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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I am excited for a returning guest today so you guys may know this gentleman. Some of you will be meeting him for the first time coming all the way from across the pond, from me anyways. Okay, he may be local to some of you, my friend, fellow marketer, a platinum affiliate here at Legendary and somebody who is crushing it and I'm very proud of James Neville-Taylor What's up my, my friend, my man, the legend, what's up?

James: What is up Dave how's it going it's awesome awesome to be here again, thanks so much for inviting me back, always good to see you my friend.

Dave: Hey man, it's a pleasure. It's a pleasure. So where exactly are you now? Where are you living? You were traveling there for a long time. And now you I think you've been home for quite a while because of a pandemic and so forth where, where exactly do you live?

James: Just near Cambridge in the UK at the moment I've been travelling around the UK obviously we haven't been able to travel internationally lately. But yeah, a couple of years ago it was all over the place, all over the world and hopefully all things going well, I'll be able to start that up again real soon. They've just opened the borders in the UK, not able to travel to the US yet that's what the biggest one I'm aiming towards at the minute, but shouldn't be able to get started traveling again real soon.

Dave: Yeah, you did a lot of traveling there and that's one of the things your business has afforded you to do. For those that don't know who you are, take us back in a nutshell, and tell us how you got involved online in the first place, and what attracted you to it and kind of just your kind of origin story.

James: Absolutely yes. To cut a long story short, I had a pretty messed up and troubled upbringing suffered a lot of different abuse, moving into a lot of different kids homes as a child, and pretty messed up, up in the kind of mid 20s Really, and when I was in 2017, I took an overdose, and almost died. And that kind of spurred me to want to try again after not wanting to try and kind of locking myself away for almost 10 years. It's led me to realize how much time I've wasted and made me want to try again so I jumped into digital marketing and jumped into affiliate marketing. And six months later I made my first commission in affiliate marketing. And within under a year from content arrival was actually a top affiliate for, for a certain company. And since then I have been at the top of it for a number of other companies, launched my own successful digital products as well, and configured around so far since early 2017.

Dave: So I want to point out a couple of things. First of all, he said he earned his first commission within six months, but now he is running and operating a multiple six or seven figure business here. And for those of you who are thinking that your business is not successful, and I really really want you guys to lean into this for a second. If you're thinking that if you're in your first month or 2 or 3 or 4 whatever it is 5, 6, 7 Whatever. And you've yet to get any results in at least what you would consider results money because results come in many different forms, but if you feel like you are failing, or that you are not going to be successful because you have not generated income, or earned a commission within your first six months, or plus. You're short changing yourself because listen to what the man just said, over the course of how many years has it now been James when exactly was that when you got started over four years now. James: It was January 2017 When I first kind of jumped into digital marketing I made my commission. I remember the day that I made the first commissioners the third of August 2017 So it was about six months, pretty much all I know.

Dave: And now you've earned well over a million dollars. You're top affiliate, you're creating your own products. And, and, and just think, just think that's always say, Don't quit before the miracle happens because just imagine, and this is something that is kind of powerful and humbles me when I think about what if I would have quit. What if I would have quit before I got that first commission result, whatever. Just imagine how different your life would be James just just just talk us through that for just one moment how different your life would be if you had quit before you had gotten that first sign of success and how many other people who are probably even listening right now who are potentially on the brink, you know, on the edge of quitting. That same way right before that miracle happens, could you just speak to that for a moment.

James: Yeah, I mean I can't even imagine how much different. My life would be I don't even know, who knows, I could have gone completely the other way I might not even be here anymore, you know, if, if I'd have with the way I was back then, if it's some setbacks and stuff, you never know I might not even be here anymore but I definitely know my life would be very, very different to how it is now I wouldn't be able to do all the amazing things that I've been doing traveling around helping my mom with like medical stuff and getting her the medical care that she needs, and other things as well so everything would be a lot a lot different and I've been an inspiration to many of my family members as well so it's not just my life has been changed, but with what I've been able to accomplish over the last few years I've also inspired a lot of people I've changed a lot of other people's lives. From my time speaking on stage and everything so it would be worlds different absolutely worth different to where I am today and that's, I think I want to speak to what you said a minute ago on the kind of instant gratification thing. And there's, there's a lot of people out there, especially in the online make money world there's a lot of people claiming instant riches, you can get rich overnight you can earn a million dollars with just like an hour a week. And although there is some truth to that point, once you've put in the work beforehand, like I just recently went to Devon with my mum for a couple of weeks, and I still earn well over 20 $20,000, over the course of a couple of weeks while I was there, even though I worked about an hour a week, while I was down there, but I put in 1820, plus hour days for the last couple of years to build that up to build to the point where I am now. Now I can take a month off and still earn multiple five figures a month, but I had to put in a heck of a lot of work more work than most people are willing to put in on a weekly basis to get to the point that I am right now so if you're willing to put in the work. What I'm saying is if you're willing to put in the work for six months for a year, even if you don't see anything for those first six months that first year. Once you hit that point when you start getting some results, you can then take your foot off the gas pedal a little bit and start enjoying yourself a little bit.

Dave: Yeah. And you've been able to do quite a bit for your mom. You mentioned your mom. I know that you've been able to help her out. What, what, what has that been like for you to be able to actually be a blessing to your mom to your family, like you've been able to do.

James: It's been absolutely amazing. I mean, some of the health care that she got in the past, like on the NHS and stuff like that it was not. It wasn't great, let's just put it like that so they kind of left her to kind of not, they kind of gave up on her and didn't give her the care that she needed. She didn't have physio and stuff like that so I kind of took matters into my own hands over the last year and I've been paying for, to get better to be able to get treatment and stuff like that so it's kind of given her a new lease of life so to be able to see that and be able to have a direct impact on that it's, it's freakin priceless.

Dave: Yeah. And I don't think that maybe it's just the case if people didn't hear it is that you're on the brink of basically suicide, You're, you're at rock bottom and I can certainly relate to that. Could you just speak for a minute so people kind of have an idea of, of exactly what what you were like or where you were at mentally, just, you know, four years ago or so when you, when before you started this journey, and of course I'm not asking this to say that, starting a business is any sort of supplement for getting mental health care, or support or doctors or therapists or medication or anything like that so I want to be very clear to all of the listeners, that's not what I'm saying. But I do want to. I do want you to speak to those who feel like there's just no hope, whether it be for their personal life for their business life and how you've sort of transformed that over the course of the last four years, and of course how a lot of that, how you've maybe figured out a way to use your business as a way to contribute to healthy mental health.

James: Yeah, I mean, when I was suicidal back in 2017 I kind of didn't find any joy in anything. I like I said I locked myself away for almost a decade, and my social skills were absolutely terrible actually back in 2017 I was so scared to even put a profile picture up on Facebook like literally I thought my self confidence was so low I thought people would make fun of me I thought people would joke about the way I looked. And I thought, I didn't have anything useful to contribute so I never posted anything original, never had any original thoughts or anything, and I was just really kind of beating myself up whereas it was all in my head. really but I was really beating myself up, self confidence was at ridiculous lows, and I just didn't find any joy in anything, I didn't think that I'd ever kind of feel any happiness again i i used video games for a lot of years to kind of supplement to kind of get away from the real world and kind of get lost in a make believe world and when that started not bringing me any joy either, like what is the point of living anymore. I just don't feel I'm almost numb, I don't feel anything anymore. But after that near death experience that kind of woke, a new, a new purpose for me and kind of made me realize, not how stupid that I've been but kind of how COVID to try and get over the struggles and stuff that I've been through, it kind of like just brought out a new side of me which I didn't even know that even existed anymore. But yeah, going through the actual transition of, when I first got into the market and it was a quantum leap from the first year, because of the results that I've been having because of putting myself out there. I have a saying whenever I speak on stage I always say, feel the fear and do it anyway, because if I hadn't have taken advantage of all the opportunities that I've got, like, kind of like the first time that I first time that I made a post on Facebook, the first time that I, and these may seem like small insignificant things to a lot of people but when you're that beaten down, even just making a simple post on Facebook or putting a profile picture up can be a monumental step to your growth. But all those first times are the first time putting a profile picture, the first time speaking on stage for the first time being on a, on a summit or a podcast or anything. They all were incremental steps to me growing as a person, building my self confidence, and being able to transform into the person I am today.

Dave: Yeah, that's, that's incredible and very well said. You know, we have a lot of guests on the show, who like using TikTok and stuff. And it's you, you didn't, you haven't, You're not even on TikTok bro. I mean, you're not. That's not the primary way that you built your list, and that you've generated traffic so before we get into some of the mindset stuff, the balance stuff that you're kind of learning about now as you're building a bigger business and you have more things going on in your life. Can you talk just for a second for those people who just think that one platform is the only way to have success online and you know everybody's kind of maybe gets a little bit kind of narrow minded with with kind of the blinders on and focused on one thing, you know, you've built your success before, or at least the foundation for your success before Tik Tok was ever even here, it wasn't even invented yet. As did I. Can you talk a little bit about what you did at the beginning, and sort of drove, how you drove traffic and even some of the things that you're testing and trying today.

James: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I have been tempted by TikTok because I see that there's a good opportunity there but you've got to remember you have to focus on what's working, don't get distracted by the next shiny thing, when you should be focusing on what's working right now. So I've kind of stayed away from TikTok because I've got other things that are working for me right now. And I got my start on Facebook. Facebook organic. When I first started, I spent. I've got a few credit cards out and I spent probably 10,000 on courses on this on trying to make stuff work. So I didn't have a big budget for ads. So my first, my first success was with Facebook organic so posting in Facebook groups, the right way obviously not spamming Facebook groups, that kind of engagement post on my wall and stuff like that. With Facebook, that was where I got my first start and then when I started to build up a little bit of recurring income then I started going to paid traffic. So we're on a lot of Google ads. I want to go to YouTube ads. And they're the two biggest platforms that I pay for on Facebook. Honestly, Facebook ads are a pain in the ass. Like, they, I've tried so many times with Facebook as they changed their interface every week. And they are just so confusing once you think you've got it nailed down, they change everything, they change rules and they're a nightmare to be honest. But the ads and YouTube ads are my two biggest ones that I've paid to play on and Facebook organic is my biggest one as well.

Dave: Yeah, that's that's that's cool, you know Yeah. Facebook is, Facebook. Facebook is kind of its own monster. I feel like Facebook is where I learned to advertise, and I feel like Facebook is kind of like New York City, like if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Yeah, which is, which is kind of one of the reasons why, like we, in paid ads, even in our Blueprints, we kind of start people out on Facebook, because if you can, if you can learn and understand Facebook, Then you can advertise anywhere that that knowledge, translates over to Google, acknowledge translates over to Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, which is Google, but I felt that that was like really important for me to ask because, because, Guys, there's, there's millions of people on the internet, there's, there's, there's hundreds of different ways to generate traffic, you know, right now there's a, there's, you know, there's, there's a couple of platforms that are getting more attention than others. For example in our community TikTok gotten a lot of attention, but there's tons of different ways to generate traffic and that's really the name of the game, whether you're, whether you're, I mean, especially in affiliate marketing, but even if you sell your own course or products or coaching, it's generating traffic and how you do that is, is, is kind of the same way the only additional thing that you could do is you could you could you could have affiliates promoting your products for you, which is just another way to generate traffic once you've built your own courses. But, you know, you've now sort of, you've now sort of climb that ladder of doing affiliate marketing of creating your own courses of even having your own affiliate program and having enough streams of income, and in doing enough of the right things that you've that you've now increased your income, significantly, and you've got a lot more on your plate, and one of the things that I know that you're encountering now is, is, is having to be more decisive, with what you do say yes to having to be more, I guess Careful what you allow onto your plate, you just said, I mean that's a statement to say that I've said whoa to one of the hottest platforms to generate traffic in 2020 and 2021, because I'm focused on what I'm doing, because it's working for me. Right, that's a big statement that's that's how successful people are successful for those of you who are wondering, it's not looking at what everybody else is doing and saying, oh I have to do that and I have to be disliked them, there's a point at which you become the Ilan musk and you say, You know what, this has never been done before, or I'm going to blaze my own trail and in be different, right, and that's a little bit of what you've what you've done, but you're also encountering sort of now, figuring out how to balance, more, more money, more income, more people who want things from you as you've grown. What talk to us about the current state of some of your challenges and some of the things that you're, you're having to learn about and learn how to do to give those who are just beginning maybe an idea of, of kind of what's the common some of the, the new challenges that they might face as they grow as well.

James: Yeah, it's kind of like a balance you know it comes down to a certain point, you've got, you've got to decide what is best worth your time because as you grow as you get bigger. People will try and take your time from you. And you've really got to be careful with who you give your time to where you choose to spend your time because there was a point, actually, not too long ago. Towards the end of last year where literally, I found myself jumping on like 10 calls a day. I had like 10 different projects on the go, I had a Trello board, the size of New York. It was ridiculous how many things I had going on different projects, different stuff. What is the highest use of my time and what is going to have the most impact. And where can I be most productive so now I'm in the middle of building a team. I've got a couple of awesome team members who were to handle a lot of the stuff which I used to do manually. And a lot of new things are going on, which don't require me to be at the center of things so I had a struggle. Obviously, you heard a little bit about my story. I've been let down a lot in my life. I find it hard to trust other people. So I was trying to do 10s of dozens of different things when they could be outsourced, it was like, I know how to do this, I want to do this myself want to make sure it gets done properly so handing over the reins of that stuff but people can be really really difficult especially when you've been through stuff like myself, and you have, it's hard to hand over the reins to your business professional baby right it's you've spent all this time, kind of nurturing it and building it up to the point where it is right now. And then, when it comes to kind of stepping away it's really really hard to kind of give it to the babysitter, if you will, to, to kind of help it along so that's one of the biggest struggles that I'm that I'm facing at the moment. But the biggest struggle for me was, especially when I was growing was not comparing myself to others, you know like, you can't compare your step one to someone else's step 20 You know I used to look when I first got started online I used to look at other people and I was like why can't I be like them, why can't I be successful like them but they may be like 10 years into the business and you're like one year into the business, and I used to be really hard on myself, I was like, really really really really hard on my, my downfalls and my kind of struggles and stuff like that. Whereas, you are always going to be hard on yourself, you're always going to be putting yourself down a lot more than anyone else everyone else's kind of struggling with their own stuff, you can't really be that, be that hard on yourself and kind of compare yourself to others so much so that's that's kind of the things that I've been struggling with more than anything, recently, and especially towards the beginning as well.

Dave: Yeah, and I want to point out something just so people are clear. Now I want to do just a quick public service announcement, okay a lot of you guys are interacting here and commenting and I just want to just point out that there are people that, that build their businesses specifically by coming on our show, and trying to direct message, those of you who are interacting in here trying to learn, and then they slide into your direct messages trying to put our training down and, and then sell you something else, and they do it secretly. And they do it snake Aliy in your, in your direct message and I'm a capitalist I'm all for doing business with whoever you want to do business with, but just if you're new, and if you're naive about some of the people, and some of their intentions in this industry, that is all I'm gonna say is just be aware and be careful, if people are sliding in your direct messages secretly. Just be very wary. Okay, and be careful and protect yourself. Okay, here's one thing that I want to say that I want to sort of point out which is something that you touched on, which here at legendary we teach people how to sell information right through courses coaching and events, and then also starting out as an affiliate marketer. And one of the reasons why affiliate marketing is so powerful and so perfect for a new person, is because the only thing that you have to focus on is the marketing. You don't have to focus on team building, you don't have to focus on customer support. You don't have to focus on all of the other things that come along with doing the marketing, doing the product creation, the delivery, the customer support, and the customer happiness, I'll just call it right when you've got somebody who maybe is not happy or maybe it's just kind of a problem person who just kind of, is it just wants to cause problems or maybe isn't is generally kind of disgruntled with most things that they do. And that's kind of what I found is that, you know, there's not a lot people are not just unless you have a shitty product. People are not just unhappy people have patterns. And so sometimes we can even get hard on ourselves if somebody complains, but then we realize that they just are at kind of a generally disgruntled person and they kind of have patterns of being negative, and in putting the responsibility on other people in their life, and that's just kind of part of the business you have to learn how to not take it personal, but law, a lot of you guys are wanting to eventually create your own courses you're wanting to maybe have your own coach programs you're wanting to sell a course or a coaching program or an event for multiple 1000s of dollars and have your own high ticket products and programs and. And that's an awesome aspiration to habit, it's something that you have my permission to do it at any time you want. But one of the reasons why we, we recommend starting with affiliate marketing there's so you can just focus on that one piece of the business, which is affiliate marketing, selling somebody else's product because if you can sell somebody else's product successfully, then you're more likely to know that gene in the copy in how to structure an offer that people actually want to buy your more because you've because you've, you've focused on that area of the business exclusively for a significant period of time, whereas the moment that you go and now you are selling your own products and programs, all of these other departments, now suddenly are open right James yield suddenly they're like, oh shit, customer support merchanting certain product delivery, all this different kind of stuff, and hiring people is, is can be a challenge. I like to, I like to, you know, I have found James one of my, one of my best skills in one of my most valuable skills is finding the right partners and say I'm very careful I consider the people that I work with, essentially partners, and I try to treat them like that and I try to think of them like that and I, because really, really essentially I am partnering with them, and if you're smart, you figure out ways to make it, win, win, right, maybe, is an element profit sharing or paying them as much as you can pay them so they are doing what needs to be done. But, I found that one of my, one of my, most valuable skills is knowing how to find good people. And I think that that's something, James, that is a part of it can be, you know, kind of you're born with it but I think most of it. Most of it is really a learned skill. And I've made a lot of bad choices in the past, I've made some awesome choices here. More recently, and I'm really proud of the team that we haven't Legendary. But what I wondered if, if, you know, if you know the kind of trust issues that that you had, as you as you spoke about, you know, how are you learning to, what are some of the things that you are personally looking for all commented on as well but what are some of the things that you look for when you look for people to your team, and, and help build the business that you're building.

James: I totally agree with you, it is a learned skill. I've made a few mistakes with our team members as well. But the biggest thing that I'm looking for when I hire someone is loyalty and trustworthiness. I mean, skills, skills can be learned, as long as they've got a kind of adapted intelligence skills that can be learned, but they aren't actual, what's the word that I'm looking for, character, integrity. 

Dave: Integrity Yeah.

James: Yeah, That's, that's something that you can't teach no matter what you can't change someone's integrity, you can't change someone's character skills can be taught. Yeah.

Dave: I wholeheartedly agree with that, I, one of the things that the number one thing that I look for in somebody is, Is their integrity. What do they do when nobody's looking. And I like to gauge the first couple of months that I'm working with somebody. I like to really, really try to pay attention to how this person operates when I'm not looking. And what I found is that everything always comes to the surface. There's a saying that I love which is if it doesn't come out in the wash it comes out, rent, and, and that's been true. Every single scenario situation, and I've got enough experience now over a decade, with, with people that I've worked around and worked with that, that, that I, that I know that with enough time, whatever it is, whatever it is, I mean I've had people steal money, who were in charge in the accounting department I've had people who have ended up having wildly different personal built over into the business, and basically, we're, we're, we're, we're so big that I had to leave the relationship. You know, I've had people who abuse power, you know, whether that's just kind of a position to where they're like just mainly it's just when somebody who has insecurities gets into a position of power where they're in charge of other people, and they just abuse that power they just, you know, I mean, whether it's, I mean, I've had people who have, who have, you know, sexually harassed people that was an abuse of power, right, those are things that you now suddenly have to be aware of human nature. I've had people who, you know, just mistreat people, and sort of treat talk down to them or or treat them as if they're less than, because they're in more of a leadership position. So I've gone through a lot of these, these, these, these situations with people and that's why those first couple of months when you're working with somebody. It's so, so important in my opinion to pay attention to their level of integrity, how they operate, you know, What do they do when nobody's looking. And also, do they constantly need to be managed. Like for me, I don't like it. I'm not a manager, I've never been a manager of people, I like to lead people and I like to work with people. So one of the big qualifications for somebody to work with me and me to work with them is that I don't have to ask them to do things they kind of know what to do. Now if I want them to do something. I do take responsibility to be very clear about my communication and very clear about what I'm asking them to do and not beat around the bush or not, you know, expect them to read my mind. But the general things once we kind of get into the flow of things of operating the business and kind of what needs to be done. You know I don't want to have to, like, you know, I don't want to have to hold somebody accountable for doing the things that, and I don't want to have to hold people accountable for, for also brainstorming and thinking about new ideas and stuff like that, like I want people to be motivated to do that. Part of it is their nature, part of it is compensation, making it a win-win for them as well. And, and, and, and, you know, I can say that after 10 years, you know, I'm a lot better at it now that I was at the beginning, you know, I really, I would say James my picker was broken. At the beginning, I don't know if you can relate to that at all, but, you know, if you're smart, and you're aware you really learn from those experiences and you really begin to value different things and people like you, like you said.

James: Yeah, I've had a number of horror stories myself where people have changed their payment details to their own to try and siphon money off there's been people who've instantly had some very, very big personal problems like you say who've completely derailed customer support and everything you've had to do, then you've got a big mess that you've got to clear up afterwards and it's just your prevention is, is so important on that. You don't want to mess up.

Dave: Another thing that I've learned and I think this is important for all of you new marketers to hear as well is that I've realized that a lot more can be done with, with, with, with good people than it can be with more people. A lot more can be done with good quality, smart, like people who take care of themselves. I mean these are nuggets right here, letting all of you know because the majority of people think, to get to six multiple six seven figures you got to have, you know your team's got to grow huge, etc, etc. And, I've found that it's about quality. It's about good quality, smart people who have the characteristics and qualities that I've been listing out versus more, because what happens when you have more. A lot of times it's the 80% of the business that's generating only 20% of the results so now you have somebody who requires more management, more accountability holding hand holding etc. And they're working in a part of the business that's not generating the majority of the income anyways. Do you have any experience with that James or is that just something that you can put in your back pocket as you grow?

James: That's definitely something that I can put in my back pocket, I mean, the. I've always had, I think my maximum was three members of stuff at once so I haven't had too many. And I know it's quite lean at Legendary as well considering how big Legendary is you've got quite a small team for what you do so.

Dave: We’ve grown quite a bit. We've got 79 People now. Wow. Yeah. Yeah 79 People now. But you know the way in which we, the way in which we, you know 79 People for the size of the business that we are, is, is it's not unreasonable. And, you know, it's, yeah, it's, it's, it's, it was lean for a long time, and you know I think that for me, it's as important as James who I'm working around every day, as it is how much money I'm making. Now I know that's a, that's a bold statement, but it really is. It really is, it's, it's important, it's as important as I'm working around, I do not want. I can't deal with constant crises from people. I can't deal with people who can't take care of themselves. I mean I've just, I've done too much work on my own life, to get to a place where I've got my priorities in order. And I'm not in constant crisis in my personal life, that I just don't have time to, to do to to basically be somebody. It's not even about mentorship, it almost becomes a lack of boundaries at a certain point, you know, when, when you, when you basically allow somebody to continue to work with you around you. When they can't take care of themselves you know that's one of my expectations, is that I expect people to take care of themselves. And I talked about that self care piece quite a bit. It's one of the reasons why I like talking to you because you're big into mental health and stuff. So, sort of as we bring it.

James: I would say that working with who you work with is actually more important than what you do, you've got to be around people that you enjoy working with that you've enjoyed being around it's kind of like when you're, when you're at school right you had some lessons that you really hated, but they were all right if you were around your friends if they were if it was people with good people and then if you have a lesson that you liked it was even better when you were around good people, so it's kind of the same in your business when you're working with people that you love people that you like and get on with it doesn't matter what part of your business that you're doing as long as you're doing it with people that you get on with people that are good at what they do, then it's going to be infinitely better doing it right.

Dave: And you're gonna have more fun solving problems, you know what I mean it's kind of like being married like I feel, I feel like in a sense, this will be weird for some of you guys to hear but in a sense, I'm sort of married to some of the people that I work with in a business sense, you know, like we're, and like I've been in toxic relationships with people in work environments before. It's like, it's just as stressful as a toxic relationship in your personal life like marriage, you know what I mean. Like it's literally just as stressful. And so, you know Yeah, I think, I think, like, for if you think about my wife and I like we've been through crisis and we've been through a lot of shit in our in our marriage or in our relationship pre marriage, but now we're to a point to where we're not in constant prices we're not in crisis, hardly ever. And, and solving problems with my wife and things like that like dealing with our kids and how to take care of them and keep them alive and all of this shit, right, right, because it's kind of the bare minimum, some days, right, just keep them alive. Keep getting them fed, right, just keep them fed and don't let them hurt themselves. And then, and then most days we can nurture their brains and their spirits but other days we're just exhausted and it's like kind of trying to figure out with my wife, how do we navigate life, and it's a lot more fun when you really love and you're, that you're, that you're in a relationship with, I think, in business, the same goes, you know when you respect, I think that's what it boils down to also you respect, mutual respect, you know, mutually respecting people. And I don't really feel like I'm above anybody. I feel like I understand my responsibility which is, if a final decision needs to be made. Ultimately that's going to fall on my lap. But I also don't think I'm the only one who can make a decision. I actually rely on people around me to make decisions to be able to make decisions, and I think that's another thing that you it's your responsibility if you're going to hire and bring people into your business to challenge them to make decisions, because oftentimes they won't, James I could really talk about this for a long time, seriously because there's so much here to unpack, but I just want you to know that I love the conversation in your business so we can have these kind of type conversations because we don't always do it because most people are kind of at the beginning, so I'm super proud of you, man, and I'm really really thrilled, and I'm here to help you as I have been in the past. In the future, to help you continue to grow my man, and I just hope you can take that in and really be proud of yourself because I know for much of your life like me. We've been down on ourselves, we felt badly about ourselves and I really hope that you can you can you can hear my validation and my affirmation to you about how proud I am of you and how good of a job you're doing, of building your life in your business in a way that, that, that anybody could be proud of my friend.

James: I really appreciate that my friend and yeah, it's, it's good for good for ones to be told that as well because a lot of people during my life didn't say that. So, I appreciate you, my friend and I appreciate the help along the way. And I know it's gonna be an awesome few years, so to go on, I'm super impressed at how you've grown legendary as well. It's been an honor watching you grow from, from, from legendary as well. So, really, really excited for the future and really excited, into the doubt.

Dave: Well I know that you send a lot of people our wage as an affiliate and you've gone through our training and you've come to our events as a matter of fact, you're a member of our mastermind which is, which is awesome. You've come as a student, and we actually have asked you to speak on our mastermind stage before. For anybody who knows you or doesn't know you or that are thinking about it, hey it's lit I've seen a couple of people in the comments. It is Legendary work that is their training worth it, is it a good place that I can grow? What would you tell those people about Legendary?

James: I would say definitely go for it. There's a lot of different training out there, and legendary is definitely one of the best. I've seen the tips and tactics in the training there and stuff that I've used to help build my business as well so I definitely recommend it wholeheartedly.

Dave: Yeah, so if you guys know James, and, and you've, you know found us through him then. You know, now you've got now you've got multiple people in your corner who will support you and help you, and, and not do it for you. But route you on as you're growing, and, and, and hopefully one day you guys will also come and meet James and hang out with us at an upcoming mastermind, which I can't wait to see you, if you're, if you're able to make it over.

James: Yeah, hopefully we'll be able to start traveling and do events soon. I've been in withdrawal from the lack of events that I've had over the last year.

Dave: Could you just speak on that just for a moment before we wrap up, could you just talk about the impact of going from live, getting out from behind your computer and going to live events and meeting other people from the industry and being in rooms and, Like, how that has impacted you. 

James: It's definitely helped. I mean, depending on what stage of the journey you're at obviously when I first started in 2017 there was no way I could go out and and socialize with other people I was too too nervous at some points I even had panic attacks being around people so if you're at that level, then the best thing is to gradually step out your comfort zone but when you get to a point, you've, there's only so much you can get from behind a computer screen you've got to go out there make the connections, meet new people, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you cannot get that same level of of kind of pushing yourself behind a computer as you can out with other people, it's been integral to my growth going to think I went to like 17 events in 2018 So I was all over the place going to lots of different events, meeting new people, and it was part of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and growing, as I have over the last few years, pushing, every single day, step by step, little by little, to kind of push myself every single day so it's been incredibly important for me to be able to go out and meet new people actually meet people face to face as well. Yeah, we do get a ton of what's the word, you get more of a bond with people when you're, when you're face to face.

Dave: And we've met before our mastermind I think we met face to face, I mean, we have hung out and been around each other multiple times now, in real life, not just virtually here. And yeah, it adds an element of also humanity to this, hopefully a confidence booster because you're looking at other people and you say, I mean I'm not trying to talk down about the guy or gal but for Christ's sakes, if, if they can do it so can why they put there, they seem to have their pants on the same way that I have my pants on. Right, so they must have just put them on the same way that I put mine on in that room over there, right, you know, and I think sometimes we put people on a pedestal. And we think because they're on a TV screen so it's like we're conditioned to look at somebody like they're a celebrity but when, when, when they're just sitting next to us or standing over they are in the same room where we get to shake their hand and talk and hang out and laugh and just be normal people, man for me it's also, it's really a confidence booster it's really, like, it's really just a, it just is. Yeah, I look at people and I'm like wow man like it's inspiring like the person is legitimately if I passed, so and so in a grocery store, I wouldn't look at them like oh there's the millionaire market or I'd like I wouldn't do that like I just like there's a person, you know what I mean. So I think that's an aspect that also a lot of you guys, I think could gain a lot of confidence from coming you've been asking when our mastermind is coming in, it's coming up, we haven't scheduled the date, make sure that we're all good with restrictions and people be able to, but we've got, we've got several masterminds to do live upcoming, I can't wait to hang out. See you guys. One of my favorite forums that we haven't been able to do here for the past year and a half or so or whatever feels like 20 years. But, but anyways. Brother, I am. I'm proud of you. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you. If there's anything I can do to help please let me know, and please keep coming back and giving of yourself and teaching and sharing your journey with us because it's really really helpful.

James: Likewise absolutely my friend I'm always happy to come on and speak. One of my passions is speaking about mental health and stuff like that so come on any time we can I'm looking forward to the platinum ring that you're going to be sending me out real soon as well. Have a blessed day stay legendary my friend and I'll talk to you soon. 

Dave: Okay, thank you to my friend, take care James. Alright my friends. Go and find James Nevel-Taylor on various social media platforms, he's not hard to find, not huge on TikTok. So, I mean he's got a TikTok account. You guys can go and follow him but, as he said he's not, he's not a big bear doing other things. He's, he's doing, what's working for him, and he started this journey before Tik Tok and some of these platforms, we've been hot, so there's a lot of takeaways from today's lesson. There is a element of, of taking care of yourself, of seeing your story through and turning your mess into a message of using business, although it's not a substitute for, you know, professionals, medicine and whatever is going to help you and it's not a substitute for that but I found that my business can help me to find purpose, it can help me to learn more about myself to realize that I've got more inside of me than I thought that I had, and eventually it's been therapeutic for me because I have been able to be myself, and share my struggles challenges stories with you guys and get in most cases positive feedback, positive affirmation, and even occasionally be inspirational to other people so I hope you were inspired by today's message, and also the fact that James has gone from the bottom of the barrel, complete near suicide overdose. And, and, and, and a childhood that we wouldn't wish on our works to me to now be a blessing to his mom, his family, and building a life in a business that he can be proud of and I'm certainly proud of as well. So take that with you today. As you may be you worked yours right on the edge of stopping or quitting or throwing in the towel and know that your time is coming, it is your time now, and the only way that you can seize that is, is to put one foot in front of the other take action today, and keep in stay in today, not in 10 years from now, not in 10 What do I need to do. Tip day to move my life and my business for it. That's the question, figure it out, and we're here to help you be legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Peace.

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