Who is David Sharpe?

After dropping out in 9th grade, fathering a child at 16 years old and developing a near deadly drug addiction, David landed face down and hit rock bottom in 2008. Completely broke and broken, he started to rebuild his life over from scratch. He knocked on his Dad’s door in February of 2008 and asked is he could sleep on his couch and get back in his feet. His Dad (Gene) said Yes. He worked construction and earned barely enough money to pay what little bills he had. Until one day he decided he was going to turn his mess into a message and transform his struggles into his strengths. 


But how. Simple, through the internet. Sure, I heard (probably like you heard)… “Be a good little boy or girl. Get good grades. Got to college. Put away money into your retirement account and you’ll be just fine.”


But the National Institute on Retirement Security reports that most people getting ready to retire have $3,000 – $12,000 to their name. Surveys show most Americans don’t have $1,000 in their bank account. Jobs have either been replaced by software or shipped overseas. Nearly 18-million students are enrolled at nearly 5,000 colleges borrowing up to $40,000 a year in student loans that they’ll be paying off for the rest of their lives.


Most people blindly trusted the government, corporations and wall street fat cats but they end up getting left holding the bag.


In 2008, I was stressing out about money. I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. And I was living paycheck to paycheck… and something needed to change.


So I bought an old rinky dink $500 laptop on my girlfriend’s credit card (yes, she let me! lol) and went to work learning how to leverage the internet to start my own business.


Sure there were obstacles and many months at first with no income. But THEN… I made my first sale. Then my second. The my third. Then I had my first $10,000 month and I knew I would never go back to living a “regular life” again.


What was the secret that I discovered that allowed me to begin building a business of my own online (using just a laptop and cell phone)?


I discovered that I could package my knowledge (or other people’s knowledge) into little video and audio digital-products and sell them over and over again to hundreds, thousands…even hundreds of thousands of people around the world. There was no longer a need to go to a bookstore to pick up a book, or order a video course through a TV infomercial. It could all be done online.


Let me actually break it down even further for you. (and please, pay attention, because I’m about to give you a real life, from inside the trenches million-dollar education about how to actually create a real, long-term sustainable business online with very little overhead or start up costs).


First, I needed a low cost front-end product to sell to give people an appetizer of what I had to offer before they bought the whole meal. Customers are like dates, you need to wine and dine them a little before you try and take them to bed.


And I needed to sell my products through something called a sales funnel, because they worked much better than traditional websites… which are great for branding, but horrible for making sales.


And to automate my sales funnel I needed a KILLER presentation that did all the selling and telling for me 24/7/365….so I didn’t have to talk to each person that was taking a took a my products and services.


Then I needed to duplicate myself with a sales team of talented people who can close high-ticket sales of my premium priced products for me over the phone, which massively multiplied my income.


A percentage of my customers would only purchase my low costs products while a percentage of them would upgrade to my premium priced products and services.


The rest of my time was spent placing little ads, checking my email and of course, having tons of fun and spending time with my family.


I’ve been running this little business model for several years now, and to my surprise it’s generated over $170-million in sales for me and my business partners. I’ve generated customers in over 100 countries.. I’ve traveled the world to train and speak on stages in different countries and continents… I’ve met the most amazing people because of it… And my business partners and I have been blessed to have amazing success. Quite a long shot from the from the broke construction worker who started with nothing.


But putting all this together on your own isn’t as easy as it sounds. Heck if it was, everybody would be doing it.


BUT….what if there was an easy solution to the long and daunting learning curve. What if you didn’t have to do all the work yourself…


Or sit through boring 8 week courses that made you want to stick a fork in your eye…


Or attend 20 seminars that that only sold you the next seminar :-/


Best of all, what if you didn’t need to figure things out all on your own?


Many people know Tony Robbins for his 25 plus year track record of running successful personal development seminars, but he’s also one of the great businessmen of the 21st century. He has ownership in several companies that do a combined 5-billion dollars a year a sales.


Tony said something brilliant. He said “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do…and you’ll achieve the same results.”


What if you could take Tony’s advice, and completely copy….or duplicate an already highly successful online business? Would you? If so, you might like to watch this and learn more about how we may be able to help you achieve your goals.



Dave Sharpe