Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friend Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and as you can see, we're back again. Wow. I mean, what a miracle just when they thought we were gonna fall off the face and that marketing was going to explode and disappear and just be some fat. Well, it's only getting stronger. And this morning is proof that we have a fantastic guest and actually, excuse me. Excuse How dare I? We have two guests this morning. Excuse me, buddy the pup is okay. And Cindy. Is the other YouTuber. Welcome to the show. Hello. How are you? Cindy: We're good. Very cool. We dressed up professionally for you.

Dave: I feel underdressed. Personally, I mean, I feel like I don't come in here. Well, first of all, hello, buddy. And thank you both for joining us on the show this morning. Well, thank you for having us. And if buddy gets you know anxious at any time I would completely understand if he had to take off or if he has other appointments even I mean I don't know he may be. He seems like a very serious individual. So if he's got other things to do, that's not going to bother me. But Cindy, thanks so much for coming on. When did you go through our 15 Day Challenge?

Cindy: I did it last year. I can't remember exactly when but I did it last year.

Dave:  Okay. And what did you do? What were you looking for when you were on the internet and either found it purposefully or stumbled upon us?

Cindy: I basically stumbled upon it. I had. I had a business that I had to close and then I had to find something else to do so I've never had a nine to five job like ever. So I didn't think at 50 It was good to find out. So I was doing other things. I did Instacart shopping. Did you know things like that? I tried 10 MLMs and I was terrible at all of them. And then I came across this and I'm like, Oh, this seems like a good fit. So that's how I found you

Dave:  So you've had the entrepreneur bug, if you will, your whole life.

Cindy: Yes, I left college. I remember they always said you know, do what you love. And this was in about 87 And so I'm like well I love to shop so I started a personal shopping business. Problem is I didn't know how to market it. So I only had a couple of customers but I called it tailored shopping services. I had brochures printed up. I mean, you took that very literally. I did.

Dave:  See that wasn't quite what they meant. But yeah, so I was driving down the street. A couple of days ago when I saw a little girl sitting out selling lemonade or something like that. And it reminded me of my daughter. She said that it's very frustrating when you are a very young kid because the sales are very far and few you know what I mean? So what was it like going through the 15 Day Challenge? I mean, it's not that you're not complete. You're not totally new to personal development and learning stuff. In your own way. I would assume you've made your way since you dropped out of college, somehow some way over the past decade. or so. So, you know, what was it like going through our training?

Cindy: Well, I think what was interesting the first day was that it wasn't even like a light bulb. It was like a light bulb explosion because you talked about the website and you know, collecting emails and things and I published equestrian magazines for like 15 years. And we sold products that were like our custom logos and things we had, you know, things made. I never collected a single email. So I was like, oh my god, I have 15 years of gold. And I just didn't know what to do with it. So that's amazing.

Dave:  And what did you do? What kind of business? 

Cindy: I used to ride show horses and hunters and jumpers. So I published two magazines. I started them and published them for a while, one I sold after about 12 years and then I kept the other one. I did it for about 15 years total.

Dave:  I was curious about you know if it did become a sellable business for you towards the end, and it sounds like it did. You know I feel your pain though because once we look back on things, probably the question that I would be asking is how much more could I have got for the business? If I had a database of customers if I was marketing upselling them cross selling them to other affiliate offers down selling them to other subscription services or information courses. I mean for people who read things it's a perfect opportunity for a lot of these dying magazines to introduce other forms of education or knowledge that those customers have already proven that they enjoy.

Cindy: 1,000% I mean and the customers we have really loyal customers I mean we had a really good our we were sort of a unique magazine. So the customers were very loyal to us. And you're right. I mean, I mean, I just can't even imagine what it could have been if all I had to do is take day one of the training and I could have had an impact . I wish I had found it 15 years sooner and it would have changed my whole, you know, business. Yeah, or life. You know, not too badly.

Dave: Money, money. You know, money can change somebody's life. And, but you know what? Soak in internal, you know, soak in internal shifts, and when you sold that business, I bet you had a lot of confidence and you had you had you know, at least some belief that hey, wow, I just completed a business, you know, launched it, sold it etc. Let's talk about now coming in and getting started and then you know, you gravitated towards animals once again. Talk to us about how that's transpired.

Cindy: Well, actually, after I sold it, I did feel good about it. But the one that I kept, again, just lacking some business common sense, I guess, continued in the wrong direction with it. I should have looked at the sides about being more online. Being front, you know, in print was really not the way to go. And had I been looking at it differently. I would have gone the route like exactly what I learned in the training. I would have done the online thing I would have really started to expand when it changed a lot of things. So when I found legendary I was actually feeling pretty horrible about myself because I'm not used to failing. Like, I always feel like if you just try harder you can succeed. So when I had to close that other magazine because I had to, that was kind of a smack in the face because you're not. I wasn't used to having to accept defeat, you know that way?

Dave:  Sure, sure. That was simply a lack of knowledge. And I think that's a great example of when it will run dry? When will the power run dry? Right when willpower is not enough? Yeah, right? Because you just made an interesting comment. I've always believed that if I just work harder I could succeed. Yes, and not in the digital economy. Because the digital economy is such a different shift. That doesn't just take effort. It also takes the knowledge and the know how, you know how can I take all of this, this content that's in print, and simply translated over to digital? What does that look like? You know, now you've gotten your eyes open to what that looks like. And so how, how did you come to partnering with Buddy the pup?

Cindy: Well, when I first started to do live I it would make me nervous because I was like I had a few trolls come on and you know at first you're not used to it. So I found that when he was with me that I was more comfortable. And then I started putting clothes on him. And then people kept coming on just to see what he would wear. They didn't want to watch me. They just wanted to see what outfit he had on so if you happen to look at his account, you will see some of his wardrobe. It includes a tuxedo with tails. So he started to go on with me and then I realized that you guys kept talking about you know, you've got to give value and if you know the song a little drummer boy you know, I've got a gift to give. So I kept thinking, what value do I have? Because I'm so new to this. But then I realized with Buddy the value was it made people happy. It showed people a different thing you could do. It made me think it was just a totally different mindset. So then I kind of shifted. I still do my account, but he's definitely grown faster than mine.

Dave:  Very interesting. Very interesting. Yeah. Wow. value can be made. Let's talk about that for a second. You just dropped a very ambiguous golden bar. So that making people happy can provide value. Can you say more about that? Because we always tend to overanalyze and overthink things and you just presented a very simple idea. Say more about that and if you will, because I think that's big for people to really get on this episode, if they can, that it's not just about wowing people with your knowledge, it's simply how you leave people making them feel once they've watched your content.

Cindy: Well, I was very surprised at the following that he's developed. There are people that come to his page and say they just come here to get a smile in the morning or they come you know, when they're having a bad day and everything about him I tried to try to be very careful. It's all very positive. You know, like I said, I think there's just a lot of different kinds of value in people like me when you're doing it, you don't realize that you know, everybody's different people are gonna vibe with you differently, you know what I mean? And they're gonna connect differently and I know maybe there's other affiliates like me, that are not the Superfast ones and I'm gonna slow the bus and everything took me longer. You know, I struggle with some of the stuff like you have to find your way like what is good for you and what you have to give it not to copy other people. If that makes any sense.

Dave:  It does. I mean it's difficult. It's so difficult , it's so simple that it's hard to understand, right? Because when we come into anywhere that's new, as human beings, the first thing that we do is look around and learn and start to copy. It's natural. It's normal to do that when we are babies. We look around at the people who are walking though, and wonder. And then we try and it's like we're only simply looking at other people and copying them. So now we come in, and then we get trained our whole life not to use our brains, you know, to just sort of take orders and critical thinking skill development lacked in my education. So you're right, we come here and it's like, be creative, find our own voice or message. It's difficult. So what are some of the ways that you would suggest a you know people to find their creative side and like how have you I mean, obviously one thing is, you found a prop just so happens to be your dog and then the content kind of turned into the dog but I've used props a lot in mic, video creation and in my content to help me to feel more comfortable whether it be a whiteboard, a microphone that sitting in front of me that I can just kind of grab if I get nervous or whatever. How have you settled in? You mentioned grabbing the dog, is there anything else that you've done to help you kind of tap into your own creativity and confidence?

Cindy: Just doing it I think and I stopped one of the hardest things for me and I had to. I followed a lot of other affiliates because I wanted to get knowledge but I found for me sometimes it made me compare myself to them. And when I wasn't doing what they were, you know what I mean? I felt like I had to just step back and I'd say like, Okay, I'm me and I'm learning to do other things like I do some Amazon things. I do stuff with him. He wants to have an adventure newsletter. He's just starting. 

Dave: You're incredible. You are.

Cindy: He wants me to contact him. They're fighting me to give me good contact at Airbnb. What I really want him to be able to do is focus on pet friendly travel. 

Dave: And to the city they're like yes, like you're his man. Like he's like an old man like Warren Buffett.

Cindy: If you see any of his videos, he's learned when I kind of pose him, he stays in this is his, he treats anything and that's kind of why we started with a company called Zeus Snoots. That was his first commission was to do snoots which are these little knit hats. And then we realized that you know, an $11 product was not going to buy him his $28 bag of tricks. 

Dave:  He needed to step it up and bring in more pagan on purpose because he's got to bring the whole big trust you gotta bring in the whole fish. So he likes it. So is that some of the things that you've you've monetized is kind of showing treats and doing the little explanation sort of like what you just did was very valuable. And then linking to like, how are you monetizing the content?

Cindy: That's how I have started but what I am doing is a little more like thinking about him. I figured his adventure newsletter because a lot of his people just want to come and see him. And I have had people you know, they see his treats, they ask what they are because they love him so much. But again, that's way too small to actually do what he needs to do to you know, buy all his clothes. So you should see his outfits. He's got hundreds of clothes, and he has shoes too. He has shoes. He even has a pair of Chuck Taylors he has Converse Chuck Taylors. So, what I realized from the adventure newsletter, going back to the add value, he's a rescue dog. So I realized that from the My Magazine days if I do the newsletter, it's from his perspective. It's coming from him, not me writing it. And it's about things that he does. He has a car, he does all kinds of things he literally legit as a car and that I can feature like a rescue dog each newsletter, make it not salesy and then bring in like the travel. Everybody that has their pets wants to know where they can travel, where they can stay. And then I mean, I figured we could go into like airline things. 

Dave: Those of you who are not dog owners may roll your eyes at what Cindy is saying right now. But if you are a dog owner, or you know what, this is a serious niche. This is a serious group of people who do not treat their dogs like dogs. They treat their dogs like children. 

Cindy: Yeah. Well some of the high end companies he wants to get in again this is like bigger things like do your like Ralph Lauren has a beautiful cashmere sweater but it's like $185 Right now he's not shopping there but he hopes to Sure. I mean, there's a really high end company called Chanel. All of them have a pep line Louis Vuitton. Yeah, yeah, but I figured he has to get a good enough following and being a pup sequencer I felt like I had to do the work first. Like don't just hold my dog up and say I expect somebody to buy his product like he had to become a brand in a way that you know what I mean? He has to develop that I think

Dave:  Sorry, I'm you know, I totally I totally I totally love your long term vision or viewpoint. It's really It's I can see that you stepped away from the chaos that was creating in your own head, trying to sort of do what everybody else was doing. You got overwhelmed with that. You said, Hey, I need to find my own message. And this is what's this is what's come out of you when you sort of let down all of you know when you when you let go of all of the comparison itis I would assume this may be something that blossomed into, you know, a billion dollar brand. This may be something that's a launchpad into a new idea. But it's very clear to me that you've got the hang of the digital marketing stuff. Would that be accurate to say?

Cindy: I'm learning but I for sure, but I would not have opened my eyes to it the way that I did. I would never have thought of this if I hadn't taken the training. I just don't know. It was very hard to get through my head. Like I said, I kept coming from the place of work harder, work harder, like I just didn't understand it enough. And it's been life changing. I mean it's huge to me.

Dave:  Yeah, it's amazing what knowledge can do.

Cindy: It’s like the right knowledge.

Dave:  Well, the wrong knowledge as well. You know, knowledge is so powerful that we really underestimate its impact and how much it can change. You know, I was watching a documentary last night about an up and coming rapper who, you know, is basically blown up and in one line hit me. It was like he said at the end of the documentary that it was a whole loser. He didn't realize that it's a whole nother world. Growing up just a couple of streets over. You know what I mean? And, yeah, it was powerful. You know, he, the whole idea was that and that was the name of the documentary. And, you know, he was, you know, no longer kind of trapped, which is something that you know, a lot of people in the hip hop culture call, like a drug house like a Trump house, you know, so it was a clever use of words to call the documentary untrapped and kind of talk about this ex African American kind of dope boy who grew up in the slums in didn't know anything else existed because that was sort of where he grew up. And then kind of growing up in the knowledge of seeing the world in realizing that even in his own City, Atlanta, just a couple of streets over there were people living a completely different life. And now that he has that knowledge, it's like the world is his oyster. And I think that's our message here. Legend is that it's not really you that has to change like you do. developing good habits, discipline, consistency, those are all but really start with like here because it's hard to get your body to do something that it doesn't really understand yet. It's kind of like why am I doing this? But that's why we call the blueprints, the blueprints because it really is a difference between just swinging a hammer and understanding how to build the whole house. You know, when you're just swinging a hammer, it gets exhausting. And when you understand where you're going in what you're building, you can get more excited about it. And that's kind of what I hear you explaining this is that I saw where I went wrong with the written horse business where everything was print and nothing was digital. And now I see that I'm completely digital, all of the possibilities that I can do with another animal in a content driven business. And that's simply purely because you have new knowledge.

Cindy: Yes. Yes. It is. It's so eye opening though. And I think the hard thing is, you know, you realize when you're kind of grinding when you're struggling, it's hard to open your mind because sometimes you just survive. Just getting by is all you can think about. 

Dave:  It's true. We get life is hard, man, and we are surviving every day. And yes, absolutely. We're usually not going to just come to these conclusions kind of on our own. Like when we come into an environment like legendary and we're going through training if we want to get the most out of it. It's really important that we give ourselves time to go through the process, really let the information sink in and come back a few times and really listen to what people are saying before we prejudge it. Because the most powerful thing working against all of us is our limiting beliefs that we picked up from prior people, places or things in our life. Yeah.

Cindy: Well, like when I stopped using MLMs in my head, I was like, oh, okay, here we go again. I'm gonna suck at this one too, because, you know, I did 10 of them. And I was terrible. And I mean, it just wasn't a fit for me. And then when my husband, which is my Tiktok name, is making money, honey, which was a joke, because when I told my husband I was gonna do yet another thing. He's like, Oh my god, really? Why don't you just get a job? And I'm like that, because I don't want a regular job. I've never had one and he's a job guy. He's a nine to fiver job guy. He doesn't get this but he's finally seeing it now. 

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Well, hopefully a lot of our clients are seeing it here too. You know, because a lot of people come in and have very limited visibility, about how far you can take this, how creative you can do, where did these skills and this knowledge really apply? Just in you know, promoting legendary marketer or working in the make money online niche? No, it's not. That's just what a lot of us see because we turn around in sort of, well, in many respects, we were already looking at that content on TikTok. And so TikTok continues to feed that so our world gets very, like kind of isolated in focus because of algorithms. And that's the problem with all of the world. You're not careful. The internet will surround you with nothing but your own eye. And then you'll really be backed into a corner. When you're only believing your own ideas, and you forget that there's a whole world with a bunch of people who have a bunch of other beliefs. Then guess what, you start to suck at selling, and you start to suck at being able to get along with people and persuade people because guess what? Not everybody has the same belief that you do. And so this is you're bringing out a lot of a lot of powerful stuff here.

Cindy: When I asked you a question, please when you started because I know your background. What made you see this and realize because you went through it, I mean, the same thing. You had to look at it and suddenly say, well we'll wait, wait a minute, this is better than physically working out. They're like, what did it for you?

Dave: Well, I was doing MLMs. I was telling them to lose and chasing. So I was on a construction site with my father in 2008. And there was a guy that kept coming by that we had previously worked on his house. His name was John, he joined an MLM. We were working at a home a couple of houses down on the street and John kept coming by every day on his lunch break and saying, This is the best thing since sliced bread. It was a cell phone MLM or refer three it was something and so I ordered the phone. I joined the business. All the money from that one construction job in the company went out of business before I got the phone. Oh, man. Yeah, but I had the bug. You know I had the bug. I had the bug of entrepreneurship. And so I got on the internet, and I started to learn how I can kind of take in MLM business because I did a little thing joining another one too. I think I ended up joining Numis. Network which was a numismatic coin and no longer in business. And you know, I came online looking how to generate leads basically, because I was passing out business cards I was collecting business cards. I thought the secret is don't pass them out. Collect them. Because then I can follow up with you. I swear to God, this is one of my things. I mean, these are some of the hundreds of business cards that I collected in 2008-2009. Again, to try to then follow up with people and none of it worked. I put magnets on the side of my truck to drive around. I thought that's the secret I'll be driving. I'll get more calls but none of it worked until I learned how to place it . Back then it was organic marketing that was not as powerful as it is now. So I started with Facebook ads and marketing training, how to generate leads online training. Other MLM errs

Cindy: Oh, I liked that. Instead of you chasing that,

Dave:  Well I became the hunted instead of the hunter and I still use that phrase to this day. I learned how to become the hunted instead of the hunter. And any business where you're the hunter, any business where you got to DM people you got to reach out to people when you got a cold coffee. That's why I say a lot of y'all come in the Facebook group and all this and you have people who are reaching out to you saying they want to be your coach. The only thing they can teach you is how to turn around and do cold out. That's all they know. So you have to be careful any business where you're the hunter is not a fun business. Anybody the hunted, you'd have to create, you have to find platforms or find specific leveraged activities like running an ad that's a leveraged activity because you got to pay for it but it's just it gets pumped out 1000 people you don't have to do the manual work. Speak one to many. That was the secret that I realized was I got to speak one to many to get people in and at least get them initially qualified. And then I can if I'm going to talk to him on the phone or whatever. I'm talking to really highly qualified people. So that was a little bit of my journey.

Cindy: That makes total sense though, but I think I was listening to you. One of the things too when I first started going back to being other people. If you don't know when you're in school and you're learning information when you just try to memorize it, you don't actually digest it and like to own the information. But once you legit understand, then it's so much easier to produce content because you get what you're trying to say. Instead of like when I first started I did pointing and I did this stuff. And I was just trying to copy because I didn't. I didn't feel it yet. I didn't get it. Does that make sense?

Dave: Totally get it. I mean, a lot of our students have to learn with their bodies. You can't learn with your mind. You have to learn by doing it. It's yeah, there's no way around it and that's why they do it yourself who route the people out on the internet who are teaching Internet marketing as if it's a lotto or a four slot machine. It is You're only wasting your time by doing that because yeah, do it. You gotta do it. I'll show you this one thing. This was my initial. This was my initial interview. You know back in 2010 of that particular company where I was an affiliate and selling some of that MLM stuff. This was when I was the member of the month 2010 This is 12 years ago, okay. 12 years ago. This was an interview that I did where I became the member of the bunch for that particular company. So I actually kept marketing to MLM errs until I had some results in that short of where my career launched from and I think that there's a lot there's a lot to say about creating a success story as an affiliate. You know, it's, you know, a lot of us are interested in multiple streams of income, but sometimes it's good to promote something and you can create a certain type of result within that company or community or within that affiliate program. And that was one of the things that I was able to do. Here I was able to become the Muslim. I was able to get a couple of awards and acknowledgments and I was able to use that to boost my confidence. And I was able to use that to boost and build my credibility on the internet as well. So you know, I started with that offer in 2009. And you can see that I'm getting interviewed here November 7 2010. So, you know, there was some time and dedication that was put into that. But anyways, enough about me before we wrap up. Do you have any other questions that you want to ask me?

Cindy: Well, I just find it interesting. Because like you, you went from because like this summer, I decided that I wanted organic stuff I decided to take a little mini mental break, maybe not on purpose. I did a roadside garden stand. And it all was lovely in the spring when the weather was beautiful, but when it was 90 degrees day after day after day, and I'm out there sweating, and I'm like, cup you know, it really makes you remember it made me remember why I really want to learn this. That's not the way I mean I grew a beautiful beach thing. When that was one of the things you got to look at the numbers, you've got to look at the business and I realized physically, I could only grow so much. You can't charge $30 A tomato like you can only make so much money and it just reminded me there's so much bigger out there. You know like I mean physical is great, but

Dave:  It was exhausting. Well, that's the benefit of information. The benefit of information in selling information is that you can charge a premium for it right and the reason why you can do that is because to the person who doesn't need that information, it's completely valueless. They wouldn't pay a penny for it. And for the person who really wants the information and also needs it. They're willing to pay a premium for it. And that was what I realized was that the importance of picking a niche in dialing it in in speaking to a specific audience in really understanding their pain points, and then being able to present a solution that could solve even if it was one problem. One problem like for an MLM or to be able to generate leads online. That's just one problem. You know what I mean? So if you can solve one problem, all in on that it's really something and the other thing that I realized which I'll just drop on everybody, is that I realized the biggest audience was always going to be the people who are looking to get started. The people who are thinking or getting ready to give anything worth thinking about it. And so I see a lot of people coming on and they're marketing specifically to affiliate marketers, and they're using all that specific language. Well, if you're in this niche, and you're marketing to them, and I'm only speaking from my experience, I'm not saying everybody needs to go and maybe make money online it with a Christian example that speak to their pain speak to their every day probably don't get so caught up on industry jargon, that you forget that the majority of your audience doesn't understand art and so I think the same thing applies in all the niches that people mostly come online because they want like you said a release of dopamine, they want to quick joy they want to escape. They don't even come on tick tock to learn. If you're dropping mad knowledge on it's kind of like, may not be ready for that. But storytelling entertainment curiosity is the way to tease people in or Chum the Waters to get them in. And then you offer them something in exchange for their email address. Which begins the relationship. That's really the beginning of the relationship when they say yes, you may enter into my private inbox.

Cindy: What do you think? What would you say then for him that that's the right direction for the adventure newsletter because that's kind of where I got that idea obviously from going through the training that I need to get him in. I need to collect that. But I didn't want his content to look. I didn't want his content to be salesy. But once I draw them in if I do it in a way that is very fun, and it Do you think that's the right direction?

Dave:  I do think that you can create anything like there's no real wrong direction as long as you're following the basics of the business model, which the basics of any business model online and really any business in 2022 should be to build your database and send them some sort of a value ladder over time. Right. So, you know, value first email, and then everything should be education based sales, you know, just like we do here. Right? There. It's kind of the same. This literally applies in any niche and what would I do in exchange for their email? Just really simple, maybe test a couple of different lead magnets like these are the five best places to travel with. In America, or you know, something that you know, what's really valuable, short, easy, quick exchange, and I'll send you more, you know, cool guides like this in the future or something like that. And you can order them you want after the on the landing page, you could offer that there's so many different things that you can do Yeah, I mean, it's it's it's really incredible, but I think you have to ask yourself really when we're there's like the reason why people spend money in the Make Money Online. niche is because there's an ROI attached to it. They can logically justify it. You know what I mean? Like emotionally I want this in life. I want a better market. I want to get rid of the pain, but it's going to cost money. Oh crap. Okay, well, I can make the money back and then we start to logically. So the question is people are going to be very emotional about their dogs. When it comes time to ask for me and James for somebody's going to be a logical moment where people are going to have to justify the price. And the question is, how do you do that? One way that you can do that is in one way that a lot of companies do that is well, the money that you're going to save is going to make way more than what you're going to spend on this subscription. Right. The other thing is that an idea is how to never board your dog. You know, there's so many different things that I think people would enjoy. But one thing I don't want to I don't want to miss here is just the justification of justifying the purchase logic. And so there it can't just be entertainment, unless there's a bunch of people who are not, but I think there's too much animal content that's free. So how can you justify it with your specific knowledge to both entertain them, but also to provide real financial savings or something else that's going to move the needle for them so they can logically justify the sale? Does that make sense?

Cindy: Yes. Do you think it also, I thought about not only his stuff, but I don't know if there was a way to introduce how to if you want to make your pet? Yeah. Is there a way that you think slip in where it doesn't come across salesy, but like a lot of people would like to do this?

Dave:  The trick to making a lot of money in sales and marketing is learning how to tie current events, stories, or just things that seem unrelated into your product to your offer. And what I mean by that is, analogies, parables, stories are the most powerful way to get somebody to understand what you're talking about. It's why parables and things have been spoken and used in religious texts and so forth for 1000s of years. Because people remember stories. It's why people you know, why their stories and children's books and so forth, and we watch movies and it's why we attach to those things because we can process stories a lot better than we can process just random information. You know what I mean? Because we're emotional and survival based beings, that are also connected or we are. Connection is important to us human beings as well. So data, it's not, we don't hold feelings and stuff like that. So I think that I think that I think that being able to tie in points into what you're doing and in stories and things of that nature into what you're doing and sort of in sort of, so for example, it'd be like Hey, buddy, here, look, you know, I live a really good life in I don't know, I tend to be sort of the the coming I'm imagining has this personality that he may or may not have, but hey, it's buddy here in the email writing. And you know what, I'm a gangster pimp player Mac. And I live an amazing life. I mean, seriously, I got more clothes than most of the guys in my neighborhood. You know what I mean? And I eat. I mean, it's like, it's like, I feel like I've got a Michelin chef in the kitchen. I mean, I'm constantly snacking on the best salmon in the world. It's unbelievable. And in order for me to continue to live this life so my mom my mom's you continue to make lots of money. And there's a couple of ways in which she does that. You see that? You see how the transit so it's this used humorous and I just use it but what I did was I created a transition to introduce and talk about ways to make money online. And what I mean by your, I've always said that your income is simply it's in direct proportion to your creativity. In that's why we don't mark it here, like, oh, we'll do all the things in 14 because, like those ideas of telling that story and then tying it into your product, or using a current event and tying it into your product or your service is you know, really the real trick to taking your sales and your marketing to the next level because now you can relate to so many different we can do content and that's the power of analogies. If I talk to an 18 year old kid in Wyoming, a 54 year old 55 year old guy in LA I need to use different stories. I need to use a different analogy to connect with that individual. That's why those are so important.

Cindy: I love that. I just got that was so huge, because that is exactly it and that is his personality. He's a terrier. So he's what I love so it transitions beautifully without coming across as hey, let me tell you something.

Dave:  Totally, totally. And that also, if it doesn't make you laugh, and you don't have fun writing it and doing it. It's not going to be funny to people. It's like a lot of times we're mad because our content is not taken off, but you're in 2022 and like content is king. Content is queen. So you have to put forth a little bit more that's why analogies and I talked about this in the blueprint analogies. parables. Stories are so important. Also, I think the cool thing is you're almost like a pen name, but it's clearly another you know, it's an animal you get to you could if you wanted to be more bougie than you would normally be yourself if you were talking, you know what I mean? And so I think that's kind of a fun part about it. There was a guy named Kelly Felix, who did a promotion called the rich jerk, and it's where he sold an internet marketing training but he hired an actor in the rich jerk who walked around like, you guys could not be successful as I am. You know, you know, he's got models around him and he's just talking down to people like he said better because he's rich, the rich jerk, but he's gonna do you peasants a favor, and he's gonna let you into his course. So you can learn the same skills, and it was funny as shit and he just sold tons. And so, you know, again, creativity, if your creativity is low, your views are going to be low, your income is going to be low, you have to be, that's the key. There's nowhere in the world and 2022 to where you know, just pressing a button is going to make you rich anywhere on this globe and we are too much of an advanced species for you to have such low expectations of anybody who's listening. So, you know, it's about being entertaining. It's about being polarizing, you can stick to your values, but anything that when somebody comes on your video, it throws them off a little bit or it's just you telling a story that just doesn't sound like everybody else. That's the point.

Cindy: I think that's the hard part too, like me. From the magazine, I became very generic because I didn't want to polarize anyone, and that's a mistake, because then your personality doesn't come out. I mean, you don't have to go on and intentionally antagonize people. But you have to, you can't just be tan, you can't be generic about everything because you're bored.

Dave: It's better to just be you and I mean, you know, there's a lot of I'm not a big politics and religion guy, but I mean, there's a lot of people who have used politics and religion to polarize people in 2022. You know, they take up political sovereignty. They call out the, you know, the freedoms seekers or the Patriots or whatever. Like I don't get into all that because I tend to not get wrapped up in any politics only values right? But it's true, it polarizes people. It gives people either a live or live view and we're also afraid to be hated, or excuse me, they get people to either love you. We're also afraid to be hated, but we don't realize how much we can be loved.

Cindy: I think they are afraid to be hated, afraid to make a mistake, afraid. There's all of those fears, especially you know, starting out and something like you said, you're afraid. I was afraid of what people would think of me. I didn't want my friends to see I was doing something else because I was like, Oh my God, they're gonna go here. You know, you get caught up. They don't think about me. I don't know why I think they do. They don't waste their day. But you get caught up in your own mind. You know, you do. Like, they don't care what they're doing.

Dave:  They don't, they don't and you are a piece of entertainment for them for a second where they talk some sort of smack to their husband about you. Who gives a shit. It's like that's just them. It doesn't affect you. Maybe they're projecting their disappointment and their own wealth. But if we just all imagine for a second that the whole world that the whole world just for like just sits in that for five or 10 minutes. And what's first, can you imagine the worst possible thing that could happen? In sort of, sort of condition your skin that way, you know, to toughen up and thicken up your skin. And also if you can reframe, I think the most powerful way to deal with hate is to reframe things and to really realize that when somebody's speaking, hate on to you, that they're just simply disappointed in themselves, and they'd rather take it out on somebody else than say, and so that's a huge reframe that allows you to not get caught up anyway, because, as you probably know, we're hard enough on ourselves if you just kind of drifted out, we're on worst critic.

Cindy: Yeah, I agree, I think. Yeah, I think I want more people. You talked about your mindset if more people started there, and I think what I found very important for me because like I said, my husband, he's a good guy, but he's not of the same mindset as I am. You have to fill your mind with good stuff. You will have the light coming at you know, listen to a podcast, listen to a show, listen to an audio book, keep putting good content in and it'll balance it out, but you have to put the good in I think, you know, I listened to a ton of Vox.

Dave:  The reason why I do this show is because I think that listening to real conversations is the most powerful way to both learn but also learn mentally but also learn at a physical level. Because, you know, again, it's not about what somebody tells you, it's about how it makes you feel. And what we need as entrepreneurs is competence. And so the question really here is this right here. If you listen to people who lack confidence in themselves and lack conviction, when they speak, you will, you will adapt that if you listen to people who have confidence, they speak who have conviction, and it doesn't mean that people who don't have competence, it's not a good or bad. It's not better or worse. It's just if you have a specific target, meaning you want to become more confident, and that is the number one thing that we all need to do to become successful as entrepreneurs. I believe personally, the most powerful way to do that, don't listen to confident people speak because when you listen and watch and that's why I'm on camera every day when you know, I'm not confident about everything that I speak about why I don't have a podcast or a show on every niche. But when you listen to somebody speak with confidence and conviction about what they're talking about. You become more emboldened. You become more confident and I've got a great example to prove the point. World War. The Nazis, who in their right mind would think that doing what he says is in any way a good idea, but because he spoke it was such confidence influenced an entire country to do unspeakable unspeakable not a whole lot of people. unspeakable acts now, was every single one of those people born evil. I don't think so. I don't believe so. I'm not trying to minimize or justify their behavior. But what I'm saying is that, when we listen to matters, we want to develop our confidence, then we need to listen to other human beings speak about the things that we want to do. Make them make sense to us. Help us to believe in ourselves a little bit more and again, based on the example I just gave, that really can go either way. So we also have to be careful.

Cindy: But it is believed, I mean, believing that you can do it. Yeah, getting little success by stacking bins. Like I started doing some Amazon stuff. I have a page called daisies deals. And it's kind of silly. I do promo codes and discounts, low commissions. I mean, I just started it not long ago, I made I don't know 30 commissions or something. They're small, but it stacks the winds every day because I'm learning. I'm learning what people like. I'm learning how to bring people into my group. I'm learning how to do stuff. So it might be a $2 commission but it's proven over and over that I can do this and that and I made money with legendary I've made money promoting it. I like it so I'm starting to go, okay, I'm not, I'm no expert, but I'm getting it like he's made money. I mean, it's exciting.

Dave:  It is exciting and gives me confidence. That's the big thing that we have to remember that when we hear this beginning it's less about building income and more about building confidence. And if we look at it like that, that was one of the big takeaways of that documentary that I watched last night on that rapper Lil Baby. It's called untrapped. And what the real takeaway that I had from that particular documentary was how good he got just in a couple like a year at rapping. Like he wasn't a rapper. He wasn't a rapper at all, wasn't kind of a street hustler and he got out of prison and they sat out on the streets, you know what I mean? Get to create income in a different way. And so he practiced, work being worked on everybody, and you could tell the difference between like his first album and his third album or fourth album, these like two albums a year. So he was really practicing and rapping a lot and his competence from the first to like the third album, because he outworked everybody so fast. People were like this guy's now one of the best rappers in the world. Right and so that building of confidence versus building of income in that first year, I think is such a great focus. Because if you can build your confidence it's one thing like even if you can become the most competent plumber in the world that's really what you need. Because when you walk up to a job. There's a lot of power in saying I'm not too cheap in town, but I'll do it right. Yep. If I don't do it right. I'll come back and fix it for free. Yep, that's the plumber that I want. Not the guy who says I'll be the cheapest in town. We'll be in and out fast.

Cindy: It is. It's a very short story. I had to share what I found in a field. Do you know much about shows versus like hunters indoors? Because you're in Florida. 

Dave:  There’s a lot of shows my six year old did throughout all of 2014-2021 didn't get into showing but learned how to write and we spent many many hours at an equestrian bar. 

Cindy: I only paid $2,300 because he turned out to be one of the most amazing show horses. Do you know what the Devon Horse Show is? Have you heard of Devon? It's the oldest and one of the biggest outdoor horse shows it's been. I think it's over 100 years old. They usually bring in like the top 30 horses from the country. You have to qualify. So we drove in and I had a crappy old horse trailer. I have a horse that I paid $2,300 for. And I'm looking around at these hundreds of 1000s of dollars worth of horses, big name trainers, people and my horse and I want to add what was amazing. I borrowed competence because I didn't have it in myself. But I had it in him. And I borrowed it and I feel like in this you know, however you have to feel confident at first and then you do it and the confidence will develop like if people are struggling. Go Live or like find someone to go on live with you. Like if you're struggling in your first life I know so many people have gone on with me because I just talked too much. But they need to borrow it. You know what I mean? And like, just just do it and you'll get good at discovering he started he wasn't a rapper, but he did it he practiced. And now he's amazing.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, exactly. And then you know, it's it's, it's really something because you develop confidence rather quickly. It is interesting, the biggest leap that anybody makes is getting started. You borrow confidence quickly, and you're right. You can borrow it from other people Jay Leno said to set one time that he's in this guy is if I'm going to take success advice from anybody. Jay is so successful. He was so successful for so many days. And now he's got the best collection of classic cars in the world. Like Jay Leno's Garage is a TV show and he said that you don't have to believe in yourself, you just have to when you're getting started get other people to believe in you. And man that's some powerful wisdom because if I waited until I believed in myself, I would never I would never get started. I did not believe in myself when I got started. There are days when I struggle with self esteem even to this day, it's not as bad as it used to be but I am a human being with a rough past and a lot of things that I've had to work through and overcome. And so do you. So all those who sit there and say a lot to juggle? No, you got it all if you've been through just as much stuff as I have. So don't minimize your own problems. All of you out there listening and what you've been through. But yeah, I didn't have any belief in myself. And so I started to just focus on delivering value. Trying to show that there was a better way to do MLM show people there was a way to earn, like, that's how I started like it was with that kind of it was with that energy. And my confidence grew over time because I saw that people were believing in what I was doing. And I kind of use that as your as my I mean, that's what you have to do. You can't use mentors who can ask a mentor if you're doing it well enough. You got to go ask them. Your mentor is not going to pay you, you're paying him. You have to go ask the marketplace to believe in you and work on getting them to believe in you. And man you once once one person believes one person. Thank you that was from and you can have 100 negative comments, but it's all it takes a lot of times just one person to DM you say that changed my life. Thank you for the school. You're like, oh, yeah, okay, let's go. You know.

Cindy: It feels good.

Dave:  It's addicting.

Cindy: Yeah. In a good way, but I do I think you know, like you said, you have to, you have to look around and like I think that brought up a point of content in the beginning when I was getting low views on my content. You had to be honest with yourself and say okay, if they're not watching it, it's because I'm freaking boring. Like you got to like you say be honest with yourself, but you have to be honest, like, if it sucks, it sucks. You know, don't cry about it. I realized that about my weight. I've always been chubby, and I used to get upset about it. Like if someone would say something and I finally was like, You know what, it's not emotional. Like if my dog was on weight, I would just be like, okay, dude, we're gonna give you some different food. You don't cry about it. You know what? I kind of made a change. And I'm like, you can't get emotional about all of that stuff, though. You know? 

Dave:  Too, isn't it? Yeah. It's like, yeah, sorry. No, I mean, it's exhausting and I am constantly a wave pool for everybody's comments, like based on what you say, sending a wave of sadness or a wave of anxiety. I have to. Yeah, I have to. I have to really, really put a lot of weight on the positive belief build moments and supporters. And I have to really put zero belief on the haters in the negative. And if I can find somebody that believes in me, and that's why I think this community can be so powerful for each one of us, is because we can always find one person in this community that can believe in us like if you're working, you can find one person that can believe in you. And even if you don't have that person at home, I realized my wife couldn't be everything for me. Like she can't be my cheerleader and my rock and my lover and my best friend and an amazing mom and like I gotta have realistic expectations. So I got to also be willing to be an adult and not complain about everybody in my life, not supporting me, but go and find people who do support me and feed off of their beliefs if I can't, because you know what? Our spouses love us deeply and eventually they'll come around, but I have to be responsible for my own success. And if you're not going to give me the belief in you for or that I need or that I want. I have to be a big boy or big girl and go for those. And that's what I did in the sense like when I started my wife didn't know what the hell I did. We were just recently getting clean. So it wasn't like I had a track record of being some great business person. And she didn't. She knew what she was like, that's great. And I had numismatic coins from that MLM. There was a moment that I couldn't pay my half of the bill. And she said, I don't give a shit ghost, take those numismatic coins to the jewelry store. ” I was like, Oh God, this is something that is my business. Which, you know, she was just in reality. Yeah, you know, a lot of times as entrepreneurs, we get in the cloud. You know, so my, it's about also pointing at expectations in the proper places. And there are people. It was a couple of years, and my wife's always been the foundation and it was probably a couple of years before my wife really got it. It was like this is a career for you. 

Cindy: Keep doing it. 

Dave:  Work in the same room together every day and we're on a different you know, in a different place.

Cindy: But you're a great example for people that I mean I you know, I think a lot of people appreciate that about your story is that you're honest with it, you you don't hide it, you tell people because it is your story and it shows you set your mind to it you get the right education, you open your mind to ideas, and then you do the work. You can look at what you did.

Dave:  Yeah, I think it's and it all happened. Honestly, I didn't plan any of it. I mean, I just really put them the same way that each one of us has success. It's not a secret or anything but it's all we've talked about today and a great example I agree with a lot with you, buddy, I'm sure this guy is a real professor. I mean, I really know how to sit there through an interview. And it's got that media trained,

Cindy: But he's a maniac when he's not when he's not here. He's funny when I tell you. He's like a maniac. He's so good, though. When he feels like you have one. I know you gotta go boardshorts Do you think it's beneficial for his life? He wants to have some buddy buddy stuff like cards with like, I have all these cute pictures of him, some like sort of buddy merch but not tacky like, you know, not not tacky stuff. He wants to have some nice things to like companies like Tito's vodka and they give a portion of their proceeds to a rescue. Do you think that that gives a portion of his earnings to a rescue?

Dave:  I mean, my experience as a thing behind me or as a part of my office is that it didn't move the needle because our people and they're only going to be motivated by something that they want to. Oftentimes they want to put their money towards the charity that they want to make sure that money was to and I think that when you start to do a charity thing, you also open up your business for yourself. 

Cindy: Yes, I never thought about that. Yeah, you're right, it opens up a huge they want to know where you're spending your money. If he wants to donate then he just went donation out of his arm. Okay, see, I'm glad I asked you that.

Dave:  Actually I did marketing for me when I did it selling the product. If it's a charity only event, if it's something like that, that's different auction, but if it's a I'm going to, I felt that some of the companies that have done a charitable thing like toms, they make a pair of shoes and they get us away or there's some companies that make socks for repair, they sell they give one away. I took the growth of those companies if that actually made sense if that's been a long term good strategy, but it never dawned on me to want to buy the shoes. I bought one pair one time in my sweaty feet so that I never bought another pair.

Cindy:That's true. I never thought about that. Does it make me buy the product? The only one that I like is Tito's vodka because they have an actual dog rescue. So that's a different, right, you're right. I never looked like, Oh, I'm gonna buy these cards because they donate money to the kitty rescue or something. You're right. Yeah.

Dave:  And, you know, Rolex is a great example of that like Rolex. A. Hans will offend or like to create a foundation and in less than a business to the foundation. So it's a nonprofit, and Rolex themselves does a lot of environmental work. Cool. It makes you feel good about buying a watch from them. Because there's that element on top of the watch. But yes, you're right. They've, they are the foundation verb. I think there's different psychology as you just pointed out, so let's do a follow up to come back and bring more questions. Anyone who's featured on the show can fire off any questions. And yeah, buddy.

Cindy:He wants to know if you make legendary shirts in his size.

Dave:  Not that I know of. There's a possibility that we could put it on the wish list and could have done the merch.

Cindy: So much. It has been so awesome. Oh, can I make you say analogies by No, no, I picture what I learned were really seen in Wizard of Oz where she black and white. She opens the door and everything is in color. Remember that scene? That's what learning this has been for me. 

Dave:  It’s like a whole new world. So Well, thank you. Great to talk to both of you and keep up there. Legendary. See you, buddy. We'll talk to you later. We'll follow you on social and support you again so follow your journey. Okay.

Cindy: Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure. Thanks.

Dave:  Take care, Cindy. All right. There you have it. Wow. A totally different totally, totally different angle on what we're teaching here and how it can be used. So let that marinate. Second. There were a lot of nuggets that just came up sort of spontaneously as well throughout this episode, so definitely worth a read. Listen. And we'll see you back here for another episode. Tomorrow. If you want to make sure you never miss an episode. Then you can subscribe to our texting list and you can just text the words Wu l uppercase, I don't even think it has to be case sensitive to the number on your screen. We'll shoot a little text message right before we go live. Just click the button and go right over to our live video. So make sure that you do that. We'll never spam or send any crap. I mean, maybe sell something or offer something one day to that list, but we haven't yet in a couple years so it'd be pretty good. Alright my friends. Yeah. Wow, what an episode if you want to be featured. If you have a business that you've launched, it's in a weird niche and you've gone through our training and you think that you could offer some value back and have a cool conversation. Then go and apply and fill out our questionnaire to be featured on the show and again, Cindy, and thanks again to of course her influencer buddy. Alright, see you guys later. Have a great day. Get out of here. Be Legendary.