Many of us have attended webinars and recognize how powerful this tool can be for delivering amazing value and selling stuff, and most of us would LOVE to benefit from this amazing tactic. The question is, what will it take to host a webinar and actually get results?

In this training class, master trainer and webinar marketing expert Marquel Russell deep dives into the world of webinar marketing and lays out in great details all of the pieces necessary to host webinars and successfully pull in thousands of dollars in sales, profits and commissions.

What's cool about this training is that its effective even if you have no list, no one has ever heard of you, lacking in techy skills, and have not made one red cent online. NONE OF THAT MATTERS, and Marquel proves that in this training. When its over you'll see how quickly you can start leveraging webinars and before you know it, you'll be the proud recipient of multiple $1000's in new income. Don't believe me? Just watch below!