Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, this morning we have a fantastic guest somebody who is wearing matching gear with me. Let me welcome Michelle. 

Michelle: Hey guys.

Dave:Calling in from Canada?

Michelle: Absolutely pretty cold here minus point two. 

Dave: Wow. Yeah. I'm so sorry to hear that. I mean, I was just in Denver last week and I mean it was bone chilling cold. It was about 25.

Michelle: I'm an outdoor education teacher, so I'm outside all the time. Rain, snow. There's no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. 

Dave: Wow. I'm sure that's a regularly used line. For me. Yeah. Background obviously you just let us know you're a teacher. How did you get into this whole online world? How did you find Legendary?

Michelle:  It was probably like October of last year. And I was sitting on my couch scrolling through Instagram. And I saw Stacy La’s videos and I was like, she's Canadian. She's average normal, you know, like me, and I was I started watching all her stuff. And like I tell everybody when I go live on TikTok, how the algorithm just throws you more as soon as you like to watch whatever, you just get more stuff. So more of her stuff just kept coming through my stream and wasn't even on TikTok at that point. Oh, and I knew I was interested and I just started watching your videos. And I talked to my husband about it. I was like, so I have this really cool idea. And he is laughing at me. He's like, really? Are you sure? And I said Honey, there's so much money to be made online. You just need to get the right education and get started on it. And I'm willing to give it a try. And he's like, can I quit my job if you do really well? And I said, Yeah, because I love my job. I'm not quitting. I mean, I have the best job in the world and outdoor ed teacher and do that. So you know, like, I love what I do. But I have extra time in my day. So in July I did the 15 day business builder challenge, and I was hooked. I was like, Oh dude, this is my jam. And I bought the complete package that completes blueprints on day five and I was like, oh, like everything is useful. I just, you know, like you have to start small. You have to start with one thing and that's why affiliate marketing is such a great thing for people to get started if they don't know much about the online world. And the education is excellent. And I was like the complete package is good. Because I know I'll be using it later. Like this is my start. But this is my start. I'm going further like I'm not done until I'm done with debt. So I just, you know, went through the 15 Day Challenge and started posting on tech. I've never had a tech restarted and I think I'm doing okay, like 126,000 followers or something like that. And yeah, I've just, I've met some amazing people. Barb McGowan who you have had on a few times. She's a real good buddy of mine. And if I was going to tell anybody anything about thinking about getting started, I would just say like, the community is so good. It's so supportive. You just, you know, like you have the opportunity to join lives on TikTok all the time. You know, we see an affiliate marketer you're interested in you hop in a live class and they're so supportive and they tell you stuff and they share their secrets and there's not too many industries like that, Dave, I don't think.

Dave: Well, people can find you at @broadmindedmoneymaker on TikTok 

Michelle: That’s my maiden name. I always have a story to tell when I go live.

Dave: I love how you can find the silver lining in anything. That's what a great marketer does is they find the perspective the frame you got to find the angle and both to persuade others but also to persuade yourself. If I can't persuade myself to do something to get started to follow through, then help if I can convince myself I'm worthy to buy something for, you know, how do I expect to convince others that they are worth it or that I am worth it? I mean, ultimately, I might. I'm the person that I need to persuade more than anything so Oh, I love your way that you see things. Your perspective, it's obvious you know, that when you have the attitude, what I like to try to do when I'm talking with people every day, I'm talking to clients and affiliates and I'm, I'm, you know, really getting to see an inside view more than anybody. There's probably not as many you know, nobody shows up to this show more consistently than me. You know what I mean? And so I see a lot of it and I'm always looking for what is

you know, what is the consistent things that I see in successful people and one of them is what you just did, which was be able to find the silver lining in everything, be able to see the situation as glass half full, because what you're doing there is you're essentially persuading yourself in that moment, you know, because you could certainly say well, the glasses half empty, you know, and you could persuade yourself of that begin to go into telling yourself the story of why it's half empty. And when I talk to successful people, this is what really has shown me that you don't need any previous experience to be a successful person. You have it in you and you can develop it. It's not predetermined or predestined, you know. And this, this business shows me that every day and so, hopefully, you all heard that and understand what we're talking about right now, which is the ability to be able to see things through a certain angle, or finding the silver lining, which gives you the ability to be able to, I think see that the teachable moment in everything. Look at everything as an opportunity instead of as a hindrance and how has that how have you adjusted or was there an adjustment there from going from employee and you still are you say you love your job working with kids. And doing, you know, physical education? Was there a transition of going to entrepreneur to where ultimately you were the one in charge? I mean, you're not even handed a schedule, at least with your job. You've got a schedule I would think we're not aware of. Were you to tell your husband I have your support, but now it's ultimately up to you to follow through. What has that been like for you? 

Michelle: Well, it's not really my first venture and entrepreneurship, but it's more like it's my first online. My husband and I had a restaurant for eight years and we have like a 300 seat Italian restaurant. He ran it. I supported any way I could. I waited, I painted and I designed the menu. So I'm totally familiar with working on the front end and you're the one that reaps the benefits but also that you set the hours. You know, my husband's a plumber, and he works a lot of hours and I always felt like there was something that I needed that I wanted to do. Like I knew I had a set of marketable skills, but I didn't know what it was and like the training that I got through Legendary kind of opened my eyes to that because the teaching skills that I have are marketable. And being able to find some time in my schedule to put, you know, two hours a day into getting those skills either working on affiliate marketing or you know I have a Facebook group where I'm nurturing my leads and warming them up and moving them towards conversions. But also in teaching. I teach English as well and that's really a favorite of a lot of kids. And I always say it's my number one lesson because I also coach. I coach athletics, cross country running track and field badminton and soccer. And he says, You know, I've missed X number of shots. I've been chosen to win the game and lost X number of times. And he just goes on and he lists failure, failure, failure, failure failure. He's like, but I succeeded because I failed. You don't learn anything from being successful. Success teaches us nothing except what is awesome and then you fall flat on your face and then you have to learn how to pick yourself up again. And failure teaches us more about ourselves and teaches us more about how to find the right path and how to be successful in anything else. And so, in, you know, the adventures that I've had with my husband when we have the restaurant and trying different things in my approach to teaching and how I deal with kids and how I coach athletes, failures is the necessary part of success and if you are too afraid to fail and put yourself out there and try stuff, you're not successful because you're gonna be so afraid to do anything. 

Dave: You know, you're the second person that I've heard say that quote here in the last week that you don't learn anything from your successes. You only learn things from your failures. And it's really interesting. It's a very interesting quote. We, I think as human beings, are constantly wanting to turn the other cheek, look away, act like it didn't happen, all of our failures. Instead of hashing them out, looking at them, unpacking them, seeing what went wrong or seeing what I couldn't have done better see where I missed something or see where my blind spot is. To really dissect to really do an autopsy on my thinking, in a sense because it's a beautiful thing you know, you die one physical death one time in your life but you know a thought dies 6000 times a day it's no big deal. So for me to analyze my thinking in doing it without being embarrassed about it is as if my failure to make a decision that led to a failure is somehow surprising. I mean, again with a brain that kicks out $6,000 per day it's you know, you're going to have some some some shitty thoughts in there. I mean, you're just going to have some shitty fire. A lot of them are going to be old thoughts and thinking that was passed on in some way that it's not even yours. You know? So that's why having awareness about this stuff is important so I can begin to unpack in separate, what are my belief systems about me and about the world and what is moms or dads or whoever I grew up with, talking about limiting beliefs or this blah, blah blah. But, you know, I think you make a great point there. With that, and I love it, that you don't you don't learn anything from your successes, only your failures. So how do we embrace that more? I mean, how do we embrace failing more? I mean, I've I've gotten I can tell you, I do it now is for me, I'm a massive action taker for lack of better words, meaning that I don't think about anything any more of my career. Unless I'm brainstorming something specific nowadays, everything in my career that I do in my business, I just do it. I've already done the preparation work so I'm ready for things. This wake up show I get on and I talk just there is no preparation I just these conversations are wherever they go. But for me, the way that I overcome a lot of that analysis paralysis is in being afraid to take action because of all the scary things out there that could happen. You know, I'm just at a point now where I don't even think about it. I don't think about what I just get on and go. I don't know how to explain how I operate. But most people couldn't operate like me, but they're also it works for me and what I mean by that is I do very little prep time. I don't need a whole lot of getting ready to get ready. I've stripped down all the barriers in front of me creating content going live marketing, if I need to throw on a camera real quick, and that was that. I stopped worrying about what I was going to wear all the time a couple of years ago. I just started wearing the same thing on camera all the time. So therefore I didn't need a shower didn't need to have my hair combed right? Seriously. I took a look at my life. I said I've been doing this for 10 years, almost a couple years ago. What's our current day around in the morning trying to get worried about what shirt I'm gonna wear and worrying about if my hair is combed in the proper place. And so what I did was I just shaved my head and that was one of the ways that I got into massive action, eliminated barriers so I can go live every day and be mentally present. Because you know if you go live, you know it's what you say you know, you want to make it, there's no do overs is what I'm saying. 

Michelle: It's the cannonball moments. Yeah. So you know, like, I'm an outdoors person. I'm outside all the time. We spent a lot of time at camp. I hunted fish. And one of our favorite things to do in our camp is go to the swimming rock and jump off. And you know, like when I have two boys, my oldest is 19 My youngest is going to wow. And when we go to Camp one of the biggest milestones for them was being able to cannonball off the rock right because like a 15 to like 10 foot drop. And that's like something that takes courage like you have courage. Like when you commit to a cannonball, there's no going back. Right? The only thing you have time to do is plug your nose and then it's exhilarating. It's that rush of jumping in. I'm kind of like you. I don't do a lot of prep and planning. I just like to jump. And I've been teaching and coaching for long enough that I don't need to be fancy or have stuff set up because I know like, learning comes in as you're going through and you just pick it so when I decided I was gonna start this Seven Bucks is nothing right for the business builder challenge but it was a huge cannonball moment for me because I was like, jumping into something brand new. 47 years old, never done anything like this before. And I was like, Okay, here we go. You know, and jump in. And then when I bought the blueprints it was the same thing. It was like a huge cannonball and then I was like, Hey, dude, you just spent a shit ton of money on yourself. Now it's time to like the Grammys to say like shit or get off the bus. Michelle. So, you know, I was like, It's time to get off the public. We got to go and I just have to, like, make a commitment and just like go with it. And so for me, that's what I'm an action taker. And, you know, when I first started I looked back at my first videos on Tik Tok and I was like, you know, like, I tried to be so perfect and the hair makeup, whatever. And then afterwards, I was just like screw it. Actually, I can say that. I said, I was like, whatever, you know, and I'll hop on TikTok and do a live. When I get out of bed every morning my hair's an appointment. I got a cup of coffee and went down to do a workout in 20 minutes, but it's just like, I find it doesn't matter anymore. Like if you're authentic and you are real. And you are talking to people from your heart, and you're being honest, that you're going to connect with people and they're going to learn from you're going to have you have a story to tell it's worth. You're going to find your people. You're either going to be like talking about nope, not interested and I don't want those people I just want the people that are interested in me and my story and learning and the possibility their life could change with a little bit of action and a little bit of cannonball. 

Dave: Well I love that analogy. I think many others did to you, you know, this, this. This is one of the strategies that you wrote down was the Facebook group strategy. And there are a couple of things that you can tell us about that. a particular strategy that is working really well. How did you stumble upon it? And you know, how's that been going for you? Has it affected your bottom line and how you are tracking how it's affecting your bottom line to know what's working so you continue to want to do it. 

Michelle: The Facebook group is good. I think about 3000 people right now. And when I say that sometimes people need more encouragement. You can't expect that you're going to have your sales coming directly off whatever social media platform you're on. And so you have to build a connection with people. And one of the ways that you can get them to know, like and trust you is to give them more exposure to you and in a group where you can, you know, have live training and show people how to figure out how to do your sales funnel, whatever. The more time you spend with them the more you make a connection with them, the more you show them what it's like to do what you're doing, the more likely they are going to be to say okay, I'm in or can you tell me a little bit more about that? And so you just have to find the things that's working for you and make that connection with people because the most important thing that you can do is be authentic and real and connect with people. And you know, when you post videos on TikTok people are like, Why do you want to help me? I'm sure there's something in it for you. Like yeah, of course there's going to be something in it for me eventually. When I got started, there were so many people who were good to me, who you know, I reached out to and I asked questions and answered questions. And like they didn't ask them to pay them. They didn't ask for anything. They just share. And I just think you know, I want to pay it back and pay it forward so that other people can get started. Because it's life changing. We see that you've got an income coming in. That's letting your husband replace his job. That's a good thing when you know that's our end goal. I want him to work for me. Like can I quit my job and be your employee? I'm like, I don't know if you want me to be your boss. But Facebook groups are important for building community and increasing the likelihood that people are going to and have exposure to your message. 

Dave: I had a student maybe six months ago that was getting started. Also ran into Barb McGowan was a lady that you mentioned earlier. And she was sending you know this lady was sending people to forums because she thought oh, well I'm not ready and qualified yet to have a group of my own. What I'm here to ask is, you know, was that something that came up for you and how have you given yourself permission to go ahead and be a leader to people?

Michelle: So that was another cannibal moment. And I just, I've been teaching for 27 years and I've been coaching for 27 years, and my job is people who I teach English to kids who hate English and don't want to read who don't want to write essays. And so I've learned a lot about people. I know how to connect to people. And so for me, the Facebook group was a natural extension. I came up with it on my own. I knew that people who did this had Facebook or so I was like, Well, I'm going to do it. And I you know, put the structure in place. And it's a learn as you go thing, but for me, it gives me an opportunity to connect with and it gives me an opportunity to share what I have. And you know, ultimately down the road there are things that I want to do. Like in the blueprints package. There's a coaching blueprint, there's a digital masterminds product blueprint and I go to those all the time, because those are helping me to get stuff set up in my Facebook group so that I can expand my offer. Affiliate marketing was my introduction to that and for that I'm very grateful like everything I learned from Legendary is I'm using it all the time. And the Facebook group is a way for me to take those other pieces that I have and start putting them in place. I did a training the other day with Doug Boeing and he was you know, talking about challenges and teaching and and there's so many people that have gotten their start in Legendary who have gone on to do really amazing things, and the education comes from you, from what you've said, all those products that are so great. Like, and having a Facebook group allows me to tell people about them too. So if you get people in your Facebook group and you're talking to them and you're warming them up and you're showing them things, it's easy for you to say to them like this is the next step. If you're interested, go check this out. Look at what you can get when you go to legendary looking. Yes for $7 you get this insanely valuable deal and you learned all this stuff, but afterwards there's even more that you can learn. And you know there's like the marketers club and there's like all this what do you guys call it like the Netflix of marketing? All things I've gone through and watched videos and taken notes and the education is what I use to make that Facebook group work for me. 

Dave: A couple of comments struck a couple of things in my head. One lady, Shannon said I don't even know what I do or share in a Facebook group and I wanted to toss it over to you, of course, to know how you would respond to that. One thing I wanted to say real quick was that there is a big difference in being a keynote speaker and a limelight hogger and a facilitator. And let me even put it more simply. There's a difference between being the star and being the guru and being a facilitator. And I think one of the biggest shifts that I've made in my career is going from being the star to being a facilitator. You know, what I didn't realize when I first got started was it was more profitable to be a facilitator than to be the star to be the guru. Because if I'm a facilitator, I can lean on the group and I can lean on others for information. I give myself now permission to learn from you. Who is a student of mine, right? I mean, if we were to look at this from a just a strictly technical, you're a student at Legendary I taught you stuff, but that limits me that limits me you know, because now all of a sudden, I have to live up to this expectation that maybe it's even one that I put in my own head. Well, I have to have stuff to teach and I have to continue to be this guru. And it doesn't leave room for me to learn and it doesn't leave room for you to shine. And the one of the best things that you can do in your Facebook group is learn how to be facilitator which means that you don't need all the limelight that your job is to start conversations and then if the conversation gets derailed, or people start getting negative or trigger that you can you can bring it back on track. And you know, I've applied that in in a lot of things that I've done in my income has only gone up, you know, instead of needing to be the person who's always the star of everything or who has all the answers to all the questions is all I am is a cog in the wheel. I'm a facilitator of something and people are paying nowadays for communities that are meant to have in your own Facebook group or community. People want to be a part of something. So when you can offer them your community in say you're an affiliate of legendary you can say hey bigger community you can be a part of or if you're in the DIY niche or the parenting niche, wow, what a phase a Facebook group or something like that to get people coming together to answer quickly. It also lightens the load for you as the affiliate or the course creator or the coach, right because now all of a sudden you've got the group who's contributing to the answers of the questions and I'm telling you something.

Two things there's nothing that will help you more as a content creator than having a community of people who are also willing to help. Number two, there's nothing more profitable than community building. And that's one of the things that people don't really understand about what I do online is that I go above and beyond just creating information products I go above and beyond just doing affiliate marketing, really build community and in the reason why those communities are so important is because people will stick with something if they're sticking together with something and they will feel there will be more excitement to get started if there's more social proof of other people doing it as well. It's just basic human psychology. Right? So there's nothing easier for all of you, which leads me to my second question. And I thought this was a good one. Of course, Shannon said I don't even know what I do for a share in a Facebook group. But then Kurt said, you know, Michelle, what are you doing on social media to send people to your group essentially to get them to come into your group. And those thoughts that I just said about CES in, I want to try to eliminate the fear that you may have of starting a group of human because you think you need a new guru, but instead what do you do on social media to send and or attract people to into your group and then we can talk about some of the other stuff. 

Michelle: So two things. The best thing you could do inside your group is ask questions and ask. Ask people what their pain points are like. What are you struggling with? With? What do you want to know? What's the thing that you're most interested in learning about? Because if they tell you, you can either go to all the education that you have, and start you know, pulling things out? help answer that question. By answering the questions and solving their problems you're giving them a reason to know, like and trust and to come to an authority and you're not setting yourself up as this big crazy guru. Giving it social proof is that you can answer that for them. And to get people into my group. When I post on my social media, that you can help them by actually helping them. I'm not just saying I'm a guru. I'm not. I've been doing this since July. But I can certainly point you in the right direction. And I will do my damnedest to make sure I answer the question for you. Because when I had questions and I asked people, they helped me out so I'm going to help you out. And then to get people in the group. When I have when you design a video to put up on you know, YouTube or TikTok or Instagram or whatever you call time section and the call chain usually comes at the end of your, your story and then your call to action and a lot of times my call to action is just come join my Facebook group. I have a series of videos and some worksheets that it's like a free course that complements the seven day business builder challenge and I offer people the option to come into my course. Come into my Facebook group and take my free course. And like in that free course every link, you click if you I'm saying like best education to start with a 15 day business builder challenge and that gives people a starting point. So I'm helping them. I'm teaching them what I know. I'm giving them exposure to my links for legendary so that they could see how to get to where I am and how I started. I talk about how it started all the time. And that it was the $7 that changed my life because it really was and that's so I get people to come into my game by offering them something you have to over deliver and under promise. That's it and if you give them way more than they were ever expecting, so come into my group take just one. I will answer it or somebody in my group will answer it. As I am not the holder of all answers the font abundant acknowledges no other stuff. I don't know if I'm gonna throw it up there. People that don't and I'm not afraid to say I don't think I know the answer, but I'll find out about it. And then when you give people that value if you give them an incentive to join, you know that's the way that you make those connections. That's the way to prove. You don't just state you prove that you know what you're doing. And when they're looking for more answers. They will come and ask you because you've given it to them for free for way more than what they thought they were getting. And that's the value of the Facebook group of endless people who say like, was it Shannon, who said she didn't understand what you would even talk about? You talk about the fact that you don't know what the hell you're doing first, right? You're like, Yeah, this is new, but I'm figuring it out. And here's my successes so far. And success isn't always money. Success might be elite like the first time I got a lead. I was promoting 15 seconds back 20 cents, or 40 cents 30 cents. And I like to run outside cartwheels and the kids are like Mom, are you okay? Because I fell and hit my head. And I was like, I got a commission and they're like oh, how much did you get? I was like, already a sensor. But I'm like, No, it's proof. It's a milestone. It works. It happened. If this happened. The big ones are going to happen. I just have to be patient. And like for some people, they'd be like, oh, like it was 40 cents. But I'm like, dude, I got 40 cents. I didn't have that before. And you know, I'm just gonna keep grinding. And so when you start off and you're new and you think you have nothing to talk about, well, if you totally act up your funnel, and had links going somewhere else or copied somebody else's affiliate link shared with your group, you're gonna be like, yeah, shit, man. bad stuff happens but you gotta figure it out. Like I was proud of myself because something like that happened. But I was proud of myself because I figured it out. I went back and looked at it. I figured out that we talked about failing forward, like you have to fail to be successful. And I was like, wow, I'll never make that mistake again. And I don't because I always check that because I remember that one time that I did that one stupid thing that cost me probably leads whatever, whatever, whatever. And I shared that with people. I shared it in line. So when I was talking to them, I shared it on my videos. And, like, imperfect people make mistakes all the time. And failure is part of being successful. You talk to anybody who's a millionaire, trillionaire, gazillionaire whatever. They're gonna say, oh, yeah, I screwed up big time. But they keep going. And they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, learn from that shit and then keep going. 

Dave: Yeah. I couldn't agree more and one of the best things that you can do for your group is you can help people feel supported and figure out what their questions actually are. Okay, and let me explain what I mean by this. Most of the time when somebody gets started, at least I know it did what I got in the century. I felt all this pressure as you as it's come up already today to be again, it's all all knowing guru and my people, the people that I was running into the people that I was selling affiliate products for, they didn't need an all knowing guru. They just needed somebody who could help them figure out what their questions actually were, you know. And so, as the facilitator of a group what what is oftentimes the best value that you can give somebody is to teach them how to ask better, more powerful, more clear questions, and having a problem sharing my screen but I have a one full exercise or system to to help you to get anything that you want and or to to help you help someone else to get anything that they want. And it's called the How To Get What yYou Want By Asking Better Questions And Getting Better Answers exercise. And imagine if you were doing this with somebody else for a second instead of just with yourself, you know what I mean? Because obviously, you can do this with yourself to help you get more clarity about what you know, what you're trying to ask. So ultimately you can get a better answer back. Because a lot of times we enroll in coaching programs, but we don't know how to actually be a student, you know, and I think that's a big problem. And I think I don't know where we learned that from or we didn't learn that from but what I learned when I was young was if I answered a question in the middle of the class, if I'm putting myself out there, I could be laughing. People that kids are immature, they're mean. So we kind of learn to not ask questions and just sit in the back of the classroom, but that doesn't get you very far if you paid $2,500 for a course or whatever, and you want to get the most out of it. So what I always tell people to do is first to get clear, get clear on what your question actually is. Fine, clarify that. So you can read it and know exactly what you're asking. Or you know that if you put that question in front of somebody else, they would be crystal clear about what you're asking if there's any room for What do you mean by that? Or I don't understand or whatever, then you're not going to get the answer that you want. You're not going to get the support that you need. So let's say that you know somebody you have 20 people in your Facebook group, you might say, hey, what's everybody's biggest hurdle? Ask me your questions. And let's try to clarify and simplify what it is. So we can actually get you some help today. And in those he is what they're struggling with. They don't even understand what they're struggling with. So, how can you write how can it coach the next the next thing is, this is this is step number two, briefly in clearly explain what you've tried our writing. So I can't help you unless you tell me what you've tried already, because I don't want to suggest something you've already done. So help somebody by step two, asking them to clearly and briefly explain what they've already tried. Next, outline what you think the solution might be. So now you're going to do some thinking on your own. I'm not going to do all the thinking for you. Next, ask respectfully and humbly for feedback. If somebody has time to help, they, you know if they don't have time to help, don't take it personally. Just make sure you put into action what you've been suggested. And thank the person for their advice, but also ultimately take responsibility for the outcome no matter how it worked. My point here is this and I wanted to give you those extra, those couple of steps because they'll help you to help your students or your community members ask questions. But ultimately, one of the best services that you can offer somebody is to help them to get clarity on what it is that they actually know that they need help with. Because a lot of times somebody just doesn't know how to ask, doesn't get clear. And instead of being a guru, the wisest teachers in the world, the wisest mentors in the world, the most helpful people in the world are never the ones who have all the information in just offload, you know, terabytes of useless data to its people who have a way of putting it back on you. When giving you permission to figure it out on your own. 

Michelle: Yep. And a lot of people do that for them, not gonna get anywhere. And you have to live their life and you don't have their experiences and people want easy. It's like you get a lot of tire kickers in groups too. You have to dig deep. You have to look at how you are, you have to look at your failures. And you can't just be this person that thinks they're going to get into something for nothing. Because it doesn't work like that. Even if you start off with the 15 Day Challenge, do you spend your seven bucks and you never go farther than that? If you invest in learning in any free way that you can, you're still putting a lot like you're still spending something you're either spending money or time and some people just aren't willing to do that and they look to somebody like a guru to be like, Okay, press this, patch this, buy this or this and you're gonna be rich. No, it doesn't work like that. You have to ask questions and that clarity and asking questions and knowing what the problem is, is the biggest the biggest one because, you know, there's people that I've helped and, and they're so unclear in their head of what they're even asking. You can't even answer their questions for them because they don't know what they're asking. So you're trying to give them some things that are a little bit more like breaking it down for them. So you can help. 

Dave: You know, another thing that the common person in this industry who buys , you know, businesses, business opportunities, how to make money, online information, etc. And I think this is a common human trait, but I do know this about the avatar in this niche is that they feel unsupported. You know, they feel like things they've tried in the past, the person who they bought it from the guru, whoever it was, didn't support them, you know, a lot. Yeah. And essentially what they're saying is they didn't do it for me, you know, I had unrealistic expectations. And I, I took from something that they said along the way that they were going to do it for me, they didn't and now I feel like you know, I got taken advantage of so they don't feel supported. So instantly, if you are talking to the marketplace, and you're saying to them, Have you felt unsupported in things in the past? Now offering that community is a huge missing piece, and I call my sales process that's proprietary to us here and me at Legendary and I don't teach anywhere, I might one day, what's called the puzzle process. Big ideas, you're looking for the missing piece. And one of the biggest missing pieces with people who are potential customers. You know, avatars in this niche feel unsupported. So if you can make them feel supported not by answering all their questions, because if you answer all their questions and do all their work, you're just the person they begin to bully like, like the kid does everybody's homework at school. They have to respect you, you have to earn their respect. And the way that you earn people's respect is you ask them powerful questions. And then you let them give them space to be able to figure it out on their own. Nobody respects somebody who's constantly about advice and unasked for advice in, in leaning in, in sort of always pressuring themselves in forcing themselves on to people. Nobody with that sort of a personality has any real influence over people; they might have the influence of a handful, but not a large quantity. Nobody likes that what people want is they want to grow. They feel happy when they grow. Studies have shown people feel happy when they're growing, versus when they're making more money than they've ever made because the idea of feeling like and growing and progressing in life is what makes a human being. So, you know, by being somebody a facilitator of a group, you have an opportunity to touch all these pieces to help to both speak somebody's language and say, I know you may have felt unsupported in the past, right? Yes. And I'd like to help

you feel more supported but not by giving you all the answers to the questions because I don't have them either. But by May, helping you may be helping you be clear on what your questions are. Right? So you accurately diagnose your problem. And maybe we can write an accurate but right now, this is for every newbie who's listening to this call, and I'm only able to say this after over a decade of experience. Your problem is simply that you don't know how to diagnose your problem. That's it. That's it. You don't know how to diagnose your problem. So you're You're the doctor who's both diagnosing and prescribing and that's why it's a shit show. Right? That's how your financial situation in your business is a shit show. Because you're trying to both diagnose and prescribe medication for the problem. And that's why I'm saying to all of you who are wondering what to do right now? Well, you don't have to be a doctor but be an advocate for people in these Facebook groups in your Facebook group or in other Facebook groups. On TikTok wherever you're marketing and be an advocate for them to help them to get clarity on what it is that they want to help them to get clarity on what it is where they're struggling with help. They get clarity with ultimately what their fears are. And you want to do powerful work that's influential with people, put down the tech talk for a day and talk to people about what is holding them back. What's their fears, what are they afraid of having that passion? Now you get to facilitate and when you share your answer I don't have to give you a bunch of feedback and solve your problem. I just have to say thank you for sharing that was really powerful. I feel like I know you a lot more now. 

Michelle: Right, and that's what you talked about in your Facebook groups. Yeah, you just have to be real. You have to be a person. 

Dave: Yeah. Great conversation. I can go on and on about this because I mean, there's nothing ever what it seems. And here's what I mean by that. You know, we could say hey, you know, today we are going to be talking about Facebook groups. Michelle is just absolutely crushing it. But there's always an underlying success factor. It's never the strategy. It's always the work you do with people because it's all about people all the time. It's just a medium. It's a different platform. But it's how you connect with people and that's why we have to learn how to be facilitators and persuaders. Rather than be dominant type personalities be people who are who's who's the person that you are, you're your most insecure is probably your most loudest and arrogant. If I was going to guess because most people we overcompensate by being, you know, loud and arrogant when we feel our most insecure. So, you know what? What I say is that this business needs more people who'll get further if you help people to, you know, to facilitate their process, instead of helping guide their process and just be a part of their support group. Instead of having to be their doctor and try to be everything to everyone. Your Facebook group can be a place where you simply bring people together and occasionally remind them that you're the host of the group. 

Michelle: Yeah, I like it, that's what you have to do. You have to give people an opportunity to share and they're more comfortable sharing if you share and if you know, admit that there are things that you don't know. Are there things you're struggling with? Because everybody's been through stuff. You've been through stuff. Places, I never want to go again. I've been through things and I know what it's like to be, you know, I miss that car payment, I'm behind on my taxes. I did this, I did that. And when they can see that you're that real person and that you're not afraid to show that stuff. They feel more comfortable asking the questions and then you can get away from that feeling of not knowing what you’re asking. But it's like just being honest and real and sharing. And that's what you use your Facebook for. It really is about supporting it and having a place where people feel comfortable ask questions, because I always say to the kids in my class, like please don't be afraid to ask the question because if you're asking probably five bucks in class who just couldn't get up the guts to ask a question but they need to hear the answer to correct.

Dave: Correct. Well, Michelle, wow. Powerful conversation. Looking forward to a follow up. If you do well back and keep us posted on your journey. 

Michelle: Anytime. I'd love to come back, Dave. Thank you for having me today. Stay warm up there and minus 22. And your husband is just an awesome dude. Tell him I said hi. And we'll talk. Sounds good. We'll come on out. We'll come on a Legendary weekend. I'll bring it along so you can get all pumped up. Sounds fantastic. We'd love to meet him. We'll have many plumber stories to share with each other. I've got a couple of good ones that he'd get a good kick out of. Thanks, Dave. Have a good day. All right my friends my friends my friends follow Michelle @broadmindedmoneymaker. Michelle from Canada, crushing it with both tick tock in the Facebook groups. She's up to 126,000 on TikTok. So awesome conversation this morning. Have a fake. Have a fat weekend. It is Friday. It is coming up on the end of the first month of 2020 to the 28th day and it's a fantastic time to check in and say, you know how's that? How's those 2022 goals going? You know, where's my business app? How many days have I put off going through the training? I mean, just the 15 Day Challenge is a great game of follow throughness. Have you finished that? Is that something we come back to that's okay, come back to and pick it up where you left off. But the meaning of the year has brought a big influx of new customers to legendary and I think it's a sign of a lot of people having new year's resolutions but my challenge or invitation to you would be to don't let that illusion that be a transformation and your future first and dive in and commit and use this weekend maybe to go back as we kind of tried to get you to do and we send out the weekly recap email and listen to this some of the episodes even if you go back on the podcast, I was just looking at the podcasts the other day and go back through some of the older episodes and listen to the audios. It's just as good. And we put the replays of this show obviously leave them here on the Facebook page over on my YouTube channel. You can look me up David Sharpe, or on Wake Up Legendary podcasts. So it's all over. It's there for you and I mean these interviews are gold. You're hearing from people grabbing little nuggets of wisdom and experience just like we did with Michelle telling us how she was successful with what she's doing with her Facebook group, how is she being a leader or a facilitator when she, you know, only got started just a few months ago? You know those questions get answered in these morning sessions. And, you know, a lot of times if you don't pay you don't pay attention but I just challenge you to lean in right now a little bit more than ever before because, you know, we're coming up on the end of that first month of 2022. And that's where everybody starts to forget about those resolutions and big goals they set for themselves just 28 days ago. Do some knock out some things off your to do list, and let's get ready to crush February and I'll see you guys on Monday. Get outta here. Peace.