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Matt: Good morning. Good morning. Everybody. What's happening? My name is Matt. We are live for Wake Up Legendary is January 11. And we've got another awesome guest here today we're going on almost two straight years of bringing guests onto our show, featuring their success, telling their story and just showing off. What an amazing community exists here and I'm excited for today's interview. She's young, she's from Houston, Texas, and she's just got a very interesting journey and story seems really passionate to me and her sort of journey to success has been really quick. So I'm excited to bring Nayeli on the show. 

Nayeli: Hey, guys. What's going on?

Matt: You're in Houston, right?

Nayeli: Yes, I'm in Houston. It is 9am over here, so I'm excited to see you guys.

Matt: Nice we're excited to have for those of us who are just getting to know you and just getting introduced to you tell us a little bit about you and your story and your journey. And just tell us about how you found legendary because you were trying other things, right?

Nayeli: Yes. So I'm actually 22 years old. My birthday is this weekend. So I've always had this mindset like I didn't want to work a nine to five, you know, but you know, my parents were like, no, go to college, go to college. I'm like, Okay, let me study something easy. So I study psychology, worked with kids with autism. I actually loved it. I loved it. But here in Houston, the turnover rate for that was insane because the pay sucked and I had just moved out at 18 So I was like, No, I need to do more for myself. So I've never lasted a year at a job. I was never satisfied. I was wanting more and more. And so I was fed up with the company. I was like, You know what? I cannot just wake up every single day for 60 years of my life and do the same routine. I looked into Forex first. Forex was not for me. I don't know because I'm not into the math stuff, but I hated it. It sucked like I didn't understand anything. I was like, What is this? It was like a foreign language to me. So I basically paid like 1000 something for the course and it just failed. Like, in a month it failed. I was like dang it. And my mom was like, she never was like Oh, see you're you're wasting money. She was just like, Okay, well maybe try something else. I was like okay, so I found Amazon spent another 2000. And I think the course lasted for a week. And after that, like my mentor is just mentoring me. I didn't know what to do. I had to find a product and I spent about at least 5k with ads and everything in a month or two and it just went down the drain in four months. I probably made $30 like you know from people buying the products that was it. And I was like no I can’t do this. Like me, keep looking and then this is what COVID hit. And I came across a stick talk about you guys and I was like, look, third time's a charm. Let me just let me do it. And I was like, What the heck, I already probably spent 10k trying to figure things out. So I was like, Okay, let me give this a try. And you know, I was kind of skeptical. I was like, Oh my God, I don't I don't want to lose more money. But I was like, at this point. I don't care. I don't want to work nine to five anymore. I need to find something that works for me. And I found this and for anyone I loved it. I loved it and I think the reason why I loved it was because I was already starting YouTube. I already have my YouTube channel. So here I was like oh my god I love social media. This is easy for me like all I had to do really is be consistent. Make TikTok and I love doing that already. So it just came natural to me and ever since that, like I fell in love with the program and everything.

Matt: Wow, interesting. That's super interesting. So um what? You had a YouTube video already?

Nayeli: I made my YouTube channel because I wanted to talk about, like storytime, I was in a domestic abuse relationship. So I wanted to tell my story and you know, I didn't think it was gonna blow up and get like a million views in one day. And I was like, oh my god, like oh my god. 

Matt: Like you were just kind of like posting about that and in your journey. You got a million views in a day? 

Nayeli: Yes. I really started it and probably without this I would have made I like I already had like 7000 subscribers on tick tock or followers. And then once I started this, like I'm almost at 12,000 already. So

Matt: Wow, that's crazy. So you've leveraged what type of content was that? Just like just funny content, was it just personal content? 

Nayeli: Like TikTok are you to tick tock was just like my YouTube like, I guess like trailers type of thing like hey, go subscribe to my channel. I just did this. Usually my YouTube channel which is mostly about my personal life vlogs daily vlogs storytimes and stuff like that. And now like I'm kind of transitioning my channel to this like, oh, how to make money online or you know things like that.

Matt: A lot of people ask me this, about like starting some sort of channel on TikTok or really on any social media. Like, how, how has that gone? Have you had any like, I mean, has it worked? Because people asked me about taking personal channels and transitioning them to let's say, a certain niche like weight loss or like making money online or something like that. Get down. Well, okay, did that work?

Nayeli: I was actually scared because I was like, Okay, I know some people know me from my brand, my name, you know, so I was like, will people still follow me or like the stuff I'm putting because now it's a different niche, you know? And I was like, you know, if the people want to follow they're gonna follow if they don't, they don't. And I thought about doing a separate you know, account like my personal and then my business type of account. And I didn't know why I would basically start all over. I already have a following. And you know, they don't like seeing it. They can unsubscribe or, you know, unfollow, so I was like, let me just give it a try. Let me do it on my personal channel, and if it doesn't go well I can always just, you know, start all over and create a business account, but I feel like it is going pretty good. I guess because I've already had those followers and they trust me and they don't say, Oh, it's a scam. They're kind of just like, Oh, I've seen her. She's been very loyal to us. She's been very honest. So she wouldn't be putting out a scam you know? And I think that's what was growing my channel as well. Just being authentic and honest. And you know, people are gonna follow people are gonna unsubscribe if they don't like what you're putting out so I think go for it. If you want to stick with your personal channel, stick with it and if not, make a business account because I've thought about doing multiple accounts, because you never know TikTok can, like, ban you on this account. And you know, you have backup accounts.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. So yeah, it's such a hit and miss thing and I yeah, I kind of feel like having those multiple different channels and accounts, helps when that happens, or if that happens, that people are suddenly just like, I have no idea where to find this person. Yeah. I feel like marketers would be smart to you know, drive leads from each of their different each of their different platforms, get them into an email, and then spread around how you can find that follow us like, Hey, make sure to follow us on Instagram, YouTube. So as I'm looking at your YouTube, like, how did you learn all these skills like you're really good with thumbnails? Do you make your thumbnails?

Nayeli: Yes, I learned it from scratch. I started with like, I forgot I was editing on iMovie on my iPhone. And I've always wanted to use you I don't know. I just feel good being on camera. I feel like that's like my happy place. So my parents got me a camera and from there I just started learning how to do thumbnails. And I think that's what I got. I guess I learned like from being on camera I learned what people want to see what people don't want to see. And it is hard, it is hard to please people for them to watch the whole video and stuff like that, but it's possible.

It was so big. 

Matt: Okay, so they get you a camera, you just like to start creating content. Like what did you do to learn things like, you know, creating thumbnails on YouTube because your thumbnails on YouTube are pretty good. Like, how did you get that inspiration? And then like, what types do you use? Canva like, what do you use?

Nayeli: So I was searching on YouTube like hey, how do you make a thumbnail? How do you make it sound like you know the YouTube thumbnail on the back and stuff like that. It will be like hours watching the videos learning step by step. Like I'll have it on my computer, and like I'm on my phone like this, but I do use Canva. I do everything on my phone, especially the thumbnails, the videos, obviously I edit them like on my Mac Pro. But yeah, pretty much like I just do it on my phone Canva pics are things like that you can Google things and all those apps pop up.

Matt: I wanted to ask that because people ask us or me a lot and I knew your answer was slow. I didn't know I just punched that your answer was basically I figured it out. And that's such a powerful thing I think people to see is like somebody does something really great like YouTube thumbnails or even just content creation or video editing. Like to be just like, No, I didn't go to school for that. No, I don't have a design degree. I'm not a graphic designer. I just Google searched and you know, sometimes I've told my wife this before. I was like, you know, there's a lot of high paid skills and I'm sure I'm a smart marketer. And I've learned a lot of things like, the ability to Google search and figure it out is probably the best skill for entrepreneurs. Go to Google and then to know how to type in and how to get the result you want fast because it speeds like I've always I've actually considered creating a course like called How to take them. And like just because I feel like the speed with which you can do that is the speed with which you can figure problems out and you can get it done. And if you can increase that tool like for an entrepreneur that's invaluable because it's just time saved over and over and over again. I don't think it would sell very well but I have thought about it. So in your world of TikTok Okay, so, tell us when you started creating tic toc for affiliate marketing like for your like you're trying to market and sell a business or a course like how long ago did you start and what is that? What's that? Like how long did it take you to start generating commissions and leads and commissions?

Nayeli: So I started at the beginning of December so it's already been a month that I've started on TikTok and you know, like I said on my YouTube channel, I was very authentic, very honest, and I kind of put my story into play all the time. It's on tick tock. I was like, I need to do the same thing I have. Can I have these people relate? To me? How can I make the like, how can I make these people buy what I'm putting out there you know? So I just started having fun with it. I was okay, and I also like to get ideas from other people. I will see other affiliate marketers like okay, let me see what they do. And how can I make it better? How can I make it mine? You know, not copy it step by step, but how can I make it mine, you know? So I put my story into play. And I just started being very consistent. I would post three times a day. Sometimes now I'm posting like four times a day just to keep that you know the views going the likes. And from day one. As soon as I posted my TikTok I think I probably got my first commission. And I was so excited. It wasn't much but I was like oh my god like this is crazy because I've never seen that in Forex. I didn't see that on Amazon. And I was always just disappointed. Three, four months go by and I'm just like I don't see anything. And where was the first day? I was like, oh my god, like I was also shocked. And I was like I noticed that a lot. But hey, that's the start like it gave me more I guess power like more like ambition to just keep going. 

Matt: Totally. Yeah. And I feel like it. You know getting a result is always getting a result. More or less getting a result fast. But getting a result is always just like and it's just such a powerful thing. Because it changes something in you. It changes something about you. I don't really know how to explain it really. But it's just really powerful.

Nayeli: I feel like it changes the way you grind, I guess because like when I saw it, I was like oh yeah, let's keep going. Let's keep going. You know, it just gives you fuel or something like gas. 

Matt: Totally. Yeah, I get it. Yeah, there's it takes a toll I think for people sometimes when the results are slower, and it's like hey, why is this working for everybody else? I don't get it. Is there something wrong with me like what's going on? But I also think that people need to be conditioned a little bit to understand that you had a little bit of like, a fast forward because you built a little bit of an audience, but I think that for other people, you know, the expectation shouldn't typically be that you're going to post a video and see it commissioned the next hour. You know, like that's, it's a little unrealistic. It's not that uncommon that somebody is going to begin doing that quickly because of the power of social media and how fast to talk growth can be but I think tempering expectations helps and allows you to expect a little bit of a longer attorney which is usually the case. When you started creating content in this niche Did you find it easier or harder or different or because yeah, you might be good at creating content, but you know, getting ideas from other markers and actually implementing and implementing them in the video content video form. Isn't that easy to do, especially just to jump right into it. Did you find that easier or harder? Was there any struggle to that?

Nayeli: Sometimes, like it would be easy and sometimes it'd be hard depending on what I was trying to do. Sometimes I could even put my story out there like okay, how can I make this mine? And this is where I had to brainstorm like okay, how can I make this authentic? Like how can I make this mine? And sometimes I'll get frustrated. Okay, I don't like it going well. I don't like it like let me let me refilm it and it's just like and then the whole day I'm just like okay, you know, whatever. Let me take a 10 minute break and let me come back. And then I'll be fine, you know, but like I said, I was just trying to put my story in. It is sometimes hard to look at other affiliate marketers and I'm just like, okay, that's theirs, how do I make it mine?  I'm brainstorming, probably five to 15 minutes and I'm just like, okay, and then once I have my thoughts together, I'm like, Okay, well, this can be the caption. This can be like the storyline or whatever. And this will make people follow or clip, you know?

Matt: Yeah, totally. Do you use this tool? Do you use this tool ever called Sort For TikTok, or that?

Nayeli: I think I saw it when we were looking through the Decade In A Day if I'm not mistaken. Matt: Okay. Yeah, cool. I'll show you my screen real quick. I think I should be able to share my screen with you. I always only say that just because they're young. There's this tool called Sort For TikTok. Which is up here and the pop up is not showing. Let me share my full screen

because we've had a lot of people who have had a lot of luck with this. And area. Okay, you can still see my screen okay. Okay, can you see this sword for TikTok? Yes. Okay. So this, it just goes on Google Chrome on your desktop, and you can hit start. And what it'll do is it'll sort people's videos by the most watched to least watched automatically. So you can see the most watched stuff, right? And so what's cool about that is you can, you can then from your perspective, you can take and what people have done is create a little spreadsheet and they've actually organized that spreadsheet by most watched the least watching games. So you know if you're going around looking for inspiration from people in your niche, which you shouldn't do, find inspiration. That's the easiest way to find content, right? And you basically create what's called a swipe file. And most great marketers use swipe files for decades and decades. But a swipe file is basically when you need some inspiration, you have a place you can go and that route of doing it is so much more efficient and optimized because once you once you start going through those, you can also get a check of like, Hey, I basically created something similar to this. Here's how I would afford it. Then you can kind of track your views. And then you have this list that's like this one had 800,000 views. This one had 12 million views or whatever. And what it does is it allows you to be able to get ideas quicker than just scrolling through hashtag stuff on tick tock kind of wasting time trying to figure it out. You actually do a hard brainstorm session on your computer, which also just as a side note, you know, we have an interesting relationship to our phones. I think like the way that we scroll and interact and stuff. And I think sometimes that's hard to like, maintain focus and maintain the ability to like, I'm doing business now, right? But there's a different thing when I'm like on a computer like I'm on a desktop and I'm like I'm sorting for tick tock and I'm putting things into a spreadsheet feels like a business so I'm able to stay a bit more focus on like a quarter ADHD so for me these little tips and tricks are really helpful and I find that a lot of other people in our industry.

Nayeli: It is helpful a lot because when I am on my phone and I see other things I'm like, oh, there we go check this out. And then like I go back, I'm like okay, what was I doing? Like, gonna get lost. I feel like the stuff that you just showed me that's so much easier than just scrolling and trying to find something. Right here I can see what has good views. How can I relate it to my story, put it on the spreadsheet, check it off if I've already done it. So that's so much easier. I need to say during that.

Matt: Yeah, it's a good trick. Especially for people who are like, trying to stay efficient, have a job, you know, like, you don't have that much time to try to stay efficient. Yeah, and you know, if you really think about it, you think about like affiliates like Stacy law, or like Calvin Phil or like big affiliates who have done multiple six figures and have done most of it from their TikToks When you do a Sort For TikTok. You're searching through so many videos, I mean, 1000s of videos in some cases, and you're and you're just cherry picking the very top performing ones. And so you're getting a real look into like, what really worked for them. I think the only downside of that strategy is that you know, on TikTok the ones that you're finding by swiping and scrolling are usually the ones that are performing best right now like current. And so you know, you got to decipher something that was two years ago gonna work for me? It doesn't hurt to try for sure. But you have to kind of decipher and be smart about that. So you're doing content about four times a day or so. Are you still working at a job? Are you not working a job anymore?

Nayeli: So I do body sculpting on the side. I started doing it because my friend needed help with COVID hit on a distress. So I was like, Yeah, I'll help you. But that's basically what I do on the side. But this is basically my full time job. I'm always gonna do it. As soon as I wake up, I try to Google the times that are best to post on TikTok and I'm posting, you know, in the morning, in the afternoon, midday and then like nighttime. 

Matt: Wow, that's super cool. I do find that finding the right time is kind of a consistent theme of people who have found, you know, have hit the algorithm really well. Sometimes people are just posting at the same time every day or the same couple of times stopped working and they literally just post in the middle of the night. I've heard people posting at 1am and it just boomed. They don't know why they happened. They'll get half a million views and their TikToks exploded and you know, leads are just pouring in. It is really you know, I think as with anything, there's a formula, I think there's general guidelines to start with, but there's always as a business owner, there's always going to be some degree of you have to figure it out. You have to be able to find solutions you have to be able to and I just wanted to say you know you really well done on your ability to get followers on multiple different platforms, and to tell your story and to be authentic. I think you're good proof. And are you okay if we also shared your YouTube? Yeah, that's cool. Because I also feel like the long form content and the short form content of your YouTube would be really valuable for people because some people don't believe that their story's worth it. But I was at a mastermind a month ago, and there's ladies there who you know had battled through a lot of years of addiction, you know, that had, you know, things like their spouse passed away or, you know, lost their house, whatever. And some of them were just like, Yeah, nobody wants to hear about me, you know, and and I think you know, when I go to your YouTube channel, and you've got just real raw content about that, and, you know, storytime and you know, that video storytime for me, or you tell us to Korean like it just everybody sees it, and I'm sure you've got lots of people who messaged or commented and are like, hey, you know, this meant a lot to me, you know? Yes. And I think sometimes the content goes deeper than just, you know, how do I make money online? Sometimes people want to see and know somebody and make a human connection. And I think it's really cool to do that, so props to you.

Nayeli: Thank you.

Matt:  I'll give you the last word to our community to everybody here. Got a lot of people in life but we've also got, you know, usually 1000s of people who will watch this after listening to the podcasts wherever. You know, there's a lot of people who listen to this who are newer or seeking that first commission or trying to create content and we're trying to quit their job or whatever. What would you say to those people who are just getting started just try to figure it out and what would be your encouragement to them?

Nayeli: So I think about going, keep going because it's always going to be hard in the beginning, and don't expect to blow up. Because when you expect it, I feel like it doesn't happen. And when you don't expect it. That's when you're like, oh my god, it happened, you know? So do not give up. Keep going. Keep being consistent. Consistency is key on any platform. Whether that's YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, look, I've never had a Facebook and I made it for this and I just started posting the rules and I made a mad I think, almost 1000 followers on the rules. So it's possible to start from zero and, you know, who cares if you're, you know, 18 Who cares if you're 60 years old doing this? Anything and everything is possible. You just really have to grind and really want to see a difference. Like if you do not want to work a nine to five for the rest of your life. This is going to be like you know how you breathe in every day. This is basically going to be part of that. Like when I tell myself I cannot want a nine to five I tell myself I don't want that. So what can I do? You know, avoiding a nine to five is grinding, inconsistent, never giving up even if you have zero followers by Friday, you might have 10 followers you know that's that's a start. That's something or even if you have that one viewer who's always viewing your stuff like hey, that is something that's something to be proud of. So guys, just keep going and never give up. Just be consistent. And you'll see a difference. You'll see a difference. Trust me.

Matt: I love it so much. Yeah, I think it's a powerful thing to always remember for literally everybody. There was always day one. Every person Mark Zuckerberg, Nayeli, me, Dave, everybody has the day, everybody, Elon Musk, everybody doesn't matter. So yeah, I think that that's, I think less important than a good reminder. Really. That's really solid. Appreciate that. 

Nayeli: Be yourself because a lot of people like that if people see that you're like, oh, no, she's faking it. Like they're, they're just gonna hate on you and, and you will have hate comments, but who cares? They're still watching.

Matt: Totally. Yeah, they're still watching. And you know what's really powerful about that? Even in the hate comments, a lot of times I think to myself, I've just found it. Powerful to reframe that in a way of just remembering. Some people are just initiating a place in life. They're just in a hard place. They're just going through something. Maybe they've been abused. Maybe they've been hurt. Maybe they've been, you know, laid off their job and they needed to take it off on somebody right? And so I think sometimes, you know, we overthink and overanalyze what people might say about us, say about our business, say about our personal life, whatever. But at the end of the day, some of those many, many of those people, you know, there's this phrase hurt people hurt people. And, you know, broken people. Are people and eat thinking about people less as, as bad people or mean or angry or whatever and more hurt and broken and struggling, which is what they are, allows a little bit of empathy. And it certainly allows us, you know, if we're creating content certainly allows us to just be like, damn, you know, what, I don't know what that guy's got going on. You know, and what a defusing response. I mean, for somebody who's looking to just get in literally, they want to pick up shit and throw it at you. hoping you're going to throw that back, you know? And to get that response. It's just like, man, you're right. I'm hurting. And when people who are hurting, they have that reflected or mirrored back to them. It's called mirroring, which you know, from psychology, it diffuses everything, shame and guilt. All of those emotions can't live in the life it can only live when they're covered up. So that's cool. I like that and I love that approach. Love your mindset. And yeah, I'm just excited for him, excited for your journey and where this will lead and congrats on finally trying something forex trading and this is a lot more simple edit. And the cool part is like it just fits right in your wheelhouse and for watching today, like, you know, I'm struggling a little bit figuring out what works for me. I just think the best thing that you can possibly do would just be to try things without the feeling of like, maybe I'm going to be ashamed or guilty or something if I quit or if I if I don't fully follow through or whatever. Like look, when you first start out in this you don't need to feel a bunch of shame and guilt over like I tried something to work like move on. It's a big deal. You're going to try new things. You're going to try hard things. Some of this is going to work, some of it's not you just need to be able to discern about quitting because that scares me because it's like this legit not a good fit for me and I know myself and I know this is fake yet. For somebody who's created a bunch of content or somebody who feels and believes that they can learn it. It's just a great fit. It makes sense that it was such a good fit and so cool. Hey, you're killing it. And you know what I tell everybody who's killing it. You know? If I could go back to my 22 year old self and say, you know, Hey, dude, you're killing it. What I would tell that person would be when you find something that works, don't stop. So you know if I want to try something new or I want to try something extra or try something a little different. I'm going to keep my system in place. What am I? What have I done this work so far? Don't stop that because that's the revenue of the business. Yes, or something else if I want to later down the road, but it can't be at the detriment to my businesses working for me right now. SEO is my livelihood, you know, and so that would be my encouragement to you if you're open to hearing. 

Nayelli: Thank you so much for your support.

Matt: We're happy to help and if you ever need me think let us know. We'd love for you to check back in here in a couple of months and have you back on if you're open to it and awesome. Well, thanks, Nayelli. Have a good rest of your day.

Nayelli: Thank you guys. Bye. 

Matt: I’m gonna put up her social handles here. You can go follow her. I believe that I dropped in the excuse me, the comments. have dropped her YouTube as well in the comments so you can go watch some of the more long form content. @Nayelicarbajal_ TikTok and Instagram. You can also go into the comments on your YouTube as well. You can just search for her on YouTube, and it'll come up I'm sure. But yeah, another powerful episode. Make sure to go give her a follow up on Tik Tok and on Instagram. Let her know by the way, the reason that we send out her handles and send up people's handles is so that you can be a positive encouragement to people inside of our community. So you know if you go out and you do that, you know start building good business karma by you know, encouraging or saying hey, I found you on Wake Up Legendary I saw your episode here's what inspired me. You know, I liked this part of the episode. And make sure to show some love. You can text the letters WUL. So Wake Up Legendary, WUL (813)-296-8553 and every time that we go live wake up legendary. Send out a little text that has a Facebook link in it. So you can literally just tap it. You're tapped right into the Facebook Live that we do every Monday through Friday. We've been doing it for a long time. But we've been doing it specifically with people inside of our communities as guests for about two years, nearly two years and we've got a long list of people who are at least three weeks out right now. And I don't think that this is going to stop. I think that there's new people coming into our community every day who are or are leveraging what they're learning and turning it into financial success. So guys, we're gonna wrap up for the day. We'll be back here. I'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place. And then Dave will be back here Thursday, Friday to close out the week. Have a great rest of your week. 2022 is going to be a really big year for us online for everybody who's online.