On Thursday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Krista Lockwood about her online business. Krista has been running her online digital marketing business for 4 years. In her business, Motherhood Simplified, she offers courses, coaching, and guidance to help moms declutter and organize their homes. 

Krista is a mother of 5 kids, which means that she knows the struggle of having to balance organization with having children. Children can be messy and things can start to pile up around the house, especially when you feel like you might not have time to clean them. Krista wants to help her clients create a peaceful, creative, and easy to clean home. 

Krista wanted to create a business model that would allow her to work from home so that she could spend more time with her children while also having a consistent income flow. She really wanted a business model that would work around her life and schedule, not the opposite. 

Since starting her business in 2018, Krista has grown a following of over 55,000 people. She not only runs an Instagram page for her business, she also runs a Facebook group for her clients and does a podcast as well.

Finding What Works For Your Business

When Krista first started her business she realized she really needed to find what works for her and her customers and clients. She first chose one platform to use to promote her business. She chose Facebook so that her customers and clients could collaborate and share photos of their homes and spaces during their decluttering and organizational process. 

In order to figure out what her clients needed from her and from the course, she had to do market research. This meant that she had to talk to them one on one in a Zoom call and ask them questions about what problems they were experiencing, what frustrations they had, and what they needed from her to help them in their journey. 

She really wanted to focus on the market research in her one on one interview sessions with her clients so she offered a free course as incentive to her clients to take the time out of their day to help her with her research so that she could better help them. 

Doing market research for your business and simply interviewing your clients about what their needs and expectations are is a great way to gauge what your business and your clients both need. A lot of your clients may have a similar need that you can address more in depth in a course or training.

Creating Boundaries In Your Community

When Krista created her Facebook group she wanted to create a welcoming space where people could come to talk about and share their home spaces. She wanted to make sure people in her group would be treated with kindness and not be judged. Her clients share photos of their messy homes in the group which can feel like a vulnerable position to be in. She makes a point to set rules within her group so that anyone who joins it feels safe. 

Krista aims to let her customers know that there is a connection to her clients environment and their stuff that also influences and affects how they feel on a daily basis. Sometimes the problems her clients are having can be outside of what she's able to help them and she has to communicate that to them. 

Creating an environment where your customers and clients feel safe and trusting of you is important. The more your customers feel safe the more likely they are to buy from you and also talk about your products and services to others. 

Growing Your Skills To Further Grow Your Business

In December Krista realized that one huge thing that was creating a barrier for her in her business was that she was not very skilled at copywriting. She decided to take a course on copywriting to help her learn and improve her skills. When she first began her business her audience was small enough that she could just communicate and sell within her Facebook group. Now that her business is growing even more she knew she needed to grow her copywriting skills. 

Copywriting is a huge skill that is necessary to have in order to have success with your business. Copywriting is language specifically designed to take action and buy things, which is precisely what you want your customers to do. Writing a copy has a specific intention rather than just regularly writing about your product or business. 

You want your readers to take specific action, which is why it's important to always use compelling copy in your marketing. This is also a strong and essential skill to have and use if you plan to create or have an email list. 

Use The Block Button Freely

One piece of advice Krista shared with David Sharpe is to not be afraid to use the block button. Know how you want to be treated online with your business, customers, and anyone viewing your content and enforce those boundaries. This is especially important for Krista within her Facebook group, as she always wants to protect the integrity of her clients. 

If somebody is crossing your business boundaries, messaging your clients in your Facebook group and trying to sell to them, sending you hate, or any other type of treatment that you aren’t okay with, don't hesitate to use the block button. Protecting your space online is important and will not only help you, but also protect your customers from unwanted messages inside of your Facebook group or social media space.

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