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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave sharp Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I am thrilled to be with you coming from our mansion here in Orlando. We just finished up our Legendary Marketer mastermind and it's been a fantastic weekend. So many breakthroughs, so much incredible content, incredible connections. But we have business as usual. So help me please welcome to the show. Jackie Bertram. Jackie, what's going on? Welcome to the show.

Jackie: Hi, thanks. for having me.

Dave: Hey, you're totally welcome so we have you know, mark on the show single mom feels with multiple business models but succeeds with this. Tell us just briefly a little bit about your story and what led you to Legendary?

Jackie: Yeah, so I think I've always had kind of an entrepreneurial spirit, but growing up kind of humbly, I valued security more than anything. So when I was choosing a career path, I really wanted something that was secure where I could still be people because I didn't necessarily want to get into something salesy or marketing, which here I am. But I'm actually helping people. Now. I didn't realize at the time that you could still do that and make an impact. So I went into nursing, and that wasn't an easy path. It hasn't been I've been a nurse for over 10 years. I've gotten into management over the past couple of years. But probably for at least five years or so I've tried several different routes of getting out of nursing in general because it's a tough field, especially as a mom. I did. I went through multilevel marketing, publishing, I had my own life, coaching business for personal brands, and I had my own personal brand. But then what happened was I went through a divorce a couple years ago, and I felt like in my personal brand, the thing I struggled with the most was being super transparent about everything going on in my life and kind of relating that to how I could get better in business etc. But I didn't feel like doing that. I didn't really want to put all my current events, I guess on the table when that was happening. And so my brand actually kind of started to fizzle away, and I didn't want to go. I didn't want to have a personal brand for a while even though I had a lot of success with that. And there is so much power in telling your story. I just wasn't there yet. At that time, and I know you've had a lot of success just in telling your story. But it is a very vulnerable place to be especially when you're going through something you're in the thick of something.

Dave: Oh, for sure when you're going through it. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Jackie: I think it's easier when you kind of like gotten a step ahead and can look back and share your insights. But I kind of just gave it up for a while and focused on my kids and the career I had and then I started getting an itch again. And I was looking back into what methods I could use to make some money on the side that could grow into a business that could potentially get me away from my career which is highly demanding, highly stressful. And I was just searching through a Facebook group one day and people were talking about how they make money online and kind of the typical answers came up like Oh, Social Media Manager Oh, I'm in multilevel marketing, etc. And then someone was like, Oh, I do high ticket affiliate marketing. Like I make 1000s of dollars. a month. I don't know why you guys are even any of these business models. And I was like what? Because I've done affiliate marketing in the past just with an Amazon affiliate. I actually got kicked off of Amazon affiliates, after like a few weeks because they have really strict rules. I didn't know that. I didn't realize you couldn't post in certain places like social media, like in Facebook groups. So I just kind of figured Oh, that's not right for me a few years ago, but then I started Googling more, watching some YouTube videos and really getting into it and came across your program through Stacy La. And I think the important thing to note there is that if I would have just seen your sales page to begin with, I might have been skeptical, but I think the power in these and having affiliates is that you get to find somebody who you connect with like me just because of there's more similar to you or they speak to you in the language that you need to hear and she kind of introduced me to legendary marketer in a way that made sense to me. That really drew me to it and then I just made a decision that I'm gonna go for this I don't have much time I really don't I'm not like all of the people that are on this show and might have like a few hours a day or you know, got laid off like I do not have much time but I use the time I do have very efficiently and I've found a lot of success pretty quickly because of it.

Dave: Yeah, yeah well first of all, Stacy La She's incredible. She was supposed to be here at this mansion. I'm sitting up in this kind of room I guess if you will. As the cleaning crews kind of cleaned up behind us all throughout the house. But she was supposed to be here. But for whatever reason, because of some things that are going on right now in the world. She wasn't able to come into Canada. And she's awesome. I had an awesome conversation with her on the show a couple of weeks ago. And it was an awesome episode. So if you are wondering, you know who Stacy is and what her story is and why she may have connected with Jackie, I would scroll back through our Wake Up shows and go find Stacey La’s show a couple of weeks ago and listen to it because it was really powerful. I love that. You know, I love that you said you may not have connected or even been skeptical if you just saw the VSL in the sales page. It was the affiliate that bridged the gap for you. That's what I think is true that everybody's not going to connect with me initially if they saw my content or material, especially in that context on the sales page. So I think that was a great point. And, you know, also I don't take that personally. It's just like all of you who are wondering, you know, why aren't people responding to my content? Well, you just haven't reached enough people to find your slice of the pie. You have Jackie, you've used your time wisely. You've built your TikTok up to about 40,000 followers. Now your marketing. We're going to put your TikTok candle side hustle back clean up on the screen. Give us a couple of tips. I'm going to have to jet here within a couple of minutes to kind of move out of the way for kind of cleaning crews and stuff here but I'd rather show up than cancel right. We do the show five days a week, rain shine or whether we're just ending independence. So give us a couple of tips about how you've been able to use your time so wisely.

Jackie: I think doing the research first ahead of time watching the trainings, figuring out watching some people who are making it work and hooking the audience first and foremost, I have a variety of videos that are shorter if I do shorter videos, I always hook them, give them a little mystery and then give that to call to action at the end. If I do longer videos like a minute. Ish. I will make sure to jam pack full of like step by step instructions and to get very clear, eliminate any gaps of time, make it pretty fast paced and keep them intrigued. And then again call to action at the end and engage with content, comments.

Dave: Sounds like you really got into the Learn, do teach and took that you know seriously. And I think there's a couple of things that I've seen make people successful quicker. It's number one, you've either got your back against the law and you got no Plan B scenario two is that you have very little time. And you're either going to make use of that time like you're talking about or you're just going to say I don't have time. So how long do you have each day and what does that time look like how you're spending it.

Jackie: I would say an average of an hour a day to be honest, but I can't say it's an hour every day because there have been weeks where there have been like five days and I've had zero time to do literally anything. And then I've had like a weekend where I pour like a full day into just learning, making sure my funnels are airtight and making content kind of making my next plan. I think having a plan is also important but not being scared to pivot in that plan too. So I would say probably on average an hour a day.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, it's been flexible. You know, I had somebody tell me early on in my recovery journey, not just in my market journey. He said, You know, being rigid. Means you're brittle. You break easily. You flake easily. Being flexible, you're able to adjust and be flexible. Pivot some of these words, it doesn't mean throw the baby out with the bathwater. It just means make subtle adjustments, small adjustments, tweak your messaging a little bit, tweak your approach to your videos a little bit, try something new before you just throw the entire business out and say hey, this isn't for me. Give us one final piece of wisdom that you would have given yourself when you first started that you know now.

Jackie: I think I would say that you don't have to be a complete expert to start with, you just have to be one step ahead of your audience. So as long as you're one step ahead of them, you can still teach them something and then as you grow your audience also tends to grow with you and it's ready for that next step. So don't be scared and intimidated by all these people who are making it are doing really well. You can be just as equally successful. But the important part is understanding that you just have to be the person that like the three months ago version of you would need

Dave: Or even the person last week, right last week, yeah. didn't always need to mean months or years. It culd mean weeks or days.

Jackie: Absolutely. I learned so much just in like one day of being focused sometimes. So don't be intimidated by other people's progress. Or think that you're a failure because of their successes. There's no correlation. You are on your own track you can glean from other people but don't get off track by the negative comments that you get. There's a lot of those. It's very intimidating at the beginning, but you have to learn to let go of that and let go of the successes of other people that you might be intimidated by. 

Dave: Great advice, great advice. If everybody took that to heart, we would have an entire 100% success. So well. Jackie, thank you for your time. i love to have you back. This is going to be a little bit of a shorter show day just because we're wrapping up an event here and we have to keep it moving. But please please come back and give us an update in a month. Or two. I'd love to learn more about you. I'd love to hear more of your story or more of your wisdom and I have a feeling in just a couple of more months you're going to be 3x 4x 5x where you are right now because you've already made some amazing progress. So keep up the good work. Thanks for your time this morning.

Jackie: Alright, bye

Dave: Okay, all right, see ya Jackie. All right, my friends, please follow Jackie and connect with her. Her TikTok is up on the screen there. Side Hustle dot queen. Okay, side hustle dot queen in case you're. You're listening to this on the podcast. Look, we just finished up. We just finished up an incredible mastermind. I mean, I broadcasted live in the room on Friday. If you didn't catch that. Just scroll either up or down on this page wherever you're watching this to check it out. This weekend has been fantastic. So one of the things that we're about here at legendary is actually talking in meetings and actually working with our clients instead of Hawking pitching, closing and then blocking or hiding, which so often is what people's experiences with buying from gurus online. And so please get closer and get more connected in the community. We are as real as authentic, as transparent as it gets. We're also going to tell you, if we don't know for example, if I don't know the answer to a question, I may not know it but we'll get it for you. Somebody in this community knows it and we can help you get to the next level. You're always going to be willing to walk beside you. Not in front of you, not behind you but walking beside you and there's a lot of us here who can help a lot of us here who can support so I look forward to meeting you all and talking with so many of you in the coming months. And hopefully in the next couple of years. You know, but please lean in. That's my message for you this morning. Lean in and know that, you know, this community, this platform, this company, what we're doing here gives you every chance to succeed. Because it's not just about a piece of information. It's not just about the secret that I'm going to somehow reveal to you when you get to a certain point. It's everything here: the right people, the right information in the right environment. And we're just going to keep coming back every day. And believing in you and believing that you can do it until you believe in yourself and that you can do it yourself. That's when it clicks. Alright, so my friends, I love you all. Thank you. Thank you so much, Jackie. Thanks again. Please go give her a follow and connect with her and lift her up and support home. At sidehustlequeen over on TikTok. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Get out of here. Love you, stay Legendary. Peace.