Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: All right, my friends. Let me ask you a question. This is Dave Sharpe on the hot seat. Good morning. Have You Ever Have you ever said to yourself I'm computer illiterate I'm not I'm technically unsavvy. I don't have the computer skills to be able to do this to get this done. Well, today's guest said the same exact thing. And quite frankly, a lot of times we say things and they're not even true. This may have been true for this guy. You know what I mean? Let's find out because that's not the case anymore. He's now succeeding and thriving with his digital business. Let's find out how he did it. Will, welcome to the show, buddy. Hi. How are you man?

Will: I'm doing great.

Dave: Yeah, nice to Nice. Where are you calling in from

Will: From Edinburg, Texas.

Dave: Okay. Nice. Nice. So completely computer illiterate hmm. And, and that was about four months ago. Now you would say that you are still computer illiterate yet having success or you're not as computer illiterate anymore in your head. Tell us a little bit about the story and what's happened over the last four months?

Will: Well, I just started off like Not, not understanding anything. It was basically going starting from scratch. I haven't touched a computer in many years. So I just started you know, little by little I take little pieces of information and I'd apply it and learn it and then move on. To the next step and, and eventually the little bits that I put together turn into you know, more knowledge.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So what did you do? What do you do besides this? Can you fill us in about who else will be and why you were motivated? To want to come online and earn extra income?

Will: Well, I've been a truck driver for 18 years now. And I started as a factory worker back in the 90s. And you know, the factories were closing down and moving to Mexico. So my factory moved and I needed to figure out something to do. So it was easy to get a license and start driving a truck. So that's what I did, you know, on the money, but I never wanted to do it. It was just that I was forced into a situation. So over the years, I was always looking for a way to get out of truck driving, because I never liked it. And turns out, you know, I came across the legendary 17 years later, and that's when I was like you don't want this. This could work. This is something that I need to focus on because this can change my life. So that's why I went ahead, you know, did it.

Dave:  So have you seen other things over the past 17 years? That I mean, what was it about Legendary you think? I mean? Because there had to have been other things that you may have heard or seen or that have come across your desk or phone or whatever, what was it this time? Or was this the only thing I mean how have you pretty much been offline, if you will for 17 or 18 years or whatever and in kind of you just now came on social media. It's like I'm just trying to connect the dots about also what was it about legendary that that converted you if you will, from offline to online.

Will: You know, I spent most of the year doing anything online that was just, you know, political, it was like political stuff. Never really focused on anything with business. Until I got into TikTok. And I fell in love with the business side of TikTok and that's where I started realizing that there's a bigger world out there than just, you know, finding a job, because that was what I was. focused on finding another job.

Dave:  I love this. It's so simple yet powerful, right? You're conditioned to just go find another job in you stupid effing app and now all of a sudden it completely you know you start seeing somehow, you know, as, as most of us do, you start getting fed that kind of, you know, business or, or financial or investment or make money kind of content because there's a lot of it and, and you're going hold on wait a second, you know, as you're literally just looking for a job that your brain is being opened by these little 15 second videos about the possibility of working completely for yourself online in using the internet. Is that kind of how it went down? 

Will: Yeah, yes, absolutely. Yeah, it was like opening a box. 

Dave:  What even made you get on TikTok I mean, was it were you just you had your you had kids on it? What even made you download the app? And were you a big social media user before that?

Will: Yeah, I would just scroll you know, Facebook, that was my only social media. And there was just mentioned to me one day, you know, hey, you know, like ever checked out TikTok. And it took me a while before I decided to download it. And, you know, when I did that, that's when everything. 

Dave: That's crazy man. So, you come across this legendary, you know, what are they? What are these people talking about? And you watched the 20 Something minute video that explains what we do our challenge you enroll and you begin this process? What about the initial video even maybe before you bought the challenge or the videos in the challenge? I mean, what really made you believe hey, I can do this. Did you look around and see other people? What it was was that you began to build that belief back when you were watching the initial TikTok videos. Tell us where you built your at least confidence if you're still somewhat computer illiterate because I know you it's only been a couple of months. I don't know how long I've been doing this but I'm not over. I still hunt and peck for Christmas six people. I can't even look at the keyboard and type fast like this. I can't do that. I actually have to look at the keyboard now I can write some some copy I can i i have figured out and you know what I could have gone and take some classes people I do want to throw this out there I in the last decade I could have gone and taken some some classes to learn specifically how to type. And I still might do that because I like to grow. But what I'm saying is, I've been doing this for over a decade and I'm still computer illiterate. What really converted you to build your confidence to make you smile. Think to yourself, at least I can do this.

Will: Yeah. In the beginning. Of course. Like a lot of people you're skeptical. Any question or abilities, a new question Is that real and it's too good to be true and like in October of last year is when I actually got into the program. But I didn't. I didn't continue with it. I stopped because I was questioning everything. Gotcha. Well, I continue to watch this person I came across on tick tock was Calvin. So I continue to watch Calvin and all his lives. And he's the one that really showed me like okay, you know what, this, this is real. This can actually happen. And I went right back into it and continued to finish the 15 days and then i Then I had another roadblock like okay, you know what, I need? Money. Everybody's question is money. How am I going to get the money? Well, I had to realize that instead of telling myself that I'm broken, I don't have the money. I need to find a way to get the money so that I can start this business. And I just did it and I took action. You became resourceful. Right instead of complaining about your resources.

Dave: Which we've been doing all of us in any area of our life whenever we really want something. I don't know a human being unless they are in a cage. That does not ultimately get what they want. If they don't stop trying. And I'm talking about if a human being wants a Big Mac, ain't nothing gonna stop that person from going to that McDonald's. If a person wants a lot of times, if a person wants enough we're gonna pursue them until they get it right. I mean, a lot of times or else I mean, I know some people that get thrown in jail for God's sake, right because it became creepy, but they tried. They gave it they gave it hell, you know what I mean? But, my point here is that what I'm hearing from you is a couple of things. I'm hearing one other thing that really stood out to me is the fact that Calvin Hill practiced good old marketing. And what happened was if we can just go back and dissect a little bit of wills conversion point, right. You became converted, I was like, Well, what was the magical thing that made you convert and believe that all this stuff and you're like, Well, you know what? I initially spent a couple of bucks and didn't believe it and then I kept getting follow ups re-exposed by a marketer. And I just so happen to be on TikTok and I watched one of his lives. Look, we got 200 Nate people right now. Are you all here on what we're talking about? Because what will be laying out is how Calvin has made multiple six and seven figures in this business over the last year or so. Okay. It's called riq. Here's what it's called. Get up every day in the market. Yeah, that's it. I mean, it doesn't sound like you and I are about right here in terms of our computer literacy, and probably just good old blue collar boys. But here's what I do know: that if I get up and I mark it every day, seven days a week I have something going out on the platforms that I'm marketing on. I got a good chance to convert some people because I'm not going to probably hit the first conversion. That's okay. But like what you just said, You're caught alive. You caught what he was doing and it was probably just holding his phone up to the computer just to shut nothing fancy. He probably had a little slide or maybe even a little piece of paper. Maybe he was explaining, you know, something like Well look, Uber is kind of like a big affiliate marketing company. They connect people. I mean, that's a great, very simple example to explain to people kind of, you know what affiliate marketing is like, you know, it's like Airbnb. You don't own any of the stuff, you just connect the people who want the service or have the service. Same with Uber. And so Calvin simply instead of and here's another thing that I want to point out because I want to ask you about you creating content and marketing next but what what Calvin what Calvin did was nothing magical thing that anybody out what Calvin, the great Legendary Marketer that you see out there who you're enamored with, and you're saying, wow, they must be really different. I mean, they really know some No, they don't. They're just, they went there and got a cool education. There every day. Every day did you do something for your trucking business? You know, when you were driving a truck? It wasn't like you took days off and we're just like, hey, what know your ass was on that? Seat putting in miles aren't up? Because I know because I read your thing and time is your biggest why? So you spent a lot of time behind that wheel. And you know what? The same thing applies to folks the same time that you put in your gob. You have to put similar time in your business, at least in the beginning. Owning your own business doesn't mean you work less. It means you can make more. That's what it means. It doesn't mean you can work less. I mean, you might eventually get to a place where you can work less but in the beginning, it will be Who of you to at least match our first sense it completed. Well, you've already proven that you can work that many hours anyways, you know, so going back to Calvin and how he converted you which was you bought and then were skeptical. And Calvin being an affiliate and Calvin is a pretty well rounded marketer. He's got you know, he seems to have quite a bit of things going on. But still, he is an affiliate for legendary and guess what, I'm sure when he reengaged you there's a possibility you went and bought more. You bought more training, or you bought more this happens all the time, whether you did or didn't. There's a possibility that you went and you bought another product, and in that case, Calvin reengaged you to then go buy an upsell or to to buy more education or or maybe now that he's converted you now he's making other sales from sending you emails about other things. The point is, is that if Calvin would have just said oh, I'm not going to do live because I'm uncomfortable. I don't know what to talk about. Or I'm not going to follow through. I'm not going to create content on a daily basis. No,  he would have none of this. You wouldn't even be here.

Will: Probably. Right. Yeah, probably wouldn't be.

Dave: Okay. So everybody looks at somebody like him and says oh, you know, he's so and he is good at creating content. But you know what, it's because he's fixing his time and he's still putting in his time. It's kind of like he's still doing it. It's such a magical thing to talk about. Right? Well, because it's not as if I'm talking about somebody. These marketers are still out here because it's the name of the game. You're still always creating content just like Papa Don said yesterday when I'm writing, speaking, and filming. I'm making money. Anything else is probably busy work, but I'm making money and guess what Calvin still does? Writing, Speaking, filming, making money so so Will, what did those first beginning weeks look like in terms of you getting out of learning mode and actually transitioning to action, which is a difficult thing for a lot of people to do because learning is really safe. And nothing can really happen to me when I'm just learning. But then when I go to take action and actually start my business, that's when the rubber hits the road. So how did you transition through that period?

Will: You know, I just had to dig deep because I'm an introvert.You know, when it came time to decide, okay, this is it. This is the time. I just had to suck it up and get it done. Really, and pushing the button to send that first TikTok. Really was a relief because I was like, I did it. I did it you know and then I realized, well, nothing bad happened. Nothing happened to me. I'm okay. So let's do it again. And again, and I just from that point on, you know, I broke the ice and I just kept going and it got easier after that. Then it's kind of fun now, to make really

Dave: That's how all fears work, isn't it? I mean, nothing is ever as scary as we make it out to be. You know, in time after time in life. I've had that very same thing happen to where I made it out to be a nuclear explosion. If it was going to happen if I did X, Y and Z and then I do like I'd expect to get laughed at or you know, whatever my fear was, I was talking to my my, my my daughter yesterday and she was talking about getting laughed at for where it's I can't remember what it what it what we were talking about. But it was just the fear that this general fear she had was like, Wow, where did that come that it's almost like it's a natural thing and then maybe we see one thing or one little thing happens and it just ignites that fear, but it's one that follows us throughout life. It's that fear of rejection or that fear of criticism or that you know, fear of just getting made fun of and I think it's a really Elementary School fear that probably happened to them. They're all of us. We got laughed at at one time and we were like, Oh, that hurt. I'm never gonna let that happen again. And it's like, you know, some of us you know, I do believe in personality types but what you just you know, and that were extroverted, introverted, all that stuff. I do believe in that but I also love your story about overcoming fear because it's such a simple one. And it's the only way to get through it. There's no way around it right. We didn't. I didn't send you a secret email and say, I just wanted to let you know this is how not to have any fear through this program. And I'm just giving you this secret. Well, I'm not giving it to anybody. I didn't send you that email. You know, your answer was something along the lines of I just did it and had to get through it. I had to get uncomfortable when I came to do this and am unwilling to go through that 10 to 30 ish day period, where things are really uncomfortable because you're brand new. How many people will bury their dream of their business? Do you think we'll bury it in a nice little grave and put a tombstone on it? Who could have had success like the percentage of people who want to do it but let that fear stop them? What would you guess that number is?

Will: It's got to be pretty big. I'd have to say percent at least. Wow. Yeah, yeah. There's, there's a lot of people I talk to and I don't make videos is one of the things that they talk about, like well, I want to do what you do, but I don't make videos. You know, I don't. I don't like to get on camera, and there's quite a few that do. And they're the ones that admit the fear. There's probably no more than that. I mean, they're just gonna come out and say this just in their mind that they're gonna do it. 

Dave: Yeah. Well, I'll tell you what I mean, you're not only crushing it on tick tock, but you've also monetized yourself on Facebook. Is that right to where your reels are actually now and have become another stream of income for you. Can you tell us about just you know, how you've what it's been like to market first on the platform that you originally were just a user of? So you went from consumer to creator and you find yourself over to Facebook reels where you just repurposing content and then it took off, talk us through a little bit of your content strategy.

Will: Yeah, well, I started on TikTok, and TikTok just seemed to be the place to be and I didn't repurpose any videos for a while. I was just doing TikTok. So yeah, it wasn't repurposing anything but you know, going through the morning shows and you've talked to people and they'll mention repurposing so I you know, when I got to start doing well, I started repurposing kills in the real world and just blew up. That's where I started getting all my traction. TikTok was where I had its moments but really didn't do a whole lot. But the reels just exploded. So I just started expanding on Facebook. You know, I got a group and a page and you know, now my Facebook is just killing it. And yeah, I'm getting monetized on my real thing too. 

Dave: What do you feel? I mean, are you Billy badass over there or what? I've been holy shit you go from not knowing your ass you know from a hole in the ground and now you're monetized dominate crushing it on Facebook. I mean, what the hell?

Will:  Yeah, that was completely unexpected. I never thought that, you know, I was going to have that much success on Facebook of all places. 

Dave:  I mean, did you think that'd be an easy success in general, though, I mean, you know, Were you one of those guys who came into it. I believe. I believe I'm gonna succeed and I can see it, or are you one of those guys who's like to pinch me. I can't believe that this has actually taken off the way that it is.

Will: A little bit of both. Whenever you start something, you have to have some sort of belief. If you're questioning if you're not a fool in, then you're probably not going to succeed. You have to believe that you are going to succeed in some fashion. The surprises like with the Facebook thing, that one is kind of like wow, you know, I never expected that. But I didn't believe I was going to succeed all along. I just didn't know how well.

Dave: So are you going back to trucking?

Will: Well, I still drive. Still drive. Yeah, I'm in a situation now where I can drive part time. So the first part of the week, I have to go and then the second part of the week, I can focus on my business here.

Dave:  And it's not like if you had to if you were a truck driver, if you had to continue to do this side by side with driving trucks. It is very doable. That is actually very doable. And clearly you've got yourself in a position. How have you gone from full time to part time is it because hey, now I've got income coming in, and I'm eventually going to take that part time. Down to no time over there driving.

Will: Yeah, that's pretty much where I am. And I'm, I guess, in a unique situation where I don't drive for a big company. I left the big companies and my brother in law has a trucking company. So I work with him and he allows me to have that freedom, which is really good because then it frees up some time to do what I need to do.

Dave: All right. So let's you mention what he and any other of your family or friends think about what you're doing and or do they even know. 

Will: They know but I haven't gone into a real in depth explanation, because they really don't understand.

Dave: Right, right. Well, it will neither do my friends and family after you know, after 12 or 13 years or whatever the hell they're like still don't they? I got family members now we're just like, hey, how are you doing? Nice to see your business. They don't. We don't even talk about the details because for whatever reason, you know, it's also difficult for people I want to. I want to remind everybody listening, it's not just this business. It's hard for people to understand there's a million industries in jobs out there and businesses that if you tried to explain what it did, the majority of the population would still be confused. So I do want to dispel that myth. The only thing I mean if I tell somebody hey, I'm a truck driver. Yeah, okay. That's pretty simple. What I do nowadays is I tell people, friends and family that I'm not prospecting them. i i Actually at this point in my life, thank the good Lord. And, you know, because it was a long, hard road to get here. I don't even talk to my friends and family about what I actually was like. How do I do this? When is this gonna get easy? And now I just don't ever even bring business up ever. And if somebody asks me what I do, I say, Well, I'm in real estate and I'm also into online marketing or E commerce. E-commerce is a word that a lot of people think they understand and know what it means. So sometimes I'll say, I have some real estate and an E-commerce business and they're like Oh, nice, nice, nice, nice game, as if they know, but they don't really know. You know, but, but anyways, so your friends, they don't really understand either. So you're not doing a whole lot of explaining right now.

Will: No, not now. In the beginning, I was really excited and I would try to explain to him you know, like, what I'm doing and what I'm into. And yeah, I just gave up on that.

Dave: When we think what we're doing is like the most important thing in the world when we first started and that is how a lot of us get let down. You know because we're like, oh my god, we're good. What I'm doing. This is the greatest opportunity, this is the best thing in the person is just like, don't give a shit. It looks like a school is a scam. You know, they just say whatever they say off the top of their head. You know, and then you're like, you know we're all hurt, you know, because our fans just don't even bother. Let me save you new people. Don't even bother, right waiting till you know what you do. Buy something nice like a car or a nice watch or something and then people will be like, hey, what are you doing and just be like, on the side, you know, just some investments just aside because you know what, because nobody ever even believes that you have a business or that you know, you're going to be doing anything until you actually have physical things. Money doesn't matter. You can earn all the money in the world, but your friends and family won't even begin to believe that you're actually a real entrepreneur until you start. Wait for this one, buying depreciating assets. Which is what impresses the masses.

Dave: So, what is next? Where do you see yourself going? You know, the rest of 2022 What are you just trying to kind of dial in your content? Are you trying to grow your list? I mean, are you just hey, I don't know what the hell I'm doing next week. But today, I know what I'm doing. Like, kind of how are you approaching? Are you approaching things right now a day at a time or have you begun to look into the future and say, maybe, you know, maybe this is where I want to take this.

Will: Yeah, I pretty much day at a time. I have difficulty trying to plan simply because of my driving. Because sometimes it may take up more than just a couple of days. So I just tried to plan for the moment but right now I've gotten this so let me see what I can get done in the next few days. And I know the ultimate goal will not be the ultimate but at least a year from now the goal is to quit driving. By this time next year I want to not be driving anymore and that will be 100% full time. That's my main goal.

Dave: You know how reasonable and doable that is, man. Like seriously, if you came with some real bullshit, you're like, hey, I want to be making a million a month by an x out event like we'll come on. But, man that's a realistic goal that can not only absolutely you know happen but what I've what I've seen happen with me and I've said this before, is that I've really short changed myself on what I thought was possible. You know what I mean? Like if it back in that's the reasons why us as marketers make a mistake when we talk too much about what's possible, like in like you want to zero in on a result instead of just selling a product like, Hey, this is a bottle of water and it's got really awesome packaging, isn't it pretty? And it's got water inside that you can drink versus you're probably really thirsty right now. Right? You've probably been talking for a little while here. Well, and your mouth is probably pretty dry as and feel that right? And that that kind of sucks. When you're talking and you've got an interview and you're in your mouth. And you know what this right here will do? It'll wet it down and make this interview so much easier for you to finish. So here would you like this just 50 cents a drink? Right? So I'm single. So what this will do for you, but did you notice that I sold it from the place of a pain point, rather than then selling like you know all of the glory and all of the things that this water is going to do for you to make your life better. What this water is going to do is going to take your pain away. And you know, how could I know how could a prospect who has who's in their pain be really thinking about all of this, you know, all of this basically this ecstasy that you're trying to sell them at the end of the rainbow. They can't even you know, and I see a lot of people selling make money online and or business, your finance stuff and they're like, What kind of car do you want to drive and you know, how many square feet you are and it's like man, they can't they're not thinking about that. They can't think about that right now. They just want the pain to stop. So they want to stop answering to a boss they hate. They want to stop being away from their family for 100 hours a week. They want to stop, you know, feeling like they're throwing another decade down the drain to somebody else's dreams or whatever, you know, whatever the real pain is, that's what is going to motivate somebody. And so you know I thought that when I asked you to look into the future, I thought that was kind of a cool point that we both made without even trying which is sometimes can't look into the future. And we've all and we're the marketers were the ones who are marketing and sometimes it's difficult for us to look into what we want in what you know. So market to people's pain points. That's what you need to get good at talking about. That's what you need to get good at speaking to. And also I want to throw this in because I see a lot of like, like guys out there who just don't get it because we're not emotional beings. You got to insert that with some empathy instead of arrogance into Don't be the guy who's like, do you hate your boss? Are you tired of talking down to people, connect with them? Be like I've been there. That's when you tell your story. When you line up a couple of pain points just like I did. Hey, do you hate your job? You're tired of working for somebody else's dream you're tired of, you know, being away from your family. While I was two I got it. I would lace up my construction boots early in the morning and not come home until late in the afternoon. Sometimes in the evening. The most I could do was to eat dinner and then go to bed. I was not spending time playing with Mike. Right. So now I'm telling my story. And then I transition into the solution. What it was like what happened, what it was like now or what it's like now and you know again I've told everybody where I learned that formula. I mean, I learned that when I began telling my story in 12 step recovery and it still is such a powerful way to connect with people. And what do you mean is that you are using some form of that? Or is that?

Dave: How have you taken your ideas and turned them into little 15 second videos that actually work? I mean, are you doing most of your content by talking to the video? Are you doing a lot of the texting and not really talking? And what comes up for you as I talk about dialing in your your messaging to people's pain points that you know have you noticed that your content takes off more relates more when you do that when you tell your story or are you are you finding that that people want to talk about Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces and mansions and dream about those kinds of things?

Will: No, yeah, you have to touch on the pain points and I tried to focus on that. And I've noticed that maybe it's just the way I speak or just these talking videos but those don't do as well. Whenever I try to do a video where I'm talking about something it doesn't work as well as me just I could just be looking in the camera and shaking my head but text way better blows up.

Dave: Yeah, I think that is because you know, you got to think about folks and this is one this is a this is a nice one of our man what's going on my brother he says this is over delivering million dollar coaching session going on right now. And it's true. I mean, will your business take a major step when you were just listening to the Wake Up Show and decide, Hey, man, I need to start repurposing so you'll be amazed. That's why I like these is because there's no plan but when two marketers get together and start and two entrepreneurs start talking, you know, ideas come up and we can talk about what works and what doesn't and that's why these are so powerful but I was gonna touch on something there that you were just talking about. What did I just ask you? Oh, about my wife's laughing at me. Well, I got I got I got so you know, I got so full of myself about how great they started ranting about that I forgot what the video is talking about versus versus what I was going to say was this is another million dollar that's what I was gonna I was gonna I was gonna put a price tag on what I'm about to say. That's the thing that marketers do. You put a price tag on what you're about to say, giving it more perceived value. So let me give you a million dollar nugget. Right. See, see how that works. Leaning leaning, but you get ready for this one. No, there really is one. Think about the end user and how are they interacting with the content? Where are they at when they're watching it? Do you think that they're in a quiet room and they can play their speaker up as loud as they want? Because they're probably financially free and at home all day. This guy the one that no, they're, they're in a cubicle, or they're you know, sitting in line at the DMV, or they're in a restaurant. You know what they're doing? They're scrolling. And the ability to read the text allows them to be on the app when they're in the middle of class or their job or whatever. So that's another thing is that you know, one of the reasons why I think this style of content has absolutely taken off is because we're now delivering the best of both worlds and in TikTok really, really kind of perfected this for us. It's the video content. With no sound there's something that because we all like I look at tick tock and I say me and this is like a living meme. You know, it's like a video meme is all it is. In human beings. We are in a meme culture. Every piece of wisdom is now shared on a little JPEG somebody wrote it, they designed it or screenshotted somebody's Twitter, tweet or whatever. Now it's a meme and we're all passionate around like it's, you know, some some scripture or something like you know, we share it on social media and all this kind of stuff. But guess what? The day that people are not sitting on them pulling up in watching video videos that are the sounds coming out. They can. Sometimes they can. But a lot of times people can't. They can't do that. So you're going to get your initial follow or you're gonna get a comment or you're gonna get back in that person's timeline or or they're, they're there for you page or whatever. But oftentimes first just getting them to engage, getting them to follow you and then you're going to follow back up. And I think that's so overlooked. I think the TikTok content is how you're doing it with reels and how so many people are doing it, and I see. I mean, you know, it's just incredible how really, you have to be creative. When it's really simple. We'll compare to what you know, at one time we really none of this you had to talk I mean that you had no option. You were either talking or writing. You weren't able to utilize this video content without talking and just let out the words. I mean, it is powerful and it's exactly what people want to consume content. They want to watch the video, but they can't have the sound blaring and so if you shoot what would you tell people in terms of their content? I saw this yesterday again, you know, somebody said I don't have my views going down. Do you think I'm shadow banned? What do I mean? And obviously, we need to be honest with each other. We need to tell each other your content needs to get better. We can't just blame it on tick tock we can't. So my first default response always to all of you and to me not just to everybody else but to me too, is Dave. Your shit has to get better. Don't just complain about Facebook or Tik Tok or whatever. No, you got to get better. You got to get you got to make your stuff more interesting. However, that's not to say that shadow banning and all this stuff doesn't exist or whatever. I just don't want to lean on that. So what would you say about that topic about the shadow banning and have you experienced any up and down with your views and how did you address address that or is that a complete non issue that you've never even seen or heard from anybody about the kind of shadow banning and my views are going down? What is your experience with that? 

Will: Well now see, I I thought, you know, Shadow banning could be a real thing, but I haven't experienced it. Like when I first began. My views were terrible. You know, I get you know, five views and you know, 100 views. I mean, it was content cuz your content sucked. So did mine.  And it's gotten way better and my views have gone up and I noticed whenever I make a video that may not be out there. Yeah, and it's a flop in one area, like, TikTok. I'll put it on a TikTok. And it just it just bombs on TikTok, but then I put it on Facebook, and it goes viral over there. So you've got two different types of viewers. Your TikTok people are different from the Facebook people. And they need that help.

Dave: So how so why do you think that is? I think I know what to tell you. I don't I just read all the boomers are at, you know what I mean? I just think that but now the boomers are starting to come over to TikTok aren't they? I don't know if you are or not. But boy, I'll tell you what if you're in that age range, but I mean, it has been funny to watch boomers come over on TikTok. I think a lot of the audiences are, you know, intertwined at this point. But as the generations have mixed and mingled it's really been exciting for me to watch man because I mean, I still have people or see people out there who say like a lot as if they're too good for it, or if their generation doesn't go on it. And I'm like, I don't give a shit. Nobody misses you there. If you're too dumb to you know, you think that you got it you you're the king of Facebook or what it like, TikTok is crushing. I mean for all age groups, and I've said this, you know since the beginning, I mean, there are buyers, a lot of times you would like to look at a platform or particular traffic source and say well, you might get a lot of traffic off of there but they're not buyers. By right like people might have said that about tick tock Well, it's all just kids. They're not buyers.

Dave: People are buying like crazy because of the multiple generations that are on the you know, that are on that app now. It's people who will watch who will follow like yourself who will come back and listen and be like there's something to this. It's real people of all ages, who have real problems in life. And if you put a solution in front of them, there's a good chance that you're going to convert that you're going to grow a following and convert a sale in any in any niche you could do this same formula that we teach and do it of course, you know, I know that there's people out there who say, well, legendary only teaches people to be affiliates for legendary. I'm going to tell you something right now. We never even mentioned our affiliate in all our affiliate programs in all of our education. People can take this, it's it's all it can help you build a business in any industry. And many people do. Many people go off in other niches and oftentimes it's hard to track them because, you know, it's just hard to track people who you know, hard to track students from these colleges because they do more outreach like that. We don't follow up on you know, I'd love to but we have people going in all different directions with this information. And I think that you know, if you're listening right now in your you know, quite frankly, it does not matter how old you are your past experience, degrees education, work history, or computer or technical literacy levels like you can be an internet computer dummy like Will and I and still be successful with this trick. Because what it requires is less advanced skills in God given talent and more or almost all the ability to just push through some uncomfortable shit at the beginning. Until it becomes second nature because here's the thing and I don't know about you but for me, this business is second nature because I'm already using the technology. I'm already on my phone. And quite frankly, I'm already on these apps. It's just a matter of whether I want them to use me or if I want to use them in a way that you know I can serve and I can make money, or I can just let it use me. It can suck up all of my time. And I think we all have that choice nowadays. And I think that the workforce is going to continue to see this opportunity. But understand that you can work from home societies waking up will need our truck drivers. We need people to transport that is something that unfortunately, I hope for the driver's specific hope that never goes away. I hope those jobs are always there because you saw what happened with the supply chain issues. It's important, but a lot of these people go to the office and all these types of jobs man and people are waking up and realizing they may need to go there. I can be just as good from home. So now's the time I just feel like this is a moment in our history to where if you don't wake up and get the skills, you are actually going to be left behind if you don't at least learn how to use social media and not let it use you your job is to keep getting smaller and smaller until you're painted into a corner to where you're forced. And I know that it's difficult sometimes to build a business when you've got another stream of income because it can make us complacent. What did you do? What did you do or what are you doing to motivate yourself and keep yourself in the game? Although you do have other ways to make money.

Will: Well, getting in that truck every Monday is motivation itself. That pain ah the pain Yeah, I never really cared for it. And now that I See the Light and I know that I don't, I won't have to do that. When I when I'm in that truck the whole time I'm thinking about okay. What am I going to do when I get back home or what am I going to be able to do on I can park for a little while to further my other stuff, you know my business so that I can get out of this damn truck. And that's, you know, this living that pain every week every Monday Yeah.

Dave: And I love that. I love that because you just proved the point that we were talking about a second ago, which is we're still we, you know, all of us no matter where we're at with certain things. You're all motivated by pain. I mean you know, I hadn't gone to the dentist because of what happened. I hadn't gone to the dentist in like a year and a half for two years. Right. And, and it just to get a basic cleaning and stuff like that. You know what I mean? I was just doing home maintenance, if you will. And but I'll tell you what, man I all of a sudden had a pain in my tooth. And I no longer cared about anything. I no longer cared about what I could get. I mean, mas no mas just make it stop. Just make the payments. And, you know, I was in that dentist's chair the next day, you know, and so I think a huge takeaway for me today is really just that consistency. So perfectly, you know, explain that example of you actually converting. And I always like to go back to look at what is your true origin story of coming into this industry because you can learn a lot from that conversion. You can learn a lot from your own conversion. You can learn a lot just from marketing material, or your own behaviors because you're a consumer, you know, at the core we all are or we work consumer. I'm still a consumer in this industry, too. I'm still buying training going through people's funnels. I'm looking at stuff. I'm more you know what I mean? I'm a consumer of this. So I you know, I have to I had to learn from any place I can as a marketer anywhere I can get the advantage and oftentimes your own experience your own buyer's journey, not your marketers during your buyers journey just going through in going back through saying what really converted me what brought me back what made me skeptical. What helped me overcome that objection? A lot of the secrets, the messaging that you need to write like Papa Don said, right, speak in film, a lot of that stuff actually lies right in your own experience. You don't even have to go outside of your own experience. You can just talk about your own experience. And it's enough will. Is that true, Ian? Do you agree with what I'm saying here in terms of what you need to know your entire career is just your own life. What did you do and you can then use that to talk about those feelings or experiences and relate them to people and they're like, yeah, that's how I feel right now. Right? Because we felt the same way. We were also human beings.

Will: Exactly. Yeah. You know, and those, I think the hardest part is being able to convey your thoughts and your emotions, finding the street or whatever, that's the hardest part being able to do that. At least for me.

Dave: Well, that's hard anyways for us, man, right. To express ourselves. I mean, you know, I have become more. I'm still very introverted, but I become extroverted when I have meaning when I'm speaking, filming or writing, writing, I just kind of get into a different energy. You know, I feel like whenever I'm speaking, filming or writing I'd have to get into sort of my extroverted area. And but, but wow, man it's just, it's, it's been, it's been a great talk. There's been so many different things that you've brought up that are so relatable and so many nuggets in this interview. definitely one worth going back and re-listening and we'll just appreciate your time and hopefully, you'll come back and keep us posted for round two here in a couple of months. Oh, yeah, definitely. Cool,

Will: Man. All right. Well, keep up the great work, brother. And do you want to give a last message for the beginning of this journey and are just looking for some experience, somebody who came before them?

Dave: Maybe they're also a little skeptical? Who knows? Maybe they just started the challenge, and they're wondering if it's worth their time. I mean, what would you say to that early? Will? It also has dozens or hundreds or who knows? How many people are in that place right now? What would you say to them?

Will: You just gotta do it. Get out of your head about it. Don't overthink it. Whatever. You know, your mind is thinking you know, that's where thoughts are your actions. So instead of thinking about how I don't have the money, you have to think about, like, how am I going to get the money for example, or the time makes the time don't say I don't have time because if you don't have time, you'll never have time. If you don't, if you say you don't have money, you'll never have money. You just got to change your mindset and then focus on being able to accomplish it and you will.

Dave: And that is coming my friends from a computer, illiterate truck driver who's now a part time truck driver, full online marketer. So we'll Congrats man on that accomplishment. It's really, really something to be you know, not that that kind of, you know, I feel like anytime after 35 ish 40 That you make a real major life move is some big right because, look, I'm getting older just like you are man and the energy levels ain't where they were at one when I was 24. You know what I mean? And so, you know, also taking a moment to just stop and really giving yourself some kudos in just you know, one of the things that my wife, we say to our daughter is, you should be proud of yourself. You know, because building stuff is self pride not getting external validation from everybody else around us in all our people liking my content, or supporting my business, but actually feeling proud inside of yourself that you're making a big life change? That you're just not sitting around? taking shots from life as if you're helpless, you know, but actually, you know, you're taking control, you're getting your priorities in order, I mean, to make a big major life move. When when, you know, society has told us hey, you should be making no moves in this time just kind of chillin out right now at 40 baby you know, getting ready to get ready to go, you know, work part time at Walmart and greet people, you know, until you until you hit the deck, you know, and it's like, man, you know, when I see I mean Papa Don yesterday 79 years old. I mean, as I mean, anything's possible man. And I mean, then it's too late, to make a move to make a change to grow, you know, to change your entire life. And I just love when we get to, you know, have these countless examples every day. So just thanks for that. Well, thanks for thanks. If you should and all of you who are taking actions you can be proud of yourself, but we'll keep it up, brother. 

Will: Thank you. 

Dave: All right, man. We'll talk to you later. All right, my friends. We've had his banner up but he's on TikTok. As we talked about William Hallabaugh. It's all spelled out there on the screen. And if you're listening on Spotify, or something like that, I'm gonna spell it out. @Williamhollabaugh Okay, and you can just look his name up on Facebook. All right, we'll How about All right, friends, family, legendary fat chosen family. You can't choose your blood family, but you can choose your friends and be really, really grateful to be related to each and every one of you. We are all cut from the same cloth even though we may look a little different. And I think that's why we all kind of know why this information resonates? You know why? This information resonate? That there's more to life than just working a job, paying bills, paying taxes and dying. You got to be legendary. All right. All right. See you guys tomorrow. We got one more day this week. And then we're gonna be into the weekend. And you know it's just unbelievable how time flies. And we've got a mastermind coming up here, down in Orlando, Florida. So I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who are going to be coming to that mastermind. It's going to be on fire. Just like they always are. So we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Be Legendary. Get out of here. Peace.