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Dave: What's going on my friends Dave Sharpe here back in the saddle bay, bay. Okay, we got a former tax adviser turned freelance Digital Marketer, and we're gonna bring him on, congratulations to every single person who participated, in the five day, Instagram challenge congratulations in any way shape or form if you participated. You know, it's kind of interesting to see, you know, the kind of fall off, you know, everybody's excited on day one, and then day two, do less people day three few less people day four, and that's just kind of the nature of the beast. The question is, you know, sometimes these five day, seven day, 15 day challenges are ways for you to take your temperature, about how much followed through, you have to be able to show up everything in your business right so it's a little bit of a different perspective but congratulations for all, to all of you who participated in any way shape or form, because even to raise your hand say yes I want to do it is it is a step in the direction of I am getting ready to get ready. And there is a step before actual action which is contemplation and I joke about it. I say getting ready to get ready but that's a real stage it's contemplation. I'm contemplating doing something, I'm contemplating starting my business, I'm contemplating whatever it is. So, let's hear James tell his story of contemplation, my brother, welcome to the show. 

James: Hey, good to be here, man. Thank you so much for having. 

Dave: Well you're looking like you've got a bit of a professional setup I see the degree back there and everything, you know, you've got your, you've got your picture on the back, you know, I've got this kind of this, this, you know, just, you know, it's it's a bit of a throw together like you actually look like you've got your stuff together over there, man, you're ready to rock and roll. 

James: I'm here for you. Just trying to say you look good, bro. Appreciate it. 

Dave: We're what is, what is the hat there are you tell me, tell us where you're at and what is the hat represent is that are you a fan or did you go to college there?

James: I'm actually out here in Arkansas right now. 

Dave: Okay. Is that where you went to school?

James: I did not actually go to University of Virginia. So, but did you go? Did you go to school for accounting? Is that what your degree is in?

James: My master's is a master's in business and finance background, accounting.

Dave: Well tell us a little bit about your journey James I mean how in the hell did you get started with, you know, online marketing, how did you find us?

James: So I'm trying to make this quick. It's a long story though, quick so military veterans, thanks for your service brother appreciate yourself. Being banging ping pong, all across the country. You know, across the country. We have four kids, you know, the wife of staying at home holding it down. Make sure the kids are taken care of so I can do what I had to do, and draw the journey. I mean, I love the mission of the military, love everything I'm doing, you know, but we always knew that I had an entrepreneur's mind. I needed something to do with that part of it and plus, I mean the military is great but at the same time we have kids that got us into college, we have cars. All right. Got a got a dual electric sometimes definitely did I did real estate law real estate investing, upfront, a few years ago, you know, going through that in the master's degree and doing the finance and accounting, got into taxes, a part of the business planning taxes for business owners, and honestly man it was recently, I say in the past year 11 This tax season where ultimate tax return, I was like, I don't want to keep doing this. Like, I do not. I sat back and I was like getting tax returns, the next 20 years. And the answer was no. I don't want to. Sorry I was spending so much. I mean, I'm working, you know, 60, 70, 80 hours a week, because you know I have my first commandment and, you know, I'd have another job. No, I'm pulling up in the office and tax returns and tax planning and everything and I was like man I have to do something. There's got to be a better way to where I can live my dreams. Spend time with my family and spend time with my wife. So, yeah, I can't wait to shout out to Brian Brewer. I came across him and started diving into his content and everything and went through his stuff and I was like, Okay, this sounds like something I'm interested in, because when I was doing what I was doing my tax stuff. It was also a person, so I was you know I was the marketer, fulfillment, the customer service. Bill Pay, I was everything I was doing it all. I had a virtual assistant but at the end of the day I was doing 90% of the work. So, I love the marketing side. So I was like, Cool, what can I do and you know what I've taken out Brian Brewer, he, you know, kind of broke down. No time or spending I was like you know what, much. Let's do the marketing part, not have to worry about somebody trying to get a $200 tax return for business to actually turn 15 $100 worth of work. Right. Anyway, so I was like, man, there's something better, I dove into it, just jumped in, jumped in feet first, and I'm gonna be really quick wins, and they blast off the bat, and things are going well.

Dave: Good man, good Well congrats, congrats to you, you know, I, you know, I, when I hear somebody's story like that I always, I always think of kind of angles, frames, how would that sound in a video or how would that sound, and, you know, one thing I think would be a really cool hook, you know, is, is for you to talk a bit about some of the feelings that maybe you had I don't know if you ever did any entrepreneurs tax returns, but actually looking at some of the numbers on people's tax returns going, you know, I need. I'm tired of looking at these numbers on other people's tax returns, you know what I mean. And, and, and, you know, one day I'm sitting there and I'm you know I'm doing a tax return, and, you know, it's a number that just blows me away. It's, it's, you know it's a six figure to seven figure number, and I'm going. This is the last tax return I'm ever going to do. I'm ever going to look at that six figures, that's not my tax return, you know it, I'm just, you know, I'm just thinking about, there's that point, at every story, it's what happened, or excuse me what it was like, What happened and what it's like now, and you have that, I mean you have that you illustrated it and painted that picture pretty clear, which is, you know, you basically were doing a tax return and said, You know, I'm never. You don't need to change the story right because the story is the story, but that moment of just, I had enough that this was, I was doing a tax return, and I just dropped it. All right, and just really hitting on that moment in your content I think is something that so many people can relate to, or your or your marketing future sales videos, whatever you do, because I think, I think for most people who are in situations that they don't want to be in that does that actually happens regularly, right, you actually have those moments sort of almost daily. But there's one moment, right, where, where it happens for you. And when somebody is listening to that, that moment, you know can be in that instant, right when they, when they sort of realize the gravity of, you know, I'm sitting there and I'm watching, and then that becomes their story, I'm sitting there and I was watching this guy's video and he just made too much sense. And I just realized, ever again. Am I going to be building somebody else's dreams while not building my own right? So I want to point out, both for you, James, but also for everybody listening, like that, when you tell your story it's such, it's the most powerful part of your marketing and really using that framework of what it was like, what happened, that moment. And what it was like, was sort of, you know, it's almost like a downhill tour you just get to the bottom right, you don't. Everybody's looking for that to kind of wrap their story around this big, this big high note, but really it's the low note that connects in hooks, your, your listener, because that's where most people are at where they can relate to, is that pain of, I just had enough. What it was like was I was working, you know, working for, Listen to this James, I got it. I read an article this morning nearly 1/3 of US workers under 40 Consider changing careers during the pandemic, you know, there's been a lot of people over the last year, year and a half, who have been in that moment, To where they're like, Look, I can't do this anymore. I can't, I can't, if you the pandemic hits and it's like, I can't rely on some brick and mortar business or some other boss, to make sure that me and my family eat so there's so many of that, that moment at the bottom towards like I just realized I couldn't do another tax return is such an important moment for you guys to carve out and make that crystal clear for your listener to hear in to see, because that's, that's the, you know, that's the where you hit rock bottom, that's where everybody can relate to that pain, and that frustration and that depression, and that anger, whatever feelings come up that that mostly it's just sad. It's like I can't do this anymore. And here's what I, you know, here's what I did moving forward. And so, I don't know what comes up for you as I as I talk about this because you said I want to get through that I'm glad you were able to tell that in a condensed version but that journey that you have is, is the most important part of your business moving forward to your marketing message, you know that right James?

James: Yes. Like you said, I mean it's definitely been a journey. Over the past 10 years to get to this point finally, like you said I was at a point where I was like, You know what you got, something has to give. Right, because you're spending all this time doing something, trying to, you know, chase a dream live a dream, but at the same time, you can't let other things, crumble, so it's like, right, what can I find that I can still keep the family and still keep, you know, you know other other engagements I have with my responsibilities, and still be entrepreneurs, still be able to make the kind of money that I like to make that still live that dream, that, that, that we've been searching for and then get the family involved, because I have teenage kids you know, one in college and one get ready to go to college to where I can now teach them the same skills. And now, they're not out there struggling, and looking for a handout, because now they have the bills that propel them forward. It doesn't matter when she's going to, you know if you have marketing skills, communication, these days, across our balance. 

Dave: Yeah. And, you know you said you had aha moment from Brian Brewer you had probably aha moment going through the 15 day challenge you have you have aha moments now I would assume, on a regular basis, listening to conversations from fellow marketers and entrepreneurs. And unfortunately, the communication and marketing skills that are really needed to flourish in, in this day and age, on the internet are not taught in college. How do I know that? Well, I'm not there. Right. However, I know people who are graduating from college with communication degrees, I had somebody who I know communicate with a major in social media, and they wouldn't know how to market or generate a lead, if, if, if, if you held a gun to their head. You know what I mean, and said, You got 24 hours to generate five leads on the internet in building get 10 people on a, on a live, or, or, you know, sell something for God sakes, they wouldn't know where to start, sort of, it's unfortunate, but you know that there's going to be a time at which roles are reversed, where the more traditional way of school and looks more people look to with more skepticism and the sort of one to one, right, each one, teach one sort of online, the unregulated or the, you know, marketer influencer to influencer is is looked at more as the sort of legitimate way to actually learn the skills that you need to, to. So, what is your perspective being a college graduate with a master's degree speak to some of the people who are a little bit skeptical of kind of learning in this non traditional way it feels, they're skeptical of it like, is this a scam, like, I don't know, like it doesn't feel traditional.

James: Well I don't want to. I don't want to put down colleges or institutions because if they know what you want to do, their doctor, lawyer, you have to go to school. Right, right. So depending on what you want to do, what you want to be. There's different routes. Now as far as education. I speak to Legendary Marketers for example. Absolutely not. If you think about who you want to learn from. Do you want to learn from a professional who has proven that they can do it and can show you the exact steps to doing in real life? That's different from burning theory, right, if you want to get somewhere fast, learn from somebody who's done. Everybody's heard that I don't want to be cliche right but success leaves clues right success leaves crumbs. Follow the crumbs. Do what has already been proven to work and succeed come faster. So it's, yes, it's not a traditional brick and mortar school. But, like you say, certain colleges certain, certain classes won't teach you those hardcore, here's how you go in and leave before you go on to the industry going to leave right now. All right, but if that's something you're trying to learn. It's super beneficial to learn from somebody who can go out to the market, and go get a lead right now.

Dave: And you're right, there's a lot of pride and there's a lot of camaraderie that comes with college and there's a school in sports and so forth. And I also don't want somebody who's just learned from, you know, Joe Schmo on the internet doing heart surgery on me I mean, that's for sure. Right, so there's a certain percentage of people who need, you know, supervised education who need who need to be regulated, who need to be meet certain standards, but I think that that sort of, here's your next step from high school, is just to go to college for everybody is a, is a broken cookie cutter system. And one of the reasons why we like to try to introduce people to lots of different niches. At legendary in the beginning, when somebody enrolls in our business blueprints we sort of bring them on and say hey you can go into this niche you can go into that niche you go into this niche, and here's some campaigns, let's go out and test a little bit, is because we want people to do those internships before they commit versus go to school or or educator commit for multiple years with multiple 1000’s of dollars, or 10’s of 1000’s, and then do the internship after you've done four years of theory and go, I hate going to this place every day and doing this thing with these people. Right and I think that's that lonely, miserable, depressing place that a lot of people find themselves in, and they say, I need to make a career change, and I don't know if that was what this 1/3 of people under 40 over the pandemic. I think things like the pandemic only only exacerbate that right because you're like, there's no way that I'm going to do this thing that I don't really like doing, and I'm putting myself at risk going in having to wear a mask all day long in this place when these other guys are sitting at home in their underwear, making 10s of 1000s hundreds of $1,000 on the internet, I'm sitting here watching them on TikTok or Instagram on my lunch break, screw this. I'm out of here. You know what I mean. So, it's additional school is not, it's not for everything. Everything. James: Depending on what you want to do, what you want to be. He said there's not one single path to success 100% What you're saying there's there's different paths of success, and I believe, hey if you can choose the quickest path. Yeah.

Dave: I think that work is a little bit for wanting to take shortcuts. You know what I mean, like, it's like, you know, there's this there's this messaging on that, that, you know you got to put in the time and you gotta earn your way you got to pay your dues, you know, and that's sort of the senior word, like at a law firm, like you mentioned, like there's a seniority thing to get in and to partner and senior this and all that, at most law firms, and the difference between those two didn't pay your do pass, and the internet is you can come on me with digital marketing in affiliate marketing, and you can begin, you can Scott in your first year in bypass people who have been trying for years that you've had recent success, some quick wins as you call them, what has that been like for you to have those quick wins and how is that sort of I guess for lack of better different whet your whistle, what got you excited about this.

James: Once again, so you guys you've asked, you know, are folks skeptical about this is it a scam is it is it, this isn't that. I will tell you this, it will change the way you think. You get an email that says you got a new commission. Open it and it says $1,000, especially if you like to hold on, hold on social media, make some videos, educate some folks, and I got an email saying I made $1,000 that will change the way you see this, and the whole thing will go out the window. Talking about wetting your whistle? That will whet your whistle, and honestly now, I don't find staying caught up in making money right promises to be a long term sustainable success. So

it's just a thing. That's an email. I got it a couple of days ago. I look at it as validation to say okay, the process is working, you're putting the time in, keep going, the process is working. It's working, it's working. And then I'll look at it later and get it working. But I don't want to get caught up in just the money thing. I want to get caught up in the process of working, am I creating my systems. Am I doing the right things? Am I getting results because if I can keep doing that, keep doing that, keep going that money that part will come right. So, my wife, she'll be like, gosh Oh, where am I, oh, but I look at it, you'd like to validate. Please keep moving, just keep moving, keep moving, that's what I do if I tell myself just keep moving.

Dave: That's a great example of like a weird little thing that you do you know what I mean like we all have these weird little things, you know that we all do. And, and, you know, it's cool that you're like, fine little things that you're making kind of your own like you talk about systems, right. That would be an example of a system to me. A system is something that I do over and over again. And I don't have to think about it, right, so a lot of things that I do like the show, for example, a lot of a lot of you guys show up to the show every day you don't realize this is a marketing system, right, because every single day in the back end, we have, we have one person who reaches out her name is Roxy you probably talked to her reaches out connects organizes these, these shows with our guests. That's kind of the executive producer setting things up, making sure things are where they're supposed to be. He hosts a show on Wednesday, I just showed up. And usually, you know, pull in around, you know 60 seconds until we go alive. I don't have to think about it, it's just, it's just here. I've done it so many times that I already know I can. In the intro song I can read over the, you know your bit of information that you left us. I can look at the headline to get an idea of what we're going to talk about. And, and I just, I've done it enough times that I don't have to think about it. So, you know, that's an example of a system that we've created here that you guys actually interact with every single day. And it's not something I have to reinvent the wheel, it's not something I have to think about, it doesn't really, it doesn't take energy away from me, it actually leaves me fired up for the day because I get to talk to people in our community. What sort of, you just gave us an example of a kind of a weird mental system that you have, which is really valuable. What other things are you doing that are working, that you're finding you can systematize or that have generated results for you in a sort of a systematized fashion.

James: For example, meaning, just like you're doing right now is going to be raised content. So, my content while focusing on TikTok. So my system. I need to create four to six videos a day. I need to be posting four to six videos a day. So, as far as different get done videos, post them throughout the day, if it's your analytics. Try to see what's working, what's not working. Okay, then you'll look in your back end and kind of get up to, you know, a certain amount of leads per day because you know, if you look at analytics, a certain amount of leads are going to provide a certain amount of folks opting in for most of them. How many are going to buy the blueprint? So, we're just trying to systemize a content piece of content posts. The content will be the back end and just keep, keep moving, just do that everyday, everyday, everyday, and I'm starting to add on more of the real challenge, and start working on real. So now I'm tic tac, and I'm having Instagram so now I'm going to do the same thing moving, keep moving, keep moving and then wife's gonna join in here hopefully sooner than later. And, you know she'll be helping out with other social channels. Because do the same thing, provide content, content, content and it keeps that system going. So then you can look at it. I know if I do this much it should produce this result. And then we added for channel, is that going to do the same result is it bigger and smaller is that waste time, who knows it the system is moving, and then you then you analyze it afterwards.

Dave: Yeah, you just you just you just dropped a major nugget, I'm not sure if people really caught that or not but, but that attitude of open another channel is it going to work, who knows that perspective that approach to to marketing, just in general, doesn't matter what you do is, is the winners approach, it's, it's, there's an I say the winners very on purpose. I don't mean that. Personally, somebody is a winner or a loser, I'm just saying the people that win have that approach. The people that lose have the approach that if something doesn't work, I'm a failure. I can't succeed. There's no use doing this, something's wrong I'm doing something wrong, I'm struggling, right, then we start to, you know, kind of paint a bunch of labels on ourselves. This is, this is a really key thing I want to just talk about your perspective about marketing is a test everything that you do is a test. Is that so, can you just say more about your perspective of, of kind of trying things and being willing to try new things. And in testing things, but not sort of attaching yourself to the outcome so much that if it doesn't work out, you know, it devastates you.

James: For example, So everybody's heard over and over again right the Sort For TikTok, go look at the one that went viral and then reproduce the same thing. And you're like, hold on, how did this person get a million views, and I did the same thing. And I got 50 views. It's me, you can't copy everything. Like, everything just gonna automatically work isn't tested. I'm gonna try it. Did it work? Now, they don't know what it did, but Okay, try it again. Boom, it blows up. Can you just have to, again, you have to keep just doing it. Pick the market, pick the system to do is bang on it, bang, bang on it, see if it works, the work is working to work, boom, eCola. That will keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, once you, once you get really good at that system. Hey, another system. And the same thing. And just keep going. If it works awesome if it doesn't, maybe they say okay is there something else I can do. If that's not the right channel, then let's go to a different channel and on that one. That one works but it's not, You can get down yourself, it's just, you know, it just might not. You're everything by the niche, right. So, what is your avatar? Who is your avatar? Where they are, they might not be on the channel that you're working on right now, you might need to go to where your avatar is. So your person might not be on TikTok, they might not be on Instagram, they might be on LinkedIn. They might be on Pinterest, you know, so, it's, it's not that it's, you're doing the wrong thing, maybe the person you're looking for. It isn't on that channel so you need to go test it and go find them to go to where your customer is. Yeah, and abandon that channel. So, yeah, it's bad, you're a loser just maybe the person is not there, go find them there.

Dave: Yeah, or tweak your message until it connects. I mean I've had so many campaigns that I just had to tweak, I had to keep tweaking the message. You know I had to, I had to I had, you know, here's a big lesson and I just want to say this because I'm saying this, this is probably the, this is probably one of the, if I was gonna say top three marketing lessons that I forget. But I, but are, but are the most valuable things I've learned in over a decade doing this is, is this to sell people what they want. Don't try to sell them what they need. Sell them what they want. So here's a great example, I was reminded of this. The other day I was driving on a highway and there was just there was just You know how sometimes on highways, when you've got, when you've got the rest stop coming up or an exit coming up and they just got the up on the right and McDonald's up on the right, Burger King, up on the right, they've got the big billboards that are telling you that this fast food restaurant is coming up if you get off on this exit, and we're just lined up, they it was just, it was like I was, and I thought to myself, all these years on planet earth, all this data, all this information that we have, that we know about, you know, food, with, with sodium, fat, high calories and all this kind of stuff and it'll give us a heart attack, it'll put, you know, extra padding on us all this kind of stuff. And we still, as a society, want that food. If you put it on, okay.  Me too, bro. Me too, because I'm trying to tell you right now this dad bods on fleek. Oh, it's on overdrive, it's on overdrive. Okay, I asked my wife as I said, How am I looking, baby, and she said I was gonna do a double take. So that's all I needed to know this DadBod right here you know what I mean? Oh, yeah. So, yeah, man, you put a salad and you put a, you know, a big juicy burger down in front of 100 people in, you know, 99 of them are gonna eat that burger man, and it's just, you know, we've there's been so much messaging, I mean, now they even start when we're young so much messaging about eating healthy, and what businesses are flourishing name, you can't hardly name, two or three healthy restaurant chains, right. Like, they're totally built on health. Right. But then, dozens, if not, does it does it does have restaurant chains that are just, that was a hell we tell you that businesses who sell people now, in some respects that selling people things are not good for them. Right, yeah. But if that's what they want to buy. So how does that apply to the Make Money Online for example if you're in the make money online niche. Well, you have to speak in a language to people that, that is what they want, what do people want. Well, this is not a get rich quick, but people want to get rich quick. Because if I ask people, okay would you rather get rich quick like really like over the next month, or would you rather get rich over the next 10 years. What's 100% people going to say?

James: Give me that month.

Dave: So, no I don't want to be a slimy deceptive marketer that says, Well, you could do this in a month when you, When most people can't. But I need to present the potential outcomes and I need to paint a picture that that shows the potential of something if they put in the work that it could happen a lot faster than what they're doing right now, versus, you know, a message of, well, you know, pounding every day, you gotta work hard, you gotta work hard at this right, you do have to work hard, but that's not particularly the bait that's going to hook people on the front end, we educate them about the mindset and the work ethic and the systems that they need. Once they become clients. Right, okay. All of this is possible. Right. And here's what it's going to take, you know, here's what it's going to take, let's begin to train your mindset, right, and then we kind of do that you give them what they want on the front end. They need to know, sort of, in conjunction with everything on the back end. That's just part of, if you go and you read some, some of the, the copywriting, I'll give you guys a little gem right now, there's a, there's a site called, okay And if you go to that site, I'll actually share it with you here real quick. If you go to that site, you actually can pull up a lot of old, you know, pull up a lot of old sales letters. You can search in different niches or for example, you've got, you know, beauty business opportunities. You've got all kinds of different, you've got health and wellness and gambling and golf right if we were to pull up, just, you know some of these golf pieces. You'll see. And these are real hardcore, you know, copywriting genius right I mean these are long form sales letters that he respects were sent out back in the 50s 60s 70s 80s before the internet to where they would get mailed out to somebody, they had to read them get sold, and then send a check back, you know to wherever the place was to actually get the information book or pamphlet or video VHS course or whatever. But if you read some of these shows, one simple magic move which you can easily feed in your currency in just nine minutes. Even if you stink at the game right now, instantly uncorked so much hidden raw power balance and accuracy that you can go out tomorrow and launch a pinpoint 230 yard tee shot with three wood from your knees. That part doesn't matter if you're testing paper can barely bend over to pick up your ball without cricket anymore you simply use these easy secrets to instantly unlock the scary turbocharge potentially add 50 to 70 yards to your very next tee shot no matter how bad you've been playing lately guaranteed. Now tell me something. If you wanted to improve your golf swing, you were a golfer like my father in law who goes out a couple of times a week or as much as he can, or like my chiropractic who goes out every weekend and you improve your tee shot, right, would that headline hook you versus a headline that says, you know,

Over the next six months, if you read five books, you know how to play golf per month, and then you get your practice for a minimum of an hour a week. You can potentially improve your tee shot 50 to 70 yards, which do you think is going to put the person to read, and then potentially buy your product, your book, of course, James, A or the latter B? 

James: I would say this one is already sold. 

Dave: Right, it's already sold right, because, because this copywriters not gonna really understand selling somebody what they want, not what not the hard work, not that you know, of course, you know, that good at golf, there is going to be ongoing work, there is going to be ongoing practice but if this particular book or whatever, they're selling here Probably some is some sort of a book or something or some sort of a video course. Yeah, you got some free videos. But anyways, yeah, if I can, if I can read this one so you know that you can do it in nine minutes, even if you stink instantly right underlying instantly, that you can go tomorrow, instant gratification. Easy, do it from your knees, the best part doesn't matter if you're totally out of shape. Well, they probably, I mean come on, the majority of people are a bit out of shape, you know, I'm out of shape right now, you know what bolts are beer bellies, okay, you can barely bend over to pick up your ball. My point here is, is that we, we have to sell people what they want, not what they, you know, not particularly what they need, Right, most people in order to get these results need to lose 50 to 70 pounds, they need to, you know, do some weightlifting they need to go and do some calisthenics, they need to go out and go to the driving range, you know that's what that's what most people tell you, if we go back here to some of the weight loss. You know some of the health or weight loss pieces here, you're gonna see the same thing, right, you're gonna see that the instant. You know, you know, if you look at a matt fury example this guy's name's Matt fury, he's a he's a, he's sort of a famous, you know, weight loss and bodybuilding guy the story of a 76 year old man who got me in the best shape of my life, how I was simultaneously doubled my strength endurance and flexibility in record time without lifting weights or long distance running. And that's the other kind of big piece James is that we got to, We got to sell them what they want, without the things that they don't like doing. In this case, that's a great example, without lifting weights or long distance running and that would probably be two things that people hate most about working out is, is lifting weights, and especially, but anyways as I'm going through this, sort of, you know, this, this idea of developing our messaging and selling people what they want, what they need, what is what is coming up for you right now and in. As you look at your content and say what's worked and maybe what hasn't worked so much. Give us a bit of, you know, some theory. You know what, maybe this what I'm talking about showed up in actual practical application in your marketing over the last couple of months, So, you'll see a lot of the content, as well as I made $30,000 in one month. Right. Again, two is. James: Okay. So, make X amount of money without spending hours on the phone without spending tons of money marketing. But, going to college, getting an additional degree, you know, without missing your kids birthday. So, that kind of stuff. I've definitely seen for psychological research what people want. The result without the work.

Dave: Simply, basically, if we're if we're if we're honest, you know, and I used to be kind of one of those, Miss pouty and motivation. This was more in my late in my 20s and my early 30s I was, I was Mr positivity I had a lot more energy and I was, you know, I like, I love to work hard I work 24, 25 hours a day, I was always working I had more energy than I knew what to do with, and I'm 37 now Pro and I'll be honest with you, my ass gets tired, and, and, and I'm thinking, How the hell am I gonna feel when I'm, you know 50, 60 Right, because I can imagine myself still doing this right. When I started in 2010 right where the internet was, you know 50 gigahertz right. No, it's 5000 terabytes fast right, we're all, you know, we've got Google Glasses and we're marketing our computers or reading our minds right. But yeah, I don't like to work as hard as I used to work. That's just the truth. Right, I mean I just don't. I don't pride myself on having a good work ethic, but the truth is, if I'm honest, I want to get rich without working. That's just the truth. Now I have to work hard. I got to have a good work ethic, but, but I, but if I'm honest. So, how do I frame exactly as you said, the result that they want to get without the pain that they don't want to have without being deceptive and use, you mentioned the, the kind of flashing the money without making the income claims right it because the bigger you get the more attention you have that can cause regulatory any health or income claims can run. But the reason why they're a problem for regulators, is because they work so well to entice people, they work so well. Right. It's almost like it's almost like you could not even learn copywriting. You just flash your income testimonials and just say go get started with most people, you know that would work for most people and that's why most people do it. That's another great example of marketing, the easiest way, let me just take a screenshot of my back office and say well here's exactly right but we have to balance compliance with with still aggressive marketing that's been my challenge over the past, you know, five or six years as I've matured in my, in my, in my business sense. But you but you get the man, you get it, and, and I think that this is a big piece of, it's a big missing piece is we go in and we want to save the world when we get started we want to share all the wonderful wisdom, no pun intended, you're the wise affiliate. We want to share all this wonderful wisdom. We want to give people the whole enchilada upfront, tell them everything. But But oftentimes, that can be more harmful to our marketing than just giving them a giving them sort of what they want, upfront, Right, giving them what they want, upfront, keeping it simple, giving them what they want, and then slowly over a period of days, weeks or months, you begin to really truly educate them and the ones that want to do the work and want to stick around well, and the ones that won't kind of like going to the gym, does everybody does the gym on the commercials, do they advertise. Well if you really want to get shredded like this guy in the commercial you're gonna have to work your ass off for the next five years and basically not eat any cheat meals. They say come to our gym, no, we serve free pizza on Fridays, all this and $10 a month, right. Huh, yeah 10 bucks a month, and bucks a month, bro. Just, all you gotta do is actually pay. And just this basically just watching this commercial just come sign up and you can probably see the messages, you can expect to get a six pack of abs like the guy in this commercial. We all know the work that you have to put in but it's to give people what they want on the front end, give them a chance to get started. And then the ones who want to continue down that path will, and the ones that, that, that don't, that it's too overwhelming. It's too much or they get sidetracked or whatever, they'll drop off, right, but if we want to generate leads, if we want to get sales we have to understand how to simplify our message and make it attractive enough on the front end, that it doesn't scare too many people off or overwhelm people with, you know, too many questions right because sometimes we provide, you know, we make it more confusing after they listen to us, With before they started listening to what's coming up for you right now, brother, as we begin to bring this thing and I know I've talked a lot today, it's probably because I've been off the show for a week and I'm just coming in, I'm just, you know, I'm all over the place this morning but, but leave us with some wisdom from the wise affiliate based off what we've been talking about, or anything else that would be valuable to our audience based on your experience?

James: Now I was gonna say. One shout out to Legendary too because like you're saying, You got to find the hook, you got to find the things that get people in there, you don't want to. You don't want to say, Oh yeah, you can really do that with a bunch of ads or you can do it too. You know, there's no slimy messaging. There's no claim of making billions of dollars. It's awesome. You know this is not my belief folks with is, this is it Israel, and Israel, and things are going to be going to get what you put into it it's not there's no magic pill is that one thing but it's not, you still have to work. You have to put the work into it, if you want the result, saying anything, you have to put the work into it, but we're talking earlier about. If you get a system in place and just keep, keep working, keep working, we'll keep it real, you're gonna see folks on here who have had super great success over the last few months, and they're not the norm. Alright, so compare yourself to that person I'm putting names out there but you've seen them and they are killing it. Alright, but you can't compare yourself to that person all the time. He's had to play the long game. If you're really in this, you know, as a business, you're trying to do this for a long run just keep going, just keep going because you're gonna build momentum up. And you know those leads that are trickling out will soon become buyers and will still become, you know, and it will start to snowball. So just don't see results right away. It might not be something you're doing wrong or it might just be people watching you, just sitting back there watching they will see what you're doing. They want to see more of your content, is this person real because if you don't know that drop off in a month and that person was right to go with you. Because you could even hang in there yourself. So some folks in a sit back Washington seeing what you're going to do to keep hearing the same consistent message from you they keep seeing that you're doing, keep showing that you are setting the right example, singles are moving, but just don't, don't stop. Just keep going, just keep going. As always, that's been my thing I always say to keep going. Don't stop, just keep going. It's all right because you don't want to keep coming up, you don't want to do it.

Dave: What else are you gonna do? I mean, you're always going to be doing something right, he's going to keep on going you you lay you lay bold you laid a gold boulder on some shoulders with that one, that if you quit, maybe the people maybe your maybe your audience who was just laying back to see if they wanted to do business with you were right. Maybe they were right not to do business with you in the first place. I think that's a perspective that I think a lot of us can take with us today and say, am I right, or did I prove my skeptical haters, right, right, or did I do? I proved those people who are sitting back judging, because everybody judges me. Did I prove them, you know, did I prove them right, that they shouldn't have bought from me or done business with me, I think that's a phenomenal perspective, that, that I think can shift, you know, How we all see what we're doing to, you know, why aren't they, you know, why aren't why aren't people buying from me to you know, hey, let me, let me prove, let me earn their trust. You know that's not, we're not owed anything. We're not owed anything. But if we quit. I just love the way you put that. But listen, it's been fantastic chatting. I know I did more talking to some more. This morning, then, then you did. I'm sorry about that. I hope that what I said was valuable to you and everybody else and I know what you said was valuable to me and I know the nuggets that you dropped here, if, if people make them and maybe re-listen to this because you dropped a few, a few boulders along the way. You mentioned success leaves clues and crumbs. I think people can start their week off, right, and it really kind of makes some, make some moves to end this month so thank you for your time and come back and keep us posted on your journey, maybe you have the wife with you or something next time and. Either way, it's been a pleasure to keep up the good work. 

James: I appreciate it man, we're coming back in six months, bro. 

Dave: See you man. Take care, brother. Alright, be safe. You take a buddy. Alright, go follow this man the why is affiliate on TikTok, lift him up, you know, support him like his stuff calm and I'm just gonna keep saying this, how do you support people in this community, you like their stuff comment on their stuff, lift them up support them, ask how you can add value not just how they can add value to you, because you get back what you would put out. So, guys, it's good to be here. It's good to be back. Congratulations once again to everybody who participated in the challenge. Don't let the challenge, the big five day challenge we did last week be the end, that'd be the beginning. Okay, I know that's obvious, but let it be the beginning. Okay, we'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode. Be Legendary, get out of here. All of you may ask.