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Matt: Hey. Hey Greetings, everybody. Welcome in. Happy Wednesday, December 15. My name is Matt, if you don't already know me, I am here. I'm live. And we've got awesome guests. To this. We go live every Monday, Friday at 10am Eastern time. And so I'm out here in Phoenix at 8am. And we go live, we bring on a new guest every single day. We've been doing this for nearly two years, every single day. People in our community affiliates of ours, people who have taken our challenge with purchasing our blueprints and got started advertising or whatever. And long story short. There's just a lot of people who are doing cool stuff. And I'm going to bring on Chris here. So if you can, if you're in the comments, help me welcome on to the show, Chris.

Chris: What's up, everyone? Thanks for having me on the show.

Matt: Heck, yeah. Heck yeah. Where are you calling in from? 

Chris: I'm from Marlton, New Jersey, on the east coast.

Matt: Right on. Awesome. Okay. So tell us a little bit about your world, your journey going from? Well, you still have a full time job, which is cool. By the way. A lot of people hate that. I think using a full time job to help fund a side hustle is smart. That's just my opinion. But you're so you tell us how you got started online. Tell us how you service and drop shipping. I think I read through a little bit about your questionnaire. Yeah, tell us why you got started in the onset. What were you after? What were you seeking?

Chris: So obviously back in 2020, we had a little issue with a pandemic. It didn't affect me with my livelihood. I was still working. But I asked myself, There's got to be a better way to generate some kind of an income from home. I mean, I work with my hands, I'm an electrician like a mechanic, so I'm always out in the grind of working with my hands. So eventually I said to myself, I need to develop something where I can work from home, and I can start making an income from home. So what I did was started doing some research and started dropshipping. And when I was dropshipping, there were a lot of negative comments about it, but I wanted to try it. So I used eBay for drop shipping and I was pretty successful with it. Like right off the right out of the gate. It actually worked really well for me. And now I wasn't only doing drop shipping. I was actually buying and reselling. So I started like an ecommerce Store with Shopify when I moved on to eBay and then, like one day, I'm just scrolling through tick tock, just like everybody else. And you hear about this affiliate marketing program. And yeah, I clicked on it and one thing led to another and yeah, here, here I am really? 

Matt: Dang good. That's crazy. Yeah, I mean, that's cool that you had access to with the Drop Shipping. Tell us about what was your experience in terms of workload and just overall and you don't have to hate it. I don't bring people on that just talk about dropshipping, but more to talk honestly about it. What was your experience with it?

Chris: Honestly, it's a lot of work. Especially when, I mean, you got all these orders to fill, and you got to make sure you're sending them to the right address. I mean, you got to stay on top of it. You gotta be on top of if the wholesaler has a sale or the price. You got to make them adjustments on a on a daily basis. You really got to pay attention to, to that. That process because because you can lose a lot of money if you're not paying attention to it. So you Because I don't recommend it for beginners, just because it is a lot. It is a lot of work. 

Matt: Yeah, it is a ton of work. I used to not really drop shipping but wholesaling. I used to buy these TI 89 calculators when I was in high school. And I took my parents debit card, bought them in bulk on eBay, and then I would sell them individually on eBay. And I have always been dropshipping. I was always like, man, that would have been so much easier. So, okay, so you're popping around on TikTok, you find TikTok. Yeah, you find Legendary, you find our challenge, you start getting into our challenge, you start going through the 15 Day Challenge. What was that experience? Like? Was that all new content to you? Have you heard some of this stuff before?

Chris: So I knew a little bit about affiliate marketing. So I did have a little basic background on it, because of me, going through drop shipping and E commerce stores. So I had a little bit of background for it just because that's how I started with drop shipping. So I didn't know what I was doing. But, I really didn't have any clue what I was doing. So at least I thought I did go through the process. And I mean, I had helped along the way. And, and I just mean I probably want to say I started back in. I want to say I started back in June. I went through the process of using TikTok to run and get a lot of traffic. And I wasn't really having success. In the beginning. It was actually the heart. So then I was actually taken. I was watching some of your videos, I kept asking myself, What am I doing wrong? Because everyone else seems like they're doing it right? But what am I doing wrong? Two weeks. If it doesn't, if it doesn't work in two weeks, I need to scrap it and move on to the next thing. So finally, I was like I need to go back in and I need to really watch Matt's videos of how to properly do this. And I'm not even kidding, dude, as soon as I liked it, I watched the video from start to finish and went through everything. It was like, like, boom. Like, yeah, it was kind of unbelievable. I mean, it just happened to me recently, like all through the summer, I was probably pushing out about I don't know, I would say maybe three, four videos a day. Not getting too many views. The same thing everybody else has a problem with, or most people have a problem with. But, yeah, so once I watched some of those training videos, I mean, it really brought me to the next level.

Matt: That's cool, man. That's really cool. And what happened when you got on TikTok? So you've been on TikTok and social media a little bit. Yes. As opposed to drop shipping. This is if you go on social media and try to start video content and stuff. It's a different ballgame was it? Was it easy? What was that? Like?

Chris: No, it was very, it wasn't easy, because I mean to videotape yourself talking to a piece of plastic, and then watching it. It's a little grimy. It really is. Especially if it's your first time doing but but I mean, you have to step outside that box and you have to step outside that comfort zone for you to succeed, especially in this kind of business.

Matt: What was that? What was that first video like?

Chris:  I mean, it was me talking really fast. Throw my hands in the air. Yeah, not really good money. 

Matt: Did you feel like over time, it's gotten easier, but also, what have you I mean, what's your routine? Like? Do you create a couple videos a day or what's your routine look like?

Chris: So what I do, so I have to be, I'd be my nine to five at 630 in the morning. So 40 Push out work and then I'll respond to a couple people that messaged me. We're all if I have time I'll push out a couple more videos. So yeah, I might store 30 in the morning to start pumping out videos just because I work full time as well. 

Matt: Wow. That's crazy, man. Yeah, I'm hungry. It's a regiment at all. I love that hunger. I I did this Same thing when I was working in coffee, I'd be there at 630 to start coffee roasting and I did the same thing. 4:30am Wake up call, grind and hustle. I go to work every minute during my lunch hour. Definitely guys. The guys that I would work with at the warehouse there, they all passed their cars and went down to Wendy's. I had a salad that I kept in the fridge. plug in my phone charger. I was just locked in. I was listening to training, listening to the stuff that was pushing me. And you know, those guys, they're still there? Yeah, they'll be there, they'll be private forever. It takes that hustle, it takes that sort of spirit of like, I want more and I'm hungry. And then you know, when I get back home from work, I would like I get done with work around three or something. And it back at it. And it was just that I just had the energy for it. When you've got the energy for it. You got to go in. 

Chris: Absolutely. Yeah, you got to be driven.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. That's cool. For the people who are on here who are trying to create content. What's been your most successful sort of video style? What have you found success in?

Chris: With a nice hook so they stay until the end of the video.

Matt: What do you mean by hook? 

Chris: How to like right away to get to the point. Big bold print. How to generate figures from the comfort of your own home? Things like that. Something big and bold. 

Matt: Absolutely. Okay, and then, and then bring them in with a hook. What's next?

Chris: So then you deliver. So you bring them in with the hook. And then you kind of walk along the process? You want to keep it high energy all the time. Fast paced? 

Matt: Absolutely. Yes, fast pace, because realistically, I mean, TikTok really destroyed almost everybody because our level of concentration literally lasted 15 seconds anyway. So you gotta be quick. And speak clear and speak. Believe in yourself, that's all you gotta do is just believe in yourself that you can actually do it. And I'm like, you know, like, you know, coming in with a sort of, really captivating focus is key. And usually. Yeah, we can say for 30 seconds, man is everything, you have to capture their attention. Also got to deliver something that's a value and I usually tell people to make that edutainment educational, entertaining. And you know, I've also had videos where I ended the video before a call to action, and I was like mid word on the last one. And then it just ends. People end up watching again, because they're like did I miss something there? There’s little viral hacks you can do too.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.

Matt: Yeah. You gotta play around with it. And I think I think one thing that you know, I guess this is just coming up for me right now because I'm, I've been sort of thinking about it. But one thing that I've been thinking about is how, largely, people underestimate their creative abilities, especially when they're new. Right? So what people in this industry do a lot of times is they just look at what other people are doing. And then they are wrong with that. But I will say people who have really taken off in our community and grow exponentially not just linear but hockey stick growth curve. They’ve taken ideas from other places and industries and modeled content after other people but what they've done is elevated or taken it to a really funny or creative space and when I see it it's not that hard but they really take a belief in their creativity. Like this guy Ian for example. He stuck a little apple on his finger and people were like what the hell's he doing? Which gave him a couple 100,000 followers in the course a month. And not just him, his front end sales by at least five if not 10x. So it wasn't a good idea that was really powerful. That was a video that learned that and we'll see if it works. And I'm going to cut a hole in this apple and put my finger on it like this and flip it behind my head. For those of you who are out there watching this thinking about how do I create some really valuable content, just don't underestimate yourself and your ability to do so eight people assume that they can't do something as good as you know, somebody who has 100,000 or 500,000 followers or something, that's just not the truth, right? Truth is, you could probably do it better. There's actually as much as there's a bunch of creativity in the business sense where people are actually running businesses. When people get really creative, they explode. I've seen dentists, chiropractors, ah fat guys, construction guys, every niche industry on TikTok, and those are those people who are creative and make it a little bit fun. Absolutely. Especially the dentists and lawyers and stuff, they make it fun when their business blows up, right. And I think that people need to tap in more to that fun element of TikTok, while also being a great marketer, that sort of the magic formula is bringing fun and just happiness and joy to people. You're also being calculated specifically. Clear market or to what right up to you, as I say that.

Matt: What comes up for you as I say that?

Chris: Yeah, I mean, I would definitely say creativity is definitely key. I mean, it really, it takes one video for you to really take off like you were saying, but yeah, being creative and not thinking of new ideas. And, being on top of that. I mean, the key is being creative.

Matt: Yeah, for sure. I think Russell Brunson says something like Are you familiar with Russell Brunson? He's the owner of Clickfunnels. He says his big thing is you're only one funnel away. Right? Right. And I ‘ve recently started in our team saying you're only one video away. isn't true. You really are. I mean? go in a week, go from zero to maybe in a couple of weeks. But oh no, I've seen people grow 10s of 1000s of followers a little bit. It's been a couple months since I did that, but I just have one video way. You're one video from going viral away and everything exploding. And it's just a very unique platform. It's a very unique time. So for people who are, I want to give you the ability to speak to people who are just starting, maybe they've tried drop shipping, I can't tell you the amount of times that people have come on the show for them like, I started with drop shipping, I started to drop shipping. So common, but they're just getting started. I want to give you the last word to speak to them and give us a little bit of inspiration to not stop to stay hungry for those people who are just starting. Maybe they tried dropshipping or Amazon or E commerce or something like that. What would you say to those people?

Chris: Don't give up. Just because you're posting three videos a day, and you're only getting 50 views doesn't mean anything, you're just you're just starting the process. The process just started. As long as you stick with it, you show up every single day, you don't get discouraged, and you keep putting out content every single day, you're going to be successful.

Matt: It is true with a little bit of consistency, especially over time, I find that staying consistent over time, especially in this industry where people come and go so frequently. Being consistent over time is a big thing. Well, Chris, thanks for taking time out of your morning and in the midst of a full time job in the midst of all sorts of life going on. Yeah, we really appreciate that. And we'd love to have you come back. Your business is still crushing. If you want to come back in a couple months, and we can check in and see how things are going we'd love that. 

Chris: Yeah, I’d love that too. So Chris, thanks for coming on man. Hey, thanks for having me

and guys stick with it. Don't give up. 

Matt: Awesome All right. Kill some allergies today. Guys, I'm going to put up Chris's TikTok here. You can go follow him and let him know that you found him on our show.

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