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JoAnn: Hello and happy Friday everyone. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary this morning, my name is JoAnn I will be hosting today. I am so pumped for our guest this morning. So Without further ado let me welcome today’s guest Tiffany welcome to Wake Up Legendary.

Tiffany: Hi thanks for having me this morning!

JoAnn: So to start off, tell us a little bit about your background, all of that good stuff and how you found Legendary. 

Tiffany: So I have had my own wedding videography business actually for the past five years, and it was the end of 2016 that like I officially started that I always did it on the side but 2016 was when I started my official business. So I've been doing that ever since. But I am pretty much every winter when the wedding season is slow because I do mainly weddings. I've always loved some kind of online something to just kind of supplement the income when winter was around just because again, the income wasn't as high and probably just like a lot of people I found legendary for TikTok. And I joined and because luckily with having my own business it was a little slower. I just took like two weeks and put everything that I had into it. And I only started it at the very end of the year last year. 

JoAnn: There were like two months, two and a half months basically. 

Tiffany: Pretty much yeah, it was 2 months. 

JoAnn: Okay. Since you dove into the challenge, yeah. Okay. So I know you have dabbled a little bit in affiliate marketing before. 

Tiffany: Yeah, very correct. 

JoAnn: So talk a little bit about that. And then what changed once you dove into our education. Tiffany: So again, because like every year I've kind of dabbled into online stuff. I first thought of just doing research like back in 2016 the best ways to make money online I found, like blogging which is a main source of blogging income from affiliate marketing through links through the blog. So I tried, I think I've started three different blogs, but I just don't enjoy writing. Like I would rather talk. So they never really went anywhere because I could never keep up with that. I always liked the idea of social media influencing this kind of thing and I would always get brands reaching out to me on Instagram like, Hey, do you want to be an affiliate for us? And I was an affiliate for a couple of different clothing companies that I would post about on Instagram that didn't have a big following at all. I wasn't utilizing sales funnels, wasn't usable utilizing email autoresponders none of that kind of stuff and just posting here and there to my followers. So in the year and a half, two years that I was trying to do this I made like $40. I also did like the Amazon Associates and we built our house and moved in in 2018. And I like furnishings and decorated a lot of it was stuff from Amazon but very, very cheaply because I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I'm like why am I not making tons of money when I'm advertising these like $30 barstools or whatever it was so the key changing point when I was going through the challenge when they talked about high ticket items, I was just like it was the simplest thing. But I was like why did that never make sense to me that if I'm only promoting like a $30 item, of course I'm not going to be making a ton of money. So that really stuck with me and then just utilizing the sales funnels and the email autoresponders is really what changed the game between those three things. 

JoAnn: Wow. Okay, so really changed the game for you. About two years you made maybe 40 bucks, trying to do affiliate marketing on your own dove into all things Legendary as far as education that we offer. And then what has happened since then for you?

Tiffany: I've pretty much I'm only when I first started I was promoting through TikTok. I do a little bit on my Instagram but I still don't go crazy with it on my Instagram. So again, like when I started this I dove in head first I was posting like between four and six TikToks a day and like really looking at what was working what wasn't working. And since the end of December, I've grown my following to over 1000 on TikTok and list is over 6000 So like the amount of leads and commission and everything has been crazy, like my husband is always like, I don't understand how this is happening because he's very like he's construction worker doesn't do social media much. So he's just like, every time I'm like, Oh, I got another sailing. It's like how you're making TikToks like what do you do? 

JoAnn: Right. That's just, if you're not in it, you just don't get it right. Okay, so what would you say was the biggest takeaway from blueprints and the 15 day challenge for you?

Tiffany: That was the biggest game changer. Um, honestly, I feel like probably just utilizing the sales funnel and like capturing the emails because and it really hit home about how important that was because my account actually got disabled for on TikTok for a little over 24 hours. And I know they talk about like in the blueprints and everything and in the challenge that we do not own our social media, but we own our email list. So when that happened, I knew it was important to grow. But when that happened, I lost my account, and I had talked about starting a backup account, but I hadn't done it yet at that point. So I couldn't tell my followers you know, like go and follow my backup account. And that really was like, like, I knew it was important, but then I was like, at least I can email everybody and be like my account got taken down. You know, when I make a new account, here's my account, but I still had that open line of communication and wouldn't have lost all of the progress that I had made because I could tell them about my new platform and still continue to drive. Other types of commission or like sales through the emails, right, still nurturing your relationships, your business, these are your leads you've generated and once you get them on that email list, they're not gone. You can always reconnect with them. 

JoAnn: For sure, let's talk about that. Shut down account for a little bit. does happen. Yes, it does. I have heard in the past from other affiliates, they get their account shut down like it's over. It's done with nothing that can happen. So how do we overcome what you do? What was your process? How do you make sure it's just a little bump in the road? It's time in the grand scheme of things, especially when you have an email list that you're running your business the right way. 

Tiffany: So I honestly they never told me to do it was that they ended up taking my account down over it because I had gotten community violence, Community Guidelines violations before and I think I had gotten them three or four times before I knew it was four times but three of the times they put the video back up after I appealed it, but this last time, they didn't tell me anything, so I don't really know what happened. I appealed through it like the little box that came up when I went into Tik Tok and was like we disabled your account. You can appeal it if you want to. So I appealed. I emailed and I was honestly counting on not getting my account back because I went into one of the Facebook groups to ask them about it. A lot of people said You know, they never got their accounts back so I was kind of like all right, we built 100,000 followers in like two months. So we're just gonna focus on doing that again in a new account. And then I don't know how I got it back either. Honestly, they didn't send me a notification. They didn't tell me anything. My followers were messaging me on Instagram and emailing me saying that my account was back. So that was the only way that I really knew that I got my account back because followers were messaging me. Okay. I don't have a lot of information as to why I got taken down and why I was put back up because they didn't tell me anything. I wish they would have at least known what video it was that got taken down. Because all my videos are also still there. So I don't really know. I don't know. So are we going to create a second backup account now? Yeah, I have a backup account now because during that day it was taken down. I was like, Alright, it's time to grow. Like I really, my husband was even like, I think he was more upset than I was about it because he saw how hard I work to grow and I was like it happens you know all like I'm not going to waste my time. being upset about it. I'm just going to put that time into growing the backup account. So I do still have that backup account just in case anything does happen. 

JoAnn: But yeah, it was definitely a learning experience. Yeah, I know definitely as affiliates move through this a little further. They are posting the same content on three accounts just to have it. Yeah, always growing and just in case one gets taken down. They still have something that's working for them. But you have the email list as well. A lot of people are missing and don't see that value right away. And it's just huge.

Tiffany: It's a lot of people that email me, like after I send out like my follow up emails and everything. Like do I need an email list? I'm like, Yes. And like now I have even more information and as soon as my account got shut down, I did send out a like both email to everybody like my ticked off account got taken down. What were the lessons learned? This is why you need an email list. Oh, okay. For everyone watching. Did you just hear that? It wasn't just an email like Oh boohoo my TikTok is taken down. She provided value to her audience. This is how I'm handling it. This is how I'm moving forward. She's sharing a piece of her journey, how she's dealing with it, and now they have value if it happens to them. It's not a big deal. They know how to go after it. I mean, that's huge. So no matter what, even in a moment where it's a little stressful, you're still adding value in a pretty easy way to your audience, still building those connections, and all of that. That's, that's the key that's huge instead of just or just ignoring them and not saying anything. You took it as an opportunity to continue your connection with your audience. And that's so and I think that helped through this whole journey. I think that's what has helped me grow a lot is because I am really, really focusing on making connections with everybody. You know, I really, maybe I don't do it every day, but a couple times a week I will make sure I'm going through my comments responding to people going through my message requests on Instagram, because for whatever reason, they don't show up like in your normal messages, answering people answering their questions and really making a genuine connection with everybody. Right. That's what helped me grow so quickly. 

JoAnn: Yeah, and that's huge. Okay, so let's get into the nuts and bolts. You have not a huge following at the start of December. You have a following though. There's a TikTok channel that you're working on. So go through education and you're all in you're going all in. What are the steps that you take regularly, what is your plan, what's your action steps that grew your account? 

Tiffany: So I think what helped me from the very beginning was when I saw somebody else's TikTok about this, and I went into I did my research first to see if this was something that was legit like I think like a lot of people do. Answer and dove into it. I went into this with the mindset like I'm going to miss out. Well, I'm going to figure this out. There are no ifs, ands or buts. There's no way that I'm not making this happen. And I think from having other people message me now I think that's what can either make or break somebody because I have a lot of people messaging me like I don't know if I'm going to be able to learn the technology behind this. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it and like I went into it like there's no way that I'm not doing this and no matter what it takes, I'm gonna figure it out. So that was my mindset going into it from the very beginning. And I didn't know anything. I YouTubed it. I googled it and I think having my own business for the past five years kind of gave me that initiative to really like to drive and figure things out. Because that's how it's been in my own business anyway. And then just making sure that I was authentic on TikTok and the other thing I think that helped me was I started before I felt ready. So I launched my funnel and my email autoresponder I think on day three of the 15 Day Challenge, well, that's the day we introduce it right. Yeah, I feel 100% confident that like I knew 100% what I was doing absolutely not but I started making commissions right away and I think like if I would have waited until I felt like everything was perfect and felt like it was worth putting out there into the world. I would have missed out on who knows how much commission and leads and everything. So I think that's another thing that holds a lot of people back is waiting until they feel like everything is absolutely perfect before they can dive into this and nothing is ever going to be perfect. 

JoAnn: Right? It's impossible. There's no perfect and another word you use, waiting to be worthy. Actually a huge roadblock that's massive that you identify there. Why? Why is someone not worthy of starting their own business? Why are you not worthy to take action? That's huge. Can you speak a little bit more on that, you know, someone that's feeling that right now that may be watching? What's your piece? of advice for them?

Tiffany: I think the biggest thing that I tell everybody because a lot of people will message me and be like I'm scared to start. I'm fearful of some, you know scared of this. The biggest thing that I say to everybody that reached out to me is honestly what is the worst that can happen? Like what are you so fearful about that is going to happen if you try you'll lose $7 You'll maybe make a video that won't like to do that well, or, like that's pretty much the only thing that can really go wrong. So I try to help people kind of get over those fears like there's really nothing that can go wrong. That was really bad, nothing life changing, but it could go really well. And that's what we say to like, you know, maybe you don't get a Starbucks coffee that day and you spend the money on the training and this could be the training that has the potential to change your life. Does it have so many and don't get into the excuses mode? Yeah. What about this? Well, maybe this will happen, who knows? Maybe it will but what's the worst that can happen after you put a TikTok out? Yeah, nothing. There's really nothing bad that can happen. You're not gonna be injured, no one's coming through to like, my brother doesn't do social media either. And he does not understand how you can make money through social media at all. And one of his really good friends, they work together. He has social media. So my brother and I have a really, really good relationship, but he likes to bust my blood about things and like so for me like that's kind of the worst that has happened is he makes jokes about the things that I'm doing but I'm like, not paying my bills. I'm making more than you at your stupid job that like you're not the happiest that like who's really has the final laugh here. 

JoAnn: Exactly. That's really another roadblock besides his fear. His friends and family. Yeah, I know. I've spoken about that in our emails through legendary. So you mentioned your husband who was like, I don't know about all this. But yet when your account got shut down, he was the most angry, like said about it. And now you have a brother who's also harassing you a little bit but you know how to handle it. So speak to us about that support. What are the boundaries you've put up? Or how do you just keep moving forward and keep handling that as it's coming especially early on when you weren't necessarily having big results just to keep going? 

Tiffany: I think for me, I would always love to go and get any kind of work in the social media and I think a lot of things in that world kind of go hand in hand with influencing affiliate marketing content creation like I feel like those things. Once you kind of figure out one you can almost do all three now I do have the photo and video background for content creation and that was something that I've dabbled in through before, but I definitely for a few years. Let the judgments or fear of judgments hold me back a little bit. Okay, looking at where I am now. I wish I would have started earlier. Because, again, like those people even though again, like me and my brother, it was mainly him like we have a great relationship and I know he does it out of love and out of jokes, but I still let him get in my head and looking back now. Even though I am super successful. Now he's still making those jokes, but it's jokes out of love and not jokes out of oh my gosh, I can't believe you're doing that because he is my success and it's like he has made jokes now. So like what do I need to do to get into this? I'm like, I don't really know if you are serious like I know that the people who are in my circle and truly care are not maybe they'll make jokes, but it's not anything serious. And I think that's the biggest thing for anybody worried about starting, like if somebody is really talking bad about you behind your back or whatever you really want them in your circle to begin with. So find the people who are going to support you. And I tell people to like in the beginning if you're making separate accounts, you don't even need to tell anybody that you're doing them. You don't have to like to broadcast it to the world.

JoAnn: You don't need to go on like your personal Facebook page. So with, I think that's really an important key for people to remember no matter what, sometimes like your brother or anyone that's close to you. They're gonna tease you, they're gonna make jokes. Whether you're at the first stage or you're totally killing it and rolling it in and it has nothing to do with what you're actually doing. Yeah, do it. You're his sister. Yeah. Yeah, take it on as Oh, like I have to stop doing this is just not supportive. It's really just how your relationship is. It has a lot of love for him. 

Tiffany: He doesn't understand social media. The only thing that he has is Facebook and on Facebook, you're not seeing paid promotions and affiliate marketing as much as you are on Instagram and Twitter and TikTok and all of that kind of stuff. So one day I did actually sit down with him and explain the things that I'm doing and explain how you can make money and after that, he did admit he was like I just made jokes because I didn't understand it. He was like, I honestly had no idea what it was that you were trying to do. Because I don't, I don't have it. I don't understand it. So I think a lot of what we perceive as judgments is just their misunderstanding. 

JoAnn: That's huge. And that really is they just don't know. Yeah, you can't know something they don't know. It to them they're still never gonna know. Right? It just, it's just not something they can process and they're also just on a different path. People are fine and happy in their nine to five worlds. 

Tiffany: They have no desire to be an entrepreneur. They have no desire. That's a totally different path or mindset. And there's no way to explain it either way. Yeah. You know, like you can't understand staying in a job that you may work 20 years, not understanding going out and doing your own thing and making this happen for sure. Yeah, so definitely All right. So share with me what's a day like? What do you do? Are you still posting four to six TikToks once a day like in the world and your business? 

Tiffany: People ask me that. Honestly I'm trying to set up multiple streams of income just so that way I'm not relying on one. And this is because my mind is more of the creative mind. I don't have as much organization I guess you could say as some people so like I do, I am editing wedding videos. I never want to fully remove myself from the wedding world because I have created a very successful wedding business. But where I do want to go is and why really dove deep into this is we want to start a family. So I don't want to be away every single weekend, especially during the summer in the fall and when things are going on. So that's when I started to really grow this. So a typical day for me depends on what kind of needs more focus. I don't do four to six TikTok a day anymore. I probably do like two to three just to maintain it. I am going to probably start making maybe some newer ones for my backup account that are separate from my regular account just because I have heard some things that if you're repurposing the same video, TikTok already knows that video so it's not going to push that one as well. I might start growing that one a little bit separately. But this is where my mind is kind of all over the place. So I'll be editing a wedding video and be like, Oh, this would be a great idea for TikTok instead of writing it down and doing it later. I'll just go and make that TikTok type creative these taking I don't really have a set schedule every day. And all of that kind of stuff. I just when I get the ideas, I kind of do them. And again I'm also now working with brands for the influencing side of things. So brands pay me to make TikTok about their product. And I also do the content creation side. So a company will come to me whether it's clothing or a hotel or something like that, and I'll create content like photos and videos for them for them to use on their social media. So I'm kind of all over the place with what I do in the day to day. 

JoAnn: All of those opportunities came from this growing channel?

Tiffany: Yeah, for sure. has helped. I've been again like I've been trying to get into the influencer world and I've done things with content creation but being able to say I have over 100,000 followers has helped so much and before it was me always reaching out to brands and then never even looking at me. But now they're coming to me because I have that following which is very cool. Do you enjoy it? I do. I definitely do. I definitely am enjoying this more than my time spent with weddings. And again, I never want to take my foot out of the door because like I already closed out my books for this year for weddings and I'm hoping to maybe only take like five next year. But this definitely that's why I'm struggling getting all of my weddings done because I'm like this is more fun for me right now. 

JoAnn: This is what you’re more interested in or you're excited about. But you're still consistent. Tiffany: So it's not like oh, whenever I get an idea, I just post it because you're still posting every day. So there has to be some type of structure. Yeah, I pretty much try to batch create all of my TikToks  one day a week. So I think about how many this week I want to post. If my goal is to, I'll try to make like 10 or I do them on the weekend. So I'm thinking normally like Monday through Friday to be able to batch create, and then if I don't batch create, then I just try to do them daily. So that's where it kind of depends on if I ended up batch creating if I batch created enough but batch creating definitely helps streamline the process of making TikToks. 

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. I think it's when you're in a creative mode to take advantage of that. And just film film film and go and put it all in drafts and go from there. 

Tiffany: I was gonna say the biggest thing that helps me too is I use Google Docs, and like Google sheets on my phone, so when I see a TikTok as I'm scrolling, that's like, Oh, I could take this idea and turn it into my niche. I'll put it in my spreadsheet. So that way instead of just saving the video because then if I'm going into TikTok to make TikToks  I'll get distracted by TikTok looking at my spreadsheet and being like and I'll have I'll put notes about how I wanted to make that into something for my own niche so that way I don't forget my idea. And then I just go down the list and it makes it so much more. 

JoAnn: I love that that is a great tip and to make sure you're scrolling for research, not scrolling to all of a sudden you've wasted an hour and you know ideas and you have no idea which one you watch or which one you want to copy or you know, you know, yeah, you're off and get off of. So that is a great way to definitely track and then when you're feeling creative, start going down your list. And what I've seen from your channel, you do such a great job of making it your own. Yeah, it's not like cookie cutter. Oh, I've seen this video 10 different times. 

Tiffany: That's what I was doing. And then I was because on my Instagram page, I kind of just grew that around before I started any of this just lifestyle in general. And just being very authentic with my followers about whatever it was that I was going through life at the time. And after I made my first Navy like 10 TikToks I was like I'm not doing what I've been talking about on my Instagram like I'm not being authentic. I'm not being like I'm just doing the kind of cookie cutter like this works for somebody else. So I'm going to do a very similar thing. And I feel like that's when everything really started changing and just engaging with my audience and making it personal and one on one with them and everything like that.

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. All right. So tell our audience someone new, the challenge right now, what's your one piece of advice that helped you from going two years of $40 affiliate marketing on your own to going through the education with Legendary and then blowing up this channel to 100,000 followers. So what is your advice for them? 

Tiffany: I feel like the biggest thing is to just start like don't hold yourself back. Don't doubt yourself that it might not work and just start with a positive attitude and see what happens because if you're not putting yourself out there and if you are not putting everything that you learned out there, you have a 0% chance that you are going to make it where if you at least put yourself out there you're giving yourself a chance if you never start you're never giving yourself the opportunity. 

JoAnn: Yes Just do it. Yeah, worry about anything else. And I think it's important to ask that question like we talked about what's the worst thing nothing's nothing bad that can that's not and so much good could Yeah. Oh yeah. Go for it. Right? Alright, so I am going to pop this up on the screen. Definitely go check out Tiffany on her TikTok on her Instagram account. She is at @Tiffanynoelco on TikTok and Instagram. If anything, I love your layout. I love how you have things you know, in different files and whatnot so it's easy to find even content on how to do affiliate marketing and make videos without showing your face. I've seen that on both of your pages. And I know some people are in that stage, although in those videos you recommend so it's always that you grow that connection more when you start showing your face but also understanding where your audiences are in their journey. So go give her a follow up comment on videos let her know that you saw her on Wake Up Legendary and all of that good stuff. It was so awesome to have you back. I want you to check in with us. In a few months. back about well. So where's that thing going and we'll definitely need to have you back because this is awesome to chat with you. ‘

Tiffany: Sounds good. Thank you so much for having me. 

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. All right. Everyone. I hope you have a fantastic Friday. Be sure to give Tiffany a follow, stay Legendary.