Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: My friends welcome to Wake Up Legendary. It's Monday morning, February 28. The last day of the month in 2022. Yeah, I'm just trying to check in just wondering if you're just catching up with a year. A year just catching up with you. Are you ahead of your goals behind Are you just crawling out from under the covers? Anyways just checking in today we're gonna be talking with Danielle Shaw and she's going to be talking about, amongst other things, consistency with one offer is key to generate results. I wonder what she means by that, Danielle, welcome to the show.

Danielle: Hi, thank you so much for having me.

Dave: You're very welcome. So is this something that is something that you're excited to be doing here this morning? 

Danielle: Absolutely, what a great way to start your Monday morning.

Dave: Nice nice. So tell us how you know you found what like what happened in your world in your life to get you started online and then eventually how did you find legendary?

Danielle: Well my story's a little bit of a whirlwind one. I actually have been an entrepreneur for probably about six years now but in totally unrelated fields. I actually own a contracting company for aerospace and we build private jets. So I used to do that for about 10 years. Which was absolutely awful. The pay was great, but long hours and it was filled with chemicals and the job that I had because I'm small and a girl, I had to crawl through a small holewith an oxygen mask into the tank and I would have to do all my work there all day long. So it wasn't even like I was stuck in a factory for like 12 hours. I was literally stuck inside of an airplane. So it got to the point where like,

Dave: Inside of a hole, inside of an airplane, inside of a factory, right?

Danielle: Yeah, inside of the wings. I don't know if you've ever looked under an airplane week but they have access panels in case anything goes wrong so they can go in there and fix it and only people of a certain size can go in there and fix it. So I checked one

Dave:  I’m 6’1 and almost 200 pounds so I don't know that I'd even fit in one of those

Danielle: You might be able to get in up to here you can get your head in but any further like I could my shoulders are too broad to go in if I just sat like this, like I had to put my arms above my head so Yeah, lucky you would not have been in there. But it got to the point where every single day I was coming home my body was bruised like it was just brutal. And I can barely function anymore. And I'm like, You know what, I am still in my 20s and I shouldn't be feeling like this. I'm like what's gonna happen to me at 30 or 40? And I just I'm like I need something different. So I somehow got catapulted into the world of duck breeding, which is something I have never done before. Like I love animals. I have a passion for animals. I actually met somebody who was a dog breeder and he's like, well come join my business. Like let's join forces and we'll build this big empire and make it work. And well. 

Dave: Wow

Danielle: Well, Wow is right. But let me tell you if something sounds too good to be true, sometimes it is. So I ended up doing dog breeding for about a year and it was really good that's a lot of airplanes inside of an animal. Like fully, fully assisting with the birds and everything like just just covered Yeah, it was. It was one thing to go from one thing to another. I actually still do breed like I do genuinely enjoy it and actually help to better the breed. It's not like for me, it's not just about the puppies like I actually genuinely want to make the breed better and healthier. So I still do that on this side. But man when you have 20 dogs running around it's a lot. It's a lot of work.

Dave: The thought of one dog is overwhelming. I mean, let that many actually running around.

Danielle: I don't know if you know the breed but they're Belgian Malinois. The police and army are using them to climb trees and climb walls. Well, they start out at about two weeks old.

Dave: What's the last thing I need in my house? I got a curtain climber in a rugrat there right now.

Danielle: Yeah, so I was like, I can't do this. Like I can't do it full time anymore because it's insane. And like at any given point, I think the worst I was also reading was Spinks cats as well. I think at the worst point I had 18 cats and like 20 dogs that I was taking care of, and obviously like I had employees and stuff to help but just the chaos in the organization and everything that has to go into that I was like, I need something different. 

Dave: So what like what, when was this like, give us a timeline.

Danielle: The dog breeding was actually last year, actually just over a year ago about a year and a half ago. I got into that while still working in aerospace kind of doing that transition over. And then I was

Dave: Like, you're sitting on the floor you got you know, dog but all in your face and just things are going crazy but you're on your phone and you're on tick tock and you see a bit like what happened next, like how you got in offline and airplane wings on the internet.

Danielle: So the next part is where it gets a little bit interesting. I had no intention of ever making the jump on to online. Fun fact that if anyone who's been following me for a little bit probably already knows this. As I've shared my beginner story when I first decided to get online I had to call my sister and ask her how to turn on my laptop. Because I am not a techie whatsoever. I barely use my own social media for personal reasons. So for me to make the jump online, it was something I'm like, I need to keep up with the times and I saw how much was going on online and I'm like, You know what, I don't want to miss out on that. So I was with someone the same thing as someone that I started the dog breeding business with, and he was not supportive. Like he wanted me to do what he wanted me to do. And then sadly, that relationship became highly abusive. So I ended up packing up all of my stuff. I drove across Canada, and I'm like, You know what, we're hitting reset on the entire life. So I opened up a laptop and turned it on, and I don't even remember. I wish I could remember her name because it was a girl on TikTok. But I didn't even know what affiliate marketing was at the time. So I was kind of just scrolling scrolling and I'm like, man, what is this? I see this course everywhere. Why not take a chance and jump on. I'm like, what else are you going to do? I'm going to a new place.

Dave: You're basically at this point in an abusive relationship. country of Canada, what like from the entire west coast to the east coast, or how far is it to travel? Just give us an idea of how far

Danielle: 3600 kilometers so I'm not sure what that is. miles I know you guys are down in the States but I moved from Ontario. out of the country to the other. Yeah, so I moved literally from the bottom of Ontario. To get out of Ontario, I think it's 24 hours you have to travel up the entire province. Go around all the legs and then come back down. And then cross Canada. So the journey ended up taking me about three and a half days. But I ended up like I packed everything I threw my dog and my cat in the back of the truck and I'm like, You know what, I deserve better and I need to go find better and I'm like, it isn't here. So it took me a good year to get out of that situation and it wasn't a good one. But that's it just proves like you can overcome anything. Like if you're in a situation and you're stuck, change it. Do something, do anything.

Dave: I actually have these magnets of actual cat butts. It's like it's like, it's like if you just took an entire cat and just cut them in half and then put the magnet right there on like where you just come in. And then you just know you can just put it on your fridge or your or your dishwasher or whatever. And it's a cat butt. Yeah, cat butt magnets. So like your when When did you first do things to take the challenge? I mean, what month Do you think that was?

Danielle: I'm pretty sure I started at the end of October. This whole big move happened in September. And I remember coming across Legendary. And like most people I was like, Oh, I don't trust it. I don't. It's online. So I knew nothing about that.

Dave: You're saying you're so you just said like most people won't know you're putting words and thoughts into people's heads. You don't know that's what most people think.

Danielle: I had a conversation with them when they came to me and they asked about getting started online. They're like no way these all these people are making money online. And I'm like, I thought the same thing just because like I was in the world of factories and I had no idea that that was impossible even like opening your laptop and you can start making money. on your own. Like that just completely blew my mind. So I know a lot of people who have come to me and asked for help on getting started. That's their first question. They're like, can you actually do this? And I'm like, Absolutely. I'm like I can do it. Anyone can do it. Coming from the situation. I came from not knowing how to turn on a laptop. I'm like, all you need is a little bit of confidence and just stay consistent. That's the biggest thing that I've learned.

Dave: Yeah, I think I think you're right about that. I think you're right also in the fact that and you know you too, so I think also, you can ask yourself, and this is what I do a lot in this can be both helpful. It can also be a little bit misleading, but I can also just ask myself why I felt that way when I went back. When I first saw all this stuff online, the truth is that back over 10 years ago when I first started seeing a lot of this stuff online. That was my first reaction was like, Holy shit, like like, is it? Yeah. I mean, all you guys look like normal people like yours, because I remember 10 plus years ago, people were doing the same thing. We were using different ways to drive traffic. TikTok didn't exist. Instagram didn't exist. We were coming out of MySpace. People all we're still in we weren't even recording like landing page videos and stuff. on phones. We had to do them. And this was just 10 plus years ago, we had to do them on you know, little cameras. I had a I had I think it was called a flip cam wasn't like super it was made to just shoot quick videos. Yeah. And I remember seeing guys I liked in shorts and tanks. Flip flops on going. I remember Yeah. So how did you deal with that as you worked through and saw the material first in the videos and stuff. And then as at how did you? I think, I think I want to ask also what were the things as you were going through the challenge that were lightbulb moments for you? Did you have the and also has the tech pieces come easy for you? And if not, how have you overcome those challenges? I'm just asking you those from the perspective of having zero internet marketing experience you're clearly smartly have done other things, but they're still going to be

Danielle: I officially got started in October for the challenge but like I said Ii found Legendary in September and I just kept going back and looking at it like in my head it was just all those doubts like you can't do this you're not techie like you're never gonna make it so I kept scrolling and then I just got my tick tock was flooded with affiliate marketing and everyone was talking about how much Legendary had changed their lives and I'm like, okay, you know what, like, I'm just gonna sign up. I'm gonna go for it. I mean, worst case scenario, it's not for me. I'm like, but at least I can say that I tried and I gave it my all so I signed up for the challenge and then within the first video, it was actually you and you had just come on the screen and you seemed like such a genuine person. And I'm like, wow, like he's, he's a human. He's normal. He's real. I'm like, this actually exists like maybe this is a possibility. So after that, I don't think I missed a day. I was there every single day, showing up for my video watching all the training and everything and just going through it all. I think it was around day three. I started to get a little bit overwhelmed. Because there was just so much tech stuff. And everything on the back end. So I ended up signing up for every single account out there because I didn't know what a funnel builder was what an autoresponder was, and there was so many names being thrown out in the community and I'm like, I guess I just need one of all of these which I found out later I definitely do not. I signed up for every single funnel builder, every single autoresponder and I'm like, all the names are being thrown out the community. So I think at one point like I was signed up and I responded whenever I had, I was just going through the whole list. I had seen someone on TikTok and they're like, this is the software up until I googled it and looked it all up and I'm like, Okay, let's give this a shot. So it wasn't until I fully digested I think it was day three where I kind of had all this software running, and no idea how to use it. So I kind of took what you had taught as soon as you started with the funnel building and everything and I'm like, You know what, sometimes it's better just to take a step back. Look at the whole picture and then start putting the pieces together. One of the times I think my issue was just getting everything at once and running with it and that it wasn't it wasn't a good way to go about it because I just completely overwhelmed myself. So when I stepped back and I took it like you, you had one video one day and I took what you were teaching there and then I implemented it and then I would go back and actually rewatch the video to see if there was anything I had missed. And when I kind of slowed down and took time to digest everything. That's when everything started falling into place. Like I don't have to be an expert overnight. I just kind of got to take the time and learn a little bit extra every day. I'd like to keep improving your skills every day. But my initial mistake was literally just jumping in and I'm like, I'm gonna I'm gonna nail this.

Dave: I mean, you kind of, I mean the way you describe that is kind of like in your obviously and so clearly not a guy but you kind of the way you describe that I can relate to that because it's kind of like a guide to saying I don't need to read the instructions. I don't. I don't experience a lot of women like that, but I don't put a lot of stuff together with women. I mean, actually, my wife, who is my wife when she's putting stuff together, she's really nice. So I get it and I think what you said was really useful because you know it's like, there's, there's, there's, if people who came through this, this our process would literally just follow the process. Not going off , do it and Rome way in, stop like two days in or sign up and I even get started. Of course that's people are famous, but hard and then stop and then and then start and then doing your own way and saying, Look, I'm not trying to be condescending here. I'm just saying that everybody in the comments name something that you like, you likely know more about than other people. Just just just write something down. That you likely know more about 10 other people in St. Louis has pride . Come on everybody. All of you likely know something more in order to do it better than other people. Every one of you says that you can't do that. Dammit, you're lying. So now, okay. Carolina. Carolina says skincare. So pretend that I come to Carolina, and I say, you know, look, I am in a lot of pain here. Like I've got acne in. I've got sunspots in me, and it's causing me a lot of my competence and I just want right. I'm genuinely in pain and I come to Carolyn and I say, please help me with my skincare and then she says, I've seen this before. 1000s of times 1000s of times I've done this, and I've got a system and just I'll give you all the stuff. You take it home and you do it and she shows me exactly how to do it. And then I get home and I say I don't think I'm gonna fuckin do it that way. I'm not gonna use it. We're just gonna switch this. I'm going to do this piece first. So I'm not going to do the toner and this and that. I'm just going to do the moisturizer. Just imagine if I came to you, or anyone came to you and said, You genuinely helped me and here's my money, I'll pay for everything. And then I'm just going to do it my way. I really don't even know why I'm coming to you because I'm really just going to take your ingredients and just mishmash them all up. And I know we don't, purposefully we're not trying to be you know, we're not it's just human nature. Daniel, why do you think they do that? Why do we? Why do we say help? Me and then begin telling the help how to help us.

Danielle: I honestly see this a lot too. And I'm fairly new to the industry. So I can only imagine how much of that you've gone through. 

Dave: Give me your personal experience because you're a smart girl in surely there was some times as you were going to a training and doing some things that you said, Well, I could see a different way to do this, but I'm going to trust in you even alluded to it a little bit before that you you know, I guess it brought you plenty of overwhelmed where you finally just said okay, I'm gonna scrap all this and because my I come here asking for help not I need to know when to what I'm what I'm alluding to is Daniel, how do you know when to be the teacher and when to be the student?

Danielle: Well, like when I first got started, I think a lot of the reason that I got so overwhelmed and I had so many different things going on is because there's so much information out there and it's just human nature that whenever someone says hey, I got a free infor information, video or free something everyone's just raising their hand and you get lost in it. So it's kind of like you you gotta put the blinders on and I know everyone's offering something and everyone's offering their help and that's absolutely amazing and 100% like, reach out if you're stuck, but I truly found like my groove when I picked one product, one mentor and I stuck with like one traffic source. I'm like, instead of trying to be all over the place, focus on one thing, one person likes to listen to what they're saying. Pick someone that's where you want to be and do what they're doing, because they obviously know what they're doing right. So it wasn't until I was just getting information thrown at me from every angle and I actually had to just start telling people like I thank you. I appreciate you trying to explain how you're doing it your way but like I just I need to stick with what I'm doing because it's working. So it's more so just blocking out the noise because there's a lot of noise out there.

Dave: There is. And there's also a lot of noise inside of our own heads too, right? Yeah. That's ultimately where the majority of the noise is. That's yeah, we titled this show. You know how to basically use one offer and generate results. Consistency with one offer is key. That was your suggestion, and I do. What do you mean by that? And can you elaborate?

Danielle: Yes. So I see a lot of people just starting out like I did in the beginning and I had a bunch of products in the pet niche because of dog breeding and then I was making money online. So I kind of had products all over the place I was. I had little like low end products from Amazon that I was trying to market and I was in two different niches at once as a beginner. Like that's definitely a big no no. So I was just spreading myself way too thin and I'm like I need to focus on one thing, like, instead of putting 10% of my effort into 10 different things. I'm like I'm picking one offer and I'm gonna put 100% of my focus and attention into that one offer. And then I realized that the people that were following me and looking up to me, were more like they were in a straight line. path now because they're like well before I saw you talking about this product, this product, this product and this product and I like we just got kind of confused at how each product work like how each of them helped and they're like once you actually picked one offer like all my content was based on helping people surrounding that offer. So it ‘s kind of like we came together as a community and I found a tribe and they're like, we're not so confused anymore. Like you've picked one thing and you've stuck with it and they knew what my message was, they knew what I was about. And they would just come to me more and more with questions because they knew what I was doing. I guess if that makes sense. It wasn't just kind of throwing a bunch of offers out there. I think people get excited when they first start and they're like, here's a link here's the link. Here's a link. But yeah, I think it does more harm than good when you're just trying to just to get all your links out there like providing true value to the community and like having one offer is what truly truly changed the game for me.

Dave: And what you're saying is having one offer and just being kind of consistent with marketing that offer and then also offering in knowing and understanding what's included in that offer. And then being able to offer support for that offer is what you're saying. Yeah. Instead of just you know being a instead of just and I think people can tell the difference. When you really it seems like you're engaged, interested even purchase the product and are a customer of it yourself. Versus you're just signing up for affiliate programs and slang and links and hoping somebody buys.

Danielle: Exactly. You just seem a lot more genuine when you could actually answer questions about the product, right? Like if you're switching products or offers every single month. How much do you really know about what you're trying to sell people and like personally, I don't want to recommend anything that I don't know, love myself. So it's like, people kind of get distracted and then they'll start a new offer and then all those people that you've been like building up for the past weeks or months they'll come to you asking about that offer and you're already on to something different. So you could have just missed out on a whole community of people that actually genuinely wants your help. But if you're too busy bouncing around, you're not going to have the knowledge or information to share with them and help them at the end of the day.

Dave:  I understand the concept of consistently promoting the same offer and then offering even bonuses or support for that offer. Did you also make any shift in being more consistent with your front end content? Your edutainment, those pieces of content, those pieces of Facebook content, those pieces of Instagram content? How did those front end ads, you know, again, whether they're organic or paid, gain more clarity as well? Verses when you first started or how you are approaching content in more efficient right because affiliate marketing is product pick is really just not that other pieces along the way. Certainly you don't want to see it in order to set up what you're saying in your marketing to match and align with what you're offering. But there's lots of things you're doing before you get to the place where you're actually recommending something so how does that say more about that in relation to what we're talking about to change to getting better results.

Danielle: So when I had first started, I didn't really have a plan at all for my content creation. It was just kind of recreating videos and trying to get a feel for the space. And then I realized that I wasn't necessarily trying to like recreate the viral videos but I found the videos that got me the most leads and got the most people like interested in my health were the ones where I was actually talking and giving information so it wasn't just the videos where you're you're pointing at the screen and random words come up like I got a lot of engagement where I would sit down and have a conversation and teach them something so like the value of sticking with one offer or the value of using this versus this. And I would just take questions and then I would make a video on that. And I found that as I grew I kind of got more comfortable giving advice that I heard at the beginning. It was just like I'm completely new here. I don't know what to talk about. I was terrified for anyone to ask me a question. And I'm like when I say the wrong thing. And then it really was just like learning as much as I could and jumping in with confidence. And I'm like I can make a tic toc video now that's a minute long and talk to you and give you all this valuable information as opposed to just kind of sitting on the screen scared and I you could probably tell if you scroll to the bottom of my tick tock the first view I was just sitting there and I looked terrified, like okay, so I need to add more value and add more information. And then when people would come to me they would ask where I learned it all How did I get started and then that's when I kind of could start introducing the offer so it brought a lot of warmer leads in because they were already aware of who I am and what I do. So when they came to talk to me they were actually interested and most of them were asking me what are you offering and what are you doing? Like how can I do this too, as opposed to just the videos at the beginning where it was just hey, here's a link in my bio, go check it out that people kind of just kept scrolling past that. So definitely change the content in providing value. It's a game changer.

Dave: Yeah, and I love how you just very simply just let people know right there that the way that you went from not knowing what you were talking about to knowing what you're talking about. What you just went in and learned the material. Yeah. It's kind of like, if you want to be a part of the book club and be able to be a part of the discussion. Read the book. You know, it's like it's like that meme. I wonder if I can find it. But it's basically where the guy is looking in the book. How to make money work about to work, right, like oh crap, like tears. In tears. Will very, very cool. Very cool stuff. And I love you know, just the fact that you're really you know, you're really what is coming up for me right? Now is the fact that is the fact that this this the level the playing field is truly leveled with this business. You know, I'm sitting here talking to a Canadian female, who, I don't know if you said you're in your 20s I would assume you're still in your 20s But yeah, I'm in. I'm in my late 30s there for a long time. You know, and I get to talk to people, male, female, all kinds of different religions and cultures and races and stuff in the playing field is really truly level. I mean, I know in corporate America, and I know in many large corporations and just I guess, society in general and certainly many countries. It is difficult for a woman to out earn or you know, get more opportunity than men. I think that's been I think we can all kind of agree, agree to that, you know, whatever your whatever your philosophy or values are. I mean, just it's just, it's just traditionally how it's been. But I'll tell you, the internet just instantly fixes that. You know what I mean? 

Danielle: Yeah the game is definitely changing now, like a whole new play.

Dave: You want to know where you know, and this is all over the news. And it's like equal pay and all that and I absolutely for those who will never find this world and land. I absolutely want all as much opportunity for as many people, especially those who have not had it up until this point, but I'll tell you if you want to instantly just remove yourself from that circus. The Internet No, I'm not saying people can't be mean and I'm not saying people aren't still judgmental, racist, homophobic mean all these same things characteristics of that people have still exist, but your ability to be able to learn, implement, and start earning is equal to mine in equal to anybody else's and that is a big thought. And I am so I think you should be proud of yourself. Of how you did not stay in a shitty situation for long and instead made an omission, took massive action and along the way, have now taught yourself along with some training and of course some help but you know when to be the student and when to be the teacher. And now look at you, you're well on your way to this being a career if you want it to be.

Danielle: Absolutely, it completely flipped my life upside down. Well, my life was in the middle of flipping it but this kind of flipped it back.

Dave: Well, I like how when somebody is trying to flip your life and then you just take it and flip it back. And if you look at what's going on over there and in Ukraine right now, which my I am overwhelmed with, by the bravery in the, in the sobering reality of how fast their life changes if any of us think that life is nice and safe here in America or whatever, just crazy. Nothing, nothing is guaranteed from day to day. So you should be proud of yourself. My thoughts and prayers in great energy go to the people in Ukraine, any of our members in our community who have Ukrainian family or people over there in the country who may be in harm's way. We're thinking and praying for you. And Danielle, thank you so much for your time today.

Danielle: Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure.

Dave: Alright we will talk to you soon. I come back and keep us posted. All right. See ya. All right, my friends. We are coming up in another month. Here and my friends it's like it's in the role that we're living in right now. My my what's heavy on my heart this morning is the fact that you know what's happening over in Ukraine right now and even over in Russia with with you know, with at least 40 million people inside of Ukraine as they're running to the bank to try to go get cash out. They don't know what's going to be happening with their with their in Russia, even the people in Russia because of the choices that their their their President is making, you know, even they're going and doing bank runs and trying to get cash out of bank. You know, especially the people in Ukraine. You know, they don't have anywhere to go and is in his in his heroic as it is. And I can't even imagine what it's like to have to make a decision to stay and defend your land. Just know that. I just know that. That that I can never be too prepared. I can never have I can never be too careful. And I know for me, I want to make sure that I have all the resources cash, you know, if I need some sort of firearms protection, whatever, but I want to have those things within my possession so I can protect myself and have the flexibility if and when something crazy happens. And I've just been I've just been thinking about what it would be like to be told that you know, you're a man my age, you can't leave you got to stay in defending the country and stuff. It's just just makes me think about all the things that I get to do. Every day that are so easy, that I make so difficult. You know that I make so difficult. shooting videos and even doing the show sometimes I can wake up and be like, but what a what a blessing. What how easy is this? It's so easy. And you know that that's how I'm choosing to use this conflict in this in this situation. I believe everything that happens in life you can use and learn something and take something away from it. It doesn't just have to be, just doesn't have to be something that happens in vain. Certainly so many people are going to lose their lives and be affected and be Miss be put out of their homes lose their homes. There's already buildings that are being destroyed, you know, entire people's possessions, their heirlooms, I don't know just everything. I just get up every day and use, you know, my cell phone. I get to show up. Do you know in the safety of my own home, I get to order an Uber Eats or enjoy all these benefits of the first part ? It's just, you know, that's how I'm choosing to look at this. It allows me to have empathy and compassion and try to feel what it's like. Imagine what I'll never feel but imagine what it's like to go through that while being extremely grateful for what I have and using it as a way to look at well what do I got to do today? This shit is easy. Let me knock it out. I'm happy to do it. I'm grateful I get to do this stuff. But look at the alternatives. You know, and I'm telling you gratitude and attitude of gratitude will change everything. It will change everything because now everything's not you know, hidden colored I get to take off the shit colored glasses and put on I get to see all the colors in life. Sometimes for me, I just don't get to wake up and smell the flowers. And remember how good I got it in this business and in this life. opportunity I have until I see somebody else really having a tough time and I hate that that's how it is. But unfortunately, that's how my human brain works. It's like sometimes you don't know what you got until you don't get it anymore. So again, thoughts, prayers and compassion for those who are dealing with aggression in violence today, and who don't have the same opportunities that I have here. And my friends please seize the day. We'll be back with you tomorrow for another episode.