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Dave: Hey what's going on morning to welcome to the wake up show it a is a special one, okay because we are going to be bringing on here in a second who is an affiliate for legendary marketer she has, you know gone through our education has gone through our training did decide that she wanted to become an affiliate and and help us to get the word out about our products and our programs and our training and in in along that path. What she's done is she's gone ahead and she's she's she's went all off and hit platinum you know, she's just gone off and done that. All right. So you know I'm traveling, and I am you know I'm out on a little family vacation. But just a little long weekend trip. My wife's best friend is here with her kids. And so, you know, we're just, we're just living the dream. I mean, you know, there's a lot of business models out there where people get on with their lives in these podcasts. And I'll tell you what, they preach the dream, but they're living the nightmare. And they're not they're not being they're not being really honest about what they're doing in their business and what it's really taking to operate that business and that's how it's how it's felt for me and a lot of businesses but not in this business. Have never felt like that in this business. I have always felt freedom. I've always felt like I can, you know, that I can. I can create marketing that is authentic. I can create marketing and I can talk about things that I want to talk about. And I can make it specific to me and I can make it I can make it my own. And I didn't always feel like that and certainly some of you who have done drop shipping and some of you who have have I talked about on the now infamous makeup legendary episode on Tuesday. Some of you all have also tested and tried out some of these you know, these, these, these these gimmicks in BS programs ran by you know, people who are not really interested in in in, you know, in building something legitimate, but But it's never felt like that in this business. And I'm thinking that that's the same with Jessica. So let's bring her on now and check in with her and of course recognize her for accomplishment. Jessica, welcome to the show.

Jessica:  Hi. Nice to be here.

Dave: Nice to have you and you know you have done something that you know quite a few people here at legendary have also done but I'll tell you what it takes a lot of a lot of hard work to to achieve that. And not a lot. I mean, I don't want to make it sound like it's something that everybody's doing because only a small percentage of people have achieved platinum. But it's you know, there's there's there's more and more that's happening lately and I think that's because of you know, the things that I was just talking about a second ago which is that this business is is simple to get into. You can feel good about what you're doing. And you know you really can align your business with your values and you don't have to do the things that I used to do or think that I had to do to be you know, a work from home person which was basically you know, drag people to home and hotel meetings and try to push lotions, potions and pills, and I didn't really even take myself you know, so anyways, how does it feel to be here and be recognized for this accomplishment when just a short while ago? I'm sure you were starting with the same apprehension and maybe even skepticism that are a lot of us start with

Jessica:  Yeah, yeah, I mean, it's, it's definitely been a roller coaster, you know, like they say, I was not one to just like skyrocket to the top like it took me a little longer but, you know, I truly, I truly believe that if I would have gotten everything that I wanted at the time that I wanted it right like on my timeline, I wouldn't have learned anything. You know, and it's been a roller coaster, but I'm just so happy to be here and I'm happy to just keep learning and stay a student you know, like, that's really what I had to do. I had to put my head down and I really had to, you know, learn because I think that in the beginning people kind of come into it and they're just like, I just need to get my funnel up. I just need to get my email going. And there is one to it, you know, but you always have to surround yourself around the right people that are going to elevate you and you know get you to where you want your business to be.

Dave:  I love that it took you longer and the reason why is because there's so many stories that make it seem like it's just an overnight like so many people are just succeeding so quickly and I really want everybody to understand that. But yeah, so anyway, I'm gonna turn it over to Matt to timber, but I want to come on, recognize you and just say Congratulations. We'll be right here upstairs and and Yeah, Matt Come on brother and and take it from here. And Jessica once again, congrats and keeps up the great work. Any more sessions that you have in the future? Okay. I'll talk to you so much. I'll talk to you guys later. 

Matt:  All right, cool. Well, yeah, congrats on everything. And I'd love to hear more. I think everybody would love to hear more about you know, the backstory of like, how you found legendary and what you were looking for and how that all went?

Jessica:  Sure. Sure. So, you know, like most I was scrolling through TikTok and you know, we were in. So I'm a nurse, and I haven't worked bedside since 2020. And I stopped working full time and I started an in-home daycare out of my house because I needed to bring money home. But my little boy, I stopped nursing because my little boy was struggling with some developmental issues and a speech delay kind of stuff and I just wanted to be home with him. And I knew I could not do the in-home daycare forever. Like I just knew in my heart that I couldn't. I was like losing who I was. I was becoming depressed. It was just not a good situation. So I'm scrolling through TikTok. And, you know, I found a woman and she was talking about affiliate marketing and how she got started in it and we had tried previous things. I've tried different MLMs and I've tried dropshipping the stock market. I mean, we were just trying, pulling at straws like changing things. And nothing did. I fell flat on my face. I was trying to learn from YouTube and I just fell on my face. And then I started affiliate marketing and I really honestly truly believe that it takes a good training to get you where you want to be. And I realized that I could not I could not learn from YouTube. I couldn't learn affiliate marketing from YouTube, because it was just going to be the same result as all the other stuff. So I knew I needed to take a course and train something that was going to teach me what I needed to know. So then I took you know, I took the 15 day challenge and it all you know went from there. You know, I didn't give up and it's been a year now. So yeah, I've been able to, you know, quit the in-home daycare and I'm a full time digital marketer now.

Matt:  She's been there for a year now. Wow. Remember like, what it was? Like, first, like purchasing a challenge and like, what were your thoughts like? So you were doing like a bunch of YouTube self learning. That's what you meant by YouTube, right?

Jessica:  Yes.

Matt:  I just kind of like searching around on YouTube like how do I do drop shipping or? Okay, so then you come into a course that is like, become into the challenge. Okay. What was that like in terms of your edit hitting your learning style, you feel like or what? What?

Jessica:  So, you know, I think it was just structure, it was the structure that I needed, I needed to have the information. One I needed one instructor right like I needed I needed someone to explain to me like what I needed to do because I was just going to this YouTuber to that YouTuber trying to you know, too many cooks in the kitchen type thing and one person was saying to do this, and then another person was saying that so that's what I liked about the course is that it was all structured in one spot and it was just here's the information, it's good information. Go with it. And not get it. First round. It's okay, a little lighter. Took me a little longer. You know, I had to do it a couple times before I was like, oh, okay, light bulb moment.

Matt:  I mean, like setting things up or starting content or what? Yeah, yeah.

Jessica:  So like, obviously the technical part was probably the biggest, my biggest, like hurdle that I had to get over. Well, I'd say content too. But, um, you know, it was just a learning curve. It was a learning curve to learn how to set up a sales funnel. And, you know, I tell people all the time, like, I went to nursing school, I had to learn a new set of skills. I was not perfect at it. In the beginning, I didn't know, go into a patient's room and know how to start an IV you know, or change a dressing. And this is the same concept as just because you don't get it the first time around. The more you do it. The more you practice, the more you build. You know, the easier it's going to get and the more familiar you are going to get with it. So, you know, just keep going. Just keep doing it. Practice, practice, practice, and now it's second nature email. So it's, you just have to keep going.

Matt:  It's so clear to me. In the last 30 seconds why you've been so successful, like your ability to communicate that even just that small point of like, I went to nursing school, the first time that somebody walked in with a huge cut on their arm. It's like Oh, shit, I gotta figure this out. And then you slip up, all right, like you figure it out, then you're like, Oh, I could have done a lot of things better on that. And then the next time then the next time and I think sometimes people don't think the way you frame that is like I think a lot of times people don't give themselves permission to learn. So when we go into the decade of the day, one thing I talk about is I basically explain it like hey, remember when you were a little kid and you were just toying around the sandbox or something building a sandcastle or something. And this is your two or three years old and you're just playing around with tools, right? I mean, you're just like, looking around. What's this? What's this? Okay, I'm gonna try to build this. And when the castle fell over or it didn't work, you weren't telling yourself I'm not good enough or Oh, wow, I'm such a loser like See, I knew it would fail. It's just like, oh, wow, interesting that fell over. Okay, let me try it a different way. And sort of like, there's this innocence that that kids have when they're learning and over time. I feel like humans have lost that because other people have told them they're not good enough where they missed the shot at the basketball game and somebody said, wow, like you're, you're not good enough or you weren't up to the moment and they start to we start to self doubt or I used to self criticize and self doubt and it hurt my self esteem and the way that you just explained that as a totally normal process for people. I find it helpful, because it is true. I mean, you just start out, you start. You're like, Okay, I got a sales funnel. Like I don't even know what the hell that is. Content and being able to explain that that's really helpful. That makes a lot of sense.

Jessica:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, in the beginning, for me, I liked it. I truly believe people don't give themselves enough. Enough credit like, nobody in the beginning starts this. Well, I would, I shouldn't say all but like most people start this and they don't know what they're doing. You know, like, everybody, right? You know, you too. I started this and you know, content was one of the things that I struggled with, just because when I started, I had zero confidence in myself. You know, I was at probably the lowest part of my life, and I was like, you want me to get on camera? Oh my gosh, that was not my comfort zone at all. So I did what I thought and what I thought was wrong. So I showed up as the person I thought people wanted to see because I wasn't ready to show up as me. So I started creating content. And it was okay, I'm gonna kind of like, make this imaginary person that I really wasn't. And then I sat back and I was like, Why? Why am I not connecting with people? Why is this not like working? Right? And it was because I was not showing up as myself and you know, your ideal customer lead, you know, person is really just a reflection of yourself. So if I'm not showing up as myself, how am I supposed to attract you know, my ideal customer? So it was really that pivotal moment, probably about one fourth of me just saying, I gotta I have to stop caring what people think. I need to stop caring about opinions and just show up as myself and kind of make this fun because I almost lost that. Like, it was almost almost like another thing I had to do, like, content was not enjoyable for me because I think I had this wall up. And when I brought that wall down, and believe me, it did not happen overnight. I know you guys are probably sitting there. Jessica. It's easier said than done. Believe me? No, because it took me like seven months to do it.

Matt:  Well, I don't, you might not be able to see the comments but everybody here is like you're just telling my story. This is exactly my thing.

Jessica:  Yeah. I swear you know, when you just stop giving a beep really you know, things start to turn around. It really does. 

Matt:  Are there any things that were like that that were super influential in that process as your let's say, your month to month three. You're starting to make some shifts in your content. And you're starting to show up really as you like, what Who are you listening to? Do you have people in our community like books or podcasts? I mean, like, what is it?

Jessica:  You know, I think that everyone has a different learning style. You know, you can learn from many people you really can but I love listening to motivational stuff like that. I think working on myself is really like, what was that pivotal moment of just making Jessica better as a person as a mother as, you know, everything. And that helped me so I listened to her, like a really motivational person and I just got my mindset. I had to get my mindset right. So I listened to a lot of TED talks you know, but I just had to work on building myself up because it's hard to do.

Matt:  I just, yeah, I've read all of Renee's books, and it was probably the most influential. A lot of things, my marriage, my business, everything kind of started turning around when I started internalizing a lot of what she said but I think the bigger point there is super important to which is like, like I can tell from talking to you on this that there's just this very positive force. That is Jessica right and a lot of people have said in the comments like I love your videos or like your real got me hooked or like, I just love your energy, things like that. And I feel like that makes a lot of sense to me that that was what was going on when that shift happened because just i A lot of times there will be people. I just want to give a quick example. I talk with a lot of people who are on Tik Tok, and they'll get to 1000 followers, and they'll start going live and stuff and you can sort of feel the sense of anxiety or worry about who I am and what am I doing? Why am I here? Like what's going on? And when people feel that they're like, I don't really want to listen to your live or I don't really want to watch and you can grow out of that which you're proof of but also like I feel like going through that internal growth process, working on yourself. And then taking that out into the world. It really is probably the best way to build. I'm gonna say a cult following but build a loyal group of people who love their stuff because the truth is, people really gravitate towards hope. People really gravitate towards positive energy just in general. And yeah, sure. People like the sarcastic, you know, whatever social media to but generally, there's a huge, massive population of people who, most humans internally are just drawn towards that journey. They're drawn towards somebody. They can almost sense it. It's like intuition through a camera through a phone. There's like there's something about this person, something is turning there and I want a piece of it. I want a part of it, which I feel like you know, to everybody who's out here listening or watching whatever that was, that would be a huge golden nugget I would take away because for for Dave, I know his story for me, for a lot of people on our team, like that internal work has resulted in massive amounts of money, and not just money, but like overall happiness and success and wealth. The last thing I want to share about that is in that realm, my therapist a few years ago, or something and it was pretty expensive is $130 A session. Couldn't afford that. So I took out a couple of credit cards and put therapy on a credit card. Which, you know, whatever. I don't know if I'd recommend it to people, but for me, it was like Hey, I know my marriage is falling apart. I can't figure this business thing out. And I had just discovered Brene Brown, this is like 2012 or 13 may be 14 And I discovered okay, like I need to do some real work here. So I got a great therapist, very expensive for the time and basically I spent 25 to $30,000. I calculated on therapy over three years. And what he said to me was something I'll never ever forget. He said years later, after finishing therapy about five years after we hadn't spoken, we hadn't met anything. I'd moved to a different city. I called him just to update him on life and I was in a much better place and marriage and relationship and business and everything. And so we were talking and I was kind of explaining and he was like man, that's just super cool and everything and I wanted to tell him I said, you know, like a lot of our time there and therapy was really impactful. That internal work I did was really impactful. And he said that you know, I tell a lot of clients that therapy or that internal work pays dividends, it doesn't just pay off in small ways, pays big dividends for years and generations. And I thought that that was really impactful and what you said today reminded me of that because it's amazing shirt cash flow. But also, how that internal shift impacts kids and marriages and bank accounts for sure too. And, I think people really undervalue that piece. Everybody's like I want to teach me how to make a funnel with me, you know? And then at the end of an hour-long session that I have with them making a funnel I'm like, Hey, I think you might need to go there. Read this great book by Brene Brown affection. We're going to make this funnel and we're going to make some content. And then you're going to discover that it's you that needs to grow. Which comes in tandem. Certainly, parts of the training were massively helpful for you. And that parts of the internal work it's sort of a both and not either or, but yeah, that's really

Jessica:  cool. Thanks. No, no Well, honestly, like I think that people undervalue their story. I really do. And you really, really, if you look at what drives people, it's emotion. And if you can, if you can spark emotion in someone, you know, hope or whatever it may be, emotion may be through, you know, your story or storytelling. They're, they're going to, they're going to attach to you, you know, like, they're, they're going to be relatable and they can be like, what, yeah, that's my life, or, Oh, I had a similar situation. So if I could, if I could just give advice to anybody, your story is worth telling. And it really can be powerful and be that like, malt you know, and it doesn't even have to be like a fantastic story right? Like, you don't need to have 1000 bad things that have happened to you to relate to someone but just, you know, be you and there's so much Sorry, I just keep talking I guess. going keep going. Um, there's so much noise in the money, space. Right now. You know, there's so many people that do this, don't do that. You're a bad marketer. If you do this, you know, stay away from that. You have to do it this way. And at the end of the day, like, do what works for you? Right because my content is not like a lot of people like I don't go on. I don't make short form videos as I talk. Like right now I'm having a very good life. But when I get on the camera to create content, I'm very like long winded. So for me to create videos where I'm speaking, they don't do very well like not views or anything. I just can't get my point across very well in speaking videos. So I do a whole lot of just pointing to the screen or putting words on the screen because I know what Instagram in Facebook or Instagram, Facebook reels tic tac they're that like top of funnel awareness platform. And, you know, I just want to give people awareness and then pull them into a Facebook group so that I can go live. People can see me talk to me. You know, that's kind of my strategy. So it may not be the conventional way. You're going to have people say, oh, you know, you're just playing to the screen or you're this or you're that you know, you need to teach people. I do my teaching in my Facebook group. I don't do my teaching on Tiktok and Instagram and my reels. Because I don't know if that's really the case if you're going to tick tock to learn how to build a business that's probably not you're probably not going to do very well. Right? Like, I want you to see my content and then take you into my space where I can help you. Yes, that's my strategy.

Matt:  That's a good strategy. What you said there was top of funnel so for anybody who's just brand new or whatever, in a sales funnel, you're gonna have people who are cold, you're gonna have people more warm, and then you're gonna have people who are hot and ready to purchase so there's cold traffic, warm traffic, hot traffic and what Jessica's talking about is in the cold traffic realm, giving them just a little dose or a taste is is appropriate for that part of the funnel. Because your goal isn't just to give away everything or sell everything or even really fully teach them everything. Because everything's in context. And so it's also a way to warm up leads, right so like, you have the ability to sort of touch them with it. The way that I explained this is that in the in the social media platforms when you're creating content, the main objective is just just to basically break their train of thought and our curiosity which is watching videos work so well and putting words on the screen and to sort of have people or people or their brainwave is just sort of flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing. And a boring lesson about marketing. Sale is like, cool, that's a weird swipe, you know, whatever. And so I think part of the reason that you've been so good at being able to do that is recognizing and having a strategy called top of funnel, which is which is getting curiosity and then calling them to action and basically forcing them to reach out some people call this the mouse and cheese strategy, basically getting them to reach out for more, right, come back, reach out for more of that cheese. And so you sprinkle it out a little bit and you don't give them everything. You don't give away absolutely everything. You don't need to teach everything but you can give them a little dose. And once you've got them a little tiny dose, you can then maybe sprinkle in a little bit of that mid funnel stuff that you're talking about which is some more training and support in a Facebook group and get them off the platform right off of and and the beautiful part about that i I wish more people would recognize and take advantage of is as you get people on different platforms and different places. You're able to still interact with and still engage with your audience regardless of what types of things, so we have people who get Tik Tok accounts shut down all the time. I was just talking with a guy who had an Instagram account shut down. And it happens all the time. People appeal it, they'll get it back. They'll disappear and videos will get taken down all kinds of stuff. Pretty par for the course. In fact, it's not even par for the course just for our industry. Like I've seen people who are dog trainers who have had videos removed. I've seen people who have motivational videos, videos get taken down all the time. It's just it's there's the algorithm is when people are reporting stuff, there's no way to get around that so which is fine and learning to become not super dependent on one platform is a powerful, it's really no way to learn that aside from having something like that happen but my larger point down a rabbit hole there was basically that getting into a Facebook group or something. The closest thing you can have to your own self hosted community is sure you can try to build out a website that has a community function, but frankly, like even for legendary, that would be a really difficult task for most affiliate marketers. That's insane to ask that. But a Facebook group, you don't really run into a lot of issues with getting a Facebook group disabled or something like that, that doesn't really happen. So it's usually a pretty safe environment, to run a community and to foster a good, healthy community of people. Where you can, you know, monetize them monetize your list and also just give real value for I mean, yes, make money and monetize that list but also build a long term community of people who are really loyal who you give value to, because then at the very end of it all, at least you've built an asset, which is well with people that you enjoy a community that you love, and those people will buy from you for life if you do it, right.

Jessica:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, I say this, I was live and my group ate the other day, and I don't, I don't consider it my group. I consider it our group. Right. Like, it's not just it's, I I want everyone to feel like it's a safe place to be. You can because remember you have to put yourself in your shoes. You know, I tried to put myself back into my shoes nine a year, you know, nine months to a year ago. And I'm not gonna lie like large News Facebook group, kind of intimidated me, you know, like it was, I was afraid to ask questions because I didn't want to look silly, or I didn't, you know, so I want to create a space where people feel like and I'm picky, too. I'm picky who comes into my group and, you know, but it's not it's not my group. It's our group and we all just kind of learned together and I try to give as much as I can. And you know, I hope that the people in my tribe appreciate it but um, you know, it Yeah, Facebook groups are a great place to because again, like not everybody purchases on the first you know, the first aware Ill first time they see you or whatever. So, it's just like, you know, creating an email list, getting them on your email list. But you know, a lot of people just want to see more information. Just want to see okay, what is this about? What if, you know, I'm going to join your community because I just want to watch for a little bit. Know how many times I get so many people that are like, You know what, I'm ready now. Right? Yeah, I joined your community. You're giving me what I need. I'm ready now. 

Matt:  So good. That's so good, though. You explain things so well. The way that you just explained that, when people join that group or that community and they're like, there's maybe nothing specific, but it's their intuition that's just sort of like it needs to dive down a couple rabbit holes before it's comfortable. Is she like actually running something that's fake or like, is this actually real? Am I gonna buy something and get scammed? And then she's like, somebody's sitting on your life in your Facebook group and you're just like, okay, like these people are going to live here. She's posting giving support, like, there's a certain level of and this is probably the word trust that gets built over time where these people come into a group. And it's sort of like, you know, it's cool. It's almost like a little mini mastermind to share ideas and like, Hey, I just tried this. This really worked and it's, it's a fast moving, mini mastermind where you can make huge leaps and in a very quick amount of time, that's super cool. That's super cool. I'm glad to hear that you've got a really good group and because that's a valuable asset and it's a really good way to pull people off of different social platforms where all your content is and bring them into a group and that's that's really powerful. So cool.

Jessica:  I hear this all the time to like specially new affiliates saying, I don't think I can do a Facebook group. I can't start a Facebook group because I don't know enough. What about if it is, okay. You start, you start that Facebook group. And you know, if you don't know something, just say it. I don't know everything. Nobody knows everything. Just say I don't know that answer. You know, it's okay. But realize that you know, more than you see, yeah, you have more to offer than you think you have to offer. So the state started that Facebook group.

Matt:  I love it. I love that so much. We tell people that all the time. But it means so much more coming from somebody who's accomplished all of this in the last year. Because we always remind people I do a live webinar and have for the last three years every Thursday 3pm Eastern for our Blueprints members and I'm like nonstop unlike look, everybody has a day one. Everybody has the first day they put out content. The first day they opened their Facebook group. And guess what it says zero members, everyone has that day. So you look around at legendary 40,000 members, no matter how many members you have, and lots of these big influencers have groups of 1020 to 100,000 people, whatever, and you're like Oh, I could never do that. But there was a day when they signed in and they hit Create Group and it said zero members. It just slowly started to build from there. They sent an email out to a small email list and then 10 People joined and somebody was like, hey, you need to join this group. And then Whoa, 50 more people joined out of nowhere and suddenly before you know it, you're at 500 people or whatever. Yeah, that's so true, and so freaking relatable. So everybody's journey and I feel like I feel like one of the things that I've learned from you in the last just in the last like, whatever 40 minutes is like you're super relatable, but also kind of like willing to say things that people aren't or don't bring up a lot, which I find to be like really refreshing and kind of scrolling comments. And you should look at the comments when we finish but everybody's just kind of like this is so true. Like this is so good. This is so fire. This is so amazing. And yeah, I just wanted to thank you for that because that's a breath of fresh air and

Jessica:  Well, good, good. That's my goal is to be that breath of fresh air. So

Matt:  I'll we'll start to wrap up but I was thinking it'd be good for you to get the final word to people who are just getting started and thinking about Hmm, this freelance digital marketing thing like how, you know, what can I do? How could I start this? Give them a little bit of encouragement from your experience and what you've done and accomplished over the last year.

Jessica:  tell them so, you know, I think that we don't give ourselves enough. Grace. We don't give ourselves enough credit. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for it. I know it's difficult to start something new. But you know, you have to come out of that comfort zone. I know it's hard. I know. It's hard for me to ever grow if you stay there so, you know, just start something new and don't quit because you can't get to that finish line if you quit. There's been many times in this whole entire year that I've been doing this that I wanted to quit, you know, I would sit there and I would say this isn't happening for me. This isn't happening. For me and instead of me saying this just isn't gonna happen. I put my head down and you know, I am a numbers person. I track everything. I want to know what is doing good and what's not doing good because if you continue to do things that aren't working, then it's just not going to work. So, but anyways, you know, just give yourself time. I know that it's hard to be patient. But I promise you that if I would have gotten everything that I wanted when I wanted it, I probably wouldn't have been able to receive the success the way that I can receive it now because I wasn't in that mindset. I wasn't a strong person. You know, when you start to see success this is another thing that people don't talk about. The wolves come for you. And if you're not ready, you know if you're not personally ready to unfortunately deal with those roles. You know, I know that if I would have just skyrocketed to the top. I wouldn't have been able to foster the you know, the not so nice things that come when you start doing well. But anyways, just keep going. Just keep going. I promise you I feel like you want to quit. That is when you shouldn't. So just start and stay a student. I still learn something new every day. I acknowledge that I don't know everything and there are still things that I want to learn and then I can learn. So just stay a student and surround yourself around good positive people that you strive to be right like if you are going to sit in a group of people that are not in the place that you want to be. You're not going to go anywhere. So surround yourself around people that you want your life to be like or that you want you know because those will be those will be the people that will help you get to where you want to be.

Dave:  Down. That's really cool.

Matt:  I I want you to, I want you to read the comments. Because it's quite a comment filled show of people who are very thankful for your words today. So yeah, make sure to make sure to do that. Where

Jessica:  because we were talking about how people in Facebook groups start at zero Well, both of my tic stock accounts got banned. So my tick tock is sitting at 25 followers. So we all start it. We all start at the bottom right or

Matt:  follow Jessica

Jessica:  I think I have like six videos up 25 followers so let's build it together right

Matt:  now. We there's been multiple people in our community

Dave: who has hit six.

Matt:  And I know I know one of them right now who's I think her name's Taylor who's on like her fourth or fifth account and is still growing, still pumping them out. And I think also maybe got one back like randomly a long time. Later. It was really weird, but yeah, I think a lot of people anyway, yeah, everybody her TikTok is up. And you Yeah, you can go get a fall. And Jessica, thank you so much for coming on. We'll have you back on again.

Jessica:  Okay. Well, thank you for having me. It was fun chatting.

Matt:  Yeah. I just mean I hope everybody goes and rewatch it's a subset. I feel like something in me was sort of filled with a bit of just hope and positivity. There was a very I felt like forward moving energy about Jessica and so I would go give her a follow and I asked her how, you know, you can get into her Facebook group to which would be a really powerful place for you to get more support and help and get in a community where you know, people are positive and things are positive and there's there's help to be hard there. if you're listening on Apple, podcasts or whatever. @Jessica.milioto. And we'll be back here again on Friday, same time, same place, David out so I'm going to be hosting tomorrow again. And we'll wrap up the week with another awesome see everybody has a good one.