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Below is the transcription for Thursday's episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to wake up legendary today. Today we have a 21 year old ex college student who discovers the greatest asset known to man. And also to women. Welcome to the show. Taylor what's going on, 

Taylor: What's up Dave?

Dave: Not much man, you are, hanging out in your car, we're going to do a car show today and I love it. 

Taylor: Perfect. 

Dave: Where are you at, where are you calling in from Oklahoma. Oklahoma Cornhusker. The native state for sure is that Nebraska oak Wait am I do I got my do I got my state's confused there is that Nebraska corn Husker mats laughing at me because he's, he's this sports fan, and I'm, it's, it's this Nebraska. Tornado state, when you put your foot in your mouth. In the first 10 seconds of the show. Yeah. Anyways, so well okay tornado state I've got a funny story about a tornado, I was actually had a tornado hit my house when I was like eight years old, and it took the roof off of my side of the house where I normally take a shower every morning, but for some reason, call it odd call it God, I took a shower in my parents bathroom that morning, and I may not be here so I've got a little tornado experience in my

life as well. 

Taylor: That's insane. I've actually lived here my whole life and never had a tornado hit my house.

Dave: You're the tornado that's hitting the internet now so let's talk about that so we say x college student. Are you a drop out like I am or did you tell us a little bit about how you been online, and what you were doing prior to coming online? 

Taylor: Okay, So I was in college at Oklahoma State. I found a job while I was there at a dispensary is marijuana is medically legal here and had a good time the classes I was in was online so I was working and I ended up getting some opportunity and do some sales and other stuff in the company, and potentially could make a lot of money doing that so I decided to take this semester off and see how that went. And I didn't end up doing so much of sales but more of like training and stuff, which was a really good day but it wasn't, it was only a couple times a month really wasn't working that much. 

Dave: I've worked in that industry before. Yeah, I really mean years ago, many, many years. This was well over a decade. Actually when I was a teenager but but anyways so yes go on, you were trimming buds, you

Taylor: I mean was over in the service, there you have great pays for two times a week, it was great but that became a point where we weren't going to have any for a couple months, and I was basically, basically, what they call that a bud shortage, right, dry spell. Right, and so I can either go work in the shop and work for the app by the hour or find something else to do, and luckily I came across Legendary through TikTok, and I was like, this might be the perfect thing to figure out how to make a passive income before trimming comes back up, And now I don't even need the trim anymore.

Dave: Right, I'll go get rich online right yeah no, my friends were like I thought I was crazy but well you are. I'm a little crazy right you gotta be a little crazy, Right.

So, tell us about your, like, when did you come across a Legendary and kind of how was your world or your eyes opened up to the possibilities when you enrolled in our challenge and started to learn?

Taylor: So the challenge itself was obviously different. I had never thought about making money online, up until then. And I think what really helped change my perspective was the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I hate that book, like I read it in the first like four or five days that I got it, I loved it. I really liked how you guys wanted to shift my perspective, While you were teaching me about making money and working for yourself. And so for me it was just a really cool experience to learn to work for myself and not for someone else.

Dave: Yeah that's cool, that's great that you took the suggestions and actually really did the assignments and have invested, I mean you've enrolled in our challenge you've enrolled in our Blueprints how is this education experience. Did you know it was different from the education experience that you were having in college?

Taylor: Oh my gosh, I mean, first of all you're teaching me something actually that I can use actual skills. Thanks to all the professors out there but I didn't take much from the two years of college that I took. I would also say, just the team that you guys are and how you guys teach you guys are just so encouraging, and you actually care about the results, and that's like one of the first things I say when I talk about Legendary Marketer to my friends and family, it's just how great you guys are how encouraging and how you want me to succeed and that's all I can really ask from a teacher.

Dave: Yay. Well that's all we can expect from a student or client right so it's just that you're getting a lot of value and you're learning and you're changing the sort of direction of your life, which is really cool. I mean, I'm always inspired when people who are in their 50’s 60’s 70’s even 80’s, like take on a new challenge and go head in a new direction, but I'm also really excited when a young person which my wife just, I was looking at some vehicles, and I looked at one in a certain color and she said that that car might be a little young for you so she just reminded me that I'm not quite a young man anymore. So I can be kind of like the cool uncle here. I'm, I'm, you know, I'm happy when young folks come through here and change their lives. But I am I mean it's cool right it's, it's, I have a 21 year old child, as well, you know what I mean so you know I'm really, I'm excited to, I wish I would have had this information sooner, although I found that when I was 24, 25. That was awesome that I did because my life would have been totally different if I hadn't, you know, just just curious, do you have, do you have student loan debt or anything from your college or no?

Taylor: I was lucky enough to where my dad was paying for my college so I literally went out with no debt 

Dave: He went out with a debt. So how is, how is. How is your relationship with him based on some of the decisions that you're making? Is he on board or how have you navigated that?

Taylor: He loves it because he is so supportive. 

Dave: I'm glad because I was hoping that there wasn't a ton of friction but that's sometimes part of it.

Taylor: Like the epitome of like rich dad in that book like I was originally planning to go to law school, and he absolutely hated that he did not hide that at all like he was paying for me to go to school but he didn't hide the fact that he did not support that. He thought I was gonna be stressed my whole life.

Dave: What can I ask you this, like I'm just curious, what did he think about the marijuana stuff. Taylor: He has smoked so he was. Both my parents. Both my parents thought it was a cool job. 

Dave: Is he a successful business owner or is he kind of like a dreamer and starts businesses and, like, what just describe your parents just in a nutshell,

Taylor: So my dad started in car sales is like 16 years old, he didn't even graduate high school, and eventually got to a point he was managing them and then go into other dealerships to teach guys how to sell and just improve their dealerships overall so they have a company based on that and then he does quite a few other things that honestly I don't really know. I'm not even gonna lie, but my mom is a lawyer so that's actually what made me think to do that and my parents are divorced so if that makes you realize why my dad didn't want me to be a lawyer that might have something to do with it. But yeah, both of them are just in awe about the accomplishments that I've made so far with this, they think it's awesome and they love it.

Dave: Good for you and I'm so happy that you're getting that validation from your parents and that support, you know, I really, really am. I can tell that it's making a huge difference. You feel. We feel supported by them. Right, right. That's great. And those of you who have children I mean, it's really difficult thing sometimes to let our dreams for our children go, you know, and let them have their own lives and realize that we may have birthed them, but we don't own them, you know, and that they are their own people, and to really love and support their decisions and direction even though we may not understand it at first, I've had to learn to seek to understand, rather than judge and be critical, so I'm so thrilled that you're getting that validation and support from your parents, it means a lot you have any siblings?

Taylor: I do have an older brother. And he actually is working in a dealership right now in Texas.

Gotcha. So you've come online you started with affiliate marketing you went through our training you started to learn, you've now gotten back on TikTok as well throw your handle up make money with taste so you've kind of chosen to go into the make money online space, which is what a lot of people do, because maybe you don't, they don't have like yourself maybe a pre previous expertise or experience with a particular niche so you kind of go in and say hey I learned a lot and maybe others might be interested in learning something similar so it kind of is it caught like it makes sense to take that next step. So what do you have? What have you been doing that's working? Take us through your journey so far which has been about how long?

Taylor: About a month in a week or two weeks. 

Dave: Wow. So, super, super new so what's, what have you been doing over the course of the last month or so that's been working and what have you. What have you realized, didn't work to tell us some of your top learning lessons,

Taylor: So I really utilize TikTok, that is actually the only platform that I've been using so far. I find that if you can just go through popular sounds, do something somewhat entertaining or, you know, tell a story of some sort, like you guys kind of say in the blueprints. That's really what has worked for me. I was lucky enough actually to where my very first video blew up and is like my second most popular video so I think that helped me get that jumpstart and that confidence. Yeah, but before doing this, I spent a lot of time on TikTok just finding all different types of stuff. So maybe that's why kind of, it's easy for me to think of material when I see a good sound. And I think, honestly, really just TikTok is what I try to tell everyone if they want to get into this area that they really need to capitalize on that.

Dave: Yeah, Yeah, it's really a unique opportunity, I mean being in this business, again, you know, I'm an old, I'm an old man at this point, being in this business. For God's sake, I feel like a dinosaur. But I really haven't seen anything this powerful in terms of just the ability to get going fast, ability to have a video or piece of content take off and go viral. I mean right now, tick tock. Pinterest is really exciting. You know, and you can repurpose your videos which you say you're not doing, and I support that I want to. I want to dial in on that for a second. You guys can take your TikTok videos you can remove the, the, the watermark from your TikTok videos and you can repurpose them right on. If somebody would drop the software that you can do that with. If anybody knows about it I think Roxy knows about it. But if you guys can draw it in the comments. But, it's not necessary. And clearly, you are totally focused on this one platform. And how are you avoiding shiny objects because it's such a common thing for somebody like you and me to be getting some results and then say what else am I missing out on, and then start to spread ourselves too thin and diminish our results from what was working. So how are you staying focused and how are you thinking about focusing on growing your business? By focusing on what's working and building on that.

Sarah: I think for me, I've never been super on social media like I've always used it, but I've never been someone that posted a lot or anything. And I think I just saw that tick tock. You didn't have to worry about the likes you were getting and the followers you had. It was like every video you send out a chance for a lot of people to see it. And for me I almost think being in TikTok, I'm not even just focusing on that because I think that's all I need to do but it's the easiest right now I don't have to put in too much effort to get those followers and get those people interested in my content so for me it's honestly just been the easiest thing.

Dave: Yeah. And I think there's a lot of wisdom in that, you know what I found in my life in business, is that the most powerful and wise things I've ever done, are also the simplest, and even the easiest, and that doesn't mean that tough things don't pay off like, like, developing new habits like, obviously that's something that, that will eventually pay off like going to the gym or eating more healthy, but I've also noticed in my life that when I try to force things that are really difficult like say for example I'm trying to force, I'm doing video marketing so let me try to go force the YouTube thing, when, when TikTok really easy, the harder it is and the more I dislike it, the less I do or the less I want to do. So there's a lot of value in actually liking what you're doing and it being easy to do because you want to do it more. So to find yourself in flow state, because you are focused here you're keeping things simple. You're not stressing out trying to do too much early on, are you and are you finding your kind of flow, in terms of content creation and ideas, how would you describe sort of the, your content idea process how you come up with ideas?

Taylor: I would 100% say that I definitely have a flow going on with it because, like I said I ca make videos fast because I spent quite a bit of time on TikTok before but I mean I can bust out like 10 videos pretty quick just finding good sounds and thinking of clever ways to kind of use them. And I think that's why a lot of younger people can take advantage of TikTok because it's a lot easier for them to learn, navigate the app and they tend to feel more confident putting themselves out there because it's kind of like a lot of younger people are on. So, yeah, for me, I definitely agree that I definitely have some flow going on. And I think focusing on tick tock is what's worked best for me and like you said, kept me from putting too much time and effort into something that I didn't really enjoy and stressing.

Dave: I think that like for example we give you guys an example of what I'm talking about here with kind of just focusing on what's easy and focusing on what's simple, like there's a lot, a lot of you guys might be looking at tick tock like oh well that's just a simple one, that's just, I mean what's there really I'm just shooting videos but there's so much more like what I teach in the blueprints and the fishing formula, about the psychology of your, of your customer about really understanding the message that's going to resonate with them in developing stories that when they hear feels like you're telling their story on every situation when you get good at telling them the heroic story which is what it's like what happened what it's like now, you can apply that to things in your everyday life, so it doesn't have to just be. This is my life story and here's how I started doing this and why you might want to check out this product. It's also hey I just got into a fender bender today. Here's what happened and then you can tell a story related to business, or you can relate it to marketing online, or hey I just, I just was fumbling through some college papers and reminded about how many people are going down that path and have no idea that there's a different, better and simpler, easier and more lucrative way, which I've discovered, so I can turn just fumbling through some papers, or checking and getting an email from my old college or reading an article about college and I can turn that into a story that somebody, that sounds personal to me because it is, But it can relate in hit home for people listening, and I believe that really is an art, it's part art it's part science but it really is a learned skill that the more you do it, the more that you get good at telling those short little stories and analogies. And that's really the big part of marketing, because whether you're doing that on video or whether you're doing that in the written word. It's all about telling stories and making points and making points that kind of are wrapped in stories. So, so as you're as you're as you're as you're doing more content creating more videos. Are you are you are you building your confidence in your ability to be able to speak with some authority and not feel like insecure like well I don't have any results or how are you dealing with that quote what we call imposter syndrome or insecurity about being new, but also needing to talk with some confidence so people listen to you.

Taylor: I would say that at first, I had gotten any results, it was a lot harder for me to, you know, encourage people to take the course because it's hard to say that when you haven't technically had much to show for it yet other than, you know, switch a perspective for me now, I feel a lot more confident and definitely feel like I have the power to motivate other people to do the same and you know sometimes in the comments people want to accuse you of being a schemer lying and all that other stuff but I try to respond to them, and just make it apparent that, you know it's not a scheme, I'm not here to deceive anybody I'm trying to help you guys as much as I want to help myself. And I think it really just boils down to, you know, if I allow people to come into my DMs and ask me questions or concerns before they get started, I feel like that helps a little bit people. People can ask me questions but to what you're saying I definitely think as the results start coming in I feel more and more confident and more able to convince others that it's just as feasible for them.

Dave: Yeah. And so the question becomes how do I bridge the gap between being where I'm at having no results, and this is for any niche guys, this is for any niche, like, there is an element of, if I'm going to teach other parents how to how to get their baby to sleep in the first six months of its life. It's, yeah I'm gonna have more confidence if I've already done it, you know if I've if I've already had a kid or two or worked with other clients, and helped them to teach their children and gotten results from what I teach. So the only way to bridge that gap. The only way to bridge that gap guys, because I don't need to ask you this Taylor. This common sense is to just keep doing your best to speak with confidence in authenticity and honesty, until you start to get results. There's no shortcut. There's no there, or you can lie, and you can use fake screenshots or whatever like there's some people out there, but they're. The other thing to focus on is just edutainment, which is, here's what I learned and I like to share that with you if you're interested in learning more like this, click the link right or let me tell you so and so story. We can also use other people's stories as examples. When you got started before you had results, and you had confidence, what were some of the types of content that you were creating. To get started to just get going, and just get things off the ground?

Dave: So I was doing some videos trying to just kind of be hashtagging like financial motivation, Stuff like that to try to get some followers and just kind of motivate people to take another step. I also kind of one of the videos that did get pretty popular was me shouting out the blonde affiliate Sarah that was on here, kind of telling her story in a sense, just how much she's made not saying you know I've made this much but, you know, here's a girl, close to my age that's done this and that was one of my videos that got super popular so before I was able to have results, I kind of credited to her story a little bit and that's what was working for me.

Dave: I like that a lot and I think for all of us there's an opportunity to look for other people that we can align with, not to for any other reason except to be able to borrow each other's stories and to use, and have more social proof, like hey look it's not just me. Look at her. Look at him. We're all within the same age range or we're all similar in this way, and if this is you, and I also like people who are not similar hey it's not just me, look over here, a Tom, Dick or Harry who's in his 60s or Sally over here who is still has her corporate job but she's building a side income online with affiliate marketing, or was selling her own courses look at these other people, and you can you can do with them, you can on, if you're doing YouTube, you can clearly do screen shares and share their profiles, share their stories. There's so many different ways you can, if you're going to use one of their videos you can ask them, Hey, can I use your video, and then you can download their video and put it into a, a, you know, just edited into one of your own videos on Facebook, or, or Instagram or Twitter it's so easy to just use somebody's story and write it out maybe a picture of them of course, with their permission. But the point you make about whether you're in contact with them or whether you just have people that you're also showing your audience and social proof from you can lean on their experience and not just your own I think is so intelligent, so powerful, is there anything else that you think is is just would add value to people who are listening, have a few other a tip or two that has been, has worked for you.

Taylor: I think one of the biggest tips that you guys gave me, at least during the challenge and maybe in the blueprints was to take each step at a time, one step at a time and have the confidence that you can get through that because I hear a lot of people saying the same things were there on day seven or day a and they're so lost, they're so confused and it's all overwhelming and I think every single person has gone through that and it's a matter of if you're willing to take the time to get through that instead of just giving up. And so that's one of the things that I always have to say is just don't give up because I was discouraged multiple times and I thought about it and I didn't and I'm so happy that I didn't. Yeah so, and I like to point out that I am 21. I had zero experience going into it so if I was able to do it, anybody else can do the same. And I really like to emphasize that in my videos and stuff.

Dave: It's such an important point right and I think we're so hard on ourselves thinking that we're supposed to understand everything right away when in both trades or degrees that you have to get yours. It's yours to understand things I know for most professions, you've got to go through four to six years of college. Sometimes you gotta, you got to do internships. I mean, it's, it's a trade schools are the same thing you want to be a contractor, I want to be a contractor, you had to have so many years in the profession, you had to have so many years working under another contractor, I mean, it was, It was yours, and somebody who's going through your 15 days of training is, is, is, I see it all the time too is, is sort of throwing the baby out with the bathwater on day six because they're like, you know, or day three, for God's sakes like oh my god you know like and it's like, give yourself a break, you know, give yourself a break. Don't, don't, don't think that everything is going to make sense within that first week or two, some of it is OJT, on the job training out there and learn, you've got to pick the tools up and learn how they were in order for the training to make sense, would you agree with that.

Taylor: Oh yeah 100% I definitely agree, I think you definitely have to at least try, even if you aren't succeeding or whatever, as long as you're kind of getting yourself out there and opening yourself up to new experiences and problems that you can solve I think that's important.

Dave: It's one of the reasons why we do the show every day is to try to give people a perspective that, you know, you're, you're probably your heart your worst critic and you probably have unrealistic expectations for yourself and what you're going to produce. And it's one of the reasons why we try to encourage those who are our affiliates who are out there sharing our programs to not be you know, not us saying like I had to give somebody feedback the other day turned $7 into 7000 or, you know our, you know, earn money within 15 days and it's like, it's like, don't, don't, don't, if you're gonna say something like that give the full disclosure, you know what I mean like, like, be honest with people, I think, I think that we really underestimate the power of being honest and telling somebody, like, also the ugly parts of things, but not so pretty. The not so glamorous parts of things because we think that's going to turn them off, but really it builds more trust, how have you taken some risk or taking some chances, whether it's with, you know, telling people, bad or tough parts about the business or just being vulnerable in general, how do you begin to take risk like that and has it paid off at all. Do you have any examples?

Taylor: I tried to make some specific videos just about putting in work, maybe not even necessarily about affiliate marketing but just you know if you want to change your situation, it's not going to come to you you're going to have to put in some work effort and some time, and I make sure in my DMs and stuff when people are really asking me, the work that I put in, I'm 100% Honest, I spent two to three hours a day for over a month to try to learn with you know making no money spending money and you know sacrificing that for myself and I try to be as upfront as possible because the last thing I want to do is deceive anyone, and I definitely try to make videos specifically about putting in that work.

Dave: Yeah it's it's it's interesting I remember back when I was starting, like, I didn't want to use disclaimers I didn't want to, like, I wanted to make everything look like it was all peachy and rosy and easy and there was nothing bad and it was just the best. So much better than anything else that can do in the world and there was nothing that was bad about it or hard about it. What I learned was that when people heard that they were skeptical because they knew. And so I had to mature in my marketing and in learning the power of building trust with people by being more transparent, and in doing so, they already know nothing's perfect, they already have ingrained in their head if it's too good to be true it probably is like, that's great. You're not their parents, people said that all throughout their upbringing, you're not in 1/32 video gonna rewire that, that's deep. So, you can't make it sound too good to be true because that's exactly what they're going to say to themselves, the more transparent, the more that we give them both sides of the coin. And here's the thing that I've done that works really well. And I was talking to a buddy last night and he gave an example of a totally different situation where that kind of takeaway worked really well. Also, he's in the window business and he said that they went down to this apartment or condo community, and put on a like a wine and cheese kind of thing and presented their business to the people at the at the condo association you know their, their windows, their window options, and they were trying to win their business and they said that the sales lady got up in front of the room on stage just said hey I'm just only going to take a couple of your minutes this is not going to be a hard pitch as a matter of fact, we're not going to pitch you at all, I'm not going to follow up with any of you guys. And if you want to sign up today. It's fine if you don't, that's fine too. Again, we're not even going to take your information to follow up with you. Everybody in the condo is either an apple, banana or an orange, based on the type of condo that you're in. And the first ones to walk over to the booth and sign up if you want to, are going to be the ones who will get scheduled first, our credentials, and our work speaks for itself. You can look us up, we've got referrals, you can do all the research that you want on us. If you guys don't work with us we know that there's other businesses coming right around the corner, and we're not going to pester you or harass you. So, enjoy the cheese, enjoy the wine. Have any questions come over and see me, and we hope to do business with all of you in the room, it'd be our honor and she walked off the stage and signed up over 80% of the room doing that. Right, no bullshit, no, no long sales pitch about all this other stuff she just she just kind of took it away like hey I'm not going to chase you, I'm not going to be desperate and how that relates to us in marketing is sometimes when we're new especially we get into this desperate, kind of, I'll do anything for you to buy through me so I can make a commission. And that energy comes off, it kind of seeps through our skin, It's like we just people can smell desperation. And so, how do you, how does that apply to you, how do you trust the process and how do you not get? Do you know you're chasing a commission or you're getting lost with the tire kickers and the question askers. I've always found that the people who spend the least amount of money on complaints and questions. How are you holding your ground, is what I'm asking. And how does what kind of what I'm sharing apply to you, or what comes up for you as I say that?

Taylor: I think my experience with that is the negative comments that I get about being deceitful and, you know, part of the scheme and, you know, people will say pretty rude things and they don't even take the time to click on my link you know what I'm saying so I tried to just be mature and tell them you know, If you are skeptical, just go check it out, go check out the link, go check out my video and your video, don't like it, don't take it. No one's forcing you to do anything, I'm just trying to show you my experience and something that is obtainable for you. And when people are in my DNS asking me, well send me proof of your earnings, then it's like, that's the only way I'm gonna believe you and I say, I'm not gonna do that, and if you don't want to believe me, that's fine I can't make you do that, this is an opportunity for you and if you don't want to take that that's completely fine, but I try to just kind of do what you're saying, you can't defend yourself right yeah like, Yeah, I kind of just try to turn into, you know, I'm not forcing you to believe me, and if you don't want to that's fine but my contents here for maybe you to get some encouragement to try something new maybe not even marketing but just something to get yourself out of a situation that you've been complaining about or you don't like so.

Dave: And I can relate to that it's it's interesting because, you know, obviously, I've had like people just in general, say that those kind of things to me over the years, friends and family even in the last couple of years, several people pop up and may start bashing us and bashing what we're doing and thinking that that's that's that's a clever way to market. They're only actually making us look better by doing that because they're proving to the entire world that we're the you know we're the ones to take down were the ones that they're aiming for and probably secretly trying to be like. And for me, you know, I really I really know when somebody is attacking or when somebody is feeling extra insecure, you know they want to call me out, they want to call us out, they want to project that insecurity on and try to make it seem like what I'm doing is wrong or bad, and what they're doing is better. And if people are smarter than that. I know that people are smarter than that. So the way that I respond. Also, I'm never going to convince that person, nor do I need to, whoever is trolling hating, doing the low level kind of insecure marketing, but the way that I react can influence other potential clients and customers, right, so how you react, how I react. Here at legendary to trolls and haters and people can insecure marketers is maybe I'm not going to change them but I can influence people who may be on the fence, and who will see how I behave and say, Wow, this is, these people don't need to defend themselves, they just start doing their thing. And you, somebody could see you in the comments and how you respond, and you could earn a lot of respect from a potential serious buyer, by the way that you respond to a troll. So I think we all have to keep that in, we all have to remember that, that it's never about the person who's trolling us, it's always about the audience that's watching how we react. And I have built my career, my reputation in defining my integrity by the way that I handle and react to people who attack me. And you also have to remember if they're attacking you, you must be at the top right because no one calls out and attacks people when making moves, but, but does that resonate with you about about building your integrity and building your reputation and building, and also earning business from people who are watching, versus, you know, trying to win over some troll what comes up as I as I give that perspective,

Taylor: That is 100% What I try to do half the comments that are negative I just delete them and like get out of here. The other half, I respond to, to almost utilize that. Because I know. What if some one person comments that at least 100 other people are thinking the same thing and so I try to use that comment to, you know my answer so that someone else that goes in the comments that might think the same can get that answer as well so almost utilizing those bad comments in my advantage so that way I can respond to some of the things that people are thinking but not necessarily commenting.

Dave: You know, and I think that's the thing that's so every, every move is an opportunity and a lot of times we get afraid of negative trolling and insecure people marketers and people who attack us and so forth, right, the first reaction might be, oh God, you know, nobody likes to be attacked right, but how we respond to it can be a marketing strategy in and of itself. Right. And just like you say, people open up the comments and look at what other people are saying. It's a natural human thing that people are social creatures. They want to know what other people are thinking. And so, how you respond to a comment is my suggestion to all of you. Sounds like you're, you're really, you really, you really kind of are getting a got this in our kind of utilizing this is to get good at responding, clever, not passive aggressively, because people can sense that that small energy, but responding transparently and also with with esteem with self esteem, like for example somebody. Somebody posted in one of our groups. I don't give a shit what who's trolling us and me and everything because, you know, people think they can fill the shoes they don't, they don't know how big they are. Somebody said, there's people that are bashing you on TikTok, and I appreciate in love all of you guys who have our back, I got your back to like people. But here's what I said. I said the people bashing us on TikTok don't realize how much it's not hurting us and how bad it makes them look, and I don't feel the need to go out of my way to tell them that for, for all of us who. Here's the simplest way that I can wrap up this thought: when somebody is bashing, when somebody is trolling, when somebody is insecurely throwing stones because they're projecting their own shit onto you. Don't worry about them, know that your response is going to affect those who are watching, and you have a chance to earn a lot of people's business, who maybe didn't even watch your video, but just open the comments right up and saw how you move, and how you, how you work, right there in the comments, and I think we got to get good. It's a strategy to get good at responding to comments with big energy, with, with, with a, with confidence, energy, but not shaming, there's a balance to not being a doormat, but also not letting people walk on you. When you feel confident and you feel, sustainable and you feel okay with yourself, then that's when you can get into kind of your creative sort of responding witty nature, and you, you, again, you're not a doormat, but you also are not somebody who's, who's, who's kind of, you don't need to go out there and put people down I don't need to match blow for blow. Right. I like when somebody tells me to take more of a humble stance and be like, Look, that's not the game I play, sorry you're feeling like that, but I'm on a boat, a new level. The same level. and people can sense that energy, would you agree.

Taylor: Yeah no I definitely agree. I think also too, it's funny that some of the videos that I have had blown up, people will comment and it's almost like they don't expect me to reply to them. And there's been like a few people that I have replied to and they've almost back down like they'll say something like, yeah, you're not getting money from me today sorry, and then I'll say something like you know if you're not willing to spend $7 on something that could potentially make you in a limited passive income then this challenge isn’t for you. And I got a lot of people commenting back and liking that. 

Dave: Right, it's the takeaway man, that's not desperate energy that takeaway, and the psychology behind that takeaway is just that people want something that they can't have. So if you're, if you're desperately, begging basically. I don't mean like literally like please please please but there's a desperate energy versus taken away like I don't care whether you do it or not, like, man, people lean into that, because they want what they can't have and if they sense that you don't need their business, then they want to do business with you even more. 

Taylor: Yeah, I agree. 

Dave: And that is proven, like the guy or gal who walks into the room if there's two people that are, that maybe you're thinking about doing business with the person who really needs the money, the needs, the business is less likely to get the business and the person who's like super successful. Because humans just naturally want to work with people who don't need their mind.

Taylor: Kind of like in a relationship.

Dave: It is I mean, the person who's chasing you like you went out on a first date and they are crazy with texting and following up and seem like they have no life except now you're their obsession. It's natural, you're kind of looking at them and you're like, you know, this dude or this chick is a crazy man, like, and it's just unattractive right whereas, even though it sucks, right sometimes playing hard to get, you know, worked out works yeah. Go dumb guys. We love a chase. 

Taylor: That can apply to most things.

Dave: It does it apply it applies to all, it applies to all it's not just not just males It's everybody. We love a good Chase, we love to. We love to have what we, what we can't have or what it appears we can't have, and to use that psychology in our marketing requires some esteem; it requires us to amp up our confidence and to act as if we're already successful. But, that's this mental conditioning piece that we talked about so much. So, what is your, somebody was thinking about coming into our community coming into Legendary cut off the fan base maybe on a checkout page or maybe checking us out. What would you tell them that your experience has been in a nutshell, and if you would recommend them to get started in and kind of come and learn from us in run with us.

Taylor: I think my personal experience is absolutely just loving the community aspect that you guys provide with the Facebook with in general just I remember when I enrolled in the blueprints and I think I got like a personalized video from you saying, Hey Taylor like thank you for joining yada yada just kind of that acknowledgement. Every student you guys have, it's just so important, and I think anyone that's questioning starting this should definitely give it a shot because you really have nothing to lose and so much the game, and not only that but you get a community of people that want the same for you and will, are willing to help you so I just love I love it.

Dave: Yeah, well I'm proud of you and I'll join the club right with your dad. I'm really excited and I'll be your, hopefully cool, uncle. You know, so I am really just excited for you and happy for you and just, you're just such a bright young lady and you got so many cool things ahead of you in your life so keep up the good work and come back and keep us posted on your journey. 

Taylor: Okay. Awesome, thank you so great to talk to you. 

Dave: Alright Taylor, see ya. All right, my friends. How cool. What a cool young lady to go and check her out. Okay, over on. Make Money With Tay on TikTok and you can check her out. You know, go from there. She started the other platforms as she, my friends, my friends, lift her up. All right, and lift each other up in this community because this is a really unique thing that we have each other, who are sort of on the same path doing similar things maybe in different niches and maybe promoting different products, totally fine, we're all sort of on that same mission and we don't always find that within sometimes local friends and family and that's totally okay and totally normal. Okay, we're the weird ones little odd little out there, and, and it's always kind of been like that. And I'm just happy as I find more people who are on the same path that I am. And so cherish each other, and lift in support each other within our community, and who are on the same mission, and, and that energy will come back to you and we will see you all back here tomorrow for another episode to wrap up, wrap up the Week.

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