the business and he also wanted to buy it. And so his management gave me all this extra free time and I'm like okay, now I'm gonna really dig in and you're going on to delete things. So that's what I found legendary and you ever ran with that and I've done some stuff with Legendary but I've also done affiliate stuff. I tried to like a diet pill. I tried a a, like a financial course on how to trade, day trading and stuff like that, promoting that. And I've made money off all you know, and so, and it's cool and it's I've kind of just been dabbling with the affiliate thing and getting real serious about it. But so the guy that was gonna buy the business, he backed out, that deal fell through and he actually even quit so now I'm kind of back in the trenches of running business again. And that's kind of in that but I'm motivated to simplify, give myself more free time. And now my new goal is to figure out you know, I've got all these service guys an email list of 4000 people, all these guys, you know, know like and trust me, and they bought most of them are bought things from me or read watch my videos, read my emails, all that kind of stuff. So now I'm in this mode of like looking among the search for some kind of affiliate product that will benefit them and provide me like another channel of income on the affiliate side and haven't found that that that product yet that service I found some stuff that I think would be good and help help these guys but it's like a one off affiliate thing. I'm looking for that recurring monthly on something so that's kind of where I'm at in my stages. Of this journey here.

Dave: Interesting. Interesting. Those that list 4000 people are all carpet cleaners?

Joe: No, they're all different home services. So carpet cleaners, plumbers, ah back, some electrician, some remodeling, guys. We've kind of expanded the niches. I almost felt like I kind of tapped out the carpet cleaning niche after a while. 

Dave: You mean you mean nationwide? Really?

Joe: Yeah. 

Dave: Wow. 

Joe: It's just guys that are really interested in networking. I feel like they're on my email list and they know of me and stuff. 

Dave: It's just interesting because I mean, you've got a list right there of 4000 home service providers and there that's a niche man. I mean, that's that's a niche and I like that you're really trying to utilize everything that you that you have, you know the asset that you have before just burning it and saying oh, I'm I want to abandon this and I want to go over in here and I want to do internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Just start over here. I see way too many folks who want to abandon everything that they have just to start something totally new because they just can't quite yet. See how to monetize it and how to turn that little rough diamond into a beautiful shining sparkling profitable diamond. I think for those of you who are listening to what Joe just said. He said that I'm currently looking in the search for I've got my eyes open. I'm in the process of seeing how I can creatively offer whether it be an affiliate marketing product, even if it might end up being a course a coaching program, an event, right that you can offer to this list of 4000 people who absolutely have shown that they're interested in growing their business using internet marketing strategies. Or at least they're looking for lead generation strategies, quite frankly, they don't care whether they're online or offline. And quite frankly, I don't care whether my lead generation strategies even for my courses coaching events in affiliate products are offline or online. I just happen to be able to generate more leads online that I can offline but I can tell you guys right out here without a shadow of doubt if I could go and generate more leads offline through pamphlets, flyers, drop cards, you know, mailers, all that I would be doing that I wouldn't be doing.

Joe: Postcards are still a powerful way to market. A lot of my clients use postcards. I've used postcards in the past.

Dave: And well for certain businesses. They are like when you're going to be, you know, when you're doing some sort of a home service thing and you're selling to people who are maybe in a certain demographic or age group, right? They who may not be as internet savvy or who may not feel as safe and secure shopping in researching online. They're that for the majority of their life. They've been going to their mailbox, that's what they're used to. They go through their mail, they're not like us to learn.

Joe: And the competition for junk mail is much lower than it used to be just nothing. Everybody's going to the internet. So I'm going to open up a little opportunity for people that still want to do the old school way and the ones that are doing it are going away right now. Usually the copy and the marketing on those postcards or mail outs or whatever are really bad so it's not that hard to stand apart. 

Dave: Yeah, totally man. Totally. Yeah, there's a lot of things you ever hear of Joe Polish on his carpet cleaning marketing system?

Joe: I had a couple of beers with Joe Polish. When I first got started Yeah, he's uh, before he was as big as he is now before Ranson and all that so yeah.

Dave: Yeah, that's where he started marketing the carpet cleaners. He was a dead broke carpet cleaner. He's got a really he's got a really, really vivid an entertaining story that he tells and I'm sure you do too. But I've heard his a couple of times and I it's really it's really Yeah, it's really powerful. He was a dead broke carpet cleaner. And he's got this big story and and then he learned how to generate leads and in blue his is almost identical to yours right and then and then in any started selling as a matter of fact, I have I brought up the sales letter to him to his system. Right as we were we were on the, you know, as you were talking here he's got and this is something that he started selling back many years if not decades ago, but it's the the new rich, cleaner system right for easy strategies from Joe's highly successful, rich, cleaner system that can have your schedule book solid within a week. This is your ultimate solution. To getting more jobs, more customers and higher prices. And this is you know, this is completely and totally you know, tailored and targeted towards carpet cleaners. He's He's you know, if you just read the headlines, it tells a story if you're just scanning and I wasn't always successful. In fact, I started out as a dead broke carpet cleaner who stumbled upon mega success.

My business was failing miserably. On a clear hot day in April, something happened that changed everything right now there is nothing wrong with your business. There is something wrong with you. Right? I decided at the moment I would figure out how to make a success of my carpet cleaning business or die trying right I mean, it's just this is we so many of us think and we get so we get so like we get so boxed in to one industry and so many of you who are working in a specific niche whether it's whether it's make money online and say you're promoting a product like legendary or some other make money online system that you found or training that you that you're an affiliate for, or Click Funnels or whatever. The only marketing that you ever look at is his marketing in that niche right in you and then you sit around and you say well, why? Why does it seem like all my people have already seen my marketing before you know what I mean? And it's because you're only looking in your niche but if you look outside of your niche at some of the people like Joe Polish in this and I wouldn't even remember this unless you brought it up and and I remember Joe's story but copy the angle. I mean if you look at the structure of the sales letter, and this is a beefy sales letter, there's a lot of copy in here. To read and look at how a long form direct response sales letter had successfully sold a $1,200 product, you know how he, you know, tells the story? How he pinpoints the pains, how He reveals His solution, how he stacks bonuses, you know, this is a thing that I wouldn't doubt is how we how you know he's got the bonuses here. He's got the risk reversal with the 365 day money back guarantee. You know, he's got the testimonials on here, and a page like this is ugly as it as it is right? Some would look at this and say ugly is still going out, convert all of your pretty pages that you built on, you know, Wix or whatever that you think or Squarespace or whatever because this is it. There's only one thing that this page is engineered to do. It's a sale. It's not to allow you to navigate through the site and just see if this is a good thing that you might want to do. And then you go somewhere else and buy. It's here to directly get a response for you to buy and then it takes you over to a checkout page and on that checkout page he offers three payments of 399 with 290 $7 pay in full $1297. And what is it even back 15, 20 years ago when this was something that was his main focus and went from being a carpet cleaner to now Slean British and training for carpet cleaners. What is he doing? He's he's selling information, which is the core four things that we teach here, of which which no they're not the newest it's not the newest trendiest hottest you know, drop shipping Amazon let's game the system let's flip sneakers let's whatever the hottest thing you see the guru fanboys on Instagram talking about flipping and buying Bitcoin and having a great week and then want to kill yourself. The next is selling information through the vehicle of the core four which is courses, coaching events or doing affiliate marketing in general. I don't know about you, I know you're in the agency business and I know you're serving clients and there's absolutely a benefit to doing that business. But in my 10 years of being online, I've not found a more enjoyable and lucrative business model than selling information personally. Joe: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, and I'm doing it boldly. I've got my own course. You know if carpet cleaners don't want to hire us to do it, they can spend $500 and get a video course on how we do it.

Dave: Do you have a sales page for that or anything?

Joe: I do and I'm kind of embarrassed because it's not very good. It just it's just a video and then a couple paragraphs and some testimonials but now you got me now you got me thinking about going back to Joe Polish and stuff and kind of get a refresher on copywriting and in going through Yeah, I haven't pushed it hard because it's almost kind of like a like a coma like like a lead into like, you know actually working with us. 

Dave: I would what I would be thinking about if I wish you and we haven't even talked about affiliate marketing, right dude, because what I like to do is I like to squeeze every drop out of every out of every piece of fruit that's on the table low what is it's called low hanging fruit. Right? And sure the low hanging fruit for you is absolutely some affiliate offers that you just know how to promote you that you understand the psychology of the customer. You can put up some sites or run some quick ads or whatever and get some sales. You said you did that. Yeah, but you've also got low hanging fruit which is you understand the customer in the service, the Home Service niche like you understand the pain points and you know how to speak that language. So if I was you, like, this would be something that I would be thinking about. And this is unsolicited advice of course. Hopefully it's welcomed. But I'm just brainstorming here. I absolutely would go back and I would look at your sales page you feel is not converting because I don't care about your emotions and what you feel about it. That's a common thing like Oh, I'm embarrassed by it. But if that bad boy is converting three to 5% on cold traffic days. st so it's a little larger on our screen. Sure. Like that. Keep going. Keep going. 

So, and by the way, this is I'll even put Joe's link in the comments. I mean, not this Joe but the Joe Polish and and you know if you want to we'll share your links here shortly. Joe to your TikTok channels or whatever else you got, but here's what I would be thinking about. I would be thinking about how I can touch up and clarify my offer and either make one offer for all home service providers, attention roofers, plumbers, carpenters and anybody who works as a contractor or works on people's or inside people's homes? You know, let me show you the most like how I went from dead broke carpet cleaner to generating more leads than I knew what to do with the parentheses I was giving leads to buddies I had so many and how this system can be replicated and duplicated inside any home service business from roofers to carpet cleaners, right. And now you've got an offer, and you've got an offer for let's say, your course and now your ads or you can do tick tock videos or all of the you know, you can do SEO. And you now have a you don't have an offer that doesn't just relate to carpet cleaners because you feel that you had ran through most of them in the nation, which I I would push back on that a little bit Joe but there is a good possibility you know your business more than I do. But I can guarantee you what you haven't touched is every plumber roofer you know, Carpenter, you know who you know what I mean? Who is in the country who wants to generate more leads and wants to get more business?

Joe: Yeah, yeah. And yeah, and I and working with those guys, that's kind of been kind of the shift because they have a higher per job return and so they're, it's easier for them to make them pay us for marketing and stuff like that. So yeah. So that's part of the shift as well. 

Joe: Yeah. I love that advice. Thank you. Yeah.

Dave: I saw a guy the other day who was and I didn't save the ad on Facebook, but I wish I did because he was absolutely a he was pitching a lead generation system for roofers. And if you think about the training that you guys might offer to any niche, I mean, what you're essentially offering is a lead generation training. If you have a strategy if you have some way that you can help businesses, whether it be attorneys, whether it be dentists, doctors, chiropractors, get more business, what essentially the best and easiest thing to teach them is just how to get more leads, right? Because then what they do with those leads is up to them or maybe that could be the upsell, right the upsell actually I'm selling lead generation. Well, you're you also can go back and watch the replay but but yeah, you're selling lead generation training because if you try to sell everything like how to get leads, how to how to close sales, how to all this stuff, like it might almost be too much and it's too much maybe for you to teach within one thing. You can go out here, Joe and you could sell for $37 or for $99 or even for $19.95 for 27 bucks. You could sell the lead generation training to be able to pay for your advertising just to get people in the door and I tend to be a fan as much as some people are fans of trying to sell something higher ticket right away. I'm all for that. But I also am a fan of allowing people to get an appetizer and experience what it's like to be able to get your course and then what you could do, and I'm sure that you own. I'm sure that you own funnels because I can see Russell's book there on the back of your on the back of your cable there. What you can do and I'll show you this right here right now, just in case anybody is wondering what I'm talking about. I'll give you a specific example. So I was selling training to network marketers on how to generate more leads all right, and we all know what a network marketer is right? Compared to Amway, you know, Herbalife does all this kind of stuff. So, what I did was because I was initially a network marketer and had a hard time getting new this this this customer so effortlessly get signups into your network marketing business everyday without using old outdated recruiting methods you hate for construction worker reveals a simple sign up system he used to sign up over 3000 people and build a team of 250,000 online that that was my specific result of actually building a network marketing team on the internet. But if we go back and just replace the words watch this effortlessly, generate leads into your roofing business every day without using old outdated lead generation methods like parentheses like handing out business cards that you hate. Former former carpet cleaner work reveals a simple lead generation system he used to go from dead broke to more jobs than he could handle. And ironically, the system works for roofers, carpenters plumbers and anyone in the home service business right and and what I was doing was I was selling a little $3.95 cent little train right I had a sales video similar to what you described had some had some copy on it had some testimonials and stuff. A little bit about my story with some pictures and stuff, right? And when somebody would know, I talked about ads, it was five videos. And then the other thing that they offered was a couple of templates. And I offered a phone call. Okay. And so, they would buy it. They would buy it and check it out okay. And then I would deliver it right here on this page. It wasn't even a membership, it was just five videos that I just as soon as they bought just went to a page like this. And I said, claim your templates, you know, book your call, and on the call, because remember I only sold them for $3.95 I'm not gonna get rich on that. I would offer them a once I would offer them a full day training via zoom for $997 where I would show them how to set everything up. And I would also give them scripts and show them how to close sales right. So what happened was everybody who bought something for $3.95 was so overwhelmed with the value that I gave in these videos for $3.95. We had a a sales conversion rate of like, of like 2016 to 20% on the phone which is insanity, right for this $997 thing in Joe what I did was once a month I got on a gym call on a Saturday, the 40 or 50 people who bought the $997 training that month right on the phone, which ended up being 40 $50,000 in revenue right? And I just train them for a full day on a Saturday. And it didn't even get in the way with anything else that I was doing right. You have your agency. That's just an example. Right? That's just an example of how to sell some sort of a lead generation training to a specific niche, how to deliver it, and then even how to monetize it with a higher end upsell that you could sell you know over the phone. What comes up for you as I show you?

Joe: I mean I could basically just copy what you're doing right here and do something very similar. I've already got the course ready to go. Yeah, he does. The value, you know, for someone that's actually going to check it out. So totally. Yeah, no, I've now got my wheels spinning. Yeah, okay. And I get a link to what you were just showing. 

Dave: Yeah, I'll share that stuff with you. And you can, you know, I shared it because I want to help you and see if there can be some low hanging fruit that you can squeeze out of your addiction, you know, all of your current stuff that you're already doing. But let's talk a little bit about your affiliate marketing business too. Because you came on you said you sold a couple of things, you know products in different niches. What was your marketing strategy that you used for those of you just tuning in? Joe said that a few minutes ago that you know what ultimately brought him to Legendary was he wanted to do some affiliate marketing and sell some info products that were outside of his current niche and sharpen his marketing skills. And so you came in. You found a couple of different products and well niche make money online niche a couple of other niches and you made some sales and you've made five or $6,000 doing that. How are you marketing those particular information products? Did you do SEO? Did you do TikTok?

Joe: I did YouTube and I did TikTok. So I already had a little bit of YouTube calling with the service guys because that's how I get a lot of my leads for my marketing agency. So I was like, had a guy one of my actual, like clients carpet cleaner was like, Hey, I started selling this diet pill name affiliate program. I think it'd be awesome and Joe was like, Well, let me just interview you on YouTube. And I'll put my affiliate link below to just kind of a shutter. We did a 15 minute interview wherein I lost 100 pounds and we had before and after pictures and all that and I said if anybody wants a free trial or a trial for $30 Click Below. Next thing I know I'm making like $200 a week off that 115 minute interview. I did something okay there is something to this affiliate thing. And then I found you guys and started getting into the TikTok thing and I built it up to about 8000 followers. That's when I had a bunch of free time. I have to admit I haven't been active on TikTok for the last couple of weeks. But I'm promoting the, you know, legendary stuff. And it shut up. I'm starting to get you know, every couple days I get an email saying you've earned a commission and you know you're in so it's just kind of like this background money that's starting to come through from the upfront work. I did it on YouTube and Tiktok. So you're so now I'm like, you know, that's cool. I didn't know it's possible to make all this money with affiliates that made a few $1,000 But um, but now I'm kind of, like I said, shifting gears. I'm like, wait, I have all these people that trust me, you know, and I sell them like get offer them an affiliate product. But I have a lot of stuff. I could sell these guys and since it trust me they probably I probably make a bunch. But is it really going to benefit them and what the employee here wants, like, I want that recurring income coming in, what's going to benefit them and give me a recurring income long term and so that would be the affiliate stuff. So yeah.

Dave: Cool, man. I mean, it's interesting. I mean, you're you're my my hunch is is is whether it be just this conversation that we have right now or that we're having right now or whether it's you know, various things that you've learned inside the training here in our community is is you know, whether you choose to go in the direction of a new niche in promoting using skill but using strategies that maybe are new, like TikTok and that you've not done before, or whether it's, you know, taking your current list your current database that you've been selling with carpet cleaner and in using some of the strategies that we teach here are that you're learning by now being back in learning mode and figuring out okay, how do I take you know 15 cents and turn into $1 Here I've got some low hanging fruit and I tend to believe that your your your your income is in direct proportion to your ability to be creative. It's to think outside of the box and that's one of the big challenges that we have here. Legendary is taking people to being order takers really. And that's not to talk down to anyone. That's not to disrespect anyone, we as a human race, in society are mostly trained to be order takers, mostly trained to let like allow others to sort of tell us what to do to follow the rules. And being an entrepreneur and being a marketer. Really, you can, you can have success just following some simple suggestions and you can take your income to new heights that you never even dreamed of. If you apply and sprinkle in a little creativity, you know and come from a different angle yesterday I was talking about this guy Ian who was on the show a couple of months ago. And he in terms of you know what we can track which is our own sales and what affiliates are sending to us. I mean, he's been our top affiliate now for the past week or two, because he created a video on TikTok using a little apple and he said here how to make $18 an hour for Apple working from home and the beginning of the video. He had an apple stuck on his finger and then and then he threw it in the back. It was just a creative ass video. You know, and that doesn't mean we should all go and try to copy that like sure, do whatever you want. But my point here is not a one and done thing it's not Oh, if I just okay let me go replicate that in too many of us are looking out there only to get that one hit wonder and while I believe that you are only one video away from really launching your business and having a lot of initial success at the same time. What we're trying to do here at legendary also is unlock your inner creativity that you were born with. And if you're around a child and you know this does that, you know hashtag bad luck, right? A child is creative and brilliant and is willing to try new stuff. I'm attending to my 11 month old son right now. And that boy will try anything. He's fearless. He's creative. He he he's just he's got an abundant mindset, you know, and over time that gets stifled a little bit and so what we're looking to do here is not make any of us here in this community dependent on me or dependent on anybody else but how to be free independent thinkers that take our you know that essentially take ashes right in turn it it will rise up from the feet I'm thinking but you know, take a dead gun pile of shit and turn it into wonderful newer that fertilizes and that's what a lot of us have. We just come in, we've got a head full of shit we look at our life we say Oh, this is a mess. I just need to turn that mess into a message. You know what I mean? Struggles into strengths. And yeah, so I mean, I

I have so many little things along my journey. Our business is doing really well right here. Like I said, this is work. I didn't put in all of the major setbacks and I thought I was going to fail three or four different times and I had to get stuff out of the box and get creative and say things and do things and none of my competitors are doing in order to really really make and I heard a quote one time and I don't know who said it but it was like a lot of people get into this entrepreneur world and they kind of blueprint or a system or something like that and they do it and it's they're making some money or it doesn't work at all. They're like I did everything I was supposed to do. Why am I not rich? Why am I not blown up? And then it sounds like you're not supposed to do it. Joe: It's not about doing what you're supposed to do. It's doing that. You may have to do 10 creative things before you hit that one thing that is really that unique thing that resonates with other people that will actually take off. And so I kind of think about that it's not it's not supposed to do it's doing whatever it takes us the true like mindset of entrepreneur. 

Dave: I don't think I've ever heard the success formula put in such simple terms, but it is exactly what you just said. So we've got your link up and being the guy who's sort of an old, old dog in the game. I mean, not just not just dad's life, right? I mean, like you and I were just we're getting up into that age to where we've we've we're turning gray and we actually can start you know talking to people like back in the Internet back when it started. You know, you could rank a site on the first page of Google and one day you know, but we've got your link up so people can go follow your TikTok and learn from you as well. What would you say if somebody was watching this, maybe even somebody who's following you on tick tock and they were considered going through the challenge and the quality of information here. Being also somebody who's been in the game for you know, who's seen a lot of things over the years, you know, where would you rate us and how would you recommend or, or or what would you say to somebody who might be sitting on the fence right now?

Joe: The value that you get from that challenge will save you months and 1000s of dollars. I mean to do the whole funnel thing: set up pages, get the email autoresponder connected and do all that stuff. I had done that back in the day, and it literally took me at least a year and I don't know hundreds, maybe 1000s of dollars of different courses and trying new software's and this and that. So it's almost like, too good to be true to you guys. For seven bucks. It's information there if you follow it, and if you muddle through it and actually figure it out, is priceless. If you're gonna play online games, it's priceless.

Dave: Well, you really just have to watch the video and then call the instructions. I mean, the Getting Started part really is just follow the instructions and do it. You know, when we talk about creativity and scaling your income, that's down the road, folks. I mean, I think a lot of people's challenge really is not even that a lot of you had the creativity that you can unlock and take your income to levels that you couldn't even imagine. But, you know, ironically, the thing that stands in people's way is actually not that because they never allow themselves to get to that point. It's really just getting started.

Joe: Yeah, and that's something so foundational for online marketing. I mean that stuff in that 15 Day Challenge. If you can master what you're going to get you have then it just opens up a world of opportunity.

Dave: Yeah, well hey, it's been fun dude. And I will follow up with you after and and help you out however I can brother and let's keep going and growing and stay Legendary and stay dad like I love the name on the jacket. So don't don't forget the haters and the employees who say that it's not cool. 

Joe: Oh, I wear this thing every day. It's in all my TikTok videos to your

Dave: Hoodie with the name tag, I love it. Alright, bro, I'll talk to you later right alright.

Joe: Thanks Dave.

Dave: Thanks. See you guys.