Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and this morning we have a guest that once again proves I think as we hear over and over again. They live on a regular basis. So I'm excited to hear her story. Amy, welcome to the show.

Amy: Hey y'all, so are you.

Dave: Where are you calling in from

Amy: I'm in Georgia, South Georgia.

Dave: Okay, great. So how did you get into all of this and eventually find legendary?

Amy: Well, I was just scrolling on TikTok back in August. I was just looking for funny videos. I was the only reason I was on Tik Tok to birth in the first place. And I came across a girl who was talking about her affiliate marketing business and she stopped me in my tracks. The first thing that she said was Okay, y'all, this video is going to be a little longer than normal because I don't want to leave anything out and that really intrigued me. So I just stopped and listened to her and then I hit it again and then I hit it again. So I didn't know what affiliate marketing was. And I had to go look up the definition of it. And once I found that out, I was like, oh, yeah, okay, okay, um, I could do that. So I just got some more information and took the 15 Day Challenge. Here. I am so excited about it. 

Dave: Really. Oh my gosh. Wow. 

Amy: Delirious. I'm so excited about it.

Dave: Wow. How's that? How's that feel to be so excited about something like that? I mean, is that normal for you? Or do you feel renewed?

Amy: I mean, about a lot of things a lot of the time, but I was not excited about my job and I had it for a long, long time. I was just, it felt like dropping 250 pound weights to let go of that business. And start this. I have been Yeah, I have been reenergized and renewed spirit. You know, I look forward to going to work every morning now. I really do. And before it was really, really a struggle. It really was just something I just didn't look forward to and didn't have any hope that it would really get any better. And I just was really just sick of it.

Dave: No, are you still at this job? Are you still now? You've quit it now?

Amy: Yeah, I quit.

Dave: So are you supporting yourself through your online business now?

Amy: Yeah, well, I'm also married. So that helps but yeah, I mean, I'm able to if I were a single mom again, which I have been before, I would be doing right now. Well, just this business, absolutely. Just fine. I kept seeing other people on TikTok, and that's really the only platform I've been on so far. But I kept seeing other people talk about their success and you know, just just all the videos that they made and I really followed five or six people super closely. And I just kept watching what they were doing and then I you know, it was on the Legendary website and I could see every single thing they were saying was true. Not that I really doubted them, but it was just like if they can do this then I'm gonna learn what they learned. The same way they learned it and I'm going to do it.

Dave: Well, no, what was it that you first took our challenge?

Amy: I first heard Jessica on TikTok back at the very end of August. And so I took the 15 Day Challenge. What I’m really saying is I heard about it at the end of August. I got a 15 day challenge and got training in September. I took the month of September, really to learn everything and get it set up and then in October I started really marketing on TikTok well, so it's just been amazingly spectacular. And I know, like we are right, but I'm serious. It's just because for over 20 years, I was in direct sales. Really just I felt like I was in a marriage where there's no chemistry. It was just not my deal. You know? I'm one that perseveres and I kept thinking I'm gonna be you know, I'm gonna try everything to make it work

Dave: And was that 20 years with the same company? Yeah. Wow, you are loyal.

Amy: Persevere I don't quit. Thank God COVID came around. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody who had a hard time you know, or lost somebody special because of that. I don't mean that. I just mean that that caused a change in the way I was doing my job. And it took it virtual and I was like, I've been living in a super small world, in this direct sales business, where it's face to face people in my town. They either come to my house or I go to theirs and I'm so ready to get away from this. I was so excited to find out. There was another opportunity where I could still work from home and still have unlimited income and still be my own boss. I was just like, Oh, I wish I'd known about this 10 years ago. I really, really do.

Dave: Well, so what are you enjoying about this so much, versus things you've done? Because I mean, you've done you've had a dabble in entrepreneurship. There were direct sales and you're doing your home meetings and you're, you know, you're I mean, obviously you You did what you had to do and now you're, you know, basically the difference is is now you're not really having to meet with people and he I mean, you can tell your store. I know for me, I don't even have to get dressed. I mean, but you know, uh, you know, basically what you're doing is you're just marketing using your cell phone now in your selling. I mean, obviously it's a different business model, but in your own words, what is so much better about what you're doing now than what you've done in the past?

Amy: Well, network marketing is calling friends and family. And do I even need to say more? I mean, it was just telling them I have this product or these products. I don't know if you've tried them. I'd love for you to take a look at them. The stupid phone calls which I felt like that was my job every day was to make those stupid phone calls. And I felt like oh man, these people don't want to hear from me or they're just doing it because they feel sorry for me or because I know my mom. Or do you know what school my dad is or something like that. And I just didn't like the feeling of trying to talk somebody into something. And for I share my story, I share the information. I create curiosity about it all and the ones who are interested. They come out of the woodwork and they say hey, tell me more. I want to know more. So it's not selling. I don't feel like it's selling in the same way that it was my other job. I'm not trying I'm not trying to change anybody's mind. I'm just trying to find people who are looking for a change already.

Dave: Well, okay, nice. So what is your what is your you know, TikTok strategy, I guess. Is this something that will talk to us a little bit? I mean, we've titled this show going live, but we've mentioned that in the title it is the show. So talk to us about your going live strategy or if there's a strategy really at all that you even have. Sometimes you don't, that's fine, too. You just kind of flip on the camera. Talk to us a little bit about how you came upon this, what you've been doing that's been basically working for you. 

Amy: The first time I was on this show was back in November, and I was like a deer in the headlights. I was like, wow, they want me to be on the show. And I didn't know why. I was just like, I'm just so new at it. I felt like everybody that had been on the show had so much to contribute. And I didn't have much to contribute. And so one of the things Matt said to me on that show was I know you're going to like to go and live as soon as you can and at the time only had like 130 followers or something, something like that. So I was able to get to 1000 you know, pretty quickly after that first like Legendary show, and I was scared to death to hit live on that camera. And I was just like, I'm just doing it. I'm just doing it. And I look back at my very first one and you can tell I'm like, nervous. You can tell I'm kind of stiff and tense and I'm just like, I'm just gonna prepare for the haters. I'm prepared for the people who say Oh, you know, various comments. I'm just I'm just gonna just go for it. So I just decided from the start. I'm going to be 100% honest about every single thing I say. 100% authentic as I can be. And I'm just going to tell people what I've learned. I don't have justice. But what I know and talk to them like their sisters and brothers. I would tell them if they are my brother and so say about a lot and I'll go

Dave: 11am Eastern. Okay, yeah. Wow. Nuggets being dry. Just don't know if anybody is picking up on that. But go ahead, continue. I don't want to interrupt everything. That's it.

Amy: I go for a couple of hours and people you know, hop on and hop off. I answered their questions. I have my iPad, which now I don't know where it is. But I have my iPad that I hold up and I show him where my link is, you know, click on the little picture on my TikTok profile. Here's my link click on my link. You know, this is you know, and but but the majority of the conversation that I have when I'm live is just answering their questions. I will look up an article like there's a recent article by Shannon Smith, you probably know about it. The 24 year old waitress who lost her job because of the pandemic. And then, you know, I go through, I go through stories like that I talked about. She's got five tips of what she recommends that you do when you start an affiliate marketing business and I felt like I wrote the article myself. It's exactly how I feel. I just share stories like that. I answered the people who think it's a scam, and who want to knock it down and that I'm a scammer, and I just kindly respond and give them the facts. And for two hours a day, that's what I do.

Dave: Yeah, I did see that article from Shannon. was a great strategy from an affiliate standpoint. I mean, to become a contributor on a site like CNBC. You know, is a is a pretty big deal. And just so everybody knows and understands that, you know, you can become a writer on the sites, like Entrepreneur like CNBC, and we recently saw one of the most creative marketing strategies that we've seen in a long time. From this affiliate name Shannon Smith. She had published an article on Now, the cool thing is, this may not be your story, but oftentimes it's even more powerful when it's somebody else's story and you can share it right. Right. And she does have great tips here. She does mention even us legendary marketer and you know, this is a great this is a great article she did herself a great and amazing you know benefit with this. I mean, this isn't an awesome achievement, for her to have become a writer on and I think we may have had her on the show also. I know we have because I believe I remember talking to her. But, but anyways, I mean, the point is, I just wanted to reference this because you had a reference or kind of give us some context but you know yeah, she's become a contributor for CNBC. And in wrote this awesome article about affiliate marketing, mentioned us in the marketing of course, got her affiliate link in the in the, in the in the article so you'd want to you know, if you were using this as a tool, you'd want to share your own link. But it's a cool it's a cool thing because now we you can realize that there's a couple of takeaways Number one is I can leverage other people's when I'm in a community and I'm in a a community of really savvy marketers I can use their tools right without while still earning business in my you know, for myself because I'm sharing my link, which is ultimately what's generating sales but I can still use this as a sales tool to share my screen during a video or during a live or whatever and tell her story. That's the big thing is tell her story. And then it backs it up because it's on CNBC. So it's got legitimacy, right you know, or more legitimacy right? The other thing is, just to remember and think about all the articles and content that you see out there on the internet, somebody wrote it and put it there. So the other question is, as you know, she became a contributor here at CNBC. I wonder how that's done. I'm sure if I poked around on the site enough. This is one of those endlessly scrolling things. I'm sure if I poked around enough. I could probably find out. You know how to become a contributor of, you know, CNBC, similar to Inc, You know, Forbes, all those sites. They all have contributors on them. But anyways, back to you. So you use I just wanted to point that out because you use all kinds of different talking points. or stories or in this case, an article that another person wrote, to help give you content for your lives.

Amy: That's right. Okay. I mean, of course I use your story. I use stories of other affiliate marketers that I know and see. And you know what I have and what I have seen them do. I talk about the Forbes magazine article, this is the knowledge industry's going to be a $325 billion industry, but 2025 You know, I just pull all those articles because I love to read and so I just share what I've learned. 

Dave: I mean, I think your direct sales experience gave you a bit of storytelling experience that is useful. You know, it's useful one on one. It's useful in small groups if you're in somebody's home or a hotel or whatever. But it's also useful digitally. You can also say, tell stories and communicate. And I've always said and agreed with the idea that why wouldn't I want to talk one to many? One on one. And then ultimately, why wouldn't I want to have videos that are playing on multiple platforms that people are watching while hearing me talk, even when I'm laying in bed sleeping, right? I wouldn't. I mean, ultimately, that's leverage. And I also came up in network marketing, direct sales, and I thought, well, if I can just get three who get three who gets three, you know, I'm gonna be rich. But the problem was, is that, you know, you're like herding cats. You know, you're trying to get human beings to develop skill sets, and then you're relying on them or basically, if they don't do anything in your team, then it's all up to you. And then you've you really, you're kind of self employed that if you don't work and sell retail, lotions, potions and pills, or whatever it is that you're selling, you don't really you don't really eat, but the reason why you signed up with direct sales in the first place, was because of the idea of earning off the efforts of others. And that's why when I first saw my first direct sales network marketing presentation, they started drawing the circles and I just thought, Man, if I could just get Bob in Dan and Susan under me all working, and I could be you know, earning off of their efforts. That's real leverage that creates passive income. Well, again, that didn't happen. But what I discovered was something that was much better and that was how to create leverage in passive traffic income. Off of videos and off of lives and off of webinars, because now all of a sudden, I can use videos, put them up online, people watch them 24/7 Or I do a live show which I do one to 245 LIVE guests that we have on right now. One to end there'll be 1000s more who watched the replay, listened to the podcast, all that right. That's leverage. Yeah. Would you agree with that?

Amy: I definitely would agree with that. And it's this whole business model. It's just such a relief, to find this opportunity and to be able to work this business. And my husband asked me the same thing one time he said, listen what's the big deal? Why do you like it so much more? I've had other people ask me that and it's just you still get to have all the freedom and all the abilities to work I have. My dad has Parkinson's. My mom has Alzheimer's. I go and sit with them in the mornings I get to work while I'm with them. I get to work when I'm everywhere and just income potential, no matter where you're sitting with your phone because that's what I do 99% of my business with, it's just so free and to know that I don't have to recruit people. And I don't have to count on what other people are doing. I just I just, it's just such a breath of fresh air. It is such a godsend.

Dave: That piece there about being able to sit with your parents, that's a piece right there. When you said that, I'm sure you're going through that right now. So it's just something that you're going through but hearing that was powerful to hear. So you know, who wouldn't? Who doesn't want me when I heard that I thought who doesn't want the freedom to be able to sit with their parents if they're ill?

Amy: Or your kids or your kids, right, I mean, have the freedom just to be with who is important to you whenever you choose to and not go well, I have to wait till I get off at five and I'll be over I just think that that's this is priceless to be able to say I call the shots. Yeah, no. So freedom I don't want to ever give up.

Dave: And I think the other thing is the difference between network marketing direct sales, and higher ticket affiliate marketing or higher ticket digital products, like what we teach to kind of create here for information, you know, selling information. When we went, I had this idea that if I could make a little bit off of a lot of people's efforts, you know, that was the kind of MLM dream that direct sales dream was. But what I realized was, I mean, that the Amazon business model is a little bit off a lot of people's efforts and that's a big, big, big thing to try to accomplish as a single person. That's it. So what I need to do is I need to get a lot off of a few people, you know what I mean? Yeah, people. So instead of a bunch of people who I can make a penny off of, because they're just dipping their toes. They're paying for something they forgot they were paying for or whatever. I want to intentionally sell powerful results driven training, coaching experiences, actually, I'm selling transformation. Right. That's what people ultimately want to change. Right. And from that I can find and sort maybe a smaller percentage of people who are going to pay more money. For a more intimate, more advanced, you know, experience. And, you know, to me, people are paying for education experience, and those are investments that they make in their life, versus just a bottle of shampoo, a lotion, potion, pill, a new vitamin, whatever like that, which you know, whatever you're selling, no hate on it. We've all sold a lot of things. I don't have to have it there. That's one of the coolest things that you can actually market out here in the world. I mean, quite frankly, and in that people are already preconditioned to buy because they're conditioned to go to college and pay for education and continued education and stuff like that. Oh, you know, I think I relate a lot to your network marketing background and your experience in the challenges that you have with that. It's just it's a it's a trip but but but, but it developed certain skills that you know, it gives you certain experience that you know, maybe those of you who have not had other businesses that you've worked Maybe you feel like this is hard but you you don't have anything to compare it to. Right so you have something to compare it to with your past experience. So what now, what is in the near future for you?

Amy: Well, I believe with all my heart I believe every time I get on live stream and I talk to people and then they directly message me they email me or you know we actually talk on the phone because we do all of that. When I tell them that this is a business model that you know, there's a few things I wish I had known about affiliate marketing before I started, but it's nothing that would have changed anything. I was still done. But the number one thing I wish I had known was that it existed. I was just like somebody I wish I had somebody told me that a decade ago, I'd have jumped on it so fast. I just didn't know about it. So I really almost feel like I'm on a mission to let people know if you're in a crappy financial situation or you don't have savings or you've been going down the wrong path or loads of debt. There's another option out there. At least look at it, intelligent people don't make decisions without finding all the facts. Finding out all the facts, facts, facts about this. This could change your life. It has changed my life. I really did a transformation in 2021 because of this business. I was absolutely tired of just tolerating mediocrity. I felt so mediocre in my job even though I had, you know, moved up to a leadership position and I had free cars because of it over the years. I still felt like I was just stuck in a rut. I wasn't growing. I wasn't making any progress. So my mission I just feel like is to just let people know, this may not be for you. I don't know but you deserve to find out to at least find out all the facts about it. Because what if this is a thing that could change everything for you? It may not be but how do you know until you at least look at it. So that's my mission right now. I'm not seeing a whole lot further than that right now. Yeah, I'm just going about it just sharing this. This information, this opportunity, hoping that other people will find the same financial freedom and just the joy in life again. If they don't have it because of this opportunity, and maybe I sound like Pollyanna, but it has changed so much for me that I feel like I can say hey, you've got to look at this if I mean if they come to me and say they're interested. I'll say I don't go after them say hey, you got to look at this like I used to back in sales. That's my mission for now.

Dave: Well, that's great. I I don't I also don't fall down anybody comes down within the three feet rule you know if they're within my business, leaving drop cards at the gas pump notes, you know

Yeah, no, I got lots of experience and stories, but we'll stay on topic. You know, that's a great mission. I love it. I think that you're a great example. Of how you can take a good attitude, coupled with really making the best out of the whole experience that's happened over 2020 in 2021. And now, you know, continuing in 2022 where we're all going more virtual. Let's just put it like that. You want to call it a lockdown. You want to call it new paranoia. I know about you. I'm a hypochondriac now afraid to leave the house. No, I leave the house all the time. I just got back from Denver, Colorado. I know I didn't go to Colorado. But my point here is that you're making the best out of a situation. I also happen to believe that you are using the smartest business model. I think that you're doing all those things. But on top of that you know that the grass is not greener on the other side. So you're focused and grateful for where you're at and what you have. And also think of another thing that's important to point out about this versus other business ventures and opportunities that I've done in the past, where I felt like there was a ceiling on my growth. I'll never forget this time that I was at a Network Marketing Conference and I had the fastest growing team in the company. I had broken ranks and because I wasn't doing it the way that they wanted me to do it wasn't doing the offline, you know I was generating leads online placing ads creating content in building communities and so forth. And doing conference calls and webinars. And when we came to the conference, they kind of threw us under the bus, another older leader of you know another rep and he threw us under the bus and said this is how not to do it. You know, as if our online marketing was the wrong way. They were really threatened by them. And I realized at that moment I said, Man, I said it wouldn't matter if I was making tons of money here. I was making decent money at that time. That feeling of not being able to grow or not being able to, you know, get out and try new things. There's a lot of network marketing companies that will get angry if you have other streams of income. You know, things of that nature. You know, um, you know, if you're, if you're signed up as an affiliate with different things, or you're, you know, you have other businesses for God's sakes, you know, so, but anyways, I can relate to that feeling of not feeling like you're growing and it doesn't always have to do with money. Now sometimes it has to do with the feeling that you're able to grow and be creative and have a shot at affecting your own income. That's right. You know, have a shot at building something or being able to just make your own choice, you know, we signed up, we made the decision when we signed that independent contractor, you know, sign up form and went through that process and said,  I'm not no I'm not looking for a salary. I'm not looking for an hourly wage. I'm looking to just venture out and I'll make the money I'll eat what I kill, right, I'll hunt it and I'll eat what I kill. That was a decision that you know, you are basically saying that, you know, you're going to, you're going to, you're going to only eat what you kill, you're not going to have somebody who's going to be feeding you a weekly salary or something like that. Right. So anyways, so anyways, we earned the, the, you know, we earned the right to want to be I think part of what comes along that is that if you're going to take that you want to be able to be creative and have freedom and not feel like you're you're being boxed in. Ultimately what

Amy: I really felt like I reached the limit, you know, as far as I looked at 2021 when it came along, and I thought this year I can't imagine why it would look any different than the last one. I'm not to find something different this year to be something different and I looked at other opportunities and I even signed up for one and then got a refund. Pretty quick. I was like no, I don't want to get things from China and put them in a warehouse. No, I don't wanna do that. So I just looked at other things and when I heard about this, I heard Jessica talk and just something inside me just went ding! That's it. And I told my husband was like, I'm doing this. He's like, okay, that's like, No, I mean it. He goes, alright, I said, you know, that means we're gonna have to buy a car now because I hadn't had a car payment in over 20 years. So we bought a car a couple weeks ago and it was actually fun. I'm like, I'm so excited. To have a car payment. Because that means now I'm in this business. It's just different. It's a different life for me now. Yeah. And I love it. Absolutely love it. And I love the training. And I tell everybody on the live stream whenever I'm talking to anybody that messages me. I started with zero knowledge of this business. I didn't even really know what affiliate marketing was. I'd heard of it before but I'd never looked at it. And the training that I got here taught me absolutely everything that I know, to this point, and got me where I am. I just feel like I hit the jackpot because I know that I've had three emails from people over the last couple of weeks who have told me and I didn't know him. I still don't like they told me they kind of decided to go their own way and just try to figure this out on their own and now they feel like they've wasted some time and so I really feel like from the start learning about Legendary from the very beginning and taking this path to learn, you know, to get the education. I hit the jackpot. 

Dave: Those are kind of kind words.

Amy: I mean, and that's you and that's Matt. Yeah, really excellent. Really Excellent.

Dave: Well, you know, there really is a way to go out there and waste a bunch of time online isn't there if you don't, if you don't understand how the game is played and how to set up pieces. You can ultimately find yourself using social media only as a way to suck your time and consume your energy and attention. Versus we all know we're going to screw around on social media a little bit. I mean, because there but I also if I can be kicking off, you know, 5, 10, 15, 20,000 a month or more from a business that I'm also operating by creating content creators in that same space. Why not do it, especially when the other big nugget that you dropped was I don't need to know everything. I mean, I share what I've learned so far, but I think that enough people don't realize that there's more power and success you have more influence and persuasion. When you don't know it all. We have instead of if you're explaining trying to be the All Knowing guru and you think you gotta be so successful in you can't you there's you're more influential if you're more lat what's How do you How would you say if you're more kind of laid back and like you're not mister missus expert about everything. Could you say more about that?

Amy: Well, I had somebody ask me a lot about coaching and I said no, I don't do coaching. I saw. I don't have enough experience in this to feel like I'm the coach. But that's why I said that's why I get on here every day, every day for a couple hours. Just to tell you what I do know I don't have all the answers. But if I can I'll show you where to get them. And I'll lead you in the right direction.

Dave: Usually it's somewhere where you have an affiliate link going somewhere. 

Amy: What do you mean? 

Dave: I'm going to show you where I mean it, let's just say that you're an affiliate for Legendary. Okay, let's just say which is just one option. At any affiliate marketer has and in the entire world. Look, the place that you're going to get the help is to go buy this training. Now I can tell you my story, my experience, but ultimately what I mean is where we help people is we teach them appetizer, bite sized nuggets of information that they can consume and get excited about and say if you'd like more of that, if that was helpful to you, and you'd like to learn more of that. Go take this awesome training. It's a few dollars, it'll let you dip your toe in determine whether it's a great fit for you or not. So I mean that we use by helping people our role is to figure out what is the best fit for them and give them enough information ultimately, even if we're only promoting one product to disqualify themselves. Right. That's how we are, that's how we do sort of ethical sales in how we also don't piss people off by wasting their time, trying to act like what we have is for everybody. And I also heard you mentioning that too, that in your content you say big deal. If it's not for you. It's not for you. This is not going to be for everybody, you know, this is for people who are going to Who you know, have an entrepreneurial kind of spirit within them. They're willing to take some risk and not be needed or you know, need to have a salary or hourly pay up front. This is for somebody who you know, is going to be open to free traffic strategies in working with your mobile phone, right and maybe filming some videos or practicing your texting and copy skills. But it's not going to be I mean if you are somebody who wants to interact with friends and family and wants to make lists. You know, this is undoing from reverse psychology right now but yeah, I mean if you want to drive around like I used to with a magnet on the side of my truck, you know that said refer three get yours free, you know, and I was selling phones. I was selling cell phones from my 1991 Ford F150. I had to start with a screwdriver as if somebody would ever want to buy a cell phone through me versus going down to their very reputable T Mobile sprint or at&t dealership. But I didn't understand that at the time. So I drove around with a magnet on the side of my truck for multiple months wondering why my business was so anyways, if that's what you want to do, then this would not be for you.

Amy: Right. And if you have to pay off a credit card next Thursday, this is not for you either. I mean, this is going to take some time and a good pill. You're gonna have to learn some skills, you're gonna have to apply them. It's not enough to know well, you have to apply what you learn and you stay consistent. 

Dave: Isn't there a lot of people out there that are probably even listening to this that have a lot of skills, or excuse me that have a lot of information? Yeah, and even know what to do but are not applying them. So they don't get credit for it.

Amy: Knowledge is not power. 

Dave: So just if for any of you who are sitting on the sidelines, we know that over half of I mean it's always a large percentage of people who are ready to get ready. So imagine, imagine that you went through an entire class, okay, like, I don't know, you paid whatever you pay multiple $1,000 for a class at college, and you you got all the way up to, you know, getting ready to take your bachelor's degree test to whatever your final test is, I have no clue because but whatever your test is to finish and collect that and then go out and start making money. And so you did the whatever how many every years you did, you know of learning and sitting through class but then you just stopped right there and didn't take the test and then go and get the so that's similar to the insanity of saying I'm gonna, you know, really do something in the I'm going to go through the trainings and I'm gonna because we know for God's sakes, people, they'll sit through those trainings, but I mean, when it comes time to apply that stuff it's like, you know, trying to it's it's like trying to, you know, steal can't pry away candy from a toddler's hands, isn't it?

Amy: Yeah, I mean, they even the people that start the 15 Day Challenge and never start up never even get to day one. Yeah, I mean, it's just like, that's not gonna get you anywhere. 

Dave: Well, I I always say that. Success is a lot easier than you think because all you gotta do is start. I mean, there's a large percentage of people if you have if you're ever selling a product, whether it's as an affiliate or URL where you can track the, you know, when somebody buys you know, how many of them actually log in, you'll see that there's a large percentage on with anything that people buy, whether it's an e book course, you know, we all seven, so we don't go to all this kind of stuff. Look, there's a large percentage of people that buy a course that don't even log in. I don't know what they, you know, I know actually, actually I do know, right because you buy it at the moment. I bought a copywriting course a couple of weeks ago. So I got and it was I dropped 10 grand on this course. So people are, you know, act like a couple of 100 or a couple $1,000. In this world it is a big deal. It's nothing. I spent $10,000 on a course you know, the guy that the regular course was 6000 the upsell was 4000 Put that in your pipe and smoke it I mean, that was it was an awesome offering. And I bought it because I think he's a great teacher. He's a smart copywriter. So I bought his course. And it was the Chris had dad pig method copywriting course, and I didn't log into it, I bought it and I didn't log into it. I sent it to my son to go through it, but I didn't log into it yet. So my point here is that, you know, I think there's two types of people. There's people like me who buy stuff and have it but spending money on training education is nothing to me because it's an investment. I don't ever look at that. Like that's a big life changing decision because it's really not. So I know that some of you who have bought our Blueprints at 2500 or something, you act like that or that feels like a big investment. I'm not here to minimize it. I'm just here to say that getting success so successfully that $2,500 investment in yourself is something that is not a life changing decision in terms of scary, but it's something that you do just like automatic. This is just re-upping my education savings account and it's just something that I do without blinking an eye. You know, I am reinvesting in myself. But you know, and then there's the other group of people and this is where I think most of you who are listening have a chance to decide what side you want to be on. The bigger percentage of people will buy something just never even logged into it. Say they'll get back to it. They don't have anything else going on. They start a lot of things and don't finish a lot of things. And I think that describes a large portion of the population including myself at times. And so you know, what, I think the ultimate question that that we have to ask is if I how do I get my ass in gear to get motivated into find a reason a why whatever, to find my fuel to get this thing up and off the ground because it takes some emotional energy to get this thing go. And it's not just all you know, it's not just all this physical fuel of doing the actions. There is some emotional energy because I'm doing some shit I've never done before. But what do we leave people with in terms of getting over that internal in personal interaction?

Amy: The thing that just keeps coming through my head for my own sake and for anybody else who's not you know, not performing or producing or creating the result they want is to raise your flippin standards. Just raise your standards. In your own mind. Say I will no longer tolerate this thing. Whether it's my money situation, my relationship, my career, my health, whatever I've been doing, just raise your standards and say you know, today's the day that I make a change because I've thought about it all the time. I'm always looking for opportunities to change it. Here was one I took now. I mean, pay attention to what you have paid attention to because in a moment you spend something a seven even if it was $7 You spend something because it felt like your Spirit told you this is a possibility. So take action to raise your standards for yourself and for your life because when you do you affect everybody that's important to you that's in your family or whoever you're connected with. You make a big difference when you raise the standard for your own selfie and make a difference for the ones you care about too.

Dave: Wow that's a powerful statement. Raise your standards. Amy, that's fantastic. Look, I'm gonna send people to go follow you and connect with you more over on your TikTok channel. Make Money With Amy online. And Amy, thanks for your wonderful energy and spirit and your awesome experience. Congrats on your success. And let's do round three soon.

Amy: I'd love to thank you for the invitation. Thank you so much for everything. All right, Amy. We'll talk to you soon. All right, bye.

Dave: Bye. All right, bye friends. You can go and follow Amy at as I said make money. With Amy online, make money with Amy online. You can look her up and follow her on TikTok. Connect with her and lift her up like her stuff comment on her post. And engage with them. That's one of the best ways that you can support people and connect with people and ultimately build relationships. You know, a lot of people are wondering how do I fit in? Where do I get in and fit in and how I build relationships and how do I add value? Well, one way to add value and build relationships is just always comment in like people stuff when they put it out. You know what I mean? Drop a comment, drop a like on their post. Because that that that builds up their their engagement and that ultimately instead of going and ask them, buddy, what can you do for me? How can you help me I just invite those of you who are new to the community to when you find somebody that you resonate with or you connect with somebody here in the community and you decide to follow them that's the best way that you can begin to develop a relationship is to is to like their stuff, comment on their stuff. Let them notice you that way. You know, and always I always I like to say that on a regular basis because we have these amazing guests who are just members of our community who are students who went through our courses and we invite them onto our show about their experience. I mean it's it's really who are ultimately our guest our is our clients, our students. But when we bring them on my fear is always that they get bombarded with questions and stuff like that and, and ultimately that that just makes people feel overwhelmed anyways, when we go and bombard them, and I want what's best for all of you who are listening, I want you to get the most out of this community and experience I just thought that might be helpful. There's an easy way to build goodwill and friendship and to build relationships with others online especially in an online community like this. And it's really to, to like people's stuff and engage on their posts and in comment on them. Comment nice things affirmations like oh, great pose, like I really enjoy, you know, I mean, like, just lifting people up. You get that back 10 times. So imagine if you did that for people, if you're feeling new, and you want to be more a part of the community, you'd go and do that, you know, on on 20 people's stuff per day, you're gonna develop some pretty good goodwill coming back to you and support from people and that's ultimately how you kind of build relationships in this online community. I don't know how we're going to do it in the Metaverse, you know, we'll, maybe we'll come around and we'll all be cartoon characters. You know, for me, that doesn't sound that exciting. I don't want some cartoon dog in a thing so I don't know how I feel about that. Don't really care about it, you know, because ultimately I like reality. I like this kind of real interaction. I still like live events, webinars, live streams, stuff like this. Alright, we'll end on that note. My friends have a fantastic Thursday. We will talk to you later and get out of here. Be Legendary.