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Matt: What's going on everybody it's Tuesday, September 7 I'm filling in for Dave this morning, we've got an awesome guest. And if you're new, or if you are tuning in for the first time I just want to let you know, you can tag us with the letters WUL. So you can just text in this video. Sometimes it autocorrect so make sure you get it right to 813-296-8543 And we send out a little text message. In fact, I just got mine right here, and we sent out the link to join on Facebook, so I don't mean justice if you want. Letters W L to 813296843. And there you go and if you're here with us live, type in a comment, let us know where you're tuning in from, so we can see where everybody's tuning in from for instance Susan is from the Gulf Coast. We got people from all over the world though who tuned in, and love to see where you're tuning in from. And if you can help me welcome our guests for the day, up from, I believe, Minnesota, what's up, Thomas. Hey, how's it going look good, man. Thank you. What's, what's new in your world.

Thomas: Um, well I had a daughter. I think some people know that this is a, it's my mouse. That's awesome. How old is she, she's nine and a half months so holy smokes that's pretty young, she's, she can say dad, and Mama, and we got her one of those like things that you can push and she can stand up on and she started walking with it, you know so soon she'll be walking without it and I was crazy to see so that's that's the newest, most important thing in my life but besides that I've been really kinda like just focusing on the map, and taking care of my health, because over the past couple years I definitely got really unhealthy. Just like, especially with COVID you know kind of sit inside not doing anything I think a lot of people, and every, every day I wake up, and then on the way home from the walk, I stopped the department's workout room and I just do a little more cardio, and it's been really good for me, I feel a lot better. And I quit smoking. A lot of positive things for me, you know.

Matt: I kind of know the background and history but a lot of people here probably never know your story and stuff. What can you take us back to, You know, like the back story, and just maybe give a kind of overview of where you came from and how you got online.

Thomas: Sure, yeah, so I guess it's been over five years now since I first got sober from heroin, so I was a drug addict for many years. And I struggled for a long time, like overdoses and very fortunate and grateful to not have, you know, I guess, it hadn't been my time you know always had someone there or someone found me and called the cops, and I'm very fortunate for that very lucky, really. And then I was working out just like a regular job at a casino dealing cards, and I was just kind of getting sick of it, you know, yeah. After a while, you know, full time I wasn't like I wasn't ungrateful, I guess maybe towards the end I kind of felt that just because I felt like I was getting disrespected but at the start I that was like, what got me clean really having that job there and I was able to save up some money I really made a lot of sacrifices like hanging out with friends really at all. I saved up money paid off my debt like worked my ass off before I ever started my business and I. And then I think, after about two years or three years I was kind of just getting tired of it, I felt like everyone there was just negative, which is a negative place you know so much like disrespect and going behind people's backs because, basically, depending where you're dealing the cards in the casino, there's high stakes there's regular stakes right you're gonna make more on high stakes so if you can throw someone else under the bus to get into high stakes, that's what people were doing basically because they would make more money so it's like, I don't want to be here my whole life I don't want to be negative. So I just started researching online. The first thing I found was drop shipping. A lot of people end up with dropshipping. I think I did that, I researched it for like six months to 12 months like just researching, and I was probably doing it for maybe a year and a half total. I ended up making like $2,000 But in the course of making that money I lost way more than that, obviously, ads and courses. And it was through drop shipping actually that I found someone doing drop shipping with ClickFunnels, and then it was with that person doing drop money, drop shipping through ClickFunnels ClickFunnels that I found people doing affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels right so that's kind of how I got brought into the affiliate marketing world, and my buddy Jordan metric. Dave Sharpe, did a, I don't think I've ever mentioned this but Dave Sharpe, I was like, at the point is six months into affiliate marketing I'm on YouTube and on my YouTube channel, and things are not working right, not working at all, and I like watching this interview, he's doing with Dave Sharpe I'm like okay I've heard about Legendary Marketer at this point, but I never did anything with it. And I'm like, Screw it, I'll sign up for this challenge, right, like, this is kind of like my last ditch effort and the crazy thing is, I started it, and then, like, I stopped like I got to like day three, and then I stopped him for like a month and a half. And then, I don't know what it was like at this point where I'm like really like about to give up I'm like I'm gonna get back into this challenge and give it one last go, and it sounds like, like a movie or whatever but that's really what happened I was ready to give up. I got started with legendary I went through the training, and I started promoting them and it just worked out like but the reason it worked out wasn't just like sheer luck like I had been building my YouTube channel for that whole time right and I didn't stop uploading consistently, because that's kind of what got me to the point where the pandemic hit and everything really exploded, but I want to make sure people know like, yeah, things worked great for the pandemic and I can't say that will ever happen again or however it was great timing. Everyone was home watching YouTube and stuff. However, prior to that, I was still doing decent on YouTube like I was, I could say I was probably making a full time income, with a low amount of subscribers like, I think it was like 1000 or 500 Even like so you can make a decent amount of money online with a small following so don't give up because you don't have a high number like that doesn't always equal money.

Matt: Yeah, I think that makes a lot of sense, I think a lot of people need to hear that too. I think a lot of people overrate, like you know hundreds of 1000s subscribers under percent. Yeah, I had a I had a, I always told a story about this girl who she's in our community actually, Andrea. And I, I don't know why I randomly think it is, but I always just remember when I was first getting started thinking, how do you have to have a ton of followers and a ton of subscribers on your email list to make any money, and she had like a very small email list, but she would actually like personal, like she had kind of like relationships with them and she would build sort of like one off, like she would do like a 10 minute call or a 15 minute call with people and like, so she kind of like touch base with her email list and then when she emailed out something to actually like, like, promote, they were all like yeah I just, I buy whatever she, she talks about, and she like she smoked people in affiliate competitions, who had massive, huge email lists and were like bragging about their big email list and then she would like go into affiliate competitions and just smoke people, because she had like a real business with a real email it's not just some fake like solo ad built, you know, nonsense. I think the same is true on like TikTok, I think the same is true on youtube I think the same is true on Facebook groups like you can do the exact same thing there that people, you know I've done with their email lists what um so you build this YouTube channel, like how long have you been on YouTube?

Thomas: So, basically at the start of 2019 was when I was trying to decide, okay, I knew I wanted to do Youtube. This started in 2019 after I spent all that time on dropshipping right. Yeah, I had a little bit of experience right, like I, I found out how to build a Shopify website like I, I kind of dove into the learning aspect and like I said before actually doing drop shipping. Yes, researching, which I don't really suggest, I'm just that type of person where I want to know what I'm doing now, like going back I would say just like get started as fast as you can. But basically, the start of 2019. That's when I was trying to decide, I knew I wanted to do YouTube. Am I going to do it, teaching dropshipping or am I going to teach affiliate marketing, I went with affiliate marketing. I found a mentor at the time. That's why I ended up going that route. But so, From January 2019 to April 2018 I basically created, and it goes like 18 videos, and I, because I wanted to create a certain amount of videos so I could have them stashed so once I started up look cuz I'm still working my job right, so this is like, I don't know if someone told me this on YouTube or if I just like thought that that would be the I think I might have heard it on youtube video like you gotta have some videos stashed. So that was my plan. So then on April, 2 or the birth of 2019 was when I uploaded my first video, and you know it wasn't easy. I would say that the hard part for me was, I was listening to so many different people online, you know like that mentor and then a bunch of different YouTubers Gary Vee, and all these different people have different views and different strategies like, and the strategy I chose was like, I have to create my YouTube videos and be on every other platform and do all this stuff and it just, it really hindered my growth at the start and my results because I didn't make a single dollar for six months, right like so I guess since then, I mean, what is every two years, two and a half years. Right.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like six, I feel like when you're first getting started six months feels like an eternity. Because every day, every day, sort of a wondering of, like, is this might have broken a breakthrough in my is this ever gonna work like what the hell is going on here like, people say this works but cheese I don't know if it actually is going to pay off, you know, I don't know, it's it's an interesting, because I went through that too, except mine was a little bit longer than six months I would say, but it was still pretty similar. Like just, you know, kind of grinding away like Jesus is ever gonna actually happen like, what, when does the money spit out. Are you mostly like do you get a lot from, like, at this point do you get a lot from YouTube ads. And then, meaning like ads playing on your like you are getting paid from YouTube on your channel too.

Thomas: Yeah, I mean, it's more than I ever thought I would get, I mean, bouncing. What were you just saying, Oh, one thing I want to add to what you were saying is, you see a lot of the people that have success. It's the people that were willing to stick through that though you know like not getting results because so many people, especially on tick tock you see it. If they don't get results that hour, they're onto the next thing you know what I mean, and no one's really is forever to them so it's like you have to stick through that but yeah so the ad revenue is more than I ever thought but it goes with like, for example, I had a video that just popped off like few months back or whatever, obviously the ad revenue is going to be much higher because the views were higher, and I'm in a niche where it's like my CPM is way higher than like that of a person, but it's called vlogging right like some of my videos, like the ClickBank videos I used to create. I had no idea but because there's so many people, advertising on like Clickbank and like affiliate marketing keywords that CPM on one of those videos was $150 Why so if you have a whole channel on Clickbank videos, you know, and that's your niche, you're going to make a bank with not a lot of many views, you know, I mean, wow, it's crazy and then I have a video with like 100,000 views that was like a tutorial I did on Canva, how to do like a presentation in Canva, like way back I don't really do videos like that anymore, but it has like 107,000 views, and it's got like, I think, three or $400 lifetime. So, you know that the big difference, right. So, that is important for the niche, and how much you make from a CPM so obviously the Make Money niche is gonna be higher than your average, so that does play a part, for sure. 

Matt: Geez. Wow, that's crazy. Yeah, I feel like I've thought through that aspect but I didn't realize that connection between choosing the niche. Alright, choosing the niche, and then also how that correlates with people who are advertising in that certain niche and what the CPM would be less and for people who are newer CPM just means cost per impression.

Thomas: So 1000 views on YouTube is what you get the CPM for it's different for every platform I think But YouTube it's like, well, so they have, but just so you know YouTube does take a cut of that so they have the CPM, and then they now show an RPM, which is I think the revenue per whatever. So that's what you keep app so like if I have $150 CPM, there'll be like, I don't know, I think YouTube takes 40% or something like that so it'd be like 100 or 90 whatever I can't do that math, but you know yeah something in the range of like 90 

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Fascinating. That's super fascinating and I feel like one of the main things that people fail to realize in this tick tock age is like. I think there is sort of this element of instant gratification and short term thinking were number one. Number one, I think that like people who are going on TikTok are seeing incredibly massive results fast which I think is true and is real. That's just, it's demonstrated, it's not changing, it's not changing. 

Thomas: For me, It's almost like the amount of views and the results I get from TikTok, you know, people crushing it. 

Matt: Dude, we're starting channels in the background, like, constantly on our team, and it's not, it's not changing you, what we see is that sometimes people. Eventually, they depend on the type of content that they create. We are seeing people who get shadow banned, and their views just disappear. And it never comes back. But for instance, we had this lady named Laurie, she's been creating a bunch of videos for months, like, I'm talking like six to eight months, something like that might be eight months, three to five videos a day and couldn't get more than like a few 100 views on a video just grinding. She switched to a different channel, basically took a bunch of her videos, same videos, and went to 30,000 followers in six days.

Thomas: That's true, because I did the same thing actually my first TikTok kind of sucked and TikTok that blew up for me was my second one, and I almost created a third one because I'm like, but yeah you're right, but because there are people crushing it with TikTok, I think it's way easier than YouTube.

Matt: It is but the bigger point that I was getting to is like your, your route though sort of building a longevity online. I think that people underrate sort of like you're doing this TikTok thing and building, I think that, I think that tick tock. In terms of like a business plan stands more like a cash flow kind of thing. Like, like, just a national revenue driving thing because you can drive revenue on TikTok pretty damn quick. I would say that 99% of people that we see make their first $100 or $1,000 online these days is coming from some sort of promotion on tick tock, which is crazy to think about, but then the longevity piece where people then don't take it a layer deeper and go into what's like an actual investment, like what's a real deeply invested online business, and I think that's what you've done with YouTube. Like that's how I see it at least. Thomas: Yeah, I mean, I guess, At the start, what really made me go the route I did with TikTok, is I kind of related it back, if people haven't paid attention to the online world very long, basically, they probably know who like Jake Paul and Logan Paul are right or David dobrik, they might know who these people are going to be taking a step back, they came up on this platform called Vine, right, and Vine is basically to talk right and short form content. And what they did and what many others didn't do, is they took their notoriety on Vine and started transferring it to YouTube and monta after this, buying got it, gone forever gone though the people that didn't transfer that those eyeballs to YouTube, right and now today, David dobrik Jake Paul Logan Paul they're the biggest creators on YouTube but if they never transferred that to YouTube from Vine. So, I grew up seeing this not like I didn't like growing up but this is like I watched this you know from them coming up on social media. I saw this like, you know before I ever started online so I kind of already knew, like I was like, oh I should. So I did things a little differently on TikTok, and it helped. I mean, I went from, at the end. I have a video on YouTube, where I'm like, my 2020 goals, or something like that. And at the time I believe I had 500 subscribers and I might have put like some revenue numbers on there or whatever but basically my goals for 2020 for 2020 were to triple that so I was like I want to have 1500 subscribers by the end of 2020 and whatever whatever. Yeah. Little do we know the pandemic. Right. Also I wanted to quit my job right, but I wanted to have enough money coming in. That's another thing you don't want to quit your job too soon. Yeah, I wanted to quit my job, but I didn't. And then the pandemic hit and I got unemployment plus the bonus so it really worked out for me. But basically, I used TikTok, to start a series on there and at the end of each video I'd say go follow my YouTube channel for the full video and that blew my channel, I ended the year with, like, I don't know it was close to 100,000 I feel like, subscribers so is a huge increase. I left my job, everything changed for me. But like I said I was still making a good amount of money with those 500 subscribers because I was, you know, figuring things out and I had a good, like a good high ticket program to promote, and I do some days like I started my own program and some days I look back like Man, it was so much easier just being an affiliate. I tell people like you don't want to start your own program, man, like I'm telling you, like that's, that stuff is tough, like seriously like marketer, people, they may not realize it when they're doing it but it might bottle business models, dude.

Matt: I just, yeah, it's i It's so hard to explain the nuance of what you just said there with, you know, starting your own products starting your own course whatever I mean, a lot of times people will take, especially in the, especially in the make money online niche where you might find that refunds or chargebacks, get a little bit higher, especially if you start growing. And then you start dealing with merchant account processors getting shut down and just like or your money gets frozen like back in the day people's money used to always get frozen on PayPal and stuff and, and it was just like, well get paid today and neither are any of my affiliates or anybody, and. Well that was fun, and now it's over, you know, and then people sort of do this, it's just a never ending cycle where it's like, oh, no, I'm going to go start my own thing I'm going to start my own product and then that some catastrophic thing like that happens, it's like, oh my God I need to get back into affiliate marketing, that was way easier. And yeah, it still happens to this day, but I think there's some value, you know, like somebody like Brian bro or started his own thing, technically, but gave it away for free. I think that there's like certain realms in which like that does help for branding and I don't want to just totally shit talk it because I also feel like Dude, there's also an element, you know, to a lot of people who come online and I resonate with this where it's like, they're entrepreneurial for a reason, right, and so it's like part of it is just like trying to see what you can do, like, just, you know like feeling like I accomplished something feeling like I stretched myself past like this, you know, and sometimes people just get on board with affiliate marketing, but the thing, the thing that I always come back to with people who go down that route or even just go down different routes of like well maybe I'm gonna launch into another niche or I'm gonna try this or I'm gonna go promote this product as I always tell them, like, The first thing you should do is just secure, what you're doing now currently that's driving revenue, so like, fully secure that and don't Don't screw with that, but do whatever side things you want to do, totally independent of what's already working, what's already driving you revenue, what's already bringing you profit, so that at least you're not jeopardizing your whole business, like, take everything that's working. Keep doing what you're doing because, like what you said, getting successful for you is just kind of pushing through those first six months, and being resilient and keeping the business. What we've found at Legendary is basically like one of our big monsters has been like, don't fuck it up like basically like, hey, we have a great thing. We have a great core team we have an awesome staff on hand, like we have such a great vibe and energy and the people here so great, like there's a lot of things that we've considered doing over the years that probably, like could have just messed it all up, and, and rather than taking a, like, just, let's just dive into it, it was more of like a soft handed approach of like well what do people really want? What do people really need and how can we just sort of allow people to exist in this environment that's healthy and good without messing it up, and I think that's really helped us in terms of creating a culture that allows people to kind of come and go and just be a part of our world or not and not feel pressured and, you know this, you know, create regulatory issues with that and all this stuff like, we've really taken an open handed approach and I think people have appreciated that. But I think for people who are like affiliate marketers getting started getting going, maybe they make their first 10,000 online, it's really tempting to go down that route of like, I'm gonna create my own course I'm gonna do my own thing and every time I'm like, That's awesome. Go do it. But all this business right here, just don't screw that up, because that's your livelihood, that's, that's your shirt, keep that rolling, and, you know, if you want to get into another niche on TikTok if you want to promote another product go create a different channel entirely go create a whole different persona entirely elsewhere, and do it over there on the side in your free time, But keep posting on TikTok keep posting on YouTube keep posting on Instagram, just the way you are today so that you've still got all that revenue. And I think some people take that advice. I think sometimes. Other times it's just like, I see it sometimes as a self defeating sort of thing that people do where they're, they're sort of looking for a way to mess this all up, and it's a deep psychological kind of, you know, sabotage, where it's like, no, I'm gonna go mess it up, I'm gonna go screw this whole thing up because that's what happens to me, you know, and it's this defeating thing but anyway, that's what I see a lot, that's what I suggest to people on YouTube, especially when you're creating a niche channel like it would be silly for me. Thomas: Yeah, I go on walks every morning it would be silly for me to start talking about health and fitness on my make money channel, but a new channel with a make with the health and fitness, then you have a whole different you know, but a lot of people like you said, they start this thing, and they start the new thing they take 100% of their effort from this and just put it over there and then they lose this. So, but like you said about Brian, it's so powerful, I think it's even better than creating your own product because it can ruin what you're doing, like as an affiliate that it's really powerful. And sometimes I wish that was what I did, it was more congruent. But, you know, I think there's positives and negatives to everything but the number one thing I would say is to start with affiliate marketing and focus on that until you're at least making enough money, because I promise you if you don't have an audience and you're just starting to create a product that's your first thing most likely it's not going to work, I don't want to say it's not going to work but you need an audience you need traffic for anything. And there's just so much that goes into that.

Matt: I do know. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I feel like, yeah what you said about just start with affiliate marketing, I mean, that it's obviously the reason that we tell people to do that but I just, you know I think back to days, I believe in that more now than ever because I think back to a lot of the days where it's like, you know, getting a following or finding people to listen to your videos online in any niche was so hard, you know, even back two years ago if you think back to like your YouTube days, your first six months, stuff like that like so freaking hard dude and it's a long journey. And now, like, I mean I literally it's not that all that uncommon where people come online, they go on TikTok or Instagram or something that's a little faster and it's like, did they could see $1,000 in 30 days like they could, they can make themselves a couple grand and, you know, a short amount of time. Not that I'm guaranteeing anything but it's just now it's at the point where it's not that uncommon. And before was a little bit more like, wow, that was a fast start now it's like, oh yeah, that's, that seems about right, you know, which is just nuts. But I think that like the whole staying focused on one thing, whatever that one thing is, it's just so much faster to get it for instance here's this dude. I was just showing this the other day. On the day I'm going to Canada today we talk a lot about how we talk a lot about how you can go online in any niche, and really like video content creation is just headline making. And I think you would agree with this because you're so good at creating headlines and creating copy that does really well on YouTube, but this guy's basically taking through the you know the YouTube formula of creating videos and putting really attention grabbing headlines on them, like, what happens if you stop eating bread for 30 days right or right. How to Lose 20 pounds in 20 days you know and like, it's these really kind of, I don't know cheeky headlines that just kind of get attention for people and they just work, you know, it's like videos, there's a reason he's got 530,000 followers in little weird, weight loss tips channel and you know, it's insane.

Thomas: You can go in any little niche and have success if you focus. 

Matt: Yes. Agreed. If you focus. Exactly, yeah. And that can happen. I mean that's happened, we give examples of like dog training niches and weight loss and all of these different niches that sort of over time have really proven to be, you know dog trainers a little different but there's a lot of emotion there but weight loss is one of those that's just like there's so much emotional attachment with who a person is in weight loss that somebody is willing to spend money they're willing to try new things they're willing, they just, it consumes your life when that's one thing that you want to do which is weight loss or, you know, gain weight in some cases like for me like I'm scrawny and tiny like, I'm willing to spend money on apps to figure it out. I spend money on like protein and food to like figure out like how can I bulk up, you know, and I think that it's just part of your body part of your thing and if people are willing to really focus and like, dial in on that, I think, I think you're right, I think people really can build a huge audience fast but I think still keeping that long term spread out diversified sort of social mode, social media profile is important. I think that, I just kind of had this thought right now, but basically I kind of think that like on platforms where you're going to experience a faster growth, you're going to also experience more volatility sort of like you wouldn't the stock market, like if you're if you're already trading options. Sure, you can make a shit ton of money really fast, but you're also liable for insane amounts of volatility right. And on platforms where your growth is slower and more consistent and takes a little bit more time, the payoff is is usually a little bit more consistent and you don't have as much of that, and that's a reason because that's the reason I think that a lot of people get shadow banned on tick tock, high growth high volatility, you make a few too many mistakes and suddenly your shadow ban and nobody's watching your videos, but on YouTube, I That can't happen but I think over time, Like over the last 10 years, that's pretty rare, like for YouTube to really shut you down and to really like, you're not getting any more views or to take off your channel, like you've got to be saying some pretty crazy stuff. 

Thomas: Yeah, literally, on TikTok if you say one wrong word though, take a video down on YouTube, you can say pretty much anything as long as you're not breaking the law, you know, like it's more freedom. Yeah, I mean, there's like obvious things you can't just upload someone else's video without their permission you can't talk about like the obvious thing, but tick tock, literally lately the one reason I've been so upset with it is because of it, it's like, like, you use the wrong hashtag, your videos getting taken out as crazy but you gotta just adapt, that's all it's about, you know, realize it and adapt and just keep moving.

Matt: Yeah, exactly. And I think, I think people really underrate the ability that to create a huge YouTube following by leveraging TikTok, and I think that that earlier on when we were first talking about TikTok last year, we talked a lot about that but I think that that's kind of gone to the wayside a little bit. But I think that if people really think through that strategy sort of like you did. You start utilizing and leveraging the platform to sort of create this Omni presence where you've got multiple different social media outlets for people to go find you on whatever app that they open they see you, And that's super powerful to what, um, for somebody who's newer, I'll let you have the last word of today, or somebody who's newer sitting here that thinking about content creation, they're thinking about getting started, you know, in whatever niche, doesn't really matter. What advice would you give them other than start as an affiliate marketer, what advice would you give them to start content and get views and start getting some followers?

Thomas: Okay, I guess. I used to say like, I think it's still important but like, basically everyone's different, right, you got to first pick a platform, you know, I don't suggest starting out with paid ads just because it's expensive, most people wanting to start a business don't have a bunch of free money to spend, you know, if you do great, you can try that. But, yeah, I personally suggest picking an organic content strategy, and everyone's different, you might be better, just talking like you might have a movie personality voice you might want to do podcasts, you might be better at writing, you might want to do a blog. If you like telling stories you might want to do YouTube so pick which platforms to to really, if I was to just say do one thing, it would be probably pick TikTok, you know, because I think that's the fastest still, and the easiest, but like I said, you might not want to be on video, and then I would say you should still try it you know I did a video when I first started YouTube, you know what I mean I was scared, my first videos suck. So, don't be unwilling to do anything, and pick one, at least that you think will fit you best, but don't do it just because you're scared, because you're gonna be scared right like you're gonna have that feeling. So at least try it, but then once you've decided which route to go find a couple people in the niche you're gonna pick so pick one niche, find a couple people in that niche and just model them, like, do, do some of what they're doing in your own way you know everyone is unique, so can't just copy them obviously but you're a unique person to that like you doing what they did in your own way, is going to be okay like you don't have to reinvent the wheel. To start off by doing that, and then whatever content on your channel that does best, just do more of that, literally, that's the best advice. Pick a platform, pick a niche model successful people and do more of what works, that's like the best advice I can give you know and pick a good platform or program to promote on that platform, right, like, I usually suggest an affiliate product, but again, look and see what your competitors are doing and just see what see what products they're promoting and, you know if there's someone in the health and fitness niche see what their see what the top five people are promoting if they're all promoting or like three of them are promoting the same product look into that product and maybe promote it yourself. So that's kind of the steps, I would suggest.

Matt: I love that. I love that dude. Yeah, I'm always just a man. Exactly. I would probably echo that completely, and I didn't put your. Yeah, you can you can find Thomas on TikTok here, and I think, you know, many of you would be best served to to subscribe to him on YouTube, because he's kind of a YouTube giant at this point and is really well known on YouTube, and is a great example of, he's like the Kleenex example of how you can get started on YouTube, creating content that gets viewed, and he's been doing it for a long time so there's just a lot of history and a lot that you can learn from them. I think the only last part that I would add is like, Don't reinvent the wheel, you know, like think about the amount of content that you've done, personally, and that really all of anyone who's created content online has done, that's been sort of like, you sit down and you curate people's content in your niche and you look at what did they do what was their angle what was their headline, why did they get viewed so much, and really become sort of like a common San Diego of people's content and figure out what is working in that niche already and juicy use their content the model after so rather than guessing what do people in the weight loss niche want to learn. Well, go find people in the weight loss niche and see what people are getting viewed the most. And you can, you can easily deduce exactly what type of headlines and content is going to get watched the most, and just start there. Like we created 12 videos on a channel over the last month and have 10,000 followers on tick tock on that channel, but it's only because it's an almost every views or videos viewed over 10,000 times and that's only because we just took what was already working, and just was like, How can we put a little spin on this but keep it basically the same, and teach people how to flip domains, teach people how to do this and like the seas a little stupid videos but it's already proven the algorithm is already showed us here's exactly what people are watching, simple, and then after you've got going, then go live and then you know add sort of a webinar sales angle while you're live, but don't try to hard sell people while you're on your video content people just want to learn. People want to feel like they're learning and that they're extending their knowledge, sell them on links in your bio and sell them in live webinars or sell them on, you know, emails, but, but, uh, your content should be pure, to the point where you're not hard to like but anyway. 

Thomas: No, I believe that for a fact like don't don't pitch too soon, you know, just like, give away value I mean, what's his name that that guy who's like your top affiliate right now, power publish on TikTok. Yeah, Calvin gives away an ebook, you know, obviously that, that turns into sales but like giving away free value people will love it. 

Matt: Yes, totally. Thomas, always good to have y'all man, thanks for coming on, always good to see you too. You look amazing right? Do you feel like you're glowing? Great. Thanks, bro. Thanks for coming on if you need anything, hit us up for sure. Appreciate it. Thanks, man. All right guys, hey, go follow him on TikTok but also go find him on YouTube. Also, he's a great subscriber on YouTube, and you'll learn a lot, you'll get a lot of valuable knowledge from him, he's super super helpful. He's just a good dude. So they'll give him a follow up. And for those of you who haven't already signed up to our text message go text, the letters WUL to 813-296-8553 and you'll get a text, every time that we go live on Facebook, and it'll even include a link to the Facebook so you can just tap it and you're straight in. Alright, for everybody who's here. Have a great rest of your Tuesday, and I'll be back here tomorrow at the same time at the same place for Wake Up Legendary on Wednesday we'll see here at 10am.