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Dave: What's going on? Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. And guess what? Guess what? We've got another guest. We've got another student this morning. Let's hear what she has to say about staying at home mom. finding success with a digital marketing business Tenille, welcome to the show. So tell us what brought you. Are you an internet marketer by trade? Is this your profession? Tell us how you found us.

Tenille: Scrolling through social media like everybody else and I came across Tyler Wise and I just saw him promote to see how to make money online on fuel to help, you know, make some extra income, why stay home and he kept you know, pushing that he does affiliate marketing. So I did a lot of research on my own just because I'm the type of person that's kind of skeptical about things like is it really too big? It's too good to be true. So I did a lot of research and I kind of just kept watching his page for like a couple of months and then I finally decided to take the challenge in December and go for it and you know I even researched you Dave. 

Dave: I mean, I've been arrested before. I mean, I am an ex junkie and ex homeless guy I used to drop out. I mean, you couldn't find a less qualified guy. So I mean, I understand why you're here actually, if you research me,

Tenille: Not that great detail, but I just wanted to make sure what I was getting myself into was, you know, legit, because I'm like I said, I don't. If I'm going to do something I want to fully do and I want to die right into it. So I did that. And I took the course in December and then I finally launched my business this past January. And it's because I don't have any prior experience. I was a teacher before that before I decided to stay home and the pandemic actually pushed me to not want to go back to being a teacher. And I was referring to that I was in the retail industry for over five years. So I have no experience with marketing. I'm very, very tech savvy actually on my phone like when I was on social media it was just you know, to look at videos. I never posted personally, you know, maybe like videos of my dogs or mckegg but honestly Other than that, I just looked at other people's feeds. So when I decided to do this, I decided I needed to do it. Make sure I'm fully committed and fully in and stay consistent. So that's what I do.

Dave: Nice. So did you ever do you ever think that I mean, so when you were just scrolling, you know, social media and we hear this every day to Neil. I mean, this is the thing that is so fascinating to me. I mean, you know, day after day, folks were that I talked to right here on the show, just like you were, we're not really we're not really intentionally looking for anything but I mean, I guess you were open because of your work situation. And the fact that you didn't want to go back to teaching which I think is probably a lot of people's it's probably what's happening with a lot of people you know, when all those jobs were disappearing or I don't know it's hard to keep track of whether they're being added or or going away, you know, on a national level, but I think a lot of people are doing one of two things. They're saying, Well, hey, if you deemed me non essential before, I'm not going to come back and be your non essential bi tch if you know what I mean. Excuse my language, but let's just keep it real. What am I saying in my head? I don't want to be your you know, disposable employee who you know, you just you just are here for your convenience. The second thing that I think folks did is what you did is said well you know what, I don't really want to go back to doing that. Whether it's putting myself at risk for who knows what. Quite frankly, I think we're all a little paranoid to be in a room full of people right now. somebody sneezes or coughs and you're going hey, you know what's up with you in

Italy? Listen, the fact that COVID necessarily scared me but honestly, it was the time like having my son you know, that definitely changed a lot but I just like I realized I came to a realization like, I really don't want to give up my time anymore to someone else. And Sunni teachers on here prior teachers like I thought Yes, like the Summers would be amazing. It's not like I had to work through the summer time. I probably got maybe two weeks off. So I just realized like, that's just it wasn't I wasn't enjoying myself and I like I said I had that real job. 

Tenille: I did college like I just wanted something, why not hit myself when I wake up in the morning or not dread having to go to work and that's how I felt and they finally came to it like I just don't want to do that anymore. Because when I feel that way, I feel like I take it on like my husband or you know.

Dave: I mean, who wants to be miserable? So here's the third bucket that maybe see if this fits what I think happened over the last few couple of years is that folks went home and then realized how much time they spend away from their families. And then because of what happened I think it all made us pay attention to the smell of the roses a little bit more and I think many of us said I don't want to go back to that. I don't want to go back to my life on shore when I'm already home. I'm already home. So in a sense, it sort of transitioned people home for a period of time to where they're like okay, I'm comfortable here I can do this. Does that fit does that does that seem like it fits you in that kind of third category of saying hey, man, I don't like I want every day to be Saturday like my good friend Sam. I forget his last name. He told this beautiful story about his son coming in and saying, you know, why do you have to go to work tomorrow or on Monday? I wish everyday was Saturday and that just hit him and he said, Man, I'm gone so much. I'm barely seeing my kids. Let me figure out a way to make it every Saturday. And it sounds like that's a bit of, you know, awakening that you had and I mean, I can't. I can't help but to say that. I think we all get our shot. It's like we all get our opportunity. And for me that opportunity was when I basically just didn't have anything to lose. There wasn't a pandemic or I wasn't forced to be at home to where I could say okay, let me really evaluate if I want to go back or not. You know, I just was broken working construction and just really had nothing in so I started to do this on the side and then just eventually went full time but I saw the opportunity. I saw the window which was now a time for me to go. It's kind of like when you're wanting to run to your car and it's raining and you're kind of waiting. And you're like alright, go right. So what would you say to people who have not yet jumped, ran, gone? Is now a perfect window to do it. With everything that's going on is if you don't do it now might you never do it. I mean what is your message to people who have not really decided to go for something that they really want to do? Like building a business.

Tenille: For sure. I mean, I feel like just realizing that if you're not happy in your situation, your current work situation is like I think you should just go for it. I mean, like I said, I procrastinated for like what four months before I even decided to take challenge so it is the time to do that now and since like you said, we've had that taste of being at home, in companies I think are changing a little bit more where they're allowing people to work from home now. But I think, you know, time is short, and the longer you wait you know you're going to miss out on an opportunity. So I say just go for it if that's what you really truly want and to have that inner drive to keep you going. And I mean, that's what kept me going. I no longer want to work for anybody else. I realized that.

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting, how those decisions are made. Are they made over time? Are they made in a split second? You know, I don't I don't know. I feel like I could advocate and argue for both sides. You know, sometimes you gotta be in the environment and my advice would be shore up each no matter what it's going to be for you if you're going to be able to decide in a second or you're going to need some time to marinate. Listen to the shows every morning. Listen to these folks. If this is your first day you're just finding us or the show or whatever. This community listens to these shows every morning. You may be somebody who needs to hear the message over time to see it to believe it. Give yourself space to be skeptical. I would say you know if you're listening and you're like, like I people always are timid when they say well, I was skeptical and it's like, well, why be proud that you're skeptical that you're, you're you're you know you want to make sure you're making the right decision. I invite you to watch the shows every morning. Make that decision for yourself. Self that there for $7 to leave chaplains is the least you can do for yourself in BC A lot of people begin to second guess the paid person just got into the training sure you're a professional person. You're somebody who knows about procrastination, you know when you're doing it, you know, can you just say more? How is procrastination a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Should we try to eliminate it? How do you deal with procrastination and back on how you got started?

Tenille: Yeah, so I mean, obviously, in reality in general, like when I'm actually working I'm not a procrastinator I get things done but obviously coming up to this decision. I did procrastinate a lot but it's not a bad thing. You know, it was me really thinking like is this something that I can do? And it's also me doubting myself to be honest, it was me telling myself I don't know if you can do that. Like I said, I've never put myself out there on social media like it was just friends and family. So that was probably what really scared me the most was posting and putting myself out

Dave: What was what scares you the most was that your friends and family would see a piece of content from you.

Tenille:  Well, I didn't tell anybody for like a couple weeks and then like even my first post on tick tock I was sweating like was my video and then I didn't like looking at my phone like the rest of the day. Because I'm so scared. Let's have a view. So like I said, I think procrastination is fine. It's just it's yourself talking yourself out of it and it's just realizing like, you know, if you truly want more in life, and that's what I realized, like, I want more in life. I don't want to sacrifice my time anymore. And I want more for my family. So that's when I finally like Let the curtain drop and I just went for it. So once you've come to that realization, I think you'll feel a lot better about it and feel awkward doing it.

Dave: I wonder about this reframe to talk about reframing things, seeing the Silver Lining Getting a different perspective. And one of the most common ways to look at friends and family who were scared of their opinions is they're not supportive. See, we blame them. But what if I took responsibility and just somebody comment made me made me think of this what if i What if I took total responsibility and said, Wow, these people's opinions mean so much to me that I really don't want them to laugh at me or reject me and I don't want to let them down. See, that's me taking ownership, me taking responsibility for my behavior, or lack of behavior. And gosh, that's a hard thing for me to do even to this day, even to this day. You know, I struggle with that and what I struggle with more, and this is my challenge for everybody and I'm not talking to you today. No, I'm talking to 229 people who are listening and 1000s will hear the replay because this is such a common thing. But what if I just decided that, you know, what if I just was so vulnerable and so honest, and just said, golly, this is something that's kind of scary, and I there's some people whose opinions matter, and I and I and I'm afraid they're going to laugh or afraid that I'm going to let them down or afraid that I'm going to disappoint them in some way. I don't know if I'm fixing more and when I'm honest about those feelings instead of just saying they're not supportive. It really empowers me to be more I don't know, empathetic, humble in even, might even open the door for me to have a more genuine conversation with those people who I'm really afraid of rejection. I don't know. How have you gone about it?

Tenille: Well, actually, turns out my family is supportive. Um, you know,

they are so it was a big story in your head. Yeah. So, it was just my fear of like, what are they going to think about me, you know, posting myself on social media and, you know, and like I said it was more me doubting myself and me putting those thoughts in my own head. To where like, they're fine. I mean, yes, I still get teased, I get teased, I guess I just say, but that's just my family. My sisters, you know? So it's just that and my husband doesn't get it but he's supportive and he just comes in like, oh you’re making TikToks again. You know, and that's our inner self and what we think about ourselves and we just need to let that go.

Dave: Yeah, and just I again, back to really trying to identify feelings I you know, as I've grown up in life in business, one of the one of the one of the biggest things that I've ever learned how to do and this is one of my biggest accomplishments that I've ever I've had, you know, I guess, you know, some some semi decent accomplishments even though I don't feel very accomplished sometimes, but I'll tell you my biggest accomplishment was learning how to identify my feelings. And really, you know, identify what I'm feeling right now, and I wish I would have been able to do this when I first got started, because I was very combative and defensive. And I almost made my wife almost left me over it several times because I have said, Oh, you're not supportive and oh, this man, you don't want me to thrive and spread my wings and fly and all this horseshit, honestly, it was just really all me my lack of being able to identify my feelings and say, Gosh, I'm really, really scared that I might not be able to do this and I'm afraid that you might laugh at me or think that I'm a failure or leave me right and that when I was really feeling I was broke and insecure and I was starting a new business. What do you think I'm sitting over here feeling like a million bucks that you know, all like I'm on top of the world? No, I felt like the world was on top of me. And you know, when we're feeling backed into a corner in kind of you know, like something new where we're feeling. We're on brand new pair legs. I just think we have a tendency to that's the least, that's the least likely, least likely time that I'm going to be vulnerable. And I think that's a time that I really need to lean in to try to be vulnerable if I could do it all over again. I would just lean in and say, Honey, I'm scared. I don't want to disappoint you. I'm broke. I'm, I want to make this work. I want your support, but I understand if you're skeptical and yeah, and I would have gone about it like that. So anyways, I'm just sort of reminiscing back on my beginnings, because I think that a lot of us come in and it's so light, we can pump a crowd up going, your family doesn't support you and your friends do what you're gonna get right. I mean, I know how to give that speech. I really do. I know how to get there but am I helping people give a good speech, or am I just getting them fired up only to go home and we need to figure out how to deal with our conflict, most of them what it's like transitioning from a teacher into an entrepreneur for you. 

Tenille: Yeah, I mean, that's, you know, like you said, it's it's mostly our inner demons and I pretty much kept all that those feelings inside and that's kind of what drove me to want to be more successful and, you know, obviously, be consistent and stick with what I'm doing and not give up because I want to prove I honestly was trying to prove everybody wrong, but you know, I probably shouldn't go that route should be, you know, proving to myself that I can do this and not really worried about what anyone else thinks. So, yeah.

Dave: So what have you been doing that's working TikTok are you're obviously talking as your husband says, what specifically is working for you?

Tenille: Well, I do TikTok and Instagram right now. And I would say TikTok, I have grown a lot of followers in just a short amount of time. I started in January and have over 1000 followers so I've been doing that and then I do on Instagram as well. Instagram. I feel like there's a little bit more of a harder platform for me to gain you know, I guess so quickly, but I know just because it's such a massive thing that it's probably gonna take a little bit more time. But I do feel like tick tock has been successful and helps me kind of get those leads through Instagram as well. But posting every single day. For the first month I posted at least six videos a day. I know that's a lot but that's just what I did. Because I wanted to, you know, get myself out there wanting to get all my like content and like I said I was on it. I was on a mission. And I've kind of scaled it back. So do about four four to six times a day. For the content that I post I usually just stick with personal, inspirational, educational and I kind of throw in an entertaining one in there as well. So to kind of grab the Audience

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. It's interesting. It's really, it's really, you know, gosh, I want to talk to everybody about something real quick, real serious. And, you know, it's about how, how life changing some of these skills can be you know, we all know what's going on over in Ukraine right now and I'm completely just engulfed in it. I just can't believe it. I feel completely helpless. I mean, besides donating money to causes that I think are actually doing good work on the ground over there. I feel I feel pretty powerless but this is not about me. It's about them. This president of theirs was a former actor, you know, a performer and well, there's nothing about what I think about his vision, heart, you know, leadership. I mean, this guy, I think, is a modern day hero slash leader I mean, real leader, but his ability to be able to communicate and inspire is that is that is that performance career that he had, you know, he was an actor. He literally played the President of the United States on a show on Ukrainian TV. And so my point in bringing that up is that you know, a lot of us be you know, communicating at first is really difficult. Finding our voice, you know, being able to talk into a camera, being able to talk into a camera when there's not somebody sitting there, you know what I mean? Just these are skill sets and we never know when they're going to come up and be useful. Surely we all want to use them to make money. One, you know, I bet this guy never thought that he would be using that skill set that he cultivated over decades, to be leading a nation, you know, to fight for freedom and fight for democracy. Obviously, it's apples and oranges. I'm not trying to say that we're in any way shape or form, experiencing anything like they are. But how do you view the skill sets and being a teacher? How important do you think what people are learning here and what we're doing so that we're getting better at communicating, persuading? You know, making offers, giving calls to action? I mean, this is really about communication at the end of the day. important do you think how profitable and powerful Do you think the skill sets are? Aside from just the chance that somebody could make a quick buck?

Tenille: Well, I mean, their everyday skill sets I think, you know, they're you're, you're learning like you said, communicate, but I know you're just talking to their phone or computer but you're you're able to get more comfortable with yourself. And possibly if you're going on live, you're publicly speaking, even though you can't see people. So you are getting those daily communications that you probably could use in the corporate world or if you were in the corporate world, you know, you could take that and use that to help you know, market yourself. As a teacher, obviously, I'm used to speaking to an audience and even when I was in the retail industry, I knew how to speak to groups of people when I was leading, but it's definitely scary at first but you get more comfortable as you go. And I think you get more comfortable within your skin once you get going and doing it and like I said, my first TikTok I was sweating like, posting it and in like getting a hang of it and how to film and all that stuff. And literally the next week I was comfortable with it. So I think you're just getting comfortable with yourself. 

Dave: Yeah how would you greet our variety of education in the eyes of the screen?

Tenille: In that process you know the importance of the right information from the right people in the right environment. You know, how would you, how would you be the or would you have based on going through the data training here? And Legendary positive experience. I like this step by step. I liked how you can't go to the next day without completing it because I feel like if people just rush through it, they won't soak up what they need to soak up and the way it was laid out. Like I liked it. I thought it was, you know, inspirational when you had all those inspirational videos to show that I took notes because I'm a note taker. So I took notes on everything that I felt like was going to help me in the long run and like I said, I'm not tech savvy. So for someone who's coming from not knowing social media, the background of everything. I feel like it's a layout that is super easy to follow, to be honest. Sometimes I watch the videos over again, just because that's how I learn. And that's awesome. Because you get to go back in I still go back in. I still get those videos. So the fact that you still have access to that is really 

Dave: Awesome. Well, that's, I mean, look, I'm also open to feedback. So if there's any any

you know. I agree. So listen, your goal, and I'm just reading this from the questionnaire you filled out before when we asked you to come on. You had a goal of making your first affiliate sale within your first two weeks of starting and you ended up making it a few days past that your other goal was to make at least $100 in the first month and you ended up exceeding that you've done some high ticket stuff. I mean you didn't hit a goal you cheated a goal you're what is it what is this like now earning real? Money? I mean, really, what is that experience? Was it a big deal for you like it is for so many it was like okay, cool. This? Was it not that exciting? I mean, what has it been like for you to actually earn real money and then how, what sort of goals because your goals seem rather conservative, and shall I say very realistic. Kudos to you. What are your financial goals over the next 11 1011 months?

Tenille: So for the first questions, like, you know, I want at first why when I was writing my goals, I felt like I was unrealistic. And then after speaking to my mentor, I was like, wait, I think I need to be a little bit more realistic about this. And when I didn't meet my goal within the two weeks, like I said, I get in my head a lot. So I was putting myself down. But then when that sale came in I was like, oh my heart i Even though I was a few days shy, I should still be proud of myself because I did make that sale. And then you know, and then I got my high ticket sale and I was just like, wow, I actually like doing this and I achieved my goal. Within the month or exceeded my goals that I had set for the month. Actually, I think even 30 days or maybe two months that I had written down for myself and that first feeling that you get when you even get your first commission is like it's a super exciting feeling and it makes it like an addiction. It makes you want more. So I was driven to get more.

So I was really driven to do that and wanting to, you know, continue and I'm obviously improving and tweaking myself and you know, like if I feel like something might not be working, I might go and do something else. And I have people that helped me like this community is really awesome. So people have been out there and helping me along the way and I really appreciate their help. And my goal for the next let's say for the end of the year is to make $100,000 And I know that's a stretch but that's my goal. And I even have this affirmation where I read it every day and every night and or every morning and every night. And that's just what I'm sticking to. So yes. And I have faith in myself.

Dave: I have faith in you too. You know, I'm shuffling because I'm gonna I'm gonna share a deep and dark secret with you that I was thinking you know about yesterday about the progression of money and the progression of earnings and the progression of how making more money feels and this is my hope for you and every single person that's, that's on here. If you want this, you may not want this but for me, it's a scary place to be to, but I hope for you that one day $100,000 If you were making that per year, you’d be freaking out, you know, because you're used to making millions of dollars per year. You know what I mean? And, and, and yeah, I was you have to jet to do you have to go.

Tenille: Husband has to leave but I have the monitor so I'm good.

Dave: You've got a baby monitor. Good. Yes. My wife and I have a baby monitor as well. We have. We are very familiar. When you said monitor I knew exactly what you're talking about.

We have a one year old you know we've we've we've got a monitor we've had.

Yeah, so So I was thinking about this again. Ironic. I was thinking about it just yesterday. I was thinking about God if I made $100,000 a year I would be scrambling, you know, screaming, like freaking out panic. You know what I mean? And you know, I say I don't say that to shit on your goal. Like I really don't like to say that just to say that. What usually happens is one of two things in my experience is you know, we set a goal and we just either quit and never achieve it. Or we exceed it, you know, and then we realize, Wow, that was really I was thinking on a totally different level back then. You know, I was so afraid that I don't know, take you know, do something big, run a campaign, you know, offer coaching, you know, dude, really, the imposter syndrome still haunts me. So, I hope that for all of you that you start out with goals like Tenille did, that is, which, you know, yes feels like a stretch, but it's realistic. I mean, if you would have said a million dollars, I would have said, well, you're probably not going to do that your first year. I mean, then she's honest. It's not fair. But $100,000 worth is a lot less. These two were new within a couple years. And then setting goals and being motivated by what we want is difficult because we've never experienced it before. So it's just kind of like a dream but being motivated by pain and what we don't want is something that we can touch and really say I want that pain to stop day after day. That's what I hear. That's what I heard this morning. Now you have goals. You don't know if you can hit or not. You're going to try, you're going to give it your all. But really what's motivating you is the pain of being away from your family and not wanting to answer to a boss that you don't like or a job that you don't like. And so I just want to keep repeating that for those of you who are wondering, Where's my motivation? Well, maybe stop dreaming and fantasizing about what you want and then wondering why you're never going after it. And instead, look at all the stuff that sucks in your life. And how painful it is to focus and obsess about that every day and how you want that to stop. And wow, you will find gasoline diesel fuel like you never found in your entire life because every day you're just magnifying the salty Woon that hurts and things can change fast. Can they Tenelle?

Tenille: Yes, they can. For sure. And like you said, that fire that you have is what will help drive you like I said, I know for a fact I don't want to go back working for anybody. I think about this all the time. I don't want to be sitting in front of a boss telling me what I need to work on because, you know, I've left offices crying like I'm going in my car crying. Call my mom or my husband just feel like you're getting beat down and you're like you're doing your work. Best is you know, as an employee like you they never look at the good they always look at the bad. So I just don't want to cry anymore. I'm too old for that. I don't want to cry for anybody. So that's just finding those wounds, helping me realize like, that's just gonna keep you, that's your motivator to keep going.

Dave: That story is specific and we're here for marketing to learn about being better marketers. And that story bit which is what better communicators better messengers. Being able to relate to people through marketing influence and persuasion is simply being able to relate to somebody until they feel like I really am interested in their shoes and what it's like to be in them. They don't care what I have to say, so that story that you just told, I bet a lot of people really felt that. You know how you described that. And I just would urge you to continue to be specific and everybody who's wondering how to take my content to the next level, become a great storyteller. Become a great storyteller. You will you know as a matter of fact, I was just going through some course an old marketing course that I that I had and he was even talking about like don't even with your education, don't when you're marketing don't get too into teaching to where you get people get lost. Keep it high level keep it you know keep it story based keep it where people can understand focus on talking about things and telling stories they can relate to they say well God that like when you just said what was that thing that you say that again? What were you crying about? I don't want to cry for anybody anymore. I mean, you know, I think this is a common thing. I've seen a lot of my female friends have this experience. I think men might be more angry. You know, we don't know how to process our feelings but women, you know, it's sad, it sucks. It sucks. When when when good people feel beat down by their employers when there's such an opportunity to unite and recognize and build and unfortunately, leadership is a delicate and it's an honorable position that most should not hold and, and unfortunately, takes us some time sometimes to realize that and for others, they sit in it we sit in it for decades. And you know that's what I think a lot of us are trying to avoid. So Tenillel takes some time while your child is sleeping. Okay, I know what that's like for yourself. And keep doing a fantastic job and come back and keep us posted here in a couple of months on your journey. 

Tenille: All right. Thank you. I appreciate it. I appreciate you having me here. This was actually one of my goals and I made it.

Dave: And you did great. Thank you so much. We'll talk to you later Tenille. Have a great day.

Tenille: All right, you too. Bye.

Dave: Alright my friends. It is a wrap. Yeah, I just want to say before I leave, you know. I am fully engrossed and aware and just saddened and angry about what's going on in Ukraine with those people. Being You know, being moved out of their homes for no reason for no reason for the ego of the disgusting pig it's it's just freedom is a is a is a is a it's a delicate thing. Freedom is delicate and I'm going to say something and I will put up her TikTok. It’s @tenilletheaffiliate

As you write down or TikTok and Instagram their freedom isn't free day and to you know, I can send you

free fighting to be with my family more, to be more, have more options to maybe be able to help when other people are suffering like what's happening in Ukraine. But freedom, freedom it's all about freedom. Freedom. Freedom, you know, the price of freedom sometimes can be death. And it's never been so real for me as watching what's happening in Ukraine right now. People willing to die for their freedom, you know, and it just makes me think about the things that I've sacrificed for my freedom, not my life. Not have to sacrifice my house. My land never has to give up. You know, my car. Well, except that one time that I sold it for $1,000 just for the money to keep my business going but you know what? I mean? Didn't have to become a refugee. You know, I just get to sit at my comfortable desk every day, man. I get to sit at my comfortable desk. I'm not worried about gas prices, because I've created my own economy because I started thinking about freedom a long time ago. I'm more worried about freedom than about people's lives. More about my kids lives, other kids, people's kids lives. Freedom. Freedom is what we all want. It's what we're all after. It's what people are fighting for right here. Right now at this moment, given their lives, people are going over to Russia to fight. You know, I heard yesterday there were 40,000 people. You know, we just feel helpless. I'm just saying all this because building a business is much more about doing this today, building your business for me. I felt tired. I felt tired this morning and this is all I'm going to say and then I'm going to end. I felt tired today this morning. And you know what? I felt like I wanted to cancel some shit. I felt like I didn't want to do some things. And I started thinking about the people who train. I started thinking about the women and grandmothers and children that are walking hundreds of miles around bombs. And I thought about the fact that I got to go sit at a desk and I thought about how I might have to get on a couple of calls. And I might have to run my mouth a little bit. I might have to do a couple of things that are uncomfortable but I'm just grateful today that I don't have two today and have a chance to sacrifice my life for my freedom. I just have to sacrifice some uncomfortability and for me that helps just to be aware of what's going on in the world and what other people are going through. It also helps me as a marketer. It helps me have more empathy. Because marketing really is about trying to put myself in other people's shoes when I'm writing copy when I'm talking to them in videos. I want to touch their hearts. So I need to be empathetic I need to try to you know I the leader the person who becomes you know, independently wealthy from their efforts, gets there through leadership through helping other people you know, and

it's, it's just, you know, the price I have to pay today, thankfully, is because others you know, years ago, gave their life for freedom, you know, and so I don't know the sacrifices sometimes that I have to make to make them feel big in the moment until I see other people's sacrifices. And then I'm like shit my sacrifice. I can do this today. And so I want to just remind you today, you know, even if you don't have room because you're so overwhelmed by your own life right now that you don't have a lot of room to feel empathy for Ukrainians. That's fine. I'm not what I'm saying, I'm just I'm grateful for the, the uncomfortability that I get to have today. In my mission for freedom. I'm just going to be grateful for it. Because it could be worse. It could always be worse. And that helps me to just keep pushing. It helps me to shake it off to realize, hey, look, I got a roof over my head today I got a cell phone. My loved ones are all around me. And you know I can find something to be grateful for today even if the only thing that I can find to be grateful for is just be grateful. For this uncomfortability as I do these things in pursuit of my freedom, because I'm going to tell you something when you're wealthy when you do have money, not only can you take care of your family, but you can also help in situations like this. And over the past 12 days, there's been millions of dollars that have flooded into Ukraine from people booking, you know, Airbnbs from people donating money for people helping because they have those resources. If they want to fly over and help they can. Just that freedom to move. So today I'm just telling you the spirit. The mindset that I'm in today is just thinking about what I got to sacrifice compared to some other people. And it's all in the name of freedom. And there's just different levels. And I'm going to be grateful for my level today. And it's not at that level that it is in Ukraine. So God bless if you had a family or friends that are in harm's way in any way, shape, or form. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You know, unfortunately for Russians, we already didn't accept them because there was so much fraud in our country so to stop taking customers but I also just prop and the ability for free press in freedom of speech is just another thing that sometimes I just forget how powerful it is. And I'm just grateful today that I got to experience it. And so, my friends again, if you've got friends and family, they're our hearts are with you. And I'm just going to continue to try to seek clarity about how I can continue to make an impact on people who are suffering around the world. And where I'm gonna continue to start is within my own family and right here in this community. So let's do it. Let's do it today in the spirit and for those who are suffering in really difficult ways right now, for one thing and it's the same thing that we all want its freedom Be Legendary, my friends.