Affiliate Compliance

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Affiliate Compliance


You must comply with all of the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Agreement, the applicable agreements policies referred to below, and all applicable laws, regulations, and rules when you use Legendary Marketer and our Services.


We own or license all intellectual property and other rights, title, and interest in and to Legendary Marketer, our Services, and the materials accessible on or through Legendary Marketer and our Services, except as expressly provided for in the Affiliate Agreement. For example, and without limitation, we own trademarks, copyrights, and certain technology used in providing our Services. You will not acquire any right, title or interest therein under the Affiliate Agreement or otherwise unless expressly provided for herein. You may not use our intellectual property on any social media accounts, pages, or websites.


You may not claim to be Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe, or similar in any capacity. You may not use the company name (Legendary Marketer) or David Sharpe's name on any social media accounts, pages, URLs or Website names.


Anything you communicate in marketing or advertising any Legendary Marketer service or opportunity must be true and accurate. Claims that relate to any Legendary Marketer service or opportunity that are untrue or fraudulent are strictly prohibited. You may not claim that any government, person, or entity endorses or supports Legendary Marketer. You may not use the intellectual property of any other person or entity in advertising any Legendary Marketer service or opportunity. You may not make income claims about Legendary Marketer in your advertising.


You may not make income claims about Legendary Marketer in your advertising and/or content creation. Affiliates are not to post any type of photos, screen shots, or share screens whether manufactured or authentic of checks, earnings, bank accounts, deposit notifications or back office/ewallet earnings, regardless of source. If an affiliate chooses to create content that discusses income of their individual digital marketing business, it should be shared with clear intent and context of how it was achieved within your unique business. Legendary Marketer is an education product and should never be recommended as a money making opportunity nor be conveyed as such.


You may only have a single membership account. You will not be paid any Commission or Bonus for payments made on your own account(s). You are not permitted to open a Legendary Marketer account under the name of another person or entity, or under a fictitious name. You are not permitted to open a Legendary Marketer account under any name merely to obtain Commissions, Bonuses, or any other compensation, including without limitation incentives or prizes which may be offered from time to time. You may not pay for another person’s account. You are not permitted to offer cash rebates or other monetary incentives to actual or potential Sales.


We ask that you respect the Legendary Marketer online community. Your conduct when using Legendary Marketer and our Services should be guided by common sense and basic etiquette. To further these common goals, you agree not to:

1. Disparage the products or services of any company or individual.

2. Impersonate or represent us, our staff, or other industry professionals.

3. Link to or post content not allowed on Legendary Marketer.

4. Solicit a user’s password or other account information.

5. Harvest user information for any purpose.

6. Use racially or ethnically offensive language; discuss or incite illegal activity;
use explicit or obscene language; or solicit or post sexually explicit images.

7. Harass, threaten, or embarrass anyone.

8. Post anything that you do not have the legal right to post; and

9. Violate any law, or make any untrue or misleading statement.


We may suspend or terminate your use of Legendary Marketer or our Services, including without limitation, if We believe, in our sole and absolute discretion, that you have breached a term of the Affiliate Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that all suspensions and terminations shall be made in our sole discretion and that We shall not be liable to you or any other party for said suspension or termination.

“Dos and Don’ts” of Legendary Marketer:

1) Identifying yourself as an affiliate and making proper disclosures

2) Income claims using proper disclosures


Stephanie is giving a video testimonial on YouTube about the benefits of her network-
marketing company’s pay plan. She states that “In this business, when I recruited just 20 people, I was making over $2,000 per week!” In that particular program, the average distributor earns $235 per month.

What Stephanie wants to do:

Stephanie would probably not want to provide an income disclosure at all. I’m just being candid. Rarely in videos prepared by affiliates do you see any kinds of income disclosures.

What Stephanie needs to do:

The safest bet is a text disclosure displayed simultaneously to the claim in question in addition to a more detailed audio/video formatted disclosure at the end of the testimonial. Or Stephanie could provide a “visual cue” during the video where the claim is made to communicate to the viewer that disclosures can be found at the end of the video. Visual cue example: Results not typical. See earnings disclaimer at the end of this video.

Audio/video earnings disclaimer that is to be added to the end of any video where an earnings claim is made.

“This is not a get rich quick program nor do we believe in overnight success. We
believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more
financially. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about
your ability to get results or earn any money with any of our products or services, or the
products and services we recommend. The average person who buys any “how-to”
information gets little to no results. Any references or examples used within this page,
or by someone on this page or video, are real and documented but are used strictly for
example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including
but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk
as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that,

Adding this will no-doubt make you more trustworthy, of integrity, law-abiding and most likely help to convert more quality leads into sales.

3) Selling products vs. selling a “business opportunity”

Legendary Affiliate Terms To Be In The Know About