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Lizzie: Hi!

Matt: Tell us a little bit about what's up over there in France and what you're up to and what you are studying? What's life been like? And and yeah, just just tell us a little bit about where you're at in life and what's going on.

Lizzie: Basically, I'm now a last year student in university in France, and I'm going to graduate in just two months. And basically in France it is just great and I am grateful for having a chance to live here. And obviously, you know, you know, working full time as the students and I do also have business at my part time job. And my schedule is basically full all the time. And I'm really happy with this. I do believe that at this young age, I have done so many things that I have never, you know taught before and just a bit proud of myself. Coming to the show today so that I can share a bit of my knowledge and my advice for the beginners who are just starting out in affiliate marketing. So that was really cool.

Matt: And so you're, are you originally from France or not? 

Lizzie: No, I'm just there for university. Originally Vietnamese and I had been living in Vietnam from from the day that I was born until when I was 18 and moved to France to study University

Matt: Wow, that's really cool. Had other members of your family or anyone else ever, like traveled abroad to study or were you the first one?

Lizzie: The first one is the first Latin host who studied in France, but I do have a brother who is now in Australia and my parents are all in Vietnam.

Matt: Okay, cool. That's so cool. So you're just about to finish university. And you're studying you're also working or you were working a little bit in a restaurant and then suddenly How did you find out about legendary or how did you find out about affiliate marketing and just how did that all go down? What happened? How did it take off?

Lizzie: It was a long story because before I found out, you know some online activities to make money. I was a student at the university. I just didn't believe that I'd have to study really well in university and get a good job and that everything is gonna be okay. But it was my grind. I got a new boyfriend and he has changed my mindset. He introduced me to this online space and I did try drop shipping, some as witnesses but I failed because I didn't invest in learning. I didn't have the foundation of knowledge. So I just didn't know what to do next. And after that. We did know we did take a leap of faith to stop affiliate marketing. But at first it was really abstract because we didn't know what to do. We ended up watching so many YouTube videos, but just got no direction and all of a sudden my boyfriend found Legendary Marketer on TikTok and YouTube from an affiliate from legendary and which only affects you starting the challenge together and after finishing the challenge, we all get started with affiliate marketing.

Matt: Wow, that's crazy. I wanted to just say that I feel like your your insight about you know, not having the foundation of knowledge was that really stood out to me because yeah, there's this whole element where a lot of people a lot have started drop shipping have started all these different types of channels and social media marketing and all this different stuff. And that is a theme that keeps coming up for people which is I didn't have the foundation of knowledge to actually figure out how to put the pieces together the right way and Wow, so cool. So see how long ago did you all go through the challenge? And was it the first challenge you've ever had? Through? Or what was I mean, have you ever taken any other courses like this before?

Lizzie: Yes, I did. Take training on affiliate Amazon affiliate marketing on Udemy. It was for 1499 but I just just didn't get anywhere and the legendary market. My challenge was the first or the second challenge that I took for myself. And it was life changing. And the most interesting part of this challenge for me was the mindset foundation part. It is incredibly important. And I have always said to my followers, my audience, that if you don't set the production mindset now no strategy would work for you because you will not stay in the long term. You can have the best strategy in place. But if you don't have the mindset of, you know, as long as you have a mindset, a long term margin if you don't have consistency, if you do, if you hold negative tasks in your mind, you will get nowhere even if you have the best strategies. And I have learned so much from legends. I even watched many shows about our legendary life and it is still unbelievable that I was invited to the show and to be able to have the chance to speak to a lot of people in this online space and this is actually my pleasure to be here.

Matt: It's so cool that you're here. I am like I don't know for me I'm just mind blown. A little bit like I've always lived in the age of the internet, but I just feel mind blown that you know you're all the way across the world and we've never met before and don't have any affiliation, you know, and like, I have no idea who you are. You have no idea who I am. And here we are. And it is a very cool thing. And I also just wanted to say you know with that mindset piece, man, there is some real truth to you know, I meet and look at a lot of people in the world and you probably do too, who carry around with them a sort of victim mindset their whole lives and especially a poverty mindset around money and around wealth and it is it is a crazy thing to me when somebody has that revelation and has that shift and suddenly everything about them their energies, how they talk. Their ambition sometimes really changes and people become ambitious and they do things that they maybe couldn't have ever done. It's like it's like when that happened for me when I made that shift, you know, like eight or nine years ago I just like I didn't need as much sleep as my whole psychology changed. I could function on four or five hours of sleep because I was just so fueled by ambition. And I can almost feel your energy coming through the screen because it's just so contagious. And I just wanted to say that that's really cool.

Lizzie: Thank you. I do believe that, you know, the way we show up determines the majority of the success that we are going to achieve in life. People are always caught up in the trap of you know I have to learn more, I have to have more strategies but in fact, you have to work on yourself first. Building a better relationship with themselves and showing up with the energy that people want to stick around is just my secret sauce to any marketing strategy or any success in this online space, because people are no stories anymore. They want to know they want to know your personality. They want to know that you know, and we want to see the way that you show up is unapologetic and not you know try to be someone else to just to please people. I'm not the kind of person who is sugarcoating anything. I just speak the truth and just be myself. I don't need to be liked, but I do need people to learn something. If it came across my page, if it came across my account, if it consumed the content they must either be educated or if my my my my piece of content if not, I will not post this content.

Matt: Wow, that's I mean yeah, that's that's super cool. I'm also just I'm also just kind of floored by how he put in your you put in your questionnaire something about English isn't your first language but you're so well spoken and your ideas just flow it. It's sort of no wonder that you've got such a good you've got people you've been able to build an audience but also that you've got people who follow you and really like your content and really engage with your content because your ideas are not only are you well spoken but your ideas and how you present them and and stuff are is very clear, which is also a really that's like actually something that a lot of like Americans struggle with we Bramble and and carry on without actually saying anything. A lot of times I just wanted to say kudos on that. So when you get done with it, you start the 15 Day Challenge. You're working in a restaurant before you're finishing up school, you've got a lot going on, and you finished the challenge and you started creating content on social media. Yes, what I mean How hard was that to start and also you know, what was the hardest part about actually doing that? I mean, did you find it hard or was it easier or what was that process like to start basically becoming a content creator?

Lizzie: You know, the common hardest part that people always get caught up in is inconsistency. When you start posting content on TikTok on Instagram or any platforms in the first few weeks you are not going to get a lot of views even though there are some videos that got no views and I was so desperate at this time when I first started. And I was having so many negative beliefs in my mind that Why didn't people like my piece of content? Why didn't people engage with me? What if so many things just came to my mind and I think the reason why people fail to stay consistent is because they do not understand the real intention behind content creation. When they put pressure on themselves that they need to show up. Instead of what they want to know, the have to and want to is totally different. Another part that I was struggling with when I first started is studying content. I just had no clue what I want to post and what I want to present on my videos just because I have consumed so much content on the internet. And I feel like people are copying if other people are replicating people who are recruiting content from our people and post, you know, fabricate a new story. And that's just not the way that I want to show up. And I've mentally in my first month of business I did really quick content from some people and I did fabricate something, but afterwards I realized that it is not good. I have to show up as my authentic self. And I start diving into more. Diving more into my story. I smoke many things that I haven't seen any people speaking in this industry. If I see a gap in the industry I was told about it. If I see a mistake that someone else is making I will call them out. So ruthless. I have always said that I do not want to be liked. I just want to stick with Sure. I just want to educate people on the right things. I don't want people to fall into the trap of anything. That seems like a get rich quick scheme or the best strategy to grow on social media. The best formula to get to 10k in three months, it just is not the case. Because in reality, it depends on your growth. It depends on how much work you put in and just because you do that work doesn't mean that you do it correctly. And, growing on social media has always been, you know, challenging for any content creator. That will grow really fast. But there were also times when we just didn't grow and I even have time when I just lost no new followers on this. And I will totally be okay with this because this is like it's not always charismatic. It's not always holistic. And we have to assess the show that something's good and something just doesn't work and just correct the course along the way and improve. Just improved.

Matt: Totally, totally. And I think that you've got well. I think that you've got like I think that you've got like a brand that you're building because of that I mean, I think that you've got a brand that you are now starting to create around that sort of like I would call that no nonsense. Like, like just sort of a feel of like Hey, there's no nonsense going on here. This is like me, it's who I am. It's what I do. Like, and I think that there's some real power in that. And I also think that sometimes you mentioned something and you kind of passed over and I and I wanted to bring us back to that. Which is you said something like I hope I don't butcher this but he said something like using game to try new things. And for everybody who's watching this, whether live or as a record, if you're here live with us, just give me a little thumbs up if you caught that also. It basically what Lizzie said was, you know, I gave myself permission to try out something because there's there's also people out on Tik Tok and Instagram and stuff who when you try stuff, they'll call you out and they'll say, Oh, you're just a fake or oh, I've already seen that video before and now you're like, oh my gosh, you're right. I am a fake. But the truth is, is that what those people don't understand, and there's even people in our industry who will do that. The truth is what those people don't understand is that when you first become a marketer, as is the case with anything in life, when you first start trying it out, it's like what's the first thing you do? You look at people around you and you and you basically try to mimic it? I go play basketball every single day at LA Fitness. It's a gym here down the road from my house. And there's people who show up there who I think you know, I've been playing basketball since I was like four years old. So there's a 30 year history of me having liked, learned and shot baskets and shot hoops for a long time. And and then there's guys who walk in there and I'm like oh, this is the first time you've ever picked up a basketball. And the first set and I don't make fun of them when they're first shot doesn't even get it's an air ball. It doesn't even get close to the hoop. But they're kind of like looking around the end of a watch. Right? They'll just watch other people who are more experienced and they'll watch them shoot. Same thing with skiing or snowboarding or skateboarding. And no one looks around and says Wow, you're such a fraud. Wow, you're You're such wow, like, Be original man. It's like no, it's your first time doing this. Who cares? And also those are two words for me that I've learned to really cling to in content creation, which is basically what you were saying which is who cares? Like the internet is full of just billions and billions of people and new people coming online every day. And if you make a total fool of yourself and post 100 videos into complete failure and and and tons of people make fun of you and say that you're a fraud or whatever. And then you just delete the channel like literally no one will ever know that that happened. And if they did, if they did, they'll forget about you in like 30 days.

Lizzie: They do have to pay attention to many other people and they are just not as important as you think you are. And I do believe that we are just being judged by people every single day. 99% of the time people are judging you, even if it is a positive or negative. We are always being judged by people every single day. So why did you have to worry about people's opinions, because they are just human beings. They do have their own perspective, opinions and their own concerns and we cannot just always please people. You cannot force anyone to like you. If they just didn't don't think they just don't want to like you. And I did get some comments on the internet when I first started affiliate nothing and even until now that is so that affiliate marketing is a scam and I am also a scam. And it really helped me but when it first started, I did fight with them on the internet and I did believe that it was the Philly thing that I did in the past. And it was to try to do so. I was so sorry for my past self for traveling with these people. But now I am totally different. If I see anyone who leaves a negative comment on my post, I just silently deliver. I decided to do it or if they slide into my DMs or invest things about me I just like okay, thank you for letting me know who I need to filter out in my life and in my community. Thank you goodbye and I blocked all the commotion with these negative people because I just wanted to spread positivity and confidence throughout my community. In the community. There is no negativity there's no negative judgment, anything that is against that is meant to you know to be helpful to my business will be ultimate early minutes and that's it. It's my you know, it's my it's kind of my emotions, my emotions really get high. If someone lift a cup offensive comment on my post, or say something bad about my business because we actually know that it's legit, just because that they have the limiting belief that they can just not that they just cannot, you know, clear themselves and they put the judgment they put their limiting beliefs onto us to take the ownership away from them. And that's just not true and it's just not our business. It's none of our business to worry about people's opinion. People always have opinions and you just need to do a good job at your business and, you know, communicate the value and just keep being yourself not being someone else just to please people because they are just not important. And we are not important to them.

Matt: Yes to all of that. Yeah, you're just gonna have to come back and look through the comments when we're done. This is an awesome person. People are just loving it. Okay. And I need to. I feel like when you get down into the weeds of it all and you see I mean you just step people start saying ridiculous things like that. It's you taking a big step back and you look around and at all the all the I call them shit kickers people are kicking shit all over everybody. And it just is like, Alright, you guys don't really matter at all. And if you can have that attitude, I mean that it's dangerous . I use that word very intentionally. It's a dangerous attitude. Because when you get into that space, if you can really believe that. That's the kind of that's the kind of attitude and belief that will really that can really turn a business like into a phenomenon. I mean, you can really grow something big when you have that level of kind of FAU attitude. Because the reason is because there's there's always in every single business there's always going to be outside voices every single business, outside voices, people critiquing people saying this, and even people just in very subtle ways, like trying to sow self doubt, or trying to try to plant seeds of self doubt in your mind. Like oh, maybe. Yeah, you're right. Maybe I am a little bit of an imposter. Maybe I am and that slowly just chips away at your confidence. And then suddenly one day you wake up and you're like, I don't think I can do this anymore. And it's over. Right? But if you have that attitude of like, up just like yeah, these are people who have issues. They have issues to the point and insecurities to the point that they need after me and cut me down. And that's why I feel like let's tie this back to what you said earlier. You said you know the big, big piece of this challenge that was important and different was the mindset piece. And people come after, you know, online online, digital education, you know, for having to talk a lot about mindset. They're like, well, I need to know where to point, click and stuff. But then once you learn all the points and clicks, I'm just stealing your words here. Once you learn all the point and click if you've not developed that sort of FAQ mindset, then it's all sort of like this fake. It's like a facade. It's a little bit fake. It's not real and you can't execute on a daily basis with consistency. Without that sort of mindset. That's really cool that you've developed that that's honestly that is like one of the most life changing coolest things. I think that people can have.

Lizzie: Yes, I do believe that mindset is the work of a lifetime. You cannot just have the long term mindset of a consistent market in just a week or in just one month. It took me six months to get to this mindset right now and I am still working on my mindset because I still have some limiting beliefs that are sometimes to a certain degree, holding myself back from taking some scary actions. And I just still work on myself and I have always I have always thought that when it comes to showing up online, the most important thing is your confidence, the level of confidence that you have about yourself, if not the experience that you have with your industry. It all comes down to confidence. There are still people who are less knowledgeable than you but making way more money than you just because they are confident in marketing they're confident in promoting because they already know what the value of the product is and what they really stand for. As they are just not hiding behind the camera, feeling shy about themselves or feeling that they are not good enough. They are not qualified because they are just starting out and not having any results. And it just starts off not true because everyone starts from scratch. When you first start you literally have zero results. But you did invest in you because of you. People actually buy you not yourself and the way you deliver content the way you provide value to the audience really matters. And to the people who you know, who are asking you about how much money you are making to make a decision based on your income level they just do not respect you. They are just not showing respect for you. Because they just care about how much money they are going to make it. If they buy the product from you, for example. They just do not understand the real values and they are going to get from the product or maybe sometimes people just don't understand that when you offer something to the market when you promote something it should be an ocean solution for a specific problem that people are having, not just throwing the offer into the market and hope that people will come in back immediately. People need to go through many phase awareness of talking with you of you know, seeing you showing up and delivering content, learning from you so I can make a decision and most of the time, I don't believe in the thing that you need to persuade or convince someone else to buy from you. Because if you are confident in mapping and you already know the value of the product, persuasion would never be a part of strategy. If you tried to could run like buy the product from you. They will doubt you. They will doubt if the product is really valuable. Why does she have to convince me to buy and it all comes down to your level of competence and expertise? I don't I do believe that you don't need more experience. You just need more expertise. As I was creating a post. It's around maybe last week, and we talked about expertise and experience. And I did mention that you don't need more experience to start making more money just you just need to work on yourself and start being more confident in marketing. You already know why you are here you are just you do that just a few steps ahead someone else so that you can have someone else you do not need you know a prolific experience or you do not need tons of content out there to persuade people to buy from you. Because people actually know the decisions. They are just waiting for you to show up to me yourself and spreading positivity and all the valuable tips out there so that they can Okay, I'm ready on how to present it. Let me give you my card. And it is the power of showing up online with competence. It is nice you show up unapologetically to you know to be a leader, not a follower. I really you're part of this. This is playing to people that don't just be a follower who follows someone else on the internet. You already have the old story. No one can steal the story from you. You can always have your ideas flowing into your mind. You can already know how to produce this just because you are not confident so you just keep everything in your mind and just don't produce it. So it is now your time to shine to say everything that you have, not you know not fearing judgment from anyone anymore because people always have opinion and judgment. Just walk through fear and judgment and you will get better over time. This matters. My advice when it comes to children at all. I can ramble all the days about social media showing up my passion when it comes to growing an audience on the top, not just the following . I do want to build a community and an audience. Not just a big following who follow who engage, but they just don't come back. I do what I do not want people to engage with my posts. I just need them to learn something from me. Exactly. They do not need to engage with me. They can just silently consume my content, learn something, implement and improve their life. And that is my biggest gift. When I create content. I just need people to learn something from. I don't need engagement. To be honest, I don't even need engagement. If they invest with me and they just are not taking action. I don't want this, I just want them not to engage with me. But taking action after consuming my content

Matt: Yeah, I got nothing. Yeah, I mean the comments. Here's the summary of the comments. It's just like it's awesome. Everybody's there like, you know, I'm filled up. Lots of wisdom. Love it. So good. It's yeah. I can't add to that. I'm gonna leave it at that. That was like that. I think we all just went to a Tony Robbins seminar this morning. Lizzy was there and gave the juice and everybody said, Matt, speechless. I am speechless and a little mind blown. This is super cool. And, you know, the only thing that I'll add is I just want to say just how impressive you are. Your mindset is how you know your ambition and your sort of fire. You have a fire I think and I hope you'd never let you know some shit kicker comes around and tells you that that's not legit or it's not worth it. Because man, I think that there's a lot of people on this show right now and who will watch this as a replay who you know sort of woke up a little groggy this morning and they woke up kind of like I don't know if I'm want to go work on my business and there's not much else they can do except to just get off their ass and go work now. So thank you for that. And yeah it's super cool. I'm inspired by your story. And I feel like you're just getting going. So you know, the cool part. Yes, is that you've got all of that mindset stuff. But for me too, like having over the last few years really watched people start and get going and and really get the wheels turning on the business's stuff. I feel like you're just getting started. I mean, you are just at the beginning of a really cool powerful journey. I've no idea where it's gonna go. But what I love is you know, a few came back in a few months and just sent us an email and said, Hey, here's what I'm up to. Even if it's something totally different. Just send us a message. Here's what I'm up to. We'd love to have you back on the show to spit more wisdom like this.

Lizzie: Yes, I am good enough to hop on the show. With you. I am kind of a generous person. I can share anything. Everything that I love so far that can benefit my audience. I can benefit the people who are watching the live show and I have no limit when it comes to sharing my tips and the valuable, you know, content to people. I just want people to start believing in themselves today to start taking action. Don't help, don't hold yourself back. Because of any reason because it's just not true. You already have your own, you know, capacity to make things happen. You're just one step closer to the goal that you want to do. It is just the action that you take is love, you know anything else that can make a huge impact on your life rather than just you taking a leap of faith to invest in yourself to become unapologetic to show up the way that you are just so obsessed with yourself. I have come to do a level of self obsession. I create a piece of content. I can literally watch it 20 times or even more than I consume people's content. Just after posting the content I just always say to myself that this is such good content. I love this. I'm so obsessed with it. People are gonna like it. And this is the energy that used to show up. It is time to clear the content. It's time I say something to my audience. I always put a high level of energy into what I say and just want you to know, to show everything that is possible for them. I do not say that it is not possible for you to do what is right for you. Especially right or wrong. It just varies the thing that goes for you and there's the thing that doesn't work for you. You just need to be the person who tests and implements, tests and implements, try and learn from the mistakes and then try again until they find the best you know, sort of stasis or if not more for you. Just because today you are not succeeding with affiliate marketing or drop shipping doesn't mean that if you start another business in the future, you are going to be a loser. Now that's just not the case. Because we already have our own zone of genius and it's just not discovered yet. You just need to work on yourself. recommit yourself to the vision board that you have. If you have a vision board or you know, spend some time on the staff coaching, what are your limiting beliefs, you know, challenge yourself and prove to yourself that it was not true and how you can improve it. It is most of the time the limiting beliefs that people hold that might just be unintentional and you can potentially work on your you know, work on yourself and come up with the intentional reasons to explain why he's just not sure and just the reason why he stopped you from taking actions. And that's just for my part today. I don't think I have any more.

Matt: Nothing more needs to be said . That was really well said and yeah, I again love your energy and everything . I'm probably going to come back and read and listen to this today. It was just really powerful and your commitment to your to your content to the quality of the content, your obsession over it. That's what it takes. And amazing Lizzy, thank you so much for coming on. We'd love to have you back. Email us in a couple months Keep us posted and have a what is it in the afternoon? It's probably like late afternoon over there.

Lizzie: It is now. Nearly 5pm  in France.

Matt: Cool. Well have a good evening and thanks again for taking time to come chat with us.

Lizzie: Thank you so much. Hopefully that will be something that I can help other shows with. Again.

Matt: It was awesome. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you, I'll put up your social media. We'll have lots of people come and message you okay.

Lizzie: Yes. Thank you goodbye. Have a nice day.

Matt: You too. Alright, guys, we've got Lizzy on Instagram right here. It's Lizzie and you can find her on Instagram. You should just send her a message and just say hey, I saw you on wakeup legendary let her know what was like, what was the most impactful thing that you got from the show? What did you enjoy most? And Teresa says she's gonna be flooded with a bunch of messages today. Well, maybe but it was a really powerful, powerful episode and somebody who stepped out of their comfort zone believes deeply in themselves. And it's developed that belief in themselves. So, everybody, we're going to be back here Thursday and Friday at 10am. Eastern Same time, same place. We've got guests lined up. It's going to be powerful. Man for the people who are coming and talking to us Thursday Friday. It's gonna be hard to live up to this energy and positivity and mindset that was given today but hopefully they can do it. For everybody who's here and everybody watching this replay every single Monday through Friday. We're here live at 10am Eastern, you know send out a weekly roundup email with all the episodes as well.