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Dave: My friends, what is going on is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. We have another awesome episode. This Friday morning, a gentleman who is an engineering student is going to be sharing his story, landing his first big commission and launching his business off the ground. With that being said, Phil LeBeau Philip, welcome to the show, brother.

Philip: Thank you for having me. 

Dave: You're welcome, man. You're welcome. Where are you calling in from?

Philip: Phoenix, Arizona. 

Dave: Okay, okay, okay, out in the land of Matt, he lives out there as well. 

Philip: I'm in Flagstaff right now but, okay, yeah,

nice flags, I've played golf in Flagstaff before, it's kind of up, it's elevated up higher, like, I remember it was that the temperature changed from what we came in to Arizona, when we drove up to Flagstaff to play golf. It was much colder there, I was honestly kind of freaked out about that. Yeah, definitely. Nice man So how old are you in college right now?

Philip: I am in college and I'm 20 years old. Okay, Okay awesome just getting started man just getting started in my third year of college, studying mechanical engineering. 

Dave: Okay, so what led you online and eventually to Legendary.

Philip: Well, I guess. I mean, it depends on how far you want to go back. If I go back, Technically to my first online venture. It was my junior year of high school. I am kind of an interesting one. I actually grew aquatic plants and sold them on the Facebook marketplace. But that was not a super big online venture and then really what really got me started was last fall. Me and my roommates, we started a Mac repair business, so we bought broken Macbooks off eBay, fixed them up and resold them. That got me interested in online business and everything and then scrolling through TikTok one day and kept seeing legendary marketer, check this out, check out this course I can, I was like hey, why not. I actually didn't spend much time like, you know, fumbling around I know a bunch of people are like, Oh, let me learn more about this let me learn more about this, I just decided to dive right in, which was probably one of the best things I could have done was just start when I saw it and from there it was just I got super into it, excited about it excited to do it excited to actually get started and presses history. 

Dave: Why do you say that was probably one of the best things that I could have done? 

Philip: Well, I've talked to a bunch of people, like for example Logan Kramer. I know you've talked to him before he has said he got, he learned about affiliate marketing learned about it and was interested and ended up researching and not actually taking action for like months, and I just dove right in, I just started took the course and that was because he, you know, a bunch of people will try and learn on YouTube, try and learn and others, other ways, and it's just, you know, A bunch of information it's all out there but trying to rein it in. So I just went straight into Legendary marketer and learned it the right way. The first way that I learned, and so I was able to get started faster.

Dave: Yeah. Nice. And you've made some money in, And that's been exciting for you right

Philip: Yes definitely the first, first steps all the way I set like small goals so when I first started it was just getting a lead not even a sale just get that lead, and then they'll grow from there. So, and it's exciting because when you set those small goals, you really are able to celebrate when you hit those small goals and so you end up celebrating more and it just keeps you more excited.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. My journey started the same way I wasn't focused on commissions at first I was focused on leads, and I started to get good at lead generation, and, and that was sort of the key to everything, you know, when did you start.

Philip: I started, I took, I started actually on like March 5 And then I took the course before that but

Dave: I gotcha. I got you. Yeah, man. I think that's just a big key, just hit on that one more time, you know, focusing on getting good at lead generation, you know if you can get good at lead generation. The rest, the rest really is. If the rest will take care of itself, I guess is the best way to say it, lead generation is the is the is the lifeblood of any online business and quite frankly it's the lifeblood of any business at all, period, online or offline is lead generation it's getting people to raise their hand to say I'm interested, I'm into, sort of, you know, qualify them, and online what that looks like is basically a lead to somebody who, who enters their name or email into a, into an opt in page a squeeze page, and a landing page. And the reason why that has been the sort of technical term of a lead is because if somebody clicks an ad, watches a video, whatever, and then comes over to your lead. Your, your opt in page, and they enter their information, they, they have said, I'm the person that you're looking for. Because what you're offering as bait on your lead capture page is only bait that that type of fish would like. If I'm, if I'm selling, if I've got a lead capture page to try to generate leads from people who are interested in aquatic plants. I'm not going to put on my lead capture page and want to learn how to make money online. That's that's not so I'm going to put something on that lead capture page that is bait that only that particular person would be interested, like, here's the five aquatic plants to avoid, and the number one best aquatic plant to grow inside of your house, or whatever, right, that person enters their email into that form, I know that that person is out of probably the 10 or 20 or dozens or whatever who landed on that page they did it into their email. I know that that person is a highly qualified prospect or somebody who's probably a good person to try to sell something else to and usually on the next page is where that automated selling process happens because you've got the next step for them then to go wherever you want to send them to either sell them something, or refer another product so lead generation is the lifeblood. And that's the thing that I think we need to get focused and stay focused on doing, not making sales because making sales is a result of generating leads anything that you would add to that?

Philip: Yeah, I mean, I thought one thing I will add to that is that you're so you're saying how, when someone puts in their email, they're a qualified, qualified lead and I 100% agree with that. But also following up with following up with your leads is just as important as growing your leads, because for example my first two sales were from my emails. So, making sure you have that email automation set up is a key step because you can, you won't be able to do anything with those leads if you don't have anything in place to actually promote to them.

Dave: And you and you and you want them to want to be constantly putting an affiliate link in front of them to click. So, if they are in any way shape or form interested in, in that product that they're clicking your affiliate link so if they buy or when they buy you actually get credit, that's another reason why we want to be putting our if we're, of course, an affiliate or doing affiliate marketing we want to put that link in front of people as often as possible. So, when they or if they go to buy. We're that last link that they clicked. So we actually get credit for the sale. You know because most affiliate programs work on a last touch basis which means the last affiliate, whose link that customer clicked, is the affiliate who's going to, I mean like, I would say, I don't know of any affiliate tracking system that doesn't work like that like they are near an affiliate or legendary works like that Clickbank work like that, like, whoever the last affiliate that you clicked on their link, that's the affiliate that's going to get credit for the sale. So you want to make sure that you get them clicking your link, so they get cooked to your affiliate link.

Philip: Exactly. And it takes. I think it's around seven times for someone, the average person, to see it seven times before they actually commit to something. So, you know, you see, whatever this ad one time, you're less likely to click it than if you've seen it seven times. So, if you can get in front of them as many times as possible, you're more likely to be that seventh person, or that seventh link.

Dave: Yeah, that's a that's a that's a statistic that's been thrown around a lot, you know, Like, I agree with it, you know, I agree that it takes multiple times, usually for somebody to see something before they before they take action, and I think probably seven is probably a good average. Whether it's one or two times or whether in some cases it's 1523 times, I have had people on my email list over the years, who were there for multiple months or years, just watching, not particularly in it, you know, the truth is, they weren't always like, looking at me, to make sure I was in many respects they were just procrastinating and not, they were just sitting on the sidelines and finally they were ready to actually buy or do something or they just had an impulse one day in my email happen to show up in their inbox and they click that link, And they bought.

Philip: That’s why you want to be putting your link in front of them, always.

Dave: Always man, always so you said, I've learned a lot about growing a social media account to help promote products and build the right audience for your product. Specifically, I've learned a lot about TikTok and how to get started and build a business there. Talk about that, where, where can you start and give us some of those tangible nuggets that some of the people who are listening can use.

Philip: Yeah, so for me I specifically started on TikTok, and especially when I started it was really, it still is really really big and really easy to start as a beginner. But one of the big things is when you're starting just make a video. And I'm pretty sure everyone will tell you that it doesn't matter how good it is, just make one get your face out there, eventually become more comfortable. It took me, you know, not that many less videos than I was expecting to get comfortable, but my first, you know couple videos were not good, I mean I'm still learning, but when you're first starting just make the videos, get your face out there and you'll start to become more comfortable and you'll feel yourself feeling more comfortable in front of the camera feeling more comfortable talking to yourself to other people, just talking to the camera. And then also, that's as far as like starting, but then the other big thing on tick tock, and I know a lot of other platforms, but specifically tick tock it's you have to get to 1000 Tick tock, or 1000 followers to go live and live, really helps you be able to build a connection and put a face, because you know you're obviously putting your face out there, when you make those videos, but going live allows people to actually talk to you asking questions, so that's like a really important part to your business is connecting because people will be more likely to trust you if they're able to talk to you, to you right on alive is kind of the closest thing to feel like there Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, you are still talking to yourself, there's the comments and everything but close as you can get to talking to them. Yeah. But for me, like, I struggled to get to that 1000 follower Mark and I know a lot of people do. And I just remember, I went to other people's lives, pretty much daily, and asked them as many questions as I could. I asked every single question I could possibly come up with, and learned as much as I could so that way I could apply that into my business, and that's where a lot of people will think that they can't necessarily reach out and ask questions and they'll get run over. And it's a lot better. I mean, from now being on the other side of the screen, me being live. I like it when people ask me questions.

Dave: Yeah. So, if you're going to be there. You might as well be learning what you need or want to learn. 

Philip: Right, exactly, yeah.

Dave: Yeah. I think that's a big, awesome tip for everybody, because I think if we're all honest, a lot of us are attending, and looking at other people's content and trying to pick up various tips and watch other people and see what they're doing, but a lot of times we just are trying to sort of translate or how to guess okay what's working for this person and then we get of course caught up in what they're saying and before you know it times got by and we're going okay, what did I just learn what what did I just take away from that, that live or that video that I just watched, and instead. If you even as a listener, even as somebody who's doing research, or spying on other people. 

Philip: If you can ask questions in control of the conversation, as much as possible. Then ultimately, you're going to walk away with more clarity, you're going to walk away with more useful information so if you are going to be on videos or live, or you are going to be watching others doing research then ask questions and try to control the conversation and get the clarity that you need on areas that you're unclear, I think that's a great, that's a really great thing.

Dave: Exactly. Speaking of people asking questions, Michael said, Can we get some lead generation tips?” Can you talk a little bit about how you've taken people from watching your content to actually opting in clicking your links, and then opting into your pages and becoming a lead.

Philip: Yeah, Definitely. So one of the big things. A lot of people will miss their videos as a call to action, if you have a video that you are, you know, explaining you're teaching all this valuable stuff, or your gathering you're getting their attention, somehow. And then you just end the video without saying, you know, check out the link in my pie or follow me for more information, something to get their attention on you or to your link, you're missing out on that potential so no matter what content you produce, there's some sort of call to action that will bring them to your page where they can see that link, they can see your other videos, they're more interested and they are able to build more of a know like and trust with you. And so making sure you have that call to action. It's the biggest key to converting your traffic to actually leads.

Dave: And I think one thing that I see that, and I was talking about this with Matt Hetzel, the other day was ads. Now whether that ad is a paid ad that you're running on Facebook or YouTube or TikTok or whether that that ad, because really all content is an ad so even a video on tick tock, that you might not consider an ad is an actual ad, but does so when I say and I'm just giving you some context so you understand what I mean by when I say ad, but all ads should have an immediate and irresistible offer. Because if the ad doesn't have an immediate and irresistible offer, then even if it's entertaining or it's valuable. Then somebody is not going to take the next step to go deeper into your funnel. Exactly. And that's what we want. We don't want people especially to pay for the ads for god sakes but even if we're not, we don't want people to just watch our stuff. And then, just scroll on to the next thing we want them to stop, and then to go and go deeper into our funnel to become a lead to eventually buy something that's what we want. And so anytime I present an offer. I should do my best to try to have an intermediate in a residual offer. Now, let me give an example of what that might mean on TikTok videos. I will do a five part series of my top five ways to generate income online in September of 2021. If I do part one. Go ahead and like my profile and watch part two. I'll show you the second best way to earn money in September of 2021. That would be an immediate and an irresistible offer because if I taught them something good and valuable. They're going to want to learn more and I'm giving them a specific, immediate and irresistible offer to learn another strategy. If I was just sending them straight to my link that's up in my bio, and it's going to take them to a landing page, go to my bio, click the link and I'll give you a free training that will lay out my number one strategy to make money online, that takes four seconds to say, so at the end of a one minute video you have a four second call to action that's specific for them to click the link and then describes what they're actually going to get when they click the link. Exactly.

Philip: You know, because if you just say, hey, click my link there. Why would they, what's the incentive to do so.

Dave: Yeah, that's for you, that's, there's an incentive for you. There's an incentive for you there, but there's not an incentive for them. And what we always have to be asking ourselves, if we want to be great at marketing, we want to be legendary marketers, right, we always have to ask ourselves what is in it for them, is what I'm offering them. When I say click my bumper and in this sales video, is what I'm offering them to go in whatever book a call, whatever it is, is it they're an immediate and irresistible benefit. Exactly, to them.

Philip: Yeah, I often when I'm making the content or making some sort of ad. I will take a step back and think of myself if I ran across this video, what would I do? You know what I keep scrolling, but what I, you know, be like, Oh, what's, what's his like or what is what's going on. And that's where it is because you can get caught up in the I am producing it, or you can get annoyed and go back and say hey, as a consumer, or as a, you know someone that's consuming the content. Yeah, what would I do, yeah.

Dave: And I think rehearsing that even scripting that, like typing it out writing it out and then rehearsing that little call to action at the end of the video is something that you can even, you know, stop the content, and then, and then get ready to say your call to action at the end. With the jump cut feature that is now on all on all videos to where you can stop and record and take a breath, so you can you can nail that call to action at the end, I think that call to action at the end, is, is it's something that needs to be clear, it needs to be concise, and it needs to have that, what's in it for them, element and I think, I think the difference because I, you know, I was just talking to somebody the other the other day who started a new TikTok profile, and just had, you know videos taken off, million views, which by the way if you have an account that you feel like a shadow banned or something like that, start a new account. And oftentimes you'll see, you know, you'll see things take off, not guaranteed, but, but it happens. So yeah, if I got a video that has a million views and everybody loves to watch it, but they're not that call to action at the end of the video. It's the video that everybody loves. It's just a video that has a million views, it's not a video that generated me 1000 leads. Yeah, and that's what I need to do. I need to really shift my focus from views to leads. Because views are great, I mean views can ultimately grow my profile and so on and that's great. I want to get followers. I want to get views, but at the end of the day. I also need to get leads, I want to make money. And so, that call to action at the end, being clear, being concise, is, is just so important. So I hope that answer was Michael Michaels question about, you know how to generate leads online, right, and you know on any platform on any with any ad. What else would you say has worked for you, or what type of content. Have you found has been more effective than other types of content any other tips or things that have worked well for you in the beginning of your journey?

Philip: Yeah, definitely. So for me, Most of my business has been concentrated on TikTokI'm trying to expand into other platforms right now but I'm still learning on those other platforms so on TikTok specifically. I, you mentioned, for your call to action, you know you can stop it and do a jump. I actually suggest doing that and I also suggest doing jump cuts throughout your video, because if you just have one long video. People keep scrolling. Using jump cuts, keep people's attention. And it keeps them more interested because that's just human nature, I guess, you know our attention spans are really small. And I just so for me, like, specifically, I was stuck at like 150 followers or so, you know, and I was trying to hit that 1000 mark, and as I was saying earlier I was, I went on to people's lives and ask questions every day, and I was in a live with Logan Kramer and Tamara Jones, and we were talking about growing on TikTok, and I just learned so much that I implemented the next day and went from 150 to 1000 in a matter of like three days, and pretty much what I learned was, like, its people, attention span is really small so you have to keep that attention going, you know, by doing jump cuts you have to have shorter videos usually the viral ones in between, it gets a, and, like, 15 seconds is around that time obviously you can go a little bit longer, a little bit shorter. But the thing that I've learned is that if you're able to, once you get live features and everything. Your videos should really be to grab the attention of someone, get them to interact with your profile, interact with your link, interact with you in some way, so that way then on your live on your live videos you can teach them and interact with them even further. So, like, I obviously still produce videos, You know that are a minute long, and more teaching like hey, this is how you could do it, you know, because you have to, you need to produce that if you want to be successful, but you also need to produce the ones that will get people to click on your, on your page, you know, get people to engage. Yeah, engage with you.

Dave: They engage with you and the platform will show your content to them more as well. Yes.

Philip: So, one thing with the TikTok algorithm and I think Instagram is also doing this is when someone watches your video and swipes over to your page. That is worth a lot of points, and will boost not only your video but then your page to that person and other people. So getting someone to interact with your page is really important, because it'll boost all of your other videos as well. 

Dave: So, obviously, as you begin to follow, hundreds of thousands of people, yourself, you know, these, these, these, these algorithms have to pick and choose. Okay, whose content, am I going to put up at the top of the feed. For this particular user is always going to be, this is something that's universal across all platforms, it's always going to be content that you interact with most on Facebook if you private message somebody, and you're involved in any sort of one on one conversations. That's something that will give that person's content, a lot of score, that that would probably be the case on TikTok as well but all you know, the more engagement, whether it be comments or whether like the least amount of engagement, I would think, would be either watching a video, all the way through, or liking a video. Yeah, that would be like the least amount of engagement, the most amount of engagement would be going over to somebody's profile and spending multiple minutes scrolling through watching their videos, or actually messaging them, right. 

Philip: Yeah, definitely. So getting people to engage with your profile is the most important part, as far as building up that platform.

Dave: Yeah, and there's lots of different ways you can do that, I mean we've gone through a couple of ways to give calls to action to generate leads but, you know, generate leads in an opt in form through them clicking your link but you can also generate engagement through giving people calls to action to click over to follow you to click to your page and then watch part two, right. Yeah, watch the previous bit of the series right, those are other ways to get people to go to your profile to give them specific calls to action to go and watch other videos on your page. That would be a great way to mix it up to test a call to action to get somebody to go over to your page watch previous videos, you know, go over to my page and send me a direct message saying, saying, 1k days or something like that, right, that would get people going over to your profile to so there's different calls to action that we can give people to go over and engage with our page in different ways, that would show TikTok, or Instagram or even Facebook, whatever the platform is that this person is interested in engaging, and I think the more that we switch that up and test different things, the more of a chance we have to get people to engage, most people are going to want to engage in, you know, people are going to want to or be used to engaging with people in different ways. So calls to action, even to leave a comment, we see that a lot, leave a comment, whatever the end, the more specific you can be, if you just say hey, like, like, like and comment below. In big us call to action. But if you ask a specific question or if you say I'm going to pick a winner, right, tell me the city that you live in. I mean these are specific calls to action that I can run as a, you know, mini campaign on my Tik Tok profile to get people to engage with me to shop, and ultimately, the bigger goal. Sure, the campaign that you're running here whatever you're trying to do with that is, is, is one thing but the bigger goal as you said, and as we've talked about, is to show the platform. This person wants to engage with my stuff to show him my stuff. Yeah, exactly. We run into that seven exposure thing right to where, you know, I, you know, if I show up on somebody's feed multiple times, they become more familiar with me, and now all of a sudden that relationship got born also when I go live, that's going to show up. If somebody gets notifications, right. One of the best things to do is give somebody a call to action, to turn on notifications for whenever you post content and there's different ways you can do that on different platforms. But, I mean if you can get somebody to, to, to, you know, to actually get a notification when you post a new video, you certainly can do that on YouTube, or if you go to, and you just buy a text messaging service. And you, you can get people to actually get on your text message list. Now all of a sudden, you know, we're always so focused on email and that's great. Right. But, but if we can get people to subscribe to our text message list, the same way that we have people subscribe to get notified of Wake Up Legendary right, we've got 1000’s and 1000’s of people on that list, by the way, I think it would be only appropriate for me to give a call to action right now. For those of you who are not subscribed, simply text on your good old smartphone. WUL just those letters, upper or lowercase doesn't matter 813-296-8553 And we'll just give you a little text message reminder, in the morning, Monday through Friday, leave me alone on the weekends. Whenever we go live. All right, so we've gone through and given people now lots of different examples of ways that they can get people to engage in it and give calls to action. What else would you add to this conversation that's worked or not worked before we bring this airplane in for landing. What words of wisdom or advice, I mean based on your story and your journey here Philip?

Philip: I would say, I know. TikTok, Instagram, especially all the short form contents are very specific on like, if you are consistent, It'll start rewarding you even more. So if you show up every day and make you know a couple videos, a video at least one video every single day. A Your videos will be put out there more but if you don't, and you, you know, stop for a couple of weeks or whatever. When you get back in it's gonna be slow to get back in. So if you can stay consistent and show up every day, you know, even if you can only show up for 45 minutes 30 minutes. It's better than nothing. So, consistency, and then also when you're first starting just persevere through that beginning because you know it's tough, you're putting in all this work and you're not necessarily seeing the monetary results, you can be seeing the, you know, people are interacting with you more. But you're not necessarily seeing the monetary results, just persevere through that and you'll get there. 

Dave: Yeah, for sure man. If somebody was sitting there contemplating going through the 15 Day Challenge and becoming a part of our community based on your experience and what you've experienced here, what would you say to that person?

Philip: Do it because that 15 day challenge as a course is phenomenal. It teaches you so much, but almost more valuable than the course is the community that you get to join afterwards, and the people that you're able to reach out to and ask your questions, and people will be you'll ask your question, and people will be able to answer you, you know, pretty much immediately, you know, relatively immediate like really fast. And that's, that's huge. That's one of the most valuable things you can get from this is the community of people.

Dave: Yeah, know for sure people are what makes everything what it is exactly, whether it's the craftsmanship that they put into it, based on their experience and skills or whether it's just the information they give like you've done today man so thank you for that you've sparked a really powerful and important conversation about lead gen and calls to action and, you know, keep up the great work keep growing, you're young you got plenty of time. But you're off to a great start. And so, you know, keep us posted, come back, keep us updated. And, and thanks for your time, buddy. 

Philip: Thank you. Thank you for having me. I will talk to you later, man. 

Dave: I'll see you. Alright guys, go, go give Philip a follow and connect with him and lift him up as I tell you to do with everybody because that's what makes this world go round. And, and the more you put out, and what you put out is what you'll get back. If you haven't joined our 15 Day Challenge, and you're, for some reason, sitting on the sidelines stalking us, just get started. Go through it, do it. I don't know what else to say, right, you've probably heard lots of different people giving lots of different, you know, testimonials about their experience, you're just procrastinating and it's only hurting you. If you're in our community and you're debating about getting involved in our business blueprints. I just kicked off a full day training that we put you through. As soon as you become a blueprint member, that happens every other Friday with a live class, which is set up to give you the information that you need at exactly the right time, just to allow you to start implementing, and then build the proper support system around you. So you can succeed, not alone on an island by yourself but with a team with a group with feedback with coaching along the way. And there's a 90 day plan for you when you get started, if you want additional accountability and coaching. So do that, consider that, talk to your business plan advisor, and either get started with our affiliate business blueprint, or our bundle, if you have time to be able to take advantage of that offer. My friends, it's Friday. It's the beginning of a new month. Okay. As we approach the end of yet another year, you know, it's just amazing how time flies. And my hope is that by the end of this year you look back and say this was the best year of my life. As far as business goes. And I know so many of you will, and if you don't feel like that's going to be your story, change it today. Get out of here stay Legendary Thank you Philip again for your time go follow that guy. The TikTok handle is right up there on the screen, and we'll see you on Monday. Peace.