Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and this is officially six figure mastermind week. Why do we call it that? Well because every single guest that you're going to be speaking or listening to speak this week has has a six figure multiple six figure even soaring into the seven figure mark and it's going to be it's gonna be great episode after a great episode and all of these folks this week are also going to be speaking at the upcoming masterminds that we're having on December 3 through the fifth. Okay, so you can register for that in your back office. And we're gonna have an incredible group in an incredible setting as we always do, and I can't wait to get back live in person with so many of you. So with that being said, our first guest kick this week off the one the only many of you folks know who this man is already. In some ways he needs no introduction. Austin Becker what's going on my brother?

Austin: What's up? What's up? What's up, Dave, thanks for having me. Thanks for being on. Glad to be here.

Dave: Yeah, man. I'm excited to hang out in Orlando here in a few weeks, December 3 through the fifth man. You know, this is going to be your first mastermind here with us. Because it's been a couple you know, it's it's we all know what's gone on over the past year and a half so we haven't been able to get together live but these are some of the coolest parts of Legendary Marketer What are you looking forward to the most?

Austin: Dude networking just getting together, getting everybody in the same room with the same community like minded people trying to aspire to grow the businesses aspiring opportunity was just starting right? I just love the atmosphere personally. In person, right? It's totally different. I know we've transitioned a lot in the past few years, a lot of virtual and a lot of people seem to like it. So it's not a bad thing. But it's just a whole different thing. When you do things in person. You actually see people's hands, you meet them, you have different conversations, and that just brings a different fulfillment to you. Right? People go home with a whole different outlook on where they're going to go in the future, what the plans are and stuff like that. So I'm just looking forward to actually meeting everybody in the community and stuff like that. Help people grow

Dave: How has, you know, do you have some sort of an event scenario or story or somewhere that you had a breakthrough from some sort of an in person meeting where you kind of got away from the internet and got away from sort of the screen time or the watching or connecting and learning online? versus you know, something that happened at an event or happened even just in a moment with two people in real life versus online?

Austin: I can't pinpoint one exactly because there's so many, but yes, like just in general, like one of my very first events ever I went to a mastermind with some like minded Social Media Marketing Agency experts. And like, it was my first one. I paid like 5000 bucks to go to this event. And it wasn't just… First off, being around people. It opened up my eyes a lot more than seeing because we can always see ads. We always see influencers, to actually meet people and then realize that the like, literally show you the business, the relationship that was built so like what happened was not personally like even though I just had this belief in myself and just actually like high ticket kind of like like what we do in affiliate marketing industry, high ticket just some traffic and marketing in general. Like business owners, we sell websites for $1,000, $5,000 and sometimes $15,000. More like I didn't believe that you could charge that much money for something. Prior to meeting people in person, like younger people actually doing it. There's people out there that will pay that and it's not about the cost of things. It's just about the relationships and the customers you require. Because you have people that like I've got a Range Rover I think you probably do too. And it's just a different customer. They require that when you get a customer, they're usually more invested in themselves. They want to take better care of us and they don't have the expectation of fulfillment is different, right? Because a lot of people come into this industry with the wrong expectations and that's the data being crushed when you go to these live events, right? Because you get to hear the real story behind the scenes and what it really takes and all that kind of stuff. Right? So it just gets crushed with some of the things and then also crushes disbelief because you get to really see this stuff. Right? You get to see what goes into filming and you take anything from anybody and you actually go home with intention, then you can see if it works or not for your business, right and so I just really liked it in person meetings. I can't pinpoint one directly. But I know that it changed my life. 

Dave: Well, I know that was an on the spot question. I mean, kinda like everything else here on you know, I mean, there's nothing that's scripted. So sometimes I just dropped questions on people that they're, you know, that they're not prepared for but yeah, I mean, I get it I agree. I tend to believe that basic human nature is that people share more secrets in truce in cap, you know, in casual conversations in person than they do on the internet. It's just human nature, sort of like when you're with your good friends. You tend to talk more honestly, you tend to talk more openly to each other than you do on social media. You know, you share juicy secrets, you share gossip, you share exactly how you do things versus what you portray on social media. Where everything is always happy. Everything is always perfect. And really you're only seeing the show sort of like you write you came from E commerce. You know when the pandemic hit you transition to affiliate marketing found us went and exploded your business you know hit Platinum with us. I don't know how fast but it was pretty fast right?

Austin: We're with you guys 70 So when you correctly was just shocked by when we did that? Three months. 

Dave: Okay, so you're you're crushing you're you're well on your way, but

when all this happened so fast, you just kind of came in like if you were looking at it from the outside looking in, you know, you made it look really easy. You know, you make it look like it's no big deal like you know, sort of like it's effortless. But behind the scenes there's a lot more going on. There's a lot there, right? So that would be an example and you and I are talking about it just right now, just on the internet. We will talk about it even more on an intimate level here at the mastermind But that's an example of kind of what I mean by things that the intention of a mastermind is sort of like what happens when you have friends that are sitting around gossiping, basically talking, talking shit, you know, talking about the UPS talking about the downs, versus the showmanship, the performance the execution that will be seen online, how different is what we see online, and how effortless you make it look versus what goes on behind the scenes?

Austin: It's why everyone in the room knows we don't post on film until we review it 12 times. Right? So like when you put stuff out on the internet, like it's always we always try to perfect it versus so like we're spending so much time behind the scenes perfecting these doing all this work and it looks effortlessly but that's because that's what we posted posted the video we posted the version of our video that looks natural right so there's so much that does go on behind the scenes that you won't see whether it be writing emails writing copy, studying intently doing your business actually executing works on integrating different pieces to the business so you can grow up sustainable, right? Yeah. We can post videos and maybe we'll work to make them work but there's a lot of these people who don't see for the version to happen. There's still a lot of pieces that come to play outside of just marketing material. We can market all day and not get conversions, right so like there's so many other pieces that a lot of people would look at and like you said people think it comes naturally especially when people see success quickly in a certain industry. Like tick tock, for example. We all know our followers in months, like five months, six months, right? It seems effortless but what people see is that we all hit plateaus. We all hit the same levels, right? Like my account has been shadow banned since July 1st 100%. Like I have done in the for you page on any video ever since July 1st. Yes, I have other accounts, but that right there, it upsets me. I'm like how can I get someone to see my posts so we all experience it at every level. Whether you're a beginner you're not getting traction or you have a viral infection like it makes me not want to post and makes you want to want to do it. So there's always these battles that hold up even if it does look good, we'll still be our own. What was your take? Tell me because I know it's not going to be abuse and so I don't want to do it right. So that battle stays with us the whole entire entrepreneurial journey. It's not as easy as a book. Sometimes people think it is really not as long as you know what you're going out from what your why is.

Dave: Yeah. And I was looking at that. What I could see a bit behind you is the success of the price list there. You know, there you go, man. It's like here's, here's the price. It's not $9.95, it's not three easy payments in 1999. It's not $7. It's not $2,500. It's not 4500 Money, essentially and this is what I think everybody's gonna learn from this mastermind when we sit in a room with us for three days. Over the weekend. What you're going to discover is that money is a small price that you pay just to show yourself that you're serious, the other skill sets the other and whether it be the psychology, the skill sets that you can develop all of which are in your total control. We can give you some of the pieces and kind of gets you started down the road. And everybody is capable and has the potential of succeeding in developing these skills in these characteristics. But what everybody's gonna see who's in that room. You're coming up in December for fourth and fifth is going to see that you me everybody up the Brian Brewers’ of the world the Stacy La’s of the world, the Sarah Ravel’s, the Andre’s and all of the other heavy hitters, you're gonna see that we really are no different than you we just are paying the price right we're paying the price. And so we just listed a couple of things and your pain right now your pain, persistence, right because it would be so easy to quit your pain. A couple of others you know, your pain, your pain, sort of humility, right? You're deflating the ego, right? Because here's half a million followers having to know in a sense, having to pivot in that's what entrepreneurship is about. Right? It's about what do I do now that things aren't going exactly as planned? And some would think often at your level, the you know, the your skills and your ability to be able to kind of create income and traffic as well as you do. I think most people would think that you don't have any challenges. It's just all Range Rovers and mansions and all this kind of stuff. So what I'm most one of the things that I'm most excited about, talking about this upcoming. Not just our successes, but the challenges and how you overcome how you're overcoming this time right now, where you had such a big run up on your TikTok profile, you got a shadow ban, and how are you pivoting? Are you doing we're going to talk about that but I just want to give people a history of yourself here with the E comm. Just nutshell your sort of your story where you came from, what you were doing before you started affiliate marketing joined our community, and then sort of in a nutshell, what that journey has looked like just with a couple of the ups and downs?

Austin: Absolutely. Yeah. So for anybody that doesn't know I started in ecommerce. Much like everybody else helping money online. My daughter was just born right. And the job I was taking I just accepted a job in the oil and gas refinery industry. When I first started I didn't want to do this job right but it took the job at the same time on sorting out all the different things Amazon drop shipping anything like that. I started with Amazon FBA. Yes, it's a good business. Yes, it was capital intensive. Luckily, I had a job that made me six figures a year. So first things first. I first bought a course on this back when courses were not as known as they are today Started the course, got some information, or more, or a little bit more information and then I started implementing all this stuff. I already knew this but Alibaba problems right? So I started doing it right. So I'm starting to spend the dollars here $5,000 On a product, get it shipped to my house and realize the quality is not good, right? But the very first issue I had I had fallen in and I don't know, I'm just holding tours. I don't have a mentor. I don't have a coach. It's just the very first thing. The very first issue I have is manufacturing. The first there's a delay that takes three to four to six months. To get shipped and imported. And then there's taxes and all kinds of delivery companies that I have no idea but this one's right. Like hey, your shipment is right but like okay, cool, where is it? Oh it’s on an import dock somewhere in a different state. I'm like, okay, not a freight forwarder or somebody that you get the freight off.

Dave: Right now it's sitting in a ship on the coast of California. Can you imagine how many dropshippers right now have their product sitting on the coast of California or can’t get it in from China. 

Austin: We are sold out with a lot of our products and we are still active on Amazon. And it sucks. I have so many friends in the industry that activity sites are the pivotal moment right now. For our E commerce in goods is pivoting from sourcing in China to us pivoting in Mexico and driving across the board. We don't have the same, we'll keep it simple. It's all these different facilities out there as far as manufacturing plants, so we're limited on what we can produce. But as far as our goals we can pull it off it's still good across all shipments but it's just insane that the Reliance people had on those ships getting over here now like you said they can't and then air freight isn't just more expensive now because fuels up in shipping by air is expensive, especially if it weighs or ways in your mouth or any piece of science right? So much in my very first policy in Amazon. I didn't know how to have a suffocation warning label affixed to the bag. So I'm stranded with 5,000 units of product like $1.50 pieces like 70-500 bucks of product. It took six months to get to Amazon now since I'm getting emails by Amazon Oh, we can sell a product. There's no suffocation label on the polybag. I'm like why? So now I'm having to go through loopholes to pay Amazon to stick the stickers. On there to then sell the product to them four months later, six months later, we first page on Amazon we get traction and then we assume Right? So there's like a design. So we had a design patent infringement on our first product. And I'm like, okay, cool, but it started with ceaseand desist letters. I didn't know what this was. So those like those quickly changed to something else. Then we launched after all of that stuff settled down. I really want to make more products. And then I launched a supplement company right. We launched a supplement company in 2017. And again, finally got some traction, on Amazon that's a problem. on Amazon and you get recognized. Sometimes I was on Shopify, nobody knew about me before but the recognition on Amazon, then the big players, they're like, Oh, hey, look, you know, patented since 2008, on the branding of your supplement company. I'm like so now it's a whole brand new. It wasn't just a small thing. It was like hey, you have to rebrand everything. So we got sued for patent design for tax. On rights to our supplement company. So that was the second show. Your second ecommerce store closed now. Not including all the Drop Shipping failures we had where we spent 1000’s of dollars to drop ship stuff from who knows where they would be if something nice happened. You don't know the customers are getting into that. That was the journey for E-commerce. Yeah, we made money but we lost a lot of money. And it's been a journey. And then like you said once we started with pivoted obviously that ran out for four years and pivoting to affiliate marketing just made sense. With everything going on in the industry, the timing was right, the market's good fulfillments differed in switching over to high ticket and digital. It's just where everything's going right by our understanding of keys and digital products. Even our land is digital these days, right? So it just makes sense. So again, just following the entrepreneurial journey, even when times require you to pivot it's just what we have to do and that's what we have to do. Right and that's what we'll continue to do for all of us here for the rest of life.

Dave: Yeah, so you come in you do you become an affiliate for Legendary you do 70 grand in commissions in three, four months. Did you say you kind of knocked that out pretty quick. income disclaimer, that's not typical. Okay, so that's not the average. That's not the average result that people get. The average result is zero. Okay, so just the average result is you lose money and never take financial advice from me ever again. Right? That's the average result. Stan Stan, super clean and compliant here. But uh, but yeah, you you you you kind of discover the potential of digital products and in marketing without all the fulfillment hassles and headaches and yeah, it's not that drop shipping. It's not that Amazon doesn't have potential but I mean, it's nice to hear. And like you said, You even got some apparel stuff that is still cranking and you still got a hand in that in that business, but it's nice to hear it from somebody who actually has experience versus me. I've never done drop shipping, or e-commerce. So if I'm sitting up here bashing it. It might be because I know some people but you're speaking firsthand experience you know, and so, you know, I appreciate that transparency. So, so question, are you doing NFTs and stuff like that as well? Are you into all that?

Austin: Yes. cryptos and NFT’s, I’ve been into that since about 2016 as well.

Dave: Have you made some pretty good money with that or has that been up and down and all around? Has the profit been worth some of the stress? Like for me it was a very stressful thing being involved in crypto. I don't know if it's the same for you, but what's been your experience?

Austin: So I treat crypto like any investment. So when I first started it was stressful. Now it's not as much because now it won't do any rolling faster is investing by all right. I'm not trying to turn a box into the wealthiest are the two I guess wealthiest. The largest portfolio is based on very bored studies are people that also passwords to log into their stocks or people that know festival holdings towards portfolios and history right in those are the types right so investing for the long term that is how I treat crypto because I actually crypto as the future, because that's my belief right to each his own but I believe that's where crypto will go. So in 2017 when we had the first run up 40, 20, 1000 Bitcoin that's when I lost a lot of money because I tried to time the market and then I'm like I'm not an investor. I was spending all my time in E commerce trying to tie markets in a trade and stuff like I did wasn't I didn't know what I was doing right? Yes, you can make money doing that. Yes, you can make money doing anything, but it's not suited for me. It wasn't. So since I was all that money. I've only ever since then I've never sell so it's made it easier for me to like so I know that NFT games a little bit different because with the new NFT craze we do want to buy and sell right now as like you buy pumps for like 50 grand or like 200 or 300 but it's just understanding really what again, what you do when you buy an NF T is you're buying into a community like a mastermind you're buying a network of people that help like that to get around the right people that's all the same thing because can't grow by yourself and money is useless money is literally just perceived value of what's of greater value. Which are networking opportunities, right? It's just people. So understanding that as far as my strategy, I buy a union in like Shiva, like I know that's a thing right now I bought Shiva a couple months back I told people to buy Shiva and play K. And then people ask me Hey, when are you selling? When do you sell them when I'm like, do I invest? I don't sell most people when it's a penny. Also, I'll liquidate a little bit. So like I still sell, like I'm not trying to make money to pay my bills. I do that every day. Like so, my investments weren't there to pay my bills. They're there to set my kids up. Right?

Dave: Yeah. Interesting. Interesting. Yeah, I I I made I made $20,000 on Bitcoin back in like 2017 and it was literally the most stressful 20,000 in my entire life because like I was I was checking it so much. And just, you know, oh my god, you know, you see all the people everybody you know, it's up, it's down. It's, I mean, it's literally to me, it is it is the most stressful thing and maybe that's just my personality. So yeah, I haven't I don't do any crypto. I don't do any NF T's any of that shit. And maybe you'll convince me otherwise at the mastermind, right? That's what masterminds are about. Right because, you know, I may be missing the boat, but, but I'm uncomfortable in my lane. You know what I mean? In my lane is real estate and, and, and in stocks and a couple of other stores of value because I don't I don't think we always need to be making money with our money. Sometimes we just need to keep our money from losing money right now. Right now right now and with a lot I mean, most of us would be a lot more rich if we just hadn't given all of our money away. Right in don't businesses in training with people who weren't didn't really know what they were doing, or or really by buying, you know, starting something and then and then stopping it and starting something else and then stopping it I saw a comment there about somebody's got you know, three bedrooms full of products that they're trying to drop ship or Amazon or whatever, you know what I mean? Are some of the people who write I mean, we just we make sometimes we make irrational decisions. And sometimes we make dumb decisions as entrepreneurs just because we can be we can be impulsive, and we can be irrational. And we tend to not think things all the way through, right, so I used to be really impulsive. And now I tend to move really slow with decisions, you know. So, so yeah, so like, but this is so you may pick up a few nuggets from my investment strategy because I turn my estate into like, eight or nine pieces of real estate, with not much more money out of pocket. You know what I mean? And because my wife and I have this, this kind of savvy little real estate strategy to acquire rentals, you know what I mean? And we started acquiring rentals back a while ago. So now you know, our house, which is a million dollar home, it's risen from, you know, 100% In five years, we've got you know, a million dollar home that's paid off all of our stuff. All of our cars are, you know, we've got a lease for cars paid off. Those are both strategic. We don't have a lease because We can't pay it off. All of our real estate is pretty is pretty leverage so we're not, we don't have tons of money tied up in that. We have, you know, money over here in the stock market. That's just you know, that's been climbing in for me, that's my lane, you know, that's it's not stressful to me in the way that I've set that up by letting my wife give her the real estate stuff because she's smarter with it. You know, she's smarter with she's better at finding tenants. She's more organized, you know, in working together in partnership with my wife, to be able to execute on our investments and also leaning on her personality which is slower and more analytical and logical versus my, my personality is more impulsive and addictive and risk, high risk tolerance, right. So for me in our marriage, I'm the one with a high risk tolerance that has always made it rain on the front end. And she's the one on the backend who sort of helps drive investments because we want lower risk tolerance with investments because we don't want to lose all the money that we made. And what I see a lot of times with entrepreneurs is that they, they'll make some money, but then the same, they'll take that same thought process that made the money which was probably super risk tolerant, and then they'll turn around and try to invest that money with that same mindset and oftentimes go off and lose it. You know. So these are some of the things you'll share some of your strategy with me about NFT's and crypto and how do you run your investments and how do you turn? How do you either keep $1or how do you turn $1 into two? I'll share with you some of my strategies and we'll do it in front of everybody in the room. So all of you who were there, can hear how you know, probably two totally different strategies have learned a lot along the way and made some pretty decent money. Austin, how old are you? 

Austin: 30 

Dave: You're 30 dude? I mean, you know, and also the other thing that we're going to I'm going to be picking your brain about a little bit is your fitness. You know you were talking about counting calories. Now I just started because I got just sick and tired of all this extra baby weight that I put on, you know, especially during our last son when he was born 11 months ago. So papa Dave just got back in the gym and in the kitchen. Okay, it's been a full week now. Okay. And you know me, extreme all the way. I'm either all in or I'm all out and I've been all out five guys. Batman city for the yo Yeah, baby. All of it. Give me all of it. Just eat all the lunch meat at night, cheese, pizza, everything because I'm all out. So now I'm all in and I want to hear about your fitness strategy because the first thing that I noticed when I came on was you look slimming trim different than you look last time so you're also on top of and a real high achiever when it comes to your health. You want to just say a couple of words about that without giving away all of your secrets. But I want to understand a little bit about Has that always been something that you've been on top of or are you counting calories? Like you were talking about that? Like what does your strategy look like? 

Austin: Yeah, so like as far as fitness goes. I've been in business for a very, very long time. And in fact, we're actually launching our fitness consulting business. My girlfriend is here this week, right? She's gonna be at the forefront of it and all of that monitoring because she's like you and your wife, right? She's all analytical, she's I'm aggressive. I'm gonna help people and we're just customers. Money, right? She's gonna fulfill me actually, the analytics, the data in the running and stuff of it, but I've been at this war since I was like, honestly, like 15 years. It's been a thing of mine. We were both actually very athletic. And that all started because being borderline diabetic, my mom's type one grandma type one. So friends and family. And currently I just came in. I'm pre diabetic. I've been battling it for 15 years. So I just choose a normal, healthy diet. There's times when we go off track like last year when we were just focused on business 100% As we were pivoting in automating autonomous business model, like then I was spending a lot more time on a computer just eating whatever was quick and then pretty nice like you just eating whatever pizza or a piece of it's easier to do. Now she cooks anything, she weighs all of our food. And we eat really, really good. Like I'm talking about pancakes for dinner every night with protein like bagels, we eat about 400 calories a day right now, and we're progressing. 4000 So I eat a ton of food. I'm not heavy. I'm only 190 pounds right? My body fat is 10% So we're frugal. We'll progress up that way and then we'll cut a 16 week open. A 12 week cut for the summer of next year. But I've actively been at it for about 15 years and we just go through cycles this a little bit where sometimes we'll go out and we'll just take a week or two off, eat whatever we want and then move forward and get back on track count macros because there's no calories of what you're actually eating the percentage of each of the carbs, proteins and then putting it together and eating the right types of hormones. That's actually all that I like. I actually like it a lot. So we're actually pivoting down. We were starting that industry as well, for that business really reverted on and automated as well. And then we by far as investments and stuff goes like you said, you do rentals we also do cars we do car rentals. I started that recently we're doing our course and we're trying to build that out. 

Dave: Like on Toro and stuff. Yeah, you're a serial entrepreneur. I mean, you know, it's interesting, we'll talk about that too at the mastermind because I mean, for some people that works for people like me, it doesn't work. You know what I mean? Like having tons of stuff going on. I think we're going to learn. I think we're going to learn a lot about each other. We're going to learn a lot about a lot of various topics. And I think what a lot of people who are attending this are going to really kind of discover is that there's a lot more to being a successful entrepreneur than just you know marketing. It's really also about health and fitness and how you approach how you do things, how you do everything kind of I guess to say is simply also how you feel is how you feel both energetically but also how you feel about yourself. And one of the things I know about me and I think this is probably true for everybody is when I feel good when I feel my kind of best self like I'm got my swagger right? I got a few cuts on the tries and the biceps. If you know what I mean, right when I throw that tank top on, and that's just it's just a straight arm kind of like it is right now. It's just like, you know, I mean like there's it's just kind of a straight arm. Right but there's some cuts and I got to develop them, you know, but when I see Yeah, I mean look at my dog when he puts on a tank top it's like it's like shredder up in this bitch. You know what I mean? So when I'm looking and feeling my best, that's when I'm most confident. So if I want to be better on camera, right if I want to be more confident on camera, if I want to be more confident with clients, if I want to be more confident during my sales calls, if that's what I'm doing if I'm closing high ticket clients over the phone into a fitness consulting business, or if I'm again recording TikTok videos, man, the better I feel about myself both with energy but also feeling my best swaggered self, the more confident I'm going to be the more I'm going to execute. The more rested I am, the more clear and focused I'm going to be. And another reason to discover is that the more balanced I am in my family life and by balancing both non you know non working activities and working activities, the more happy I am and the more successful I am and I don't know about all of you regardless of what age you are, but what I've realized is that I want to enjoy my life. Now no matter what my income level is, part of this transition from employee to entrepreneur and running my own business is about freedom, and it's about happiness. And so it's not just about working myself to death, right? I don't want to work 18 hours a day. Even in my own business. I want to have a nice balance and when I sit down to do my work, I want to be focused, I want to know what I'm doing. I'm confident I want to knock out my workout. And then I want to make sure that I transition to family time or to like fun activities and stuff. So I can enjoy the journey in get out of this. What I believe is vicious, it's like chasing the carrot at the end of the stick. It's like Oh, when I get this much money and I'm this successful, then I'll be happy and all enjoy life and the truth is, we can enjoy it all along the journey. Right? We can't enjoy it. But it's it's it. It takes focus, I have to have intention and I have to have a plan to be able to do that. So those are some of the things I think that people are gonna see that it's not just it's not just going to come and grind grind grind.

Austin: Yeah, I want to say like whenever people create that expectation, right, if they create a fictitious expectation on like, say, like grinding to make a million bucks or something they creep with this expectation that they arbitrarily made up, that's going to be the builder, right? Like, once I hit a million bucks, I'm going to feel better, I'm going to feel great. So the point is you want because if you create an expectation, and there's this deficiency from this expectation that you created, you're not going to keep yourself in a slump the whole time. If you ever achieve that level that you expected. There was already an expected loss. There's never any fulfilment from it. So you're like, it's still like, you wanted to be happy all the time. That's how I'm like you. We spend most of our time like our days must have one o'clock. We did the gym like that, like that's our routine. I don't work. At one o'clock me and her go to the gym, we do our thing, spend time with the kids. We spend our day living life, right? And we just enjoy our time after that in the mornings. I'll work and it's very intentional, right? Everything I do is with intent. I don't want to sit down without intention. That doesn't make sense. That's a big thing. They do a lot of things without attention. Do they never actually achieve anything? They didn't have any attempt to achieve by the time they were finished with whatever it is to do and watching YouTube watching the course and not executing it right. So yeah, I just jumped in there.

Dave: There's a lot there's a lot so much to talk about and you know so much to learn about each other and to learn from each other. And so I'm excited man about you know, December 3 fourth and fifth. I'm super stoked to hang out with you and have you down. And I appreciate your time today bro. And I'll let you get back to your work that I know you have scheduled for today. So you can make sure that you hit that one o'clock gym time so you don't have to sacrifice that with the wifey. And you know just you know just just bring all of the amazing Austin Becker energy with you when you come down and let's just have a kick ass a kick ass mastermind.

Austin: We're gonna be there, we're gonna love it. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna show everybody that they only have to get rich once right and then when the proper investment strategies you to live the rest of your life, that's it, you'll make enough money to invest properly, and then your investments. Most people forget that, like you said, instead of taking that money and starting a new business, put a million bucks in the right, right? Right ETF right. If you can pay yourself your bills, and you're still gonna make more money than what's your interest rate.

Dave: Yeah, I think people don't realize that they know that they don't need $20 million, right? You need enough to start earning interest on it and most of you at most people's age, which is most everybody in this community, besides you are in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s Right, and we've got some 20 and 30. Who are you know, we've got we've got a few who are focused right and some that are that are, you know, trying to get there but I mean for most people, you're absolutely right man. And so we're going to give them our strategies, they can take the meat leave the bones, and, and I think walk away with with a lot of ideas and a lot of clarity and a lot of confidence from seeing that. We're also just regular people, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. You know what I mean?

Austin: That's it.

Dave: All right, bro. We'll take care of man. And we'll see you here in a few weeks. All right, brother.

Austin: Thanks for having me. Thanks, everybody. We'll be we'll

Dave: See ya Austin, take care. All right, my friends. We are going to play a couple of words from some folks who have been to some masterminds in the past. Now as we sort of transition and end this episode this morning. For Monday. Each day of the week, we're gonna have another guest speaker who's going to be the mastermind. So go and register right now. There's only so many spots. Okay? This is for those of you who have already purchased the mastermind, okay, so it's not it's not for sale. Go and register if you've already purchased the mastermind right in your back office. If you're having any. You can go to forward slash mastermind. believe that's going to take you into our back office and register. 

Matt: It's actually gonna take them to the page that I set up. 

Dave: Okay, fantastic. So it will take you to the page that you can kind of read through some details about the mastermind. It has a video of how to register and I look forward to seeing you guys. Our masterminds are, you know, they are the best experiences inside of this industry. And it's not just because, you know, it's not just because of, you know, there's a bunch of flash and trash, you know what I mean? Like most events are kind of all flash and trash, and then you get their quote and you get pitched for three days. You know what I mean? There's not going to be anything for sale. You know, it's going to be straight helping you take things to the next level, because that's what these masterminds are all about. They're not about, you know, getting a bunch of people in the room pitching from the front of the room. Like, like so many events are. That's fine. That's just a different model. That's not our business model. We want to help you to grow. We want to help you take your psychology to the next level. We want to help you take your skills to the next level. We want to help you take your income and investment strategies to the next level. So go check out forward/mastermind. Listen to a few people who have been to a mastermind in the past. We'll see it tomorrow. And we'll see those of you who are coming at the upcoming mastermind in Orlando, Florida December 3rd-5th. Peace.