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Matt: Hey everybody Happy Tuesday. My name is Matt and I am here in Phoenix, Arizona. So for me, it's 8am. For most of you, it's probably 10am Eastern which is when we go live. We do these every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern. So if you're newer and you're just tuning in with us or maybe you're watching this replay, you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. And that will get you a quick text reminder, every time that we go live. So we're going to share a little bit about his formula for affiliate success. He's been around the block a couple of times. And I'm excited to chat with him all the way from Jamaica. We have Anton with us today. We've got great guests that come on every single Monday through Friday. We do it on holidays, we do it every day. So you can always rely on us being here with another guest industry. so you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. And you can always find it here if you don't want to watch it on Facebook or don't want to watch it on YouTube. You can always tune in on Spotify, Apple podcasts, wherever you can. So,Anton, what's up? 

Anton: Morning Morning Morning. How's everybody doing this morning? 

Matt: I'm good. I think everybody else is good. Let us know in the comments how everybody's doing. So you're calling in from Jamaica?

Anton: I'm actually in Florida. I'm based in Florida. But I am from Jamaica. Florida. Yeah, it's a bit chilly here in Florida. A lot colder than I would like it to be yesterday was like 36 degrees. So in Central Florida, it kind of sucked. But other than that we're good to go. 

Matt: Cool, man. Cool. So tell me a little bit about you and your journey from how long ago did you come to the States and what was that like? And, you know, give us a little backstory about you. How do you end up as an affiliate marketer? 

Anton: So I'm in the States. I did what most say to do, you know, go to college, work hard and get a degree So I did that and two years into my professional career. I was in a mall one day and reading an article and the article said that, you know, this guy earned like $3 million a year. They're talking about that and I did the math and I was like, if I worked for 30 years, and literally didn't spend a penny to average all the salary increases and stuff. That's probably what I would make. After 30 years. If I literally spent no money on rent, or, or food or anything, the best case scenario and I'm saying to myself, this sucks. That's not necessarily what I want to do. And so, you know, a year and a half, two years into my career. I basically just quit. I was like, You know what? This is not the lifestyle that I want. You know, at the time, I'm like I'm young enough. So if things go terribly wrong, I have some time to recover. So I had this dream. I'm going to tell my boss I quit. Literally, like three days before I had it all planned out. He calls me in his office. And he's like, Hey, look, I gotta tell you something. I was like, what? Like, yeah, I'm leaving the company. And I said, No, just literally took the air out. And you're like, yeah, so they're probably gonna look to promote, right? Yeah. So now I have a problem, because I’m about to quit. Right? But I'm about to get a promotion. Now, I wouldn't recommend your viewers do this. Okay. So they should take me as a warning of what not to do, right? So I quit my job. And I started to travel. And you see what happens if you quit your job, have no income and travel the world for months on end. You run out of money. I mean, it sucks. But you know, um, so I came back to the States and was like, Alright, I need to do something right. And so I went to apply for knowledge. And literally the moment I walked in on the guy I looked at it as a job right. So this is a formality. I'm looking at you, you got a job. I was like, you know, what, do I really want this job? And the answer was enough. I don't go back to the nine to five. And so I started to look like everybody else. I started literally Googling how to make money online. You know, what do you do you know, what should I do with my life? Like I was asked. And a friend of mine told me about affiliate marketing because I had tried everything. And then I stumbled across affiliate marketing when I was pretty much down to my last pretty much done with my last four to $5. And I started it and then essentially within a year had built a seven figure business basically building the plane while flying. So in a nutshell that's how I got started affiliate marketing, and I learned a lot of stuff along the way that I think we could get into later but in a nutshell, that's how it started.

Matt: Wow, that's cool. I think there's a lot to be learned about that because there's a lot of people who and i had a good mentor of mine teach me that, you know, he would he would always say, look, the mistake that most people make when they want to build a course or they want to start a business is they set up everything in every possible scenario that could ever be set up, and then they discover that none of it works right. So start at square one and make sure each piece works and sort of build it out as you go, which is kind of the analogy that you were saying and it helps you get out of the sort of stagnant inaction state of not doing anything, and it helps you actually get going.

Anton: Exactly. No, you know, if I were starting from scratch, and not quitting my job I think that the best way to do it is to think big picture hey, look, this is my goal. Right? How many people are in the chat right now? Let me just type goals if you have a specific goal that you'd like to get out of your life, right. First issue that most people run across is I say to them, okay, what's your goal? What're you trying to get out of this business? I just want you to work. I just want to succeed. I just, I just wanted to, I want to make money. Right? So I can't go to the bank and write you a check to make money, right? So there's no specificity. There's no hey, look, I need, you know, when I started, I was like, Look, I need to be able to cover my bills, which at the time was like two grand. I need $2,000 A month out of this thing or maybe right. And so that's, you know, if you don't have a specific goal, you're like a leaf in the wind just flowing all over the place, and you have no direction. And so that's like, the main thing. It's the starting point. If you're doing business right now, you don't have a goal. You basically just float through life. And I did that for years, right? I did that for years before I realized that you know you have to have a target. You would never leave your home and not have an idea of where you're going right. There's always an end in mind so you know how to get there. But for some reason, most people will leave their home and just jump in the car and drive. like you have no target. Like it makes no sense. Now if you are that type of person who's super organized, and you have everything in your life planned out. God bless you, right? But I wasn't that type of person. So I just jumped in the car. I had to figure out that oh man. This makes no sense. I'm running out of gas and I still don't have a destination. 

Matt: So what's the what's so you jump in the car and you just start driving which what's the connection piece that you made to go from that place to, You've got sort of your three step formula that you're now using to take us inside of that journey where you go from? I'm just figuring this out and building on the cars that I'm learning. I'm learning. I'm learning, I'm learning. And then you go, Oh my gosh, I think I figured out the formula to this whole thing.

Anton: So, you know, there's certain there's a saying you know, the carrot or the steak, right? You can either get the carrot or you can get the steak. Now some people respond to the carrot and other people respond to the steak right? see the craziest thing for me because again, for those of you who have been around for a while, because I was fortunate enough for my first campaign to blow up. So again, here's a funny thing. Because they're making money today does not mean you're going to make money tomorrow. Right? And so, because I was new, I literally do nothing like for all the people listening on this right now. The fact that you know what affiliate marketing is and you're plugged into this community means that you know, infinitely more than I did when I started because my introduction was there's this thing called affiliate marketing people will pay you a commission to promote their products, right. I'm down to my budget. I can make $50 a day for three days after that. I quit like I'm running out of money. I'm broke. Right? My rent is paid, everything is paid. And I have quantified miles left for the month. And that's it. Right so that just to give you some perspective in terms of the context, this was huge . This leads me to realize that I would go and you know, after making a ton of money traveling and stuff. What a lot of people back in the day got Google banned, Facebook banned my account. I got you know, my email, like everything just got was caved in. And, you know, when again, when you're traveling and you spend a lot of money, and then all of a sudden, you look in your account and you see zeros, and well, no, this is not, this is not supposed to work right when you're doing the work. And then they live happily ever after. Right? It's not and then Google banned is a cult, or Facebook banned is like now that's not the story supposed to go and so that's when I realized, you know what, after getting it and then having that happen, I needed to take a step back and say okay, if I'm going to do this I can't just be like bumper cars, right? You know, hitting into all objects. I need to have a clear plan. And part of the challenge was, I'm a simple guy. I'm probably the most simple guy that you will ever meet. And so I realized that if I'm buying a new car on the phone or something, yeah, I want to do everything I want to be able to, you know, make me breakfast and talk to NASA and all of that stuff. But if I have to have a system that's gonna put food on the table, and, you know, give me clothes on my back and feed my family and stuff. Give me the simplest, most basic brain dead version that works. And that's what I called the three step formula essentially. I need something that's super basic. I'm not trying to impress anybody. I'm not trying to tell anybody how smart I am. I just want something so basic that even the average person can do it. And that's kind of, you know, the evolution of how it came about. 

Matt: So bring us inside of what happened. I mean, how did you deploy it? How does it work? 

Anton: Okay, so, alright, guys, you know, if you're not paying attention right now, if you have something out in the background, if you're watching cats riding bicycles doing backflips. Now is the time to put that on pause and pay attention, right? Because I'm going to save you a lot of time and angst and grief. Okay, this is this is 10 years and literally hundreds of 1000s of dollars

That helped me figure this out. So I'm that type of person who realizes that I suck at a lot of things. And so, I said I need something simple. As the saying goes, it is impossible to implement what you don't understand. Right? And that's a problem that when they try and learn all this stuff, they don't understand it. They're trying to implement it, and then all of a sudden, they get tied into knots because it just completely conflicts, right. If you've ever tried to explain something to someone that you didn't understand, you know, how did that turn out? Probably not well, so I realized that I went in and I started to analyze a bunch of businesses. I bought a whole bunch of courses and I just really just went deep into Okay, trying to understand this. And what are the similarities that I saw for every business doesn't matter what big small mom and pop you know, no matter what type of business there are three things that everyone has to do to be successful. There are just three things: small, big doesn't matter. You need to lead in order to make offers and you follow up in your business, every single day, you need to be doing at least one if not all of these three things, getting leads, making offers and following up. Okay. So again, you're going to get leads, you're going to make offers, you're going to follow up. This works even if you're average. Now, How do you actually implement this? This is where you need two different things. You see. I don't know about you, but for example, going back to if I say to you this person is a Michael Jordan of their industry. What does that mean to you? They’re goats. They're as good as it gets, right? It's that person is as good as it gets. Now the Michael Jordan, I think everyone would agree that Michael Jordan of whatever industry will be successful regardless, you know, regardless of the challenges and anything they will be successful. What about everybody else? Right? What if you're not Michael Jordan or affiliate marketing? What if you're not the Michael Jordan of consulting or whatever it is? Yeah, how can you be successful because I don't want to have to be the Michael Jordan of my industry to be successful. I want to be able to be Bob Smith, right? The person who is shooting hoops in your backyard. That's what I want. If I'm doing a business, that's what I want. Again, if you're if this is resonating, just go ahead and type yes, but that's what I wanted. So I realized that okay, if I want to be successful, in this whole scenario, I am going to have to do a high ticket because profitability buys you a lot in this business. Now, if you're selling if you're buying something for $1, you're selling it for $1.05. You got to be good, right? You have got to be really good at what you're doing. Because any mistake, any little deviation from perfect means that you're going to be, you know, breaking even more than likely you're going to be losing. Right, right. But if I can buy something for $1 and sell it for 20 or 50. Guess what if I spend $1 on marketing, that doesn't work and I spend another dollar another dollar. I spent $3 And I gotta have $47 in profit to do a lot with that.

Right? I can, I can do a lot. I can run ads and put the wrong link, which I have done a billion times after 10 years. I still do it right. Why am I not getting any clicks? Because the link is wrong, right? Like I still make the most basic mistakes, even after 10 years. So I realized that hey, if I have a high profit margin, man, I can be the Bob Smith and I would still be crushing it. Right? And so hey, if I'm getting leads, the type of leads that I'm getting, right, if I'm making offers, obviously it is high ticket offers, right? And in the industry, the thing that's been lacking is there aren't that many good high ticket affiliate offers doing this, right. There are a lot of low ticket and stuff but you know, when I started this, and I sent out an email and a couple people signed up and then I saw somebody come in and it says you have you know, a commission on the guy cool, you know, $7 or 18 or whatever it was. And then a couple weeks later you see a commission where you have 200 or 250 at a time because I think the program was set up like , yeah, the pro affiliate regular one, right? So I saw 250 And I was like, oh, okay, I didn't. I wasn't paying attention like that. So I went and got an affiliate upgrade. And then it happened again. But this time it was 1000 like I literally just sent some. I got some leads and I didn't have to make the offers. I really spent a lot of time following up because guys did it for me. But it showed that that made it even easier. Because I have to just know how to get leads. Right? And so that's kind of the evolution of hey, you want to set up a system with such a built in advantage that it works, even if you're average. and that's what I specialize in. Right? I want a simple conversion, right? I don't want the okay astrophysicist you know, Guide to affiliate right? I want you to know the simple, basic. Hey, this is so basic that your eight year old could run the business. So that's kind of how I adopted the three step formula and said, Hey, if I apply this to the high ticket rather than because people are trying to do the low ticket, you know, lead wire and all that stuff. And that's great when you have your stuff dialed in. But as a newbie, it's hard to get it dialed in because you have to spend a lot of money testing all the different elements. This one's already tested out for you. So you're getting the best of both worlds. You're getting, you know, hey, you can come in at the low ticket amount. Teaser amount, but then again, you get upset and all that stuff. So you're plugging into a system and a community. That already works. Right? 

Matt: Yeah, that's the power of getting into some form. Some form of community, some form of not having to guess or just hope and wish that it works and you know, sounds a lot like your experiences a lot like my experience getting started which was just, it just just kind of floundering around creating all sorts of blogs and all sorts of stuff. But once I found I got into this small little group at the launch of a product in 2012, and having that little accountability group or like a little bit of community, and people telling me, Hey, I've tried this this work, hey, I tried this, this didn't work. And I was able to look at other people's marketing. Basically, I could just look, you know, it was a small group of about 10 people, but I could sit and look at all of their marketing to say, this is interesting. I see what's going on. And now in our community, especially as it is a community where we've got hundreds of people on Tik Tok on Instagram and YouTube. And you can literally just go to anybody's channel and just sit there and look and study their marketing and get a huge leg up just by like really focusing in and then here's the really cool part is over the last few years, what's happened is we've sort of done our best and I'm not going to take full credit for this but we've done our best to try to get high quality friendly affiliate marketers in our community and what you'll hear on this show every single day as people come on, and they just say, and I just I messaged this person who you know, they're killing it. They're just absolutely killing it. They're doing five figures a month, whatever. And they actually message back. I couldn't. They actually just sent me a message back and they were like Yeah, dude, like, here's the emails I use. You can take them to the custom. It takes so much in the learning process out of it. Right. We teach the basics and the challenge with deeper stuff in the blueprints, but once you get sort of a whole swirling community, it's just crazy. 

Anton: It's one of those things where affiliate marketing can be a lonely space, right because you're on your own where you are in front of a computer. And when I started out, again, the community wasn't strong, right? You're just isolated. You had isolated pockets of people doing their own thing. And so it was, it was, you know, sink or swim type of situation, right? You really had to have the discipline and the self ration of belief. And sometimes, all you need to hear is a success story, right? Sometimes, you need like, hey, you know, and the whole purpose, you know, of shows like this is like, hey, sometimes it's not the tactics or the strategy. You just need to hear someone be like, yeah, man, I'm crushing it. I mean, you doubled on your efforts, right? Because it's the whole social proof type of situation. If your neighbor buys a brand new car, or a boat or something, and you're like, we have the same job, are they getting all this stuff? And I'm not only in that competitive competition and allowing you to write. I'm going to redouble my efforts. Oh, I failed six times. Okay, I'll get up and try it one more time, because someone else is crushing. I know. It's possible, I believe, right. if we do not attempt what we do not believe, right? We don't do things that are impossible. If I tell you, hey, I want you to, you know, stand on the ground and jump on top of your roof. You're gonna be like, Nah, I'm gonna try it. I know, it's impossible, right? I want to stand on the ground and jump on top of the Empire State Building. Well, that's stupid, right? I'm not going to try it. Right? There's zero belief. And so the less belief you have is the less action you take, the more belief you have stands to reason. So if you have a ton of humans to take a ton of action, and guess what, the more action you take, the more results you get. Now people think that taking action means that you have to get it right or get everything perfect, right that is so not the case. Right? The reality is if you're starting over again, you know, don't blame me, it is the laws of physics, the laws of nature, not my fault, right? So sorry, guys, if you're a beginner, brace yourself, right? Oh no, you're getting advice without a license, right? This is a situation where when you start with this or anything else it's going to suck, right? You are going to suck? Totally. That's life. Right? But that's okay. Because guess what? One day you wont suck and that’s what’s important and really We all go through the same process. I remember sitting in to visit someone and they have a huge oil company. And they're in a meeting and I'll just they're they're talking about different strategies and this huge company, and you're like, Okay, we're going to try this and we're going to attempt that right this way. And I'm like, try to attempt a test. When you talking about you don't have the kind of like, they're just spitballing ideas, and I get to realize that this huge company runs the same way that you and I run our things we don't, we don't always have everything figured out when when you're an employee and decisions come from the top down if you feel as if everything has to be figured out. Before you can start. The higher up the ladder you go you realize that you just brainstorming stuff. Hey, let's try this. Let's test that. So if you're starting with no I can save you a lot of angst and anguish. You're going to suck okay. Again, you know you are going to suck. But the reality is, the more you do it, the less you suck until one day you're going to realize that I don't suck. Actually. I'm now crushing it. And the people who try to circumvent that are absolutely getting crushed and another secret is half of my successes, if not more, have come you know, right after a catastrophic failure, or as a direct result of me just messing something up the first time I ever scaled a campaign. I was running some Facebook ads. And I went to set up everything and my intention was to put my budget was the lifetime decided last week but my attention was put a budget of $200 right and I did it went to bed I was in a third world country so the internet was not the greatest I went to bed and there was annoying feeling that you know something is not right. So I got up when I tried to check that everything on the internet wasn’t working, so I couldn't check to confirm my campaign, tried to get in, couldn't work privately and tried to get up in the morning. tried again, no internet, so I'm like, I gotta go to a cafe because something I just had that my spidey sense keeps going up. And then when I finally got a chance to check it I had accidentally put my budget not as $200 but $20000 it spent damn near $3,000 in one morning. And I'm like so now I'm looking at my backend. Again, this was early in the day. I'm looking at my backend and I'm trying to figure out what type of hit I took cause I'm just like what happened. And then I saw that I doubled what I spent and made three grand in one day. You make three grand in a day, Change life real quick, right? The moral of this story is not to go raise your budgets. You know, through the roof. Okay, that is not the takeaway. The takeaway is, hey, I made a mistake. And I learned that okay, scaling doesn't have to be what everybody says it is. The only way to find out where the boundaries and the lines are is to test it. So again, I just know the moral of all of this is, Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just because mistakes that you make are how you learn. That's how you grow and not make mistakes and not grow. So that's, you know, in a nutshell a little nugget of advice that I wish I had known when I was starting out. 

Matt: I agree, man. And the funny part is, if I was going to ask you, as we start to wrap up, I was gonna ask you, you know, what advice would you give and I feel like without even asking, like you said it already at the end there you can't be afraid to make mistakes. And I, you know, from my perspective to just pile on, but I always tell people, you know, I used the analogy of like, when I was a kid I used to hang out in a sandbox right outside our front door. Kind of on the side. And, and there's a point where, you know, I would go out and I would, I would have total innocence as a little kid and I would be able to try things working with guilt or shame. Somebody told me you're not very good at this. And to me, it was the first time just looking around and realizing, Oh, you mean like, maybe maybe I'm not good enough for or maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm not as good as Joey or Lisa or something at building a sand house. I'd never thought of that. I always just thought I'm just playing around, you know, and I think that people need to return to that sense of innocence. In their business when they're first getting started. 

Anton: You hit the nail on the head, you still think about a child right? Think about like a four year old right? And maybe all parents are on the line. Think about a four year old you go to the store and they ask you for candy. Right Can I get some candy? No. No one can tell me if they stop and like Alright cool. Or like can I guess again? Like the relentless like no means nothing right? If you're a parent, you know, you don't for children. At that age, the relentless  urge to get it is asking and I'm going to ask until you know they say yes or it is literally just you know, they’ll curse you out. That is relentlessness that we're able to keep and as you grow unfortunately, you kind of society. Everybody kind of just beats that out of you with perseverance, right? So, you know, the last golden nugget I'll leave with you guys is this will help you. Right when you're not what do I do? I can't figure this out. What do I do, right? The answer is simple. Do more of what works. And less of what knows. Okay, don't know what works. We have to test until you find it all. At the end of the day, whatever decision that you're faced with, do more of what works and less of what doesn't, and that will propel your business. And that's really all you need. 

Matt: Anton I feel like you've dropped a lot of golden nuggets for us. For people who want to find you and you're talking about maybe launching and a little bit of your story and journey on YouTube. Is that the best place for people to find you? 

Anton: Yeah, so what I'm going to be doing is for anybody who is introverted, you know, I am the most introverted person that you'll ever meet, like, literally, I thought about doing just this interview for a long time, right? I'm really introverted. I don't use social media. I like to be behind the desk, doing my own thing. But in the past 10,11 years, 12 years as an online marketer, I have traveled the world and I've had some of the craziest things happen to me. I've been asked to speak on stage in front of audiences that are, you know, 1000s of people, right? I've had the craziest experiences. And so what I've done is, instead of making the traditional this is how you put up a Facebook at, I decided to distill a lot of them into just stories of, hey, I was in Africa one time, I got mobbed by a group of monkeys, right. And here's the takeaway, or, you know, I was hanging out with somebody in Hong Kong and you're trying to go to China. And they couldn't get to the airport and then it turns out that the visa was fake, right? Like just the craziest things happen. Once you're, you have that time freedom to travel, and live life and experience life. And so if you want to, you know, once I launch it, it's going to be coming here in a couple of days. And the language you're taking more action and that's why you're listening to this right now. My storage store tomorrow is the same store as yesterday, it is just at the end of the day. You can do this right. And so I'm putting a slightly different spin on it because I'm showing you behind the scenes of what it is like to live an affiliate marketing lifestyle. You know, for years, I have traveled a lot and been everywhere. I mean, I've stories from South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, all over the place. So if you want to kind of just live vicariously through someone else, I hear the craziest stuff that happens and I love it. 

Matt: Everybody go give him a visit at Anton, thanks for today. Hey, we would love for you to hit us up in a couple months. Keep us updated. We'd love to have you back on. Some beautiful stuff. Follow his journey. Subscribe, comment on his videos, let him know hey, here's what I loved about your wakeup legendary talk. Hopefully we'll get to hear from him again in a couple months and have him back on and see how his journeys changed or what's new. And yeah, have a great rest of your Tuesday, guys, and we'll be back here again tomorrow at 10am Eastern. Have a great rest of your day.