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You may not have heard of Beach Body, but you've probably heard of some of their workout programs, especially the ever-popular P90X. The company behind the workout was founded in the late 90s and is now worth over $1 billion. So, what is it and is it worth getting in on the action?

In this Beach Body review, we'll take a look at what this company does, what it promises customers, and, more importantly, what it promises its affiliate marketers.

As you know by now, Legendary Marketer is always trying to help you find ways to make money by building a business online. Now, it's time to put Beach Body under a microscope.

In the end, Beach Body is another MLM, which means that there's always a potential to make money. Read on to find out what this really means for you.

What Is Beach Body?

Beach Body is a self-proclaimed fitness and media company. Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, the company has always focused primarily on exercise videos.

As Beach Body grew and began to adopt the direct sales approach, it ran into a few issues. As recently as 2017, Beach Body found itself dealing with issues like false advertising (in regard to how much money you could make selling their products, no less) and automatically charging customers for recurring payments without their knowledge. Yet, Beach Body is still standing and people are still signing up to sell their products.

What Products Does Beach Body Sell?

Beach Body has two main types of products to offer consumers. The first is its extensive line of video-based workout programs–most famously, as we mentioned earlier, P90X. The second is its smaller variety of nutritional plans, including its popular Shakeology line.

Ultimately, Beach Body sells a means to an end, which is getting in shape and/or losing weight. Unlike most other diet and exercise programs which promise that you'll see results with minimal effort, Beach Body takes the approach that these goals are extremely difficult to reach. Fortunately, this tactic seems to be working for them.

The question is, will it work for you as a member of their sales team?

Can You Make Money With Beach Body?

Like most MLMs, Beach Body offers its team of salespeople (called “coaches” in the Beach Body lingo) two main ways to make money. The first and most obvious is to sell the products and receive a commission. The second (and likely obvious to anyone who has worked with MLMs before) is to build up a downstream (called “Beach Body team”) of other salespeople, whose sales contribute to your own paycheck.

The business model is fairly straightforward. If you know how to make it work for you, you may be able to make a decent amount of money with Beach Body. Let's talk about how likely it is that you'll unlock this achievement.

The Pros of Selling for Beach Body

One of the bigger pros of selling for Beach Body is that the commission rates are comparatively decent. Depending on the product line you're selling, you could make a 25%-40% commission. When you consider that a lot of these programs are over $100 a piece, you could make a couple hundred dollars a day if you knew how to reach your target market.

Another pro of selling for Beach Body is that you have some say in how much you want to invest in order to get in on the action. Most coaches enroll by paying a $39.95 fee, although you can get around that if you purchase a (much more expensive) challenge or completion pack. After that, you do have to pay $15.95 per month to remain active.

Oh, and if you like the actual products, you'll get a discount on them, too.

The Cons of Selling for Beach Body

The problem with Beach Body is the same problem you're going to run into with most MLMs, especially MLMs that have been around for more than a few years.

For starters, you're going to be up against market saturation. We're guessing you know at least one person who has done a Beach Body exercise program, and most people you know have heard of some of these programs. That means that the market can feel a little bit tapped–either people are already paying for Beach Body products or they already turned Beach Body products down.

Another issue is that trying to bring new coaches into your downstream isn't as easy as they make it sound. The “ask your friends and family” approach is actually a really bad one, and that's about all the guidance you can expect to get from the higher-ups at Beach Body. If you want to build a stable team that you can actually benefit from and grow with, you need to seek out actual entrepreneurs, not just the people in your social circle.

In fact, Beach Body's own income disclosure form reveals that most people aren't making a living off of Beach Body. The vast majority are making an average of about $3,000 a year.

In the end, the issue comes down to marketing and business savvy. Signing up with any MLM is never as simple as paying your dues and talking to the people you know about this great new opportunity. You need to learn how to build up an online presence, reach an audience of thousands, and establish a relationship of trust with your customers and clients–you need to learn how to market.

That's where we come in.

Go Beyond the Beach Body Review and Learn How to Turn Every Endeavor Into a Success

We put together this Beach Body review because we get a lot of questions about this popular MLM. In the end, we can say with confidence that it is an opportunity–but the odds aren't great unless you know how to build up an online empire.

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