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Matt: Greetings everybody, welcome in, Happy Wednesday. It is, let's see what is today? Wednesday August 11, we had last minute cancellation for our guests so I've got a fun little mini lesson for today if you don't know who I am, and I'm the CMO here at Legendary, and we've got an awesome day what's up King, Nina, who's in the house today, Robert. Felix is in the house, what's going on, Felix Good to see you as always hate so I thought what would be cool today is, since our guests had a family emergency, what I thought would be cool, you guys can let me know is if I actually just pulled open. I mean this is dangerous, we're getting into dangerous territory here when I do this but what I thought would be cool is if I pulled open, you can see this is, I'm live, here. Let's see. There we go. I am live, and if I pull up on my phone screen. And we did a little content example for the day so many of you are doing the Instagram challenge and creating a lot of video content on TikTok Instagram. And here's the thing. Some people are getting a lot of views, some people aren't and some people aren't getting as many views as they should. And so what I thought would be cool. Let me know in the chat if you're down, but we could do a little share screen today, and I want to tell you about one of the biggest secret ingredients to getting more views on your, on your Instagram videos or on your TikTok videos, and we can we can make this our little mini lesson for the day so let me move this around on my screen, that sort of sound cool, awesome, ready. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, welcome Stephanie, Daniel, Bryan. Hey again, what’s up, Andrew is in the house Brian. Good to see you. So for those of you who are just tuning in, typically we have a guest on every single day set five days a week, but rather than that today since they have a family emergency what I thought would be cool is if I unpacked a very specific strategy to getting a lot more views on your content and by the way, more views, equals more leads, equals. Well, more views, equals more traffic equals more leads, equals more sales, right, and so it all starts with sort of views, whether that's on an ad on a, on a video on a blog post on whatever it is right it's attention. That's what we're trading here, we're, we're, actual traders like day traders of attention. Right. And so what I thought would be cool. I have a few that I've put up, But what I thought would be cool is if I gave you all just a couple examples, a couple nuggets from people that I know who are crushing it or who have crushed it. And I've, I've basically here's what I've done is I've taken formulas from people who have been super successful with video marketing, and I've broken them down, and I've had other people implement those exact formulas, and they've got huge results meaning, tons and tons of views on their videos, and guess what those translated into eventually sales, right. So, um, let me move this around here on my screen, and what I'm what I thought would be cool first is if we pull the open, and I'm going to pull this open on TikTok just because I'm used to sorting videos on TikTok, but really TikTok. Their algorithm functions pretty similarly to Instagram. In terms of reels and stuff, and how they're created. Alright so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna share my screen, and I'm gonna pull up in a window here. So here's what I thought would be cool. First, what I'm going to pull open here is, it's a profile, and let me scroll up here. And let me do a little sort of like TikTok. Okay, so what I'm doing right now as I'm sorting his channel from most viewed videos to least viewed videos, and in order to do that I'm using a tool called Sort For TikTok. Okay, so I just put the name of this Google Chrome extension in the chat, you can see it if you're on Facebook. Here you can see it, But it's just called sort for TikTok and what it did there. Is it sorted? Then it sorted the content from his most viewed videos to his least favorite videos. Now, no matter what niche you're in, I'm going to show you dog training, we'll look at Kido we'll look at

little make money online videos from some of our affiliates will give you a couple examples from different places but here's my point. My point is, there's just one ingredient that goes into content that I think most people miss, and it's the reason a lot of people make. They might be 30, 60, 90, 100. They'll make content for I've seen people for years. They'll make content and they think the secret is just making content, but the secret is a little bit deeper than just putting out videos. The secret goes a lot deeper than that actually. So, what I wanted to do is pull open a couple of these and then what we're going to do is talk about, and we're going to unpack what you guys think and I want you to be really engaged here in the, in the chat with me, but we're going to unpack what these people are doing inside of their videos they're getting so many views. Right. I want to give me one little nugget. And then, and then what we'll do is let me see if I can, I'm going to hit Share, and I'm going to share with you another screen. For those of you who are just tuning in, I'm also going to pull open my phone screen, and I'm gonna give you some examples in different niches of how I would create content based on the thing that I think most people are missing in their, in their video marketing okay so we'll do that live, I will not practice this, I will not rehearse it, but I'll pull open my screen and we'll just create some content, we'll see how it goes. Sometimes what I do gets a little while, but we'll see what happens. Okay, so let me make this a little bit bigger. If you all can see this screen okay and it's big enough for you. Can you just hit thumbs up on this stream right now so that you can see it? Okay, just let me know that it's large enough and big enough for everybody. I just want to see a few more thumbs up to make sure that it's, I don't think that makes it bigger or smaller or anything, since this is great, Great, great, great. Okay, awesome. Oh there's a thumbs up, there's some so we just got a little delay. Okay, so. All right, this guy here. I'm gonna own it, I just looked him up. Basically what I did to find this account guys is I just want to search accounts and I typed in dog training, right, and then I just what I was looking for are people who have a lot of followers right so if you look at this, he's got 1.4 million followers 550 4000 followers 1.1 million followers. So any of these with, with, you know 100,000 Or more followers are going to be good ones to look at because if somebody's got 1.4 million followers, and he's the CEO dog behavior. Really, really good chance that this guy is taking this very seriously, and it's probably pretty successful. So then what I'll do is I'll use this Sort For TikTok, And I'll hit the start. And so this is going to scan through his whole channel. Alright, so it's scanning scanning scanning scanning scanning and taking all of the top viewed videos the most viewed videos and it's putting it up right at the top of the page. All right, so now it's done. Now we've got all of his best performing videos right in front of our very eyes, right, and so if he's the CEO of say at once in dog training would check this out. This guy has grown a following of 1.4 million followers he's getting a ton of traffic. And really all that he's doing is selling leashes and T shirts, right, like check this out. Our training. Private one on one lessons in the comfort of your own home. Alright, so in home trainers meet in home training, Blah blah blah. Now, check this out. The interesting part, maybe I'm wrong here, but from what I see he doesn't even do an online training right. How crazy is that, I mean, during the times of COVID. He's got videos he's got stuff he can watch on YouTube and Instagram, but he's not even selling a digital course. A student could easily be making 10 grand a month plus, if he was just selling one single digital course, but he's not so it is what it is. But, um, okay so, over here, let me see if I can zoom in a little further, there we go. Alright so what I want to do is I want to unpack. I actually think what I'm gonna have to do is share a tab, so I can share the audio with you. Yeah, there we go. Okay. So, there we go. Now, let me make this a little bigger.

Ready go. Okay, so what I thought would be cool is if we pulled open one or two of these videos and I unpacked, what's going on here and why he's getting so much viewership. Now the trick to this whole game. For those of you who are newer to creating video content. The trick to this whole game is that in order to get more views or in order to bump up your viewership. The first, the main thing that you need to do is to get people to watch your videos okay so if you're taking notes on this little mini lesson, a few times. Okay, it's called CPU time. It's the amount of this percentage of time that somebody watches your video. That's how you're going to get more views. So, if you are if you make yourself a little bigger, so if somebody watches 25% of your video on average, so if they throw it out when you post a video they throw it out to 100 people or so. And if, if they only watch on average about 25% of the video. Then, TikTok or Instagram or YouTube or whoever they send that back to their algorithm and say, Well, you know it's probably not a great, it's probably not a great video because they only watch 25% of the video, right, but in the case of a video that you post and let's say on average they watch one and a half times, meaning they watch it one time through, and then they watch it again halfway through. Now Tik Tok is going to go back to its algorithm and say hey, this videos, really good the view percentage is really high, or maybe they watch it on every screen times, right, then it's going to go back and it's gonna say hey, launch this out to everybody on the freaking platform because for some reason, everybody loves watching this video they sit on this video they stay on this video. The reason that happens is because the reason that they do their algorithm that way or they've written their algorithm that way is because it keeps people on the platform longer, right, if people are watching videos and staying sitting here looking at their screen longer. Well then guess what, they're going to stay on the algorithm longer, and they can sell more ads because of that, because they've got more people who are just sitting on their platform right. So the whole point now type to me in the chat if that makes sense, type makes sense if you get what I'm saying because now we're going to unpack what are the different elements, what are the different ingredients in the recipe that are getting all of these views, so we're going to do it in a few different niches. And just as a fair warning, I haven't even watched these videos, I went out and grabbed a few different niches that we can look at, But I haven't really unpacked it. Okay, but my guess is, because this has been true over the last 10 years. This is probably going to be pretty freaking exactly what I think it's going to be so. Okay, here's what we're going to do, we're going to we're going to just, we're going to, we're going to click on this 17 point 6 million video view because it's got so many views, and I'm just curious what the heck is going to happen in this video. Okay, let's see what happens

*video plays*

Matt: Okay. So a few things, if you're taking notes that I that I took note on here is a little bit of humor, okay, if you're taking notes, a little bit of humor, a little bit of lightheartedness, right, think through these things through these platforms and think through sort of the way people go on social media and digest content. It's a little fun. It's a little loose. Right. Okay. Watch this again. I'm going to refresh this, hang on, hang on, hang on, I’m gonna refresh this.

*video plays again*

Now, did you notice that he had a headline right away on the video. So check this out, check this out, check this up. Do you see this. My main lesson for today. Now the one thing that I think might be missing from many of your recipes, and he did it right here is a headline, is a compelling headline, is a great copywriting headline. Okay, so a great copywriting headline about this, what is a great copywriting headline do to me in the chat, what do you think a great copywriting headline should do in my copywriting, I mean, some of you think that this is video and that copywriting is only in the written word, no video content creation is just copywriting, that's all that it is, it's great copywriting and what great copywriting does is type to me in the chat, what do you think it is, what do you think it does. It hooks somebody. So what do you mean by hooks Sarah Tell me more. It grabs attention, okay what else intrigues, hook, grab attention grab attention grab attention. Curiosity intrigues captures attention hooks your viewer hooks the consumer grabs the interest of the viewer grabs attention evokes interest hooks people draws me in. So, telling you what's happening, grabs people by the brain, okay. So, I think most of you are probably right here, it grabs their attention, and many people in copywriting and call that push them right, it's like a little like a little fishing hook right. So, before the hook happens, what do you have to do? If you're out fishing before somebody is actually writing on, right. You got to sort of Chum the Waters, right, you've got to sort of Chum the Waters and set the bait right before you can actually land that hook, so. So here, in this particular instance. Let's see what's the date on this 11/23/2020 So, can you do this, proper dog greets now there's a cert there's a few elements I feel like that are going on. Number one, he did a great job of making this feel sort of real life, right, what he's actually doing is he's doing a dog training session, but for those of you, for instance who might be, let's say you're in the dog training niche and you're like well I'm just starting and I don't have a whole dog training business, dude. Right, so what do you do in that case, you can set this up with a friend you can set this up with a, with your spouse or just either yourself or something right so what you would do is you would find a place or find some sort of tripod or find some sort of way to set your camera up and or find somebody to record it for you, and you can literally just stand there and just have your dog and say, and here's what here's what else you could do for you could say well actually, before I give a headline, why don't you guys type to me in the chat, what would be a good headline, I mean this is a good headline I guess 17 million peeps so you know I'm not saying that we can do this better, but what would, what do you think would be a good headline for this type of video, because I kind of think, you know, this is a good headline and it grabs people's attention. But I think if you're brand new, you might not get 17 million views using this headline, he had a little bit of an audience. That's not to say that you can't, but what do you think might be a good headline on this one, tape to me talk to me. Let me see if you answer. Brad says can you do this, makes you want to see if you can do it brilliantly. I need a tripod to make my videos, no nothing is missing. You don't, I'll show you why. What's next, dogs, dogs, meeting strangers. Okay, what would you do when tired people walk up to pet your dog?

Can you predict this dog's reaction? Oh yeah, that's pretty good. Are you putting your dog in danger? Does your dog bite people? Now, listen up. Listen up. Listen up, listen, pay attention. Pay attention. I was just reading this email this morning, okay and I was reading the email from Motley Fool I read a lot about stocks and investing and I read a lot about marketing on these different newsletters so I've put my newsletters in one folder in my Gmail and I, and I read through them to try to get copy ideas and stuff right. And the whole pitch, the whole entire angle of the and it sucked me and they do this so well is that it's the fear of missing out. Can you guys write that down. Can you please write that down, FOMO. It's one of the biggest drivers in marketing. Fear Of Missing Out fear of missing something that's going to be great or something that's gonna be revolutionary right. It's the fear of missing, and actually what I would say is not the fear of missing out can you write this f o m i. Fear of missing information. Everybody typed that in the chat because I want people who write, or people who watch this as a replay, I want them to see. Fear of missing information. Fear of missing information, they're missing a piece, they're gonna miss a little piece of information. Now the trick to that, because all they were writing about, here's what they did in this email, they said. They said, Chase, what did they say they said, you know, companies like Apple and companies like Google, you know what, let me just, I'm gonna, I'm gonna watch this, watch this, we're going to we're going to go into my email inbox, you know I was going to share my phone screen which is dangerous. Now we're going to go into my email inbox. This is getting pretty sketchy here but just check this out, I'm gonna pull up this email from Motley Crue.

I don't know if this is going to be interesting to you if you're finding this interesting, but I just thought this was such a great example of copywriting and applies directly to video, because of the way that they did it.So this is an I'm not an advertiser and affiliate or anything from Motley Fool. But check this out, check this out. While everyone was hunkered down in quarantine a largely overlooked Wall Street Journal article by Best Selling Author Walter Isaacson sounded the alarm for the potential end of the so-called Digital Revolution, and more importantly its immediate replacement by the third and final existential trend in modern society. The Coronavirus blog will hasten our transition to the third great innovation revolution of modern times. This will drive the first half of the 21st century. Fortunately, we've been tracking this moving movie story net for months now at The Motley Fool, and to see the potential impact on society here substantial be the understatement of the century, I'm quite certain. Just look at what some of society's biggest names have to say. Now, notice what they see, what they do with this, the way that they've blocked this out? See how they blocked the name of this out right, eventually impact will re Thomas every sector of the economy of infection societies in the environment as blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, innovation, transforms profit pools value chains, and business models, the future of manufacturing is built with, like, right, the blank wave is similar to the information technology with the 18 1980s and 1990s coming blank revolution is poised to change the world. And on and on and on and on. Right. Every single person, every single one of those quotes ties back to the great innovation revolution that Isaac. Isaac's he mentioned in his articles now, it keeps going, keeps going, keeps going, keeps going now. What he does is he unpacks down below. Right here, why is the president of a publicly listed Japanese company and three saying the sector could soon give birth to multiple companies besides Google, Amazon and Facebook. And in another email the follow up email so that's what they do in the whole email is they just talk about Google, Amazon and Facebook. Okay, because a lot of investors have stock in Google, Amazon and Facebook. What they say is look, if you're looking for those huge, you know windfall returns for Google, Amazon and Facebook. Times are changing my friend. Times are changing and things. Those days are gone, right, and so they say and you need to tune in to this live webinar in order to see and make sure you don't miss out on what could end up being the industry that that mints the next school, that mints the next Amazon that mints the next Facebook or something like that, right, because this industry has the chance to be even bigger, right, augmented reality, artificial intelligence 5g, the manufacturing of all of that kind of stuff, the people who make that, or were they Real Stock gains can be found right. And so, what they're doing in this is they're driving that curiosity, but here's what's really key: it's left me feeling like, if I don't sign up for that damn webinar. I'm going to miss out on, you know, potentially huge investment games. Everybody see that give me a little thumbs up, just type a little thumbs up, or hit thumbs up in the stream if, if this makes sense to you. 

What this guy does is he comes right into the video. So he does two things. That is key with video content, listen. The first thing is he doesn't introduce the video, he just starts walking with the dog. Okay, now he might be, he might say this headline better by saying all dog owners must know this about dog greetings, or your, your guests are at risk. If you do this with your dog right or something like that. And, and think about the human psychology of that so if I'm a dog owner, right. Or you could say something like most dog owners don't do this, and they put people at risk. Most dog owners put people at risk by not doing this one thing, right, and he could just have that on the screen. He doesn't even need to say it, he couldn't say it, but he could just put it on the screen. Right. He just walks right in, and he, he could put that right on the screen that says most dog owners put people at risk by doing this one stupid thing, right, or most dog owners don't owners don't know, or, or they could say, most dog bites result as be because of this or something, I actually think he could maybe even bump up. If he were to do something like that with a headline, but in TikTok or Instagram, it's very easy just to put on these little stickers, like these little text things right on to the actual video. It's super simple to do. Alright, now the other trick to really great video content is actually helpful. Right, so the part of the reason that this feels so helpful and so instructional is because he's, he does very expensive dog training, he gives these little mini lessons on TikTok for free and people feel like they're getting a little bit of a little nugget for free, right, and that's the reason it feels so valuable. Okay, so let's go to another one. Let's go, we're going to jump over to the Keto queen, okay. 

Alright, so I wanted to do one in the more health and fitness kind of niche, and she's the Keto queen. I have no idea what that means at all. But she's a Keto queen, and she has multiple videos on different channels, basically just different recipes, different ways to cook keto meals, stuff like that, like I actually barely know anything about keto. And so anyway, but there's a huge, I mean keto is massive, massive it might have hit its peak, but it's insanely huge lots of people are keto. So, this keto queen, I have not seen any videos from her at all so we're just gonna dive in and we're gonna check out like one or two of her videos. For those of you who are just tuning in, as a reminder, the reason that we're doing this reason we're looking this up is to get some ideas get some, get some feedback, get some real rock and it just, just some, just some real world examples of why content goes viral, right.

Now, this is a good, this is a good copywriting headline, now she could again probably do this even better, but it's a good copywriting headline what she could do a little bit better is probably say something like, she can Well number one, I think she could show her face like her teeth a little bit better, but the way that she leads that in or whether she brings that in to start the video by saying, here's the teeth whitening, here's, here's my secret teeth, teeth whitening solution forget about, whatever, and I like how she does, forget about, you know, baking soda or whatever she said, I think that's powerful.

Okay, this is insane. This is insane. But, anyway. The funny part about this is that I think this is insane. But what I think is funny about it is the formula issue used right there, is actually pretty legit. And let me break this, let me break this exact formula down for you to hang on the back. It's gonna clog your drain, it's going to stain your face, I don't I mean, that's the funny part though, let me share my screen here. I'm going to share a whiteboard screen with you guys. Zoom whiteboard, okay. So, let me pull up in my little whiteboard. The funny part here is that she actually this a little smaller, maybe. The funny part is that her, her formula is actually spot on. So, yes, I probably would never do this in a billion years of work disgusting, and it's gonna clog drains and stain my face and skin and basically stain everything it touches and clog everything, every drain that goes on but anyway, we don't have to debate now, the bigger point here is her formula for this is exactly what I teach. It starts with. Oh, actually, before we get into step one, it does not start with stone, but it starts with, it starts with a really good hook.

So she brings in this, this incredibly interesting. This hook but you notice what she does, there is she actually holds up the ingredients, right. So, the hook. How is she creating curiosity she holds up turmeric, which, if anybody knows turmeric, that crap stains like crazy ground turmeric does stuff you get it on anything, it's impossible, like, and then coconut oil right, and she holds these things up and says, Here's my teeth whitening secret, right. 

So the formula starts with A, and then it moves into a little bit of edutainment right so she's, she's, and we talked about this a lot in education and entertainment. And then, I don't know I didn't stay long enough, but typically you have some sort of call to action. We'll watch it again and see if it has some sort of call to action at the end of it, the edutainment piece, basically goes like this, she says something like, here's my secret here's my teeth whitening secret that I've been using for years, and it works on sensitive teeth, and it doesn't involve harmful chemicals, check this out, right, so that's what she could say, and then, and then, or if she didn't want to say all of those negative things, you can give a cool headline like here's, here's the teeth whitening secret I've been using for for years, and, and instead of saying, and it doesn't. And there's no harmful chemicals, and whatever that kind of stuff. It instead of saying that she could just put a little sticker with words on the video that says no harmful chemicals. Safe for sensitive teeth, right, so then you can actually read it as she's talking and now you've got multiple sensory things going on. So you don't want to overdo that. But you'll notice in the dog training in the dog training video he did that in that one. But you give a little hook right it's copywriting oh here's the teeth whitening secret I've been using for years. And then if you put right on the screen and it says, no harmful chemicals, safe for sensitive teeth. Works like a charm every time. And then you go into, here it is step one dude. No, she doesn't say, step one, you don't need to do that, but you can walk people through and if you say step one do this stay step two, do this, he you know, then you can make your headline be something like, here's my four step formula to making money online in any niche. Step one, blah blah blah. Step two, blah, right, to be step one, set up a sales funnel. Step two, choose your product. Step three, you know, set up your email autoresponder Step Four get traffic like and follow for more, right, comment, right, whatever. So, my point though, is having this little hopefully this little introduction that you have three seconds to grab somebody. Okay, see it's got to be quick, here's my secret, teeth whitening formula, it's safe for sensitive teeth, has no harmful chemicals, it works like a charm. Every time I've been doing it for years, check this out. Here's how to do it right, or here's, and you can use words in copywriting like here's my weird. Here's my weird. This is super weird. Here's my weird secret for teeth whitening. I've used it for years, not many people know about it. Right, something like that. Right. Makes sense. No, it's not illegal to do a video like that. In fact, most people who get started on TikTok or Instagram or video creation, they'll use other videos as inspiration sort of like, it's sort of like in music, people, there's, there's nothing new under the sun in music people draw off other people's inspiration and stuff, same thing except on social media, there isn't really like copyright infringement unless you're actually using their content and pretending to be them. Right, or you're using their content without their permission but if you're just creating your own unique content. You guys can go on and if you're on the Keto edge I mean we can do something like this and get a bunch of views, right. So, that I mean for me here this way she does the exact formula. Exactly. And this is the edutainment based formula which is, you start out with some sort of hook, you go straight into. Here's how to do it, you give them the exact steps you unpack the formula, and then you give them a call to action, comment, and follow for more, right, or something like that. The reason you want to give a good comment is because when people are commenting the video keeps playing so your play rate goes up.

So, so, we've got here let's, let's check another one. Let's check in.

Stop screen. Okay, let's do Stacy La. She's in the make money online niche, and if you haven't seen her content as content, she is. She is one of the most consistent content creators in this niche that I've ever seen. And so what I did is I did my short for TikTok, again, if you're new, you can go short for TikTok. 

*plays video*

Matt: Okay, you guys see that. Now, just give me a little thumbs up if you saw that that was powerful. Do you guys see that? Give me a little thumbs up. What is she doing they're a side hustle that no one knows about. Right. Get remember on it earlier when I unpacked the Motley Fool example. So in this case here, what she's doing is she's unpacking this that no one knows about right, there's a little side hustle, that no one knows about. Right, so only a couple people in the world are doing it the way that she said to do it. Here's the secret that no one knows. Internally, for people who are interested in maybe a side hustle or looking for a way to make money, they immediately go on about it. I can't miss out on this. Can't miss out on this. I need to watch. Right. See how powerful that is. Several really powerful content creation formula. So then she unpacks the steps, What does she do she actually shares your screen now on TikTok. If you're creating it on TikTok, well you can do this on Instagram too, but what you can do is you can literally you can pull open the TikTok app. And by the way, if you're in our Instagram challenge you can just create the video first on on TikTok and then download it and put it on to Instagram using something called Snap tick, if somebody could type in SnapTik app into the chat so everybody can see it that'd be great, but what you can do is you can start out with your video, like this. And you can just hit record and say, you know, basically. Do you want to reduce these, these huge bags under your eyes well I've got one little serum, no one knows about that will help you get rid of bags into your eyes and make you look 20 years younger, you ready for it. And then what I can do guys is I can flip the camera on my screen there's a little button up here says flip and what it'll do is it'll flip this camera so it goes back, and then what you do is you use your phone just point at your computer screen and say go to XYZ website hit this, get this, get this now, you don't have to be an affiliate for every single product that you put on your videos. Okay, you can use some videos just to get views just to get more of an audience, right. That make sense? Everybody understands that you don't need to be an affiliate for every single thing that you talk about, in fact most of them you won't be the place where you're going to drive that traffic is in the link in your bio. That's where all your traffic is going to go, promote and pitch your products every single video. The point is that you're teaching them a free little mini lesson in every one of your videos and you hook them with a great copy. It's not enough just to say, you know, here's how to make money on the internet or here's how to start off your keto diet the right way, you have to work in a little bit of copywriting, you have to work in a little bit at angles. You got to get creative with your words and how you do that you got to become a craftsperson of of copy really. So hopefully that makes sense. One other one other guy that's really, really good to look at if I were all of you, I would go look at this guy Spencer. Spencer hacks, and if you saw his videos.

He doesn't have a lot of videos so we're gonna take a second to sort. But what you can see is, most of his videos. He's posted this video twice the same exact video he got 2.6 million views and then 1.7 million views, and other people have done this exact video. They literally just went right here. And they were like wow I could make that video, and they went on and made the video but they replaced a few things like they chose a different niche so they didn't do a kid's book, they did, you know, a romance novel, or a, you know, whatever. But you could do kids books and then don't do like the froggy book example that he does, he could do a different example. Check this out side hustle with zero competition World's Easiest side hustle. So you notice how he just doesn't say like here's a great side hustle he says World's Easiest side hustle side hustle on autopilot right side hustle $2,000 in 30 minutes right easy side hustle, number one, right. World's Easiest sign up so he gives a little, he gives just a little tiny examples he gives little, little secrets and hacks, right there. You have to get creative with your words as a marketer you have to create your, your main goal is to drive attention and curiosity and marketing. Alright, so this would be another good one if you were in this niche to look at and, you know, if I'm brand new, if I'm brand new and I'm like what age, what kind of content, am I going to create, right. First thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna go look at people who've been successful in my niche which is why I did this, which is why I went through the dog training in the Keto and to make money as I went through different niches and what I do if I was brand new, is I would immediately. The first thing that I would do is I would immediately go and look at their top viewed videos, and I would actually try to create something similar. I will probably go right here and look at this video. I would take notes on what the music is. I would take notes on what he's using for hashtags, which by the way are not very many. And I would take notes on how he started. And what's at the very beginning when the, when it starts races. 

And then, what does he do, right, it gives this little tiny hook right at the beginning, and then he goes straight into this. 

*video plays*

Matt: Okay. So, look, the point there being, there's a formula, okay so edutainment has a formula in these small bite size miniature videos, the formula is you give a really good people on that headline, you get them to dig it. And then you move through the steps, step by step by step, now he might be good, but guess what, if you spend the next 30 days creating mediocre videos getting mediocre results, it'd be better for you to take the next 30 days, well maybe not 30 days but the next three days, trying to figure out how to craft videos like that right So, already in my mind, here's, here's the kind of thing that I'm thinking about in this niche. I'm already thinking through, maybe there's another site that I could do that on, maybe it doesn't have to be Etsy or maybe it is a T, but I'll do it with a different product, right, do it with different products so I could say here's wouldn't have to say with zero competition but I can say with almost no competition. Here's a side hustle, that almost nobody knows about. And if you get on this before everybody else finds out you can make a fortune. Check this out, and then I'll go into Etsy and I'd say, type in homemade, right, and then what I would do is just type in like homemade space, and see what comes up. Oh I like that right homemade frames, and I'm gonna jump on that right away, and then I'm going to do what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna find the cheapest one, they're gonna do that I'll listen on Facebook marketplace, maybe I'll even maybe I'll listen on different places, and I'll list them for sale as soon as somebody buys and then I'll do that, have it shipped over to them, straight from Etsy I won't even touch the product right now here's the thing, this might be a really cool thing but in my bio, if you've got a link in my bio, I have an even better side hustle, I love it even more involves less work, and less time and less energy, it ain't free, but check it out my buy or something like that right, whatever it is right or I offer coaching on how to do this at a larger scale, if you want more information, go to the link in my bio, Right, so what I'm doing there is. I, as a beginner. What I'm trying to teach you is, number one, a formula, the number one recipe to your videos being viewed a ton, is that you have amazing copywriting and hooks and angles inside of it. Number two is you don't need to reinvent the wheel, there's tons and tons and tons of video content examples that you can learn from that you can unpack that you can use in your own marketing, and it's super super powerful. So anyway, all that to say we're gonna wrap up for the day. We've been going for about an hour now. Hopefully that was helpful, we're going to have day three of the five day Instagram challenge video, and posts in our Facebook group going out. That's going to go out here in the next hour, and we're gonna be sending out an email about day three as well. So get ready, start creating your content, and we'll post about it here in just a sec. That's it for today. We'll be back here tomorrow with a special guest, I'll be back here again tomorrow. We'll see you. Same time, same place 10am Eastern.