Here is the transcription for this episode: 

Matt: What's going on everybody? Oh, let me grab my mic here. Oh there we go. That should be a little bit better. How's everybody doing? Welcome in. It's Wednesday, Wednesday, October 27. And we're totally live. I just got my little text message from Dave. That says his 25 year old CPAs joining us on Wake Up Legendary you can see right there and we're live baby. What we're going to do today is we're going to bring on a young guest who's taken a lot of action and has a full time job and stuff and it's holding down the floor, but it's figuring out the school and digital marketing thing too. And I'm not sure we didn't really shout before him but I think he's also in Phoenix just like me. So it's the valley brothers today.

Taylor: What's going on? Yeah, doing well. How are you doing? 

Matt: I'm good, man. I'm doing really well. So you're up here in Phoenix two, right?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah, I'm in the north part of Phoenix, but yeah, still in the valley. Very nice. My wife used to work up by the 17 and like the one on one up in north Phoenix. Yeah, that's basically right there. 

Matt: Now we're down a little bit closer to downtown but Yeah, same. Same thing. We got nice weather. Now I'm enjoying that. Cool. You're a CPA, right?

Taylor: That's correct. Yeah. I'm a CPA, full time. And then I just do kind of like the affiliate marketing thing is a time thing. 

Matt: Yeah. Nice. That's awesome. How long have you been doing your job as a CPA?

Taylor: Yes, I've been a CPA for three years and been licensed for two of them. So yeah, just kind of, you know, straight out of college. You graduated at 18 and then decided that was where I wanted to go. I'm from Washington State originally so kind of lived there. For the past seven years, my wife and I decided to move down to Phoenix. This summer during that 120 degree week. Yeah. Awesome. So you know, it's the Trial by Fire literally. And yes, then I still work full time, jobs and CPA. And yeah, I just worked fully remote. So like my whole office is kind of like just to my left here, I guess, on the screen. It might be to the right but So yeah, that's really that's the story. 

Matt: That’s crazy. So you, I mean, you've not been around in this online space very long, at least not in our space. Like you found our challenge in late August or early September?

Taylor: Yeah, exactly. So yeah, it was right after you know, we moved in June and basically we got down here and talked about passive streams of income. We've always looked at ways to make money on the side. My wife is kind of in that digital sphere. And so I was like, Well, hey, I saw this thing. I'm gonna give it a shot. And I know nothing about social media, like I'm not a social media guy. I wasn't beforehand. I'm just now starting to figure some stuff out. And like getting on and talking on camera and stuff was like, I'm a CPA, right like, that's way out of my comfort zone. That's right. Yeah. So no, it's been good but yeah, so I found this challenge in like, I think it was like the end of August decided to give it a shot. Go go all in on it. And by Yeah, my first month had a really successful first month for not knowing what it was or anything about it and growing both a tick tock and an Instagram page. I didn't have a TikTok prior to this venture so I only have a business TikTok, which was kind of weird. If I actually went I was like, Oh, this is what this is.

Matt: Right? That's so funny. Yeah. I think that we have a lot of people in our community who are now like, kind of TikTok famous or getting there and like they're just like, Dude, I don't know I'm not a social media. person. I didn't even have a Facebook like, didn't have a Facebook, didn't have an Instagram like, like Dude, I don't know I deleted all the apps. I downloaded this to start posting videos. So that's where I find that's actually a little bit rare. I would say to start generating so much lead flow and traffic and sales so fast, which is cool, but I also just want to give a disclaimer to everybody and just let you know, like, you know, his he got off to a fast hot start and it's growing really quick, which is awesome. And I think I always give disclaimers but I also, you know, just tell people like hey, the internet's kind of on fire right now like tick tock and Instagram and these social media platforms are absolutely flaming on fire right now. And it's a better time to get started and get going than ever has existed. Before you found us. You tried other stuff or no?

Taylor: Yeah, well, yeah. Yeah. So let's see about a year prior. So you know, summer of 2020 when we were on the lockdown phase, I started dabbling in like some Amazon FBA stuff that was kind of my first gig into the online realm. It didn't pan out for me, it was a little bit too time inclusive. Again, full time job, CPA, you know, my average is somewhere between eight to 13 hours for my job, so it just kind of was a little bit too much for me to juggle personally. So it kind of took a look at that. Obviously, I looked at drop shipping and was like that's kind of the same thing. I don't want to deal with that. And then kind of put a pause on it. We kind of went into research phase you know, we were in the process of getting ready to move my wife and I when I say we are in the process of getting ready to move and then buying a house and we're just like, you know, let's let's put a pause on it, at least for the time being and so yeah, FBA was my first introduction into the Hey, you can make money outside of this space. And then affiliate marketing that that niche that kind of filled the gap for me that was a lower time of entry for me to actually put in time but then also the same ability to get creative side of my brain and generate relationships but also use like the extra hour that I would spend either scrolling or like watching a Netflix show. Or something like that. I just turned it into something that was monetized so it's kind of fun. So yeah, so far. 

Matt: So man, there's a big takeaway there. I just I feel like I wish people would grasp that because I do. You've sort of developed your hobby. A little bit is like, how do I make more money? And that sounds weird, I think but like, I've been thinking back I had this thought yesterday, which is interesting. I was thinking through how I spend my time throughout the last like 12 years and I thought 20 So the times when I've been generating the least amount of money has been the times where I've been watching the most sports, the most television specifically like sporting events like random them, like baseball playoff games like the NLCS or something's like, I don't really care about baseball, but here I am, like drinking a couple beers out at a bar with with a buddy or something. Or watching baseball. It's like what the hell am I doing? You know, like, I don't care about this. I do like sports for this sports aspect. I just it was weird and I thought like you know, all these times that I'm watching the NBA Finals are watching and I don't watch a lot of sports. I just kind of watch the big events, right? Like I always watch a suit or watch some of the NBA finals or whatever. But I just thought back it was like you know, I've got buddies who they'll play, they'll, they'll eat weed edible and hop on the Xbox for four or five hours a night. And that's their hobby, and there's no money generation happening from that. And that's been the case at every stage of my life. That was the case in college, where I was working side jobs like trying to figure out digital skills and like trying to figure out how to make more money. My buddies are playing NBA 2k12 or 10 or whatever. And it's been the same throughout all that and I started to develop just My habit is how do I make more money thatmMy habit is how do I generate more cash? Because I think if you really put your head down to it and really start going, there's a myriad of ways to do that. And then the second piece is it sounds like you have a similar sort of thing, right? That's what I'm gleaning. And then the second thing that I thought was interesting is you know you maybe you started out with Amazon FBA and I think a lot of people have this interest in selling something physical that feels cool to them to sell or whatever. And I think sometimes like you've taken this route, and I think I've seen others do it. as well. Okay, AJ in our community became a I don't know maybe mid five figure maybe six figure I haven't followed up with him but marketer in the affiliate marketing space and then started selling his product called cocktail cards, and sells those on Amazon sold out he's generated a lot of money through that but that says more passion project that he just thinks is cool and fun and loves doing it and gets a high off of it. But he started out in the affiliate space selling digital courses online that helped generate cash flow to help start that Amazon business. And I don't think all Amazon businesses are bad or I don't think FBA is necessarily bad. But I do think given the amount of input both money and time and energy and risk, you got way more of all of those in the FBA space, and profit margins are lower. And in additional space where you're selling digital courses, digital products, way higher margins and the ability to generate a lot of free traffic, which is way lower risk. You can actually run paid ads, if you know what you're doing or you have good education or whatever, but for the most part. Yeah, I think those two things are true. And then look, I feel like for somebody to be 25 Man, I feel super young at 31. But to be 25 is like you know, it's nice because in the grand scheme you're just such an infant, you're so young that like you can do this for 10 years, generate whatever six figures or a million dollars or something if you really went for it, and then and then start a different business if you want it. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, it's just crazy. But it's just so interesting anyway. I went on a rant there, but what came up for you is that of saying that?

Taylor: No, yeah, I think this is like it's really good that you kind of touched on it right? It's like, before we kind of started the FBA thing. My wife and I obviously were like, doing a lot of research and we were trying to figure out ways to change our mindset because you know, both of us had full time jobs. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs. I don't and so we had this mindset change when I think it was I can't remember what exactly it was that said it but someone had told us once that basically you have to change from being a consumer to a supplier. And the minute that change happened in our head, it was like, that's why, you know, whether we're consuming social media or whether we're consuming like goods in the marketplace, whatever it is, right. The supplier side of things is the monetization side. And so then we started looking at all these different ways to do it. And then obviously, we read Rich Dad, Poor Dad in the spring, and we were all gung ho ready to rock and it was just like, Alright, how do we, how do we do it? And so basically, we sat down and wrote these goals: one year five, one year, three or five years and then reverse engineered our mindset to say, Okay, how are we going to get there? How do we fund this project? And that's when we found out honestly when I found legendary, was I was like, hey, this kind of fits that time piece where I can't really wait for my full time job just to pursue something that I don't even know anything about. Some do and their way they've got, you know, way more risk and risk Association than idea that's not my gig, but for us, it was like, hey, this fits that mold. Let's try and see how it works. And I remember, I'm getting through the program and my wife being like, you know, so what do you think and I was like, I think I'm gonna start TikTok account and she didn't need to so bad and it's been awesome since you know, and I think the community piece of of that even you know, whether it's on tick tock or Instagram or on the legendary page, I've grown to meet so many people where you know, we can kind of bounce ideas off each other and have that accountability, and push each other to just be like, hey, you know, here's this super cool sound. Here's this cool idea I had or here's what's been working for me and differentiate yourself, right? Like that's kind of a goal in the marketplace. So yeah, that's really what came up through that whole conversation.

Matt: Also man, really cool that you guys are kind of both in on that, on that transformation in that journey. And figuring that out. It's funny because, you know, you guys are sort of doing that figuring it out. Together kind of thing. For us, for me and my wife, Catherine, it was not really the same. It was I was discovering all of this and making these breakthroughs and she's like, I am never doing that. This is not my thing. I work inside the system. Not outside the system. And I was like, Cool, no problem. Turns out like, I guess eight years later or something. She started her own therapy practice because of all of her therapy. stuff was just like bad, bad management. super stressful getting shit about you know, taking paid time off. She's just like, are you serious? Like I earned paid time off. Come on. Couldn't take some holidays off, you know, the occasional weekend. It's like this is dumb. So here she is, right sounds her own practice and she's smoking it. She's killing it. But it's really transformational. It's very stressful, like starting a new business. But when the yeah when that flips from being a consumer to being a producer, being a supplier, right, putting things into the marketplace, I always tell people I would give this one bit of advice to people with when I would say, here's how you should start your day and I've said this for a lot of years, is the first thing you should do is not open your email. You shouldn't open social media right away in the morning. Just immediately the first thing you should do. Well, maybe you do have to open social media if you're a producer of content. But the first thing you should do is try to produce a piece of content that sets the tone for your day of you being a supplier. I'm using your word, they're not mine. Producer or business owner or something. But the same thing, right? Same thing is like setting the tone right? Don't don't wake up and let someone else dictate how you're going to spend your money or how you're going to feel right or any of those things like screw that doesn't matter. You wake up in the morning and do whatever routine you need to do to kind of get ready. The first action you should do shouldn't be consuming anything that's going to affect you or change your mindset or whatever. You should just produce and get in the habit of a I'm a producer now. I supply things I tell people what their agenda is not the other way around. It's a really powerful shift, man. I like that.

Taylor: That's really good. Yeah, you know, it starts for me. It's a morning routine right of like, every morning I get up and set my mindset in a certain way. And I have to do that because I have a full time job. So like, realistically I'm either producing content in the morning or late in the evenings, right? And so that's that exact mindset of wake up, set the mind, get it right and then know what you have ahead of yourself because if you walk into the day I'm planned. The day is gonna command you really fast and really hard and relentlessly. It's really what I experienced. But when I have a plan and have a set goal and know what's gonna happen, it's all on me to basically determine how effective I'm going to be when those things come up. That's right, so yeah, I love that. That's really good.

Matt: What's uh, what time do you get up in the morning?

Taylor: I usually get up so it kind of it kind of ebbs and flows, but typically I'm up by six in the morning, and then kind of do my thing throughout the morning start work around 7:30 It's a little bit different right now, just because of the season that I'm in with my full time jobs a little bit busier. But yeah, so some of those things kind of ebb and flow but usually by six I've gone through spells where I've been up way earlier and then way later and I just find that's like my middle ground.

Matt: Yeah, for sure. I again, like I'm not that much older than you or anything like that, but the difference in energy for me from 25 to 30 was massive. I used to be able to in a pinch if I needed to. A couple nights of four hours asleep, couple nights to six hours of sleep. Now it's like tears, if I wake up after six hours of sleep. It looks like I mean, it looks like I was just blackout drunk last night, even though I went to bed at night. It's just like, it looks like I was just hit by a train. And people are like, Dude, are you okay? I'm just like, I didn't get eight hours. I just can't do it. But I think I was still you know, people, anybody who's in their 20’s and what if you've got the energy, like generally, most bodies do. It's just, it's just an age thing. I think I mean, some older people have the energy to but the body just naturally is producing a lot of energy and it's ready to go and it's ready to work and yeah, it's cool to see that happening. It's cool to see people go into work like that because they are going to work like you are and hustle and grind and figuring things out because go a long time ahead but you've also got a lot of creative energy and creative power. That's really cool.

Taylor: Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Matt: What's been the hardest challenge in the TikTok/Instagram? Then it is kind of easy to figure out meaning like the technical parts, or has that been harder has it hasn't been actually stepping out and creating content. What's been the toughest part?

Taylor: Yeah, the toughest part for me wasn't necessarily the usage of because when I first started I spent like two days researching how to post when the first one were to post that kind of thing. So like the usage of those social medias was not really my struggle point. My struggle point actually comes down to the creation of content. And so I want to find content that someone finds valuable and someone is able to look at things. This is my goal with my target audience and it's either Hey, I trust this guy. I want to see what he's got more for sparking a question of saying, what's this guy talking about? Those are kind of my two kickers and so when I make content I have to kind of delineate a plan with my content calendar to say, okay, hey, how do I get someone to think about this question, and maybe it's not in the first video they see, maybe it's the second or third or fourth and so that's actually my biggest struggle point is coming up with fresh ideas that I'm not, you know, copying and then kind of changing a little bit from somebody else's stuff but trying to be original differentiate myself. That was probably the part that I struggled with the most. Just because I was brand new into the sphere like I didn't post I posted you know, pictures on Instagram with my wife when we vacation and stuff but like I didn't do like a reel or a TikTok. I didn't obviously didn't do TikTok videos. And so, like there's a struggle point with coming up with fresh ideas and thinking like a creator and thinking like, Hey, I've got this super cool idea. I'm just gonna do it. And finding out what people find valuable, you know, like, one person can have one question, but that one question can go amongst 100 people, you know, so that was kind of the point that I had to get to probably in my first few weeks was like, okay, hey, this isn't just something I need to produce. Like, I'm actually trying to help somebody answer a question they've been thinking but they may or may not know that they're thinking that question yet. So as far as the usage of social media, I think I'm still learning it. I mean, I'm not a professional by any means. My Accounts are huge. But yeah, I think as far as the biggest struggle points, definitely on that content side is like, Hey, I've got a sound or I've got an idea. How do I actually implement this idea? Without dislike either talking to a camera or like having some fun elements to it? So yeah, for sure.

Matt: I think. I think that you know, 95% of content, or for, I think three out of four pieces of content need to be just hyper hyper originals that are fun, exciting, or just kind of upbeat and positive and teach something or or share some part of your journey or something. And I think you'd sprinkle in and mix in different pieces of content. For instance, this guy and he recently I did this funny video where it's like $18 An hour working for Apple and he had an apple on his finger. And, and he is just kind of funny the way that he's his personality style and stuff, but a lot of people have been that video but he decided to put a little spin on it had 10 million views and and like, and then outside of that most of these other contests are super unique, but those little bite size kind of types of videos can help just be a catalyst of growth. I think he went from like, anywhere from somewhere around less than 100,000 to maybe. I think now he's, what is he? He's like, see if I can see this. I think he's somewhere in the range of like, 400,000 followers. Yeah, a little over. 400,000 and that's been in about two weeks. I don't know if he's at five figures but yeah, he used that one kind of use that one style of video and was like, hey, wow, I've seen people get a lot of use from this. So he put a kind of funny spin on it. It's a little personality that he has. And then and then the rest of the videos is stuff he'll go live, which is where he does most of his selling or talking about products. Like that's really where he uses that as sort of a little webinar. And I think that that's a real contrast to that. Have you ever gone live?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah, our lives are incredible. The way to engage with your audience like directly First off, but like there's a lot of growth that happens in life. You know, someone legitimately can ask you a question and you can go through or you can do what I've done in the past is do a live where I'm walking through you know, concept of affiliate marketing, building a funnel or like these are the funnels, like programs that I've seen in use and how to use them how to sign up, you know, like walking down industry. Like my wife always likes, I do like beauty products. For one do alcohol for one do like all these different industries need to literally stick them in their lives? And there's a lot of people that do these things. So I think I have an incredible strategy if you use them consistently, especially they're, they're great for growth. 

Matt: Yeah, agreed and a lot of people I think a lot of people on, for instance, like I know, like Calvin Hill goes live a lot on TikTok, and I've seen his thing, but yesterday at 45,000 People viewed it live. Not everybody was concurrent. It was usually about 500 people at a time. But over the course of a couple hours and he's just talking about everything, he'll talk crypto, he'll talk, digital marketing, talk, all this stuff. He does this interesting thing where he ties in his interest with crypto with digital marketing and affiliate. So he's like talking through crypto, he's talking through how, you know, we're about to go through a bear market on stocks and crypto and all this stuff and, and he goes, you know, like, You got to have cash sitting around if you want to take advantage of a bear market. And he's like, You need to find a site. I mean, unless you got a bunch of cash laying around. You got a lot of cash laying around. And I spent all my money. I spent my Yeah, I spent my government checks already. So we're gonna have to figure it out. Right. So you need to figure out real skills you need to learn to do digital marketing. And so he kind of explains right and then goes and then he just below the phone, like he generates a ton of sales through his lives because people can feel sort of the real energy the real raw in person. It's different from just a pre-recorded video. It's different. It's a different field. People are, you know, really inclined to follow you into maybe comments or something or like your videos than they see in this live element. And you're like, dang, like, okay, he's a real dude. And he's bringing real energy here like this is different. I don't think I've seen this before. It's really powerful.

Taylor: Yeah, no, that's, that's good. I get that actually, what you just said, I get that a lot. Is this guy a real person? And that I think goes, you know, some might think Well, obviously, but others you know, there's people out there very skeptical about, you know, the online realm and rightfully so there's a lot of reasons to be but there are real people out there have real experiences really trying to help you. 

Matt: That’s awesome. So he's been a catalyst for real online sales, like live webinars. When I started in 2010 was a thing you would get on GoToWebinar you would sign in to the webinar and like, I don't know, like, shouldn't my hands like, oh my gosh, this guy's actually alive, real human being like, because I was only subscribing to people email lists, and I would see them on video here there but then, like they go live and it's just a dude sitting in his home. Office and Gilbert or Chandler? Whatever the first webinar was, I was like, holy smokes, like this guy's real. And even now today, it's the same thing that just breaks through this sort of fake. I'm unsure if you always wonder what the heck is Taylor doing? Like what's he really like? Right? So he's probably good at setting up and he's creating these videos, but then like, the video goes off and like, is this dude actually homeless? Is he a loser? Is he like, is he like a cool dude, I'd hang out with like, what's he really like? And so then you remove all of that production value, and it's just you're just sitting there chillin and people are like, interesting who's this cat like, what's going on here? And I just think people's intrigued level for lives is also just getting started like I witness you know on on any given day if you scroll through just lives on TikTok I mean, you have such a wide variety of human beings talking about everything under the sun, you could imagine I mean, people going live with yoga class people going live talk about crypto people don't

i want to talk about everything, politics, debating politics. Sports. I saw a TikTok channel, the only reason it exists is to go live and stream episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. And there were like 18,000 Viewers, who were just sitting there commenting about the SpongeBob SquarePants episode on tick tock because they wanted to watch it all together and they thought it was hilarious. Like, there's, there's if you don't think there's an audience for you, you're crazy. There's an audience for everything. There's billions of people out there who would and would be happy to listen to you and your story and your journey. 

Taylor: Yeah, it's crazy. That's a really good point. I think that, you know, a lot of people ask me, you know, Hey, what should I sell? That's a big question like, What should I be, what am I even an affiliate for? And the biggest question is like, what are you interested in because there's a market at every level for every type of product, basically, that you can imagine. Not every one. Like, I was talking to my brother in law, and he's super into watches, and he was like, Is this a thing? And I was like, I don't know. Let's find out. You know, so I Google. And I was like, Yeah, apparently for like 40 companies. It's like a watch affiliate program. And it's crazy because there is someone out there who has the same interest as you whether it is something as simple as you know, SpongeBob SquarePants, where you're just live streaming an episode for somebody, or it's something as intense as like, like gaming. Or luxury vehicles or luxury products. There's a market at every level. And you just have to find that market and be able to speak to them, right and know how to market to that. That level of person.

Matt: Totally 100% could not have said better. That's exactly right. And figuring out how to market to those people figuring out how to how to, you don't really have to figure out how to find those people. I mean, tick tock does a good enough job and people do a good enough job curating what they like and swipe and all that stuff. I mean, it happens pretty quick. Yeah. Yes. So show as your daily routine as you're looking forward, down, down, sort of go down the pipe, I guess I would say what do you see as sort of your next steps are you are your next steps to keep doing what's working, and sort of build that out even more? I mean, you've got some high ticket stuff coming in. You've got good commissions and lead flow and everything like that. What do you see as sort of your next step in your journey and what's the next few months going to look like a quarter four?

Taylor: Yeah, so I think, yeah, it's a great question. So I mean, obviously still, it's a part time thing for me. So it's taking what's currently working in the business and then growing it. So what I've really tried to do over the last couple of weeks is really master you know, one skill, one, one product, one delivery method, and then take that after I've mastered it, move it to another product, but still continue with the same product line. So my goal over you know, the next basically two months of doing this is to have both feet in the water, be all in with it, but be expanding my horizons. And so my wife has helped us. I say this because she's totally in the space and like, we were talking about the concept of doing like a blog and a YouTube channel. And that kind of thing kind of walked me through more of the technical aspects. And she was like, okay, perfect blog, and I was like, I don't know how to make a blog. Like I barely know how to write a tech talk. And so I ‘m kind of going through this, this juggle right now. And so that's really what's going forward. It's expanding the brand and actually making it a business I think. Because right now, you know, the whole the brand my model is based on, you know, the other products, the digital space, the creator space, but I think that there's a ton of value that I've learned even from going through the Legendary course that was growing my own business and actually making this and a brand and something that is recognizable. And so it's kind of cool for me to see like, you know, three months ago when I started this thing, I was like, again, it sounds cool. I have no clue what to do. And then now looking forward, it's a very tangible thing for me to move into more of like that blog, YouTube space and say like, Okay, how do I start actually making this a little bit more of a breath thing and growing what my horizons are, and teaching on multiple facets or just in one niche, and then kind of just going down that, that path of expanding the business that's really where I'm at, and trying to just provide value for people in different ways on different platforms so that, you know, people can can hopefully get something valuable out of, you know, following me. You know, if I can help one person, that's really the goal with me, it's like if I can answer one question for one person, that's where my target is. For everything I do really. 

Matt: Yep, totally. I think that that, to me, seems like the right approach. I feel like turning it into real business is a good next sort of forward step. Meaning let's get a blog. Let's also go omnipresent with all of our content, YouTube shorts. Right? Instagram reels, reposting all of our stuff. He is already sort of omnipresent but becoming a little bit more aggressive on those and also building out a YouTube channel where maybe you can get some ad revenue going there and diversify that income across multiple different places, right. But also, here's the thing I always come back to with people. As the business grows itself. I always tell people, the biggest mistake I see people make is to stop doing what's working. Right. So as you add the layers and things on top of what you're doing, which you should do, they should be added layers, right? So as you're starting and you're getting going that cash flow can help fund everything else, right. You can help fund somebody to outsource. Hey, you find somebody on Upwork and you say I do, I'm going to buy this domain in my GoDaddy, I'm going to give you access to my GoDaddy, I need you to go and create an entire WordPress blog. Here's my brand. Here's my stuff. Here's everything. And then I need you to create a 30 minute video that shows me how this whole thing works. Can you do that? Right? Because you didn't quit your original thing. You've been making some high ticket sales, you know can take maybe 500 bucks or 250 bucks and having some college can set that all up for you while you're making money at your full time job and continuing on. What you're doing now and you're in your content creation on TikTok and stuff like that. I always just tell people don't stop what's working what's look around. Take a look at any revenue you brought in and say what brought this in? Okay? It was because I did this. Let's keep doing that. Let's keep bringing in revenue. And then that way as you expand, you're never sort of strapped on cash in the business. Right? You've still got your jobs and you guys are still cranking so that's all great. But yeah, that's my biggest encouragement. What I usually tell people and then I think you've just done and you've got such a good road ahead. I'm so excited for you. I'd love to have you back on the show. We sometimes ask people to come back in a couple months so probably hit you up maybe via email we've got a month or so waiting list. But we'd love to have you back on and check in and see how things are going.

Taylor: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, yeah. This was a blast, man. Nice to meet you. Yeah,

It's awesome. If you need anything in the meantime, let me know. I literally my job is just to help people and help them figure it out. So keep rockin and if you need anything, just hit me up.

Matt: Yeah, sounds good. 

Taylor: Thanks so much. Thanks for having me. Have a great rest of your Wednesday.

Matt: Thanks. Alright guys, hey, make sure to go give him a follow. I've had his tick tock up but Instagram is also right here. And just bounce over to both apps. Give him a follow on both those places. Content and yeah, maybe Melissa says maybe it will have that blog done by the next time. We'll see. But yeah, we'll have him back on and see what he's up to see what's new. See what's happening. And yeah, you guys have a good rest of your Wednesday. We'll be back here tomorrow. I believe Dave will be back here tomorrow and Friday.