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Matt: All right, happy Tuesday. Hey, welcome to wake up legendary. excited that you're here if you don't know me already or you've never met me, my name is Matt and I handle a good bit of the marketing here at legendary. We are live every single day Monday through Friday. It's pre recorded.We go live at 10am Eastern, we've always got guests lined up and there's people who tune into the shows live with us. And via recordings or podcasts or you name it from all over the world, all different time zones. It's a cool show and it's a cool way for you to wake up every single day excited with some motivation a little bit of energy, right and there's a lot of shit that I mean, there's just been a lot going on for the last two or three years and, and one way to sort of, you know, fend off some of the nonsense and some of the never ending new cycles is just to wake up and say hey, or or maybe you're, you know, overseas in the UK or something or in Europe and you're like, alright, well I'm not, this isn't wake up, for me. It's kind of like ending my day but it's a different way to engage with your day and with your life. And with your business to get up to show up to these every single day and to just constantly hear about normal people. Who are having big time success. People who you know started from literally zero, ground zero at nothing. And as everybody does, but especially on this show. It's just normal people. And so we've got basically what we do for a format of our show is we just line up guests we haven't booked around three weeks to a month out. We've got a full slate of people who are just finding success online. And we bring them on the show and we chat about what's working, what they've done to achieve and find success online. And what's been speedy, what's been a struggle, what's been easy. And so we're gonna bring on RJ today and he's been. I think when I read through his things he's done landscaping contracting, I'll let him tell the story but I'm excited and so let's welcome him in.

RJ: Good morning. How are you doing? I'm good. How are you? Good. I have to tell you something you helped me before I ever ran across legendary. So when do you think that those YouTube videos are archival that nobody watches? I remember specifically a couple that actually led me to legendary. So when we think about some of the stuff that's stuck on the internet, you think oh, I forgot about somebody gaining some knowledge of that. And I remember your YouTube video.

Matt: Yeah, cool. Very cool. Like how long ago, like five years ago? More recently?

RJ: The video was open. Yeah, it was more recent because I hadn't pursued it. I didn't know what digital marketing was. I had no idea, but I knew I wanted to make money online. I've been. I've been trying for 20 years, all the way through and I've had little successes and tremendous failures. You know, where I spend a lot of money on stuff but I didn't really it just didn't work. And I kept seeing other people doing it. And I'm like, why can't I don't understand why I can't do this? So something finally has to give. You know, it's hard not to make this commercial because I've had a really good experience. When I was starting to get commissions, I was so shocked. My wife thought I was injured because when my first forefinger commission came in, I screamed, she thought I felt there. And I was screaming like a little girl, you know, and I'm like, That's the sound but somebody just paid me four figures for passing on some information and following through. And they're the people that are

Matt: Super cool. Super, super cool, man. Yeah, i i So you you're in Washington State right,

RJ: Washington State yeah. I'm on the east side of the state of Spokane. We border Idaho and get to enjoy it. 

Matt: You've done things like eBay. Tell us a little bit about back in the day your experiments. And I'm also just curious like what got you I mean, is this just a non stop entrepreneurial? Itch you've always had?

RJ: Because my father started from nothing, they built retail stores and then they dealt with recessions like where they were, they weren't doing so hot. They bought their big time travelers. So they bought and sold property in Panama, Hawaii. And then kids are kind of spread out all over the place. My brother lives in Spain so they would use that as an excuse to go see family and friends. They're pretty. So the entrepreneurial bug in our family is out of control. Like I add all over the board, my brain never stops and so it's perfect for me. I can't sit this way as long as I'll ever be able to sit. I gotta. I gotta get up. I gotta be moving. That's it.

Matt: I love it. I love it. That's cool. That's cool. You got the edge. I feel like I had an itch when I was younger. My mom will work a job but then she needed a way to stay home when I was little. And it's like well, like who were going to take a care tour in such a small town there was like nobody has reliable daycare. So she started her own hair cutting business at home. We built out a little area in our house and she just did our house and when I was in I think fourth or fifth third third grade maybe she made me do the paper out for our town. And you know there were other kids who had done the paper around the past and they drove around in cars or they had like they bought like you know the John Deere gators. That they bought one of those like a family and they would do it. My mom was like, No, we're putting a basket on the front of your wife knew or going out and doing and so it was just this weird thing where like she from a very early age was like hey look like when when you've got I think I just looked on and just realized like, wow, okay, like there's just opportunities in the world where he can make money and figure it out. And so it became this opportunistic thing. Tell me about the eBay days because I also made stuff too.

RJ: I went in there and I was looking at what was selling what they were promoting. I saw I found ephemera, and I found it's been advertising vintage postcards and stuff like that. And I've always been totally into print. You know, I ran my parents' company for several years. So I had a design, marketing and photographic background. And I I just thought this is a perfect match and I'll resell these specific items and I found somebody that just killed it. And I'm like, Well, I went out and bought like $1,000 worth of old Life magazine, a big yard sale, and I started putting out these really cool movie ads and stuff and at first, then the market became saturated. But by that time I'd already been alive, spent all the money doing that traveling. I bought all this stuff and then I bonded to the store program program and without ripping on the eBay too hard. I'm gonna try to keep this constructive. They just decided they got a new leader on the side of the storage program, which is what I invested for five years wasn't anything that was going to be visible. And so 1000s of stores overnight, just said I wouldn't want those five years of my life. I bought a trade you could do in time for me. I just started making money. But that's time and they got me here. And I still use it occasionally . I like bringing them in at eBay that's very controlled. No everlasting.

Matt: So tell us enough about me tell us a little bit about how you found legendary and then and then I mean specifically what's been your experience like when you purchased legendary since you've been trying to make money for so long? What did you feel like when you were going through our training? What was that like?

RJ: What's hard when people get on here and right now? I think touching people I mean, I almost doubled my population which is still small, but they're the right people that the people that are that are interested in, they're looking for another way. And finally think I'm engaging with my content to let people know that I'm not. And, and, and so, and that's what I needed, because you know, you'd have enough failures and something you start questioning. If you can ever make it happen and be an eternal optimist. My dad was that sometimes. People get on there and they'll and they'll just say you know, you suck or this or whatever, And so my guy was me. Big Daddy from the UK, you know, the entrepreneur guy. He's been on your show a bunch of times. Yeah, he's the man and so when I saw him he's another dude like me, and I could relate to him instantly. Tonight. I'm going to be doing my live then. So he brought me in, and in October I usually do snow and I'm not doing snow anymore. And the reason I'm doing this, I'm getting older and my business is good to me. But I don't want to burn my body completely. You know, I can't do what I used to do and it's very hard to find anybody anymore. That wants to do physical labor. And at any rate, and so the writing's on the wall, it's like I've got at least had to do something else. And I like what I do. I like my customers, but I don't want to be doing this in 10 years. So right when it was like I got it for me and then I started in and then I started to believe you guys. And I started to believe that it was possible and you know it rang true for me. But you gotta put in a lot of work and people and that's my little thing. Not crazy about it. Other marketers feel like they really focus on and I suppose I'm guilty of it, but I really try to convey that. Yeah, that's there for you. Success is unlimited. But when you get done with that course, your work if you want this to work, man, you're clocking and that's what I want. And it's part of the process. Do you think he is doing two hours a day? I think that he could do two hours a day now he put himself in that position but he's aware he's at work when you see him online. He does his work and so anyways, if anything, I really tried for me personally. I try to really hedge and so yeah, absolutely because I believe that I believe in that dream but it's you're not going to sit at home online all day and just have checks roll.

Matt: Let's say so. So this was in terms of affiliate marketing or in terms of referral based marketing. Was it a little new to you? Was it newer? Had you I mean, had you done something like this before? had most of your stuff been like selling through eBay and doing stuff that way?

RJ: Well, I'm also on merch. I do have a print on demand. Amazon and I love it. But, you know, you've got to be committed long term I did. They just bought me 500 designs, and I'm 57 right now let's say I've got like five designs that sell really well. But you know it's five bucks, three bucks a shirt, whatever. But at the time 65 I'm looking long term just for that one revenue stream. Because I've got it kind of figured out if I do a design a day that takes 10 minutes and the audience decides that they want it or not, you know and and so hopefully by then I'm already making money with I don't even know it just shows up in my mind. I've been dealing with learning how to do affiliate marketing, so I haven't been paying as much attention and affiliate marketing is paying substantially more. So that's what I'm putting my focus on, but I'm not giving up on it. I mean, by the time I'm 65 I could easily have several $1,000 coming in a month without ever doing one thing and that's why that's my personal experience. And it takes time to do that. I think people quit too quickly. They quit right before the good stuff happens. Energy. So what if the next day was the day you got your first commission and gave you that hope? 

Matt: Yeah. And also I mean, I think that I've determined I like that I've determined basically from looking from from looking at my entire, like, let's say about 11 or 12 years in the industry, or just having knowledge of the industry having been in the industry purchase courses and stuff. I've now kind of determined that at some point down the road if you were to stay in this long enough. And not just buy courses, but actually build funnels, actually run ads to actually create content, and actually figure it out. Whether you're in doesn't really matter even what niche you'd be in. I mean if you're in the dog training niche if you'd be in the in the weight loss niche, I mean, at some point you're gonna figure something out right over the course of five or 10 years or something and now some people are like, Oh my god, five or 10 years mean look some people that we've seen have done way faster than that. And it's bigger businesses. But the point that I'm trying to make is to me, I now just kind of feel like it's inevitable. Like, I don't see it as like, maybe it'll happen someday. But the more time and energy and commitment. It just is like yeah, it's it's the more that you have over the course of 10 years, the more likely you are to be successful. And in my opinion, I would say it's almost inevitable. It's as close to inevitable as it could be. Because when you stick around that long and put in the hours like you were saying with Ian, or with you, like the amount of hours you simply pour into something, it's you make connections and you figure out designs and you figure out how the industry works and you figure out little things every day is a new little nugget. It feels like oh, that's not not, you know, maybe it's not a game changer. But every one of those little nuggets that you feel suddenly you look back and you're like cheese, like I've got all this knowledge and I wouldn't even know how to condense it down. Like how do I even explain all of that. And that's when you're at the point of mastery, I think. Yeah, and that's really good.

RJ: It's comprehensive, I believe, and it's just like anything else. I've been 25 years. I didn't know very much when I knew what I could service because I was sold because I don't want to know, and that's why these new variants. And so that's that. I do think my dad used to have a lot but he would either believe what he can or you can't and so, and he didn't just beat a dead horse she jerked. You know, I mean, he would beat on it until like, and that's another one of my family. If you want something that my daughter will ride engineering, it's all paid for and it's all because she has a giant brain probably from her mother. But she has persistence and my son is that way. That's the thing and I've got him involved. I want to create a legacy for him because now he's going through the 15 day challenge right now. And it's awesome. That's cool. Great legacy and, and this affiliate link. I knew about it. I knew a blogger. I know what they're doing. They're recommending this thing, which they believe in. They just told me about it, but I know they're gonna pay it off. How do I do that? And my accountant, I'm like, Dude, I'm too old for this landscape. And I go, I'm trying to make money on loan. I did this. You just do it. Because I can't tell you they are. But I got these 30 year olds, like five families, and they're one of them making a couple of dollars just to figure this stuff out. They go on and they read lines. They read their housing niche and where they do carpets and rugs and they show how they were living in their house and rehab. Nobody else works anywhere else. husband works there while it works there. And it's like wow, that that sounds like the best. How could it get any better? You know, in 10 years, I know where a normal job is, you're going to have the same job, you're gonna make a little bit more money and then you're gonna be a little older. You blink and 10 years go by when your mind I'm telling people don't get that and I see the clock run on people get to be my it's you can hear it ticking when you walk down the street. It's just if you want to get some stuff done you better do it now.


Matt: This new Kanye West documentary came out. It's a three part thing on Netflix about his life and I got to check that out. This guy, this guy who filmed him for 20 years finally put this out and one of the big things that stood out to me was something you just said which is basically like he kind of views all humans as creators. And he's like, that's that's kind of what we're here for. I mean, we're here to create, we're here to make and he said he actually said a phrase that Dave has said for a long time at masterminds and events is stuff which he said, I mean, it's your time. What are you going to do? You know, what are you going to make right now is your time. What are you going to make? What are you going to create? What is it like? What are you going to do? We got whatever we got 100 years later, maybe if we're lucky. We're gonna make what are you going to create? How's it you know? And I thought that kind of matches up exactly with what you were saying, which is like, you know, here the clock is ticking and it gets louder and it's like, damn, alright, but, you know, how are we going to figure this out?

RJ: Well, life's pretty, you know? It's not always it doesn't always feel like it's great, but the biggest lessons I've learned is gigantic failure or, you know, transition and not feeling someone die, you know, and going through that grieving process and going through that. That pain and then you choose, do I want to turn this into some positive light? I mean, what better way to take that energy acknowledged. I mean, it's there. I deal with my crap from the past just like other people do. Sometimes you wake up and they're in the forefront. of your head and you're like, Man, that's out and then now let's channel that let's take that person that's gone or the problem that was there. Let's solve that problem. Doing something that maybe could help somebody else. I love it when people take it and they get it and it's hard. Watching people go through the course and do like a lot of people do seem going through their day and then they stop and then hey, why life got in the way and at the same life you want.

Matt: Yeah, 100% That's right. Yeah. And there's a lot of people here in the comments who agree. And yeah, it's, yeah, I get it. I don't totally get it, but I get it. I mean, I think all humans get to a certain extent which is that we have the same shared reality which is like the clock's ticking man, like Cresco. And I do kind of resonate a lot with the like, one thing that stands out to me about your story and journey is sort of being like having eyes for opportunity, but not having eyes for shiny objects. Like I think there's a subtle difference there which is having eyes and ears for where is the opera? Where's the opportunity, also matching it with? matching it with current experience? So what one cat like when I'm coaching somebody when I'm having, I don't really do coaching, but if I see somebody who's really willing and wanting to jump into an opportunity, just because the opportunity is there, and it doesn't really match anything, their skill set, anything, you know, whatever. Sometimes I can get a little bit like, okay, cool. It might work. Like you can probably figure it out. But I find that a lot of times when people apply themselves into a strategy or apply themselves into a business model, and bring sort of a collective knowledge of like, well, here's my experience, you know, I've got parents who did this business, I helped run it, I combined those pieces. It's like, you know, spinning a Rubik's cube a little bit and kind of figuring out like, how do these pieces fit together? And how do I have opportunistic eyes? To see the different things moving in front of me and you know what I mean? So, I do think that in some ways, that feels like a really powerful takeaway for me about your story and journey and which is, you know, there's tons of opportunity out there one is you got to see it, but two is knowing yourself enough to be like are, you know, I'm gonna send the and you can find people stick around for this longer and catch.

Two, she's trying to just merely mimic or mirror somebody else, which can work and does work really well for a time and eventually you've got to find that voice you got to find kind of your own unique path. If you're going to be entrepreneurial, finding that unique path for yourself, being innovative, being creative, maybe working off of a model of someone else, but you've got to really learn to combine your learned history learned experience with what you've gotten, I just want to say I feel like that's cool to hear you and see and witness you do that.

RJ: Won't be even me that I'm gonna I've just started so many businesses and I've had success with quite a few. But that fear of the unknown is what gets and I get permission from my parents who like I have friends that are just and family just, we're just we just marvel at it. My dad's 93 My mom's 91 My mother, right now as we sit here, is on an African safari with my other two systems, and she's 91 years old, during Co Op. So that's the kind of stock that I come from. And so they've given me this permission to think outside the box. So that's my normal and some people and I've had that conversation that you have, you know, I'm not going to sell this. This is what it is. This is what it did for me if you don't if you if that's not in your wheelhouse and it never will be and you hate your job, you better find a better job. This is a good thing, but it's not a good thing for everybody. What I did to someone who I'm TikTok with, I'm 57 years old, making videos I explained to people, my buddies and they're very, very forgiving people. They're just common and supportive. And I'm not at this high school. And they just kind of look at me like they don't understand. And then and then I check in a month later and I go dude, I just got $1,300 Check or, you know, for revenue, doing this thing that I like, and I got to be creative which I haven't a long time and and then just like now they all want to know about like, I go on and I don't like to sell my friends but I believe in the product. So I just told the truth, but I never want people to do well, you're gonna do this you're gonna have to do this. I'm like, Well, yeah, there's no more information available. Not just here, but anywhere. And I go to McDonald's, and they're gonna say every time you go in there, do you want to supersize that feel like and I felt that way when I first met you guys when I was first going through like oh, this can't be right. This can't be legit, and it was legit all the way through. But you guys were also teaching me the art of the upsell at the same time. So it was a blast by telling God I know once I go once you're out of the loop and you decide if you don't want to do that these people aren't going to contact you. Like so. So when you there gives you every opportunity to better yourself, you know, and and and so that was my big thing after I talked to my advisor and stuff. I was worried about that call. Because people just think I don't know they just get caught up in the negative and they feel like everything's a scam. And this is something that they could do without legend. There could be a lot. I wouldn't, I wouldn't start anybody. Knowing what I know now and seeing everybody out there hoping for their own products and stuff like that. I wouldn't start anybody on anything other than the 15 Day Challenge. And I'm not that, it's not just a commercial, because it covers all, all that you need to know. And that gives you a community of people. Can I say hi to a couple people that I wanted to say hi to cavion spires? He's another one that started about one I did. So we go in and check out each other's stuff and as we improve and also make money with Amy she's just I mean her videos it just like next level I learned so much from these two ladies. Yeah, they just kind of adopted me we'd like and then I've adopted three or four people that are into it. And then they start thinking, Oh, I can't do this. I'm not making any money and I'm like, You're almost there. You're almost there. So we're, we're that this community, the people that get it. Our fans are fantastic and to be able to support each other that's been like the next thing it's like wow, so I met somebody we never met but online, met some California helps me and somebody from Georgia that helps me and I helped them and they got a good video he definitely like definitely comment that helps the algorithm it's it's been a that's been a surprisingly cool thing. You don't want anything but success. You don't want anything from them other than their friendship and their guidance. That's cool. Yeah, that

Matt: That is one that is one of the biggest, it might just be you know, even if you never had the course. Even if you didn't have any of the actual material, it would easily be worth it would easily be worth seven, it easily be worth $100. Just to know what people inside of our community are doing in terms of creating content and referring people to different affiliate products all over the internet. It would be worth $100 Just to be able to know somebody like Amy or the first I can't remember.

RJ: Yeah absolutely.

Matt: That's worth $100 but more or less $7 Like that's kind of stupid. It's silly, you know, commercial or I need to know it is one of the reasons why our clients. It's almost a joke that dollars like, you don't have any of it like it's not a big deal. But either way if you do or if you don't, but no one's coming

RJ: To your house. Right? Why do they feel like oh, they're not gonna get me or I'm not gonna get my money bad. Fleet and total opposite what it says in there. The end. It's not, oh, we're gonna screw on this whole thing on the way. No, you're, you're done. We're done. You know, like, come back if you want to. And that was cool. I had my antennas come up after I took the course. And during the course you know, my brain just going wow, I can do this, this and this. And then you look around and when people doubt it back. I'm gonna start making videos about the stuff. There's not anyone on the planet. And we're talking billionaires here that don't have a master class. Ron Howard. That's a masterclass Oprah as a master the big you think that these are stupid people to Clinton tower masterclass, to learn directly from them and they charge a lot for it, but they have specific knowledge that no one else has whether you like their knowledge I didn't get it until I started taking the course I'm looking at these people just murdering it. Just they're taking all their life experience and taking their knowledge Everything they learn and they're packaging it for you. You can't get it anywhere else. And that's all I'm doing. I bought this product and everything. And then I see other products that would complement legendary and what you guys know, promoted as well. And so yeah, like I said, I couldn't be happier. 

Matt: Yeah, I mean, you're getting after it. And I've seen a couple of your videos and yeah, you're killing it. And I feel like figuring out unique voice figuring out what we're I feel like there's this balance that I see people strike and feel like you're striking this balance of like finding your own voice and how that works in the social media, specifically short form social media, you know, you've got a voice everywhere else and you've been around the block and all this stuff, but then it's like, I find my voice in this little like, short form seven second 32nd 62nd video content like that unique thing, and then also dialing into like, well what's going to get views and how do I get more views and how do I actually work this algorithm? How do I find those two elements? And grow a brand? That to me is, you know, something that I look at, you know, somebody like Calvin Hill or somebody like Stacy Law who's been doing Oh, yeah. And just kind of killing it, crushing out super consistent. And you know, there's this yeah, there's a lot of different stages of growth and also of you know, potentially people just kind of quit and then phasing out and being like, you know, this was fun, but here we go. I'm gonna move on to the next thing. And that's cool, but I really really Yeah, yeah, it's it's a, it's just an interesting game. But

RJ: Why can't it be a tool in your arsenal? If you go if you have a brick and mortar like I do. I've learned things through this course that I can use my brick and mortar to market and it made the funnel system so easy. So I will tell you with my ClickFunnels to do it, I have a salesman out there doing what I normally have to ask for and I hate. I love really hard information. I love being able to go, this was the quote we gave you because I want to fulfill I want to exceed people's expectations. But when you talk, there's no written record. And so a lot of people were without ripping on people. It's human nature. It's like I don't remember it that way. Well, when you could say well, we talked on this day, remember this, and I want to be satisfied with what I told you. I could do it, but I don't want to work for free. So somewhere in between there. We got it. We can figure this thing out together. Totally.

Matt: All right. Well, RJ for people who are out there and creating their first few videos, starting their channels, I won't give you the last word. What would you say to those people who are just getting started just starting to figure it out just like they're a little worried or somebody like, or somebody right here like Jacqueline Let's speak to somebody who just voiced this. My problem is just consistency. What would you say to somebody who's like I want to sit down? I want to make content every day. I don't want to be consistent. I want to grow a business.

RJ: But an easy one for me because like I mentioned, you know, squirrels all over the board add but the consistency and detail there's certain parts of your life you have to have that discipline doesn't have to be the same time every day. And what I explained to her is, you know, like, like Amy does, she'll shoot a video anywhere. And she knows once you get a little bit better at it, you can do it without much thought at all. So get your point across with a 15 second video, a little bit of graphics. She just killed it. I learned a lot from her and CCLA I learned about her. She's the one that brought me to lead under her video on YouTube, that gigantic monster thing and where she just went through the whole system till the end and I saw her on live here. And her motivation is what a lot of people I could see. This is bigger than anything else. Right now. We're all going through a strange time. I'd like to address it. And she would say she's saying kind of there's their struggle. And one of the big motivations that kept her going was I don't have to live here. I don't want to if I hate it so much. This is one of the few things and that's why I try to remind people so someone likes back to what I was talking about. Look for other people's videos, do not steal them directly, but the idea can be borrowed and turned into you. I discovered something this week that people ahead of me that know more than me are very familiar with. But I just did it. I knew I didn't do it but I went into my cover. Start looking at the hashtags. Really, really well. Two of those videos, my take on it, and I almost don't have doing certain things resonates with people these words I thought I felt stupid saying but they capture their attention they the cadence of it the subtleties all and it made a huge difference. So I gotta remember that I don't bother the good stuff from people and then make it yours. And that consistency to address that again. It's got to be like eating, you're not going to forget to eat. You know, if you're looking for something that's going to really benefit your life and change your life. You have to look at it as this I'm going to give even if you just give it six months. Yeah. But when you get over those six months, you're gonna know what you missed. You know, you're gonna know that they could see guys like me on here. Going. Yeah, I've got more, maybe I had a bad month last month, but I'm still working at my landscape company. But my job is to transition out of it. By the time I'm 65 There's no way I'd like to. I'd like this to be my last season and I'm going to work for that's my goal. Yep, we'll see if that happens. I'll let you know for sure.

Matt: Well, you can you can always come back

RJ: A lot of people that are on here right now I would get anxious because so many two people knew more than I did. And you guys would be talking about stuff. I didn't even know what it was, and so on. And so all this load of information through a firehose coming at me. It's like I can't do it. Well, I'm going to tell her right now. Bite Size. Eat that elephant, one bite at a time and block the rest. out until you figure that one thing out and disregard today I'm going to learn under trial and this one thing and if I don't learn then you progress to the next thing. New Filter for your video and new friendships or alliances from other legendary people online then you can support each other and like each other. Whatever, just bite sized pieces or you get overwhelmed and freak out and you want to quit.

Matt: Yeah. Well, cool, man. I'm going to put up your ticket here. Thanks for coming on the show.

RJ: Thank you, everybody, and appreciate it. Thanks. And like I said, go out there and we're gonna, we're gonna keep going and hopefully I come back with a quick

Matt: Cool, nice to meet you. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for taking time. All this is great. Thank you for the itch so you gotta get going. You gotta get out of here.

RJ: I'm gonna put it here. I'm gonna make a video. Alright, see you too. Alright guys.

Matt: He's a hustle dot dude. Very easy to remember. And you can find him on Tik Tok. Go find him. Leave him a little comment. Say hey dude saw you on wakeup legend. It was a great show. Tell him a little bit about what you enjoyed most, side dot hustle, dot dude. And I'm going to put this tic tac toe in the comments here as well. Oh, alright. And also for those of you who are still here, if you want to, well, you should want to, you should want to wake up every single day with this show. You'll get a short little text message reminder every single day that we go live. We don't send you extra stuff. We don't send you a bunch of BS. It's literally just here it is. Here's what it looks like. This is what it looks like. Alright, so it says if you're worried it's too late to start something new, RJ new blah, blah, blah. And if you tap that thing, boom, you're going to come right into our little Facebook right here. Boom, there it is. And it's a live video, hit play. And we're alive, man. I mean, there we are the videos playing. So anyway, thanks for everybody tuning in. Go give RJ a follow at side hustle, dude, tell him what's up and pick his brain for some tips. And we'll be back here tomorrow, same time. Same place. Peace.