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Dave: Alright my friends what's going on?

This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This morning we're going to be hearing from a kindred spirit, a fellow construction worker who almost died.

Hopefully he'll be willing to tell this story, and then had a, I guess you could call it a spiritual

full time treat also affiliate marketer, so this is somebody who's looking for deals, and now as opposed to being able to business from home. So with that being said, Jason Minor to show what's going on, brother?

Jason: Good morning. 

Dave: Good morning, and where are you calling in from?

Jason: I'm in Northern Virginia right outside DC. Okay, okay. All right well cool, man.

Well, hopefully you'll tell the story here about your near death experience. You put it in our intake form so I wanted to take the risk of throwing it out there at the benefit that you might tell the story. Would you tell that story and tell us how you got into Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship from construction in the first place?

Jason: Mainly we are storytellers, right. I mean that's part of my story, you have your story we all have our story. Yeah, so I was working construction than five years. And last November right before Thanksgiving, I got the job, which you know at that time. I'm a 38 year old man who didn't think much of it. I thought you know I'm a healthy non drinker, non smoker. I get it, I get it, it's gonna be fun. Well it wasn't fine that infection. Last taste and smell than the infection went to my brain. And when it went to my brain it affects respiration and also affects heart rate. And then there was swelling around my heart, and when there was swelling around my heart. My heart stopped, my oxygen levels were crazy low for a long period of time, my heart rate can go over 200 and stay there for weeks. And they couldn't get it under control. And when I tell you that I could have died a few times I, my heart legit stopped. And I remember crying in bed, and not knowing, yes. I was even gonna make it. I had a dream that night. And then my dream. There was a spirit. It wasn't like a person but there was a spirit that just said, you have to go help a million people. And I was like, Dude, I'm just a regular dude. How the hell am I supposed to help a million people, I don't have any kind of reach like that. How do I do it. What am I doing, They said you have to help a million people. I was like, that doesn't make any sense. Give me some guidance. You have to help a million people and I remember waking up going, Holy shit you're I'm alive. Was that actually, am I supposed to do that. Is that the reason I'm here and I had no idea how to do, what to do whatever. Obviously I lost my job, it's been six months. A lot of the people in this community have made, and they see me I'm still on oxygen today. Like the last couple days margin has been in the low 80s Which anything under 95 is dangerous. So if I if I have a brain fart it's because my oxygen is legit low and my brain just sometimes it happens. But it's, it's, it's been a hell of a ride.

Dave: So what led you to Legendary? I mean was that a part of you finding direction.

Jason: My son was on it, so I got on TikTok, as a joke, just to see and see what he was into. And I stumbled upon Legendary, and I saw everybody and their brother talking about. Yeah, that's seven bucks someone gives a check. Yeah. Worst case scenario, amount of a cup of coffee right. It's still going against knowledge. Yeah, like, I'm all. And then I saw what the community was like and then I got the knowledge, and then the more research I did, I was like man, I just fell into it I was like this is, this is rad, man.

Dave: Nice, nice. So, this is all transparent obviously we can see that you've got your day trading setup behind you as well and so you're, you're kind of a multi. Sorry. So you're so you're all this is transpired and happened over the last six months?

Jason: Yeah, back I haven't even I've only been doing Legendary stuff in affiliate marketing for almost three months. Okay, I started a year ago to start learning day trading. Yeah. As while I was still doing construction I'm sure you understand. It's hard work. And I've been 20 some years, and I wanted something more passive. I wanted more income. I wanted more time with a family. I didn't like working 10, 12 hour days, five, six days a week, busting my butt. I was making amazing money, don't get me wrong, I was sure it's not where I wanted to be long term, when I'm 60 years old, I can't do what I was doing. I can't sling an engine and a plywood, up to the next to the next floor up being almost 200 pounds a sheet, you know, I can't keep slinging this stuff all day long. Yeah, but although there has to be a change. I'm okay doing it now, but at some point there's going to have to be a change. Yeah, I already had that little seed in the back of my head where I need to make a change. Something has to happen. So, I am getting sick. Just kind of pushed now that first three months of me being sick. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do anything I could day trade, there was nothing I could do. I got lost in my own house, I forgot how to talk for two weeks.

Dave: Holy crap, like you could have so easily been one of the statistics man, that we lost in this past year from this.

Jason: Man 100% And I never want to, you know, maybe he's young and dumb, but I really thought that I would never be that statistic you know. Sure, a little kid and you're like, I'm gonna take that bike and just make that ramp. I'm gonna make it. It's like all stupid.

Dave: You're one of the people which, which it would totally make sense that you would be that was kind of like hey, no big deal at first but then you got it, you're like hey take this thing seriously.

Jason: Oh I took it seriously. 

Dave: Yeah, you just didn't expect to be as sick as you are.

Jason: Exactly. So like I didn't know, one of the guys that I worked with ended up getting it. Yeah, didn't necessarily tell us that he got it and didn't want to lose work.

Dave: I think there's a lot of, I think in that makes sense, you know, I mean like it sucks in you, it makes you angry and like you, it's that's kind of like after the fact that damn they're unforgivable offense but like I think a lot of people were put up this last year, which is a little sniffle I've got a little cough, I'm not going to tell anybody, it's just going to go away because I'm living paycheck to paycheck. I can afford over two weeks, you know, and I think that brings up an even bigger point, Jason, which I think is, is, we all we all really have to come to. To be honest, and in reality, with the fact that most of us are a statistic that we're one medical emergency away from financial ruin. And that most of us if our kids got into some sort of an accident or something to happen to a family member, we wouldn't be able to afford the medical bills, or if something happened we got hit by an uninsured driver and say we don't have, you know the type of insurance that covers our car, we wouldn't be able to afford to get our car and I was in that position for so long, myself, and of course, Pretty rooted in drug and alcohol addiction, so a lot of that didn't even matter to me, You know what I mean like I wasn't even really but having a family and have it. Yeah, having a family, having, having kids having a wife like I can't imagine that, and I think that your story brings up the reality that so many of us face, but don't talk about, because if we don't talk about it it's not real, you know, which is how a lot of people handle problems in their life. Hey, just don't talk about it, just if I don't talk about it, it's not real, therefore I don't have to face it. And how do you feel about the idea of having reserves, having cash flow, having the ability to be able to continue to bring in income even if you are sick, and what would your message be to people?

Jason: I think you should prepare for the worst, which thankfully I am OCD, I was raised by people that grew up in the Depression, by my grandparents. Because of that, there's that, that scarcity mindset. They pushed on to me, so I'm thankful for that. Like, I go a little bit overboard, and I'm a prepper. So now the other friends I try to get them into a position where they save and they already not only have a passive income, but have a just in case fund. Like, I had all my bills and for my house for my, for the water for the electricity I'm three months ahead. I've always been, I've had for the last 20 years. I have six months worth of food in my house, I have everything that we need. I have just in case fun to get me through one or two years, if something hits the fan, but this takes that to say that 75% of people can't even come up with $500 Yeah. That, that's, that's frightening. Yeah, you don't have a passive income stream, or have somewhere to have some just in case you need to find something, even if you're still working your nine to five, passive income stream and then though affiliate marketing is fantastic. There are lots of other options. This is not for them, but if this is always prepared. I am super prepared for almost anything and I'm thankful that I was prepared because of those three months. I couldn't do anything. Yeah, you know, on the inside. As a man, maybe this is stupid and cliche with today's times but I have that masculinity where like I need to provide for my family. Even though my wife's a nurse, she does find our health insurance is covered. Because of her work, she makes a good living and we can live with her income. That's fine, you know. Dave: I think it's fine. I think it's I think it's our nature, you know, we want to provide and I think it's actually I talked to women I, it's about being productive, you know, it's about being responsible Jason, and clearly, you know, there's a lot to be said about your values that you were taught about being responsible, because when we have a family man we have little kids, we're responsible for them, you know, and I had to really grow myself up when I,  when I had kids at least this round to have one that's older as well but I had to really grow myself up and realize that you know these kids can't fend for themselves. I mean it's literally my responsibility to make sure they eat, you know, and, and, and I think that just, you know, you've gone to an extreme of prepping and I know a little bit about preppers I wouldn't particularly call myself one but financially I am. But I think that just everybody who's listening right now, is having that real conversation with yourself, to kind of, kind of, kind of leaning on Jason's story about the COVID thing and putting that, like, literally, a near death experience. I mean, it didn't have to be like that it could have been, it could have been, it didn't have to be that particular situation, it could have been a broken leg that puts you out. It could have been a broken hand that puts you out and so it doesn't have to be a near death experience, it could be something that's minor, the company that you work for could go out of business, you know, and then you have a hard time finding a job. Well, if you don't have, you know, something stocked away if you don't have six months to 12 months of expenses put away. If you don't have a stream of income, additional skills that you can generate income with, then you're at the mercy of somebody to pay you less than what you're worth, because you're desperate. You're at the mercy of, you know, of asking to borrow stuff and you're talking about masculinity, Jason. Actually I think it's pride, who really wants to go and ask to borrow money to pay bills, it's just, it's about, there's just so much to learn from that story, man, I'm so happy that you're okay but there's so much to learn from that story man, you know in this entrepreneurship game.

Jason: You know when I first started even before I was sick, there was that stigma, still around COVID and people who are getting it. I must tell the story, because when I was that selfish, because I knew a lot of people that had that mindset oh it's just the flu oh it's just this, I was just this and I'm like, how. Not that I know, know that it's not necessarily just the flu. Okay, it's not. Let me tell you it's not.

Dave: And it affects everybody differently right so that's the whole thing and I think that that kind of that analogy works with everything because you, you may be at a point in your life to where if you did lose your job, it may affect you harder than somebody else, or it may affect you harder than if you were at a different place in your life. And I think that, I think that the bottom line Jason is, is, I am really thankful that you told that story because you're the first person at least on this show that we've had that's had COVID and affected them at that level and in, and you may not be the only one but you may have been the only one who was courageous enough to tell the story because like you say, maybe there's a stigma or somebody might feel like they don't want to tell her whatever but dude frickin I am thankful and proud of you that you told that because it's, it's real, it's, it's, it's your story, and there's so much value, there's so much gold in telling that story, especially coming out of 2020 and now everybody experiencing this pandemic. And it wasn't just you having to get sick to death. Again, it could have been you losing your job, it could have been something else happening. So I'm thankful you told that man and I don't think there's any shame at all and look at me I pulled the drug and alcohol being a junkie story. I mean, it's like, it's our story.

Jason: That was good and I say it's our story, that's what it is, whether you like it, good, bad or indifferent, it is our story. It's what makes us genuine. It's what makes us different, and it's what we went for. And if we could change our path, or we can change our path and change our future, we can see what we're from.

Dave: Well, it's not even failures, man, it's just, you know, it's storytelling, for those of you who are like wondering, you know, maybe you're new, you're wondering what what a story has to do with marketing, it's all about how you use the story you know if you've asked yourself what point am I trying to make here in my marketing or in this video, and then how can I find a story that matches with that that sort of uses gives an analogy or a parable to it, or a metaphor to help tell us to to help prove the point, and stories sell, they are what human beings are used to listening to they want to listen to stories they want to know what happens at the end, they don't want to just be spoken out with facts and details and told what to do. They want to be entertained and that's why I call good marketing edutainment because there's an element of education, and there's an element of entertainment, and the element of entertainment is your personality, and it's the stories you tell, and I can tell that you've got some personality, first and foremost, the brand, it's a good, it's a cool setup that you got there with your computers in the back you've got the islands of Hawaii, they're kind of all over the place, what's the relevant took for Hawaii for you.

Jason: That is my happy place. So, back in 9092, 95 My mother bought a condo in Hawaii back after a hurricane basically wiped out the island, and she was able to buy. And it was cheap, it was great, but then I was able to spend my summers there, and now that is my happy place. And you know I tried to take my family there every year, every other year whenever that is the one place that I feel like it's home. You know, it's my happiness to find it's fantastic whatever but it's not my happy place. Yeah, this is not the place that I'm like oh I love the air, and walk outside and like, wonderful No but I do have that feeling when I'm there. So when I, when I have my Hawaiian stuff around and do whatever it is, it makes me feel more at home, it makes me feel more comfortable and this is a part of me.

Dave: Do you have a goal one day to move there full time?

Jason: One day we actually almost moved there full time. But the schools were not where I wanted them to be for my kids, I got super advanced super smart, they didn't have a program that I could put him in that would work for him. My daughter has her own struggles, and they didn't have a program that was gonna work for her, and where I am here. The programs in the school system are some of the best in the country. So I was like, I need to do what's best for them. I got you going there, and putting a man. I didn't want to have to do that with them and I couldn't afford the private schools.

Dave: Yeah, I gotcha. That makes sense, man, that makes sense. Well, putting your responsibilities first is a big deal and once again that seems to be a theme with you. So let's transition a little bit to your affiliate marketing journey. I noticed that you have a tick tock channel yourself. You've got 21,000 followers. There is that sort of your main platform for driving traffic right now.

Jason: That is one of my platforms for driving traffic, multiple pages, that's the one that I'm using for Legendary. Okay. But from your people that go way beyond Legendary Marketer I put together a program that I call Now. Okay, which is basically I'm going to do something right now, right, and the N is for niche, O is for finding an opportunity, and W was for win, which is not just winning for me but it's a win win for the better win for me and a win for the end person right. That's my current method. So, one of my niches, day trading, right, which is, there's a big opportunity in day trading everybody's talking about it, you even came on and started saying crypto and this and that, right, everybody's talking about that. Yeah, that but there's that opportunity. Right. So I went out to find another opportunity at one of the training platforms that I borrowed from 30,000 students currently, they don't have an affiliate program. Well, so what did I do, I saw an opportunity there. I went to them and said, one you need an affiliate program, and here's why. And I want to create that program for you. Well, and when I create that for you. I want this for this amount of time. Right. And then we want to open it up to other people. And then I already have my base community that I helped bring the way and make that business successful, so I found a niche. Yeah, I found that opportunity. And then it was so it's going to be a win for that company, It's gonna be a win for me, it's going to be a win for the end consumer too because the content that I provide them like I will literally trade live with people on a daily basis for about 30 minutes a day before the market opens so they can see my strategy they can see what stocks I'm looking at, they can see this, they are not going to be able to trade with me, but they can see what I'm doing. So, that gives them knowledge I give them little key little pieces here and there here and there here and there, and then creates that curiosity. Right, they always want to see what's going on. Watch me and other people trade, live, and get the full training. By signing up. Sure, right value first right edutainment first, a live webinar should let me show you watch the live video let me show you how I do this, and then if you want more, sign up for the entry level monthly membership community mastermind whatever it is,

exactly niches.

Dave: So you've taken this, this idea of selling information. Okay that we teach here at Legendary drop shipping is cool Amazon is cool these other businesses are cool just what we specialize in is selling information, and you can sell information about making money online like we do here at legendary, you can sell information about parenting, raising getting newborns to sleep, day trading, so you've, you've, you found a hot topic, which is cryptocurrency and just stocks in the in the market right now and you've taken in you've instead of even going and creating your own kind of entire platform, You actually found a company that was already doing it that had great training and approach them with this idea, this, this, affiliate marketing concept that you've learned here at legendary and you saw play out and you're profiting from here as well because you're, you're an affiliate here and you have a niche page on TikTok, for Legendary, but you've used these what we call transferable skills, because it's not just about Legendary if you're used these transferable skills now to go over and essentially broker a deal, right, to where you've helped create an affiliate program for this platform made a chunk of change upfront, and now have an opportunity to be able to share that with others. And essentially, earn commissions and get paid when that happens, and quite frankly, you talk about helping a million people, you've created an opportunity, a bunch of other people to be affiliated to and to make money when they are promoted as well.

Jason: So I created a platform for people to learn how to make, and learn affiliate marketing. Here I have the opportunity now, if, if, stock trading is their niche. Yeah, they can go and do that. I have another niche: my other niches RV’s. Right. So I create content about RV stuff. So, when I first bought an RV, they don't set you up for success, you cannot literally go and just go that day and go are being, they don't give you the pipes that you need, they don't give you the supply lines, they don't give you electrical life, there's literally a whole list of things that they don't even give you and set you up for success, to go out on your first trip. So, what did I do, I saw a problem. So I create content of things you need, things you're going to want winterizing maintenance things that you need to check every once in a while or you know, whatever.

So, how to, how to have a better trip, how to do things easier I mean I've been, there's no limits, bro. I know because several of my family members RV, and it's like, It's endless it's endless problems that could happen that you need solutions to, and it's also endless possibilities.

So we know that okay, there's so we've now picked that niche, the opportunity is, we're in COVID states right, we're still going through COVID. People weren't able to travel, people weren't able to do things in the RV industry right now, because of people traveling and being stuck in their house is skyrocketing, there's the opportunity. Right. And then they win. So I had to come up with a win win. So now, $1,000 they are getting content for me telling them all the products that they're going to need they're gonna want whatever our job as affiliate marketers is to capture emails right because that's our lead, that's our lifeline. So how do I do that, and provide value, so I came up with a physical checklist before you go checklists winterizing checklist things in the kitchen checklist, I literally made safety checklists I made these checklists, and I give that away, obviously I get the email. Now I can retarget that audience. Okay so now I've retargeted that audience. I have a completely other page that drives traffic to not the newbie people, but now the people who are living in RV full time. Okay, they literally travel to the US. They go in and travel with the RV full time, which is one of their major problems by traveling full time employment. What can I teach them as either a passive income, or a traveling income where you can work from anywhere. Where can I drive them? That platform for me is already set up. Yeah, so I'm taking my one niche and literally bringing it back circle and bringing them back around, so that even for Harvey, its value as value over here too. Yeah. And so I'm taking all these ideas that I have and literally combining them all to work together. And that's part of my current method. And I've worked with a ton of current affiliates, which, my job is also to help as many newbie affiliates because a lot of people feel stuck. They do this for a month, two months, three months and they feel stuck. Right, I'm helping these people get unstuck, break free. Get it because it's easy for me to talk to somebody, figure out what's going on in their head, figure out their path, figure out their love and I can see it from the outside, but they can't see people and I'm helping these people through.

Dave: We've all got blind spots.

Jason: We all have blind spots so I find those blind spots for them, and I open up their eyes.

Dave: Now, two things. The first thing is that if you have multiple niches. There's always a way to connect them. There's always a way to connect them. And here's the, here's the one line I'm going to give you all that is the key that unlocks all of this world for you, and Jason is utilizing this, your income is dependent directly in proportion to your creativity. So your ability, your creativity. In terms of, like, this is a perfect example of that sequence that Jason just went through that you just went through connecting each of those pieces that you could present each of those new opportunities to somebody as sort of a new problem, you present a new problem, and then you present the solution. And what the example is and this is oftentimes what to kind of, I think a big secret to marketing is that people don't really know they have problems until you kind of present it to them and remind them of it, right. So, as people, that's how things are sold. So, say for example, a lot of you guys, maybe we're here because of TikTok or whatever ad you saw, you didn't wake up in the morning saying, Man, I need passive income like today's the day that I'm going to take a training, and I'm going to learn how to create a stream of income online, but you saw a video likely if somebody that's presented the problem in a way that really made it click for you, and you were like, how do you know what they're right today is going to be the day I want to take that challenge. The same way that Jason you just went through. Okay, now you've got your RV. Well, how are you going to make income, would you like to do this for a year? Would you like to go home? Would you like to never have to go back home and get a job, because a lot of people do it for part of the year, or maybe take just random trips, what if you could be on the road all the time, it's matter of fact, I know somebody who's on the road right now, and feels a lot of pressure because they need to create income so they can continue to do it. Well, what if I told you there was a way that you could generate income online by developing a skill set you can do this 365 days per year. That whole opportunity was created because you explained their problem to them in a way that made it make sense. And I think that's the power of communication that a lot of us under, we don't, we don't really kind of graphs that people don't already know what problems they have, you literally have to present the problem to them in a way that makes them to say, You know what that is a problem. He's got a point. the same way that people get involved in prepping, right, Jason. It's like you never knew that prepping was a good idea until somebody sat there broke it down and said, Jason, what if, what if, what if somebody dropped a nuclear bomb on this country and everything went out for six months. What if some explosion happened in the electrical grid or something happened with the internet, and all your bank accounts suddenly went to zero? What if your company went out of business? What if, what if we got this right. Oh, and then you sit there and you're thinking, son of a bitch, this guy's got… Holy shit, like, I'm, I would be screwed right? And that's how people get into prepping, they don't just wake up and go. You know what it'd be a good idea to have six months of food, they have somebody explain it to them, so they understand their problem. This is a big, big deal. And in Jason, you're, you're doing that what comes up for you as I, as I'm going through this, presenting the problem in making it known to the person so they, they realize they need the solution?

Jason: It actually started making me think. When I was young, my grandpa, obviously also the guy who wanted me to be corrected. The things he instilled in me was, be good at a lot of things. You know construction might be okay, okay, my father was working at a printing firm. Printing Presses don't exist anymore. He wanted me to be good at so many different things that no matter what happened in life. I always had work. I always had an income. And I could always make something work and make something happen. So I've done exactly that, I've been a real estate agent for a long time. Some of the people in here know that I had a niche, nobody else in the country had. And I exploded the hell out of that niche, as long as I could, until it literally disappeared, but I made a killing on that niche right. I've been, I've worked in NASCAR. For many years I can, I can race cars, I can build cars. You know I could do construction. I've been an electrician, a plumber, a farmer and a Mason. I can do drywall insulation or roofing, there is no trade within construction that I can't do and can't do, at a higher level than most. So literally just all these skills that I obtained over time I can cook I could work in a restaurant if I had to. Now look, I'm in a trade I can do marketing. There's nothing that I can't do. Yeah. Well, I think everybody else should know that. Okay, if you're an accountant, though that job might be great or you're working as a bartender or as you're working as this. For that time being. What if something happens to the pandemic? Yeah. You know the restaurant shut down. Did we ever think that the restaurants would literally just up and closed come last. Last January, February, do we ever think that everything would be shut down.

Dave: Yeah, I just I keep going back to this thing of, of you being in these multiple niches in then, and then being able to, to have the, the new opportunity in a completely different and totally, you know, new niche, make sense for the person who, what is maybe in the RV I mean the way that you're connecting these niches together, you know, by presenting the problem, I would assume like be in an email sequence you know if somebody signs up for your real estate for your, for your for your crypto are your day trading, you know, checklist and then they get on that email, of course you present them with that day trading training opportunity which that creates a commission for you. But then, hey wanna want another stream of income, well, but I also do affiliate marketing, check this out, and then. Hey, what happens if something bad happens? Let me tell you my story about COVID Are you prepared, you could get into doing it, you can be an affiliate for prepping products, you can have your own prepping checklist or training courses. Hey, want to get on the road, want to travel. Now there's an introduction to RV. I mean, there's a way that if you guys want to, to expand in the different niches. You can do that, and also a lot of you guys have information and knowledge that you could talk to people like you do Jason, that you're just sitting on, not monetizing like Jason's doing what's coming up for you, Jason?

Jason: In my head, it made me think. We're not in sales, what you just said and all those questions that you just came across, We're not in sales, we're problem solvers. That's our problem that we are problem solvers. You just said the problem. Okay, people came into this class 97% of people who day trade lose money and fail 95% lose money, and fail. That's statistics Hi, So, yes, I can show them the training, I can take them over there, but I know, 95% of those people most likely will fail very hard. Okay. But those people also like another end to go probably want passive income they want something, the chances of somebody losing their backside. Learning affiliate marketing, not as high. Yeah, like, they're gonna get in and lose 20, 30 $40,000 like that, like, since we've been on here I'm down $26,000 Okay, I can lose everything like that. Right. You're not going to do that in affiliate marketing, you may not make as many commissions with this day but then the next day it gets better, way more passive too, if I'm not trading, I'm not making money. Super volatile, so now I can take that pain point of oh they've lost, or they're losing. And I can push that low pain point a little bit and bring them in, and let them find success in another way, because maybe it's not for them. It's not for everybody. And I don't just tell everybody, hey go out and do it. We do want, but you do have a passion for it here. This is the train that I learned. This is the best training. I've spent $15,000 In the last year going through different training platforms, I know which ones are good, I know which ones are crap. This is the good one. Don't waste your money on all those other ones. This is the only one I believe. And, and here's why. All right, so I'm providing that value. I'm trying to set them up for success, but in the back of my head. I know. 95% will fail. That's just the statistic that's the way it is. Yeah, like some of the people that I trade with, they're jet pilots and test pilots. I have one guy who is a surgeon. There was kind of just something fun for them. And I asked him, I said, So what's harder is learning how to do surgery, and learning how to fly a jet. I learned in day trading basically day trading is so much more difficult. What does that say about, okay, it's hard. Yeah, is affiliate marketing, all that hard to learn. I didn't think so.

Dave: Yeah. Well, that's, I mean, that's. And I will also say that you know you got to have some mindset to be able to do, you know, an interview, and know that you've got 60 26,000 in the red behind you, you know what I mean you got to be able to hold your composure, there's ebb and flow. I, it's just like it's the same thing where we're at here, right 90% of day trading is mindset. 

Jason: I think 80% of affiliate marketing or any kind of marketing is also mindset, if you don't have that right mindset, it's not going to work, and your sales, it's not just not. I'm confident that it's gonna be fine. And I'm right, my statistics say that I'm right 70% of the time. And because I know I'm right 70% of the time even if my losses and wins are equal, Because I'm right 70% of the time, a profit. Though I'm confident in my statistics. And just like trading, I have statistics I know when, what time I'm profitable, I know what size, large stocks, small cap stocks, I know when I'm profitable or not profitable, I know the time of day that I'm trading. I know the price of the stock, I know the float, I know everything about a stock, I can literally track it just like we track our email sequences, our funnels are, how we constantly test. The same idea. If you look into that mindset, they're very similar.

Dave: And also, what gives you the confidence to have the mindset that you do is certainly confidence that's been built in that you're building by taking action. And then the evidence from those actions so you do that enough, you build confidence, but also, one thing that I want to point out is, you're also not making emotional decisions you're making decisions it's based on data, and that's one of the big pieces that a lot of marketers leave out is what make a decision based on the data, you don't need to guess you don't need to ask somebody else to make a decision about everything you do in your business, test it, look at what works, if you have one bridge page video, that, that you have for the month of April, do another bridge page video with a tweak for the month of May in test, the difference, how many leads did you get how much money did you make from those leads, you know, we teach that specifically in the business blueprints, right, there's a, there's a part right on testing and tracking. It's about letting the data guide our decisions, and not just making emotional decisions or getting into this, this sort of thing like, Please help me. It's that newbie, you know, you're not a newbie, you're just not ready and you're just, you're, you're new at this, and you're, you're not letting the data drive your decisions, you'd rather somebody else make the decision for you, which is a bit of an employee mindset. If we look at mindsets, as an employee, I beat you to the boss to tell me what to do, and if, if something doesn't go right, well it's what you told me to do, right, you told me to do it this way. So as an entrepreneur, I have to shift that mindset into taking responsibility saying okay I'm going to test this, see how it works out. And then I'm going to test something new and see if that works better. And then I go with a better version. It's actually really simple, right, then I do that again the next month and I go with a better version. 

Jason: Yeah, it makes me think I made a tech talk yesterday about the nine to five, being an employee versus being an entrepreneur, and how basically being an employee, It's carrots or sticks. So they give you the set of tasks right and you start doing those set of tasks, there's already a system in place, we're going to give you a little bit we're going to give you a character, whether that's a little raise or we're gonna give you a pat on the back or maybe you move up in your position right little carrots but what if you don't meet that test, they're gonna beat you with that stick right they're going to give you how they're going to constantly give you hell about it or you potentially can lose your job or whatever, and you got it. What if you don't like carrots? Right. What if you don't like somebody saying, Oh well, you can't. We've already structured this is what you're doing. And this is your cap, this is where you can get and you have to work up this corporate ladder. What if that's not for you, what if you're not into carrots? Some people aren't. Do I think a nine to five job is good for some people? Yes, do we need nine to five jobs 100%? Do I think it's for everybody? I don't think so. Some people need that structure because they can't manage themselves, so they need somebody to manage them. But if that's not you, and you want that time, you want that option. Or, I said, I just need to clear it, you know, and find approval. Wait for two to three weeks for fine coverage, whatever, Right. I can't live like that anymore. I'm a workaholic. Right. Um, I'm okay. Getting up early, I'm okay day trading, I'm okay running my business, I'm okay. Sometimes building this empire that I'm trying to build. So, in the future, I can have that more passive income, and have more time, but I also have the freedom as I go, You know what, I'm not doing anything today. I have that freedom. And I like the option that just having that option is freeing. 

Dave: Yeah no it is man, it is this has been great. If somebody was sitting on our checkout page, maybe some of them, you said maybe somebody else who knows, and they're making a decision, you know, do I want to get involved with legendary and go all in. In, be a part of this community and learn from the people who were here and learn from the curriculum, start one of these business models that we teach here, what would you say to that person?

Jason: I would say jump. Dive in. It's a small little micro investment they even see if it's for you. And if it is for you. I think that's fantastic. The community is amazing. and, like, I've now put together some masterminds that I do every other week, with some of the top affiliates, and we literally get together and throw ideas back and forth, going back to that thing we talked about earlier, sometimes you have an idea, you have a passion, but you can't see it yourself, but having that community around you that sees your idea sees that passion, now they're throwing things at you, and then you're going to be able to see things for them, and literally we help each other, right, where this is not a competition, nobody's here competing with anybody else. It's not the see who's got the best followers there see who's got, oh I've got this many opt ins or I've got this make Commission's if that's not what this is, this community is here to help each other and see each other succeed. And that itself is a mindset. All right. It's a beauty, it's been the most beautiful community that I've ever had to work with, you know in construction, it's looking much, much better looking. Look at those lines my lines are straight but my this, you know, through the trades, it's always cut down framers goddamn drywall guys goddamn finisher goddamn Sanders damn painters, right, and everybody gives each other hell along the way, I have not seen any of that here. Yeah, the community is phenomenal. So you're gonna learn a skill you're going to have a community that's going to be able to push you up, push your boundaries, keep you accountable, and keep you going, because there's gonna be times that are rough times, sometimes things are hard. We all hit that, that peak, and we all go into that valley of despair, and we all need somebody to help us bring us back out right, we all hit all of us, everyone, and without that community, You might quit, you might never ever find that success because you literally quit right before you found that success, and you would never know. And then you get those people that do quit, which I'm sure you see, oh it's a scam it's a this is a this, well no you just quit. You didn't have the creativity, he didn't have the drive and you literally just quit or maybe you didn't have. He didn't find that low community you didn't find when you didn't ask for him. Ask for help if you guys need help, ask for help if you need my help. I'm happy to help. I had a I was supposed to have a one hour meeting last night that ended up turning into five hours last night, literally helping other affiliates with their ideas and their dreams, one vision, and they married one system, but what does that do when they marry one system, if that system falls off disappears, whatever, what happens to their business. Right. Yeah, I'm not saying don't use this, but let's have a niche, find the opportunity within that niche, and make a win win. And literally I went through, person by person found their passions. We came up with a niche, we found an opportunity, and we found a win-win solution, and we did that, as a group and as a community. 

Dave: And just to think Brother I mean six months ago, you're not even, you know you're not even, you're not even at the starting one and you're just getting ready to step up to the starting line. I mean, it's just amazing how quickly things can change how fast you can make progress here. If you get in and get to work in just a plot like you know just let all of those old stories go, and step into your most brilliant self which is really your authentic self, you know, And, and I can see that you're doing that, and it's a beautiful thing to watch man, it's a beautiful thing to watch. I hope you'll be willing to come back and do a part two with us and continue to share some of this, I can't wait to see where you're at after 12 months of being in this industry.

Jason: And I hope to be on top. One day I hope to be where you're at. 

Dave: Well, Brother, you know, look man, I mean, it's, I like to do the shows and I like to. I like to be right down in the trenches with people, man. You know what I mean, that's, you know, it's, it's time things I must earn as well, right, it's time in the game, you know what I mean

Jason: 100% You got to put in that time upfront. Yeah, you have to. 

Dave: Yeah. It doesn't have to take, doesn't have to take 10 years, doesn't even have to take five years. But time is something I must, or it's, it's, there's no way around that and I that's what I liked about what you have to say so much is that, you know, you're, you're not wasting time, you're not waiting for permission, you’re not getting ready. When you first take time to be able to succeed, that thing if you learn to learn this practice and I like that message man because it's really true. So, well, brother. I'll let you get back to your other activities there hopefully that market turns around, we don't have to know that number, man,

Jason: It's gotten worse.

Dave: I could have guessed that by the look on your face well I'm sure it'll come back around for you man. And if it doesn't then I'm sure you'll make it back in affiliate marketing, you know what I mean.

Jason: There's always another day it's even flow.

Dave: That's it man, of everything. Yeah. Well Jason thanks for sharing your story brother, the honest courageous truth in what you've been through. I'm glad you made it through and I'm glad that you're, you know, now a part of our community and you're giving back, so much I really appreciate it man. And I'll look forward to part two.

Jason: Man, I appreciate you having me and any of the affiliates if you guys are struggling, let me know. I'll help you out and we'll go through my now method with you to at least find your, your niche and find your, your strategy and even with what you're currently working with I'm happy to help anybody I throw people in just large groups as part of my helping a million people right, I got to offer you and we'll all work together and we'll make you amazing and bring you to the next level. I love seeing people succeed. That makes me happy, makes me smile.

Dave: Nice Jason, well thanks brother appreciate your spirit man, and, and have a great day stay Legendary my brother.

Jason: See you buddy.

Dave: All right, my friends. There you have it, just, wow, what an incredible what an incredible journey just in a short six month period. What can happen coming back from being in a, in such a bad place, You know, Jason coming from struggling, just as any story I've ever heard, to now take it to his own hands, and, and, and really taking control of his future in a way that so many people wish they could, and here's the beautiful news, you can, you can write, and it starts with a decision so whether you're just getting started or you're starting over today, which is completely okay. Get in the game, stay in the game. Come back here every morning for the sort of motivation 10am Eastern time if you want us to send you a little reminder of these, these wakeup shows you can text Wu l, 813-296-8553, I’m Dave Sharpe, on your pilot for this journey, this adventure, at least for today and I'll see you back here tomorrow. Peace.

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