3 Lessons From Inside A 15,000 (sq ft) Mansion At Our Marketer Mastermind

I don't know about you, but everything I learned growing up hasn't served me as an adult. Whether it was the grueling math lessons, the idea if I was creative and unable to focus I had to be “ADD”, or that “money doesn't grow on trees”… I have had to unlearn so much as an adult.

We recently hosted a Legendary Marketer Mastermind at an amazing 15,000 (sq ft) mansion and here are a few important lessons I wanted to get on film while they were fresh in mind.

Let me know what you got out of the video and if you can relate down in the comments.

I hope to see you at a mastermind soon.


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  1. John
    John says:

    Magnificent is the word you were looking for and my goodness even in my wildest dreams I would never have imagined a place like that. There is no point me making references to anything you actually said it all exactly the way people feel about success and money.

    • SAileshni
      SAileshni says:

      Hi it’s clear you talking about success. You never imagined that you will have all this . But today you have it .

  2. Kenneth Tennyson
    Kenneth Tennyson says:

    Evaluate the source of your limiting beliefs. Gain awareness so you can take responsibility. Then you can begin to take action and overcome. I heard it said that the word ‘believe’ comes from two words ‘be’ and ‘live’ in order to truly have victory, one must realize that he is alive – he is. And that realization begins the journey of possibilities. Thank you for reminding me that I am ALIVE and my LIFE belongs to me. My success does not depend on what others were able to accomplish nor is it limited by the faith (or lack thereof) that others have in me. I am, and I will, and because I will, my future is going to be defined by what I do about my will. I am thrilled to be commencing this journey with you. Thanks David for letting me walk with you for this time.

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    Hi David, I am totally confused, is there anyway I could get a one on one coaching because I am definitely missing something I am being told several different stories and I would like to know from you which is the truth. First of all. What am I selling? 2nd. How do I get paid while earning? And 3rd. Just exactly what type of company is this? Please reply URGENTLY. Regards. Donna

  4. Michael Wright
    Michael Wright says:

    I just want to say hello first and foremost before I give my take on this… Could imagine living or just visiting a place like that, I have to say I have thought about it many times over the years and I have had dreams about having a lifestyle like that… I have never liked making excuses for my life to this point to anyone and I could bring up many things that is the cause but in reality what good does it do.. It changes nothing and I’ve always said when you are a grown man or woman when you become an adult your choices are what determines the road you go down, I agree there things that you are taught as you were growing up…. The family you were raised in can cause you to start down the wrong path…. I could blame my mother for so many things she was a very abussive acholic that all the things I remember it wasn’t a miracle I came out of it at all.. I grew up trying to find my own way because I had no one to give me some kind of direction, with that said the road I was left on just never seemed to get easier due to the bad choices I made trying to figure this life it and what my purpose was… I decided when I was in my 40,s I was going to try to get me a business online and really at that time it really wasn’t something you heard about much and if course people would laugh and say good luck tell me how that works out for you, only an idiot would believe you have a chance in hell making it.. I lost what I considered a lot of money and I had to pull up my big boy pants lick my wounds and got tell everyone you were right I don’t know what I was thinking… I could of blamed it all on my mom and I did in my younger years but she was no longer in my life so even though I had a crappy start I was sceaming mom you ruined my life… Then inside my head said your mom hasn’t been in your life since you were 7 years old your 32 years old now… I realized right then you can’t continue to play the blame game… Look around even look back it’s all on you friend is time to try to figure out something different because I realized then the choices you make are your responsibility to one else’s but still the things I learned along the way didn’t give me the mindset that I needed to totally believe in that I deserved way more for my time than I’m getting… So I settled with the changes I made and don’t get me wrong they made my life a lot easier but I still would get upset because I knew I was worth more for my time than I was getting… With that said I finally at age 62 my job was working me 7 days a week 12 hours a day and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon… So I said I can’t do this anymore I’m to old to be working my life away, I’m suppose to be enjoying my later years and I was hateing them more than I ever did.. So again I said it’s time to put your old man pants on and got up to the CEO, s office and tell him I can’t do this anymore I’m to old to be working like I was a young man and I am in good shape but it wore on me more… I want a Energizer Bunny anymore that could go and go with only 4 hours sleep a day after awhile this old Energizer Bunny had to shut down to recharge… So I made a decision that I was going to make money online again and trust me I have been hammered not just by my friends but my wife has not liked it at all from the start and it has everything escalated because it’s been going on 3 months and everything I have tried hasn’t done anything to change my wife’s Outlook on the online thing… Because I have been told and bought into the built for you a buisness in a box… I want you to make money because I make money for my business… Your told you will have the same as I have you will start making money quickly.. The only problem is you get started and believe there going to get your business in a box up and running while you are learning, I have yet to see that happen and I have several thousand dollars in a couple of businesses and no one has said let’s get your business up and running so you can make money while you are learning and building up your business as you go…. It’s like hey guys I’m not on the fence here I really do want to do everything in order to scale my business because I want to make a lot of money… I’m not on the fence but I only have Social Security and I get paid once a month and I can’t continue to poor every dime I have into the business of it’s not going to bring something to the table, I still have bills, vehicle upkeep, gas, food you know the bear minimum to live… If I had thousands and thousands to throw in it all at once why would I be looking for something to help make ends meet… It’s done nothing but put bigger gasps and my wife is to the point of telling me if this doesn’t start making you some money in the next 2 weeks your going to either give it up or I’m going to be gone…. And you know she is right I have put her in this also… If it we’re just me, I know how to survive with very little money… So now I have to make a decision before to much longer… I told her a week ago babe your right I didn’t think about what I’m doing also affects you not just me… So we talked and I promised her that if she would give me 4 more weeks because I truly believe I’m close to getting over the hump… But if after 4 weeks I don’t have any income coming in from them I will concede… I have rambled on but it all ties into what you were talking about and that is you have to change your thought patterns and you have to be willing to take chances in order for you to learn and understand that just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean it won’t, you just need to do some adjusting to what you are doing even if it means starting fresh again… I am all in because I truly believe that it’s going to start generating and income and it has the potential to generate big money… I am not in it thinking I’m going to make millions but I am in it to make me enough money that I can be comfortable and not have to work about going on 2 or 3 vacations a year… I just want to live my last few years on this planet enjoying my retirement and not stressing about it I am going to have enough… If that happens you will see a very very happy camper… That would do anything for his business partners… Ok I just wrote a book and no time to tweek it… So I apologise… Have a great weekend…

  5. Natalie Critchley
    Natalie Critchley says:

    Great post and video Dave. Love the topic and message. Its all about money memories and what you do with the information. Sit back and do nothing or get into action. Thanks for the inspiration. That weekend at the mansion was EPIC. Appreciate all you do the Legendary Family!

  6. Paul Joutras
    Paul Joutras says:

    I just started reading the book. I’m still a little scetchy about it. I’m 51 years old and I want to retire from my city job in less than 6 years. I want to travel with my wife and enjoy life with our kids. Hopefully this will work for us. Thank you

  7. Amon mutai
    Amon mutai says:

    Mr Dave you are actually give us a good posted video and in addition to that you have a very good idea towards our future reference, I learn that all people needs success to bring up there business and earn profit for there goods .Lastly you saw us Avery nice place meant that we are actually needed nice place and this need to work to get what you wanted to continue to our life to be ,thanks for you lesson.

  8. Frances Wages
    Frances Wages says:

    Hey, Dave, Thanks for such a great video! I’ve been struggling with having money coming in, and am beginning to appreciate my part in that. Now, I appreciate all good things in my life, including money. I accept my mistakes, learn and move forward. I would really like to become someone that can help others as well as myself, and who can inspire people of all ages to pursue their dreams.

    Right now, I’m working a part time job and I’m itching to get in your program. I feel this is a positive environment and that it may well be just where I need to be.

    I have known of you since back in EN days, and so glad you’re doing this. As I’m having to be strict about my money just to survive, how many other costs initially might I expect? I am guessing and expecting getting such things as: autoresponder, blog, internet at home…LOL, possible advertising and all. I just want to find out if there is a starting point out there for me? I’m ready to take life on!

    Thanks for all the videos with such great information!
    Frances Wages

  9. Mmabatho
    Mmabatho says:

    What I can say is ,I thank God for giving this opportunity in my life to know people like you Dave,you’re an inspiration to family, my children will never work for a boss,They are going to be online entrepreneurs, they will live, the Legendarymarketer life style like you, I’M excited

  10. joy
    joy says:

    Thank you Dave, this video was awesome. It made me want to rent a nice house just so my son can see what is possible, next vacation. I am celebrating 15 yrs clean and sober Jan 17 2019 (in few days), my son will be 14yr old May and he’s never seen the alcoholic me and I’m grateful for my sobriety. I know I can do more and staying open to find my main purpose on earth. This video helps me see the possibilities and limiting beliefs must be changed. I’ve just started my LM journey and on Day3.


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