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Matt: Good morning everybody, Happy Monday. New week, new you. If you are here, live with us in the comments. I've got a nice little mug. It's a pretty cool mug. But I've got a nice little mug of coffee here. It's pretty full, which is a miracle. And let me know in the comments what you guys are if you guys have any coffee or sipping on or tea or what's your go to wake up legendary beverage, no free ads, but maybe maybe we can sneak a little sponsorship or something. We go live every single Monday through Friday and have been for quite some time about two years straight now with new clients, people who are in the Legendary community, some of them are our affiliates. Some of them are just doing random stuff. Now at this point, for instance, maybe a year ago we had a lady on, I can't think of it but she came on the show. She was an affiliate of ours. She eventually moved on to other stuff. And what she moved on to was becoming what's known as an affiliate manager. For a company she really liked. They didn't have an affiliate program so she pitched herself a job in this industry as an affiliate manager and I think that's what she's still currently doing. She learned some skills here about how to build a funnel, how to build a referral based marketing program, learned about the obviously affiliate marketing is one of our core four business models and took and, and got a job. We've had many people say, you know, you could easily take this training and go get a job, you can start your own business, you can start selling digital products, courses, whatever. But we've got people from all sorts of walks of life and all sorts of different industries and some people have full time jobs some people have quit their jobs. It's all over the board. But the point is, is I've been in this industry for about 10 years, and it's pretty rare when somebody who's selling a digital course online actually wants to interview the people who are buying their courses, who are buying their programs, the reason for that is because a lot of them don't really believe in what they're teaching. And I've seen that firsthand many times and so we try to make an appointment when the pandemic hits in 2020 to sit down with people, not just to well, mostly just to let people know like, Hey, we're not going anywhere kind of thing right? I mean there's a lot of chaos but we plan to just you know, pandemic, normal life, whatever is going on. Show up every day to interview with new guests and let them speak about their experience but also just give us some tips on what's working for them and what's not what's new. So anyway, I just wanted to before we bring on our Laina just call out Chris who posted his TikTok got 750 views overnight and 40 likes incredible work. Nice job, Chris. And yeah, let's bring on our guests for the day. Arlene, what's going on?

Arlena: Hello.

Matt: Welcome to the show. Thanks for coming on.

Arlena: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Matt: All right. So you're in Oklahoma used to be a concrete mixture driver. Cool. So tell us a little bit about you. Also, sometimes I drive for Uber. Sometimes I did that for a little bit when I was getting started and made a lot of money paying for a lot of ads built my business, somewhat off of driving for Uber.

Arlena: Yeah, I get a lot of likes networking through Uber as well. I have my little QR code for my TikTok and I have like a picture and they'll scan it well you know before they leave the car and they go check out my site and free advertising is crazy.

Matt: That's crazy. And pretty fun. That's cool. Yeah, it's like, yeah. Well, cool. That's super cool. Tell me a little bit about you're working in a concrete mixing job or you're driving and suddenly you find legendary or how did that how did you find us?

Arlena: Okay, well, I was on TikTok like everybody else. And I saw a guy on a live show and he was talking about time freedom and he was talking about how much he's making now online that it's crazy. And the money just comes in. And I was like, Well, I gotta go check this out. So of course, I went to his link. And it was only $7 for the 15 day challenge. And I was like, you know, that's not a big risk, so why not just try it out? So I started the challenge. I dove right in. A lot of people don't do that. They just, you know, they buy it and then they're like, Oh, I'll do it, whatever. But I jumped right in. And I think it was my favorite day and day three or day four, when they talked about mindset, and previously the summer before I had gone to an object of spiritual others, like yoga meditation type spiritual. And so my mindset was already changing from, you know, living a normal life already, and then bringing in Legendary and they're talking about mindset and you don't have to depend on someone else to build your dream. So therefore, I was like, let's do it. So I started retraining my brain. My mindset changed and just being at the concrete mixer job was just bringing me down and I'd been wanting to leave for like a year prior to that. So it was just like it was destiny. It was all in alignment for me to make that move but really broke the straws back. Yeah, I was at work. I got cement powder all over me. Okay. And he was like, Well, you know that sometimes that happens and I was like, no. But when I am done, yeah, I come to you know, a little clean white couch truck. I jumped out of my truck. I'm just crying. I'm just so mad. And I was like, I'm done quitting and he was like, come on now. Think this through. You're a fine damn worker. We don't want to lose you because I was the top driver of the company. Okay. And he was like, I don't want to lose you. Like please, you know, don't leave us today and think about it. And then I'll give you a day with pay. You can think about it and then come back the next day. So I went home and thought about it. And I told him I said, I work 60 hours a week. I'm missing out on my daughter's life. I'm done. Sure. And that's how it happened. And actually that was before I started making commissions from you guys because Oh, geez. But I believed in it so much that it happened and then you know $3 Here $3 there, then $1,000.

Matt: Yeah, you really went in on it.

Arlena: Yeah. I mean, I believe in it that much. It's not only about the money but also just like changing that mindset. Of being able to work for myself and still be able to spend that time with my daughter. I mean, that was my y right there. It was my daughter.

MAtt: Yeah, yeah. And even if you're short, get the mentality to have like even if you are doing a little bit of driving for Uber to supplement. The thing is, you can do that on your own schedule, right? So it's like, it's like, Alright, I'm gonna take the night off or, you know, whatever. My daughter's got a dance recital or a basketball game or something. And it's like, yeah, I'll be there like, absolutely will. Yeah.

Arlena: Yeah. And I had missed basketball games before. My daughter's basketball game, and it just killed me. Yeah. And I was like, this is not worth it. It's just not worth it. Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, totally. And so some of that mindset shift was like taking back some control or taking back some autonomy or feeling like, I've got too many restrictions. And I'm too like Conchie like, yeah, so it had been building up a little bit when you went through our training, the legendary training. Was it the first time you'd ever done any training like that? Or had you done some, like, Had you taken courses before?

Arlena: Well, in college, I did marketing and advertising. But that was like 100 years ago. Of course, I didn't, I mean, I remember the concepts and yeah, but really, yeah, the training really opened my eyes to a new way to market. And I've always been like, I've done elements. I you know, I've done lots of things. My grandparents were an LMS. So I've been doing it at a young age, but I never had as much success with them as I did with Legendary. Maybe I just didn't believe in it as much, you know, either. I mean, I'm still kind of in a lmm just because I really liked the product which is vitamins and you know, good stuff for your body. So I still do that. But I don't promote it.

Matt: Yeah, so yeah, because when you've got a mentor or like a family member or yourself, who's tried things like that, whether that's network marketing, or some sort of, you know, even like drop shipping or something you have sort of like this. You have a little bit of an in or a little bit of like how should I say that? You've got at least some kind of starter knowledge of the idea, like, Oh, there's the possibility here. And I think that that helps some time to Wow, interesting, super cool.

Arlena: And also with Legendary what's so great about the training too, is that I realized that's different from I don't have to try as hard. Like I don't have to try as hard as far as promoting and I don't like the element of being on the phone with people a lot. And with this one, you know if they choose because I always touch base, especially if they get the 15 Day Challenge. You know, I'm here for you if you have any questions like but, but really I don't have to work as hard. And that's what I liked. That was the element that was in a couple years ago. I was on the phone all the time and the whole time freedom thing went out the window because, you know, my daughter said Mom, I want to go do this. But oh, I've got you know, I've got 10 calls scheduled tonight that I have to talk to people just to get them to buy this product. And with legendary you just let the internet take care of it for you. And that's the beauty of it.

Matt: Yes. That's been the whole model. That's been the whole like, that's been the whole like messaging and messaging to that basically the network marketing crowd is like hey, you're holding all these like home arrows and all these like home. What do you call like home parties, trying to sell people Pampered Chef and all this stuff which I get and honestly, you know, back in my hometown, my mom would buy Pampered Chef stuff from like her, her, you know, church ladies and you know, they get together and do like a Pampered Chef party or whatever or they you know, our bond or you know, different stuff like that. But I do think that for some people who are like I think for some people who are genuinely interested in that stuff, I honestly feel like they enjoy that to a certain extent and for the people who are like really business oriented and doing this for their lifestyle and doing it because they want to have extra income and stuff like that. I think for those people. Well, I've seen you were on a lot you Okay, so let's bring it back to you. You You were on a live with some was it like, let me take a guess was it might have been Calvin or it might have been Ian or somebody else? 

Arlena: It was Paul that I that I got the week from oh cool

Matt: He's from Oklahoma too. Yeah.

Arlena: We got to talk on Messenger all the time. Like he's kind of like my unofficial mentor. Matt: Cool. He's a good dude.

Arlena: Yeah, I'm finding questions. I'll just ask him or it sounds kind of low about something. Matt: You know, he kind of lifts me up and that's cool. I told him I was going to be on the show and he was like, Oh my gosh, that's awesome. That's so cool. So yeah, with the whole, like, with the whole, like home party idea and that kind of thing. I think the big thing, and Paul is a great example of this because we've actually had him on our teaching as a virtual mastermind. For us about what he calls a micro webinar strategy. And that's really what this is. And the webinar is a way to do a seminar or a home party, online and now, technology further where you actually don't even need to like have people online webinar or drive to my house so we can you know, lock you in a room and sell you Pampered Chef, right none of that stuff. You can literally go online. You can literally go online, open the app that you've been posting on TikTok or Instagram, hit Go Live and foam like they're all of their massive algorithm and network puts you in front of hundreds, sometimes 1000s of people and.

Arlena: Getting them to stay is the hard part. Yeah, that's what I'm finding.

Matt: Well, I think so. I here's the thing is I think that as you build your audience, I think that there's a couple things one is being maybe a bit controversial or maybe being a bit like having some degree of shock factor so there's there's a healthy balance of shock factor where you don't get like reported a lot but for instance like the other day on a on a business blueprints training on we do every Thursday for our business blueprint members, I do a live webinar and I showed them how to go on your notes app on your phone and type a headline and then use that. Use that Notes app. Screenshot as a backdrop for you. So you can use it as a green screen backdrop. In a TikTok or in a TikTok live and so you can type out a headline like, like a guaranteed way to get your dog to stop barking like a crazy maniac, right? Or something like that, something that's funny, but also is a real benefit driven attention. Grabbing headline. And then you go live and you're sitting there, but above your head is a written headline, talking about what you're talking about, right? Because if you as a consumer, you sit down and you look at your TikTokand you start scrolling, right and if you think about it, you're like, well, this person's live. I have no idea who this arlena person is. I don't know why I don't want to sit here and listen to her live. Because I do that a lot as a consumer and I started thinking about that. But there's a couple people that I would stop for. There's a couple people that I would stop in their lives and I was like, why am I stopping for their life and why am I watching them? And you know what it was is they had a really controversial political headline above their head. And I just thought it was interesting. For instance, there's a couple of them that said I'm a left wing liberal. Here's what I believe in and there were three bullet points. There were only three. It wasn't like a huge written out thing. There's three bullet points are all short and it said you know I believe in blah blah blah. I'm not gonna get into the politics of it. But it was just what it was like and then the bottom part here's what it said. It said debate. And it was and the amount of people who were like, here we go, I'm ready. I'm gonna tap into this live here we go and start getting all this engagement and now you're getting put on there for you page and you've got all your followers coming in and now you've got for you page coming into your live and eventually you keep people around with the debate me kind of style. Other people had also put up their cash app, but you know, you could put your link in the live on that note set. To right go to, you know, or whatever, to learn more something like that, right. So you can turn that whole thing into an attention grabbing headline, basically a sales page attention grabbing headline, a little sub headline with some bullet points, and then you can basically turn your whole life into a selling webinar or into a video sales letter where you can actually sell to people.  Well, basically what I was saying guys is above your head. You can use some sort of, you can use some sort of attention grabbing headline and and and you can bring people in I mean, you can you can you can bring people in from that headline. But, you know, when you really think and this is just it, whether you do this or not or whether it's the best idea or not, I don't know. But what I found is that this is part of a larger marketing principle, which is when you're scrolling through and you're like, if I really wanted to, if I really wanted to get people's attention, bring them into alive, sell them something, how would I get them to stick and then all you've got to do is kind of scroll through that social media channel. Look, look, look, look look and then you're just like this got me to stick Why did it get me to stick and for everybody who's here with us live? This is a big marketing key which is you start to think about your experience on social media or on sales pages or in any sort of marketing. You need to start to think through it like a consumer. Yeah, but you need to think about it from the producer aspect rather than just being like wow, this is so fun. Oh my gosh, what a funny video. I'm going to send this to my friend. Yeah, fine, but you also need to think about what exactly was that? Why am I hooked here? Why? Why am I sticking to it? Just every time I came across a live show that had some sort of headline I found myself reading that. And

Arlena: It's a good idea though.

Matt: In fact, I might have saved that photo from the other day. I'm pretty sure I got here and took screenshots of what this kind of looks like just start marking immediately. And it's just down here at the bottom on TikTok. If you're posting it's just the hit effects. And then that little thing right there is like it's hard to see there. But it's like a little green screen basically is one of the apps like and, and then you can put whatever image you have on your phone. So if you go into the Notes app, you just type a little headline and then you push the volume up and the power button and it takes a screenshot. And then you upload it into the green screen there. It's super fast and easy. And I actually think you know it would work really well for or it has worked really well for just a normal tic toc video too, but I know for lives especially because it stays above your head the whole life. The whole time. You just have this headline right above your head. So anyway, I use just the Notes app on my iPhone, like just any notes app doesn't matter. Whatever can, whatever you can type on. It doesn't even matter. You can use any app in the world. As long as you can type and you can get a full screen. I just like the Notes app because you can get the text really big. And so anyway. All right.

Arlena: Excellent idea. Oh, really it is because I've been trying to find my way on the lines because I don't know the mini webinar. was working for me because I tried it. And I didn't know and so Paul was like, Well, you got to find what works for you. And what your audience since I'm a single mom, he was like, you know, you really need to, you know, bring that to the forefront and really focus on bringing in single moms or moms that work from home or want to work from home to be with their kids. And so that's what I'm revamping a lot of things right now like I'm revamping my funnel because I feel like there's leaks in it because I haven't been getting very many, as many days challenge people on there. And also like I was in the beginning, oh my gosh, it was just like crazy. Like they're just coming in every day. And that's kind of slowed down but I'm still doing the same things. So I was like, Well, I guess it's time to revamp and just start doing something a little different. 

Matt: Well, maybe, but also you know, some of it is just purely down to traffic. And you know, if it's like a single mom thing you know. Some of the best performing people and channels that we've ever seen have been people who go live every day or every couple of days. And you know that strategy I just talked about with you would be like, hey, single mom, you know, single mom earns earning, earning money. Through a weird business model right or something like that, or through weird online business. And that just is above your head and you're live and you're just chatting and you're talking right so all that stuff. But my larger point is yes, find something that works for you and figure out a way to do more of it. I think once you find something that actually works, then it's all about how do I take that from 1x where I am to like 5x or 10x Right so yeah, anyway. So I'm in the world and in the land of what you're currently doing filling holes in your funnel, that's a big one. And doing that without short of I would say doing that without stopping what's working right? figuring out a way to sort of experiment with new things, but also don't don't stop the thing that's produced some form of income for you, which is a tough one. When it comes to creating content, are you creating content daily? Is it a couple of videos a day or is that one video a day? What's What's your content look


Arlena: I absolutely post at least one a day. At the very least. sometimes two, sometimes three. It just depends on how my day is going and also like if I have a lot of things going on with a kiddo. My life has been turned upside down right now. We are moving out of our house and going to live in an RV full time so that we can travel and do the things we've always wanted to do. So yeah, big changes are happening. So that's been taking up a lot of time, but I still post at least once a day. And then if I'm just like, not feeling it, I'll go back and pick one of my videos that did really well and repost that. Put it in the tick app to get the watermark off and then repost it and I also post on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube shorts. So I'm Omnipress Jay's,

totally omnipresent. I'd like to get into Pinterest. I've been watching. I think I've watched the live show. I think it was Friday with the Pinterest thing. That they're doing. I'm gonna have to try that too.

Matt: Yeah, Pinterest is a big one. It's a sleeper and it's picking up steam and picking up steam and picking up steam and I think Am I right, you're part of our Blueprints, right? Yes, like you bought our Blueprints. Well, we're, you know, one of the benefits of our Blueprints. Again, this is something totally different than what most people do online. But one of the benefits of our Blueprints is that we have lifetime free updates. So, for instance, we've had our blueprint, we've been selling our Blueprints for a while. But for everybody who bought our Blueprints back in 2016 or 17 We at that time, we're not doing live weekly trains with me and sometimes Sure, but it's mostly me. We weren't doing those that weren't part of what they were sold. And then we just started doing them in 2018. And they all got access. They didn't have to pay extra, they didn't have to add anything to their order. And the same is true now. So last year we added a whole entire segment from a six figure earner I think to my high five figure earner who? There

We just finished it up and kind of went through some edits and stuff. We're going to add Pinterest training to it. And guess what? No one pays extra for it. Right? So it's cool it's a very rare investment because you think about it when you went to college for marketing and advertising 20 years ago and you paid all that money. It's probably a little bit less than what you might pay today because it's just the cost of tuition. Everything is insane. But you know, for somebody who's finishing up year four of a marketing degree right now at a university. They go out, they go out into the world, two years later, they want to learn something about marketing and advertising. They can't go back there. You don't just get back into your course logins. And now it's updated with the newest stuff and you can just access it no you go back and you pay another couple $1,000 for another course. Right. And, you know, so I just feel like it's really powerful in that way and that it's, you know, maybe a couple it's five to 10% of the cost of a university degree in marketing, but it's constantly updated with relevant information. So anyway, we do have a Pinterest thing coming out really soon. You can get going on Pinterest at that point. Well screw that you can get going and Pinterest right now but you can get some tips and maybe some help. So anyway. All that to say for people I'll give you the last word tonight for people who are here. They're just getting started. They're going to create their first piece of content thinking about maybe starting a TikTok channel but they're like dang, this is going to be scammy hard. What would you tell those people?

Arlena: Just do it because it's really not, it's really hard to get traffic and if you don't, you know, produce content for people to see and to draw them into your site. I mean, you have to and also like just to get to 1000 followers, I thought it was going to take forever, but it really only took me a month yearly only took me a night and I had it spreading because I was like okay, whichever one does first, you know, I post the same content. And I didn't really have a TikTok. Before that. I just had maybe a few things on there. Just so people didn't think I was a troll. So yeah, just do the content. You gotta do the content model after people that are doing really well. That you see here on the Legendary or Wake Up Legendary that's how I started making my content. I was like, What do I do? What should I say? Because I don't really know. Yeah, and so I would go and I would watch them and be like, Oh, that's a really good idea. Well, I'm gonna make it my own and then post it. Yeah. So yeah, that's the easiest way just to model after people that are doing it. And doing it. 

Matt: That's cool. It's awesome. Well, Arlena thanks for coming on the show. And thanks for giving so much value today. And if you ever need anything, we're always here. Reach out and touch base with us in a couple months. Let us know how it's going. What have you experimented with trying it out? And we'd love to have you back on the show.

Arlena: Absolutely. Thank you for having me.

Matt: Cool. I'm going to put up our Elena's tic toc here and you guys can go follow her it's arlena step it's @arlenastepp and you can find her on TikTok go follow her and then also leave some leave some love in the comments and let her know Hey, I saw you on wakeup legendary what was powerful today? What was the big takeaway? Let her know and then you know, blow up her videos. Like her videos when she puts out a new video like it, comment on it and give her some love on social media guys. We'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place as always. We've got if you want to get a daily reminder you should always be tuning into our wake up legendary show every single day. You can text w u l so you text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. Pull out your phone and send a little text right now. You'll get a text message reminder every time we go live so you're not going to get a bunch of sales pitches. We're not going to try to sell you a bunch of stuff. All right. We don't have a lot to sell you through text message. It's just a simple reminder every time we go live in the morning, you can tap on the message when it comes to you. You'll go right into Facebook Live and it's super easy. It's just our way of basically acting as your alarm clock every morning. Hey, come on. Get on the show. So we've got here tomorrow Dave will be on the show tomorrow and look forward to having another awesome guest tomorrow. See you guys, peace.