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Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up, Legendary on Monday morning for this conversation with this marketer, this entrepreneur who's going to be talking about how she after being an empty nester is giving back and being a value of contributing value in creating value for herself through online marketing and through legendary right learning here and as part of our community. So with that being said let's welcome to the show. Gennifer Mitchell, what is going on, Gennifer?

Gennifer: Hey, thanks for having me. I'm good.

Awesome where you call in from California, northern. Okay. Nice. Most people are usually from Southern California so it's nice to get a northern Cali person in the house.

Gennifer: Yeah, I lived in San Diego for a few years but came back.

Dave: Cool. I love it. Yeah, so you are still in real estate?

Gennifer: Yes, still in real estate still selling houses, okay 16 years doing that empty nester, as we've put in in the title here. How many, how many little birdies have now flew the nest,

I have two daughters, so they're 19 and 21. Wow, and one still in college, in San Diego, but the other is married and having a baby in August. I’m my grandma. I know. Very weird. Weird. It

took me a little while but I mean, she went to a Bible school for two years, and they just like to do things differently in Texas.

Dave: I got it, get married, have kids young, I understand. I did things differently myself and I didn't go to a Bible school in Texas. I had, I have a 21 year old Barry, I had him very early. And so, yeah. I also have a five year old and a five month old so yes it is so talk to us about, like, what has, what led you online. I mean, what was it COVID What, what, what brought you online and what I mean obviously you've got a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. I think selling houses, is that what you would consider yourself as, a realtor? 

Gennifer: Yeah.

Dave: Okay, a realtor has to have a bit of entrepreneurial spirit in them at least a little bit because of the way that the job, work you're kind of hustling you're generating leads you're kind of in charge of your own oftentimes you're on commission only, I always, yeah. So, what, how did we get, how did we get to where we're at right now. 

Gennifer: Well, I've always wanted to do something, passively I've always, gosh, so in 2015 I moved with my daughters to San Diego. After a very difficult 17 year marriage. And so I have an adventurous spirit and I knew that I wanted to travel.  I've traveled a lot, and I knew I wanted to travel and I just wanted to figure out how, if I'm doing real estate obviously I have to be there, and I have to be with the clients and you're always tasting the deal. So, you know, it's just really difficult to go anywhere or do anything. I mean, you know, most Realtors sell till they're 85 or something you know they were eating and never stopped working. If you're not working you feel guilty because you're not working and you're not making money. So I always wanted to learn how to make money online, that I've had. I mean I've been to a few MLMs and stuff and nothing was ever really like that. Nothing that I was passionate about. And so when I moved to San Diego I flipped houses, and didn't just sell that I was flipping and doing stuff and so that was a whole nother thing, and it was amazing and fun and very high risk, and then ended up coming back because my youngest daughter wanted to come back but the online. I just always knew I mean I before I was planning I'm like okay four years, my time's up, my kids are going to be out I mean I love them to death but I could not wait for my time to my life to start again, because you lose yourself when your mom, especially a parent, you lose yourself, and I had to, after my divorce I had to recreate myself, who am I, what am I going to be what am I going to do. And I knew that I wanted to travel. And so, I mean I was selling everything I was gonna literally do figure out something online and go live in Bali and Thailand for a year. Did my Eat Pray Love tour. But then my daughter wanted to come back. So I said, I always told them yes absolutely, we'll go back and she wants to spend more time with her dad. So we came back, and then I got involved in a relationship. So I'm still here, but he's an entrepreneur. He's a broker, he has his own business, and so I'm always around that and he knows very much as well that I just want to do something online, and I tried a few things, but nothing ever really worked, and I literally was just on Tik Tok for fun, and looking at funny videos and stuff and I started seeing, you know, FBA, all the different you know Shopify, whatever, all those things and I'm thinking, okay, so it started spring that nd again okay I could do this still and I could talk him into, you know, putting his hiring someone to run his business and you know I've been planting those seeds for years. So, anyway, so yeah I literally just fell into it I had no idea what affiliate marketing was, I just knew that there's a way and I'm going to figure it out to make money online, and so I can travel and now I have no I need to go travel to see my kids because they didn't stay in the same town as me. That was my plan and they didn't do it. They're gonna be off wherever they are and I need to be able to go see them anytime I want.

Dave: Yeah. Wow, that's great so you, you fell on what made you pull the trigger on enrolling in our education versus other things that you were seeing out there on wherever you were seeing them TikTok etc? What compelled you to get involved with us here and start learning this business model, and then now, I mean, I was looking at your TikTok you got 44,000 followers on TikTok, I mean, you're, you're kind of off to the races but. But still what made you just for the people here who are just still the same business model and maybe have a little bit of a shiny object syndrome going on, what, what made you really pull the trigger on this model and focus here?

Gennifer: Well, I loved the professionalism of your videos and stuff, I mean I did research a little bit, not a whole lot of long time. I mean, probably at the end of the last of 2020 I was looking, I wish I had seen all this during 2020. I had so much time on my hands. I could have done it all then. But that's when most people were looking at what we're still looking at but I, I looked at a lot of YouTube videos, I looked at so many different business models and honestly I couldn't figure it out I didn't know. I mean I didn't try but I also know very well the risk involved in, you know, putting out a bunch of money and not having an education around it and I know the value of protein very much. I've spent 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars on coaching over the years. So, I saw your video, you know, I don't even know who the person and my upline is I have no idea. I don't even follow him. But yeah, I just saw your videos and I was like wow this is really professional and you know I mean I can see a ton of it but I just thought it was really well done, you're relatable. You know you're just kind of a normal guy, you're not all flashy with your Ferrari mansion and I don't like those kinds of people. So I like the normal people, I mean that's what people relate to and I know that and so yeah so I just knew that it was a step by step, but honestly still I was still timid, thinking, you know, I mean obviously it's a low entry point. And I thought, you know I had nothing to lose and I was sitting by myself in my house. I lived alone at the time. Now I'm engaged and I moved in together, but I didn't even tell him I didn't tell him that I was doing it at all until I got my first high ticket. Yeah, I was so nervous I'm like okay we're moving in, I have to do these lives now and I'm so nervous.

Dave: Totally well I can only imagine that you've got this big secret. Like, it's not a bad secret if you're nervous to kind of just reveal what it looks like behind the scenes and everything.

Gennifer: He had no idea. And I was like I have to tell you something and he's probably like, Oh my gosh. And I'm like, Well, I kind of have this business and he was like, Are you kidding me? This is so amazing!  I mean he, he's so supportive, like I said he's an entrepreneur. He has like five businesses, he has a nonprofit. He's very supportive and he knows very much. He is a very schedule regimented structured person and I am the dreamer but, he's a dreamer too but I'm like let's go do this thing, you know, let's see, I want to travel I want to get an RV and go travel into the US now. So anyway, he was very supportive, he still is.

Dave: Sounds like my wife and I, I mean we've literally got tattoos mine says hold on her says let go because I help her. Let go. She helps me hold on, cue the but sound, I mean it sounds very similar to my wife and I just opposite you know when I'm the kind of the dreamer the bit unorganized but more organized but just kind of free spirit where she's kind of the more you know structure boundary, plan, plan, plan.

Gennifer: Yeah. Well, I think for sure because, otherwise I'd be, oh my god, if I right exactly if I had to have me if I would if I was in a relationship with me oh my gosh, I would be in a totally different place in life and I don't think it would be better, I think it would be worse, because we would probably spend ourselves into oblivion, we would, we would just, you know. 

Dave: Yeah, so. Okay, so you've, you've come in you went through the challenge, initially, you were digging that that made sense to you, as you saw the pieces being put together and you also, I hope and I, I'm assuming, saw kind of the bigger picture here versus MLM or. And I'm not putting in a lot of down because I got started in MLM as well, but MLM typically the business model if you're I do the business side of MLM, it's really your only kind of choice is to get in and then resell their products. Now, obviously, people can be an affiliate for Legendary, but and many do, that's that's fine, but these are transferable skills, and this is a huge large industry that once you understand these skills and understand how the internet works, and understand how to pick a niche, and then how you can sell lots of different offers specifically information offers but I even see people who have sold information products like courses coaching events and done affiliate marketing, then get into selling planners or selling various other physical things, but what did you, what was your biggest aha moment of course that's, I don't want to lead you with that. That was your aha moment below was your aha moment as you're going through the challenge and you were seeing this business model. I was laying it out and trying to spoon feed it but also give the bigger picture. What were your aha moments, what were your big takeaways?

Jenifer: Well definitely the bigger picture, because I mean as an entrepreneur, I know very much, you know, you have to be up here, looking at how can I plug this in, but I could see all the different avenues that I could take with it, and I mean I didn't know. Honestly, I didn't even know about digital marketing before I was thinking about products and I'm like, you know mugs or something, I mean the stuff that I buy mugs and T shirts and sweatshirts and I was thinking all of that. And once I started to see the digital products, and the ability to educate people, and I mean just in, in my TikToks I mean literally, I mean that was a big learning curve for me. I had never posted a TikTok before January, 20, my first one. And, but I started seeing so many people that are out there hurting and need help and you know so many people need this direction, they have nothing and I loved how the, I mean, yes, I could see the big picture, but everybody doesn't see big picture, and I loved how the training was step by step, and a beginner, entry level, and then the ability to, of course progress and I did invest in the blueprints, so that I mean, just the steps and for someone to be able to take it as far as they want. So I loved that, you know I could help people because I'm at this stage of my life. Realize that true joy comes from helping other people, and a famous Zig Ziglar quote that I love is “if you help enough people get what they want, you'll naturally get what you want.” And so, my heart has honestly always been, since my divorce, I've been divorced seven years to help women, I mean, getting out of a long term marriage where I've worked, I sold real estate the whole time but pretty much part time, I was mostly with my kids. You know I didn't have to work, per se. i It's hard when you start over after 40 Something you know, and so I have a heart for women in particular, to help them realize that there's other things out there, and I've known for years that trading time for money is just a total scam. So I want to help other people, not just women I'm talking about as marketing mamas and start more, I mean obviously Mama's because I'm a mama but I didn't want to put my name on there to have my name and I am still having a hard time combining because like my facebook is about my real estate so when to figure that out. But anyway, the big aha, is how many people you can reach, I mean I've talked to people in Pakistan and Africa, and Georgia and Florida, you know, I mean, it's amazing. 

Dave: We got people from probably 30, 20 to 30 Different countries on our decade in a day which is training blueprints, the other day on Friday we literally, I mean, conservative in terms of how many different countries I mean if you include states, we had, we had probably, I mean people from from at least a quarter of the states across the country and then 20 Plus to 30 countries around the world. It was just incredible. I wanted to touch on something before we glossed over it, which is finding who you want to serve in finding who your target market is. This is exactly. Now, if you guys, if you own the blueprints, you go into the blueprint you go into the fishing formula, go through that process. And the first section is of course, who's your target audience, the species, right, and that is so important. That's our whole business blueprint philosophy is, we're going to give you some various things to do to sharpen your skills while you take a bit of time to get clear on your niche. And if you guys are going through the blueprint, then you know that if you've gone through the blueprint, then, then you know that if you haven't, you guys are on the fence. This is what we're going to do, we are not going to just say, Oh, go to school, promote this or just tell you what to do, we're going to give you various different things, different products in different niches to help you to sharpen your skills and get used to your tools and all that kind of stuff. Wow, Will you take up to 90 days to pick your niche and the niches of is,  it's not a very humanizing way to describe it, but it's really who is your target person whom is the person that you want to serve, you say women, and you talked about a divorce, and you talked about reinventing yourself after 40 And what I wanted to say is, it's so powerful because for women of many who are moms who, that becomes a such a big part of your identity. And, and, and, and then once they leave or even while they're still there. Oh yeah, I can tell you that my our little ones are five. My oldest is out of the house but my little ones are five and five months, and my wife and I, but I'll just talk about my wife for a second what I've seen her go through absolutely wanting her own thing absolutely needing her own identity, not just friends and social circle, but actually being productive and wanting to be a value and wanting to make money or contribute to your business. And guys, it is that such a big, honestly, for those of you who are listening to this who are 40 and above, stop being jealous of young people because it's the boomers who have the money to spend. Anyways, yeah. So, you have such an advantage and of course I'm speaking to everybody, I'm so thrilled that you figured this out, but there's so many people who come in and who put so much emphasis on the glass being half empty that LM, I'm older or I'm not technically savvy or whatever, and it's like you have such an advantage if you can just see it, and you can speak to people who are in that age range, about the things that they're experiencing in their life right now. You have solutions to it. Gennifer congrats for like seeing that and now taking action and now you've turned around from a simply scroller. Curious about a business to now have a TikTok channel 44,000 followers you're making money you're I mean, how this is, this is really incredible good for you.

Gennifer: Thank you, thank you yeah it's pretty exciting because I felt from the beginning of my marriage ending that well obviously before that I was like okay this isn't what I was supposed to be, this should be more to this and I needed more. And that started about 38 and. But from the beginning, women came out of Woodworks to, for me, and I felt that that was a God thing God was using me to then help other women and I knew in some way that I would be helping women and other people because, I mean, it's a pretty, you know, Everybody talks about men having a midlife crisis but women do too. And women do it big time, and it's about our self worth. It's about who we are and our self worth and all of that so, you know, and so many people unfortunately you know, are divorced and just figuring it out again and so know that that was my niece really and and you know I mean I haven't, I do gear it a little bit towards women, but in this, that I've had a few guys like, I'm not a mama can I come in, I'm like, of

course you know. 

Dave: You know that's really interesting that a lot of people went by picking a target audience, and kind of even narrowing down, not just their edge right there top, you're talking about making money online, you're talking about starting a business and making money online, and then you've kind of narrowed it down to your specific audience and target customer being women, and in women who have kind of crossed over the 40 age and they're kind of trying to figure out what's next, but it's so funny because the more you target down like for example, I haven't. An example of an ad in the Facebook funnel in the blueprint of a ad that a girl ran that was calling out nurses, the men talked about hey if you're a nurse and you're working all these hours and you're probably stressed out and you probably went into it because you thought it was gonna be this and now it's not what you expect what you really love to help people and it's not that you want to just abandon that but you want to do something that maybe can have more of an impact but also pay you what you're worth. So, even though she called out nurses in the ad, everybody in the ad blew up or down to the comments like, I'm not a nurse, but I feel that way. Yeah, yeah. And the interesting thing is that if you call out a specific, specific segment of like an audience. Yeah. Anybody who's having that human experience is going to be like, not, you know, a nurse but or I'm not a mom all but I'm a PA and the same exact way, that's just it's it's it's counterintuitive because we think that oh if I niche down and get more specific, I'm going to be the lead people out and leaving opportunity on the table, but that's not the case. Yeah, you just found your tribe. Yeah, and people want to be a part of your tribe. Yeah, they are exactly the, the, whatever they think that the you're calling out, they want to be a part of it it's really fascinating you're really taking a lot of, you're really, you're really being decisive in your in your decisions about what to do, who to target, you're hopping on TikTok pulling the trigger creating content, how to overcome your, sort of, That that indecisive miss that insecurity that overthinking that perfectionism, whatever your kind of big, you know, whatever flaws weaknesses, whatever newbie complexes whatever we want to call them, how, what are what are yours? And how are you overcoming them to be so decisive and take so much action?

Gennifer: Well, the beauty of being in your 40s which I'm at the tail end now,

is that you stop caring what people think. It's amazing, it's the best decade of my life so far. So I would say I mean, the technology I've really, I mean, I literally could I couldn't figure out how to do TikTok, you know, and I thought, Okay, I'm old, but it's hilarious to watch I mean there's, I'm a GenXer, and GenXers apparently I found now on TikTok with others, we don't care about anybody. Which is great, and it's not that we don't care. Obviously I care about people, but I don't care what people think anymore. And, I mean, they're not paying my bills, I'm not worried about those people if there's somebody who doesn't like me. That's fine. You don't have to like me. I don't I'm not trying to please everybody, and I'm not trying to please hardly anybody anymore, but now I'm like this is my life, I get to do what I want to do and I'm here to empower other women and other anyone, all, all men and women, but I'm here to empower other people to find themselves, and to just say you know what, screw what you've been taught, throw it all out the window, you need to do what makes you happy today because working a nine to five, even though I've been an entrepreneur and I've sold real estate, it's still the grind, I mean I still, I mean I've, I've battled depression and anxiety a lot. In fact, even a month ago I was like, I don't know if I could do this anymore. But, you know you do things and you get back and it's fine so I have that relatability as well with so many mental health is a big deal for me and supporting that. My oldest daughter after my divorce, or before I even got divorced. She struggles as well as a result of people that were in our life, and I mean I had to institutionalize my daughter, you know, so I am a big advocate of empowering strong girls strong women, and helping them realize their power, I mean, women and men can do anything and I don't think women are equal or, you know, I know where I want to be and I'm at the point where I'm happy to allow men to do certain things I don't need to be everything, but I know that I can build up other women and other girls and younger women, and empower them to just be themselves, but the technology. So I'm not afraid to ask for help. So I know very very well that I need coaching and training. And the key is to being a sponge and being willing to learn and always in learning mode because, I mean, you have to, or if you're if you're not learning, you're dead, you know, to be learning and always reading and self start but you know, honestly, none of that started for me until 2014 I wasn't in that space at all. I was very, in a very difficult relationship and I was very submissive and not shy. I was always, you know, outgoing, but I didn't have a voice, and now I do and so it's kind of loud.

Dave: No, no, well great, great, and how does that feel now that you feel like your voice has you haven't had a voice and now you have just for those who can relate to that. Can you tell us what it looks like and feels like on the other side of that I mean I know you just went through a little bit but that specific piece what does it look like and feel like now on the other side of actually finding your voice and realize that you have one and that it can make an impact can can you just talk, say more about that just for a moment. 

Gennifer: Yeah, I mean I, really. It took a while to overcome, but once I started seeing, you know, it was almost like I was sheltered but I wasn't at all I mean, not at all but in myself I was I lost myself. I didn't have a voice like I said and I once I realized that there were there was another way of thinking, which then what I was thinking is, it's not about getting the biggest and best house and cars and all of that and climbing the ladder of the corporate ladder, it's really about giving back to people, you're going to find true value there, and also helping other people. You know that's where my voice came in, if there's another way of thinking, you know, living beneath your means and having a richer life without being you know I look rich and have all the things it's really about living a quality life with less and giving back more. And, but my voice, the voice part was really impactful when you know obviously when I moved away and be able, It's just brain it's like you just feel, I suppose, I felt like a dog lead out in the field for the first time that sounds terrible, but, you know, I get to run free and I can be whoever I want. I mean, people were, I mean I've lived in Northern California for more than. Gosh 35 more years, but at the time when I moved I had lived here for over 30 years and people were like, Oh, you're so brave and you're moving your whole life and I'm like, I know and I started to think there was something wrong, like, should I not be doing this, you know, but it was so afraid, I mean I went to San Diego and learned how to sail and you know I was flipping houses on my own I was running the show and writing the checks for all the contractors. I mean it just allowed me to be this whole other person that I didn't even know existed. To be honest, it was because I was suppressed, and depressed, and, you know, just, you know, and so I had this drive to show my daughters that that wasn't one of marriage was, and that that's not how life has to be and I had to be strong for them. I mean, they were in high school and I was like, you guys, it's not about being, You know everybody says I want to be a strong woman. Well I, you know, because of my faith, it's more about being a woman of strength. You can be strong, you don't have to be everything. Yes, you can have a person in your life to build you up and you need that that's what we're called to have as a partnership. But yeah, I mean my drive was really my daughter's and it was freeing and it was so important for them to see. They saw me vulnerable and broken, and you know I was very open, and we all kind of healed for three years, whether. Yeah,

Dave: I mean, just so much to unpack there. But really, the, the, I think that, for, for me, You know I think a lot of people there Why is sort of what you said and I heard you kind of having two Y's there with the first one was you really put the mask on yourself in the airplane before you start were able to really be what everything you want it to be for your daughters, Right, I think, I think finding the motivation in in front and taking the risk to find your voice and to kind of step out on faith, take those risks to do entrepreneurship and do stuff is, is an act. It's, it's, and also be able to be whoever we want, right, is, which I thought was really powerful when you said that because I want to be whatever I want, and maybe some days I feel a little bit silly, and some days I feel a little bit more serious, and some days I feel a little bit sad. And what I found is, is that when I'm, when I'm in flow and creating content and marketing that there's space for me to do all those things and quite frankly, the more that I allow those things to kind of come up to the surface in my personality and my emotion, the more effective I am because those, that is the full range of human experience. Everybody, nobody's like a robot. We're not robots. That's what makes us human. And so step in like into that authentic self more and just kind of like clean all the ropes and chains and tie downs and all that, like you said the suppression, the depression, and in stepping into our real authentic self, our purpose, it just not giving a damn not living our lives for everybody else anymore, and to saying hey, this is what I want to do, and this is I'm going to stop what people think and I'm just going to focus on delivering value in helping people and being whoever I want to be today. I just think that that's kind of a cool way to look at it because it kind of, it makes it more of like it puts me into that childlike phase, that I really, I love being and I think we all have an inner child right that likes to dress up and pretend it on the internet, be whoever we like today I'm going to be this guy and tomorrow, I mean, it's that full range of human experience and emotion. And then as we do that, it's, if you have kids that you want to set up an example for if you want to build a business and create generational wealth. You kill those two birds with one stone because the best thing that you can ever give to your children is to have them watching you, living full out amazing authentic experience and that will be so much more valuable than money that you can pass on, that's great to hook them up with some some some generational wealth if you can, I'm all for that. But the best thing that we can ever give to our children or those people who, in our lives who we care about his, his two, because if you think about it, Gennifer like what I want for the people that I love more than anything, is for them to be as much of themselves as they can be and not live their life for anybody else but just themselves in so what more of a powerful gift that I give to my loved ones my kids is to have them see me doing that that is really, really powerful Gennifer.

Gennifer: Thank you. Yeah, no it's a big deal and I mean, like, my daughter, my oldest who's in Texas now and went to Bible school. I mean that was always an asset both of them were going to go to when their dad went to that Bible school. And, you know, but she needed to. She has her own tribe now, and it's hard for me to let go because I was a helicopter mom and I'm all about my kids you know I was like I'm going to move and be near you and then I'm like, Hold on I don't want to move Texas, but she has found her people and I and even now she's having a baby and she's like, totally different and my parents are both passed but I remember my mom was there when I had my girls, and she, you know, I knew everything, of course. And so now I'm in that position and I'm like, you know, she's like, Mom, I know you don't like this or whatever I'm like, Honey, this is your kid, this is your life this is your marriage you could do it the way you want. That's the beauty. I mean I can't wait. I can't wait to meet her it's boy and I can't wait to meet him, but because I didn't have boys at all but she has her own way of doing everything and like I only want wood toys and I'm like okay, he's gonna be colorblind but anyway, but yeah, I'm like, this is your life, you get to do this, you're an adult, you get to live yours. 

Dave: You're set, you're giving your kids just a great gift without and also by having your own life and having your own path and your own purpose and not needing to know. It's like, I see a lot of parents may be in one as well but I see a lot of parents, and this is I'm not saying this coming from a judgmental place because I really do believe we're all just doing the best that we can but we say oh I want my own identity I want, I love my kids I want to be a phenomenal parent but I just need my own identity I need to I know I need to do something for myself and all this, I want to do so much, but they just can't detach, they can't let go because I think parenthood, in, in those roles that we have in our sort of domestic life, our home life they give us a lot of control, right, they give us a lot of control even though we may we may not even want that much control but it's something that we can control and then we want these other things we want adventure we want travel we want something more of our own something that's outside of home, but that doesn't offer that same level of control, you know, That is risk, that is, you got to be uncomfortable all over again. And you know what, it's not a baby that you take care of and you have to take care of it or else it dies, right, right, right, you can start it and then if it dies well oh it's just a dream that died or it was just, you know, we tell ourselves these stories that, well that's not really what's important is long, right, and it's just kind of this cycle that we get into and we can never really let go of those, those controls of that of that certainty. Uncertainty is scary over here although we want it to go badly. And that's why I commend you so much because it's not the money that you make in the audience that you're building all that, it's the real, it's that you've taken these risks into uncertainty, to, to let go of something, not totally, but that was so important that is so important to motherhood and into being a great mom to your kids, but now you. It's almost like a snake who sheds its skin. You know it's not that you're not a snake anymore, it's not that you're not a mom anymore. You're starting a new chapter and that comes with uncertainty but you're walking through it briefly, and I really, really respect that and commend you for that.

Gennifer: Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's cool with this at this stage when they're older, you know, and then now I get, I mean I'm starting something totally new, getting remarried and in my business. This business but we're always, you know, a lot of, There's a lot of people that would have moved to Texas that would have followed the kids that would have not been able to let go of that state, that illusion of control and would have said well I want to be closer to the kids or whatever, and there's nothing wrong with that. But my point here is that starting a business, guys and gals, comes with uncertainty while taking risks. And the more that you can detach from meeting certainty and needing control at all aspects of your life is going to be, make it easier for you to transition into that uncertainty, and to continue pushing forward, and then eventually to embrace the uncertainty and get excited about it and get excited about the fact that you don't know what's going to happen from day to day, it's a sense of adventure in your business, it's a sense of adventure this wakeup show it's incredible. I don't even know who I'm going to talk to. 

Dave: Every morning I get to start my day talking to somebody new, in our community. It's really cool. One last question and then I've got a call coming up. I got to transition and bring this airplane in for a landing but if somebody was, was, was asking themselves do I want to get involved in Legendary do I want to be a part of this community, is this the real deal.

What would you say to them? 

Gennifer: The bonus that I always say, I've had so much help from the community. I know people say that a lot because it's 100% True, the community is so helpful I've reached out to so many people that are big, big wigs and I'm like this little fish, and they're so willing to help. And so, you know, just, everybody's so encouraging and willing and everybody wants to succeed, nobody, not nobody but you can't have a scarcity mindset of this business if you do, you're never gonna make it because there's plenty of business for everybody there's a million people out there. More than a million, of course, billions of people out there, and there's more business for everybody and just to have an abundance mindset, and knowing that this community and I've seen a few trolls out there saying, oh, you know, it doesn't work it's a scam and nobody helped me and they just threw me out there and that's 100% not true. They didn't complete anything because there's so much help and people are so willing to help and I mean even if they're not, you know, didn't go through your link or whatever, it doesn't matter. you help people and that's how you get ahead and that's how you adjust to life is so the community to me was a huge bonus, the training, you know is continually you can level up over and over and over when you're at the stage that you need to be where you've kind of gotten through the first part, then you can level up and go to another stage and you can get more training and more and it's all professional, and you're a real person. It's not just selling you some training, and then you go away and they never hear from you I mean you're active and I love that you're active in the community, and always sharing other people's knowledge because everybody with their own history, brings their experience right and you know like I've seen the email stuff somebody, I think it was Elisa recently that was sharing about the email and all the email marketing and different, just different experiences and you just continually grow so that's why it's so beneficial because it's a living breathing object you know everything is moving and improving every single day.

Dave: That's a really great way to explain it, it's, and I think that's so true for good, a good training and educational experience is dynamic. It's not just some. And this is good for us to also be thinking about course creation and coaching, if that's a business model that any of you guys want to transition in and start it. Yeah. You know, creating a course is not about, you know just filming some videos and then they're good for the next 10 years I mean, the best part of the educational experience. Nowadays, online. Is this like lives and webinars and like stuff, conversations and take me behind the scenes and show me how you did that and it's just, yeah, it's, it's so different and I think that makes it less intimidating for us to create a course or to provide a training or even provide value for people because value is not just something that you just create one time and then it doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be perfectly created one time. And then, and then it's, it's this love that description that really, so I'm gonna stop ranting, because you said it so perfectly, but I just was kind of like wow that was really well but Gennifer, really, Seriously, this has been fantastic and I'm really super happy and proud of you and impressed and just keep up the great work, and please come back. Please say yes, and update us in maybe three or four months down the road, and we'd love it.

Gennifer: Thank you. 

Dave: All right, Gennifer. It's been our pleasure. All right, we'll talk to you later. Keep up the great work, we'll talk to you soon. Okay guys, go follow her. That is a really strong woman of strength. We don't always have to be a strong man, or a strong woman, a woman or a man of strength and that strength can come from lots of different places as she said faith right family, community, that's what I think this is about, I don't have to be strong. I don't have to be somebody who does it all by myself. And I think that's one of the cool things. Obviously, that's why people's faith is so important to them. Also though. This community is that for so many books it is for me, it is for me as well. Right, because I'm not this, you know, you know, I'm always strong guru, I'm not the Incredible Hulk, right, even though sometimes I used to think that I was a legend in my own mind if you know what I mean. But now I realize I'm human, right, I'm fallible, I'm vulnerable, and I get strained from you guys, I get strength from this community. I get strength from my faith as well. Right, my spirituality, I get strength from my wife. So guys, I just wanted to leave you with that thought as you please go follow, Gennifer, she's on tick tock at marketing Mama's to realize, just that you don't have to do this alone. You can also text. This number WUL to the number on your screen 813-296-8553 And we'll send you a little text message when we go live in the morning, just so you can have a reminder, I'll see you back here tomorrow. Another episode. Be well be great. Have a great week, and of course, Be Legendary. Peace.

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