A Simple and Reliable Wealth Building Strategy Anyone Can Do

Over 10 years of being a full-time entrepreneur and much of that working with over 300,000 people as a coach, trainer or consultant – I've begun to see patterns in successful and unsuccessful people. (both invigorating and painful to watch!)

Successful people are decisive, consistent, committed, focused. They have routines they stick to and great work ethic. They don't try and re-invent the wheel but instead focus on simplicity and elegant ideas (over complicated ones).

While unsuccessful people are indecisive, inconsistent, uncommitted and lack focus. They are all over the place and lack structure and give up way to easy. They also are always obsessed with the next “secret” hottest way to get rich instead of the obvious paths that have stood the tests of time.

Yeah. I used to be that way, too (the unsuccessful dude). I was a “free spirit” who wanted nothing to do with structure and needed to be able to fly by the seat of my pants. I also thought “multiple streams of income” meant have “multiple businesses” …and that idea prevented me from making any significant money for many years.

Here's what I focus on instead today:

I'll see you in the comments 🙂

-Dave Sharpe

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      • Saileshni
        Saileshni says:

        I love watching your videos. I learnt a lot actually. It’s true we should stick to one business only rather going to different income streams. Thanks for teaching me that.

  1. Tupou Petaia
    Tupou Petaia says:

    Thanks David! Always on time with great advice. I’m a newbie and your program was the first I joined but since joining I have joined three other programs. The other day I was telling myself I need to slow down and focus on one program. So going to try to master one program then focus on another.

  2. Noah Tesfay
    Noah Tesfay says:

    Hi david i am one of the members of Legendary Marketers. to tell u the truth still i do not get nothing from Legendary Marketers lead or commission And my couch told me to pay 2500 Dollar. That is too much for me. How could i get it back also ones i have paid. That is all Buddy.

  3. Julie Barkley
    Julie Barkley says:

    I know how Erin feels. :O) The right color means EVERYTHING!! Timely Dave! I’m so driven….but in too many directions. Legendary Marketer is my primary FOCUS, and Affiliate Marketing and then whatever presents itself along the way will be added. I’m expecting the Cash Flow to put back and grow in other endeavors like Real Estate. Thanks for keeping us on task.

  4. Paul Mendenhall
    Paul Mendenhall says:

    Thanks David!
    On point with the advice. I’m “new” with legendary. Great coaches with great insight! I agree we need to give ourselves time to make this work. Not everyone can jump in and be like “boom” called it. Some, like me, have to push through personal battles and obstacles to make it work. Thanks for your encouragement. 😎

  5. Dave Sievers
    Dave Sievers says:

    Great advice. Unsubscribing is definitely a necessary thing to keep the distractions under control. Mastering one stream before starting another is fundamental

  6. Dave Rose
    Dave Rose says:

    Thanks! Click on one, get 30 emails in return! Just when I feel like I’ve unsubscribed from everything I don’t need, more emails! I’m moving to the email filter stage next to see how that goes 😎

  7. Joseph webster
    Joseph webster says:

    I need to start unsubscribing from a lot of people. I relate to getting swayed from one thing to next and then ending up complicating things. I have to learn to master one thing at a time and get focused more

  8. Frances Wages
    Frances Wages says:

    Dave,What do you mean you can’t do 50 million things at once. Sure you can! Won’t work out all that great but you can do it. I’m an artist, so my mind is always drifting. Ive finally learned that as you pointed out focusing really is best for those important things in life. Now, I’ve begun to do that. Think that will be my plan for the future.

    I’ll still let my mind be free when doing art or music, but for making money, focusing is my new plan!
    Thanks, Dave!
    Frances Wages

  9. Vannessa
    Vannessa says:

    Dave you have diffinetly hit the nail on the head. Try multiple things all at once doesn’t give you time to really focus on anyone of those things stick to one thing and get good at it. Master it and you’ll see results.

  10. Lisa Hall
    Lisa Hall says:

    I like this video much more than the first video. And here is why… To be honest the first video angered me because you’re showing extravagant lifestyle which is something I have never wanted to have I’m not an extravagant person. I had an extremely miserable childhood and I have had to do a lot of inner searching to deal with that. My whole my whole life has been a struggle financially and in this video the second video I like that you say to focus on one thing and get that solidified before branching out beyond that. As I said I am not an extravagant person but I am tired of living literally from paycheck to paycheck robbing Peter to pay Paul even make it from paycheck to paycheck I just want to be secure that my rent is paid that my power bill is paid that my insurance is paid and then I can give a secure supply of food for my pet. The more material things a person owns the more they have to upkeep. And you can’t take material things with you when you pass on I don’t have anybody to pass on my material things so why would I want to accumulate a mass amount of material things? I have had so many people tell me that because I set my goals so low because I’m not wanting a lot of material things but that is why I am in the position that I’m in that I’m struggling but I don’t believe that. In your email you quoted Bible verse, well in the Bible Jesus always lived a simple life he was not extravagant so why do I have to be extravagant? Money is not the root of all evil the lust for money is the root of all evil. And for people who have that left for money that’s fine that is our choice but they are playing into the hands of evil when they have so much and they give so little to anybody everybody that they encounter. And I imagine by honestly that that is a big factor in the reason why I am financially struggling because even though I don’t have basically anything I will still give what I do have to those less fortunate than me. And to be quite honest if that is what it’s going to keep me in the situation that I’m in then I’m fine with that I’ll stay in the situation that I’m in I’m not going to change if I become like everybody else in the world that looks out for just me me me then I’m not helping anyting as far as the condition of the world morale in the world community. I will watch the next video because knowledge is always a good thing and to hear what other people have to say keeps your mind open to knowledge and even if it is not beneficial to me it might be beneficial to somebody else and I can share that knowledge with them. Thank you for sharing your information.


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