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Dave: What's going on my friends? It's Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Yeah, yeah. All right, my friends. Look, we have a guest this morning. Her name is Robin. She has a new take on fake it until you make it. Alright. As you can see this morning, I'm showing off some beautiful art from my daughter. She gave it to me recently for my birthday so please enjoy it. And also help me welcome to the show. Robin. What's up? You're really live this time.

Robin: Yes. Really live. Really here.

Dave: Welcome to the show. My family is from upstate New York. Part of it anyways, my mother's side. Jamestown Where are you calling in from?

Robin: Awesome so I'm actually I'm from upstate New York but I live in Wisconsin in Madison

Dave: Have you been there all your life

Robin: I lived in New York pretty much my whole life.

Dave: Tell us how you found legendary and a little bit about who you are?

Robin: Yeah, absolutely. So my daughter is 17 year old. She obviously loves TikTok as like any other teenager, I think so she kind of introduced me to tic tac earlier this year, I would say and then I just kind of started going on there a little bit more. And then I saw people making money there. And I was like, This can't be real. And I'm just gonna keep ignoring it. So I did for a really long time. And then I started to, you know, get more interested. And the more I looked into it, and like looked into the programs and stuff, that's when I found legendary. There was one person in particular that I kept following, and I'm like, she is such a real person. Like she's not scammy or anything. Like I can't believe that she's putting all this out there if it's not real. So she's the one that got me to sign up. So, yeah. 

Dave: And who is that? 

Robin: Jessica Zion

Dave: She was just mentioned yesterday. She was just mentioned yesterday. And I know Jessica, I just anyways. Well, that's awesome. She must be kicking some major tail out there and, and touching some hearts and some minds of some folks. So. So what happened once you signed up and began going through the challenge?

Robin: Yeah. Um, so I signed up. Gosh, I want to say it was like late September. And my current job is like, regular job. I work a lot. I'm like a pharmacy retail manager. And it's very demanding. So I was like, I don't know if I'd really devote even an hour or two or two a day to it. So I was really nervous starting so I signed up and then I didn't even start for probably like a week later. So I Yeah, so I finally did.

Dave: So you just kind of signed up like you bought it and then you just like clicked out. And then you were like, I'll get back to this kind of thing. 

Robin: Well, I think I signed up. And in my mind, I was like, if I do this, I know that I'm going to have to come back and actually follow through with it. Instead of if I just keep scrolling. Like it was one of those times where I was like, You know what I'm doing it. So I signed up. And like I obviously didn't start right away, but I knew I couldn't. It was probably like a Monday or Tuesday or something I don't know. And so then yeah, it was probably a week or so later than I was like right today is today like this is When I'm going to start, and that I did pretty decent at doing it like once a day after that, but then, like waiting for the decade in the day, I think it was like, had like a week in between. So it probably took like, a little over three weeks to get through all the training and stuff.

But yeah, that was that's kind of how I got started. It was like, I knew I wanted to do it. And I think just that first little step really pushed me to kind of get going instead of snapping like the scroll.

Dave: Right, right, right, the old scroliosis. Has anybody ever come? Do you have any medication for that at the pharmacy? That diagnosis, the old scroliosis? Because I think we could all use a couple of doses of that each day.

Robin: Yeah. If there was, it would be out of stock daily.

Right, right, right. Like go to the farmers and be like, my thumb just won't stop doing this here. Dave: We need to put our thumbs, we put our hands and our thumbs in like, in like those thumb braces. Yes. Wow, that I better quit sharing that might be a million dollar idea. Like I come on, like, and I'm like, Are you struggling with the unstoppable scroll? Well, you may be suffering from scroliosis and we have the gear, put your hand in this thing. And your fingers can move, but your thumb can oh my gosh, seller, it would be absolutely two easy payments of $19.95. And if you buy now we'll double your order, one for you and one for your spouse.

And not only that, you're gonna throw in another one too. Yeah, my wife Yeah, she's talking about the things you can lock your phone in a box, and you can open it for a certain amount of time. But like, I know, people who have done that, and then broke into the box. So, okay, so like this, fake it till you make it thing. You know, we titled this show a new take on fake it to make it. So explain to us what you mean by that.

Robin: So like I said, my current job is pretty demanding. And I probably worked like, I don't know, a really easy week, it's 40 hours, maybe 45. But then it just goes up from there. So I would say especially in the beginning, there were times where I would get frustrated, like I wanted to put more time into this and into learning in and out really quickly. That even though you think you have time to do it, you have to be mentally ready to learn and to like, like, receive that information so that it's actually valuable to you. So I feel like I spent too much time getting frustrated and you know, getting down on myself for that and then learned how to turn it positive. And so that's where like the fake it till you make it kind of comes in, like instead of being negative, and having that mentality that, you know, this is harder than you think it is. Or it's gonna take more time than you think it will. As soon as I turned it into a positive like, Okay, I have the half an hour, I can truly devote myself to, you know, me doing a video or relearning this bit. And that's what I can do today. So as soon as I was I kind of changed it to just be positive about it instead of being negative. Like I wasn't getting further really only like baby steps and but it still changed everything because I was retaining what I was learning and then growing from that instead of just getting frustrated with things

Dave: Yeah. So basically in our our use let me let me repeat back to to see if I am understanding kind of how you're you're the context of what you're saying. Are you saying that basically even though I'm frustrated even though this is difficult and hard? Basically, I'm I'm going to just kind of pretend it's fun in pretend that I'm happy doing it. And then it somehow if I speak that into existence in pretend that it's fun Like, eventually, after a couple of minutes or whatever, it becomes fun, because I'm unlike almost going back into my I don't know, inner child and like, pretend it like is that what you're saying is that the perspective that you're kind of viewing things through?

Robin: I think kind of that's kind of exactly what I'm saying, like, because I think the more that I was positive about it, like, I could see that I was making progress. And even though maybe it wasn't exactly where I wanted to be, it will still progress. Whereas before, like, I was being really negative about it. I wasn't making progress, I was just feeling defeated, you know. And I would just, you know, make it a point to stay positive, and just to try to learn one thing, like every day, and even now, I still do that, because, obviously, there's so much more that I can learn, I think everyone can always learn more, that that's what's so great about this community. And, you know, the Facebook group, for me, has been like the best source to go to, it's amazing. You can go in there and just search keywords, and that will bring up loads of discussions, and then you realize you're not on an island by yourself. And there's other people that had the same questions that you did, and maybe you don't even have to post in there, because they've already answered it for you. 

Dave: Also, as you said that your blueprint student, is that right? 

Robin: Yep. 

Dave: So if you go into the replays of the weekly coaching calls, you know, you can also search that page. And you can even do a quick search command F. And that'll bring up a little search bar on your, you know, your screen. And if you got a bridge page or an email question you could quickly in likely, there's already also a training on that. Over 100 replays of those weekly training calls. So for those of you who are blueprints, students, there's a lot more gold in there. Sometimes the gold comes from just the discussions or the training calls. It's not always in a video where it's like me training and just speaking, it's a lot. There's a lot of gold in those Thursday coaching calls in the discussion. And you're right, Robin, somebody has had there's not an if it's who had the question, and how recently was it and exactly what you're dealing with. And I'm glad that you're finding it just simply in the Facebook community, which we have a couple. We have one that's kind of a general public, we have one for the blueprints, and then we have one for affiliates. So we also try to keep our Facebook groups here at Legendary, very specific and on topic. So keep in mind, if you're new to the community, we do have those three, Facebook community groups. So you could be a little bit more laser targeted with your question, depending on what it's about. Absolutely, yes.

Robin: I should have mentioned that. Also, I think there were a couple times that even when I went into Facebook to search for something, it was redirected. Like the conversation that I was following redirected you back to the blueprints, and I was like, Okay, so that's exactly where that is. And then I could go back to that piece too. Whereas I wouldn't even have thought of that before just going back. But sometimes it's like, it's a lot of information and destroying neckpieces Search and narrow it down really helps.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I think the way that we've ended up being able to structure our education, you're fine. Relax, like, whatever sounds and things that are happening in your life, like are totally cool. And you can mute yourself out on this as well if you want to do so just but no, totally, totally chill. It's all good. If your dog barks or your phone goes off or whatever I'm I'm not gonna I'm not the the Angry Grandpa over here who's kind of we want people to know that this is real and this is live and this is what you know, we, we I want to with this show, allow everybody to be more comfortable with themselves on camera and know that perfectionism is one of the number one things that will kill both your happiness in life because I've struggled with that in my life. And I and I'm really really growing through a lot of perfectionism right now and have been recently but also in your business, trying to put out content that's perfect trying to make the perfect video trying to it doesn't exist the perfect relationship the perfect Perfect video, the perfect landing page, like, the perfect, anything does not exist. And I think that, you know, the quicker that we can, you know, accept that and not just accept it but embrace it, like celebrate it, like really film it in, put it out, like the speed of implementation is a lot of times one of the, the biggest, I think steps that we can take in terms of, okay, this now that I'm recording and uploading without watching it and picking it apart and cringing, and blah, blah, blah, because you know what, I'll cringe at my own content too. I don't go and rewatch these lives. I don't go in to rewatch my videos, I record them once. Because we all cringe at our own stuff, our voice, we've been picking ourselves apart our whole life, we can be completely beautiful. And, and, you know, with with, just like you, Robin, I mean, you know, somebody, somebody would look at you and say cut and people have, I've seen the comment, she's beautiful, you're beautiful. But I bet that all through your life, there's been certain things that you've picked apart about yourself, right lately, and, and we all do that. And so the quicker when we get into this marketing game that we can create and launch, like get it out, like just post it don't get and I think that a little bit of a challenge with tick tock and some of these things where we're going back through editing things, is it we're almost forced to rewatch them, which can be a barrier to ours posting it. But man, I'm telling you, the one of the biggest if everybody can just grasp that like that one concept of speed, success follows speed. And nowadays, it's about especially with TikTok putting out three to five pieces of content per day. So, you know, if you want to have a full time job, or you just want to work less hours, creating and then just posting versus picking it apart, and re-recording all this stuff is absolutely a major success hack to get eaten results faster.

Robin: Absolutely. I think the time that I spent on like in the very beginning making videos, it just blows my mind to think back like man, I could have made like, three or four videos and that time that it took me to edit one video, and nobody cares. Nobody cares if your hair is parted weird. Like, they don't notice that it doesn't matter. You know, and that's just, that's a huge piece too, to learn and hopefully embrace like very early on so that you don't waste all that time. Because that's you're not going to get that back.

Dave: Totally. And like, just just for me, I like to be totally transparent and even call out the things that I've done that have helped me. You know, my old self would have been ill or no way that's not possible. Like I used to even as a guy like when I was going to record a video, I thought that I would want to pick out an outfit and you have a different outfit and every video and all this different country. I mean, I'm telling you, you know, it's not just women who feel like they need to get ready for the camera. It's also men. I mean, men deal with that as well. Clean shaven, you know, oh, I got a zit. I haven't had a shower yet today. Right. And when I started doing the Wake Up Legendary show, because we had always done it. But when I took it over and started doing it every day besides Wednesday, when Matt does it, I can't remember exactly at what point when I was like, Okay, this is too stressful. And I just was like, I'm wearing the same shirt every day. And I'm gonna wear a hat every day. Because I don't want to worry about how I look at my hair or what I'm gonna wear. And that's what I've done. For literally two years I've worn a black shirt or would have worn a Be Legendary hat. Sometimes the shirt is the same shirt and it's just laying on the couch that I wore three days in a row. And I just pick it up and put it on. I don't care anymore. I don't care if I'm clean shaven. I don't care if I got a big gnarly zit like I do right now on my neck that feels like there's three ingrown hairs in it. Do you know what I mean? I don't care anymore. You know what I mean? And I think and you know what, the content is better, we've been more successful with it. And I'm just having fun, and people love it. And they can tell that I'm more relaxed. You know what I mean? That's been my experience with getting comfortable in the speed of implementation piece. I would imagine, you know, you are not really being a fan of probably wearing a hat. Right?

Robin: Not usually no.

Dave: How do you deal with that? I mean, how do you deal with the feeling like you need to get ready for, you know, all that kind of stuff? Like, are you? Are you battling with that at all? Like, what right now is keeping you from publishing? Fast as fast as you could possibly be? And what do you think that you could do in the next week? Or a month or so to? To kind of speed that up?

Robin: Absolutely. I think from where I started to where I am now, I think I've improved drastically and care about what I look like on camera. But I can definitely still improve. Like, I remember the first time that I did a video without makeup on. And I was like, Oh my gosh, this is horrendous. And I just hit the post. And it was fine. And I'm like, like, Why? Why do we care about that so much, you know. So I think, I think it's just going to be like a continuous kind of progress to improve on it. And you're, you're probably going to get better every day. But now, I give myself time limits, and I tried. I have a 17 year old and a two year old and the two year old is refusing to nap on the weekends now. So I used to do a lot of videos on the weekends. And even some of the last ones I just posted, you can see he's like, on the side of me, because he snuck in last night, get a video and I'm like, all right. But it's, you know, I tried to do them in groups, and I'm like, I haven't any more and I'm going to do, you know, shoot 10 videos, at least an hour. And then I can go back and edit them when we're, you know, watching TV at night or something like that. But I like just setting that time and knowing what my goal is for that time and being like, alright, can't worry about that, because I got three more to do at least that helped me to not spend too much time on it.

Dave: Yeah, it's a goal. I love it. And I think that it makes you more relatable and more. More real, you've got kids, you know, especially if you're in the make money online, side hustle, entrepreneur niche. And you're talking about building a business, having time freedom, being home with your kids, like, like, stop trying to hide your kids from like, talking to all of us, you know, like we don't need to hide our kids in the fact that we're at home in life is happening inside of our home. You know, I'm not saying go put your kids on camera. If you don't, we'll put it but if a kid runs by in the background or climbs up on you during a video, it actually only makes the video cuter. Yeah, actually only makes the video like more relatable, and relatable.

Robin: Yes, exactly. Makes you look like a real person. Because those are the people you're trying to talk to, oh, they're real people, and they want to make more money or want to start making money online because they're probably not ready. Oh, they want to find a way to work that into their everyday life. And that's Yeah, I agree.

Dave: Totally. Well. Gosh, thank you for a really powerful conversation this morning. And I know that you're breaking out of your comfort zones. You said that in the email that you wrote us when we invited you on the show. And you know, it looks great on you. You know, it looks like you're getting outside of it. I know this show was probably even you stepping outside of your comfort zone. So it looks fantastic on you. You're doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work. We got your TikTok. People can go and reach out and follow you and support you and lift you up and gain inspiration from you and follow your journey. And please come back and keep us posted here in a couple of months on how it's going.

Robin: Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me, this was awesome.

All right. Robin will talk to you soon. Okay, see. All right, my friends. You can go and follow Robin on TikTok @sidehustlehackswrobin short for with Robin. Yeah, wow, a lot of powerful, a lot of powerful topics there in that conversation from the fake it till you make it, which to me is about getting a different perspective, you know. And even Yeah, I mean, tapping into your inner child and just pretending, you know, I think sometimes we forget, like, what it's like to both pretend and what it's like to dream, and what it's like to play. You know, a lot of times, I tell and have been told, learn how to play, learn how to play again, you know, you don't always have to work, everything doesn't always have to be hard and miserable. We forget how to play and be playful. And I think that's one of the biggest things that we can take away and implement into our marketing is just playfulness, and, and pretending. And we don't have to lie. But we can be whoever we want, you can be the most confident version of yourself, you can be the most, you know, outrageous version of yourself, you can be the happiest version of yourself, you know, like you can be that you can give yourself permission to pretend at first, to be the most confident, most successful, most happiest version of yourself. And then what's weird about it is that, you know, some really smart scientists that know a lot about brains have told us recently that we can rewire our brain, if we act yourself into a new way of thinking will eventually start believing that about ourselves, that we actually are the happiest version of ourselves the most confident version of ourselves. So, yeah, really listen to this one. If if that resonates with you, and really give Robin a follow and follow along with her journey and see how she's doing it, because I can tell you that her primary job is working, you know, managing pharmacies, and in all that stuff, those people are stressed out, I see it. I was just in the pharmacy the other day, and it's a demanding job. And so every day, we're seeing people, you know, plus two year old, 17 year old. Come on, we're seeing people who are building businesses who also have lots of other things going on in their lives, and they're still doing it. And they're coming up with creative ways to do it and be happy about it in bringing out their most confident and happy versions of themselves. I mean, there is so much gold in this conversation. And in these conversations that we're having every day with our actual students and clients. It's just unbelievable. So make sure that you text WUL to 813-296-8553. I'll leave that up on the screen. So you can get a little notification in the morning. It's a reminder, it's a text message that'll send you right here to the show every morning on Facebook and make it a routine to tune in and listen in common and engage and and just soak up all of this gold because it's so powerful to immerse yourself in this community. For a significant amount of time you will come out on the other side, a changed person, the best version of yourself why? Because every day you're listening to powerful, powerful, inspirational invaluable conversations and content that will help you break through your limiting beliefs. And that my friend is how you become the best version of yourself. Be Legendary my friends, get out of here. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow.