Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Hello Hello, Happy Wednesday. It is Wednesday, let's see October. I believe on the 20th I'm on my phone so I can't actually look. I typically look but we're live. And if you don't know who I am. My name is Matt and I am rocking the phone game today. The computer screen has started. We've got a really fun guest. I think her story and her journey is one of a lot of resilience and. And mostly I feel like an unexpected kind of discovery and unexpected route in life, and especially for work or income or whatever. A little more unexpected and that's always exciting to me because it's the unexpected that changes, it's the shifts that are created. You know in our external world that often impacts our internal world. And so, anyway, I'm excited about this conversation we're going to bring her in right now, her name is Lorna, and Laura, what's going on?

Lorna: Good morning.

Matt: Hey, where are you, where are you calling in from.

Lorna: I am in northeast Texas, 80 miles east of Dallas.

Matt: Okay, cool, awesome. And I was just kind of reading through a little bit of your questionnaire and I loved the title from teeth to tiktok so I really liked that a lot and I thought that that was like a nice touch. And also, You got a little bit of copywriting skill I see?

Lorna: Maybe.

Matt: I like it. So, bring us into your world a little bit, bring us into just your journey from, you know you worked a long time in the same career, and I was kind of like looking at your tic tock and just like checking it out and I thought man, you've done such a good job and really over the last month even smoking, maybe, month and a half, two months or so, but just doing really well and I'm like, Who is this person, I have never met this verse that I, you know, I'd never heard of your neighborhood. But, tell us a little bit about, you know, your journey as a dental assistant and all that and then working in the last year and a half, with some health stuff and you get started online. 

Lorna: I am. I was in the dental field for 31 years. I worked in several offices. The last one I was in, I was working on my 10th year, and 2020 was just a crazy year anyway, as you know it as it was. And in May of 2020, the Tuesday after Memorial Day I had woken up with this horrible pain in my arm and I've kind of dismissed it as I just slept wrong. And then that thought, well, I have this little grab right here on this left side of my chest and so of course, I've tried to talk myself in and out of what it could be, and was getting ready for work and I was going to go and, you know, just kind of arguing with myself back and forth, I ended up going and getting checked out. Come to find out, I had a heart attack, or I was having a heart attack, file. So, you know I recovered from that and went back to work and then in July I ended up having COVID in took me about three weeks to get over that. I wasn't quite sure I'm gonna get over it without being in the hospital but I found a doctor that kind of gave me some medication to get me through it and so I went. I got through that and then September, you know, dental, people probably don't realize how stressful Dental is. It's very stressful. I was working in a very high productive, fast paced office, and some things were happening that I thought you know what it's, I think it might be time just with everything that's happened in 2020 to maybe kind of bow out. And, you know, kind of take care of myself for just a little bit, and I had every intention of eventually having to go back to work but you know, dental field, maybe just, you know something here, here or there. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. So I took actually ended up taking a year off to kind of re, you know, kind of re, get in touch with myself, take care of myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and about, oh, I guess, June, somewhere around there this year I thought you know what, it's time for me to kind of start looking see what's out there because I just need to I need some income I need to contribute, you know, just, I've always contributed I've always had money and oh and so this last year, I'm like, I don't mind not having any money. So, I had had a couple of working interviews. I thought well, dental is all I know. So I thought well I'll go back and just go to a smaller office and you know just kind of work out the rest of my working career. And I was just about ready to accept a job, and I had gotten on TikTok. Because I, you know, I got on there for entertainment purposes. I like to look at, you know, home organization and that kind of stuff, but anyway I came across this young lady that was talking about how she was making money online and you know she was doing well and she was, you know, she just intrigued me. I don't know why she even showed up on my page but on my feed. But the first couple times I was like yeah whatever. Now, it is almost the same story that you hear everybody say it's kind of like, you know, whatever I, whatever. So she kept showing up and I finally started watching her videos and I thought you know what I do this, I think I can do this and so I enrolled in the course, and it was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised. The course was just, it wasn't anything that I expected. You know, I figured I would enroll in something and or enroll in the course and then it'd be like okay, you're on your own. And that was far from far from the case. 

Lorna: And I had no, like as I said, I've only known teeth that's all so you can ask me questions about dental health, all day long and I can answer you, but when it came to something like this I thought when I'm in the dark, but it didn't take long for, you know, to the pieces of the puzzle and everything's just start coming together and starting to make more sense and you know it just, it's just kind of snowballed from there. 

Matt: Cool. Yeah, that's so crazy how, you know, it's just, it's wild to me that so many people from so many different backgrounds in so many different walks of life can have such a similar experience of like, wow, I had no idea what I was like, what I was getting myself into. And then it turns into this big thing and, man, that's wild. What did you feel like, what's, I don't know it just seems interesting to me, like, having done that job for so long was it like was the entrepreneurial like shift was that just different or do you feel like it just kind of like, you rolled into it or how, like, how is that

it's been different, you know, because I've been an employee. My whole life I've always had to answer to somebody or ask, you know, before I did something I had to ask. I was shown, I mean, I don't know I just had my mindset I whenever I first started the course, there was something inside me, I think that just, it clicked and I was like I'm doing this, I'm doing it I'm not failing I told my buddy, I said, failure, failure is not an option I'm going to succeed at this and make a little bit but I'm going to, I'm going to succeed at it, and it's dication that I've gotten invested in some resource that was offered, and, you know, I just can't say I can't say enough good things about the course itself.

Matt: And you're doing super well too. I mean, yeah, of course is great but also you're starting to see an ROI you're starting to actually like, figure out how to become a marketer, you know, and that's what I always emphasize to people is like, you're going to learn these hard skills that there's sort of soft skills and hard skills, my guess is, as like a dental assistant you learnt a lot of soft skills, probably because you deal with people so much. And then these hard marketing skills, the cool part is that I found is like, I've been able to take those into so many different niches and industries but when I was getting started, it wasn't really like a earn as I learned kind of thing it was just like, I kept spending money on courses, trying to figure it out and I can never figure it out. And then, and just work kind of racked up a lot of debt trying to print stuff. And I think we're just in a unique period of time right now in history where it's just through social media and the way social media algorithms have changed. It really leveled the playing field, it's remarkable honestly sometimes. David I will sit on, you know, a meeting or something and just sit and be like, can you imagine 10 years ago if we had TikTok. II, but we, you know, it's easy to say that now but back in the day we had our own, you know, ways of hacking stuff but this is just, I mean, the ability to post 15/62 videos and get, you know, millions, we have this guy. Ian, who was just on the show a few weeks ago or a few months ago, had a really powerful story. He just shot up a video that got 9 million views. And I was, I was, I have multiple different channels in different niches. So like the, the new, the for you page looks very different on all those right because some of them are like health and fitness and he came up on every one of the, oh wow, it was, it was like he had, he had really penetrated the entire Tiktok market, just because it was so insanely viral but yeah, I just think, you know, just it just kind of a random dude out in the end he's in the UK, I mean he's halfway across the world. And like crazy, you know, I'm seeing his videos in multiple different niches, you know, the amount of discovery I think is just insane. But anyway, back to you know the app but you're doing really well, you're, you're seeing really good results you're over 30,000 followers. I'm so curious about your first couple of weeks on Tik Tok and on social media and what that was like, I mean how, How did you get convinced to start and was that tough.

Lorna: That was very tough. I'm a very private person, I guess, sure, I don't post on social media, my husband and I have a Facebook page. We have an Instagram page, I just get on there, kind of see what everybody else is doing. I never really posted anything. And then to have to start videos of myself and put myself out there was just so uncomfortable. You know, it really was. Yeah, and I go back and sometimes I still watch a video and I'm like, oh my gosh I'm so I'm embarrassed for myself and my husband and watch him and I'm like, don't watch them right here with me. You know, it's so funny. It's just been, it's been such a hurdle that I've really had to, to work to get over. Sure. Yeah, but I guess as, as time goes on, and you know I'm doing more. It's getting a little easier.

Matt: I felt like, maybe, I don't know if you felt this way to or not, but I felt a bit like those moments of like oh my gosh I can barely stand to watch myself which I also went through just kind of, because I started like making videos, my first videos online like back in the day 10 years ago I was really young right and it should be really easy but, you know, people have, it's not as much an aging it's more of just like an internal block, kind of, and, and it's just funny because over time. You know, I kept telling people, or people kept telling me I had like, good, good mentors and stuff where we're just like, dude, life is really short. You know embarrassing moments are what people think of you just does not matter, and they just, I don't know sometimes when people say that it's like yeah that's a nice saying but the truth is I really do care, like I really do care like what Larry, Uncle Larry or you know whatever thinks of me, and, and I don't know it's just interesting because eventually, I really felt like I was sort of able to shed that fully and just be like you know what, who cares, like, Yeah, you know, we're all going to the same place here like, it's, it's, you know, it just doesn't matter and so then I was able to sort of just let go a bit of some of that and just be like a you know what he says about or maybe I'm going to be a goofball today, maybe I'm gonna make fun of myself today whatever doesn't matter who cares, and that kind of energy allows for more creativity and to have a bit more fun and just kind of like, bring a playful side I think to content that people are really attracted to. That's what I found is people just want something different , they want something unique and novel and fun. Just different I think.

Lorna: Yeah, and I've had to learn to kind of relax a little bit, don't be so everything does have to be perfect, you know, nobody's perfect, so you know if you flub up or or you stutter. It's okay. Right. Yeah, yeah,

Matt: I think people really like that. 

Lorna: Yeah, and my husband and my mother both were like, I'm so proud of you, I would have never guessed that you would have done this and I'm like, I know. No, I would have never thought I do, I do. It's really been, it's really been fun. It's something completely different than what I've ever, you know, done, and it's been fun and it's been rewarding and challenging, obviously. Yep. But yeah, It's been, it's been, it's been good. 

Matt: I feel a bit like in the, in the process throughout that journey of, you know, sort of letting go and also it's cool that there's people around you that are like, wow, like, I'm proud of you like this is in they should be. You should feel proud. That is no small feat to create the amount of content that you've created. Just the. It's one thing that the content would actually be good, like that's a whole different ball game, but to actually just create. To start with, right, like that's a huge accomplishment to push through all the doubt and the first, you know few videos that are kind of like cheese, you know like how is this going to go, and then to keep going but also to keep improving your skills as you go, and that's a, that's a big thing that's really tough because then you're starting to work through self doubt and, like, she's like, What the heck and first time as an entrepreneur like there's always sort of like this doubt of like, oh my gosh like I don't think this is going to work, maybe it is and then more or you wake up and you're like this definitely work and the next day it's like, Nope, it's over done, you know, it's like this funny.

Lorna: And I've been on that roller coaster. I have and I'm just like, you know, you do a video and you're like, oh this is pretty good. And so you post it and it gets like 200 and something views, and then you put one out there and you're like, oh my gosh that's terrible and it gets 1000s and I'm just, I just sit now I'm like, What is that all about but, you know,

Totally, totally. Do you feel like it, how long is it taking you to get to 30 that you're at about 31,000 ish?

Lorna: Yes. 

Matt: Cool. How long has that taken?

I started really posting on Tik Tok on August the 25th. Okay, so I haven't quite been doing it for two months. Wow.

Lorna: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy if you really think about it like you're averaging about 500 to 600 followers a day. 

Matt: Yeah, well you know and it's funny because you know it averages that but it's just like our gap and I'll have so many more all of a sudden overnight and I'm just, it just totally floors me. Yeah, you know it, and then I have also found myself not going to bed at night because I'm constantly checking what's going on, what's going on you know and I'm like, I gotta stop that. 

Lorna: Well that comes over time I feel like as people develop skills and there's this interesting thing that yeah, there's a little bit of a span of time where it's like, it's, it's new and it's fresh and it's your whole world a little bit like oh my gosh this is crazy. And then eventually, he, you know, maybe you get feedback from your family or from, you know whatever from yourself, your body is like hey, just take a chill pill here like that thing will be here tomorrow morning, you know. Yeah, and that's what I've had to do. I've had to say you know what, turn the phone off, turn it over so if it lights up, I can't, you know, and just had to, I have to shut off, I have to turn off.

Yeah, for sure. Are you in your, in your journey to doing, man. And when I say an average of five to 600 a day that isn't really like you're getting every single day like five to 600 followers, my guess is we have a few videos that have really really popped off, and you get 10,000 followers from a single video.

Matt: Right, exactly, exactly. And so it's sort of like the, you know, in like a risky stock world like if people are picking small cap stocks which are, are really really micro cap stocks which are like small companies that are very high risk, you might buy 100 of them and two of them take off. And because they're so cheap you can buy them for cheap but you know you're going to lose on a bunch of them and you're going to win on a couple that are going to explode, and there's all your earnings, which is kind of the same thing, I mean you're going to put out a ton of content and you never know what's going to work. And then, lo and behold, you get one or two of those videos that really pop off. And you can grow an account really fast. I mean, this guy, he and again that I was referencing. In his run of a 9 million views, video, put a couple 100,000 followers in a matter of a few days, you know, and that's, that's a lot of followers andl a lot of sales, and a lot of commissions, all from a single video it's crazy, but what, what for you in those, in creating those videos did you find that kind of creating viral videos or having a video go viral, get 10,000 or 100,000 views or something was kind of the secret to growing that?

Lorna: Yes, yes, definitely. 

Matt: And your process are you creating a couple of day are you creating one a day, or like, do you have sort of a try and get two or three out per day or what do you what do you try to do,

Lorna: I try to do three a day at the minimum, I did have a span we had some. We had some things happen in our family so I kind of fell off the grid for a day or so. Just because it needed my attention. But no, I've always tried to at least do three. I've always tried to do three.

Yeah, I think that that's good. And the more that I've been watching people's performance on TikTok and other social stuff, the more I've been telling them hey look, some of you are trying to get five to 10 videos out a day because you think it's a volume thing and there's nothing wrong with a lot of volume but if it's lacking the, the quality, then all of these short bite sized things you're not getting watched and it's sending this feedback to TikTok saying like hey this person is just putting out a bunch of content, no one wants to watch. Yes, and I, you know I told I tell people I'm like, I, it's probably way more probably way more valuable for you to do one a day and have that one video every day, really curae spend a good amount of time editing and making sure the transitions are are fast and quick, and then people actually watch it, and then the feedback that comes back to TikTok is like hey, look like this person's videos are killing, you know like, like every one of these videos this person puts out does really well we should get them in the for you page a lot more because we've got a content creator here, and it's just a natural thing. This happens on every platform YouTube, Facebook, Facebook's not as good for organic content creation but Instagram, like all these platforms people tried to do these weird ninja tricks or whatever. The truth of the matter is that the real skill of being a good content creator changes everything.

Lorna: And that it and that is that is. That's very challenging. I mean, creating content is. That's hard. It can be very hard, you know, to know what to put out there. I've also noticed that if you're going to do like a sound or anything with it, any kind of music, you've, you know, if you use something that's viral on tick tock are popular on tick tock, that gets more views as well, which is weird to me, mine anyway, I'm just, that has nothing to do with the content, it's just, it's just the sound but yeah I will I have noticed that on a few.

Matt: Yep. Yeah, oh it's very true, I'm there. It's part of what they're trying to create it's part of the branding they're trying to create is trying to create this, this sort of fun, light hearted, and that's you know that's another piece of, of understanding content is understanding the platform of what they're after, you know like, what's their real goals and in their case, they want something that's kind of funny, fun, playful light hearted. And so, you know, I see a lot of Kant, I see. Yeah, I see a lot of content creators in our niche we're very serious, right like everything's kind of just serious, everything is like, like they don't really tell jokes in their thing or they don't laugh, and I'm just like, Guys, look in any niche or any industry this whole platform is to give people a good time, right, so. All right, now you've got your ego and your stress and your insecurity that are getting in the way of all of this stuff like let's just take a step back and have some fun, right, like, let's, let's just, you know, cuz, think of it I think people underrate what a follower really is like 30,000 followers is a lot of people went through your thing and hit follow and they're not just those, they're not random people. Like, who, who never sees your stuff again, they see your stuff, more than once, and they'll keep coming back to it. And so, sprinkling in just some fun stuff, right. So, you have the ability in a platform where you can warm up your leads through your social media channel where you can tell, you know, funny things that happened to you throughout the day or you know you can drop a little funny like like jokes or just kind of, you don't have to tell jokes but just funny anecdotes, anecdotes that help sort of people be like, oh, like, Hey Lauren is just like a normal person. Okay, isn't like some magical Marketing Robot or something it's just like, she's just a normal human, and it helps you normalize and sort of make you more approachable. Yeah, and I've just in the small amount of content that I've digested from you. I just felt that approachable Ness, which my guess is that's why, you know, you're able to convert so much of your traffic to sales just like you're, you seem approachable and it seems like this is believable. 

Lorna: You know I try, You know that. I don't, I, that's one thing I don't like either you know I have looked into other things in the past just out of curiosity and some of those, there's just like with it with, with the course. Yeah, whenever I Watch, Dave, you know, it's like, it's real. It's not commercialized, it doesn't feel advertised, you know, and that's what I think attracts people to this course. It's, real, and it works.

Matt: Right, you know, the strategies actually work. Yeah. Yeah, I think that makes us think that's been also, you know for a lot of people I think that's been the reality is just a discovery of like it's real, it's sort of rods down to earth, and it's interesting to if you go and sort of watch a lot of different people's sales videos in this industry for different products it's kind of a bit like, okay, either it's just this weirdly like, I don't know, just kind of weird story about the founder or something that's like I don't know how that's clickable, or it's just about how you're going to make a million dollars, you know, in the next 90 days or something like that or whatever and I think that a big key to sort of the reason why is primarily because it tells a story and edit inspires people and it connects to the part of people that is not just interested in transforming a pocket book or something which we definitely want to transform that, but also it speaks to kind of the whole of the entrepreneur of like us, that this piece can also impact and have sort of lasting influence on a lot of different parts of life, like, my guess is internally, you've also had a lot of internal growth. And if you were to reflect back on the last two or three or four months. We probably changed a lot, like probably had a lot of internal shifts and maybe more confidence or maybe just kind of like a, I don't know.

Lorna: Yeah, yeah, definitely. That has always been one thing that I've kind of struggled with is, you know, self confidence, you know, back when I was in my early 20s I had some things happen that, you know, appearance wise, that it just kind of shattered my self-confidence. And so doing this has kind of helped me kind of gain some of that back. You know, it's, it has it has been. I mean it's definitely, it's definitely grown, the school way to think of 53 to still grow which can be okay.

Matt: Yeah, I mean definitely anything's possible. Yeah and I, it's, yeah, that's interesting to me because, yeah, I just something about, I've actually coached, I would say a coach and I've been on Zoom calls over the last four years or so, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people, and I don't mean the webinars, that's that's in the high 10s of 1000s Probably, but I mean specifically like one on one, and a lot of them have been in later stages of life where that I think you're in, like, mid, like I think are like right now people are living so long like I tell, I tell people who were at 50 or whatever, it's like hey look like you've got a long ass time to live like seriously, Gary Vee is always like 40 is the new 20 Yeah, It's like there's so much and probably I don't, I have no clue but I try to like get in the head of other people and like you probably look back at 40, or like geez like that is young like 40 So yeah, and, like, you know, you look great energetic like, it just, yeah, I wouldn't. Yeah. Anyway, I think you look great and like you're killing it you're crushing it and it's got to be just such a fun, interesting experience. And I also feel like I personally like my experience of people who have done a job for like 20 years or you're over 20 years that you were doing that job. My, my internal reaction is like that has, I have such a level of respect for that because there's there's such like you build such a routine you build such a, Like a lifestyle of routine and you build such a common, like a common place for where you get your income, how it comes in, and I feel that after even just a couple years working in a job or working as a, as a consultant or whatever, that I imagine doing that over 2025 years 30 years it's like that's a long, long time, and you get set in the structure and you get set in that, to have that broken changed and shifted. I talk a lot about internal shifts and Dave talks a lot about that too, but I think as you progress, like, it has to become harder to break those shifts and to break those walls down and sort of reconstruct things and shift you know in like for yourself apart and change and adapt and like, you know, I even think my parents are way older than you, but I feel like to imagine them to do those shifts and what I know of them, after having lived much of their life doing the same job, I just like that is remarkable, like what a cool thing to like I just feel like I'm lucky because I'm like, That is a cool inspiring thing to look in on, and just be a part of it's really cool.

Lorna: Yeah, it. Well, you create habits too and routine, and it just all that is, you know, it all comes to a halt. Of course that was what I was doing. But, you know, still it takes some adjustments to fall into a different, you know, a different routine and which has been good because you know this is, I've always wanted to be at home with my kids when my kids were little. And so, that opportunity never did present itself because, you know, we didn't even have the internet really back then. But, Yeah, you know , for this opportunity to come now, now that I've got grandbabies and my girls are older, you know, I can still be there for them. But, I still make a good income. Yeah, yeah, it's great. At this stage in life, it's great. 

Matt: It's really cool and you're barely just getting started, I mean.

Lorna: Yeah, I've had to kind of conquer my imposter syndrome. You know I fall into that soloist. I'm doing this by myself. I'm not asking anybody for help, but you know, but I've kind of stepped back out of that and you know I've reached out to some people and that helps a ton. Yeah.

Matt: That's great. Yeah, and having even whether it's in our community or whether it's elsewhere or whatever, having that. Yeah, good.

Lorna: Definitely it's definitely been within our community. Yeah, I mean that's, that's another good thing about this is the community. It is so widespread, and everybody is so willing to help you know because we've all started somewhere, you know, and I've even actually had people say, will you help me and I'm like, I'll do my best, but I won't be in this two months so I mean I you know I told one day, one of my videos I said you know what if you ask the question, and I don't know the answer, we'll find the answer and we'll both learn it together. 

Matt: So, yeah, totally. Yeah, I, Yeah, it's funny because everybody who comes out Oh, not everybody but a lot of people who are newer to marketing, that's, that's the same feedback they give, which is, I probably wouldn't be here or have had the level of success that I've had without our community without the people who have been around us, who have helped me who have given a little bit of time and it's just fascinating how the community itself has become sort of just this revolving you give to me, and then I'll give to the next person, you know, it's, it's the expectation that if I've figured something out or if I've had a breakthrough or something and somebody is like hey what's working, I'm going to give them my breakthrough I'm going to let them know, and then they're going to go and have their own breakthrough and they're going to share that with somebody else it's just been this, this sort of trickle down effect which is really unique in a business owner sense in that most business owners sort of hold tight their secrets and they you know they have this fear based mentality. But what people that we interview on this all the time people are like, You know what, every time that I've done that every time that I've given to people or given back to people or shared secrets. I've always had better results I've always gotten I, because I think it releases something internally to it makes you more grateful, you remember about how the community helped you, and it and it shows up in an unconscious way and video content and blogging and all sorts of content but it really, it shows up in a way that I can't put words to, but it makes people different, and that is a real secret because I tell people to get to 10,000 online is a really tough it that's hard, that is really hard. But to get to six figures requires not just, well, it requires consistency over time. And then to keep something after six figures requires more of the soft skills, it requires more like just maturity and gratefulness and things that are a little less like hard skills, those are the things to get you to six figures but once you get there it's relational capital, it's, it's, what do people say about you, because then you might go start selling a $10,000 coaching package and people are looking up reviews on you and people are asking people, you know, what she like is she actually the truth is she not, is she, she mean is she, you know, like and then all that matters is what people say of you. And in that space. Yeah, that's what I love when I hear people who are, you know, our community is great and I'm now in a place where I can give back to. It makes all the difference because our training is great, and everything's great. And then, but once you get into the real sort of nuts and bolts of day to day things change, day to day what's working now, this worked for me and it didn't work for them. Yeah, having the ability to work shop ideas and a community is really powerful. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, I agree. Let's all have what you have the last word for everybody, what's for people who are newer, like, they created a TIkTok account this last week, or this last month, and they're just getting going, they're just getting started, maybe it's going a little slower than they expected. What would you say to those people?

Lorna: Well, from my personal standpoint, I know what it's like to feel like you're kind of at a standstill, you're not growing, but you got to stick with it and just be consistent because it's only going to take one video, maybe two, and the whole your whole business will change. I mean as soon as, as soon as you get those first few videos that go viral, everything changes. You just have to stick with it. Keep your mindset, focused, and it'll work. 

Matt: Cool. Well, you're very inspiring story to me to everybody who's here and keep going, keep rockin, we'll get, you know, you've got, you've got a long, sort of, there's, there's endless potential ahead, which is really nice about the online space is there's endless scale and there's endless growth and endless potential which is really unlike anything else, and we'll we'd love to have you back, maybe in a couple months. Sure. I would love to, again and give an update.

Lorna: Yeah, absolutely. I'd love that.

Matt: Awesome. All right, well thanks for coming on and everybody who's here. Her TikTok is right here. Go give a follow, leave a comment, let her know, hey, what was your favorite part about today's show. And, yeah, ever follow, watch your content, and tune in and be a positive sort of voice in the comments for her and help support her, and she'll do the same for you. So again thanks Lorna for coming on and for everybody who's here we're going to be back here tomorrow Dave will be back tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. As always, we've got lots of guests lined up, we'll be back here again 10am Eastern. Take it easy everybody see.