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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to wake up legendary our Friday, October 8 episode, I mean we're one of the hundreds now with this. So I don't even know what episode it is but it's up there. I'm once again struggling with allergy issues so please bear with him in my sniffling and picking my nose and sopping up my snot and all that stuff I know that was graphic, but it's just the truth. And please everyone. Help me welcome a returning guest on the show. Elisa Kapelle right Elisa Kapelle

Elisa: It’s German

Dave: It’s German and you know, I'm just a good old American boy who just has a hard time with pronunciation so we're gonna stick with the first name, and I am so thrilled to have you back here, and you're such a bright shining light and are you always just happy and excited.

No. Always try to be happy. Well we have all the reasons to be happy, why not even talking live with you. We are matching. Today it's Friday. What would be better?

Dave: Well, the only thing that can be better for me is that if I wouldn't be having this allergy attack. Yeah, I can even get through that because, dammit, I know it'll be better, and I'm used to it in love, many people have it much worse. So, I am thrilled to have you back. Your, your first time being on the show was about six months ago or so is that right, let's say last Okay last last April? April of 2021? Okay, what if, if you all want to know. Elisa as, you know. I'm over here just sopping up, you know, snot. Sorry.

Elisa: I saw you on here the other day, and you were totally blowing your nose the same the whole time so bless you hope to get better.

Dave: I know but I was delivering that heat though. I know so I show up no matter how I feel. I had surgery two weeks ago and I had these big three and stents up my nose on each side. Maybe that's why I'm having allergies but I didn't show up during that but that was the only one time that I didn't show up. I think showing up and being consistent is a big deal. We talked about that a lot on the show. We talked about that a lot in this community. And that's part of what we're going to talk about with you this morning is how, you know, starting a TikTok account, you know, really changed the game for you right away and take action right away how taking action right away it's not so much about TikTok, sure, that's your story, but it's about getting into action and not just staying in learning mode but, you know, that people want to hear your original story, they can go back and watch that first episode but talk to us a little bit about what that means for you of getting into action right away starting to TikTok and start start marketing right away how that changed things for you?

Elisa: Everything changes everything. To be honest, I had the new, original content. TikTok was one year ago, when you started talking about that. I started my TikTok account, but I made so many mistakes on that account. That wasn't really, it was horrible and then as I have other sources of traffic to my business, I just left it out, because it wasn't working for me. Okay, so when Phil, a few weeks ago it was, I released my New York conflict TikTok on 22nd of September, it was short, two weeks ago, a new release, not the new training. I decided okay, now I'm going to do exactly what Matt is saying in this training. Now we'll grow this TikTok account, because it started two years ago, I started growing different platforms, okay guys never do that. Go for legendary teaching here, go for one and then grow the others. I did everything wrong. It's working but could be better, you know, audiences, not everything right. You can have your source of traffic and income coming through and make your sales with a small audience too. It's just, you just need to do the things on the back coughs very well, but an audience really helps to go and scale your business, that's true. So if you have an audience for example on TikTok people hear that we have, like, 100,000, subscribers already, You have this to show up. And then it's kale and has more traffic, more organic traffic to your offers, and that was my strategy at that moment when I decided to create a new account. Okay, so I was totally skeptical because it's already my second chance, my second time trying to do TikTok. And then it was on September 21 When I decided to start one and then I started already wrong because I didn't know that I needed my My phone number to connect with it to make it even that the algorithm works better. I just knew that after watching another training from that. But okay that's fine I decided to solve it. And I did it. And then on the second day in the second video. It was viral for 23,000 views today, and overnight I made over 1000 followers. So overnight I could already put my link there. And it was, my goodness, I've never seen something like that happening with me, I've seen it happening with other people, but nothing neat. It was something, it was a breakthrough, to be honest because everything that I saw that I, I've been seeing you and Matt say here every single day about you and about, about other people's and training us to make it happen, was really happening for me. So I guess, yeah, it was amazing. And after that I was blocked by TikTok. They block at one another. The second viral video that I thought they blocked, and I'm still waiting for the review. And I'm almost, almost with 2000 followers right now. Two weeks later.

Dave: Yeah, it's cool, it's cool. Yeah, no, that's the, there's one thing that I teach in the. I try to sprinkle it all over because a lot of people don't want to hear this because they just want to tell me what to click, tell me what to push. They don't want to hear about the psychology of this game. But, you know, I think a lot of success has to do with overcoming your own mindset, because when something's not working out or when all of a sudden something works really well. And then you get you get you get you get smashed you get blocked you get kicked off whatever, you know, it can, it can be either your break down or your breakthrough coming back from that can be your breakthrough or yeah just break down right that right there. And I remember when I was first starting affiliate marketing, this was back over 10 years ago, I was doing Facebook ads because Facebook ads was the only way back then to reach a lot of people fast, you know, there was no viral platforms back in 2008 and nine and 10 there was no TikTok, there was no Instagram. There was, there was Facebook was slower and snail shit, I mean YouTube was just, I probably YouTube is probably the best platform that I didn't take advantage of back 10 years ago, but I was doing Facebook ads and I was using company, like I was marketing network marketing training, and I would lose the company logo, you know, it so I was totally infringing on trademarks, and it worked like gangbusters. You know because all these people thought that I was the company, you know, offering them some special training to learn how to generate leads. So they were like, wow, you know, I didn't learn this in the back office, this must be some secret training or whatever. And I was generating leads like you wouldn't believe I was making sales, and I was doing affiliate marketing I was, I was selling training products and courses as an affiliate to all these network marketers of Amway and Herbalife and all these, so anyways I had a good three, four months, five month run of just building a list of 10,000 people, right, and making making multiple 1000 1000s of dollars profiting. I mean I was rocking and rolling I had leads coming in and back then for every email that came in and generated on my list I got an email notification for that every commission I mean, I was checking my emails and it was just flooded with leads and I it's just got me hyped I was like holy shit this is unbelievable. Right. And, all of a sudden I saw, you know, I started getting cease and desist letters from all these companies saying, Stop using our logos, you know, in all the sudden, within about a period of a couple of weeks, it all just stopped. It all just ended, because I kind of got busted. I wasn't even trying to do anything wrong. I didn't even know what trademark infringement was back then, like I was just young and dumb and just trying to get my business off the ground, and within a matter of a couple of weeks I just went from having this awesome thriving business that I was super excited about I'm selling, and people are loving the training and loving what I'm doing, by the way, they're not mad, but companies are mad. And what I had to do is I had to figure out, now what do I do, do I want to have a breakdown, or do I want to use this first big challenge in coming back from it as a way to have a breakthrough. And what I did was, because I had generated leads I started to learn, email marketing, and I started to learn how to market to my list and that's why it's important that we use these platforms we don't let these platforms use us. Facebook doesn't give a shit about Dave Sharpe, exactly gives a shit about Dave Sharpe, Instagram doesn't get it so I use these platforms like a son of a gun. I use them like they're a drug, right, yeah. Any day, it could get taken away from me. But what I'm doing simultaneously as I'm building email lists because if one of these gets shut down. Now I'm able to still have my email list, and I'm able to contact them, make sales, invite them to webinars, promote products to them, and so forth. And that's the name of the game every so often, we, you know, That's tends to happen over and over and over again, it's like, things work really well, things are really hot, and then all the marketers flood into the platform and ruin it. You know, and then something else comes up, but that it's not just you or me that's playing that game, it's also large media companies, it can't argue advertising agencies, we're all playing that game, that's, that's what happens in the United States of America is things happen to go wide open, then the government comes in and regulates them, or the company regulates them themselves as they see that users are kind of exploiting the opportunity,

Elisa: Email marketing is key. There's no leaving no business living without marketing nowadays. Yeah, yeah, totally right. And there's something very interesting when you reverse engineer. When you put in a marketing front, so you can from the back end. Right. Talk is just a small part of TikTok or whatever platform you're on, it's just a small part of the whole process. The most important part actually is what you are doing with your email marketing, since the last time that I was here in April. I remember that we talked about it in a marketing show because I was like making a huge amount of money with a small list. And my list is still not big. Okay, it's growing, but not that big. And since then, I changed my mail marketing. I put my effort on it because I knew I saw that the money was there. Another thing that everybody says I'm on is on the list. Okay, I have just 10 leads. So the money is still not entirely. When you start growing your list and start working on the reputation of your domain work in the emails that you are putting out there, and all the spam wars that you can't use and make it work for you, my dear, there's no way that you're not going to make money. And then at that time I was, I realized that I was doing, I was offering to my least other products, after having them there, obviously, and I was sending them, newsletters, was like putting all the leads in one list, and then I was sending our sin, a product that I was good on ClickBank, or warrior plus or anywhere else. And then I was writing emails and sending newsletters so only those that were in my list we're seeing that, emails, and I felt that lots of products like that. Then, a few months ago, two months ago, I decided on the products that's the most. And easily, without doing anything actually just having two or three nails, and then I put the emails in email sequences. So I create the flow in my mail in my email marketing. Now I have more than 300 emails, sent over automatically. So if I have one lead into my list today. Don't be too worried about them in less than 300 days. And I'm still working on it. I need to clean my list every time that I'm getting these leads, clean my list should pick the most opening rate possible. I have like a 70% open rate. First at least the first one that people are entering to my list, which is amazing. 70% is something that is very difficult to reach, imagine just to nurture with the good emails, then that's it. The money is on the list. And then the TikTok comes to bring the best quality of leads possible.

Dave: Or YouTube or Instagram wherever you're marketing at Twitter. But, yeah, TikTok is certainly a hotter way to generate traffic and leads. I'm showing here a graphic of what you just explained and I teach this in the blueprint. This is called your second helping campaign. And essentially, you know, lots of people call these different things they try to, you know make it their own, but the truth of the matter is, this is the fishing, this is a part of the fishing formula that I teach inside of the business blueprint. And part of it is the second LPD campaign, and generally in your traffic in your first helping is going to be whatever your first offer is, but just like any time you sit down for dinner, you might want seconds or thirds, and why shouldn't you offer your customers, seconds or thirds. So, so, for example say six emails go to follow up back to your first helping offer. And then the next six emails go to promote your second helping offer, and the next six emails go to promote your third helping offer, and then the next six emails or three emails or 10 emails go to promote your fourth helping offer. And yes, you can build out a follow up campaign that goes out automatically these emails go out automatically. That's the power of an autoresponder. An email service provider as they call technically but we call them autoresponders, because that's one of their main functions is the ability for you to be able to write an email and follow up and send them to somewhere else, some other product or service. And yes, you can build that autoresponder campaign out as long as you want it to be if you want it to be a year's worth of emails going out, you know marketing various different products. Imagine, you know, I was talking about this on the on the on the decade and a day this morning that I reminded people there's three different ways to make money in a business. Number one is getting new customers and what most businesses offer you as the opportunity to be able to make to get new customers and that's it right if you think about it, most dropshipping most Amazon most flipping businesses is all you're trying to do is just in all you can do is get that first customer. If you're not even really generating repeat business because let's be honest, most dropshipping most things out there that people are teaching is to get shipped products and sell them to people and just hope they don't refund them because when they get them they're so shitty. But there's two other main ways to make money in a business that's jet, getting redoing repeat business with the same customer or, or doing selling them something more expensive something high ticket. And so, you know, most people with most business models and I would even say, Elisa most affiliates, and even most course creators, you know, we're selling information products are leaving money on the table because they're not offering additional products and services to that same customer looking to get repeat sales, or to sell them higher ticket products and that is one way to take the value of a customer, meaning that when we, the way we look at the lifetime value of each customer is we look at how many customers have we, How much money have we made, talking about basically profit. Right, yeah, or or you could even look at it from a gross sales perspective, so you don't even have to look at it from your net sales you could just say how much overall money have I generated, how much is the total amount of sales that I have done. And let's say that it's 1000 square. And let's say that you, you know, you, have generated 1000 customers over the last 90 days to earn that $100,000 Then your average lifetime value of your customer over a 90 day period is $1,000. So there's a lot of information, a lot of things you can do with that information, you know that you can if you want to advertise you can spend up to $1,000 to generate a customer. A lot of this I teach in depth in the business blueprints, but the point is, Is that most of us are leaving a lot of money on the table because we're only focused on that first helping. And if they don't buy from that first helping we say well, something must not be working when really we have an unlimited amount of follow up offers follow up services, follow, follow up products that we could be offering via email to, you know, in our list, which could possibly get that person who didn't buy your first helping buy multiple other things, therefore making you more money.

Elisa: Yeah, and that's why you, you really need to work on your ideal customer avatar. If you really know the audience that you want to reach out to, you will understand that they have much more than just one problem that you can solve. So, for example, if you are in the fitness to health and fitness niche, you can go to Clickbank and find lots of products that you can relate to your audience. What I do when I'm searching for new products to promote to my list is. I checked the sales page in my self in the, in my avatars position, because my avatar is very similar to me. So that's why it's easy for me and then I watch the whole video, and I read all the sales page, and then I think, does that make sense for my audience. Will they like it or will they think okay it's a scam it's not something that is like, legit or something like that because if I feel something that doesn't match with me and the way that I nurture my audience in my lease and the way that I believe that they need to be treated. They deserve to be treated well, then I just don't promote. If no one resonates with me and at least I just don't promote, but you need to know exactly what, what are the people that you are trying to attract with your social media and with your traffic sources, And then it will be easier to make sense.

Dave: Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. On your mind well I love the I love the idea of going and looking at the sales page to, you know, and learn, you know, there's so much that we can learn from just going and looking at sales pages in, in going through people funnels, in just PR, you know, we, I think we so often approach marketing like consumers, you know, like, we just take endless courses, and we just we go to endless webinars and we're always learning, or we're always trying to find that next secret, and instead of looking at things from like a consumer perspective, we need to look at things from a creator perspective like a marketer like okay, what is this person do how are they are selling their product. Okay, they're using a webinar funnel, right, where they're using a video sales letter, which is what we use here at Legendary. Excuse me. If you come to our sales page you see a video sales letter it's a letter that was audio recorded with video graphics over and then we have a shorter form sales letter that pops up after the video is done, you know, how are people selling, and instead of just consuming endless courses and webinars and stuff like that, because you're always looking to learn how to be a better email marketer or better copywriter. Instead, you know, get, get, get used to looking at studying successful marketers marketing, and then implement trying that in your own business, and putting your own spin on it and seeing if that is something that will also work for you. Or, of course, I like what you said when you're looking for products to offer in your email autoresponder, go to various different products, and in, in, In, read the sales material watch the sales thing, like you're a customer, but also maintain the perspective of a marketer to say, Yeah, okay, I'm looking at this from two perspectives, number one, as a customer would I relate to this or would my avatar relate to this or would this touch on their pain points and offer them a solution that maybe I haven't already offered them somewhere in my product line. And also, also, is this a good funnel, are the mechanics here. To convert, If I send traffic to this are the mechanics of this sales process in this marketing funnel, are they here? So I actually can maximize my you know my, my opportunity I don't want to send people to something that's not going to convert, you know, so there. I like how you, how you don't be afraid to read a sales letter, or sit through a sales video and look at it from the perspective of your customer, stop, always being the customer. I guess that's what I'm trying to say, Stop always being the customer in look at it from a perspective of your customer and you as the marketer who is going to be sending them to this product or service, and in determine whether that's going to be a good fit for them and I say thing making that transition from consumer and you all always consuming being the consumer. Yeah, I mean the marketer and analyzing things from a marketing perspective, is a huge is a huge step in a huge mountain. It doesn't have to be a mountain, it can be a molehill but I think too many people in this industry take too long to make the transition from consumer. Yeah, around shopping and practicing getting ready to get ready to just getting in there taking action and putting it on your damn marketing glasses like a badass. Legendary marketing glasses and seeing the world through the lens of a marketer for God's sakes. 

Elisa: Yeah, definitely, yeah totally right and that's why we talk a lot about mindset here but right because my sense. That's not the way. If you don't, if you don't see affiliate marketing or, or your business, whatever it is, as a business, you are not going to make money, and I am always talking about this, this, this sales page that I've been researching. Guys, I do it for like one or two hours, when I'm researching one sales page in one sales page, we can see the sales page as a visitor, because sometimes visitors just take two minutes. See that page and decide if they will click on the bundle or leave, can't do that if you are trying to sell this product. This product as an affiliate marketer, you need to understand what is behind that video. If it's a good video, the copy is good in the first one minute and a half, two minutes, the copy must be the best ever. The quality of the page or the design and how, how are the words, what are the words that this person, this, this vendor is using, if it resonates with your coffee or not. If you're able to promote this, because guys it's not only about selling you, you are spending our time and your money. For me, for example, if I'm running ads, your time and money to send traffic to these pages so if you don't spend your time to see if it will be worth it or not. Oh, it's difficult to make it happen. That's why I guess. And it's a difficult thing for this switch is a very difficult thing, they will know that is something that I guess we always need to, to work on. I don't know about you but my dear this year have been has been very difficult for me in this area of mindset, because when you think that you are making money and then you just relax,

go down again. And then you need to rethink all the things and restructure things that are not working, and if you don't have the right mindset on that, you'll go even now, is a final.

Dave: You can’t relax, I mean you can't relax there's there's no, there's no I mean, you can't you can't. In my experience, you can't relax for long periods of time. 

Elisa: Keep learning is the key. 

Dave: Yeah, well, but be careful, because we just talked about learning and getting kind of sucked into consumer mode. Yeah, I want to go back, I want to go back a second. The other day I came across this girl's ad, and she is in a totally different niche. Okay, it's called the wing girl method. And it's this girl who's selling dating advice to men. Okay, it's brilliant, right, because who, who would you know most dating advice is just guys selling it to guys and it's when all of a sudden you come across a woman who's telling you how to get, you know, the perfect gait or the perfect mate in what is really going on inside woman's head, it just caught my attention and I think because she's running, I can go over here to her, her Facebook fan page. And I can click on her fan page and I can see under here page transparency what all ads, she's running ads from this page go to ad library, I can look at all of the different ads that she's running, because I think she's a savvy advertiser, so I can go over here it's not loading right now I don't know Oh, here it goes. I can look at all her different ads, you know, look at all these every single ad, I can look at and I can analyze, and I can take ideas from the dating niche, and the relationship and dating niche is the first niche back in 2009 that I actually caught my attention, not because I was looking for a date or may I was in a relationship but because I thought that it was just so fascinating that there were marketers that were selling, you know, relationship and dating products but anyways if I wanted to go. The other day I went and I clicked on her ad, and I sat and I watched the first couple of First I went to her, opt in page, it doesn't this look, doesn't this look familiar. Simple opt in page for any video from loving from world's number one wing girl reveals 99.7% of all women feel instant chemistry with a man who does this show me when it comes on, that's it that's called an irresistible curiosity based irresistible love. And look at this, learning the content omics page is very sensitive and may be removed Oh got over eight in today's October right. I mean, that's definitely something. Right, so I'm going to opt in here. Okay, and I'm going to show you in plus, look at this here she adds another irresistible offer. Enter your best email below and I'll send you the free training, pull ups and get a free bonus ebook 10 mistakes most men may make with women. So that's a great way to throw in just an additional little bonus to get somebody who may be feeling hesitant there to opt in to get them to opt in. So I click Show me the video. Now I come to this page. Does this look familiar to anyone?  It's a video sales letter. Okay, so it's it's her it on video, and likely she's going to have it's Clickbank. She's selling her own course. So here's my point. The other day I watched the video this is actually a different one, I watched a video of hers, but, but it was so compelling that the lead into the sales video was so compelling that I can easily repurpose that that lead in to make it my own because the psychology, even in a different niche because the words and the angles and the fear of loss and all that, that she was saying, can be easily transplanted into another niche with another offer but my point is is that, if I go to this and I look at this, I'm looking at this from the perspective of marketer I'm saying what is working on this, why is this lady advertising so much while she's advertising so much because it's working. No, amortizer continues to spend money on advertising unless it's working. I looked at her opt in page, there was five different takeaways that I could have, including, including, watch this. If I go to her opt in page. I could easily take. If I go over here to a, if I go over here to a Google Doc, and I just open a Google Doc. Right. And I just transplant that right there. And I just say okay, how can I how can I, repurpose this headline, you make it my own. Okay, so let me, let me just take it in the here's this is going to be my 99% of all women feel instant chemistry with a man who does this, how about this 99% Of all people who use this business model, find it have finally offered or more potential could even say who use this online business model find it to have highly profitable potential. I can get, I can get a lot more noncompliant with free video world's number one window reveals free video from world's number one online marketer, right, say you're a, you're an affiliate of legendary and you thought I was the world's number one online marketer you can easily say that 99% of all people who use this business model 99.7% Of all people who use this online business model, find the highly profitable potential 99% Of all people who, who watch this video, earn.

Elisa: Both their incomes and income stream. Now, once they're sure of their financial life.

Dave: So I mean, we can play around with this, right, yeah, they play around with this, but you see the point here, right 99.9% Of all people, who, who, who learn this strategy, find it to be the number one way to earn income online. Right. That's another one, okay 99% Of all people who learn this strategy find it to be the number one way to earn income online. And then watch this, what if I. What if I add a little sub headline that says, as a free video. It requires zero fancy tech skills or equipment. Okay and then you got the button right there, button just above, right, so here's my point is that instead of going around and looking at everything as if I'm the consumer in driving myself crazy with, with consuming everybody's webinars in sales videos and sales letters and getting on Facebook or TikTok and getting into the, you know, the guru gauntlet as I call it instead. Over time, the most successful people including myself. What we do is we analyze various offers, not from the perspective of a consumer but we analyze things from the perspective of a marketer and ask ourselves what is working for this person and how might I replicate it not copy it. But how might I repurpose it and one of the reasons why I always tell people and maybe if you've never heard me say this, you need to hear me saying this, this morning, is that I throughout my entire career, have rarely found inspiration from my industry, I always look outside of my industry, and this is a million dollar secret. If you guys really hear this, it will take you places that you have not been before because you will no longer your marketing will not look like everybody else's marketing, you're not look like you're the same person. Dude, offering the same thing that everybody else is offering, just like why just did it in five minutes in front of everybody. I went in, got a headline that I can use on an opt in page from a niche that is totally different and outside of the quote unquote make money online niche so now I'm able to introduce a offer or an angle, or a headline that all of these people out on TikTok or all of these people out on wherever are not seen why, because I got it from a completely different industry. Does this make sense, hopefully. How many of you heard, they're listening, how many of you heard what I just said like, is that valuable. No, I'm just, it's, it's fascinating. Elisa it's fascinating because sometimes you wouldn't. We don't pay you don't pay attention, and part of the benefit of this Wake Up Legendary is that we're here every day and we're showing people but you know what the downside is, is that it's free. And that sometimes they don't pay attention to what they're paying for. But this will stay in that little last 10 minutes, even demonstrating it for you. I've shown you. I've revealed to you in plain sight. How I find inspiration to write copy, and find inspiration to create content, and it's, it's a strategy that I've been using since the very beginning of business. And my hope is, is that you all will, and it goes through because you brought this up about looking at things from a marketer and creative creator perspective instead of a consumer perspective and when you look at it from that perspective, you can begin to find inspiration, duplicate headlines and then make them your own. And, and, in the world opens up to you you now become this person who's developing your own message and your own brand, and not looking like everybody else out there. That is a problem when you just sound like everybody else out there. There's nothing that's different about you in people if they feel like they've already seen what you're saying. Or they or they've seen what you're doing or heard what you're saying. They are. They're not unless they really resonate with you as a person, or they're not be as excited because they're, there's a part of your brain that novelty, when somebody feels like they are seeing something that's brand new there is a part of your brain that goes off in shoots various chemicals that get you excited and happy, because it's something that's brand new, and you can you experience this all the time when you see a woman walking down the mall with a purse you've already seen 1000 times, even if it's a Louis Vuitton, and you've seen that basic Louis Vuitton Brown, print, it's you've seen that before, but if you see a Louis purse that's got totally different you've never seen it before it's like, Damn, that's, it's just because of that novelty, you've not seen it before and there's a saying that even as an affiliate, you can promote the same product that everybody else is promoting. It's not about what you're promoting, it's about the hooks in the branding and the angles that you're using on the front end to get them into your world, most people are swiping away from you on TikTok. That's where you're losing them as right on the front end and right as they go your bridge page and your bridge, or your opt in page looks the same as 50,000 people, it's because there's no novelty, when they look at it, it just looks the same as everybody else. So I just invite you all no matter what phase you're at, to begin to tweak things, and add some original branding and look outside of our industry for inspiration, just like I did there within five minutes, and offer your audience a what I call a look, a different angle.

Elisa: You're absolutely right and I really need to do that, and that's something that I've been doing since I've decided to start this new channel, a new account on TikTok, about copy. I'm trying to get even better in my copy. I'm not that good but actually we need to improve it out, and Matt is amazing on copy right and you should walk with me, but Matt has always talked about a book, I don't know. Can I show a book here, you've been talking about this book for a while. This one I don't know if it's mirrored for you, the 16 word sales letter. My goodness. And it's amazing I didn't know about that. If all this Brazilian and I've been following him on Instagram now.

Dave: That guy's a beast copywriter.

Elisa: Unbelievable and this book, I don't know if it's more than 100 page and it's expensive, guys, it's expensive I taken a lot alone to buy this book, and it's something that has made my life completely changes because coffee is everything and Matt is always saying that here. Copy is everything, why don't you think that they saw this page and found it amazing, this fitness page, Because it could be amazing. You can't just click that, you need to click that button and master the opt in button the opt in a pop up. There's another unbelievable copy, copy is everything you're not gonna get sales without a good copy. That's why we need to learn and implement everything that we learn and this, this book, this game changer. Amazing. Fellowship. It’s more than 30 pounds, I just bought it's not a normal price for a book. But my dear is totally worth it.

Dave: So they're they're there I did break this book down my Cliff Notes, In, in early in the copy in the copy playbook. And so, that the book is great, you should own the book you should, I think that we should all we should all. We should all pay people for their value. I bought the book from Elvaldo. But if you, if I did just also put a link to the copy playbook that you can pick up and I've got Cliff's Notes in that in that product it's $1 Yeah. Who can invest in, ese. The cliff notes for that book, highlight some of the kind of the app just my Cliff Notes of that book. But anyways. Elisa: Yeah, like, you know, just learning this stuff, it's just we can go on.

Dave: You're a great guest, you're really fantastic and I just love talking to you . It really really gets me hyped up and I'm feeling better already. I'm still a little stuffy but much better already. So thank you so much, what would you tell somebody who is, you know, thinking about going through our challenge or thinking about investing in some education here, and who's might be on the fence or is just a lot of people are on the fence, it's it's I think I underestimate how many people are just on the fence here at to go through our training they just I think in life in general, what would you say, based on your experience here, going through training, go sitting on coaching webinars with us and stuff like that. What would you tell somebody who's been watching the shows or who's been kind of on the fence for a little while. What would you say to them, that might help them pull the trigger or make a decision about whichever way to go?

Elisa: There's something very important when he decided to go for a new venture as an online business, you need to see the value on the things to stop thinking about money, the value or the amount in money, how many, How much money are going to spend to have something you need to see the value on the things, if you see value on a training or here on Legendary, then you are in the right place. You don't see them just scroll down go leave and try to, but if you see the value. And I guess online business or everything that is online, regardless if it's a business or not because free content whatever you are, wherever you are congregating online. If you loosen up the value you don't stay. Try to see your online business, your new venture. What you can give to other people. But you have to share with people, and then you look for the price, or you don't even look for the price, other things, because if you already have the value, the price is just something that you need to trade. Right. So, yeah, I'd say, I'm talking about my own experience, I'm, I'm always, all the time that I'm researching new products, I've been thinking okay, this does it have a value. I don't care anymore, with the price on the product or the products that I've been promoting, I don't care anymore. If I see the value. I will promote them. So the product that I've been promoting can be 202 $150 or $1,000 or more. My people can see the value that I'm trying to share with them. You got it. I just switched your way of seeing things online, and then you will see that another world will open to you, then you will be in a better way than them. Now, if you're on the fence

Dave: Thank you for that, and obviously you can see I'm a little, I'm having, I need to go to do a neti pot and take a shower. Yeah. I try to get my head straight here that the allergies are just, they're going crazy, but that you have been fantastic, as I said, Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to a third round with you in the near future.

Elisa: It's a pleasure to be here with you, thank you.

Dave: Thank you. And I'll talk to you really soon okay Elisa?

Elisa: Guys, bye bye. Have a good weekend, everybody.

Dave: Yes, thank you so much. All right, my friends, as she said, Have a great weekend go and follow her. I've had her handle up there. It's _Elisakapelle_, that's my American pronunciation. You guys can screenshot that go follow her and write it down very quickly. I've had it all up, and, and yeah, add her to your support group and lift her up like her stuff comment. And that's what this community is all about. Yeah, we'll see you guys back here on Monday, have a fantastic weekend we'll do it again next week all over again. And, be Legendary, get out of here, have a fantastic Friday, and we'll see you really soon, bye bye. Peace.