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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary we've got another Venezuelan. On the show today we actually had a previous guest just this week from Venezuela, Ada, I believe, was her name and she was absolutely lovely and inspiring to talk to and listen to her story and now today we're going to hear from William, who is, you know, is another one of those true inspirational stories, somebody who's who comes from, you know much. Well quite frankly, his country is really struggling right now and many of his friends and family are feeling a sense of hopelessness and he is sort of a shining light of inspiration and is not only building a better life for himself but has a motivation to give back to his friends and family as well. So with that being said let's go ahead and bring on William. What's up my brother? How are you doing, welcome to the show.

William: I'm good, thank you for having me Dave, what’s up?

Dave: You’re up, you’re up. So tell us where you're calling from and where are you currently right now?

William: I'm living in Chicago right now. Yeah, I'm studying here. I'm here in the United States as a student. So, yeah.

Dave: Okay. So, what led you to Legendary Marketer, how did you get started online, and how did you find us? Yeah, so the very very first time I heard about affiliate marketing was like one and a half years ago, maybe there were a lot of people talking about affiliate marketing. On TikTok basically, I'm not like a social media guy but I had TikTok. And so there was one guy, he kept talking about affiliate marketing affiliate marketing and I was like, let's see what this is about. So he had like a video lead explanation so just click on it and he was explaining how to do affiliate marketing by blogging. That was the method he was doing. It looks just so complicated. He didn't even talk about sales funnels, email automation, nothing. He was right, I was like, No, this looks so complicated, I don't know what a blog is. I don't know how to say that, like SEO search engine optimization, I don't know.

Dave: I don’t know SEO FBO DEO right?

William: Yeah. I mean, it's so complicated, it's just not enough for me. And then, and this year on January we're just crawling on things are like people, and I came across Calvin's live, and he was planning stuff and we were like, Oh, this looks interesting, but he told me like I kept watching his live videos for about, like, I think, one month like everyday because it was really interesting, like, pretty much about one month, for me, even think about getting the chorus line getting the lender magazine, and played with like, maybe I can give it a shot. I can probably buy and see what medicine. Oh no. So I got through that 15 Day Challenge. And he's, he was really really really interested and yeah because I thought it was easier than blogging, and it makes so much sense to me, it makes so much sense, I mentioned all this already, this is where I love the like from the beginning like from the start I loved it. And then when I finished the 15 day challenge I jumped right into it. This is for me, this is for me, I love this. I love being on the computer doing stuff and this is for me and I really jumped into it really seriously, it was like this for me and I'm gonna make it. I don't care. This, I mean I like this and I'm enjoying it so much, I mean, and it will be more like learning than just seeing and making money or I'm not, I'm just focused on learning and enjoying it. And that's my mindset but I think mine is a really really gained mindset and consistency. So, that's my mindset. I think that's what has been helping me a lot . I'm just focusing on just learning and enjoying and helping others, and I am doing so much. 

Dave: Well, that's awesome. I, you know it's funny because I've seen you on these wakeup shows every day.

William: Yeah. Yeah that's cool I mean, For those of you who are like listening to this wondering, you know where we get our guests from just people in our community, I mean it's not. I see so many of these gurus out here and companies who bring in, You know all these, you know, other entrepreneurs and being, you know, gurus and stuff. And, and, and, you know here. It's pretty cool to see somebody who's in on watching our show every day. Now, on to share their story, and I just, I love that about this whole process and kind of what we're doing here.

So thank you for being now a guest, but also a great listener and somebody who's attended and learned and put so much good energy into the show and good energy into the community, it's really appreciated and it's really helpful. 

William: Thank you for having me. I really enjoy the show every day so even when I'm working, I have my herbal tea and I listen to the show every night, learn so much from so much, I didn't even know anything about copywriting like nothing I've learned so much, like so much. 

Dave: Yeah, well I like your attitude about, you know that I'm not in that I'm not completely focused on making money here in the beginning, I focused on learning, just so happens that you, you have an are making money, but that's not your, You're not hanging on every set that comes in, you're focused on learning as much as you can and laying a good strong foundation so you mentioned mindset. You come from Venezuela who, from what I know about Venezuela, it's, it's, I mean, we had ADA on a couple of days ago, she talked a little bit about what's going on back there but going on back there but I mean it's it's for some people a hopeless situation, a hopeless life, I guess, and here you are, you just have this, this wonderful mindset that's, it's all about working hard and all about learning, can you talk to us a little bit about where you came from, and how, how do you think that you've developed the mindset that you do have about this. Help us to understand what makes you tick and how do you see business and where do you think you develop this mindset that you have.

William: Yeah, so. Well, I'm a civil engineer from banking . I went to college and I graduated as a civil engineer. So since I was in college, my mindset was like, I don't care about grades, I'm just focused on learning. If you learn even whatever type of job you're doing, whatever job you have. The most important thing to me is to learn whatever you're studying, whatever you're doing. If you're nervous, you're a digital marketer, because that's when you're gonna, it's gonna get you the results now so since I was in college, I was really focused on learning. I just got to learn this really well, and you can learn it. The good rates are gonna come and it happened. I've learned. I was one of the best on my entire college, but it was focused, yes on lending lending lending because he focused on the result is easier to get discouraged, you see in marketing, like the the marketing thing is, there is a lot of that that’s simple, it's not easy but it's simple, like building your cell phone of building your email automation, simple, easy for some people, and all that very simple, but if you're focused on the result, it's really easy to get discouraged. So that's why I don't when I am, I'm not saying I never get discouraged. Keep going, keep going because you want to be an entrepreneur there's gonna be obstacles, I mean, Thomas Edison he played like 10,000 times before he perfected the light bulb, you know, but he kept going. You know, so that's the main thing I had like, I know there's gonna be obstacles, tit won’t be easy, but I'm enjoying anyway so every time something comes up, I just gotta find a way around, you know, for example, TikTok used to be great for traffic, I don't think it is anymore as gray as they used to be. That is not going to stop me and now I'm working on phase one, it used to work in around, find you have a plan, and it can fail as entrepreneurs, find a way to work around, and replace those plans that failed, you're like, why that didn't work out, because that's, that's, that's what it's all about, to me. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I had, it was interesting, I had somebody comment yesterday in one of our groups that, like, oh I want to refund you failed me and kind of all this stuff. And, and I just thought, and I thought, you know, this is such a common attitude, this is such a, this is such a. I've seen this over and over and over, over the past 10 years, where people just have a pattern of everything they do. The grass is always greener on the other side, and it's always exciting. It's always exciting kind of looking from when they get started, and then when they get in and get involved in and approach it the same way that they've approached everything need fast results with, you know, where's that it's kind of looking for that, that unicorn, you know the get rich quick kind of opportunities, and, and then when things don't meet someone's expectations, mostly because they don't put in the work, all of a sudden now, it's, I gotta find somebody to blame. You know, it's, it's a pattern. I see this pattern happen over and over and over and over again, it doesn't matter. In most times when somebody has an attitude like this, it's been thing after thing that they've done in it's like Insanity, because it's doing the same thing, expecting a different result. Basically, relying on waiting and hoping to find that perfect get rich quick lotto ticket. And when, when, when it's not that. Getting cynical, getting angry, getting bitter and blaming somebody else. I think this also happens in personal relationships, you know, people get into it could have happened to me, you know, I very easily could have not worked on myself and blamed my wife for all of our problems got a divorce, I probably would have found a new life, done the same exact stuff got a divorce, and always looking for somebody else to fix my problems instead what I did in my marriage anyways was, I took a look at myself, I said, What do I need to fix? What do I need to work on? And that's a difficult thing for people to do is take responsibility. Who taught you the value of personal responsibility. Was this something that you were you where you were that you model tree growing up by friends or family was it something that you learned, coming to the United States, talk to us a little bit how you develop this mindset of putting in the workforce, almost, I don't know if this makes sense to you but delayed gratification. Where did you learn this, where did you develop that from?

William: Well my dad, he was from Spain. And he taught us like since I was like, quite some years ago we had a convenience store. And I was in my first year of high school. And I had to get up at 6am and take care of the customer and get everything ready and get to school by 6:45am because we started classes at seven in high school. My mom drove me to the high school. And yeah, he's really taught us how to, like, take care of that. And then when I got into college. I have many, like, friends, they were really serious about their career, they were really really certain that we used to have to show them. We have to help each other. How can I get better medical status? I can get better grades and I can learn more. We have to help sell them a lot, and that's where I think I got this thing actually helps you know that that's where I want to help people help me by not just focusing on learning, helping people having fun and enjoying it.

Dave: I'm interested in how different cultures, people grow up how they develop different work ethic, and how they develop different sort of mental blueprints, do you, what do you notice about people growing up in Venezuela versus people growing up in the United States, and then how they end up approaching opportunities, such as something like online marketing or entrepreneurship and I know that it's not everybody's not the same and, you know, because I'm sure there's lots of people in Venezuela who are skeptical and who have, you know, but is there something that you've noticed because there's a lot of people who watch this for American and I just wonder if there's something that you notice about this country and how people approach things like entrepreneur and ship in this country, that may be different from other places, Venezuela, other places in the world, so that we may learn maybe some of that we may be able to see some of the blind spots that we have in this country, and, and how we can be more successful, is there something that you notice different about people in the United States versus people in Venezuela, or other countries that many almost be that may be hurting us in the way that we approach entrepreneurship.

William: Well, I think that for example here in the United States, I'm going back to my country Venezuela. The last 20 years have been a disaster, but in the US. It wasn't like before, but it's been all the time. I think here in the United States. Everything is already so secure and is made for people you know like, for example, I'm going to just pull this garbage thing, unemployment. So the government is probably giving you some money and helping you out in Venezuela when you lose your job, you have to figure it out somehow. Because you're not gonna get any money or any help. Right, so it's really that you have to figure it out by yourself all the time. You have to try this. Try this, try whatever many things and just do your best, and, you know, just go ahead and get biohacking or something like that, you know, we're like, really used to this like adapting to new situations and going on in here it's so much like safe than there you know, you know, and there is so many others, like, tools, you can when you're, for example, digital marketing is determined to be more, more meaningful than focusing all the time I have to figure it out. When I cannot blast, Like get around, and we are also more like. I think our culture is more like a robot culture . Our families, you know, here are more like individuals, everybody is like the best one. And you know, and there we really can, our friends, is your community, that's one thing. 

Dave: Well, I'll say, you're very nice and you've been very respectful but let me, let me say what I think is I think that there's a shitload of opportunity in America, a lot more than there is in other countries. And I think that Americans, and I'm an American. So I'm talking about myself. I think that we tend to look at opportunity, as if it's just, it's, it's, I deserve it. You know I deserve it. I'm entitled to it, and, and just like you talked about through this pandemic and with unemployment, there were so many people in the country who got, you know, lots of, lots of money in, and then in recently it's been hard for restaurants in in local businesses in my area, to even get people come back to work, because they're, they're getting more in unemployment than they would be to go get a job. And look, I have no problem with people getting, I mean I pay taxes and I hope that that tax money goes to people who need it. Unfortunately, I don't think it always does, but I think we have an in Lori Richardson just set it. I think we have an attitude of entitlement here in America. And I think it also is in other wealthy countries, America is not the only first world country, the UK, Australia, there's all kinds of countries who have lots of money and lots of opportunities. And if we go and we talk to people from Venezuela, from Cuba, my barber is Cuban my barber came over to Mexico in a raft raft and came up through Mexico came over into America went to Las Vegas, and basically battled his way to citizenship. Now he's the busiest hardest working guide that I know. And here's, here's my point of saying that all you Americans are going Dave, why are you putting us down, no no no no no, this isn't about putting Americans down this isn't about putting anybody down. This is about us realizing that the world is bigger than just what happens in our local town, and that the opportunities that we have here in America that we have on the internet actually William no matter where we live in the world, because we can connect with people from other countries, the opportunity that we have right now is so abundant. It's so ridiculous. There is so much that you can do right now with just a cell phone, that I don't care if you're living in America, if you're living in Venezuela, if you're living in the UK, if you're living in Singapore. If in any way shape or form you are playing the victim, that you are doing, poor me, that you think that you got it bad that you think you're entitled to any opportunity as DJ Khaled Said, stop playing yourself, you're playing yourself. You know what I mean. And I think that opportunity is precious to William. And I think that for me right now, it's, I'm having a lot of fun doing what I'm doing because I did put in the time to learn the skills, so I now, and I did what other people wouldn't do yesterday, so I could do what other people can't do today, right, man. So Sue Haas, no more for me. Congratulations. Congratulations. Because, the moment that you decide. No more victims. No more poor me no more. I got it, that no more. I'm entitled, no more. I'm the CEO of my life. That's the day that everything changes. Do you agree with William what comes up for you as I say this?

William: Yeah, absolutely. I mean I think this evening, any other meal they're asking for our life. It's all about taking action, you know, and taking responsibility. I'd say there's a lot of people to buy, like whatever they buy for whatever but you don't go through it. You don't take action. You don't even like, do whatever the court tells you to do. You're not gonna succeed, because it's just, Just like that. And you've been doing that thing in every aspect in your life and you're just the same person. You're just maybe in a different scenario but you're the exact same person. You are like a great father. Three sisters, husband, but whatever you're doing your best in your family, you're going to be in you're going to go into your best and your business, you're going to your best and your job, because you're the same person, you're just changing scenarios.

Dave: Right. And oh by the way, as far as living in places that are, you know, third world countries or that, that are cheaper to live in. I know a lot of internet marketers who actually choose to go and live in, in countries that are a lot poor and have a lot less opportunity because of the cost of living is cheaper there, but they can use the internet to work globally, and make a lot of money, right, so they're making a lot of money, but their living expenses are really low, and so I got friends who live in Thailand. I have friends who live there. You know I have friends who live in Colombia. I got friends that live in Costa Rica, you know, I got friends that live all through South America, you know, and, and, in, in, when you, when you develop these skills you put in that work to really learn the skills and develop your mindset that first 12 to 18 months. You can go anywhere and you can do anything, and no one is in control of your destiny anymore. So what are your future plans, William, you're a civil engineer, at, at, trade, that's what you went to school for and so forth. What, what is in your future, How has your life changed the direction of your life, your plans changed. And where do you see yourself going over the next 12 to 24 months. 

William: Yeah, so my original plan when I first came here a few years ago. I didn't even know English I learned English as a second language here and that's what I came here for. 

Dave: When? When?

William: Four years ago.

Dave: Come on. William, you're unbelievable, man. I'm just shocked that you came here, you didn't know the language you learn, listen to what I'm talking about guys. I mean, I know. Just anyways. Congratulations, brother. You're really an inspiration. Thank you for just finding us and being here and sharing your story with us but anyways continue with the answer to my question.

William: Yes, I was working on an international project in Nicaragua. It was a Venezuelan company but they sent me out to an international project in Nicaragua. So once I was there. I think I learned English because you know that's gonna help me to work in an even better company. And my first goal was like I'm gonna go like, take one year go to Chicago learn English, and then come back and work at a Marriott company in a national company, but you know, long story short, Things change bank COVID here so I gotta stay here, then the situation in Venezuela, kept getting worse and worse and worse for now. I got to the point where I have to support my family. Like, I used to support my family all the time but now I have to do it regularly like every week. So, I just kind of got a little bit stuck here so I was aware. I got on like a regular job here, but I said like, this is not the job that I want to be doing every day. So that's why when I found out about the fraud and legendary in the affiliate marketing thing, And I love this so much or at least for me, and jumping in to my goal. Actually I started working, only four days in my nine to five, right now, I used to work five now I'm working only four and hopefully soon I'm going to only three and two and, hopefully, you know, bigger when my goal is just dedicated like full time, these are America needs full time in the filament nothing but I'm thankfully. And now I guess we can make things harder for me, and I'm doing it. I think the smart way just you're learning, implementing, because I don't want to get into a financial like throw in, that's what I tell a lot of my people that have done the problem for me like, don't get into a financial like struggle, you don't feel comfortable just go through it like take it easy learn if you see something like you're lying, you will be like successful jump on it but don't get into any financial struggle because that's the worst thing, anything can do. If you're in a country where that is not your country's even worse. So yeah, I'm pretty honest with people like, yes, you say something like, you're gonna have it in your life. Don't come like that people don't come back and oh just complain that nobody's putting a gun in your head like buy right now, just take your decision be responsible. See if that works for you. You're not jumping, like, all the way in, or just halfway, you know.

Dave: Yeah. So you said that you think traffic on TikTok is slowing down. I agree. I disagree. I don't know I think that, that it's all about just staying ahead of trends I think right now, Instagram reels, is on the come up I think everybody needs to be taking the content that they put on tick tock, taking it to the taking the watermark off of the once you post, tick tock, take a watermark off of it. Remove the watermark from TikTok video just Google that there's a couple of apps, if you somebody can post it in the snap snap tick. Yeah, and then post it on Instagram reels, like Instagram reels right now is, is, is blowing up, and they're looking to compete within TikTok. But you've also begun a YouTube channel, you've also started a Facebook group, you fit what you used to tell me in your little, your little your little message that you shot over to us talking about what you were doing that you have to deal with. That's the triple threat, that's like, So talk to us a little bit about what's kind of got you to where you're at right now here in just a couple of months, and like what what has worked best and what have you learned, like what is the big kind of aha moments that you've had, as you've, you know, tried and and actually put all this stuff into action. Yeah I'm so digital is really good. I think that's what I call the triangle of success like, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.

William: At the beginning just starting out. I just focus on TIkTok because to me, it's still the best one, you can get a lot of traffic from tech though you do it the right way. But then I started noticing there was like a pattern, like most of the successful affiliate marketer, they have data, they have Facebook group and they have YouTube, It was like, all of them and okay this is a parking so let me say a, and yeah, it works really well because from data you can get a lot of traffic like faster than any other platform. And then on Facebook is your nurturer your, your ideal customer know your customer and people, you can just build a better relationship with them on Facebook because they, yeah you can post video, but you don't really like, have that relate direct relation with people on take going live on TikTok, I’ve gone live like few times because as I'm doing this like, I'm not doing it like full time. I don't have the time to do it like I would like to do every day but I know the hard traffic. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I just, I mean, you talked about watching Calvin's lives and stuff like that and I just, I think that, you know, looking at what worked, you know, A lot of times, it's, it's really simple to just revert your civil engineer, reverse engineer what worked on us. And sometimes that's the quickest way to kind of look at the first successful marketing campaign that we've ever kind of dissected and torn apart. What worked on me what got me to buy this product, and I would I would invite all of you to every to start, you know, putting on your marketing glasses, you know, the world changes when you become a marketer because you go from just kind of like just seeing the world as a consumer, to now you put on these glasses, and you see the world through the lens of a marketer. Right now all of a sudden you see everything and you're like, oh my gosh, it's almost like having an x ray vision right you put on the glove, it's almost like okay I'm chilling out yeah I'm the consumer, you know what I mean I'm just here hanging out buying stuff shopping, but but then all of a sudden, it clicks and you're like, hold on a second. Let me, let me look at what actually got me to buy what I just bought. Right. And so, again, okay, I saw this ad. What about the ad? Did somebody say what message resonated with me, what really got me to pay attention, what was the pain point that they stuck their finger in it. When they said that I went, Oh, he's talking about me or she's talking about me, right, and then we begin to see the world. With these new marketing lenses that we have on through the eyes of a creator and through the eyes of a marketer, right now, so if we if we do that, then it's constant we're constantly learning and no longer do we have to just sit around and wonder, well I wonder when the sky is our going to part and the stone tablets are going to be hand delivered to me that's going to reveal the secret. You know we don't have to wait for God to appear and be like, here's the marketing secrets, he just looks at what's working on real human beings, for example, let me give you another example. I used to go to the mall. Before COVID, and you could just walk into Gucci, or you could walk into Louis Vuitton right now since COVID, what a lot of the stores did in the mall was they made it so you had to wait in a line, because they only had so many, they only could have so many people in the store, at a time, so people could be socially distance. But what happened was that lying outside of the store created all of this buzz, like why are people standing there, you know. Now, even after COVID at my local mall Gucci and Louis and now some of the other stores are keeping those lines there, they're making you stand in a line to get in the door, and they're saying that the reason is is because they're going to match you up with a personal associate, a salesperson, but that's bullshit because you never had to do that before you can just walk into the store, but what they realized was, is that creating that list creating all that buzz creating people literally standing in line outside of the door, made other people come and stand in line in so when you finally got up in your spot to go into the store, you're more likely to buy something because you know that you just stood in line for an hour, and you don't want to do that again. Right, it's your. Now, and also maybe things will be sold out next time. So for me I looked at that as, of course, I'm like, I don't want to stay on this line. But while everybody else was complaining. I'm standing in line with my wife a couple of weeks ago. This is genius.

Brilliant. Right, we as I had, because I had my marketing lenses on, you know what I mean. So deep do you feel that the way that you see that and of course I brought I started telling that story because I said, if you're not going live going live, work done you will. So maybe you might want to consider doing more of that, you know. 

William: Yeah, that's true. And I just went on, I'm glad you brought that up. When you said, just look back at what got you into this, because I remember when I was watching this life video, it took me like I was was everything everything to me like one month for me to even think about getting the programming, starting writing that happened, he was consistent, he was considered a day every day and I was consistent, to going through his life video. So, and I want to say this because you just have to remember your path, like, you know what, we can know he was really consistent, he knows what he was talking about. So when you remember that like I have to I have to be consistent with my, you know when I post my content making content going live. I have to be consistent. Consistency because people are not gonna buy that the first thing you need to eat is seen on social media in your own healthy buy in, and also offer so much value, you know. So, value value value and be consistent. Consistency consistently that's all it is like consistency mindset, and just giving value, value value. 

Dave: Well I want to, I want to tell, I want to point something out to everybody, is that, we'll just set it took him three days to make a decision to buy. Alright. This is why what you just said is consistent, following up via email, staying in front of people is so important because most of the time, the people who are going to buy from you, you don't give them a chance to buy because you quit what you're doing right before they're about to buy. You just stop what you're doing right because you think that it's not working. But really, people were watching you. People were their skepticism was lowering. They were trusting you more, they were liking you more, right, Patrice just said it took me months to watch and ask questions. How many of you, Laurie said it took me four months, I wish I had started when I found it originally. How many of you, it took weeks or months for you to make a decision to just simply spend $7 In, to go through our challenge. How many of you just drop a comment if that's you, because what we're when we share this and we look back at what did it take for me. What did my journey look like? We can learn so much. And then, then we can have proper expectations of what the buying process will look like for somebody else, If we can have more realistic expectations. Okay, William said it took me a week, Jasmine raised her hand Dreama says it took me two months to decide to spend $7. But dream oh we know you don't spend $7 on that grande strawberry mocha vanilla latte. I don't know why it takes so much time. Dee says you just kept showing up David Well hey, not only do I keep showing up out there on the internet but I keep showing up right here every day at 10am Eastern Time. Monica says about two months. Robert Bronner says I haven't started yet and I'm not sold well Hey Robert. That's cool. Just keep watching, or don't watch doesn't matter to us, right, it's your life, you get to make a decision, but what you want to do. Jeremy, about seven months Jarius six months. Too good to be true says, Chetziva, too good to be true. All right, that you keep having that attitude in life, watch other people succeed right, you could sit on this, you could sit on the bench. But Patricio said six months for me just had a zoom call yesterday, several months, right, I bought it right away, said crystal clear, took me about three minutes.

Freakin $7, not $7. 5 months before I clicked the link to see the price. Oh, you're killing me.

But look, look, does this give us some insight into what the actual buying process can look like for somebody, so that way we can plan to, you know, really plant our flag and be consistent have realistic expectations and then what happens is that snowball gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as more people are watching more people are buying, and that's what we mean, in sales and marketing when we talk about keep your pipeline, full, keep your pipeline full.

We've covered a lot of stuff today William. It's been great to chat with you, my friend. Is there any, any, you know we had some people here who said, you know it's too good to be true sitting on the fence still haven't bought, what would you say to somebody who's thinking about maybe going through our 15 day challenge getting started, how it's impacted your life and how, you know, just tell them just in a couple of words, what your testimonial is so they can hear it, and what it's done for you, just in a sentence or so, so they can hear that before we wrap up. 

William: Yes I think the value that this entire course, like gave you for just seven is way, a lot more than $7 To be honest, and you're gonna go and just put all the work in, you know, like, be consistent today working in focusing on learning and, and you're going to be successful means you're in the right mindset, you're consistent, and you're focused on learning and implementing when you're learning, taking action because some people don't even take action, but they just taking action is, it's gonna take, maybe longer for some people than others but you're gonna see because it's such a great business model. He's such a great business minded person. That was, like, a lot more than $7 So, yeah, it's amazing. It's really good.

Dave: And yes we do once you enroll into the challenge we have other advanced courses that you guys can take our business blueprints for example masterminds that if you want to, you know, get more accountable if you want to have more step by step hand holding, learning, accountability, all of these things, they're available to you. There's no pressure, you're not, you know you're not, you're not forced to, but yes there are other things for sale, and we are a company we don't just, you know, build our whole business off of selling something for $7 the same way that, you know, Apple doesn't just make money off of selling iPhones, they have computers they have, you know, TV, they have all this kind of stuff. But I think the point here is, is that there's something for anyone no matter what your financial situation is, what, where you're at in life right now, if you want to build a business if you want to be an entrepreneur and if you're looking for a supportive community that's actually going to be honest and is actually going to, you know, is actually just got to be real with you about the good and the bad of this business, then there's no better place than this community, it's not just because of me. I do have confidence in what I do and I stand behind what I do and say, but it's also because of people like you, William, who have gone through our program in who do come back and participate in the community to support other people into into give other people inspiration, even if it's just from watching you, even if it's just from seeing you put this stuff into action that's a real big inspiration. And I just want to thank you man for your time today. I want to congratulate you for the action and the success that you've had just in this short little bit of time that you've been building this business and my, my best wishes to you and also your family. I know that, You know, many of them are going through tough times right now. And I just want to tell you. Keep up the great work because you're absolutely an inspiration for me and for our community, and I know your inspiration for your family too. So thank you for your time today, brother. 

William: Thank you for having me here, yeah, thank you so much. 

Dave: You're very welcome. And we will talk to you later, my friend.

William: See ya.

Dave: See ya William. Alright guys, well you can follow Will on TikTok, you can start there, we'll help you, that's his handle you can look them up, give them a follow Adam to your network, add them to your connections and your community and your family here. And yeah, everyone is welcome here. You know, want to know all of you who are all in and who are building your business and in this process. I want to tell you that, you know, we're happy to have you here, and we're here to support you along the process. And if you're somebody who's just kind of watching. Tune in and trying to kind of get a feel of who we are, what we do and what this is all about. That's okay too. You're welcome here. We're going to give you straight talk, I'm going to judge you would pull your chain a little bit, and I appreciate all of you for commenting, and interacting and engaging. I don't normally pay attention to the comments all the time because I got to be present with the guests but I really appreciate each one of you guys for answering questions and being so willing to be honest in the comments that adds a lot of energy and it, you know, it helps fuel me and it helps fuel the guest and I think it gives other people who are watching a sense of kind of family and community that they're here, kind of listening to the conversation with other people so thank you guys keep coming back, and we'll see you on Monday. Have a great weekend. Get out of here, have a fantastic Friday, and the week is strong, we'll see you back here on Monday.

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