Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary. And we have an exciting guest this morning. I'm excited to talk to him. He's going to talk about going live. How that can benefit Grow Your Business, explode your business even gee whiz. I think we're live right now but that's besides the point. I go live every day. She must work. Yeah, social proof, no better way to show your customers that you're real than to just talk real and in the flesh with them. If you didn't hear, we are or were awarded a spot in the Inc 5000 fastest growing privately held companies in America for the 2022 year list and we've got some surprises and some more things that are going to be rolling out, maybe even some spots and some upcoming magazines, who knows we'll see. But, in case you're new here, what's important for you to know is every day five days a week we interview actual clients, actual clients and they get to tell you their experience and their story directly from their mouth. And that's exactly what we're gonna do this morning with Phil. So, Phil, welcome to the show, brother.

Phil:  Hey, Dave. Nice to see you. First time meeting you. Pleasure.

Dave:  Nice to see you Phil. Nice to meet you too, man. And thanks for taking some time to share some value and some experience with us. This morning. Absolutely. So tell us where you're from and what your legendary story is, which is your only online story I read from your application. So this is pretty cool that people get to hear right. Am I correct about that? And this was your kind of first online venture or even though you're stupid. Alright, so tell us the nutshell version of your story brother.

Phil:  Originally from New Jersey, I have lived out here in Georgia since 94. So I've been out here longer than I live in New Jersey. I've been in Georgia for a while. And my story starts with before COVID hit. I had wanted to start an online business. I just never knew how to do it just like you're like it's in your funnel. Just don't know how to do it. Never. I mean, it's just the standard question of what do you do? So I did find somebody that I wanted to start to believe it or not, I wanted to start a maid service before COVID had started maid service. And I've never told this story in my life, maybe once or twice in my life, but I did want to start a maid service. I had everything ready to go and I got an online course to do it that cost me about 500 bucks. I did that. And all of a sudden COVID hit everything shut down. Couldn't nobody wanted to go into anybody's house to clean it. Nobody wanted to, you know, get hired.

Dave:  Very true. And I can't. We can't cancel our cleaners but because we're financially able to. We did continue to pay them so and then we brought them back after COVID So but you're absolutely right for 99.9% of people, maids, you know and house cleaners likely got canceled and were unpaid.

Phil:  That's right. So after that, I was just trying to depress and just continue with my nine to five still doing my night. And I had to figure something out. I never wanted to. I always wanted that entrepreneur that had that thought and grew Rich. Plug in my back pocket, always thinking of different ways to do something different. But I continue to have you know, you gotta have that regular job, kind of been doing that. I came across Of course, when one of my little boys I have a 10 year old who wants to TikTok I wanted to get to see with TikTok was all about. Tick tock after you know, 20 minutes of watching people to work. I thought watching I really thought it wasn't a really good platform for him. Long story short, someone found Calvin but it might Be okay for dad. That's why I said I was on it for 20 minutes after fooling around with that, I saw Calvin talking about his spiel and actually the first five minutes I just said, You know what, this sounds like a bunch of crap and I kind of flipped by. And, you know, my subconscious mind got to me about a couple of days later. I didn't. I wanted to find him again and after I found him again, it was like I said, there's life for three hours and the guy goes on forever. Very intelligent man. And it just caught my interest. It sounded like something that I could do. He made me feel like I could do this. And that's what that's what I have learned since day one from Calvin is that it's more about how you make people feel on this whole journey of this online business. Because if people aren't feeling like they can do something, right. They're not going to do it. They're just not going to feel like they do it. So I started to value it. Yeah, I found your course went through it. It took me about a month to go through it and had some family issues, but I went through it. I didn't get it at first, but it took me a minute, right? You know, I'm 55 years old It took me a little while to get back into that little study mode. So what I figured it out but I got through it didn't make money for three months, most people would have quit. I mean, I would have quit, but I knew. I mean there are people out there that do this type of business. That looks to me like they couldn't even tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time. I'm like, holy crap. I mean, I can do this. And I've seen people do it. I'm not I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know that if I was determined in here that I can take care of and I did I got out there I was determined I just pushed forward. I kept pushing forward and then your first commission that I made you know was a couple of bucks here and there and holy crap, this thing works. I got something here that actually works. I'm just going to continue on. And then you know that it was June of last year when I took the training. August September is when I first made my first commission and my first five July was a five figure month and this month looks pretty good and still working a full time job but I my whole plan I told my wife when I first started this was I said to her, just give me a year just give me your to do this. And I'll prove to you that I'll make something of this if not fine if not I invested in it. I invested in the blueprints I invested in this business I invested in myself, you know and I kept saying to myself she wasn't she was on like she's on my back. She serves on this as I've never seen you more passionate about anything in your life. I am with you and I said fantastic and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about that because to have somebody in your wheelhouse behind you is very powerful and I did that. And then my goal, a secret goal that I had was to toe my line within that first year, that if you have no more joy left in your job, you can quit. Well, a couple of weeks ago I told her that a couple of weeks ago I said to my wife you don't have any more joy left than your job can certainly quit. I knew she didn't have any do I left but she worked with that with them. She resigned but she's working something out with them. But here's the thing about her: her shoulders went like this. She's relieved to have the fact she doesn't have to do it if she doesn't want to. But my first thought was complete. And my next goal was me.

Dave:  Well, wow, man. What a hell of a nutshell brother.

Phil:  Yeah. Well, I'm determined. Man, I've been beat up my whole life through this nine to five stuff. A lot of people have you know you read the statistics about 71% of people hate their job. Now hate is a very strong word. And, you know, I don't speak bad about my job,I like my job. It's been very fruitful for me and my family. But look, your points in your life where you want a little more freedom. And aggravation that's not healthy for me. I'm at that point in my life where you know I don't want to be aggravating more. I want to be more family, you know, you live your life for a certain amount of years and it goes like that to a flicker of time and I want to be able to enjoy it a little bit better, right because I want to spend more time and we meet people that you love. You know you go to work every day, these people that you go to work with most of the time and people that you really don't want to be with. I'd rather be with family and friends can be able to do a business where I can

Dave:  Or alone , right? I mean just spending time at your home alone is a beautiful, wonderful thing that I really enjoy. Personally.

Phil:  I'm more of an introverted type of person. However, when I get on with my life, I'm you know, I'm very I don't know what people say well within your app, but you can do this really well. But you know, I was the person that said Man, I really love people. I just don't like it when they're wrapped.

Dave:  Exactly on the internet is the perfect solution for somebody like you and me, because I feel the same way and I thought for so long because I could turn it on that I was extroverted. But turning it on can oftentimes just be a survival skill. You just turn it on when you have to turn it on and sometimes we turn it on at our jobs. And sometimes people turn it on when they have to do things that are much harder in life than to go watch a soft white underbelly channel on YouTube and you'll hear stories you can. We all watched those kinds of videos to develop my empathy and to stay close. You know, there's something really powerful in what you said at the beginning of this show, which is making people feel like they can do this. And there's there's a there's a real there's a real power in that and I think that's the secret to this whole thing is when you were communicating with people and we're shooting videos or you know short form videos, or we're going live or we're creating some sort of piece of sales material, whether it be like a VSL a video sales letter, like what sells the challenge or whether it be a longer form webinar style, like what we have for the business planning class, regardless of what it is the if if during the process of that interaction or them watching you if you don't make them feel like they can do it. You're not going to get that you're not going to get there by and they're not going to take any action. And that's why I say it's so important not to know everything. It's so important not to be an expert, as billiat It's important not to be that you don't have to know it all. Because if you know it all and you're creating content, and you feel like you have to know it all and and what do you think that new person that's listening is gonna think they're gonna think well, I'm nowhere near where you're at, or I'm nowhere near right and even if I'm in a different niche, like say I'm in a SAM in the dog training niche and I'm you know, I I'm acting like I'm some sort of a drill sergeant, you know, I've got because a lot of times we really when we go to create content, we really think that we have to be super impressive we got to be and so maybe in our content, if we were doing for the dog training niche we might, we might be another thing is is that where we were we were we we give all fives like we're perfect. Like we never make a mistake. Well, nobody's going to want to buy from us, learn from us, be around us, because they're going to . They already know they're fallible, they already know they make mistakes, and don't think that it's safe or it's okay or allowable to make a mistake. And that's why it's important for us to you know, we have been the lows with the highs and quite frankly speaking about my struggles in my lows and even being talking about you know, the things that I have challenges with on a day to day basis now sells more than me acting like I'm a big guru and I know it all or that I'm some big important person. It's the relatability I'd let you say more about that because I think that's a piece that we just don't talk about enough and I'd like to start talking about that more. How do we make people feel safe, understand that they can make mistakes in apps like being an expert, or that knowing it all actually is a bad thing?

Phil:  Well, the perfect segue into this live thing is that first of all, we save lives. Motivated to get on with my life. First of all, the first thing I love is I take that enhanced feature and I just turn it all the way up and get rid of all my wrinkles and everything. They look really young and I love that fact. And also I just get so motivated when I talk about this. What it has done for people and what it can do for others, right. And it motivates me and I get passionate about it. And they see that in how I do this. But first start off these lives and I tell these people look, I'm just a regular guy, man. I'm just a 55 year old guy we're about in the northern suburbs of Georgia. I got three kids I explained to my kids. I tell him Look, I got a 19 year old son I got a 15 year old girl there be lots of trouble there I got a 10 year old little boy and look I'm just the guy that just flipped through tic tock just like you guys are and I just found something that then I just took a chance on all I did was take a click and I went and I did it. And you know I hear all the scam bullshit. So I gave it a shot, right? I'm smart enough. To know what a scam is and what isn't. So I gave it a shot. And I just told these people, look, I didn't make any money in the first three months, right? Most people would have quit you probably going to fail as much as because if you don't fail, none of this success that you will have is going to feel any good. Because if everything is successful, then you're not going to feel what failure is because if you're not going to make anything until you fail, and I keep telling him like I fail 1000 times I continue to fail. I failed through these lives. Sometimes I say things I shouldn't be saying. Maybe I say some people will say to me I don't need you. Can you show me some income statements? No, I'm not likely to ask you what you take for granted. Don't please don't ask me. I don't want to be rude. But here's the deal. I can tell you I've done this for a short amount of money. I can tell you I made four figures here and four figures there. But look, I'm not gonna take my phone out of my garage and show you my Lamborghini because I'm not that guy. It's just not me. I don't do that kind of thing. So here's the thing to be real. I just keep letting people know that I'm just a regular person just like you guys. All I did was try hard. Right? Give it a shot. And I try to take some. It's tricky, man. It's just hard for some people to understand because I tell people, but they'll say to me, Well, you're gonna help me, you're gonna mentor me in some way. I feel like I'll be there for you. You got my email address. And sometimes I get people my phone numbers. If I get a chance. Sometimes I don't do that. I'll get inundated with phone numbers, but I'll let people know that I'm here for you. Look, everybody needs a little bit of somebody in their wheelhouse to help them along. I'll be there for you. But I tell them at this point. I'm not going to do it for you. I'll be here. I'm not going to do it for you. I'm if you're going in the wrong direction. You know the goalie puts you back in play. I'm going to put you back in play. But you know I'm not going to be making the goals for you. You're going to be doing it so I tried to do that and let people realize that this is real you know this is no get rich quick thing you're not gonna I tell them look. If you plan on getting this thing and you start doing some of this stuff you make your videos and all that. You might not make your mortgage next month but this is how you make your mortgage. Gotta learn this stuff. Go out there and fail 1000 times go out there and learn this. Make your first commission focus on what you're doing. And then continue on

Dave:  Not getting the knowledge not only eliminates fear, but it also is the very thing that is going to help you take you know elevate to wherever you want to go if you want to go to a new financial level you're going to have to know some new things. And then you're gonna have to use those new things, you know, but one of the one of the most clever things that was ever said to me was when I first got clean, and they were like, you know, because I got clean. And of course my ass had you know, I was homeless, not under a bridge, but I was homeless. This was back in 2008 and I got cleaned and I was humble from day one through 29 But then on day 30 I started to, you know, start to pipe up trying to tell the help How to Help. Somebody said Dave, your best thinking got you here brother. I said they said your best thinking your best knowledge or the or, or the way in which you use the knowledge that you had got you right here man so the best thing for you to do is Information man, because the information that you have whether it was given to you by your mother, your father, your teacher, your brother, your sister, whoever, society team, Mr. Rogers, it ain't working out. Because you're in a 12 step meeting in your home. You know what I mean? And the same thing applies here. None of us come, none of us wake up and say, gee whiz, I'm gonna go stay, I'm gonna go open My Computer. Start a business and start posting a bunch of videos. You know, nobody wakes up and says, Oh, gee, I think I'm just gonna go start an internet business today. It's just not one of those things. You're the only because if you were financially sad and you had everything we want, you wouldn't be open to it. But so people enroll in the challenge, right? Because you're looking for more money, you're looking for more freedom. And then when people get started, instead of going through the challenge instead of going through the training, they get distracted, they start getting off in private messages. They start asking people what their opinions of things are. And or they might hear somebody say it's a scam and then they might believe them versus going through and experiencing it themselves. You used an interesting quote a few minutes ago as well. Give it a shot. I wonder if you could just say more about how you view faith than would you say you're 55? So, gosh, you're in some ways an old dog. I'm sure you've done your career for 20 years. You're an older dog than I am. Even though I might have more gray as in you, but I don't know it looks like you're kind of you're there too. Right You and I are similar. We still got the mustache but all around here. But how do you view giving things a shot? How do you view take isn't it How do you view taking a risk? How do you view that and how can we get more people motivated? To get excited about the unknown instead of fearful about it?

Phil:  I believe you have to have faith in yourself. You gotta have faith in what you believe. I mean, being our age I'm gonna put you in my category, being our age. We've been beat up throughout our lives. We know we can determine what is scammy and what isn't. We can determine, you know, we're grown adults, right? We can figure things out , we can protect ourselves in certain ways. So when people come to me and they say, Well, you know, I can certainly learn this on YouTube. I said, Yeah, I can say I can do that too. But here's the difference. Gary's YouTube people. I don't think there's any credibility there. I don't have any credibility with these people on YouTube. They can certainly teach me everything that this guy Davis is teaching, but I'll tell you what, they have no credibility. They don't. They haven't been featured. In Forbes magazine. They have hidden features in Entrepreneur Magazine, right, this guy's meal filter to win a million dollar business these people have and so I'm learning from somebody who actually knows what he's doing. I'd rather do that and have more credibility with a company that's actually credibility with me right? Somebody from Shark Tank that is absolutely loving this business. So what the hell why why not give it a shot? Right. So I try to make people feel a little bit better about doing something that they're scared to do. I just give them factors help

Dave:  for the outside. validation, the Inc 5000 piece that we just got featured in 63rd fastest growing education company in America. But it's interesting because even all of those people will still, you know, when we get into doing our research we get into getting ready to get ready thinking about it. Let me go read on Google, do some blogging, then get into the Facebook group and I've got somebody's private message. There's so many distractions. I believe that if you want to achieve anything, it doesn't matter what you want to do, you can be successful at it, but you have to cut out all the distractions. Right now that's more important than ever, because I don't know how good at multitasking you are. But if I'm honest, I'm horrible at it. I'm not good at it. I'm just not, I'm not good at you know, I mean, I can't parent multiple children at one time. That is why we only have two in the house right now because we divide and conquer. But there's a man sometimes the path is laid out right in front of us, I guess is what I'm saying and we still don't take it and then along comes a guy like you who's dead GM AC technician you know his whole life has kind of risen up the ladder right risen up the sorry, IT technician

Phil:  Well no i started off isn't it throw my first proof my first point in my career in my life was it 2000 Whatever. That went down the tubes, you know, everybody got there. Everybody got outsourced? Couldn't find a job. My brother is an HVAC technician. He said there are wholesale houses out there looking for people. I had a little boy who didn't have insurance, right? So I needed something. So my brother said hey, go, go find a place this place is looking. It was an hour and a half away from my house. I needed something right? I could have still stayed with it. But I would have had to go through almost two and a half hours from my house to make that same kind of money. I changed careers, did something that was close and wanted to be with my family more. Right so I wanted something closer and I stayed in than that. It was temporary job I'm there 19 years

Dave:  And that's what usually happens is we you know we end up just kind of getting comfortable and or complete or it's just meeting our needs for that moment but not really meeting our wants. But what I was getting at was, you know, the opening and the not kind of falling out for people taking into account all the credibility and everything people will still find themselves asking, questioning, letting those internal skepticism stop them. And I'm not sure there's ever a solution for that. I don't think we could ever enroll 100% of people into going after what they want. But I've continued to be challenged over the years to inspire more people to go after what they want. And I think right now is the time where I've seen more people grabbing it, you know than ever before and I think a lot of that I wanted to share a statistic with you because you shared one with me. 78% of people this was from a New York Times article called luxury rental buildings take working from home to the next level. That's the name of the article if you want to cross reference it but there's a stat in it. That says 78% of people say they want to continue to work from home after the big big event, the big health event that happened and so you now have that brother and so how are you? You know, how are you pointing out all of these things to people because another truth about marketing that I find to be really, really spot on is a lot of times people are not aware of their pain until you point it out to them. So how when you're going live and when you're talking to people do you do you do you kind of put their pain in their face a little bit, right because again, unless they know about it, a lot of times they don't really, you know, it's very easy to try to avoid it. How do you help people to see that it's even more of an urgent time right now to have a side hustle or a side income or to be able to work from home after the recent health stuff than ever before in the future.

Phil:  Well, I know, I let people know that. I kind of go about imagining how this would feel if you were doing this, this and this I would go about that way. But I will actually tell people look, the internet has leveled the playing ground for everyone. You don't have to deliver it. The internet doesn't give a crap if you're fat bald, right? It doesn't care if you're green, yellow, purple doesn't care if you haven't thrown I'd grown out of your head doesn't give a crap whether he doesn't nobody can. As long as you're getting some value. As long as you're out there showing people something that can help. Then you can make money online. It doesn't matter. You don't, I don't want to show my face. Okay. Don't show your face. There's many ways to create content online. But look, guys, the internet has leveled that. You don't need a degree. I don't. Who doesn't have a high school diploma? That's okay, who cares? Nobody cares. Online. As long as you're giving people some value. I kind of bring that back to some people. A lot of people kind of resonate with that.I also want to make people feel comfortable with this program. So what I show them is I show them these wakeup legendaries I show a couple of people that are pretty powerful. And I just turned my camera around, showed him a couple of interviews that you do with some people and they have statements that they say are very powerful. So I use the platform to make people feel a little more comfortable about how all of this is just regular people just like them. And look there's nothing to be afraid of. We're all regular people here. All you gotta do is give it a shot. Yeah, yeah.

Dave:  Really, really, really powerful points. What would you say to somebody who's not gone live? And who wants to? What would you say that about? What point did life look for you at the beginning and how you might start up over again if you could?

Phil:  That was a funny story. So it was my first time going live. I was down in my dark, unfinished basement. And my first time going live had all these lights on me and I didn't know what to do and I turned it on. And of course I had nobody there. But I heard somebody say I can't remember who it was. But somebody said just continue talking. Just think about what you might have said and just continue talking. Just practice. Just talk talk talk. If somebody comes back, maybe they'll catch something that's interesting, and they'll stay for coffee, and I still know her today. And and I talked to her she was my first Tiktok buddy and I was just talking to her the other day but she was the only one I sat and talked with but I continued on and continued on and then eventually you just keep doing I did it every day for weeks and weeks weeks until it just started building up and I just practice my skills. Just learning and wanting I'm talking about because when you get you start staring at yourself that you're you're more you're more prone to just saying oh my god oh my god did my holy crap. And you just start looking at all those things going through your head and you just don't focus on the drainage. Like oh yeah, I got something like that thing but as I got better at it, just like anything else, and that's another thing that I tell people in my lives is that look, all of this stuff you're gonna learn. Nobody's learned before you don't know this. You're just a regular person. All this affiliate marketing stuff was in the background for years. Nobody knew about this stuff. We all learn it's starting to be something that's out there that people want to do. It can make some people money. Look, you're not going to know what it is. You're gonna go outside and you're going to ask some family and friends. Have you ever heard of it? Probably none of them will know what this is. And then you're going to start searching the internet and you're gonna find oh my god, somebody says it's a scam. Oh my god, but then come back to me and say oh my god, those are scamming me but then I tell them one thing. Look, affiliate marketing is a job description. Right? If somebody says well, what's really important is this a scam? Well, what do you do for a living? Well, I'm a warehouse and got your ass. I heard that scam too. holy crud. So I might have kind of put it in perspective with people that look. You have to understand things that you're listening to, really think about it right, take a minute and think about what you're talking about. Going Live getting back to that. As I got better at it, and I got more people in my life. I just wanted people to feel like that. They're regular people that I'm a regular person that I'm not doing anything any different than anybody else. They asked me well, why did you do this? Why are you doing this for people? Why do you come out and do two or three hours a lot? Why do you do this two or three times? Why do I tell them look I just want people to I want people to learn and I have a mentor and you know who he is. That told me to learn? Do I teach, learn? Learn how to do this business, do it, make some money, know how to do it, focus on one thing, and then teach it go out there and tell people how this thing works. And then you're giving that value to people and people want to learn a little bit more about it. They'll click on your link, they'll move on and you can be their mentor and away and just give them value.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, it's a beautiful process and you're there. There's also nothing wrong with just giving an affiliate disclaimer. And it's actually something we should all be doing in some way shape or form it at some point in our funnel, but there's nothing wrong with it actually will build credibility and build trust when it makes sense to people that Hey, guys, I go live to three times a day because anytime that any of my customers or audience purchases anything I get a either a small usually a small or a you know a percentage of the sale. Okay, depending on what the product is that was sold I get a percentage of the sale that helps to support me that helps us support this channel that helps us support my business that helps us support my family. And that's why I do this and what I like to do is I'd like to teach each and every one of you how you can also turn around and use the internet using these free tools. You couple all these free tools with a little bit of education. Sometimes the education is free, like I'm giving them. Sometimes I might recommend the course and you can go check out my number one recommendation right in my link at any time throughout this life. Now keep me streaming of course and go check that out or go check it out and come back to my stream but that's one of the reasons why exactly you got your link right up there. But I think one of the things that's different from when I started to now, in me anyways, is I found that I'm able to build more trust with people when I can be totally transparent with even what my motives are, but I can make it make sense. And I can frame it in a way that's still attractive to them. You know what I mean?

Phil:  Absolutely. I tell them to say, look, I'm an affiliate marketer, I've learned how to be a freelance Digital Marketer, what I'm showing you and I give them examples on how to do this. I show them you know, I go through the computer and I show them exactly how to become an affiliate for companies. I show them the differences between digital products and physical products. I showed the difference between what type of commission you can make with digital products and what type of commission you can make with physical products. I tell them the reason why I do digital and then explain to them what I promote with you guys today in this training program is a digital product. Here's the reason why it's a better way to be an affiliate for these types of companies. And I show them all of that and I let them know Look, you click on this link. I'm gonna make some money, anything you go through that program if you know part of that program, if you want to buy something, you have a choice. You certainly have a choice. I might help you with your education. But you don't have to get it if you don't want to. But I'm an affiliate for that whole company, not just this company. I've got five other companies I'm an affiliate for. That's what you should be striving for. be striving for companies that you can be an affiliate for. To let them know let me focus on one thing because if you don't focus on what this I really took this to heart when I first started this because when I a lot of people do this when you first get out there and you're an affiliate, you want to get out there and be an affiliate for 1000 things so you want all of that money to come in and you get nothing done. You got a lot of things going on, you get nothing done. So I found and I'm sure a lot of people have found this that you have to really focus on one thing and when you start focusing on that one thing, you start making money and you'll figure it out and things are starting to work for you. Then you can go and move on to different things than that because you know it works right? This is what worked for me and then just applied it somewhere else. So that's eventually why three months it took me three months to get started with this because I was all over the place. I was just trying to just prepare. It's crazy.

Dave:  That's what I was talking about a few minutes ago with the focus and with the distractions. They're unbelievable. The amount of stretch distractions that you all are going to face are absolutely unbelievable. There's so many of them and there's nothing I can do to protect you from it. You just have to develop there's nothing Phil: can do to protect you from them. You're gonna get inundated and quite frankly, I think this is a real gift learning this because now all of a sudden you can start to understand how all these people and companies make all this damn money and making money doesn't have to be a mystery to you anymore. Right? I have people . One of the things I love hearing the most is now I understand why all the people want to be YouTubers. Now I get these people posting all this content on Instagram and Tiktok. I thought I didn't get it. I didn't understand how rich these people are. Now I get it and they feel empowered. And they can now get a small piece of the pie.

Phil:  Absolutely. Absolutely. And it's nice to show people that

Dave:  Yeah. So where are you headed next? I mean, what are you, you've got a tiktok channel that's up to 160 some followers, are you repurposing and growing on other platforms to like where's your focus right now? I am folk

Phil:  do a lot on course like everybody does. I am refocusing on repurposing all of that. I'm focusing on Pinterest. I'm focusing on looking at a new platform right now. I don't want to mention that at the moment because I'm still kind of testing it out. But I'm moving on. I'm moving on. Tiktok Instagram. I want to build up different platforms because I've been banned from Tik Tok a few times. I actually have a little banning , a little warning out there right now saying that I've been saying things that I shouldn't be doing. And it's scary. I'll tell you what, I've had that heart. I was like 130,000 people and I was just banned for a weekend but it was gone for good and I got nervous. But you know, you have to really think of yourself like you got to be out there on all different platforms as you get bigger doing this kind of thing. And the fake accounts are really a problem too. And I've had people gamble with fake and I've had somebody you know, get $2,000 taken out of his account because he got WhatsApp or somebody so all of this stuff is really hard to deal with and it's

Dave:  a wild wild west manager is man everybody it's a wild wild west in you know what I mean? Stay safe, if you will. That's all I can say. You know what I mean? Because out here, it's the wild wild west in it. You know, you really got to the sky's limit. You can there's no rules. That's that's what that's what came up for me when you were talking about nobody cared about degrees. The fact is, nobody is a regular human when there's not some Financial Corporation, or some other BS that's attached to it. Nobody gives a shit about your degree, I just need something at the moment. Can you help me with it? That's what humans are about. It's been like that since the beginning of time with bartering. You know, I need medicine. I need wheat, I need whatever. Okay, you got corn. I mean, it wasn't the whole system of, you know, degrees and qualifications and all these things are wonderful. For I would say people who are dealing with people's health, mental health and physical health, oftentimes maybe even spiritual health but that's a rabbit hole. So, but everything else, man, everything else nobody cares about man. You know, can you help me at this moment? Can you help me with this? Oh, you know how to help me to drive this boat. You're a captain's coach. Great. I hired a spotter, my recent 30 foot sportsman. He'll ever drive a boat like that before he needs to hire a coach. Hey, he can help me do that. Nobody cares, man. Nobody cares about you knowing the extensive qualifications and you know what you've done and where you've been? They just want to know that you care, and that you can help them right now. And it's just an unbelievable thing. One other thing that came up for me when you were talking over the last few moments was you know, we're talking about the wild west and the fact that in the wild, wild west, that you know, all the qualifications on the internet is to imagine that there's just an apocalypse or something. And just society and most of the rules for society offline that we've all been living in working by. They're pretty much gone. They don't exist on the internet. So all the seriously all the you know, putting on this, you know, the smile being fake, you know, all the things that we experience in corporate America around the watercooler and all that kind of shit. It doesn't happen on the internet, because people are most of the time at home or in an environment where they feel more free to speak more freely, and just be more free. And so, you know, that's a little scary at first, but I'll tell you what, once you get on and start getting the hang of it, like it looks like you've done Phil: and you let your hair down. You mentioned your wife about her shoulders a little bit. How have you felt physically from being able to what looks or appears to be you're more comfortable in this role in your own skin or at least you seem comfortable in your skin? Have you had a reduction of stress up until this point? Have you had it? Well? I don't don't take the question. Literally. You know what I mean? Are you feeling less stressed? Because at least you have other options

Phil:  I am more excited about life than ever before. Here's the thing. I have anxiety and been diagnosed with anxiety and I control it as much as I do. And you know, and I do that. What gets me is I've always had this feeling of being insecure about providing for my family. I can have $5 million in the bank and still feel like I had to go out there and keep making money because I don't feel secure. I mean, I've got you know, I've accumulated enough at this point where my wife does not have to work. I told her you don't have to work. I still feel I still feel I have to keep continuing to provide. So that's the little bit of anxiety that's there. For me. I do feel more comfortable in my skin. I do feel more comfortable that this is what I tell people in my life. I tell them where all that is right now with gas being so high with the Costco and I have five items in my cart and spent $250. I get it. That's what happens. It's what's going on in our lives. But I tell you what, guys, this particular program, this whole business of affiliate marketing, freelance digital marketing, whether it's you're dealing with keto or your whatever products that you're promoting, whatever you're out there doing, making money online, whatever it is, has certainly eased in the blow of this whole thing that's going on in our lives. And I said, happening, right, spending $400 a month on gas, and I'll tell you what, it certainly helps and it certainly allows me to be a little more comfortable in our lives. That if and when I know when it does blow over we will be okay. Right? You'll still be okay. So,

Dave:  Also this field cannot come before I forget that the knowledge of being able to be self-sufficient gives me the excitement and you know, it almost eliminates the anxiety and fear to a certain extent. The more knowledge that I've got because I'm not reliant. I don't have the anxiety that if I lose a job oh my god, I have to go apply and beg and then please, somebody to keep this job because I now have the skills to support myself.

Phil:  Yeah, I think I think my attitude in my full time job has gotten a little more lacking. My attitude there, I've been there 19 years and I tell people in my life, I want to be there and it more. I'm not. I don't want to be the one that you know, ends up and not that there's anything wrong with this. But I don't want to be wearing that little little yellow vest around and saying welcome to Walmart. That's just not me. Maybe most people that do that. I have interviewed those people and they're there because I just want to get the hell out of them. But not just for the money but anyway, I just don't want to be that person. I am the guy with my full time job where my full time job causes angst the aggravation of the inefficiency of what's going on that full time job it just and it's all on me I run this place. And it's all on me and things that I can't control also is my issue right according to them so it just causes anxiety and then when I get mad, you should see I just raced the hell out of there when I get out of there just to get home to do this. I do this at lunchtime, my my, my one o'clock lives are in my truck. And I sit here and I talk to people. Well why are you doing this in your truck? Do I need to get a truck to do my life? No, look guys, I want this to help everybody. This is why I do this. I do this to motivate me mostly. Right? That's why I call my company beyond your nine to five because that's what I'm doing, what I'm doing is something beyond my nine to five, right? I want everybody to do that as well. So the angst is there, but feeling a little less anxious because the whole goal of this that's happening in my life. is actually happening to me. My shoulders absolutely have gone a lot lower.

Dave:  Yeah. So one of the things that I was going to say that I didn't was what are some of the terms to avoid? And what are some of the things to avoid to try to protect our accounts? Well, a lot of it is just kind of asking yourself, you know, is this first and foremost, like common sense stuff, you know? So nowhere on the internet, not on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram , anywhere does it want you to make claims that as if something works for everybody in some sort of extreme results should be expected by everybody. That's not only that, that's just like a legal thing. You know, that's less about the platform's but it's probably something that could get you kicked off. It could be something that thinks to yourself like this. Am I doing Am I saying something that's unbelievable, or I'm not providing any proof about my claim? Because if I am, that's unbelievable . This guy is garbage. Right? So that's one thing that it's not just about avoiding a certain term. It's about actually creating content that people enjoy that they don't feel like is just some kind of gotcha type of piece of content. And it's, it's, you know, if you're doing anything to where you don't feel authentic or you feel like you're doing something that you're lying, you feel like you're using somebody else's result. You're just parroting something that you don't fully understand, like, those are all things to avoid in your content, all that completely uncomfortable. Um, you know, I'm making claims I'm copying somebody. I'm using somebody else's result. Then, you know, Okay, what about my own results? Can I use my own results? Well, absolutely. You can. You can use your own results. But you have to let people know that they're not. They ever really shouldn't expect those same results. If you get a great result. The way they make money in compliance is you'd say, my results are not average. Some people make more, some people lead , some people make none at all. That's it, just letting people know. You know, it's just common decency. Now we get into specific terms. Well, there might be some terms. A lot of these platforms don't actually want affiliate marketers on their platforms, okay. Why will because a lot of times, it can just be like all 1000s of people doing the same exact thing like what happened with your boy, Andrew Tate, how many of y'all heard that story? Okay, this was a guy who had a bunch of people going and taking his videos and plastering them all over the internet. That'd be like me saying here's a video: don't go build your own brand. Don't go build your own profile, go build your own business. Great account in my name and just post videos of me all over the internet. Well, was an example of just not only like outwardly saying, Hey, we're doing affiliate marketing, we're just we're not even trying to hide. There's no value in what we're doing. We're just passing the buck and trying to recruit more people. There's no value in what we're teaching here. And so they, you know, the plot they got together which was unheard of: tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, they kicked him off all of the platforms all at one time. Right? So it's about, you know, using common sense and not doing things that are dishonest or like, like kind of putting out scheme content, but it's also trying to avoid things that make your account flagged. You know, saying things, you know, using certain terms like the term affiliate marketing is probably not a usable term in videos we've given you know, everybody different terminology it's one of the reasons why I called it freelance digital marketing in the in the thing in the in the VSL, is because that's a term that's a term that's not bet that's not widely known and sounds unique and is also likely safe from the spiders crawling the content, and trying to pick out some of these terms. And then you know, it might review or flag your content for a personal review. That's just some of my experience. Phil:, what is your experience with you know, keeping accounts from getting banned, even though you've gotten some accounts banned?

Phil:  You know, sometimes you don't, sometimes you don't even know what you've done and tick tock sometimes, there have been points where they banned me for a day I have no clue why. And they'll just say they apologize. And that's happened three times. But the last time there was actually the last time I was banned for a week, they still apologize. There were a couple of when they took videos down, it's because then it was like you did mean something that can be unbelievable, false claims that are possible for other people to believe putting numbers and dollar signs up there is really not a good idea that I found. It does. Some do get by but don't even take that chance. It's just I don't know. It looks spammy to people to share. What do you show me that for? I get it. You're making money, blah, blah, blah. But there are also things that if I've changed, I have viral videos where I've said things to the point of, and it was only three seconds four seconds long. Where I said it only takes 15 days to make over 100k A year right? That went viral, but then it got stopped because that is a false claim in certain people's minds  And I just feel that look. Just look at people who are doing this the right way. Just follow people that have really good accounts that I'm sure all of us have a lot. I know a lot of people that have their most people that are very successful. You're gonna fit, we all fail in that way. So I learned that these people, then you'll know, you'll know you'll just just try if you're saying if you think your head is going to be a little bit odd and you're like oh, I don't know about that. Just don't do it. Don't do it. Don't even think.

Dave:  Yeah, be more, be more polarizing with your content and personality and stories and mystery than you are with trying to over impress people. I think nowadays, if you're trying to impress people, it's really really, it's picked up on pretty quickly. So, you know, most of us are pretty humble like, you know, we don't. It's not really our personality to be trying to overly impress people like us just like those are not that's not everything. Most of the time. If I'm trying to over impress people because I'm feeling insecure. You know what I mean? And I did that early in my career. You know what I mean? I thought I had to do all that because I felt inadequate. I was like, who's gonna believe me, you know, so I understand that whole journey of developing esteem and developing confidence and developing actual knowledge and like you said, I want to reiterate this. You said that even if somebody doesn't show up to my life, you know, and I think you said that I said it but dammit, you said it today. I talk anyways, I practice anyways, because when somebody comes on the live show, it's not awkward, like, I'm sitting there not saying anything and then one person comes on and I'm gonna start talking, no be talking, be putting on the show. So somebody, even if it's one person, can come in quietly, sit quietly, sit down, and write, isn't that weird? Magic that?

Phil:  Absolutely. I mean, it's just like walking halfway into a movie. Want to know what's going on with the movie? Just, you know, you're there to watch and if somebody will, and that has happened to me, you know, of course, when I do these lives, and I've got a lot of people in there, new people will always come in. Hey, what are you talking about? Hey, what is that you're talking about? Can you reiterate? Can you start over now but I'll give you a brief synopsis of what's happening right and then other people are doing it too so yeah, you're right I mean, just keep going. Just keep going and

Dave:  And yeah, absolutely you can recap throughout your life if you're, you know, new people are always going to come on. I think that's the power of these platforms. Now when we go live they're actually exposing life to other people, you know, cold audiences who don't follow you. So new people are going to be coming on so people are always like, Well, what do I say in my live? Well, everybody who goes live that I talked to on this show, almost every single person, when I say well, what are you talking about? They talk about the same thing every time I go live, and I recap and reiterate. Same thing throughout life because there's new people constantly coming. Is that true for you, too?

Phil:  Are there certain points where I change it up a little bit, but there are people that of course, I've had people say hey, look at this recording. I've seen this yesterday, you know, kind of thing so but do go out there and I introduced myself and let people know who I am. I let people know that I'm a regular guy. You know, this is a night that's how I did that with you just just earlier. And I just look, look, this is what I'm going to talk about. I let them know. This is what I'm going to talk about. This is what we're going to do here today. I'm going to show you exactly what I've learned. And you can learn it too. This is a little bit of no income but I say I've made some money doing this 1000s of dollars doing this. I've won awards during this particular business. You can learn this too. This is what I'm going to talk about. It's called blah blah, blah. If you're interested, hang out there. We're gonna be in here for a bat bar and Batman is interested in learning. I do have some training up here in my link if you're not interested. Alright, I'm back. We'll see you next time. Right. So people will stay and they already know what I'm going to talk about. They're not going to have to ask me questions right off the bat. And I got to tell them, Look, I'm going to answer your questions. Sometimes they have moderators or whatever, but I'm going to answer it for you. I'm going to do the best I can. I don't think I'm trying to ignore you because there are people out there scamming, scamming, all that kind of stuff. And I want people to say that please say that to me. And I give them the floor. They tell me what the reasons are. So you know there. It's fun for me. I really love going live. It's just so exhilarating. And I love to sit out there and just get people excited about this thing and have them understand if I can, if I can project that to others and have people see the excitement in me and know that I'm a real person because I get a lot of people that mean other things. You seem pretty authentic Phil: You seem to be like you're a regular guy. So look, I can only tell my story. I don't tell anybody else's story. I only know the best person There's me to know. That's the one I know the best about to be sure I can tell you.

Dave:  Yeah, well, that's really something man I know going live and practicing your skills. And you know, there's obviously so many powerful nuggets and a lot of the things you know, obviously you learned here but I'm also still doing you know, to this day I'm sitting here we're live right now you know what I mean? The beautiful thing is we eat our own cooking here, you know which is cool. Because it's so easy for us to take shots at other people who are like making courses about Amazon and making courses about dropshipping because it's like but where are you making it? Your money from selling courses? You know, and so or at least a large chunk of it. So eating was really cool. And I find that you know, everything that you're saying is even true for me and people comment when somebody says I'm one year in and I still get nervous. I'm you know, I don't know how many years and I still get nervous. You know, I mean, I'm the sweatiest guy I know. You know it's unbelievable. It is I mean dude, I'm walking and talking to a panic attack. It's just always ready to just but I just cope. You know what I mean? I'm just a cold dude. I just cope. And you know, I don't just grind through it. I deal with my my my various inadequacies, my true inadequacies you know not the made up inadequacies that I thought I had but my true inadequacies, which is my anxiety and oftentimes I can get a little manic and I gotta, I gotta, I gotta seek professional help for those in which I have to remind myself look, I can be a trainer I got to take care of me. And I still show up. And I've learned to reframe some of these feelings like Oh, I'm nervous, I'm alive. I'm ready. You know, I'm here. Let's go time you know, it's appreciating having feelings. It's appreciating. I mean, I was an addict. Using a lot of hard substances. It's hard. I didn't have a lot of things and I didn't feel a lot of things for a lot of years. So in some ways, it's really nice to feel and in some ways it's really nice to be scared. I like to be scared a little bit because it reminds me that I'm alive. I noticed that when I was six year old. She really liked it. I think it's all about how we frame changes. We can frame them as walls that we could would never climb

Phil:  Yeah, I really, you know, at some point, you know, you have a plan, a plan. I've got a plan, plan your work, work your plan. I'm trying to do that. I'm trying to plan my way out of the corporate world, right so I'm trying to do that but you know, every day is different every day you're planning to get screwed up every day something else could happen. Every day maybe you know, we're talking about anxiety. My anxieties are holy crap. I didn't make any Commission's in the past three days. What's happening here, I've got fun things going on. I'm doing what they're telling me to do. And then next thing you know, I get three or four or five. Holy cow, okay, now it's working. So you know, you get to those points where for me anxiety gets to that point where it gets up to here and then all of a sudden you feel a bit better you get those many points of view like Okay, I gotta control this I can control this as long as I What makes me feel better is I turn this phone on and I go live right and now

Dave:  sober has helped me out. All like you know, it's the number one way I mean back in the 40s or 50s when AAA was sort of invented by two gentlemen, Dr. Bill and Bob or Dr. Bob and Bill. And there were just the two of them at first and you know, being an alcoholic man back then was a like, like not only a death sentence, but it was also a sentence to be completely ostracized from society. And then as AA came to fruition you still had especially when na popped up and people started to start to recovering from drug addictions, they still had to meet in hiding, because in some countries they still do because you know, being an alcoholic or an addict is such a, you know, a black lie to you, I guess in society or their society. But my point here is that what they discovered, Bill & Bob was the best way to stay sober was to find somebody to help. There's no magic pill, you know, there was no, just read this book this one time there was no there was nothing that was magical to happen one time and that and that just they just fixed you. They said the best way to realize the best way to stay sober was to help somebody so they helped each other and then they bring one guy in and that's how the idea of sponsorship in 12 Step came about was that you got a sponsor, and that sponsor helped you through the steps. And a lot of times, you know, that people think well, it's this it's the person who's been helped that's getting the most help, but it's really the sponsor. That's what's getting the most help because he's helping somebody. So whether the guy that he's helping stays clean or not, the sponsor stays clean because he wins mode to help and serve. And the identical thing to be true in this business. That look, I've taught and told my story. On so many webinars and lives and videos and even stages over the years. I don't know how many lives I've changed. And you know what, if I got too up in my head about what people are doing with my education, maybe I'd stop. I don't know I'd get too wrapped up in that or what other people are saying about what I'm doing. But you know, what's happened is by helping like you just explained, by serving by helping, I've built wealth, I've built a financial freedom I've built time freedom I've and not as i i started making money the moment filled eyes stopped obsessing about me getting help, and I started turn around in focus on helping and it's been it's been just an explosion ever since.

Phil:  What you just said I absolutely say in my live, I tell people that once you once you figure out that this is not all about money. If you're all about money, and you start this business and it's me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me money money, because that's what I did. I mean this is all I wanted to get to the bag, right? Give me the money, right? Get me to it. I can see people doing it, get me to the bag. That's what I want to do. And that's what I started doing. And I was like, I'm not getting anywhere in two months. I'm not doing anything about what's happening. What am I doing wrong? reevaluated myself, and I realized that I need to be serving people. We're all on this earth to start to serve people, right? We are not going to get religious or anything but I have to really believe that if I find help somebody else can do or achieve what they want to achieve is certainly going to help me in the long run. And if I could do that with so many different planets, realize that and not only within myself too. But with whatever product or service that I'm promoting as long as that is helping people and it's giving people a good service. Well, it makes me feel better if I'm not , if I'm going to be promoted ship you're gonna get shipped back to you so I don't want to promote something that's really good for people. I want to be able to give people value and if it's going to help them in their lives, change their lives in certain ways. Well then so be it . That's where I want to be. And not only with products or services but in my life as well. And dealing with people at that wage. Yeah. Cool, man.

Dave:  I don't know if Phil: froze for everybody else. He froze for me here. Maybe he'll come back. Maybe he will. There he is. You froze. For a second. Hey, Brother, listen. Wow. You froze right when you ended what you were saying and it was a wonderful, beautiful, powerful place to put a pin in it for today. And I'm really hoping especially because you're a crowd favorite here and a lot of people know who you are.

Phil:  Near Future round three, so I met first.

Dave:  Okay, run through my bad round two with me. Round three. Just with us.

Phil:  Yes, yes. We'll be

Dave:  Hey, pleasures, all mine. Keep up the great work, brother. Talk to you soon. Okay. All right. All right, my friends. Whoo. There it is. Oops, there. You know what I was going to show Phil: this, but I'm going to show it to everybody. Because I think it's a good tool that we all can maybe get a few more sales from our lives from checking this out. So there's something that I created called a promotional cycle. And it's a really simple thing. I've done some training on it before but I want to go through it here just super super quick so you guys can kind of understand what a promotional cycle can do for you and they can be run in long, long promotional cycles, or they can be run in one live. You really you're going to agitate a little bit and let people know you're going to go live at say 8pm Maybe you'll drop us an email, maybe you'll drop a tick tock or some sort of a note somewhere a post or whatever to let people know that you're going to go live. And then you actually will go live right? At say eight or whenever you go live. We go live at 10am Eastern Time. Throughout life. You want to stack bonuses. So you want to offer additional things that you're going to give them if they buy through you if they buy from you. And by tonight by the time the Live is over, right by the time the lives are over. So maybe you're going to end in 15 minutes. Maybe you're going to end it in an hour or maybe you give them a very specific time if you buy before midnight tonight. You're going to forward your receipt, this email address and I'm going to make sure that you have the bonuses or however else you can deliver the bonuses to them. And then of course you're going to close that promotion. And here's what that's going to do. Okay, very simply. It's going to get people to take action. And great marketing is not great marketing unless people take action on it. And one of the things that I think we really do when we start to build this big audience and we start to have people showing up to our lives or showing up to our webinars or whatever. It's like, well, how do I get, you know, what do I do now to get more people to buy? And this is the solution to that. The cool thing is that this can be used on a larger or longer scale. So this is kind of the formula to have like a product launch. So you're going to let people know that you're going to be launching a product. Then you open up the cart, say on September 1 and keep it open and usually a bunch of affiliates are promoting it and creating a bunch of noise. And there's then some bonus introducing, and then that cart closes at a certain time. And that's a product launch, you know, and so this promotional cycle formula can be used even in a short period of time to get more people to buy more stuff. And do it in a way that's not you know, I mean it's not and you don't have to do it every time. You don't have to do it every time you go live. You don't have to do it all the time. But urgency, specifically, urgency, scarcity, you know, you don't want to use fake scarcity. And that's scarcity would be there's only 10 of these available. One way to introduce a bonus and introduce some scarcity with that bonus would be the first 10 People that buy tonight are going to get on a 15 minute coaching call with me. Or the anybody who buys tonight or the first 20 people to buy tonight or I'm going to teach a special strategy of Phil: mention the platform that He's researching. I'm going to give everybody a sneak peek at the platform that I'm using. That's so far showing great results that nobody else is on if you buy tonight. and you enroll tonight, whatever I'm selling, I'm gonna give that bonus to you. I'm gonna invite you on to a private training and I'm gonna go over and show you this strategy. So you can tap into this before anybody else does. Now you're giving people reasons to buy now and if somebody is in your life listening to you, all they need is a reason. So all they need is a reason. The next thing they need is a deadline. And the challenge with an evergreen affiliate offer which are my favorite types of offers to promote which is legendary is it's an ongoing offer that's always available as an affiliate when you mix in promotional cycles. It can help with a surge of sales, a spike of sales. It can help. I mean, you could do this every single day but I think it's more powerful. If you go live and then do a special event maybe once a week or something like that to where you roll out a bunch of bonuses. I was going to tell that to Phil:, but I'd like him to test that report back and anybody else I'd like you to test that and report back as well. How would something like this work inside of your lives? Let me know we'd love to come on and Have you have your share and you know expand on that strategy right here on wakeup legendary for everybody to learn from. Alright. Powerful Monday. Huge way to start the week. Get on out of here. Have a great day be legendary. Thank you to Phil: once again go and follow him to @makemoneywithphil on tiktok and Instagram and if you would like to be featured on the show because for some you're getting great results. And we haven't reached out to you yet. You can apply at legendary forward slash features and we'd love to hear from you and maybe feature you on the show. And you can get a text message reminder about us going live by texting WUL to the number on your screen 813-296-8553 Now that I've done my radio disc jockey announcements, get on out of here we'll see you back here for another episode. Tomorrow.