Are you battling with the details of what it takes to actually start making money online?  I know that battle all too well.  There's so much BULL circulating that it seems like those who really know what to do only want to share it AFTER you fork out a small fortune – and even then they still hold back.  Sound familiar?


As we gear up for our annual Sales & Marketing Experience (February 2nd-4th in St. Petersburg, Florida), I thought this might be a good jump-start in your efforts to make money.

Today, we begin a 4-part series that will explain in detail the necessary pieces that have to be in place in order for you to start making money online.  

Here's the secret: there is no secret!  It boils down to basic principles that have worked in marketing for 1000's of years.  It has very little to do with the internet specifically.  However, what you're about to learn over the next several days is the adaptation needed for it to work online – and work for YOU.  Make sense?

So the question is, what's the first step in the process to making money online, even if you've never made one red cent?  Let's first list the 4 things you will need.  The remainder of today's training will completely focus on the FIRST thing you need to start making money online.

  1. A Quality Value Exchange Between You And Those You Want To Serve
  2. A Growing List Of People You've helped From Step 1 Above
  3. A System For Building Relationships & Authority With The List
  4. Make The RIGHT offer at the RIGHT Time Unapologetically


When I first attempted to make money online nearly 10 years ago, I kept hearing it said over and over, “you have to give value to the marketplace.”  Can I be brutally honest here?  I had no freakin' idea what that actually meant!  In my day to day life, that kind of talk wasn't happening, so it confused me.

Imagine someone carrying around a box that has a broken item inside.  They are searching for someone to teach them how to fix it.  They come upon you and you are also carrying a box that has the “fix” instructions inside.  You exchange your fix for their broken item.  THAT'S THE DEFINITION OF GIVING VALUE.  It's an exchange that you make that leaves someone better than they were before connecting with you.

In other words, when you are able to do one of the following 4 things, you have successfully given value:

  1. Give a quality solution to a problem (“I'm having a problem with _______.”
  2. Give a quality answer to a question (I have a question about _______.”
  3. Give quality relief to pain (I'm suffering from _______.”
  4. Give quality advice to a given situation (I need advice on how to _______.”

In the following video I break down an example that should anchor the point.  WATCH IT BELOW.

Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off here and talk about the next piece of the puzzle when it comes to making money online.  What I want you to do until then is identify:

  1. Who do you serve with your business?
  2. What are the “boxes” that they carry around with “broken” items?
  3. What is the “fix” in your box that you can exchange with them and make them better?

Do you believe this content is share-worthy?  If so, please share it with those who you believe could benefit – specifically those who are looking for the secret to making money online.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 where we dive into how to grow a quality list of people who you've helped from step 1 and exactly what needs to happen to get you closer to the cash.

Until then, go forth in victory!

Coach Larry
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