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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. I’m gonna come in just a little bit more relaxed here on a Monday morning, you know, for those of you who have not had, you know, your, your coffee there you're still kind of in that weekend, sort of, you know, drowsiness, we'll get you. We'll get you woke up here, we'll get you woke up here over the next couple of minutes, Look, we've got a returning guest. Now, I know a lot of you guys say, hear me say, almost every episode. Hey, come back, keep us updated, you know, come back on the show, let us know how it's going. Well, we've got a returning guest now that can be a bit of a challenge sometimes because we have such a long wait list for people who are brand new, getting results, and, and up and coming in our community. So we have to balance that ratio of all of these new and amazing success stories, to give us a platform to be able to speak and share their journey and give us some inspiration. But, you know, we also want to try to weave in some of these repeat wake up legendary guests, and this morning we've got my man, repeat guest the man, the myth, the legend, Frank Andrews what's going on my brother. 

Frank: What's up, Dave, thanks for having me man. 

Dave: Hey dude, you're, you're, you're welcome. Thanks for coming back. It's, it's you're you're back here simply because you're continuing to do the deal, you know, and you're, you're, you're, you've not only got an incredible story but man you're, you know you came into our community you're getting results you're continuing to get results you're continuing to get your full time, you know, and as the, you know, the title says of this episode from homeless to full time online biz. So, you know, tell us, for those who don't know who Frank Andrews is, give us the nutshell version of how you went from homeless to where you are today.

Frank: Okay, so yeah, I guess it all started really about 2015. I had, you know I've been on like a 10 year run of, you know, you know, drugs and all of those things right, and so I ended up in prison, and like it happens for a lot of people but I just, you know I really sat in there and realized that I wanted to do something more with my life something better with my life. So that led me into studying, personal development, right. And as I started studying, personal development, and started applying it to myself. I just had this realization like Man, if more people had this information, you know, the world would just be a better place. Right. You know, I think. And so and so, wanted to share what has helped me, right. And so that led me to the online world. I Became an online marketer and then I began to like to study marketing and sales. I kind of fell in love with that aspect of it like I originally came online and I just I wanted to learn a little sales and marketing so that I could teach personal development but as I came online and started studying that stuff I just really fell in love like you know copywriting the power of words, you know, and different things like that. So, you know, there for about four years, I really struggled like you know I did jump from opportunity to opportunity, trying to figure out what would work and what wouldn't. And then, you know, really what happened when I switched my focus from network marketing to affiliate marketing and when it really started taking off for me. I think mostly because like my personality type, I'm not very much of like a nurturer, I guess, you know, that didn't work well for me but yeah so you know it's been about I guess six years or something like that the first four years was, you know, it was a struggle, the whole time and then, you know, eventually I figured it out, and when I got introduced the Legendary is when it really like I had figured it out and I was able to get by and whatnot and then I found Legendary. And that's when it really kind of took off for me like I knew I found the program right because when I was, you know, during that four years, I was trying to make money, obviously, right, but I was also looking for a program that would really help people, you know like they could really take somebody from, you know, working a nine to five or whatever, living their life, not happy in their life, to actually be able to create some freedom, you know, and there's a lot of programs online and you know maybe all of them could help you potentially, but most of them don't have like the combination of, you know, value, like the value that you all provide, as well as like, you are really good at getting people to take the actions necessary to move forward and build a business right, and a lot of companies have one or the other, you know, And I think you guys do a really great job at doing both. So that's kind of how I ended up at Legendary.

Dave: Well thank you, but congratulations on sticking with it until you found the right fit for you, and I think that's true for a lot of people because we've all tried a lot of things, and sometimes we just, we just can't stop until the miracle happens, you know, and, and hit you know miracle I don't mean, I don't mean I found the secret program that I hit a button and money started blowing out of the computer I mean, it's just a good fit. I just found the right fit, the right time, the right people, the right place and it, it all clicked, and the cool thing, which I've witnessed here is it's not just one or two people we have 1000’s of those stories here, and it's something that I think we're all proud of, not just me, I'm a small part of this we're all part of if I introduce somebody as an affiliate to our training and they get results with it. Even if that's my only customer. That makes me proud. Right. 

Frank: Yeah, yeah, absolutely, absolutely. 

Dave: So, you know, your story reminds me a lot of mine in the sense that I also did network marketing, and, yeah, I can relate to that I smiled when you said I'm not the nurture because we were just on a virtual mastermind over the weekend, and we were talking about finding methods marketing methods that fit your personality. And, you know, and network marketing, you're right, there's a lot of connecting and, and, and having people over meeting up for coffee. It's almost like you've got to make friends to nurture those relationships, and for me. I mean, I've got a family of kids, I've got a business that's hard for me to keep drawing for a couple of friendships, let alone. Hundreds of friendships at a time. Whereas, with online marketing. Right. I don't have to really nurture any relationships I can connect with people over messenger or I can write them an email list. We can do like what we're doing right now where I'm connecting one person at a time, but simultaneously connecting with hundreds or even 1000’s who listen to replay of this. Through that process of one to many versus one on one, or as they love to say network marketing, two on one, right. You know that one too many. Concept dude is so powerful and I think it's one of the eight wonders of the world, you know, it's like that secret Eighth Wonder because if you can figure out how to leverage that one too many concepts using the internet. It's almost like finding this hidden magical power that you didn't even know was available. Can you relate to that?

Frank: Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean it's literally magic. I mean it's really magic, you know, I mean it's super powerful. That's one of the things that has helped my business, the most, you know, and when I first started video wasn't really a big thing, I mean it was just kind of coming in, but now I mean, you know, videos, it's just, it's where it's at, you know. But yeah, it's definitely powerful and and and that's what I enjoyed right like I enjoy the art of right like making graphics, I'm getting into editing videos a little bit, you know, because and let me tell you why because I think, you know, there's so much negativity in the world right, and a lot of people that are using the magic of media, to keep people messed up, you know to keep them aggravated and things like that. And I just want to be able to be the force in the world that uses that same power, but for good, you know. Does that make sense?

Dave: It does, and I've always also looked at, you mentioned copywriting, you know, for me. I also, I have a history like you to where I had addiction and alcoholism, did, did a little bit of time in county jail and in a, in a treatment center. You know, I was lucky I actually got, you know, some rehabilitation which was helpful. And, this was back in 2004. And, what I realized was I had a little bit of a hustler, kind of, you know, gift to grab right when, when we're out surviving in the streets and stuff, dude, you learn how to say the things in and position and angle and sell. You know what I mean when I came when I came online, It was like I had all of these kind of raw skills and I guarantee you, 99% of people, if not all, every single one of you guys listening, has those raw skills, those kind of whether whether you've been called a manipulator in the past or a hustler, somebody can they say you can talk the ears off of a jack rabbit or, you know, or you could sell yourself out of a wet paper bag. I mean I, I could sell ice to an igloo, sell the shirt off my mom was back, I mean I've been said these people have said these things all my life, but I never really, you know, I never really was able to kind of develop those skills in turn those kind of what before were liabilities or struggles into strengths. And what I found with the art, you mentioned the art of this, the art of marketing to me, is turning that mess or those raw skills into strings, turning that mess into a message, what comes up for you when I say that,

Frank: Well, what comes up is that what I'm currently working on right now, you know what I mean like, I'm kind of in this place where, you know, I think I'm really good at sales, but I enjoy doing the marketing or, like, you know, making videos and different things like that so I'm trying to figure out, you know, my kind of what makes me happy, and what moves my business forward. You know, but, yeah. So what was the question again?

Dave: So, you burned a few brain cells just like I have right, it's kind of my mind. Oh, I know I, my wife, I forget what happened the other day, dude, but somebody said, Oh, I'll tell you what happened. We were doing a virtual mastermind on Saturday, you know, we had a virtual mastermind that we've been doing for our, our mastermind clients and because we haven't met in person and you know my wife told our babysitter slash nanny that, you know, hey, we need you to work on Saturday because Dave's got to work on Saturday. And, so I came home Friday night to the Nanny, and he said to me, Well, I'll see you tomorrow. I guess you've got some virtual thing going on and I'm like, I looked at her and I was like, what, what are you talking about? I didn’t remember what I was doing and she probably was like what the hell is wrong, you know what, what are they, are they pulling some wool over my butt. And then I had to laugh because it was like, Oh that's right, I've got an all day virtual event tomorrow but it's amazing how, even with the brain cells burning, We can still get this done, gently.

That's what I want people to know man, that's probably my core, my core message like, man, look at me, just like look at me, if I can. If I can do this. I know that anybody out there who wants this can make it happen, especially with Legendary sales, you know.

Dave: Yeah, no I mean no matter like what, what is going on with your, with your mindset where you're at mentally I mean how many brain cells you've burned what, you know, color skin you are religion background culture, I mean, there is room for you here there is room for you online but there's, especially room for you here in legendary for you to have the space to develop those, those, those raw, talents, and basically figure out how to use what you've got and turn it in to profit, you know, in turn it. You packed, you know, and I think for me also, one of the things I know a lot of people and let me just not assume, how many of you guys struggle with some sort of either addiction. Addiction in the past, depression, some anxiety, some sort of have a history of trauma of PTSD, of being abused or even being an abuser and your, your, your, you know your recovered your change from that maybe you are somebody who went in, you know, just had anger issues, I don't know, we've all got our imperfections. But for me, Frank. This business has both helped me make an impact on others, but it's also, through being that like positive light and kind of speaking positively and showing people there's another way and showing people ways to grow themselves and to make money and build a business. I've actually had a massive therapeutic value for me. I think primarily it's helped one of the main reasons why I've been able to stay sober for so many years. And also one of the main reasons why I've been able to. There's been a lot of therapeutic value that I've gotten from constantly serving in helping others, can you speak to that at all? Does that resonate with you? 

Frank: Yeah, most definitely. Well, It's like you know if anybody's ever been in recovery and AA it's kind of like what they tell you, you know, you have to help others to keep your sobriety or whatever but it's kind of the same thing in business, you know, the more that you're out there talking to people and helping people, the more you're going to naturally learn from them. I mean I used to do a lot more things like one-on-one coaching and things and I would almost feel bad because I would feel like I learned more from them than they learn from me, you know. So yes, definitely, you know, the more that you give it out the longer you'll be able to keep it.

Dave: Sure. There's a phrase that I would invite all of you to write down and it's just the only reason why I don't often say that because it makes me sound like, you know, you should write down everything I say. But, but this is, this is write down worthy and the reason why I'm sharing it with you is because for all of you listeners Frank may have heard it before but it's because you may not hear it unless you're in 12 step recovery. It's kind of one of those phrases that only they're in. It's that you can't keep what you have, unless you give it away. You ever heard of that Frank, you ever heard that before?

Frank: That's what I was trying to say. He said that much better than me, and that's why I'm partnered with you guys because you can say things much better than me.

Dave: You can't keep what you have unless you give it away. And when I first heard that I was like, what, how can I keep what I have. If I give it to you, if I have this piece of material, and I give it to you, how, how do I still have that piece of material and physical pieces of material are very different from skills and personal growth. Personal Growth multiplies, when I share it with somebody, personal growth within me actually grows, it's sort of like, if, if a personal growth if we think of personal growth, and we think of actually upgrading our own skills as a seed, the watering of that seed, And a lot of watering that seed is continuing to learn, learn, or learn more. That's only a part of the watering. The majority of the watering in the sunshine for that growth that personal growth seed and that skill set seed inside of me to grow is actually sharing it with others, is actually putting it into action and serving others. And that's what you can't keep what you have unless you give it away really means, and in recovery, it meant, the more I help others, the better of a chance that I have to stay so clean and sober, and in business, marketing what it means to me is the more value that I deliver to the marketplace, the more my income will go up. 

Frank: Yes, absolutely. 

Dave: So, it's just, it's it's it's something that's a very simple concept, right, but it's very difficult to put into action and understand because we have this concept of serving and helping and providing value to the marketplace is oftentimes difficult for us to do at the beginning because we're not used to being teachers, or, or people who are speaking and sharing. So how did you develop your voice, to be able to feel confident enough, even when you were starting with little to no results to go out there and deliver value in teaching and share, and ultimately it started tracking sales to you.

Frank: Okay, so when I, when I first came online, like I said before I've been through like a little personal development journey. And the thing is, I mean, I just felt like I was gone, my life was over. And like these principles, skills and principles that I'd started learning had literally saved me, so I had supreme faith in their effectiveness. Right. It's just to get confident on video, I mean, obviously my first videos were horrible. I'm still not the best on video. But it's just doing it, you know, over and over and over and over again, I mean, The more you do it the more comfortable you're going to get, and you know obviously the more comfortable that you get, the better the videos are going to be. So it did for me it was really just doing it over and over again, you know, I'm still not super confident on video, you know, but I just, I just had to put it in my head. You know, one thing that stops a lot of people is they got to put their makeup on do their hair set up the screen and all of these different things, and all of that, doesn't matter hardly at all you know and that's what we'll keep doing it so you know just turning on the camera and talking into it over and over again, you know, that's what I did for me, I'm still working I feel I'm not a great teacher, you know, I know a lot of stuff, but I'm getting better at making it clear, and, you know, being able to explain it to people, but I'm not super great at that. Which is why I love you guys so much because I don't have to be great at that, you know.

Dave: Yeah. So, I do agree that one of the biggest things is people. If people have a challenge with it, you know, feeling like they have to look their best, if they're going to do a video look their best eye. It's like, it's so difficult to convince somebody that they don't have to look their best to do a video. 

Frank: That’s not what people want to see. People want to see the opposite. People want to see you in your messy buns sweatpants, you know, struggling to make your coffee or whatever it is you know that's what people actually want to see. And I think understanding that can be a big help when it comes to making videos like people don't want to see a mess, most of the time don't want to look like a professional. You know the studio and some guy that knows exactly what he's talking about now they want to see a real human that they can relate to. And that's what keeps people watching you know, unless they really want ultimately

Dave: I think that’s hard for people to believe though. People, for whatever reason, that they, what you just said is absolutely true, but for some reason that's really difficult for people to believe out themselves, that people actually want to see me in my basketball shorts, but basically just had rolled out of bed. Why can you explain a little bit more why you think that people why you, why do you keep Why would people rather see somebody who looks just like they rolled out of bed versus somebody who is all perfect and talking perfect and never stumbling like, what is it, is it the believability, is that people actually are less skeptical of that I mean, why do you think that that raw shit is more effective?

Frank: Um, because there's so much fakeness in the world I think people really crave something that's real, you know what I mean like, especially like if you go online and you look on Instagram, everybody has a Lamborghini and 10 grand and the prettiest girls, you know, and that's not real life, and I think people are just tired of that you know they can't, they can't relate to it. They think it would never happen for them. You know, so I think just, just being relatable being a real human.

Dave: Well I'll tell you, I went through that evolution myself, man, I mean, there was a time, and I don't know. I don't know what I'm trying to think about, like really what changed in me. Maybe it was that I, I started having so much less time, like when you have babies and stuff crawling around at the house you literally have less time to worry about all that shit. The, the, you know I think getting older, I think, helps for whatever reason you just care what people think less. Although I do find a lot of people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who still really struggle getting on camera and thinking that they have to look their best. But, but I think ultimately what it was freeing for me is that I just did a lot of personal development work I did some therapy, I, I can I've been in recovery for 12 years, working on myself, and, and I think just learning to love myself, you know, we had Chris on from Maryland, who has a facial disability and can't smile, yet he's still building his business having fun and living life to the best of his ability, and doing it in a beautiful way. And, and he talked about last week, just the biggest thing that's been impactful for him is just learning to love himself, and just do self care, you know, take care of himself off camera, eat right, you know get sleep, really, there was a time in my life to where this was this was about. This was like before. This was about five years ago or something where my wife and I were going through a challenge. It was when we had our own five year old, and we're going through a tough time in our marriage. And we had separated for a period of time and I was living in a little house that I rented. It was just nearby, and I would walk around my house and I would just say self care self care self care. You know, I literally would just that would be a month or that I would say. And it was during that time that I really learned how to take care of myself, especially because I didn't have my wife or a woman there. My mom, whoever takes care of me, you know what I mean. And, and I think that I know I'm rambling a little bit about this but I think the reason why I'm saying this is for everybody who's listening is, is, is learning how to love yourself and take care of yourself, nurture yourself, treat yourself like a king or queen when you're not on camera makes you feel more confident to just be who you are. We got to have to dolled up and comb your hair with a perfect part and look all the park, learning to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, which is a 24 hour job right, but it's the notion, it's the most rewarding job, and it really helps with confidence in feeling comfortable in your own skin. When you're on camera, you agree with that frame.

Frank: Oh yeah 100% That was actually one of the biggest things and I don't want to go into it too deep, but like, that was one of the biggest shifts, is when I was sitting all by myself in the jail cell, and I was reading this book and, like, I just realized that I had this inner child inside of me that nobody had taken care of. Ever. Okay. I decided that day, I decided that day that I was going to take care of that little kid right, and that was really the moment that everything started, you know I didn't happen overnight. It still hasn't happened again whatever but you know that's when it started for me like that moment I'll remember it, you know, was you have to decide who to take care of that will get in, you know, I'm not perfect, I don't take care of them sometimes but I started getting better from them, you know and I focused on it and like anything else you know like once you become aware of it and can focus on it, and put your energy into it, you know, you can start to fix it or whatever. 

Dave: How many of you guys can relate to what we're saying? Nicole or, excuse me. Yes, Nicole. Nicole said self care is absolutely needed. I literally just learned the hard way 26 years of dedication and nothing but my kids, family finally hit rock bottom. Like, guys and gals. Listen, I was in treatment, carrying around a teddy bear that I had to go to Build a Bear, like, you want to talk about. This is not some shit that, that men talk about in, in, in society, but let me tell you something. We need to talk about it. We need to talk about it, right, because I don't know about you but I'm sitting around, like some Neanderthal man carved a wheel, I mean I'm not, you know I'm not chasing after saber toothed tigers. You know what I mean, I mean I'm trying to be an emotional man raise my family, teach my son how to deal with his feelings, trying to be able to deal with people within our team who are having different things going on in their lives, conflict resolution, I mean, my emotional self is a huge part of what drives me and who I am. And yeah, I was in treatment and want to build a barrel like this is the job niche ship. This is an animal's left dude, this was many years ago but almost left I was like, this is the most emasculating shit I've ever done. Right. And, and, yeah, I carried it around in this building dude, it's actually still got it at my house, and it was my little boy. I realized the exact same thing is that I love my parents. My parents are still alive, they're, they're there, they did the absolute best that they could, but there was a lot of things that I didn't get that I needed that I made, and have made the decision that I'm going to be the one who's going to give me those things now. And I'm gonna seek out the people who also can help to, you know, to nurture those things within me, and I also in creating corrective experiences for myself and my little boy inside through fathering my son. So, Man, I tell you, this is the shit man that you wonder how people can get on camera and feel comfortable with themselves. Sure, I mean you can fake it till you make it, I mean you can force it, until, you know, you break but the way to do it, which is sustainable and really will create not just income but also happiness, that help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, is to look at this business not like it's just numbers not like you're you're counting, you know the marbles, you know you're not, you're not. This is not just dollars and cents. This is a journey of growth. And the more that you grow, the more money you will make. That's my wholehearted belief, I've realized that I've seen that to be true. And I'll never stop preaching that message, I just want to thank you for being so willing to be so, like, transparent and authentic, because that's what makes I think our community great is that we have people like you who are willing to say this is who I am, this is the real journey this is really what happened. And this is why I'm where I'm at right now, regardless of my past. Your past is beautiful, and it's taken you to go through those experiences to be where you're at right now and I just want to remind everybody who's listening that you've all been through, like experiences that you might initially be ashamed of or society has changed you for going through those experiences. Right. But what I find is that society as a whole is just more of that in which is giving me things that I don't need right kind of like that I didn't get what I needed as, as some of the things I did when I was a kid, society as a whole, most people are shaming and blaming and will do anything to make you feel like shit about your life and what you've been through. And so it takes a real focus to cut that stuff out and say, Look, actually. Actually, all the shit that I've been through, has brought me to this exact place in life, to give me the exact experience that I have, and I can turn all that experience that mess into a message. 

Frank: Yeah, absolutely. 

Dave: So, well, what final words would you give to somebody who's just contemplating they're in contemplation mode, and they, you know, I know there's so many people who got started. Three months ago, six months ago, a year ago, and are just kind of getting ready for that perfect time to get ready. What would you say to those people, Frank?

Frank: Well, you know, it's like one of my mentors told me the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, you know, you missed that boat, but the next best time is right now. So, you know, stop, you know, contemplating start moving towards it, you know, even the little step, you know, and doing now, you know, I mean that's just do it now, and don't just do it like do it tomorrow, the next day, you know, just keep doing it, but you gotta start, you know, yeah. 

Dave: Yes you do, you do have to start at one place that you can start by connecting with the frame, we've got this tip top profile up here, I'll leave that up for the remainder as I close out the show. Dude, I want to thank you man, for once again, an amazing show, an amazing conversation, keep up the fantastic work brother. If there's anything I can do for you let me know and maybe we can have you back for a third time in the future.

Frank: All right, Man sounds good, I appreciate you having me on. 

Dave: Alright Frank I will talk to you later brother thanks man. 

Frank: All right, man. Have a good day.

Dave: There it is. Go give Frank a follow that guy's, like a real inspiration in my eyes, you know somebody who's not afraid to look at their past and look what they meant, embrace it, use it as good, instead of as a way to feel bad because we all have a choice and can make the choice to take the past, and continue to pile on shame and guilt about decisions that we miss made or failures, whatever we can continue to pile on the guilt and shame. And we can allow others to pile on the guilt and shame and hold it against us but ultimately I know that we hold things against us, even more so than anybody ever would. And quite frankly, if anybody treated us the way that we treat ourselves, we'd probably beat her ass. That's a whole nother conversation here's my point is that you can take, similarly to how Frank has all the struggles and challenges, and mistakes and failures and bad decisions in today, turn on all those struggles, into strength. It's a simple decision, and how you drive that decision, home and forward is is that you say, I am going to take all my life experience and everything that I've been through, and I'm going to use it to inspire people and I think, losing to make the positive impact, and I'm gonna use the stories. In the end, to my marketing messages. Use them as analogies and use them as forms of entertainment in ways to keep people engaged. And I'm going to make the best out of my life which is this wild pot of potion with all kinds of different ups and downs, and I want to turn all that mess into a message, and that's, that's a decision that is literally a decision that we all get to make every single day is do I want to sit in my shit, or do I want to pick my shit up. Right. And, and, and turn it into a wonderful creation, right and mold it into literally I'm envisioning holding an actual pile of poop, but into a wonderful beautiful creation. And you know what the beautiful thing is we each get to make that decision every day. And I would just invite you if you haven't made that decision to make it for the first time, and watch and see how powerful it is, how impactful it is to have that shift, and to drop that bag of rocks that you've been carrying around. Right, I know that many of us carry around that big bag of rocks. And it's such a beautiful thing to take those rocks ship them down into little stones and just turn them into little things that I can fire out into the universe as pieces of content and value and stories that help people, and then you'll be amazed when people start giving you feedback like and it's really inspiring and thank you so much for helping wow I love listening to your stuff or reading your emails. That's when you become addicted to turning that message into a message. So, my friends, have a great week. Get out of here, do something great today, be Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode.

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