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Dave: Hey what’s going on my friends this is Dave Share and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This morning we have a gentleman coming in from Canada and he has some good experience with other business models and changing his mindset around money. Aaron, welcome to the show buddy.

Aaron: Hey Dave thanks for having me on. I appreciate it.

Dave: Hey you’re so welcome man. Tell us how you found us and what you were looking for when you did.

Aaron: Yeah, no problem at all. Yeah, so thanks for having me on the show. When I actually first 21 came and I saw someone promoting affiliate marketing all these different other stuff and so, before I even dove in and looked at the business builder challenge or any of the other courses I took my time to kind of just Google YouTube research a lot of that different stuff. And it took me honestly like five or six months, just because of my past experience, I was hesitant about that, and I didn't even want to spend even $1 on something where from my past experience, you know, I wasn't comfortable and wanted to take my time. And so it wasn't until July 2021. I said, Okay, let's do this. Let's start the training program. I think I've done enough research. I've watched enough people go live. And yeah, so I started it and honestly, I haven't looked back, but it actually wasn't even until October 2021 Until I really started making content and doing any of that I still had that kind of concept in my head, where, you know, my past stuff didn't really worked out and that was just dropshipping but other things as well to online, and it couldn't find the model. And the reason for that was I didn't really have the right partner or program that was paired with most of these things, the courses that I have really purchased in the past were, hey, here's a PDF file, just follow these steps. Alright. And that was talking to that on my own and trying to look at documentation and then comparing it to the website and they were all and they didn't have the exact same format because websites are always changing, right? So yeah, it took me quite a bit of time before getting started with Legendary, and I'm really happy that I did because I got to meet a lot of really amazing people. Communities are amazing. Met a lot of really great people and ended up doing it. And now every week we just touch base. We talk about strategies, we talk about what's working, we just catch up, you know, we're all in the same mindset and in that whole community and all those groups that's in there, I'm comfortable asking questions, and all of them people are super responsive. So yeah, it's been an amazing journey. And honestly, like, I'm sure everyone says it but my biggest regret really was not starting sooner. But you know what I started and I'm happy with it. no looking back. 

Dave: Yeah, really, really, really amazing outlook on things. It's, it's, it's so fascinating that there's two ways to look at something, I think, say drop shipping or some of these other business models that you mentioned. I know the one way to look at them is that well, other people are succeeding at it and if they are, you should be able to succeed too, you know, and then there's the school of thought that well, you know, the business model is requiring more from me skill sets, financial you know, influx of cash when you're if you're buying product to be able to house in some of these businesses, you actually have to buy product and you have to you have to hold it or buy it before then you sell it and hopefully you don't get stuck with it and all those kind of things. Why do you think this was? I mean, you mentioned the education and clearly that sounds like night and day from from how we try to approach you know, teaching our students so

but I mean, do you think it has to do with the community in education and helping you to understand the business model? Do you think it was the business model? Do you think it was both? I mean, what do you think has really unlocked your freedom, your confidence to be able to build this business, like a business and feel like you're getting somewhere and actually get some results? 

Aaron: Yeah, that's a great question, Dave. And, you know, in my opinion, I think one of the greatest things that came out of this whole learning course and from starting this whole program, is really the community. Being in an area where it's affordable, even when you're at your lowest you reach out to someone you're talking to and someone's there to help you kind of boost you and help you out and help talk to you about those small wins. versus the other type of programs where I really was okay, here's a PDF, message me on WhatsApp and I'll help you out. You send them a message and then 334 days later, they'll send you something and it's like, you know by that time, that three days pass, you're really just the lows and lower and lower and you're kind of Morales thinking, but with here, the community there's so many people you can reach out to a lot of really great people that are willing to help that have been just supportive. And a lot of the times a lot of them have been where I was, so they understand what questions I have and the feeling that I have and you know, the troubles and going through. So you know, they've been there before. And so they're here willing to help understanding that they've been there at that time. And now they're kind of passing on that knowledge and that help that other people have already have given them you know, just an example recently, Joshua Smith I reached out to him a few times and watch stuff really great guy who I when I started TikTok, I was also seeing a lot of his stuff. And I reached out to him and I didn't think I was going to get a response back. I said hey, what's going on? You know, big fans of your account really love what you're doing. Your content is great. I was hoping maybe you could take a quick look at mine and see if there's any improvements there. And you know,I wasn't sure if it's gonna happen because she is that young and has a big following. And if he does great, and he actually the next couple hours he reaches out to here and what's going on? I really appreciate it. Thanks for reaching out and here's some things and let's talk and he gave me really good advice. And, you know, that's just one example of many that I've been really fortunate to have with this type of community. And now I'm actually able to kind of give that type of feedback and the same advice. A lot of people are asking these questions, and helping them along their journey, as well. So yeah, I know it's been really amazing and the business model as well, has been such a powerful tool in terms of the whole learning process where it's breaking down in a way where you learn on your pace, learn the way that you want to, and it really shows you in a method that's very clear and concise, which is great. And I've done like my background is actually in finance. As An undergrad, I did a master's in international economics. And let me tell you, this course alone has been just more eye opening than some of the other ones that I paid so much money for, and then the commitment and then on top of that the community has been just really awesome and, and supportive. So like I said, I've met a lot of really great people who have gone through each other's counts and nitpick small little details that I would have noticed, but someone else noticed theirs and now they're helping me with this. So yeah, it's really awesome and you know, just the culture around helping people and no matter where they are in terms of their journey for when they started their online business, and it doesn't have to be about doing marketing. Right. What are those other four streams of revenue? And any other questions they have around that there's a lot of people that have advice and that have been willing, able to help and really amazing to have that type of culture. And the community, which is ossia. Well, I think people generally want to help in they just get dominated in these other groups in these other Facebook groups and communities that these other gurus are hosting or or you know, everybody, anybody can put up a Facebook group nowadays, but to learn how to really be a facilitator versus a dominator is a big skill and it really requires a lot of self confidence and it requires you to really be sure of yourself confident in your team confident in your skill sets.

Dave: And I wasn't always like that, you know, I was insecure. One time in life. I was unsure of what I was doing. But you know you stick with this long enough and you do enough work on yourself. And it's not like I've been here for 30 years. I've been doing this for a little over 10 years. But this is not the first community that I've run. I've had other communities before too and there's a real difference between being a facilitator and not taking up all the space in the room. me the one who ultimately is the main figurehead here. I try not to take up so much space that others can't, you know, be the superstar that others can't help somebody, that others can't be there for somebody and you know, I mean if somebody ends up doing capitalistic business inside of our Facebook group well that's that's, that's okay. I'm not afraid of that. I'm not I don't have a lack of mentality. If somebody is poaching people and legitimately trying to rip people off and you know, sell them coaching services, or whatever, and they're shit, that I will go after that person and try to kick them out of our community. But, you know, you're experiencing and you're taking advantage of the power of a community, a real community, a real support system. And it was interesting I don't know if everybody noticed who is listening, but I asked Aaron, you know, what's the biggest difference maker, you know, you didn't go to the money, the business model, any of that stuff you didn't even go to meet or the guru or whoever you had bought you went to the community and I think that's what we all have to realize is that you know, companies come and go people come and go, I mean, things come and go, but you know, it's like relationships Stan has has the time and sometimes the relationships that you are they can and the relationships that you build and the support that you you know, you you ask for and then also give can really help carry you guys through some tough times. And I think so many of us are, as I know I am, used to not asking for help. It's hard to ask for help. It's hard to show weakness and vulnerability and all that but you know, when we when we get into an environment or we create, see that's another thing you can create your own environment to everybody that is safe to share that is safe to fail, that it's safe to be challenged that it's safe to to show your ugly cry. And bring out your skeletons in the closet. Then all of a sudden you have a real chance to grow and succeed.

Aaron: I totally resonate with that. And you know, when I'm talking about the drop shipping and with the community that I was in, though some of the people that have been talking to they were I didn't really at the beginning kind of talk to them and bring up the fact that I lost a lot of money during dropshipping. But during conversations, they were really talking to me about how they failed so many times and other businesses, other models, but they got up. They tried other things because they stayed and became more consistent. And you know, I was still you know, like you said vulnerable and shy and I didn't really want to bring that up. But with the sections sort of community that was there. I was kind of able to talk about that give them an idea of what I was coming from and and even today on the show. I don't I didn't think that even when it started in October making content or even back in January 2021. You and I would be talking and I would be talking telling everybody about you know what I've been going through and how that was for me. And I didn't think I would be able to share that. But here I am now talking to you. And I use that as a way to kind of motivate myself. Look at what, what small wins that I've gone from there. And the things that I've learned from those losses or what and how it translated a lot of them to what I'm doing now. So I'm looking at a lot of those things that have won from there. And as well I'm using a lot of that as a relatability factor for a lot of people that I'm helping talk to and you know, let's break it down to them. Look, I'm not someone that made one or two few TikTok and then it blew up. I'm not someone that got to 30,000 right away. It took me five, almost five months to get there. It was posting every day engaging with the community answering questions. If I didn't know some of the questions that they had, I would take time to google it, research it past someone in the community, and get that answer for them. And then go back and say hey, you know you asked me this is here it is to try to engage them and build that relatability because I think it's such a strong, big factor these days special with everything being digital, right? That relatability factor and you know, this community has really taught me a lot about that but also sharing a lot of the points that I had before and using that now as a driver to help other people and kind of bring that idea to just have people relate to that.

Dave: Yeah. Can I say something? Totally off the wall. It's ridiculous. I want to say something to all of you listening because Aaron just dropped some absolutes, not even gold, it was platinum.

Some of you, some of you would be good to just plan a major disaster in your business. Right? Just utterly fail, right? Just Just screw something up. Because of these stories that are a mess that we don't want anybody to know. The things that we do that we're ashamed of, the things that we do that we don't want to tell anybody, the first day, the first week, the first month of our business, the ugly parts where we don't know anything or understand anything. We want to hide that where we don't make any money for a year. We want to hide that. And the truth is, is that each and every day action, success or failure can that especially if it's a mess can be turned into a message and what you just heard Aaron say and this is why you need to go and listen to this again. He just said that. He pointed out the power of what I'm talking about right now using a mess and turning it into a message saying look, and this is one that came up for me while you were talking Aaron. Let me help you save. How many years have you been doing everything but drugs should be everything? How many years? Three years? 

Aaron: Yeah, three. 

Dave: Okay, let me help you save three years and over $12,000 of your own money on wasted time and things that won't pan out. And let me show you what I finally found. I finally learned that all this money online stuff clicked for me. Click the link in my bio opt in and I'll reveal the exact business in the exact plan that I'm following right now. To be able to actually have multiple failures. So if you've ever failed, if you think that you're a failure, if you've had a challenge, if you think that you can't do it if you never said no. Oh, well. You know this sure works for others, but this won't work for me. Well, I'm going to tell you when you listen to my story and you see what I've gone through, you will know that no matter how many failures, how much ever money that you've wasted, YouTube can be successful because I guarantee my story is worse than yours. Right? That is subconscious be fucking Frank that is so attractive. That is so powerful. But instead what everybody wants to do is hide their mess, hide their mistakes, hide the money that is their way and act like they're perfect. And then think that other people want to buy perfect, nobody wants to buy perfect examples, want to buy ugly messes up, I can screw it up, fail forward, fall down, break my ass, crack my head, get up and still succeed. 

Aaron: Yeah, exactly. And you know that honesty factor there as well too. That's what makes a lot of your followers an audience or any people that you engage with. were inclined to be committed to you to understand that, hey, this person that I'm just watching on tick tock, he's a he's someone that can relate to me. He's gone through all of these struggles, someone that you can connect with, rather than just you know, someone having a tick tock that goes viral and you know, there's a lot less of a story there than for someone who has created so much and gone through all these logs and turned it into small positive wins and they're able to talk about that and help a lot of these other people. It's such a powerful story and kind of gets that going and talking and then building engagement around it. It's natural guilt and shame to release two. Dave: Yeah, that's a shame. Because when you do what you described, and I did it to Aaron, I mean, I had MLMs and all kinds of shit that I joined. I bought all kinds of stuff and it didn't work out and I felt like a big embarrassment. I felt like a big failure. You know, my friends knew me back in 2008 Nine as somebody who ran around and tried to sell them skin lotion, whatever MLM I was in and and they know people know me for that. That's my history. That's where I came from. That's what I did. When I first started. I put magnets on my truck. It was an old rusty truck. I didn't sponsor anybody in my first MLM. I didn't you know, it was ugly. It was embarrassing. When I first started. It was all these things, all these things that you think that you're unique, all of you listening. Oh, I'm embarrassed by this shit. Well, who's not when you suck at something? Everybody's embarrassed a little bit at first, but I hid it and just got better. I posted videos on the internet, where none of my friends and family would see him and I just kept doing it until I got better on video. And then also a couple years later, some of these bastards saw me on video like it's kind of like a Kevin Harrington or a Tony Robbins like just like, while you were out making fun of me. I'm grinding to get better. But my point is I want to go back to the piece some of you need to read the book Brene Brown Daring Greatly because what she described in that book is creating a culture of vulnerability versus creating a culture of ego. Where a culture of ego nobody wants to, nobody can fail. Nobody can make a mistake. Everybody has to be perfect. But in a culture of vulnerability, everybody gets to be human. Aaron: That's exactly a day to like now. I'm not saying that everything I do is perfect. And it's great. I'm still making mistakes left and right. You know, just trying to log into this house. I couldn't really take the mic. Yeah, there's things going on. Like my videos that I made last week. There were some spelling mistakes in there. I'm still making the mistakes. But I'm learning from some of those who say Okay, I gotta double check the syntax. I got to do this a little bit more. And you know, it creates a lot of consistency. It creates a lot of consistency. And if there's one thing I could really kind of like to pass on to a lot of people that are watching, it is for me that what really helped when it created a lot of the consistency was writing it down. And I never used to do that. You know, even when I was in high school and doing all of that I was never writing anything down. And I really looked back and said what are the small things that I could change? That would really benefit me? Because like for me, I have the memory of a goldfish. I will forget what happened an hour ago, three hours ago, someone will tell me you need to remember this. Five seconds later. I forgot. You know, I'm looking at creating comments. Oh, this. This is a really good one. I applied myself, okay. I'll do this tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and I'm like, what was that? thing I really wanted to do? Oh, writing it down. And actually seeing it really helps. And here's a thing as well, when I started in October 2021. And I wrote down one of my goals that I wanted by the end of the year in 2021. And I told myself, I want to be on Wake Up Legendary in the morning. I want to talk with them. I want to share my story. And it didn't happen in 2021 But it didn't stop there. I saw that golden look, I didn't achieve it. But that's okay. What else can I keep doing to achieve that? What can I do? What did I do before that I can do now? What are other things that I can continue to improve on? It's having that going back to that mindset that we were talking about earlier of energy and not focusing on the things that didn't work out, but the things that could work out and the things that you could do to make it work out and looking at all small positive wins. So what really happened in 2021 came out. We didn't have that we didn't have this call in 2021 But I still pushed through and I said look, I want to make this happen. And here we are. February and we're having this call and you know, and yeah, it's amazing. Happy to be chatting with you sharing all these spices and helping a lot hopefully helping a lot of other people as well to kind of build a bit of credit.

Dave: These are the business cards that I collected in the beginning of my journey and there's a whole nother I mean, literally there's probably I wouldn't even though it's hard to look at them. 200,000 I don't know what there's, you know, there's a big basket full of business cards and I used to this was my second phase. This was at first I got a bunch of business cards printed back in 2000, like eight or nine. I was like in an MLM. And I got a bunch of business cards printed and I was handing them out but nobody was calling so I thought oh, I'm gonna be smart and just collect their business cards. I don't like email like lead generation like I'll be the knight. I don't even know what online marketing was. This was 2009. I'm just collecting leads as if I'm a human capture page. I've got a business card I'm just collecting. I'm not telling them what I'm going to do with it. Like I'm gonna harass them to try to sponsor them into some business or sell them some lotion potion or pill. But this is one of the things that I did that didn't work. It hasn't worked in over 10 years. I still got to see how good of a story this is. Worked out it wouldn't be, it would be less powerful. Then this big box of failure that I keep so close now inside of another box to keep it safe in because I like to tell this story. This is a story that is birthed. From me failing, embarrassingly, I mean literally going around collecting people's what more how more could you waste your time in life? I mean, they didn't pick up nobody bought nobody bought a single thing from all this work. You know. So this is an example of a failure in a mess that I now turn into a message the same way Aaron that I the most important pictures in my life. And I tell people to do this all the time. Most important pictures in your life are not the pictures where you are being the man or being the woman you know, standing in front of your new Mercedes Benz or whatever, acting like a hot shot. I mean that the most important pictures that you are going to ever save or that you're ever going to take are going to be the pictures of the beginning of your journey. You know the pictures of you working your job like this. The me obviously they're working construction, you know, running the jackhammer having my brain shaking around in my skull there, you know, or me sitting at the computer that I used to work at when I first got started. that I put on a credit card for $50 a month. You know, these are the things these are the pictures, these are the stories and and I think this is the crux of my entire message over the last, you know, over the last since I've realized how powerful it was, I guess is that the entire your entire business is your message. It is your story. That is I mean you. You don't have anything as an affiliate as an affiliate marketer. You don't have to stock products or make products or do customer service. Because what your role is, is engaging people in directing them to the product and service and how do you best engage them well, you the best way to engage somebody is to put grab a gun and put it to their head you're getting engaged in work like they're going to go look shit, I mean age, but the second best way to engage them is to use a combination of stories, both entertainment, but also education, teach them things that they want to learn to help them get ahead in life. So now you become a fountain of secrets in knowledge. That's how to engage somebody. And that's what we do. That's why getting people's attention by doing hooks telling stories. All these things work. And back to your story of drop 12 grand drop shipping all this different kind of stuff. Three years. Similar to all of you who all also have a story. It will always be your most powerful marketing tool. It's sort of like a nuclear weapon. And you can either leave it in there to just sit there and maybe I'm gonna bring it out one day when I feel good enough, or you can begin to use it. 

Aaron: Yeah, exactly. And you know the thing too is, if you're not really sure how to use that to create or create any of that just create something small. And in time you'll get better at having that message. You'll get better at creating content, you'll get better at creating this engagement. Focus on those skill sets that will allow you to create better engagement and create better videos. So at the beginning one of the things I really like telling a lot of people is don't worry so much about the content you create just post and you're gonna learn to improve all of that. And you know, you look at me you're gonna check off and scroll all the way down and you're gonna see how my videos at the beginning were and the lighting was bad and some of the sounds were much louder than my voice. You can hear me speaking even if it sounds like I was saying anything. They were not good content, but I started growing, looking at a little bit of that and changing a lot of that stuff and put my story a little bit more out there. And you know, it wasn't one video that worked or anything. It was you know, posting every day being consistent talking to me, talking about my story, sharing a lot of that going live and that's helped me grow to where I am. I don't have my stories, not posting what TikTok and blew up. It's been there consistently, making content going to the gym, feeling good. You know looking back at things that didn't work out evaluating on a daily basis, just looking at myself and looking at everything that I got and just taking all the small wins to the next day to the next day. No looking at hey, you know, this video that I made was actually a lot better than my other one. You know, that's a really good one. On to the next day and taking these small wins with you and carrying it. That's how I got to where I was not because one or two TikTok blew up and I got you know, a lot of the followers in there. It was engagement through all of the ones that I've been posting and just being consistent. Just, you know, looking at all the ones that I have engaging with the community, talking to people and like you said, asking for help. Honestly, I was someone before I started this whole big content and even the affiliate marketing journey. I never wanted to ask for help. I was like, I can do this. I could figure it out on Google. I can find it on YouTube. And what did that lead me led me to six months to do my own research before starting and now people ask people in the community and you know, I shaved like months of self due diligence and getting some personal experience on how they've been able to kind of, you know, come across a problem, fix it. And I think rather than reading and watching YouTube videos, but having a personal experience from somebody sharing that advice that really helped create that engagement within this unit person and allow you to kind of understand it a lot more. 

Dave: So, yeah. Very, very true. And just such incredible insights in this is what I find that people who go through the most know the most because you have the most experience and that's I think another major reason why you want to soak up every single day the good the bad, is because you're building valuable experience that you can then talk freely and openly and clearly about like Aaron's done throughout this the show today. And who would have thunk IT mean if you look at the percentages of time in which you are going through struggle some might call failure in the times in which you're going through success and some happiness here.

The time in which you were struggling in quote failing was much larger than the time you're now succeeding. But what's interesting is that your knowledge is much larger. Your knowledge you're actually if this was the amount of time that you failed, and this was the amount of time that you've succeeded. It's almost like your knowledge is double that it's almost like you know, you get the knowledge to be from all of the challenges, you know, you get all of this knowledge from this part of the timeline. Ver even though you have succeeded for maybe only a couple of months, this experience when you start succeeding with yours. It's it's almost like you know what you did wrong in like, you can teach people what not to do. And all that experience ends up being just endless content and endless things that you can talk and teach about. And that's one of the reasons why I say and want to say again, embrace your challenge. It's not a challenge. It's just the beginning of the journey. It always is gonna feel a little shitty getting it up off the ground at the beginning. You're what you're building your experience. Yeah, and there's nothing more valuable than that. 

Aaron: Yeah, exactly. You know, I always keep telling a lot of people that they fall in love with the process. There's a lot of pain points, and it's going to be really low times but I fall in love with the process. Because the success you mentioned is very small. It'll feel really good when you get there and who knows that one day where you don't want to do anything. You don't want anything, you don't want to go to the gym. That's when you need to go to the gym. That's when you need to create all that stuff. That's when you need to kind of put your head down and start looking at stuff that you've done before that didn't work out and evaluate. Those are the days that that success that small amount of success may hit, right. So it's just pushing yourself and telling yourself and looking at those small little wins and the data doesn't feel like you want to do it because the days that you should be doing Yeah, man shout out to Andrea says I overcame my fear of being in front of the camera. The next step is this one step at a time. Awesome.

Love it. Love it. I am learning I have to keep posting seven days a week so I have a schedule set for me to do so. Nice Raya actually is one of the people that reached out to me as well. She has been going back and forth, talking about advice and I've been giving her some of my personal advice and experience as well too. So that's really awesome.

Dave: Yeah, really cool. Really cool. We got Aaron's TikTok. You're up on the screen right now. Aaron, dude, awesome conversation. Love your name, my wife's name, but of course spelled Erin and the man spelling is Aaron, right? For those of you who are those of you who you know, get confused on spellings of names that are used like that. That was one that I had to learn late like when I made that mistake. And then of course I met my wife. It never made sense. So anyways, man, really good stuff proud of you, bro. Proud of you. Really, really happy. I mean that man. I mean that you're going to have a great attitude. And I know you've been through some shit. And now you're here and it's all been worth it. 

Aaron: For sure. Yeah. I'm happy to be chatting with you. And, you know, like I said, I didn't really think back then that I'd be in a position to share all my experiences and share all the stuff that I've been going through and be open about it. But now I'm able to do that and I'm happy to kind of share a lot of these things and help people along the way as well too. And just really cool being on this talk and talking with you and having all this so it's really awesome and just great. Dave: Well, I like to talk to people that buy stuff from me you know what I mean? To make sure it's working out, you know, and be there you know, it'd be there I think now is what I'm trying to model for everybody in this community is is is a different way of doing internet marketing. We've got a bad rap. You know, we've got a bad rap from other bad apples who who sell stuff because the internet's not regulated and then they just disappear or it's a shitty experience or they're just don't have any clue how to be professionals and you know, we're just here at legendary trying to create a, what it might look like here to have real unconventional free knowledge, meaning that it's not regulated or we're not told what we can teach or not teach, but do it in a way that, you know, do it in a way that makes sense and that helps people succeed. And the way that people succeed is they feel supported. And they feel like you know, they've got people that they're doing it with, I mean, we're not in the Armageddon, this isn't an apocalypse, you're not the only human being left on earth. So we still get to do some things together. And when we can do those in an environment and feel you know, even though some of you are hard on yourself, I am too. I'm very critical of myself. If you share that in which you're saying quietly in your head that's driving you crazy. You put that out into a group or say that live out in the open to somebody in our community who may be you. You say hey, I'd like to try to build my support group and you really try to go about it. With good intention. That person is not going to continue to leave the bullshit that you're believing, you know. So that's one of the things that Aaron mentioned is he was able to meet some people in the community and start a little WhatsApp chat or their own little Facebook group or Private Messenger chat or just I know people who do weekly zooms I'm not talking about folks getting sold into the, you know, the little goblin in your Facebook Messenger who's trying to sell you a little coaching program and go get in their Facebook group. I'm talking about friends who do shit and help each other for free. It's called a support group. If you've never had one, try it. You know, because it may be helpful, maybe helpful to you may be helpful for you to get outside of yourself. The thing that I find really useful is getting feedback from other people, you know, getting feedback. Hey, give me your feedback. Hey, look, I went out and tested this, I tried this. This is what I'm seeing. What do you see from these numbers? You know, and I made sure to give that example that you already went out and tried it not just, you know, we need to make sure that we don't get people in our support group who have the same challenges that we do. Like if you're a perfectionist, try to find somebody who's not a perfectionist and make sure they're in your support group. Make sure they're there because you need different personalities and different perspectives but anybody who would have you giving them feedback and encouragement and I just respect and honor your journey and your all the work that it took to get to where you're at right now. I know it wasn't cheap and it didn't come fast. But I believe that it's going to come back to you 100 fold in you know, the next decade of your life here with these skills in what you know now will be the most prosperous decade of your life and I'm really looking forward to, you know, to seeing that please come back in a couple of months. Email me, let me know, back on the show and you got updates for us and things are moving for you and keep up the great work brother. Thanks, David. Appreciate that. Yeah, for sure. That's on my goal the second time for Wake Up morning with legendary that's on my list. So I'm hoping to have that so it'll be a great follow up. Well, the most important is always the follow up. You know what I mean? It's kind of like, well, how are they doing now? So come back and see us man. Right. Awesome. All right, brother. I appreciate it. You can follow Aaron at digital marketing coach that's his handle on Tik Tok. So check that out. All right, go check that out. And have a fantastic Friday. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. My friends have a fantastic Friday. Get out of here. Make it come say hi. Make an investment in yourself. And take some time this weekend to get ready to have a great week. again next week. Be Legendary. Peace out, see you all.