Matt: Greetings everybody happy Friday welcome in. It's Friday, August. Today's Friday the 13th Okay, I didn't realize that dang weird. I just took a look at my calendar. Alright so, welcome in if you're here if you're new you don't recognize me like who is this dude. My name is Matt and we are live, it's 7am Where I'm from, but I thought maybe our guest is from California, Connecticut, I'm not actually sure, but it might be seven, eight for him so I'm not really sure. I saw something. So anyway if you're here and you live with us. Let us know in the comments, and let us know where you're tuning in from. It's always cool to see where people are tuning in from because we get people from all over the world. So, anyway, we're alive. And we're going to bring in our guests for the day, his name's Chris, and he is a full time Cook, and also building his online business through social media. So Chris, are you out there, just. How's it going, California or Connecticut?

Chris: I'm actually in Houston Texas right now. 

Matt: Okay, are you originally from somewhere else or did you move to Houston?

Chris: I moved to Houston, but I'm actually from California. Okay.

Matt: Because our questionnaire I think said California but anyway. Cool. Awesome. Well, welcome to the show, thanks for coming on, by the way. 

Chris: Yeah, thanks for having me. 

Matt: Awesome. How do you like Houston?

Chris: Oh, it's great. I mean it definitely is not you know Cali, weather but other night, it's pretty cool. Cool lots of, lots to do. 

Matt: Nice, awesome. Your ceiling thing is sick, dude. How did you do that?

Chris: Just Led lights, and then a lot of cotton fill up like a little walk around town with a lot of different loads to it, that’s sick.

Matt: Yeah it looks cool on video. Yeah, that's awesome, dude. I guess it was actually pretty easy, I guess, like if you're just a bunch of cotton and then you have the string, LEDs, that's okay cool we'll bring us into your world, man. Tell us a little bit about you. Tell us about sort of your journey to looking for something online, like how did you get to that point.

Chris: It started a while ago, like back in, you know COVID 2020, me and my buddy were trying to find something to avoid nine to five. You know I really want to travel, I mean that's like my biggest passion in life is to really like to be able to travel the world. And so we were looking for something that we would be able to do while out on the road so that we had money coming in like a source of income. And so we tried everything from drop shipping to, we actually tried affiliate marketing, back in the past but, I mean we had no experience doing that so we tried blogging and you know like putting affiliate links in with Amazon and about March of last year April of last year. 

Matt: Okay, cool. 

Chris: And yeah, none of that worked out too well for us. I mean really just doing it with no experience and no knowledge just, you know, watching YouTube videos and really just trying to go from there. 

Matt: Nice, cool , what style of stuff are you blogging in, did you have interest, did you have niches, what, I'm just curious.

Chris: We tried video games at first just because we are like huge gamers, and yeah, you know like a if we can do that, you know we can get some discounts on some games and so we tried to enter for GameStop for a while, but we really didn't know like the formatting and like how to really bring people into it. So it just never really went anywhere for us. Okay. All right, cool.

Matt: So, then, can you kind of go through 2020, were you creating video content were you blogging? Did you stop, and then come back or how did legendary enter the picture.

Chris: So, we actually tried doing drop shipping, and we tried doing it. We tried doing a woman's clothing brand, just because you know, we know that women buy clothes online a lot. And we had created everything, got everything all set up, and then when it came time to get like manufacturers and all that to actually provide the clothing, or the candidates for us. Yep, we were denied because we didn't have a big enough following. Yeah. And so we had everything set up until that point, and then we figured. All right, so let's get the following going. And we were kind of scrolling tick tock, and I actually came across Darryl Gray and saw several of his videos. It actually took me, I don't know, maybe like 10 times of seeing his content, and seeing how young he was but also seeing like the success that he's had. I feel like you know this guy can do it. I mean, I can't do it. And so I got in with him. And I checked out your guys' website and I really just clicked with Dave's sales video. And I went through the challenge and absolutely loved it and it just clicked for me.

Matt: That’s cool, man. That’s cool as you went through the challenge or So had you bought any other like other products or services online before like had you like, like had they taken any other trainings before us or, or were you just kind of before were you just kind of like looking on YouTube and then kind of flying by the seat of your pants.

Chris: Basically just YouTube, we didn't really know what was. We didn't know what was legit or not. And so it definitely took me quite a few times of seeing your guys' stuff before actually wanting to get into it like knowing that it's legit. 

Matt: Yeah, That makes sense. I think that's funny because I think that that's kind of a case for everybody, you know, well, I shouldn't say that for everybody. I think that there's sort of this limbo period where people are kind of feeling things out a little bit and try and, you know, actually legit is this Dave Sharpe? I don't know about this guy you know like, is he gonna run off with my money. I do think at some point, most people get to the point where they're like well, even if this guy does run away with all my money, it's only seven bucks, so like, I end up buying and I don't get a login or something and I can't even I can't find the guy, you know, I basically like a Starbucks Frappuccino at that point so.

Chris: So when I saw you, and I actually went through and liked, and like the process of purchase, seeing your guys's product for $7. I was trying to make it like this. Everything or Nothing, I mean I bought every add on that you guys had, and it has just been amazing content, honestly like it has helped my business so much and like my knowledge of affiliate marketing and my understanding everything, definitely has been because of you guys. Nice, that's cool.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like. So in, in, you log in for the first time you try to like, picture this you log in for the first time you tried to do some gaming affiliate marketing try to do a few other things, what, now that you've got a little bit of success, you've got a good TikTok following you've kind of found a little bit of a stride, what, what do you feel like is sort of the next step or is, is the next step just continuing the current step?

Chris: I think for now, I would like to continue the current step, and then really just try to see how long I can go with this, I mean, I wasn't really in it for like helping people out at the, at the start. But after seeing what this can do for me and what it can do for others. I really like to stick with this, and really just make this a full time income. And so I can branch off into other incomes. Matt: That's cool, that's cool, I like it. And you, are you part of our business blueprints yet?

Chris: No, I have not purchased them yet, but I've got to get into them.

Matt: Well, you know, some people do, some people don't. It's not a big deal. I'm just curious. And so you've been, you've been sort of in our world for about a couple months, what, in terms of like the training, the community what have you found most valuable?

Chris: Honestly a little of both. Not only the training for like the knowledge, but when you're stuck with something, I mean, going to your guys's like Facebook groups and everything and being able to ask whatever and having so many people help you out is, it's amazing

Matt: Alright so when you go, you kind of hinted at this in your title but when you go into the whole, you know, TikTok gave me my confidence a little bit, what, tell us, like tell me I'm just curious, like what do you mean by that, what do you, what is the journey on tick tock been like for you?

Chris: Always been, you know, like that shy guy like I'm always just super laid back and I just don't really like to talk to people much and so it's, it's awkward for me to like to talk to people. And so, when I first started making videos. It would take me hours just to think of something and like, constantly remake the video remake the video and it's not perfect but it's not perfect. Just trying to get that perfect video. And since I've started dating, I put out a price of, like, 80 videos now. I mean I did 510 minutes and he's posting a lot more than I used to. I mean it's so much easier to come up with content now than actually get in front of it and like no one I'm doing cool man. That's awesome.

Matt: I feel like I resonate a lot with just being an introverted quiet kind of maybe a little shy like, when I first got a cat. I mean, you made more videos already than I did back in the day when I was getting started but also to be fair, I didn't have, tick tock. I didn't really even like Instagram that was not as viral as it is now. And, yeah, it just, I didn't really have quite as much at my disposal in terms of video marketing that I could put out there was more around blogging ranking on Google, YouTube is starting to get rockin. But man, you've got a lot of video content. That's impressive. That feels like an accomplishment?

Chris: Oh yeah, I mean, it definitely helps you like get out of your bubble and like get out of your comfort zone. And that was like a huge thing for me and like really right felt like I was struggling with it before. It was like making that content and like just getting out of that bubble to being able to do it. I mean I had videos in my drafts for so long because I was still subconscious about my videos as people that are like it are people gonna like this and it's like, I mean, it matters but at the same time you know like, it doesn't it doesn't. Yeah, you just gotta get that content out there but at the same time like, it's definitely got to be quality over quantity. 

Matt: Yes. Totally, totally. 

Chris: You definitely got to connect with your audience, you know you got to share your story and people really have to connect with you to get those followers. I mean if people don't connect with you, broadcast your stuff. 

Matt: What it is and when you're sort of in the mode of creating videos, how many of these are you doing per day? Sorry if you already said that but how many, on average, do you have like a certain want to hit this much or are you just kind of creating randomly. Do you have a system or is it just more scattershot?

Chris: It's kind of scattershot, I mean, I kind of just go with like, oh yeah like this is a good idea that comes to me and you know, I'll just go and make a video about it. Or I'll kind of just be like scrolling TikTok because I try to scroll with the purpose, you know, and always look for new ideas to revamp you know like put your own twist on. Ideally I would like to make, you know, at least three to five a day. But you know that doesn't always happen with everything that's going on.

Matt: Five a Day is a lot dude. One thing I think that helps sort of, or that I've seen, help people kind of sort out or give maybe, I don't know about structured but get a little bit more set structure for themselves is doing something like this, I was just showing this yesterday on, and this is super simple, by the way, but I was just showing this on our business blueprints webinars that I do every Thursday. And we talked through how to create systems for content and so I was telling people when they're brand new. I was, I was basically saying, hey look when you're brand new and you're trying to create content. First thing you should do is look at people in your niche who are already successful right so don't try to reinvent the wheel, don't try to create a bunch of content that you think is going to be great, may or may not flop, who knows. Instead of that, why not just, first of all, the very first thing you should do is go look at people in your niche who are already crushing it so for instance there was somebody there who's big on weight loss right and wants to teach people how to do weight loss tips and tricks. So I pointed them to this person right here, Dave's weight loss. Okay, and this guy is an affiliate marketer. This guy's an affiliate marketer for weight loss products. Alright, and it's actually, I think it's a custom keto diet is the product, it's, it's a Clickbank product and meaning. For those of you who are newer, it's a product on Clickbank that oh shoot, sorry, hang on. I lost my. You guys can't see my screen. Hang on. Okay, sorry, this guy. Dave's weight loss so he's, he's an affiliate marketer with 530,000 followers. And what I was saying to everybody was hey look, you don't have to go create all fresh new content basically what this guy's doing is he's, he's looking up on TikTok and YouTube, He's looking at viral videos, videos that got a ton of views on YouTube for instance a ton of views on TikTok, for instance, and he's basically reading off a teleprompter. I'm not kidding you, this guy is literally reading off a teleprompter and putting the words on the screen, and almost all of his videos go viral, almost every single one. But here's the thing, here's the difference. Chris, is that this guy knows copywriting. And so, if you guys look, this is super ninja by the way, but if you guys actually look at his headlines and read through some of his headlines, they're so powerful. No, your belly fat is gone. What happens if you stop eating sugar for 30 days? Do you struggle with binge eating and food addiction? What happens if you stop eating bread for 30 days, right, and you can go on and on through the list of all these videos now, what I tell people to do. Maybe this will help with, with your content creation, Chris, rather than it being a more scattershot type thing you can create a system and put a system in place that helps a lot, it takes, it removes some of the anxiety, like I get I get lingering anxiety about like, oh, when's my next video going to be or. When am I going to create my next video? So what I do is I use this little tool, have you heard of this tool called Sort For TikTok?

Chris: You know, I actually just found out about that a couple days ago. 

Matt: It has really helped out a lot within so what I just tell people to do is like, okay 9.5 million views. First of all, if any, here's my guarantee. If any human were to create this exact same video on a new TikTok, I can't guarantee it I can't guarantee anything. But I almost guarantee that you're going to get well over 10,000 views, at least 10,000 views, if not basically the same amount of views, this guy, you might get more actually. I've done this with different channels in different niches just to test it and try it and get more views than the original person. So, but my point is like, that might not be the end, that that's not the end goal or anything, but to get your first 1000 followers to get your first 10,000 50,000 followers, and to get a little bit of traction and to actually look kind of legit. It's a great strategy, you can literally go straight here, and you don't have to copy it, you don't have to write you don't have to do any of that, all you have to do is come in and say to yourself, Okay, how could I make this unique, and my own right, so you're not going to take his exact video and just copy it. You can change the words on it. But if you think about it. This is what I always tell people is, is showing somebody a video five foods you should never eat if you want to lose weight, is that proprietary. No, it's not, there's probably a million people out there who have made, maybe not a million, there's a lot of people out there who have made a video like that. And guess what, if you were to change out one of the foods or two of the foods. Now you've got it now it's totally unique. Right, and there's really nothing new under the sun. So people sometimes get this weird feeling like, oh, but I'm just copying somebody else's content, no it's just a strategy to grow. That's really it. Right. Benny, right here, just said I used this strategy yesterday. My TikTok got 50,000 views. Well, no kidding, of course it did, because it's, their algorithm is almost scientific, and it's really, really powerful. So, anyway, what I do is I click on this and then I grab the URL. So I grab a URL, and I just start keeping a running list of video URLs, and then I put, you know how many video views did this get like 9.5 million or something. And then what I'll do is I’ll eventually put in my video views like after 30 days or something, you know whatever you don't even have to put in your video views here, I just do that so I can kind of track and keep track. And then, especially when you're getting started, and then good I post it. I just put some x's in there just to make sure I know that I already posted that video and I won't post it again. And then, you know how long did it take me to create 40 minutes 20 minutes 10 minutes, two minutes, whatever, but all that's important here is that I have a running list, and I can basically keep these I can sort these if I wanted to by most viewed to least viewed, which you could do through I think. So just do a little sort sheet by column A to Z, and I'd have to get rid of this top one, but anyway, I can sort these by their numbers right. Let's see my call. There we go. And then I would do it, greatest to least, and I just started the top dude. Like, I literally just start right at the top and just pound through those until I get to a certain amount. And as those go viral in between what I'll do is I'll go live. If I wanted to, you don't have to go live, but I'll go live and then I'd also put it, I'd sprinkle in videos with more specific calls to action, like, as I'm doing those videos I'd also be maybe telling my story of weight loss or I'd be telling my story of making money on the internet or creating a YouTube channel or creating a TikTok channel or those kinds of things, because it takes all of the guesswork out, it's at least guaranteed that I've got one piece of content, and as I create that list what I'll do is also sort out the ones that don't really fit like who I don't like that or maybe it's a story about Chris and his life and it's like, oh, man, I guess I probably can't. I can't replicate something that's just totally like Nelson's story or Alicia's story or something. It's not my story. So I do stuff that's more informative like that weight loss one, all those videos are just like educational content, and I've done that in the dog training niche, in the Make Money niche, in the health and fitness niche, all kinds of stuff. So, anyway, my point being, there's, there's a good formula to that, and you can get a ton of traffic, it's crazy. Totally free obviously as you know.

Chris: I just, I don't have a system like that I mean if you look at my computer right now I probably have 20 to 30 different tips on channels like different tech talkers, and all in the same niche and I just, you know, use that sort for TikTok and try to find like the best videos and like try to recreate them when I'm just like, out of ideas. But no, that's, that's a super smart system to go by. 

Matt: Dude, I'm telling you, and, and I also tell people like if you're before if you're right at about 1000 So, like this would still apply to you, but I say if you're not to 1000 yet, like, dude, take, and like, take your time and actually like, like give yourself an hour or two hours, and take your time and become like a real ninja with this stuff, but what you do is you sort of map it out like second by second right you map it out, second by second like what's happening for the first five seconds. Then for the next 10 seconds and watch their pace, how quick they talk and, like, different things like that and then what you can do is you actually adjust, whether you have a teleprompter or a Google Doc with some bullet points or you actually have it all. Like this weight loss guy. I just think people don't realize how easy this is. But you can do this in any niche because there's a lot of people who do this type of stuff. But if you look at this, if you look at this weight loss. Look at him. Look at his eyes. He's literally reading off of his computer screen. He's literally reading off a teleprompter and sees eyes going back and forth. The dude is reading a pre-written script, he might have even the chances, I would say the chances of him having gone to YouTube, downloading a YouTube video and having it transcribed with some sort of software is actually probably pretty likely. And he, and now he's just reading that content on TikTok on another platform as his own. And so he's getting all of these 580,000 views. My guess is based on traffic volume, from what I've seen on channels like that, it's probably got himself a good little, you know, couple 1000 Maybe. I don't know 5000-10,000 Maybe. Probably not 10,000 but probably something in the range of like three, four or $5,000 a month, passive, just from that tick tock, right, and it could be more it could be more but just based on the LTVs of something like custom keto diet that probably my guess is like maybe the $5,000 month range, who knows, maybe it's more. But anyway, that guy's, he's smoking it with these videos getting millions of views, I mean his bad performing videos are like 50,000 views. That's a pretty dang good day for most. For most marketers on tick tock, you know.

Chris: Yeah, the crazy one I went by was, I think her name is Danny. She's another great talker. She has not shown her face in a single video of hers. It's all her tablet, and she's just talking over it but I mean she's getting 1000s of views on your videos. I mean I think last time I checked, she probably has like 200,000 followers. 

Matt: Wow. I mean, that's crazy. 

Chis: Yeah, for never showing your face that's, that's pretty amazing.

Matt: Yep. Oh I've seen her I've seen her thing. Yeah, I mean, it's the amount of ways and creativity that you could do this, this person right? Yeah, yeah 200,000 Yeah, it's crazy. Yep, yep, lots and lots of videos and if you short it by TikTok, for those of you who are like oh I don't want to show my face and how do I do it right, you do a quick sort for tick tock, and all you kind of do is just scroll up on this bad boy. And let's see what we got. Oh 4.4 million, and there's absolutely no face to this at all, right, and it's, I've done this, I've done this and I've watched other people do it. We had a guy, about a year ago when we were first getting going on TikTok, we had a guy, his name was, I think it was Matt. Matt, Canton or something like that. But he did the same thing. He had a Google doc pulled open just pointing at the screen. And the thing is that I'm sure I will. I will definitely admit that some videos online go viral because of the person they're hot, or, you know, they're, they're half naked, or, or they're funny, they're comedians or something like that, I get it. But in the education realm, it's all copy, it's all copywriting. And if you don't have our copywriting course, that'd be a great place to start for everybody who's here. It's called the copy playbook, you can get it for $1. But that little copy playbook, will help you write better, more engaging headlines because all of the stuff, you know on Danny's channel here, all of that stuff is all, it's all just copywriting, that's all that it is right super easy side hustle right make to make $18 Now working from home, five websites that pay $60 an hour to read books, affiliate websites for beginners get paid to color photos like all those things are like interesting and curiosity and drive enough curiosity that people are like oh shit like that's pretty interesting. And then they're like, boom, okay, and then at the end of the video, she's like, Hey, by the way, go to the link in my bio if you really want a great side hustle, right, and now she's driving a bunch of traffic from a channel that she's never really showing her face on. If you do show your face I'll say this, you're probably going to get better conversions because people are like, this is awesome. Like I really enjoy looking like, I feel like you're a real dude over there, right. But for her, she's just like, hey, maybe she's got it. Who knows, maybe she's Melinda Gates, right, for all we know. Maybe she's some super famous supermodel and she's just like hey I want to try this out and like I don't really want people that know what I'm doing, you know, or at least it's a way for people to get the hang of it and get some get moving and get going, and sort of prove the concept before they really go all in on it. Doing something like that's cool.

Chris: Yeah, and see all the people that I get messaging me on TikTok and Instagram. I'll always point them to her content because, I mean just the fact that she has 200,000 followers, and has never sold her face. I mean, you really can't beat that. I mean, like, that's your proof right there that anybody can do it without showing your face. If I personally like to show my face because I feel like it's more personal between you and them like you're literally talking face to face with them, and I feel like it builds more trust. Yep, you can do that. But I understand that there are some people, where it's like I just, I don't want to put my face online or anything, I just want to help people. I just want to make my money, but we'll see. Yep. So I mean, there's so many ways to do this business, it's definitely mind blowing. It is. Chris, man. thanks for coming on, for everybody who's here, who's starting to create content, maybe they're nervous or a little bit introverted or shy or something would give them a final word from you about what this journey has been like for you and what it's done for you.

Matt: It's definitely made things a lot easier. I mean, It's a lot easier for not only like online and making videos, but even to like go out in public and like talk to people, doing something like this has definitely like it's boosted my confidence a lot. Honestly, I mean it's, it's super helpful, and if you're on the edge about, you know, posting your videos, or even making content in general are posted on tick tock like it's worth it. You know when it's definitely worth doing. It'll help your business in a lot of different ways. That's cool man. I love that. Well, Chris, thanks for coming on and if you ever need anything from us, obviously just let us know man, me up and be happy to help. I forgot to put your Instagram handle up so I'll put that up there. Go give Chris a follow Chris, thanks so much for coming on. Appreciate thanks for taking your time, and we'd love to have you back someday.

Chris: Yeah, thanks for having me man, I appreciate it. Awesome.

Matt: All right guys, go give that guy a follow and make sure that you are tuned into our Facebook group today, we're gonna have day five of the Instagram challenge coming out here in just a second. And we've got people getting 10s of 1000s of views, and that's really powerful. So, for those of you who are here, and live with us. Have a great rest of your Friday, enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here Monday Dave will be back on Monday I think unless this vacation dips in next week, I don't know. But I think he'll be back next week so we'll see you again next week. Peace out, Take it easy.