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Matt: Everybody can see me okay? Well welcome in. Day two of moving.

You can see me okay. And you can hear me okay let me know in the comments. I got my coffee here. And yesterday was moving day for us. I'm still in the place we're clearing out. This is our old place. This is our old bedroom we just moved out and so now I've got it, I got to do all that work of you know, the fun stuff, the cleaning and all of that nonsense, so. Okay, let me make sure that I've got a little send on the text message. Alright so I just hit send on the text message reminder for those of you who don't have, if you're not currently getting our text message reminders, you can get a reminder every time that we go live in the morning. You just text 813-296-8553 And then in the message you put WUL sometimes it'll auto correct, sometimes it will do something weird so if it does that just send it again, I guess, I don't know what to do. But yeah, so. Okay, we've got an awesome guest today. I'm excited to bring her on and had a little bit of both moving and technical difficulties so we're getting a little bit of a late start today but hey it's okay we're here, we made it, and I'm excited to bring her on. I think her story, but we do a little questionnaire, just to get a little bit of background on people before we get started, and so we did this little questionnaire and I'm just excited to hear her story because I think there's power in new beginnings, I think there's power in as she calls it starting over. So, for everybody who's here with us and we are here live. This is not pre recorded or anything like that, I mean it's, it's Tuesday, April 27 at 7:11am. But we do these every, every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. For those of you who are here live if you can give us a thumbs up and also give us some clapping emojis or something to welcome Michelle into the show. How's it going, Michelle?

Michelle: Good morning it's going. I'm very nervous this morning.

Matt: Where are you from?

Michelle: I'm originally from Corpus Christi Texas we live in the Houston area of Texas right now for probably about the past 20 years but originally from Corpus so the Gulf Coast.

Matt: Okay, right on. Very cool. Okay, so now you got started with Legendary or sort of our community, our courses. How long ago was it?

Michelle: It was just February I actually started looking into it in November of last year. And February 9 is when I actually started, you know, doing my TikTok promotion for legendary was my very first video it was kind of ridiculous but. So from November till now is when I started I started the 15 Day Challenge originally, About a month or so before that, and I, and I kind of like, kind of let it fall to the wayside, I, I just was like, just second guessing it I didn't know if it was for me. And I went back and I finished it up and I just haven't looked back since. So it's just been a couple of months for me.

Matt: Oh, awesome. Yeah, I feel like it's a pretty common story of people purchasing or and kind of feeling it out a little bit right just a little bit of feeling, just like, Is this something I actually want to do. It makes sense. Have you tried other things before? Well, before we get into that. Take us back into a little bit of like the why behind why you're here. You worked in, you had a full blown career for like 17 years. We had to make a big shift. Can you take us to, like, your career, did you enjoy it, what was that like and then also help us shift into now I'm looking for something online and what came about, or you can share as much or as little detail as, as you would prefer.

Michelle: Okay, no, absolutely, I was in healthcare for about 17 years. You know it was, it was enjoyable. I went through, you know, a couple of different specialties but towards the end, I was getting a little washed out with it and I had kind of been, you know, thinking I wanted something new. And then I actually had a, like a health scare that kind of in 2019, just kind of threw my whole game off. I had just some out of control health issues with diabetes and my kidney and I knew that it was going to come to the point where I was going to have to leave my full time job some point, I had spent all year 2020 Or not only with COVID But you know on FMLA trying to get control of my health. I had a couple of surgeries, so at the end of the year I knew already, I knew I was going to. I was looking for something new. I got on TikTok, just like everybody else for the funny stuff and you know whatever and I don't know, I don't even remember honestly, sadly enough, I don't remember who I signed up under I just know I saw a video one day and it caught my attention and I had no idea what any of this was, so I kind of, you know I did a little research on the side and then it came to the point where I was getting more antsy with it I knew, you know, my time has come in I'm about to put in my resignation letter. It's coming down and I need to figure something out. And so I went ahead and signed up for the challenge and like I said I started it and I kind of let it teeter because I wasn't really sure, and I threw out other ideas of what I might be doing. You know, starting an Etsy shop and doing selling on Amazon and then I went through the whole ordeal of trying to find items on clearance and selling. I was like, oh, like I was like this is not, I'm 48 I don't want to chase clearance items for resale. It just wasn't for me. So finally I came back and addressed the 15 day challenge, and I came and I spoke with my coach with Joanne who was amazing. She is amazing. And I just knew there was something clicked. I don't know if it was just that time of like it caught me at the right time but I just knew that this is what I was going to do and this is going to be my new career. February 2 I turned in my resignation letter. And a week later, I made my first post on TikTok. So, here I am. Most

Yeah, it's been a whirlwind for sure. 

Matt: Well, that's cool I mean I feel like it's a big testament to where we are in the world and like this has been happening for so long, I feel like, you know COVID brought it to more people's attention or really brought it to the mainstream. But I mean, this whole movement, this whole like this whole ability to, whether it's a job, or whether it's sometimes people having, like, a lot of times moms when they have kids, or when people get laid off, like, this has been a full movement now for like a decade or more probably 15ish years where people are going online, and, like, building out a new career and they're like, this is actually possible, and now I feel like it's, it's becoming this thing where people are now not as skeptical of it. I think before it was like, all these people out there in outer space, making money somehow on the internet, I don't really know how it works and I don't really know what they do, now it's like, okay, yeah, you're one of them right make sense. Cool, right, you know, it's like almost this embrace thing going from, so turning in a resignation letter, not an easy thing to do. 

Michelle: Income you've guessed it, tied up in that. It was tough, I, and I kind of just sprung this on my husband, I've got, I've got grown children. There are years old 30 years old and 19 and I, I've got grown children so I kinda was like, you know, this may be, this might be my time, you know, and I'm just, and I knew and I, so my husband. I kind of went to him and I was like, I'm thinking about doing this class and I think, you know, we knew that was coming because of my health, but I just don't think that he realized where I was with it I don't think he realized that I was ready to take this, this big, like okay I'm resigning from this job. So I, within a few days actually literally I just said this is what I want to do. I wrote a letter to my boss and I talked to her about it  on the phone, and I went in there and actually I was dealing with health issues at the time so I was on like a 10 day leave. And I just was. I just came back. I broke it down to her and I just said you know I, this is not gonna work. I'm not coming back. I don't want to end my 17 year career in healthcare, with having to be let go because of, you know. You don't want to ever even, especially at my age, you don't want to get let go for something like that and then have to go out and do another job search and be like, Well, why were you let go, well, I wasn't coming to work all the time because I was, they don't hear I was sick, they just hear I wasn't coming to work all the time you know so it wasn't it was a big step, it was a big step, my husband was kind of like, oh, oh okay that. Not this week I was like no I'm done and he was okay well let's, let's do this. He's like, if you're gonna do it this is the time to do it, I guess. So he was supportive. I think I just kind of, I caught my whole family off guard. I don't think they realize how serious I was about making a change, and I think they were all terrified because who does that just, especially for some, not like if I told them I was changing careers and going back to school to be you know, a lawyer or some, You know something that they think it's look more credible right what do you do you change. When I said I'm going to resign from my job and I'm texting money online. They said, How are we doing that?

Matt: I imagine the faces

Michelle: Right?

Matt: Yeah okay mom, that's a cute idea,

Michelle: Right, yeah that's great mom. Sure. But yeah, it went great, and they have supported me and they've actually been just as surprised as I am, I've been. I mean it's just, it's just been like I said it's been a couple of months, and it's been a whirlwind, for sure, but I love it I love, I love this so much, so much. Yeah.

Matt: So do you have a little, what's your office, I'm just curious like you're working out of your house you have your own little office setup?

Michelle: So, I do have an office in my house. I have grandchildren that are living with me. So, when I, this is now a corner, which makes for a very romantic setting. These include her in my bedroom with this backdrop of a brick wall, you know, that is right. I've got a booth set up a desk and a couple ring lights. That's it, and this is where I come every day and I'm here, I go live, two times a week my content right here in this little corner of adventure.

Matt: I love it. I, so, for everybody who's here I'm moving out so you can see here I'm standing in a totally empty room and I've got a box setup that I was sitting at my computer, but on your note about having a little corner.  This is one of our main closets that we just moved out of right and when I first got started online we had a closet about this size. And I kid you not on this bottom shelf right here. I removed that 2013 or 2012. And so you can see and then I turned this into it. So I'm not joking you, there was clothes all around me, and I would just set it right here, and then I would like, you know, try to adjust the doors and try to make it look like I wasn't in a closet, and then I, you know, just try to cover everything up with my body or whatever. And, yeah, I mean, I made my first, you know $3,000 commission or whatever a $3,000 sale, per month, you know, working on the freaking closet yeah so I to me I'm not that isn't surprising to me I actually think in most cases like it's a cool story, like people always are like, you know, it's all about how you think about it's all about your frame of mind because a lot of people are they feel shamed over that or they feel like, oh, how could I, you know what a poser I am and they there's such this imposter syndrome but, like, Who gives a crap like Apple’s built out of a garage I mean, look at if you look back at the start of Amazon, to what they are now, it's not like Jeff Bezos was sitting in his little tiny crusty office space that he leased for almost nothing, thinking like oh well we're not even like a real legit bookstore company online like we're just this like no, this is the new, this is, this is what it is to be a new, a new world, a new age, entrepreneur online it's like, set up of  maybe 20 square feet or less, and you need a table and a freaking laptop.

And in some cases you don't even need that. Right and in some places you don’t even need that, you need a freaking phone.

Michelle: It's, Yeah, it's definitely, it's definitely my space, and it feels literally when I have it kind of blocked in with a file cabinet here on my desk and it's, it's almost like walking into another room. It's like this is my, this has become my workspace, this little corner, and so I can be downstairs doing whatever and then I'm like, Oh, I gotta go post something I ran upstairs and I come right back here to this corner and this is my little safe zone of where I can get things done. Matt: It turned out to be okay for me, that's exactly what my whole little closet setup was to me is a place where, like, I mean, it was tiny, and like almost embarr I feel almost embarrassed about it now. It was a closet like that is that's maybe one step too far, but we just didn't have any other space and I always felt like I wanted a little bit of just pure privacy like I wanted a place where I'm just actually alone in my zone, and in my space and I'm such an introvert that like my wife like Catherine she, she needs like windows and she needs like to see out and not feel like contained. I feel like I want to feel contained and that that little space, like you said is, is so powerful because it allowed me to just be creative and to get out of like, are people watching me or people like whatever I was just like in my little zone, I guess, right. So do you think that helps you create most of your content, right there?

Michelle: My very first post was downstairs in the family room in front of a bookcase, and I'm not joking when I say I was like, make sure all the good books are posted and make sure that everything's stacked up just right behind me and I was like, I can't do this every day and then when you're posting, when I was making this first video, I had my daughter, my 19 year old I'm like okay, where I look what do I do, how do I and it was just, And then I felt embarrassed. I felt embarrassed in front of her because I was like all that. Here I am 48 trying to start over with something new and I'm on Tik Tok making little dancey videos and that was like my very first one and so I was like I can't do this in the living room. Out here in front of everybody coming and going and I was like, Nope, we're taking it upstairs. So yeah, This is it. This is where I, you know create most of my stuff unless I'm outside or anything.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like I feel like they'll see what's, what's powerful, I feel like, so I'm gonna project a little bit onto your kids. Okay, so I feel like what I feel like is powerful to me about your story is, if I were watching along right so if I were, if I were like daily around you or you or my mom or your like my sibling, or even, whatever. To me, I feel like what's powerful about that is, you've been consistent. Right, so sometimes what I just I've coached a lot of people online who have done tried this and tried that and tried this and tried that and everything had this habitual pattern of just kind of dabble dabble dabble dabble dabble and then with the kids, what happens to their kids, I talked to about, you know, oh, my kids are saying I got into this other thing again. And the kids start to learn that pattern, they start to pick up on the fact of like, oh, you're just, you're just playing around here, and I feel like, you know, the vibe I get from you, number one, having worked that long in a career is a lot of consistency. And also, when you did make that switch, it wasn't like, let's, let's play around and be cute, I mean you got 36,000 followers on TikTok, and you're posting aggressively, a lot, you're building a following you're building an audience, and you're generating some income, right, right on top of all of that, you know, as they're looking on. Now I feel like it's just, to me it seems so powerful that that later restarting, and getting everything, you know from ground zero a total restart, then they sort of look on and look at that and be like, well, dang, like Michelle, she's kind of like, I agree to a lot of guts, you know, it really does. It's crazy. It's not. Yeah, I just think that that shouldn't be something taken lightly because it's just such a cool thing. So, Yeah, it's very cool. So, what's, what's like what's next. Like 6,000 followers, and I think my guess is you'd probably just remain consistent with posting and keeping your video content going, what's, like, what's the next horizon or like kind of what's we thinking about what's going on in your mind?

Michelle: Well, so when I just, you know, when I started I originally was just like, oh, you know, I'll just stick with, you know, promoting Legendary and I'm going to do that for three or four months, just so I can learn, I mean literally I did the blueprints and such, the decade and the day that the blueprints and there's things that I still haven't even gotten to, like, there's still so much that I haven't learned within that because it's so much information, and honestly, I'm, I'm taking advantage of the fact that I do get the chance to work from home, so I work on this in the morning, and then I do, you know, go about my day and do all of the other mom and grandma, things that I need to do here in the home. But I just started about a week and a half ago, I just want to do two more domains to start up, start promoting other things. I put like two, two posts I haven't really gotten tried to get followers yet because I kind of wanted to feel out what other than this, what is it that I wanted to promote right I have the field other niches are you looking at,

yeah, so I did go into health and wellness specifically because of my health issues. And so I've got that going, I do have the pet thing going and actually, I started, i started. I'll say started. I started with like my own online pet fabulous business. Several years back, and I bought all this inventory and I did all of the whole like, I just actually found my folder on it this last week, and I was like, oh my, I forgot it was even a thing, because I tried it, and at the time you know like half the time, we didn't really even have a lot of internet access at the time like I was just out of my league. You know I mean I was, I was not ready I thought a lot of spice and things and I'll just sell them and it'll be great. So I had a passion for that already, so I did do the whole, I've got a pet side and I'm a health, promote because I love it I love the product, at least not but the health is going to kind of be like a kind of was like Legendary it's going to be a journey because I'm promoting it, while I'm doing the very thing that I'm promoting. Do you know, like, because I need to see results from it, it's been the best thing that I found so far so that's gonna, that's me starting my journey with it and and that's going to be, be my story and have people try to follow along with me. This is for me, affiliate marketing that's it for me. 

Matt: Yeah, cool.

Michelle: I won’t go back to working a 9-5 or for somebody else because I've tried to be in the entrepreneur mindset. I've been in it my whole life. I just didn't have the resources, I was not educated about it and you know, when, like I said I'm 48 When When I was growing up it was like you go to school, and you'd be a doctor or lawyer or a teacher or a nurse, and that's it. And I was like, Okay, well I'll go to my I'll go and I'll work in the medical field and it's like, What do you mean there's a whole world of other things you can do on the computer, it's just, it's just mind blowing. So yeah, that's where I'm at. 

Matt: Yeah, man. I feel like I just have a prediction, I just, something, something about just your journey, your story or everything, I feel like that Health niche. Like I feel like that, that'll probably come easy for you. I do I feel like that's going to be just almost second nature because it's been such an integral part of your life, right, and more so than like the ability to make money online I, that the health piece just is, it's such a core piece to somebody's identity, and, and, yeah, your specific story and all that goes with it. I just feel like that's, you know, if I had any encouragement and be like, jump into that, and just like run with that. But keep aiming, keep going, keep doing what you're doing, really explore that because that's going to be like just such a, it'll probably be even more fulfilling to write I think that's the one that resonates.

Michelle: It's more personal for me, that one. So that's more of where I'm starting to put more focus on, you know, And it's, and I mean honestly, I It's, I tell people, okay this is what I'm doing and it's become more of a part time I've had the option to do this part time. Luckily, my husband is, you know, taking care of home and bills and such and so the money that's coming in the Commission's is, it's great, it's, it's an added bonus, you know, to be able to do this. So I feel like there's a little bit less pressure for me because I can make a new post today and I started in the beginning wanted to do two or three posts on TikTok and I started a Facebook group and I did all this, and then I was like still doing, you know, I still had mom and grandma, things to do and I was like okay this is good because this is a career where you can do this and still do other things that need your attention, you can still take care of all those other things. So this is, I won't. I don't like the word part time. It's given me the opportunity to start something, go through my day, and then still take care of the home that I need to and I think that this jumping into this health and wellness side is going to be, it'll take up a little bit more my time because I'm so just passionate about the things that I've been through and wanting to reach out to people who are, you know, doing the same thing, going through the same thing.

Matt: Yeah, it makes sense. Yeah, and even with the things you mentioned like working full time. Like, even, even if you are devoting full time, hours to it, there's something really powerful about the flexibility you're offered. You know, if you've got like an all day event for one of your kids or grandkids or something, and it's on a Thursday, right and it's like oh no one can take the kid to this, whatever field trips, or a baseball game or something. It's like you know what, my entire day can get this can all happen on Saturday, or this could happen tonight when the kids go to bed or it's like, yeah, that's really come to really appreciate that probably more than anything.

Michelle: That's helped me a lot because of the flexibility that you say because you know just like today I've got a two year old grandson that's with a fever home with a fever can't go to daycare, so I'll be watching. And then I have a 10 year old grandson who needs a ride home after band practice today so I'm still able to be everywhere I need to be but, but they all know that you know when it's time for when it's time to go in here this is my little space here, you know, I can just get away even if it's for a few minutes and do that. And that's what I love that I love to be able to still be here for them, but still have a chance to make do something for myself, you know when you're, sometimes when you're a parent or grandparent, whether you're full time parent or part time, you forget that you still, you still had at one point you still had, you know, wants and ambitions and you know things that goals and you don't always, you put those to the side a lot to do those family things and take care of, you know, your responsibilities, and so it's nice to be able to do what I want to do, and focus on myself and still be able to do the other things also. So that's given me, that's this opportunity that's exactly what it is. I can't stress enough how important that is, you know, a balance, a work life balance is absolutely important, so that you don't get overwhelmed with either one of them.

Matt: Yep. Love it. Oh, yeah. What a great interview event really great. I very much enjoyed this and I feel refreshed. I always just love hearing, like a real human beings, I don't know it's just so different, like sometimes there's the celebrity like things or even, you know, nothing is saved, but like Dave's story of like going from drug addiction and sort of reinventing himself and, like, it's so refreshing to just hear it from a person that I just met like 30 minutes ago. And congrats, because you're working so damn hard and I can tell and you're paying such like even just in a quick scroll through TikTok pay such close attention to detail on your content creation and I can tell that you're really like hyper locked in on that so congrats. Do you have any for people who are watching, you know, we have 163 Live and then, you know, typically there's a couple 1,000 That'll watch like just for people who are just figuring it out or just, you know, trying to kind of work their way into the online space. Got any final words or any, any words of advice, um,

I would have to say. Just don't give up when it gets hard especially if, and I can relate to. When I first got on here and I watched my very first live Wake Up Legendary it was with Callie Vernon, I felt like I was like, she was like, I’m gonna set this goal and I put it on my list. And let me just say, persistence, if you set yourself a goal, determination, it's not always going to be motivation, it's not always like, Oh, I'm not really feeling motivated today. You just have to find the determination to keep going. And if you make a goal for yourself, it's, write it down, it's so much more. It seems so much more available to like you're going to work towards it turned down I saw Callie say okay I wrote my stuff down. I got myself a notebook. And just a quick bit, I wrote on. In March, the beginning of March, I wrote, I want to get to 20,000 followers on TikTok, and I want to be on Wake Up Legendary before the end of April. Okay, and when they, when rocks can reach out to me, she said, Well the only data I have available in April. My next one available is the 27th of the 28th and I was like, What are you telling me that I wanted to be on before the end of April, and the only two days have left are the last two of the month. Holy crap, I'm writing everything down now, you just got it, you just got to work towards it, write it down and make it a goal and it's just amazing the power of the pen. You know, it just helps hold yourself accountable and you know just don't give up on it, it's, it's completely worth it, it's completely worth it and it makes you feel good, makes you feel good to accomplish your goals.

Matt: Absolutely, you wrote that down. Callie just commented that what she wrote down was, I wanted to have somebody inspired by my live, and she just checked that off.

Michelle: Check it off your box cause I was just I was just, she's actually the first one I started following on my journey I was just so I related, you know, being in the healthcare field, and she was able to work, and I was like, this is, This is too good to be true, I appreciate it. 

Matt: I love it, it's just a test, it is just a, it is such a clear example, that like you have no idea in the world, what person is going to relate to your content, no clue, Callie would never in a million years guess that some person in Texas, Michelle with your story and your journey would sit there and look at one of our videos and be like, damn, they absolutely are like this, this would absolutely change my life. And the same thing goes for whatever niche in the world you can ever be in: health and fitness, dog training, motivation, spirituality, sports training like whatever that is, there's that. There's always, you know, physical rehab, mental rehab, relationships right like relationship coaching like all of this different stuff, you have experience, you have a passion behind something. And you can connect to an audience, and you know, at least in my experience of creating content, just never know that it's going to be. 

Michelle: Absolutely. So excited to follow her and as you know, I fell in love. Cuz I got to the point where I was like, Oh, this isn't gonna work for me, I'm not gonna look at all the time I wasted doubting, I could have started this in November, you know. And then, six, seven months into it now but I mean I think it's okay, you have to get to a point and, and actually, like I said, when I saw Callie on her Wake Up Legendary interview and she was just saying you know I wrote it down and I wanted to be on and I just was like, You know what, that's a great idea. I'm gonna set goals I'm gonna write them down and hope a lot of people won't admit to being my age and taking getting inspired by a younger, you know, somebody in their 20s because they don't want to get to this point, and be like, oh well maybe I need to kind of backtrack and maybe I can learn something from the somebody else the younger generation, but I've certainly learned from legendary and from Callie and all the other affiliates or affiliate marketers on here.

Just how, how much of a difference, you know, one little, you know, it's never, no never no I get I get messages from people saying, oh my god, I'd sign up for my first as an affiliate today because of your video or for your words or your encouragement, and that's what Callie did for me, so shout out.

Matt: Well, cool. Well, Michelle, thanks for coming on. This is great. This is inspiring. I've been sitting here watching the comments, the whole show, and they're blowing up this, you know, between people loving your eyes, and people loving your story. I've seen it all so they're very, they're very thankful that you've been on and I'm thankful, thanks for coming on and I appreciate it. Yeah, we have another opening later down the road we'll reach out and have you back on and get a little progress update.

Michelle: Absolutely. I'm so glad to have been here, and it just gave me just, you know, it's what I needed, it's just kind of get a check in, right, you check in with yourself and you remind yourself of when your questionnaire, it's, you know, it reminds you, oh right, what what is my why. Why did I start this, even two months down the road, you might be questioning or forgetting why you even started it. So it's great, it was a great opportunity and I appreciate it.

Matt: Thanks Michelle. I'm gonna wrap this thing up. Have a good rest of your Tuesday.

Michelle: Thank you. You too, bye guys.

Matt: All right guys, next time you see me hopefully I'll be in my new house, and not in our tiny little apartment here. Hey, if you guys can leave a comment for Michelle, and just let her know. You know what you took away, or what, what was what was powerful to just leave her a comment here because that was really, really powerful. I hope you all realize that I'm sure you did but Michelle maybe can run through the comments later after the show and maybe, maybe give it a couple of days for people to rewatch and stuff like that but we're signing off for the day. Have yourself a great rest of your Wednesday or Thursday, Tuesday, whatever it is, the 27th, And we'll be back tomorrow which is Wednesday and Dave will be back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern same time same place. Have yourself a good rest of your day, See ya.

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