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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary it's an allergenic Dave sharpest morning but no. Nonetheless, it is Dave Sharpe. So, my friends and my fathers, and my mothers, I'd like you to hear this morning from how a from a busy mom on how a busy mom can start a profitable business and oh by the way, in case you were listening to this and thinking, Well, I'm young, or I'm older I'm not a busy mom. Well if a busy mom can do it. Don't you think that you can do it too. Don't let a busy mom out work you don't let a busy mom out hustle you don't let a busy mom out succeed. Yeah. All right, I bet she will. Erica Welcome to the show.

Erica: Hi Dave How are you?

Dave: I'm great, I am fantastic besides a little bit of allergies but you know what, that's. We'll get through it. Right. We'll get through it. We'll get through it together. So where are you calling from?

Erica: I'm actually calling in from Phoenix Well, west of Phoenix but Phoenix, Arizona. 

Dave: Good old Phoenix, I got some friends out there in Phoenix, including the man, the myth, the legend Matt Hetzel. He is out in that area as well. Yeah. You know him, he's, he's been helping you to get some results in your business here inside of our community right?

Erica: Yeah a lot actually. 

Dave: Nice. So, well, tell us a lot. Is this your first time on the show?

Erica: No, I was on it probably about a year ago.

Dave: Okay, you know, I mean, that's like 300 people my age so forgive me. No worries. Forgive me, I, I really, you know, I know your name. I know who you are. Matt was talking about you in some of the sort of results that you were getting just within about 30 days ago on how you started to take off but, but take us back in, give us a little bit of how you got started, how you found Legendary just for anybody who doesn't know your story. 

Erica: Sure, so I've kind of always been wanting to kind of do things on my own and have my own business work from home. I've got two kids, I've got a husband. And so I've always been interested in making money online and making money from home. I've done a couple MLMs that didn't really work out in my favor and right before I started Legendary I was actually taking an Amazon FBA course. It really worried me because of the amount of money that you have to kind of put into purchasing products and hoping that they sell and if not then you're finding out a bunch of money and so I was really skeptical on it, even though I was taking the course it was something that, in my guts still kind of worried me and I'd actually found a video on TikTok. About the 15 day challenge, and loved the results that I was seeing from it actually did, did a bunch of Google searches on the company on you, probably about a good week or two before I actually decided to jump in and when I jumped in, I say that I fully jumped in, I jumped in with both feet, you know cancelled my Amazon FBA course and just ran with legendary. Shortly after I started, I did a tic toc video that blew up and so the first account that I had actually has almost 200,000 followers right now. That one kind of died down, I had a surgery and it kind of took me away from work a little bit. And when I came back, it was a little bit of a struggle. I was still making sales on stuff like that but it was just a little hard so the last couple of months I kind of kept out for a couple of months. And I reached out to Matt because I was having some issues and so I was like hey, you know, this is what's going on, this is where I'm struggling, what do I do, and so he sent me the training video and I created a whole separate tic tock account, and it kind of blew up from there.

Dave: Well sorry to your FBA Amazon drop shipping people there that we stole your heart away. What do you think the difference was between MLM or past network marketing ventures, the Amazon drop shipping, and then Legendary in what we teach here, what was the difference that got that, that sort of made you drop everything?

Erica: So I needed something that was not going to cost me a lot of money to start because I had done other ventures in the past and actually lost quite a bit of money with MLM happening to order different products every single month in order to even make Commission's was really difficult, and having to rely on other people, that whether they decided to work their business or not greatly impacted what I was able to get and I know a lot of people who actually have a lot of success with network marketing companies, I just wasn't one of those people and so when I started looking into Amazon FBA kind of fell back with the same any aspect of I didn't want to have to put in a bunch of money that I wasn't sure I was going to see a return on. Now I do think that Amazon FBA is a sustainable business. But as long as you have that capital in order to lose if that's something that the product that you purchased doesn't go over really well, And me being a mom of two my husband travels for work, we actually travel with him, I needed something that was a big risk and Legendary was a very reputable company, and the core foundations that Legendary teaches was everything for me and that's basically what got me off the ground and running.

Dave: Now you did still invest in education here there are probably people who are thinking so when you say get off the ground for cheap I think most of them are used to $37 Business In A Box on ZBZoo or WarriorForum on some of these underground push button systems that cost $27-37 bucks and then look at something that costs $3,700 and see that as a massive cost and while I don't want to minimize that, for people who that is a massive cost. I also know you may too. I don't know. Everybody's got a different, I guess, I guess thermostat for that. But for me, compared to for example the construction business that I was going to start before I came online, that was going to cost me 2500 Really just to sign up for the test to get my license, let alone all the tools, the truck, the school that it takes. I don't know all of the economics of Amazon FBA drop shipping, but I just wonder if you could speak just for a second. On the ROI, or the or the mindset that you have about investing in education, or at least investing education here.

Erica: Yeah, definitely, um, so when I had joined. Like I said I loved the way that everything was taught. I loved that it was very step by step, very easy to follow. I had questions of course, as you do with any new thing that you start that's pretty normal to kind of be a little hesitant to not really feel like you know everything and I'm definitely one of those people that I like to have all of the pieces of the puzzle. A lot of the times before I start, but this was a little different and so I kind of had to take myself back to almost the feeling of when you start school and you're learning a trade or you're learning to figure out what career you want to go into you don't always have all of those pieces, but you just keep moving forward. And for me, I felt that right off the bat as soon as I got into legendary $7 force that this was something that was going to not only take me to that next level in my business that I've always wanted, but that it was going to be something that would benefit me to invest into with Amazon FBA. The only difference is that you can purchase products, and you aren't really sure if they're going to sell, yes they have different things that you can do in order to figure out which products are the best products and which products people are wanting and ones in demand, but you kind of sometimes run that gamble of what if somebody doesn't buy it. What if this product doesn't sell the way that I needed to? What if the marketing that I'm doing for it doesn't attract those clients to get those products sold because it does, is going to take some time just like with anything. and so I was able to see a faster turnaround with Commission's coming in, sooner than I would have with Amazon FBA and a lot of that had to do with the foundation of Legendary itself and what it teaches at its core, and the step by step process of everything in general. And so for me it was highly beneficial for my business and where I wanted to go to invest in that.

Dave: I don't think a lot of people really understand this, this is something that I want to try to communicate and I'm interested in your perspective from somebody who knows a bit about sort of these Amazon and drop shipping style businesses because you have that firsthand recent experience for me. When I look at it, I want to build a business that's an asset that has the potential to make me money, even after I quit creating content, and also has the ability to develop a real asset like a customer list or a database that I can continue to market to over and over again. To me, and even if I want to build a reputable brand. For me, it's a lot easier to build a reputable brand using my, my knowledge and or the value that I can deliver and or my face right versus drop shipping, where you certainly can build a brand, you can take in get somebody to create you for example a watch, and you can put your own branding on it, and that's a lot of what some Amazon courses teach is the difference between, you know, just kind of drop shipping products and then creating your own branded products, that is your own brand, but to me that's a really, that seems like a really advanced strategy, It seems like, because I have to understand where to get that product. You know, I want to create my own branded phone case or my own branded watch or my own brand of whatever you know hats or whatever I need to source those products, I need to be able to, you know there's there's graphic design. I may need to buy a bunch of them. So, there's a, it's a bit of an advanced strategy to build my own brand, branded product. As far as dropshipping goes, you know, in most cases most courses are just teaching you how to find a shitty product over in somewhere like China and and buy it on Alibaba or whatever, and in your hope people actually just aren't so disgusted with the quality of the product that they refund in blow your Shopify store up. Or, as somebody shared recently there's the strategy where they teach you how to go run around in TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and try to scan stuff and buy stuff and then post it like garage saleing. To me, it seems like a no brainer to build something that I don't have to leave my house that I don't have to know sure if I want to invest in education that's fine but I don't have to put any money, up to be able to buy product and stock product or even manufacturer or create product as well. I can test a product instantly to see whether customers like it, because it's immediately delivered, if I'm selling an information product versus waiting for that product to be shipped from China. And I'm building a real asset with a list and a brand. Am I right about that from your perspective of having that recent FBA in Amazon and drop shipping experience?

Erica: Yeah. Actually it's like right on the head, the the biggest thing is is that with Legendary and with affiliate marketing and digital marketing in general, you are able to build a brand can be set aside from from something different as far as just whitelisting, which is basically what they call it, when you purchase a product and you put your name on and your label and stuff like that it's not actually products that you create. But then again, you also have that hassle of actually having product being able to stay on top of that and making sure that the warehouse doesn't run out of it and if it does run out of it you have to order it again and that takes time and then the shipping and then because it's coming from overseas, you have to deal with all of the, the exporting, and they've got all this other paperwork and stuff, you have to worry about it has to be inspected and just all of this stuff, whereas, affiliate marketing, digital marketing is very simple. Now, I mean simple as I can do it from my home computer, I can take my laptop with me and I can do this from anywhere in the world that I so choose, but there's not a billion things that I have to focus on it's getting out content, it's showing people what these products do and how they can solve problems for them and just engaging with people and giving them value as far as what this can do for them in the long run, and what this can do for them in life, and it just, it makes it simple. And that was something that I needed in my life because I already have so much going on with my kids and homeschool and my husband that I needed something that was simple that I didn't feel like I was being torn in 5000 different directions in order to do.

Dave: Not to mention the economics, right. And look, I think Erica has been clear, there's people out there and I want to be clear, too. There are people out there that are succeeding with selling products on Amazon, doing drop shipping, private label, all this kind of stuff. I'm not here to say that affiliate marketing is all good all the time, easy simple there's work involved, there, there is, there is mindset that you have to develop and I think that goes with any business but there's, there's things that you need to walk through, but they're all within your control. Right, versus things that are out of your control for me as a business owner. I would rather be in control of my hurdles, versus, then the things that are out of my control been over in some other country have been some export port where they're trying to import my fidget spinners or whatever, you know, it's just, or, you know I get enough refunds and Shopify shuts My, my, my store down because people are not receiving the product. And over there, getting them in it's total crap, you know, but again I want to be fair and I want to be clear, Amazon, I'm bringing this up because it's like seems like almost everybody has tried drop shipping or E commerce because it was so hot from about 2017 that almost every single person that comes online, in types How To Make Money Online gets, like, a barrage of E commerce stuff. And I'm not here to say that that can't work for you but I am here to say that in my opinion, the ease of entry, and that we haven't even talked about the economics of affiliate marketing or selling information products versus e-commerce in drop shipping on Amazon is night and day. Let me explain. So say that you're doing affiliate marketing, and you have a product that pays a high ticket commission as an affiliate, that is oftentimes equal to making dozens and dozens if not hundreds of sales of your fidget spinner, let's just use that as an example. Because if I'm making $1 or $2 $5 profit off of selling a product. You can do the math on that. Now, what if as I advance. I introduce a coaching program or a course of my own or whatever. Now I've got high ticket commissions or even mid range, low, high, and mid range commissions coming in from my affiliate efforts. And then let's say I sell one coaching packages per month at 5000 per month, right, you start to do those economics and you see just like like I explained in lots of videos in the challenge and so forth, is that the budget, the main reason why so many people don't succeed is the actual economics of their business, you literally, it's impossible, you're trying to be Walmart, who makes a small rip off of millions of products, that's the business model in making a small rip off of a couple of sales a day, with no mid or high ticket potential, the economics just, they just don't work.

Erica: Yeah, I agree completely, and that was kind of one of the things that I like I still really like, I mean, I, I've always been into product reviewing them for people. Because if it works for me, I know that somebody else is gonna like it, depending on what the product is or why I liked it, and I've always known about affiliate marketing, and know how to get into it, I didn't know how to start it, I didn't know I didn't know where to start. And so when I found this opportunity that was kind of one thing that I liked. This is amazing because I can share products that I already use, products that I already love from major companies that people already know who sells this and where it's from. That's all I have to do is talk about what it does for me, and somebody else is going to be interested because I was so I know that sharing and talking about products or services or software things that I use in my daily life whether it's for my business, whether it's for my kids, whether it's for my husband and my son, and, like, it's literally endless. But being able to share those with people and what those products have done for me. And seeing that people trust it because they already know the companies where they come from, that was huge, because I didn't have to worry about the products that I was ordering from China or wherever, being something that was going to be valuable for people, something that wasn't going to be cheap, or crappy. I didn't have to worry about building the downside of the brand, because the brand is already there. I'm just passing it through a funnel to share it with other people, which made it so much more simple.

Dave: If we talk about MLM which you and I both have some experience there. I think for me, I don't know about everybody listening, but for me the benefit of getting into a business that I don't have to go pitch my friends and family on is like everything in now, meeting some of you who are listening who have not done this before. You're just probably tuning us out. If you don't know you don't know, but let me tell you something. When I got started in just entrepreneurship in general, I got all excited about this new business that I was getting into that happened to be an MLM. And when I, When I signed up, I paid my money and I got my product and I was okay okay now how do we build the business, train me up in the in the answer was, make a list of your friends and family. I was like, Really, my friends and family won't let me mow their lawn for five or 10 dollars, like, let alone. Buy a skin cream for $40 that they are buying from Walmart for five, you know. So, you know, I got a few pity sales here and there, but, you know, it wasn't until multiple companies went out of business, Erica and I were literally left holding the bag. And by the way, I didn't have an email list, I didn't have an asset that I can start over with, because my whole asset was just, they owned it, if I brought a family or friends to sign up. They weren't teaching me to build an email list, they weren't teaching me to generate leads. All that customer list email information, phone number, all that just went down with the ship. So when that MLM Company went down. I was left holding the bag, I was left with nothing. I was left with nothing. And so, I almost quit like most people do say, This is bullshit, or this is a scam or whatever. And instead what I did, and I thank God every day, and I thank myself every day. I went online and I started to learn how to generate leads for mlm, by the way, because I was gonna do MLM again and I was like, Look, I just can't do this friends and family thing, but I am going to get rich doing this, right. So I went online and I got it. I started, how to generate leads for my MLM business, and I got in other MLM earners who were selling me trainings, doing affiliate marketing. And I was like, hold on. These guys are selling me picks and shovels man, not the actual gold, right, yeah. And that was exactly how they explained it to me they were like, look in the Gold Rush, there was, there was just as many people that made money or more from selling picks and shovels to people who were on their way to go dig for gold, versus, and so I was like, hold on a second. I can sell picks and shovels, I don't. Right, so I started to do what my first affiliate mentor was, turning around to other network marketers and selling them training on how to not chase your friends and family and it just grew from there. And here's the thing. I'm a big Amen from everybody in the back. I have not since that day pitched my friends and family, any damn business or product that I have sold. 

Erica: Yeah, same. Well I haven't. I haven't talked to my friends and family about this business, less they asked me hey what do you do for work. That's it, I don't talk to them about any of the products. I don't have to feel like I have to go to them to get a sale because I need to make a commission or I need to make. I need to go buy products. I don't do any of that which alone was life changing for me.

Dave: I know it, look what some days, especially in the beginning when times were tough like when I was just getting things off the ground. That alone. Just the fact that I did not have to go unless you say, a friend and family for a sale. That alone was enough, I was like okay, Dave. Just look at what is, let's be grateful to make a gratitude list, don't have to chase friends and family, don't have to go prospect people in Walmart, don't have to leave sticky notes on, you know gas station, pumps, you know, are you business options open. You know, don't have to do drop cards, you know where you drop your business card and they tell looks like $100 bill, then you don't have to here's my I don't have to put magnets on the side of my truck and drive around town, hoping that something somebody is going to call. Nobody ever called, nobody ever called, never made a single sale. Make loners miserable, Brad Tingley says MLM. Now look, I am also. Here's the other side of this, grateful to MLM and network marketing, that it gave me. It gave me. It gave me a taste of entrepreneurship. It really did. And there are people who make money there. I'm not saying there's not, there are people I mean there are people who want to pound the pavement, and I don't give a shit about losing friends, And then they just invite, they just recruit all their friends, I don't know how they do. Yeah. But for me, I just sucked at it, you know I just sucked at it, I needed something different. So I'm not bashing it, I'm grateful for it. But I'm also grateful every single day, even on, even on days where, you know, in the beginning, no commissions, no money, always just going to work, I had to remember. Where did I come from? I'm going somewhere, I'm building a business, I'm developing a skill. I need to stick with it and I need to also understand that the grass is not greener on the other side it's just artificial turf, and I need to stay focused, and so how, talk to us a little bit about what has been, you know, a lot of people say on the show consistency. A lot of people say, you know they have it. We hear that a lot of consistency is what has been your sort of secret to success here over the past year. What would you say if you look back you say, You know what these one or two things have really helped me to move my business forward?

Erica: My mindset is the biggest because I feel like as an entrepreneur mindset is huge, huge, like I cannot stress this enough how big mindset is because of the fact that a lot of the times you're doing this by yourself Yes, you've got resources yes you have legendary to lean on other affiliates that you can ask questions to but, essentially, this is your business, you are doing this 100% yourself. So make sure that you are remembering your why post stuff around it sounds cliche, because I know if you are an entrepreneur, this is something that you hear all the time, post stuff around your house to keep that fire going, because if not, you during those hard times are going to struggle, mentally, because you're like why am I doing this all I'm making is this much, all I'm making is this, I know that I can get further, why am I not getting there, you're going to have different seasons in your business where things are not always going to work for what you want it to, or if you're in a transition period, it's going to feel very hard. So mindset for me is the one of the biggest things that I continue to work on every single day, every single week. That helps me keep my business moving forward. Other than that 100% honest, it is my husband. There are times that I feel like I'm going to yank my hair out and I'm literally going to lose my head. And he's like, Babe, you've got this, sit down and figure out what you need to do, sit down and figure out where your holes are in your business and go and work on that to get that part moving forward, Because like I said I'm a very detailed person. So if I feel like there's a piece of the puzzle that I'm missing. I feel like all of it's going to fall apart, and a lot of the time, that's not the case, but that's just how I process things, and so he has to. He doesn't have to, but he does. He helps keep me grounded. He comes, he helps keep me focused on where I want to move in my life and my business and not just for me and him but for my kids, because I want to build a future for them that I never had. I want to build a future for them and show them that there are all of these possibilities that you can do to create income for yourself and your family that you can sustain long term, that they can get into later on, because that was never anything that I knew growing up it was you go to college, you get good grades, you get a good job, you work there for forever you retire, you have a couple of years maybe to yourself and to enjoy life. And then that's kind of it. I don't want that for my kids, I want my kids to understand that of the world that we're living in, and the digital age there are so many other possibilities and opportunities out there that affiliate marketing is literally just one of them. This has opened up my life so much more for my 12 year old son who's into gaming who now talks to different companies about becoming affiliates for the products that he uses on a daily basis. That's something that I never would have thought of. Five years ago when I was in network marketing. And it's just like it's mind blowing that these are the kinds of things that help keep me going in my business every day.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, I want to, I want to remind everybody what we what we teach here, and it is not simply just affiliate marketing. It is these core four businesses, These core four ways to sell information online, and what those core four ways are is coaching courses, events, and of course affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing specifically, selling other companies courses, coaches coaching or events. Now, that doesn't mean that you couldn't be an affiliate for a physical product, if it aligned with your niche, you could certainly if you were in the dog training niche, be an affiliate for leashes dog toys. Organic dog treats, dog food. Right. But the main core income provider or profit center of your business is going to be that information product, whether it be a core coaching program course or event live or virtual why because if somebody has a problem, you, you can charge a premium price to solve that problem in the person who has that problem will pay that premium price. And it will be worth every dime to them. Now will it be worth every dime to the person who doesn't have the problem. No, it will be worthless. But we find a niche in a person with a problem and then we connect that person with a problem to a solution. And this business model is the hottest, and the most profitable, and the future of online marketing right now. It is the future, because all of these influencers, all of these people with these brands are realizing that they could package their information, or they could connect with people who have information packaged to sell to their audience for massive profits. All of these influencers that you see that have traditionally just made merch, that was kind of the, the, kind of what you did if you had developed an audience online, you just kind of sold merch, but they're all realizing, selling merge is just one stream of income, you know, it's just one way, and quite frankly, it's not even remotely the most profitable way, they begin to read they package their information and that's why a lot of these sites like Yahoo Demi and, like, I think it's called teachable, in all these other sites that allow you to package to create a course, you know, the hosting of that site. As a matter of fact your girl that I'm friends with will sell a million dollars of her course in less than a day. By opening it up in, in having a long waitlist, and then all of a sudden she opened it up for her followers, and it was open for a specific amount of time she was taking new students and she literally sold a million dollars worth of her course in in literally when she got shouted out by the owner of teachable or whatever the platform is she sells her course on, but what is the entry point into this business model, its affiliate marketing, it's selling somebody else's product why, because you can focus on one part of the business, the marketing department. You don't have to focus on the development or the creation or the creativity or the merchant processing or the sales or the customer support in folks like our guests yesterday Brian Brewer, who's a multiple six figure affiliate marketer, some folks just choose to stick with affiliate marketing because they don't want to create courses or do that back end delivery aspect of the business. So I think that what is important to remember is for everybody on here that this has not only been the simplest business model to get into. Over the course of the last decade since I've been online. It also is the business model of the future. You can put it in the same bucket as crypto as NF T's as some of these other things that in my opinion, are a lot more risky, and a lot more complicated to get into. This is right there with them. But it's proven, but there's low risk, but, but it, and, and there's all of these benefits, and I just think, when we really grasp the potential of the business model. Then, you know how hot it is, how it's not going away, how it's not saturated. We stopped, you know, telling ourselves all these limiting beliefs and all these bullshit stories, and really understand what is at our fingertips how blessed each one of us is to be here at this time. With this information, or you need to wait on a government check or whatever it is you need to beg for a penny raise you know every six months, that's the only way the 40 4040 plan. I think you can't help it to get excited about I mean, I, I'm 10 years 10 plus years into this Erica, and I'm more excited about this. Then I've ever been. 

Erica: Yeah, and that's kind of like one thing that I loved, even though I got into this with affiliate marketing because it was an easy way for me to understand, high income skills that you need in business in general, just in general with any kind of business you need to know how to build an email list you need to know how to market things you need to know how to talk to people and all, like, all of these things, I mean, I've had social media since I was a child. So, really don't think that social media is going to go anywhere, but understanding how to utilize social media for benefit going to set you up, literally for life, because the only thing that thing digital is going to happen is it's just going to continue, and the pandemic has put us more into that, than any time before, because so many people were stuck at home and because so many people didn't have jobs they were looking for ways to make money from home, they were looking for ways to support their family. And now that people have realized that they can make money online, they don't want to go back to a nine to five, they don't want to have to deal with that boss, or those crappy employees that you have to deal with that, just all of it, they don't want to deal with any of it anymore, they want to be able to be in charge of what happens with their life, how much money they can make and affiliate marketing, like you said, is literally just the tip of that iceberg, and you guys start with affiliate marketing and decide, Hey, I like affiliate marketing but I kind of want to go create my own course because I know affiliate marketing and I love products but I know how to build a house and I want to teach somebody that or I know how to, you know I'm a dad and so I can show people how to do basic maintenance on their car I know that during the pandemic, there was a dad who did that. He started with affiliate marketing, and talks about different products that you could purchase for cars that guy would make. There's so many different things that you can do with things online, and the high income skills that legendary teaches, it's endless. So just because you start with affiliate marketing doesn't mean that's where it has to stay, you can venture out into so many different things, but still use affiliate marketing as your core, and how you can help produce income in one stream.

Dave: And I think a lot of people are realizing that they don't have to go sit in a classroom or sign up for a four year degree to learn something, you know, they can just buy a course now many times people go right to YouTube and I think that's what has been the kind of go to for many years, it still is, but I think people are waking up to realize that, look, I can go to YouTube and I can get some generalized information but if I want specifics I need to find an expert and I need to sign up for their course, and I need to take that course or I need to I need to get involved in that community, or that which is usually consist of a Facebook group or a discord channel or a Slack channel or something or something that allows us to be a part of it online community. And I believe that people prefer that, why. Well, it's pretty common sense, you don't have to commit $40,000 to go and get a degree, learning from people that don't do it, who are teaching archaic methods from a textbook, right, that was written, 20 years ago. And, you know, in many cases you, you, you can start making money or start getting a result right away. It's just it's it's a no brainer, and I think society I think I, I do think that the system of, of, of kind of conveyor belting kids into college is too big to fail, almost kind of like how they talk about banks being too, like I think that is so ingrained in our society that is going to take many decades for that to be unwound in for it to be taught but there's already programs that are being introduced that are shorter, they're less expensive, that that help people to get the information faster, but I'm telling you people are waking up, they're waking up to the fact that they don't need to commit to six figures or near six figures of debt of debt at 18 years old in weight four to six is a matter of fact, just the other day we had Kelly Olson, she's an attorney. Right. She did all of the education, she got all of the, I believe, I'm assuming if I remember correctly, she has student loans. And she's doing online marketing, and as a matter of fact, she just quit her job, you know, gave her Two Weeks Notice he didn't she's about a year into this as well.

Erica: Yeah Kelly's awesome and I love hearing different stories about where people started and how they got into it because honestly I think that that's kind of when you're first getting started. That's how you connect with this business, that's how you understand and that's how you can rationalize that this is where I'm at. How can I get to here, because there's so many people with so many different backgrounds with so many different career choices and how they grew up in different ways that they learned about, you know, just, just, he can entrepreneur in general I'm not even talking about just making money online, I just mean being able to make money outside of a nine to five. That understanding where so many people come from helps you to understand that you can do more with your life than just work a nine to five. That is not the only way to make income anymore. And like you said, more people are understanding this and more people are coming around to the fact that there are multiple ways to do that and kind of something that I've started setting up in my own business is multiple streams of income because if something's not working, I want to know that that's not the only way that I'm going to bring in money, I want to bring in money in multiple aspects, not only because it's going to bring in more money, but because of the fact that I can do that. I don't have to just work. 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with the same paycheck with the same 25 cent bonus every year or raise every year or hope that I'm going to get I don't know if I want to go make more money, I'm going to go out in another income stream, and potentially make that my full time job. I'm gonna go add in something else to bring in an extra 567 $100 a month or a week or whatever it is that I decide to do, and that's where all of this, like, that's I think where all of this kind of comes from the fact that your abilities to be able to do things with this business are limitless. You don't have a cap on what you can do, or the money that you can make, and the only person that's going to stop you from getting to that million dollars is yourself. So if you can learn how to kind of move out of your own way and just take that chance, just try it something and if it works great if it doesn't, oh well, try something else. But you have limitless opportunities that you can do in just making money online or just outside of a nine to five.

Dave: Yeah you can be a victim or a victor, you know, and I like what Jolene says, as well as what you just said life is so much more than working and paying bills in that, I mean, we, we are so programmed to just pay bills, you know, and I think that from so many people, that becomes their entire life. That just becomes. And it's not that that's their purpose, they just are consumed with it, because there's always more money at the end of the money, there's never more money at the end of the month, you know, and when you begin to reverse that, to where you start to relieve yourself of some of that pressure on that stress, and some of that comes with time, you know even doing this you're not going to immediately and that's what I want to be very, very, very transparent with everyone. This is not going to happen overnight. Anything worth building does not happen overnight. But the beautiful thing is, is that if you is really that you are building your own business and that I think is one of the big distinctions between this and MLM, specifically, is that, you know, we do not want you if you're an affiliate of legendary to go and put a Legendary Marketer wrap around your car, whereas an MLM company will say yeah go put that wrap around your car and drive around and advertise for us. If we are a product or a service that you want to partner with, we promote because you're marketing to people in the online space. Oh, no biggie. We're privileged. We'll try to do everything we can to be the smartest best partner for you to help you to make money. If you are in the same niche and partner with somebody else, hopefully they have that same passion to help you convert and make money. If you are an affiliate of somebody, some program or company in the parenting space or whatever, hopefully, you know, we can teach you how to connect with companies that value their affiliates that give you resources, and so forth. But ultimately, you're building your business because if at one point you say, You know what, I don't like Dave anymore, just something about his beer, it's getting too great for me I just don't like looking at it anymore. You know, it's, it, you know, you can just stop promoting, you know what I mean and just it's not like, oh my god my business, you know, or if you're involved I've seen people, you know come in and get involved with a company and start promoting their products and then realize, I don't want to represent this company they, they're not clear or they're, they're not consistent or they're sending mixed signals or they're ruining my, my marketing they're, they're screwing me up here or you know they're not delivering what they promised or they lack integrity or whatever it's not converting, you can shift you can pivot. Ultimately though, you're still building your incorporated, you're still building your business. And that my friends is the most empowering thing again it goes back to, you weren't born to just pay bills, you weren't, you weren't, you're not on it, I don't believe I mean if you think back to our ancestors, none of them were sitting around going and clocking in, they, I mean, maybe they they hunted for dinner and they ran from saber toothed tigers and stuff but ultimately they hung around with their family, they hung around in spent time with their, their, their kids and we think about the Native Americans here in this country and they were running around in on mountains in in Plains and in smoking probably tobacco and marijuana and just chilling out, you know, chilling out in, now we're in this society that like will train you to literally like why this movie, this, this series squid game, what went went crazy recently on Netflix, I think so many people related there's so under feeling like world's on top of them with data and stuff that oftentimes people are forced to think they just are often against their values, or that they would never do take jobs, they would never take take orders from police to do next. I mean, for me, That is enough to motivate me to disconnect from the matrix, and to design my own way that I want to live in, I can say I'm working. And here's the hit every single one of us can. And I think today between you and I, I don't want to toot my own horn, but we've given a lot of reasons, we've given a lot of perspectives of alternative choices. And if you listen to this show today and you say, you know what I couldn’t care less. More power to you I don't give a damn if you're like, Yo, you know what I listened to you, and I'm gonna go build my popsicle stand, or I'm gonna go start my hotdog stand or construction business or do my econ thing, more power to you. I don't give a damn, I'm not even going to tell you guys to buy our training because it's the best thing in the universe. I don't. But you know what hopefully today on this Friday we gave you, I know, Erica you gave me a lot to chew on. Over the weekend, you can listen, or re-listen to this and really establish what your why is and really understand what you have at your fingertips. And, and, and start or start over. Because sometimes we just need to start over. That's okay, and say you know what, I'm not going to give up on me. I'm not going to give up on me, because as you said, Erica, I'm worth it, my family's worth it. The people who have supported me are worth it. But most of all, I'm thinner, right, I'm worth it. And, and I just I just wonder if you could give us some final thoughts on, not on, on, on why Eric is worth it, And why, when we try to do things for everybody else, often talk until we really find that conviction, which I feel like you have found, and you demonstrate, you're just, I can hear it in your voice. Would you like to talk to people? Leave them with some final thoughts about why they are worth it in what has helped you to look in the mirror and say you know what, I love my husband, I'm appreciative of his support. I love my kids, I want the best for them, but ultimately, I am also worth it.

Erica: So a lot of, I think the realization that there's more in life that people should experience is the fact that you only have one life. That's it, you've got from the time that you were born to the time that you die and unfortunately, because of the fact that we don't know when that time is, I know that the last thing that I want for anybody is to spend that working your life away for somebody else, not being able to enjoy all of the amazing things that this world has to offer and yes. Mind you, the pandemic, created a couple issues with that, but we're slowly starting to get back into being able to travel again and being big able to get back into going outside and community people and doing things together like we should as humans, but I think that for everybody, you have the opportunity to be able to experience life on a completely different level than what your grandparents grew up knowing or what your parents grew up knowing, and that you don't just have to go to school to get a job that you kind of live or to work all the time and you miss out on your family and you miss out on all those important things in your life that you want to actually do. You don't have to do that there are other options, and being able to just introduce that opportunity to somebody else is everything for me, showing them and explaining to them that you don't have to work three four or five jobs in order to support your family and your kids that you don't have to miss out on those games, or those recitals at school or anything that your kids or your family or even just yourself that you know if you're younger kids, that you can go out and experience the world in ways that you never really imagined that you could all because of the fact that you were able to make money online, or because the fact that you were able to do something outside of the nine to five job. Understand that you have limitless opportunities in order to be able to make money. And it's not just tied down to one thing. You have so many things in this world that you guys can go and look at an experience, and just do it for yourself because you only have that one life. And if you died tomorrow, at least you can say that hey, I gave my life, everything that I can, everything that I did, everything that I wanted to do, to the most extent that I was able to do. Don't let today or what's going on, stop you from being able to experience everything in the world that you can.

Dave: Well said, perfectly said. And with that, Erica. It was a pleasure. 

Erica: Thank you so much. 

Dave: I'm glad I got to hang out with you. Because, yeah, you've brought a lot of motivation and encouragement I think to people. This morning, on this Friday, and it's been, it's been time well spent. So thank you, and we'll talk to you soon. Okay?

Erica: All right, sounds good.

Dave: All right, my friends, You can go follow Erica, as well. The, the, the handle, that's on the screen right now, underscore, Erica_Devver. Okay so, underscore, EricaDevver_ if you want to find her on Instagram. It's the same just to underscore Erica Devver. Okay, go connect with Erica, go lift her up, support her and allow her to continue to share this, this, this motivation, this encouragement that she shared this morning with you on an ongoing basis. And as always say I think this is so important to lift people up what you put out into the Internet into the, you know world, you get back, and, and the best way that we can support each other is to support each other's content out there to like it to comment on it to share it to, to, to do duets with it, all that kind of stuff, and allow that energy that you give out that, you know, that abundance mindset that you give out to come back to you and my friends, we will see you back here on Monday for another episode.